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128-Lesson 48-The Ten Seed Groups - No. 10 The Creative Workers


Master Djwhal Khul

So far we've been introduced to Nine of the New Seeds Group:
1.  The Telepathic Communicators
       Who are receptive to the impressions from Hierarchy and
       from each other - their God Quality is Group Purpose.
2.  The Trained Observers
       Their objective is to see clearly through all events through
       space and time through their intuition.
3.  The Magnetic Healers
       They work intelligently with the vital forces of the "etheric 
       body" and seek to bring about the right healing of the
       personalities all aspects of their nature.
4.  The Educators of the New Age
       Their work is to bring in the new type of education and their
       emphasis will be upon the building of the Antahkarana by 
       opening the use of the mind in meditation.
5  The Political Organizers
       They concern themselves with the political life in every nation
       and they also deal with the problems of civilization and with
       relationships existing between nations.
6.  The Workers in the Field of Religion
       They will be working on formulating the universal platform of 
       the new world religion. Its emphasis is on the unity and the 
       fellowship of the spirit. 
7.  The Scientific Servers
       They will reveal the essential spirituality of all scientific 
            work which is motivated by love of humanity and its welfare.
8.  The Psychologists
       This group will be concerned with the revelation of the fact of   
       the soul and with the new psychology will be based upon the
       seven ray types and the new esoteric astrology.

 9.  The Financiers and Economists
       They will work with the energies and forces which express 
       themselves through the interchange and the values of
       commerce; they will deal with the Law of Supply and Demand
       and with the great principle of Sharing which ever governs
       divine purpose.
Today's lesson will be about the 10th Group of Seed Workers; they are called "The Creative Workers".  This is the final Seed Group.
Let's see what the Master Teacher has to say about this group:
Number 10 - The Creative Workers
They are communicators between the third aspect of Divinity, the Creative Aspect [ as it expresses itself through the creative work and in response to the thought world ] and the first aspect, Life.
They link and blend Life and Form creatively.  They are closely related to the Ninth Group because today, unknowingly and without any true understanding, they are bringing about a concretization of the energy of "desire."  This, in turn, brings about the creation of things.  Incidentally, therefore, they are concerned with the concretization of money.  Their work is also largely philosophical and concerned with the task of relating - factually and scientifically - the other nine groups so that they may work creatively upon the physical plane and the Divine Plan may clearly appear as a result of this synthesis which they bring about.
The Father, I AM, is the "First Aspect of Divinity."  He is the  Active Principle, and Divine Mother  - I AM is the "Second Aspect of Divinity."  She is the Active Intelligence.  The Combination of these two Aspects equals the Third Aspect or Divinity.  The Creative Aspect - as we all know is the result of the Word, and also known as the Son of God, the Creator, Who is continually bringing forth the Creation of "all that is....".  When the Son combines the Third aspect with the First aspect (The Father) they link and blend life and form creatively. 
This Tenth Seed Group is closely related to the Ninth Group, the Financiers and Economists- although unknowingly and without completely understanding, they are bringing about concrete energy of desire for things.  In other words, the Financiers and Economists are interested in the Law of Supply and Demand, while the Tenth Group have the ability to Create all that is.  Through their work both philosophically and their concern with the task of relating - factually and scientifically - all the other nine Seed groups benefit from their linking with the Tenth Group because it is this Group that allows all the others to work creatively upon this physical plane.  It also allows the Divine Plan to clearly appear as a result of this synthesis which the Tenth Seed Group can bring about.

This group uses the following centers in their work:  The head, heart, sacral centers and the center at the base of the spine.

The Head or Crown Chakra

       The Heart Chakra

The Sacral Centers
The Seat of the Soul Chakra

The Kundalini Chakra
(The Base of the Spine Center)


The  following information comes from the Arcane School 
"Ten Seed Groups" Catalyst for the New Age.

There is a clear similarity between this Tenth group and the first group of "Telepathic Communicators".  Both are concerned with relating "factually and scientifically" into the other groups as a functioning whole.  This group, though, is more focused on grounding ideas, based on the Plan of light and love, into definite expression on the outer physical plane.  Any project or initiative, which is not only multi-disciplinary in its approach and has the building of right human relationships as its goal, but also is clearly energized by an inclusive idealism, is possibly an example of the activity of this seed group working out into physical plane expression.

Again, all my information on the  Seven Rays are from the Book  by  Helen S. Burmeister "The Seven Rays Made Visual"

Ray III - The Ray of Active Intelligence
Connotes the actual builders and materializers of the divine plan of creation, the workers who bring the master Plan into objectivity.  This scheme of creation applies, whether we seek of creation on cosmic,  solar, planetary, or human levels, for each is a Trinity within the outer form. 

He is the Chohan of the Third Ray and works Under
Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos Who is Lord of the 
Third Ray Aspect

Self-Portrait of Paul the Venetian

His Painting of the Resurrection of Christ

Ray III, is the expression of the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost.  On cosmic levels it is inherent intelligence in matter.  The Lord of Ray III is responsible for the actual working out of the Plan and the bringing into objectivity the divine creation of the entire visible worlds, using the mind and all means needed to materialize the divine idea.  

Sanat Kumara, the Solar Logos and
Planetary Logos
Lord of the World

We Live Within the Periphery of our Planetary Logos
Connected to His Personality Ray

According to D. K., this third ray activity is impregnating matter with intelligence and was dominant in our solar system during the first manifestation of our Solar Logos (Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days).  He is now in His second phase of manifestation on the second major Ray of Love-Wisdom, and in His next manifestation will be dominant on the first Ray of Will and Power. 

The Third Ray of Aspect is called the Ray of Active Intelligence because its work is more closely linked with matter.  It is also the personality Ray of our planetary Logos.  And since we live within the periphery of our planetary Logos, all of humanity is strongly influenced by this third energy of active intelligence.  It is, in fact, the personality aspect in every human being that the Soul created and uses to experience and express its essential divinity.  It is under the influence of Ray III that we learn to create until we become co-creators with Divinity Itself.  This Ray Lord works in close cooperation with the Lord of the Second Ray because He constitutes the active building force that starts the work of construction and eventually materializes the idea and purpose of God.  Yet these three Rays of Will, Love-Wisdom, and Active Intelligence are as much a unity as is a human being who conceives an idea, uses his mind and brain to bring the idea into manifestation, and employs hands and all his natural forces to perfect the idea. 

These three major Rays correspond in the human being to the Higher Self (Monad), the Soul, and Personality.  The Third Ray energy, coming from the Great Bear, reaches our sun through the zodiacal  triangle of Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  Its body of expression is primarily the planet Saturn.  Together they provide humanity, through the medium of matter, with a vast field of experiment and experience.  At this time Cancer is the controlling factor as its energy causes the mass movement towards liberty, release, and light that is so dominant today.


The work of these ten seed groups is planned to cover a span of centuries rather than the time period of a few decades, so it might be thought premature to try and look for results now.  However, it is a cause of great hope and a certain spiritual vindication that we can already observe these needs not only germinating, but here and there also poking healthy green shoots into the outer world of humanity's daily living, as the previous pages have revealed.

These particular seed groups are of course the specific project of the Tibetan.  It is important to bear in mind that these are not the only such experiments.  There are other member of the Spiritual Hierarchy who are engaged in similar spiritual initiatives  For example, the Tibetan actually mentions that there were two such seed groups being established in China and four in India at that time.

It is a good exercise in the creative imagination to take a step back and eye the new the world from the perspective of the inner causal realms.  Then, we can see these groups as integrated unities on the inner side of life seeking any avenue they can find to stimulate humanity into a fuller understanding of life and to foster the desire for us all to make the best use of the amazing percent spiritual opportunity.

Note:  Today with the Pandemic wrecking havoc throughout the entire world, many ordinary people are wondering if coming back to normal, isn't so nice  -  hate, separateness, racism, elitist and major crime while destroying much of the air, earth, water and fire within and on the Earth could now be replaced by global healing of the Earth and an attitude of peace, goodwill, brotherhood, liberty and freedom would certainly turn around a lot that has put our planet in jeopardy.  New York city dwellers said that they are waking up to fresh air and ozone from the rains for the first time in ages  while China claims that it's the first time they have glimpsed the Himalayas in many lifetimes.  Let us pray that all of mankind will become kinder to each other and realize at the same time that we are certainly all in this planet together as sons and daughters of the most High God. mf

End of Lesson - End of The Ten Seed Groups!

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