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29-2014 -Advanced Class, Initiation Human & Solar, Volume 2, Lesson 15, Dec. 15, 2014

Initiation Defined
Note:  The text are the exact words of the Master D. K.  Nothing has been
altered as He writes in many levels - I have added a comment here and there to clarify
a word or statement.  I color-keyed statement that should be pondered - mf

Before many centuries pass the old mysteries will be restored, and an inner body will exist in the Church - the Church of the period, of which the nucleus is already forming - where will become exoteric, in this sense only, the taking of the first initiation will, before, so very long,  be the most sacred ceremony of the Church, performed exoterically as one of the mysteries given at stated periods, attended by those concerned.  It will also hold a similar place in the ritual of the Masons.  At this ceremony those ready for the first initiation will be publicly admitted to the Lodge by one of its members, authorized to do so by the great Hierophant Himself.

Four words defined: 

When we speak of Initiation, of wisdom, of knowledge, or of the probationary Path, what do we mean?  We use the words so glibly, without due consideration of the meaning involved.   Take, for instance the word first mentioned "Initiation".  Many are the definitions, and many are the explanations to be found as to its scope, the preparatory steps, the work to be done between initiations, and its result and effects. One thing before all else is apparent to the most superficial student, and that is, that the magnitude of the subject is such that in order to deal with it adequately one should be able to write from the viewpoint of an initiate, when this is not the case, anything that is said may b reasonable, logical, interesting or suggestive, but not conclusive.
The word Initiation comes from two Latin words, in, into; and ire, to go therefore, the making of a beginning or the entrance into something.  It posits, in its widest sense, in the case we are studying, an entrance into the spiritual life, or into a fresh stage in that life.  It is the first step, and the succeeding steps, upon the 
Path of Holiness.  Literally, therefore, a man who has taken the first initiation is one who has taken the first step into the spiritual kingdom, having passed out of the definitely human kingdom into the superhuman.  Just as he passed out of the animal kingdom into the human at individualization, so he has entered into the life of the spirit, and for the first time has the right to be called a "spiritual man" in the firth and final stage of our present fivefold evolution. Having groped his way through the Hall of Ignorance, of Learning, he is now entering into the university,
or the Hall of Wisdom.  When he has passed through that school he will graduate with his degree as a Master of Compassion.

It might be of benefit to us also if we studied first, the difference or the connection between Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.  Though in ordinary parlance they are frequently interchanged, as used technically they are dissimilar. 

Knowledge is the product of the Hall of Learning.  It might be termed the sumtotal of human discovery and experience, that which can be recognized, by the five senses and be correlated, diagnosed, and defined by the use of the human intellect.  It is that about which we feel mental certitude, or that which we can ascertain by the use of experiment. It is the compendium of the arts and sciences.  It concerns all that deals with the building and developing of the form side of things.  Therefore, it concerns the material side of evolution, matter in the solar systems, in the planet, in the three worlds of human evolution, and in the bodies of men. 

Wisdom is  the product of the Hall of Wisdom. It has to do with the development of the life within the form, with the progress of the spirit through those ever-changing vehicles, and with the expansion of consciousness that succeed each other from life to life.  It deals with the life side of evolution. Since it deals with the essence of things and not with the things themselves, it is the intuitive, apprehension of truth from the reasoning faculty, and the innate perception that can distinguish between the false and the true, between the real and the unreal.  It is more than that, for it is also the growing capacity of the Thinker to enter increasingly into the mind of the Logos, to realize the true inwardness of the great pageant of the universe, to vision the objective, and to harmonize more and more with the higher measure. For our present purpose (which is to study somewhat the Path of Holiness and its various stages) it may be described as the realization of the "Kingdom of God within," and the apprehension of the "Kingdom of God without" in the solar system. Perhaps it might be expressed as the gradual blending of the paths of the mystic and the occultist, - the rearing of the temple of wisdom upon the foundation of knowledge. 
Wisdom is the science of the spirit, just as knowledge is the science of matter.  Knowledge is separative and objective, whilst wisdom is synthetic and subjective.
Knowledge divides, wisdom unites.  Knowledge differentiates whilst wisdom blends.
What then is meant by the Understanding?

The Understanding may be defined as the faculty of the Thinker in Time to appropriate knowledge as the foundation for wisdom, that which enables him to adapt the things of form to the life of the spirit, and to take the flashes of inspiration that come to him from the Hall of Wisdom and link them to the facts of the  Hall of Learning.  Perhaps the whole idea might be expressed in this way:
     Wisdom concerns the one Self, knowledge deals with the non-self, whilst the understanding is the point of view of the Ego, or Thinker, or his relation between them.

     In the Hall of Ignorance the form controls, and the material side of things has the predominance.  Man is there polarized in the personality or lower self.  In the Hall of Learning the higher self, or Ego, strives to dominate the form until gradually a point of equilibrium is reached where the man is controlled entirely by neither. Later the Ego controls more and more until in the Hall of Wisdom it dominates in the three lower worlds, and in increasing degree the inherent divinity assumes the mastery. 

Aspects of Initiation:
    Initiation or the process of undergoing an expansion of consciousness, is part of the normal process of evolutionary development, viewed on a large scale, and not from the standpoint of the individual. When viewed from the individual standpoint it has come to be narrowed down to the moment wherein the evolving unit definitely apprehends that (by dint of his own effort, aided by the advice and suggestions of the watching Teachers of the race) he has reached a point wherein a certain range of knowledge of a subjective nature, from the physical plane point of view is his.  It is in the nature of that experience wherein a pupil in a school realizes suddenly that he has mastered a lesson, and that the rationale of a subject, and the method of procedure, are his to use intelligently. These moments of intelligent apprehension follow the evolving Monad throughout his long pilgrimage. What has been misinterpreted somewhat at this stage of comprehension is the fact that at various periods the emphasis is laid on different grades of expansion, and always the Hierarchy endeavors to bring the race to the point where its units will have some idea of the next step to be taken. 
   Each initiation marks the passing of the pupil in he Hall of Wisdom into a higher class, marks the clearer shining forth of the inner fire and the transition from one point of polarization to another, entails the realization or an increasing unity with all that livs and he essential oneness of the self with all selves.  It results in a horizon that continuously enlarges until it includes the sphere of creation; it is a growing capacity to see and hear on all the planes.  It is an increased consciousness of God's plans for the world, and an increased ability to enter into those plans and to further them.  It is the effort in the abstract mind to pass an examination.  It is the honor class in the Master's school, and is within the attainment of those souls whose karma permits and whose efforts suffice to fulfil the aim. 
   Initiation leads to the mount whence vision can be had, a vision of the eternal Now, wherein past, present, and future exist as one; a vision of the pageant of the races with the golden thread of pedigree carried through the many types; a vision of the golden sphere that holds in unison all the many evolutions of our system, deva, human, animal, vegetable, mineral, and elemental, and through which the pulsating life can be clearly seen beating in regular rhythm; a vision of the Logoic thoughtform on the archetypal plane, a vision that grows from initiation to initiation until it embraces all the solar system.
   Initiation leads to the stream that , once entered, sweeps a man onward until it carries him to the feet of the Lord of the World, to the feet of his Father in Heaven, to the feet of the three-fold Logos.
   Initiation leads to the cave within whose circumscribing walls the pairs of opposites are known, and the secret of good and evil is revealed.  It leads to the Cross and to the utter sacrifice which must transpire before perfect liberation is attained and the initiate stands free of earth's fetters, held by naught in the three worlds.  It leads through the Hall of Wisdom, and puts into a man's hands the key to all information, systemic and cosmic,  in  graduated sequence.  It reveals the hidden mystery that lies at the heart of the solar system.  It leads from  one state of consciousness to another.  As each state is entered the horizon enlarges, the vista extends and the comprehension includes more and  more, until the expansion reaches a point where the self embraces all selves, including all that is "moving and unmoving," as phrased by an ancient Scripture.
   Initiation involves ceremony. It is this aspect that has been emphasized in the minds of men, perhaps a little to the exclusion of the true significance.  Primarily it involves the capacity to see, hear, and comprehend, and to synthesize and correlate knowledge. It does not necessarily involve the development of the psychic faculties but it does entail the inner comprehension that sees the value underlying the form, and recognizes the purpose of pervading circumstances.  It is the capacity that senses the lesson to be learnt from any given occurrence and event, and that by means of these comprehensions and recognitions effects an hourly,weekly, yearly growth and expansion.  This process of gradual expansion - the result of the definite effort and strenuous right thinking and living of the aspirant himself and not of some occult teacher performing an occult rite-leads to what one might term a crisis.
  At this crisis, which neccessitats the aid of a Master, a definite act of initiation is performed, which (acting on a particular center) produces a result on some one body. It  keys the atoms to a certain pitch, and enables a new rate of rhythm to be attained.
   This ceremony of initiation marks a point of attainment.  It does not bring about attainment, as is so often the misconception.  It simply marks the recognition by the watching Teachers of the race of a definite point in evolution reached by the pupil and gives two things.-
  1.  An expansion of consciousness that admits the personality into the wisdom attained by the Ego, and in the higher initiations into the consciousness of the Monad.
 2.  A brief period of enlightenment wherein the initiate sees that portion of the Path that lies ahead to be trodden, and wherein he shares consciously in the great plan of evolution.

  After initiation, the work, to be done consists largely in making that expansion of consciousness part of the equipment for the practical use of the personality, and by mastering that portion of the path that has yet to be traversed.

The place and effect of initiation
  The ceremony of initiation takes place on the three higher sub-planes of the mental plane, and on the three higher planes, according to the initiation.  The five-pointed star, at the initiations on the mental plane, flashes out above the head of the initiate.   This concerns the first initiations which are undergone in the causal vehicle (They take place at the level of the Higher Self or Monad - mf).  It has been said that the first two initiations take place upon the astral plane but this is incorrect, and the statement has given rise to misundersanding.  They are felt profoundly in connection with the astral and physical bodies and the lower mental bodies the initiate may interpret them as having taken place on the planes concerned, as the vividness of the effect and the stimulation of the first two initiations work out largely in the astral body.  But it must ever be remembered that the major initiations are taken in the causal body. or dis-associated from that body - on the buddhic plane or Atmic Plane. (See chart in Lesson 14 where Buddhic & Atmic Planes are located -mf)
At the final two initiations which set a man free from the three worlds, and enable him to function in the body of vitality of the Logos and wield that force, the initiate becomes the five-pointed star and it descends upon him, merges in him, and he is seen at it very center. This descent is brought about by the action of the Initiator wielding the Rod of Power, and puts a man in touch with the center in the Body of the Planetary Logos of which he is a part,and this consciously.  The two initiations called the sixth and seventh take place on the buddhic and atmic planes, the five-pointed star "blazes forth from within Itself, as the esoteric phrase has it, and becomes the seven-pointed star; it descends upon the man and he enters within the flame. 

   Again, the four initiations prior to that of the adept, mark respectively the attainment of certain proportions of atomic matter in the bodies - for instance, at the first initiation one-fourth atomic matter, at the second, one-half atomic matter, at the third three-quarters atomic matter, and so on to the completion.  Since buddhi is the unifying principle (or the welder of all), at the fifth initiation the adept lets the lower vehicles go, and stands in his buddhic sheath. He creates thence his body of manifestation.

   Each initiation gives more control on the rays, if one may so express it, although this does not adequately convey the idea.  Words so often mislead.  At the fifth initiation, when the adept stands Master in the three worlds, He controls more or less (according to His line of development) the five rays that are specially manifesting at the time He takes the initiation.   At the sixth initiation, if He takes the higher degree.  He gains power on another ray, and at the seventh initiation He wields power on all the rays.  The sixth initiation marks the point  of attainment of the Christ, and brings the synthetic ray of the system under His control.  We need to remember that initiation gives the initiate power on the rays, and not power over the rays, for this marks a very definite difference. Every initiate has, of course, for his primary or spiritual ray one of the tree major rays, and the ray of his Monad is the one on which he at length gains power.  The love ray, or the synthetic ray of the system is the final one achieved 
(remember it's the "indigo" ray as it combines all rays - mf)

   Those who pass away from the earth after the fifth initiation, or those who do not become Masters in physical incarnation (like El Morya, Kuthumi, Dwal Khul, Jesus and many more including St. Germain take physical bodies when needed - mf) Others take their subsequent initiations elsewhere in the system.  All are in the Logoic Consciousness.  One great fact to be borne in mind is, that the initiations of the planet or the solar system are but the preparatory initiations of admission into the greater Lodge on Sirius.  We have the symbolism held for us fairly well in Masonry, and in combining the Masonic method with what we are told of the steps on the Path of Holiness we get an approximate picture.
Let us enlarge somewhat: - 

The first four initiations of the solar system correspond to the four "initiations of the Threshold,"  prior to the first cosmic initiation.  The fifth initiation corresponds to the first cosmic initiation, that of "entered apprentice" in Masonry; and makes a Master an "entered apprentice" of the Lodge on Sirius.  The sixth initiation is analogous to the second degree in Masonry; whilst the seventh initiation makes the Adept a Master Mason of the Brotherhood on Sirius.
A Master, therefore is one who has taken the seventh planetary initiation, the fifth solar initiation, and the first Sirian or cosmic initiation.

At-one-ment the result of initiation:

   A point here that we need to grasp is that each successive initiation brings about a more complete unification of the personality and the Ego, and on higher levels still, with the Monad.  The whole evolution of the human spirit is a progressive at-one-ment.  In the at-one-ment between the Ego and the personality lies hid the mystery of the Christian doctrine of the Atonement.  One unification takes place at the moment of individualization, when man becomes a conscious rational entity, in contradistinction to the animals.  As evolution proceeds successive at-one-ment occur. 
At-one-ment  on the levels - emotional, intuitional, spiritual and Divine-consists in conscious, continuous functioning.  In all cases it is preceded by a burning, through the medium of the inner fire, and by the destruction, through sacrifice of all that separates.  The approach to unity is through of the lower, and of all that forms a barrier.  Take, in illustration, the web that separates the etheric body and the emotional. When that web has been burned away by the inner fire the communication between the bodies of the personality becomes continuous and complete, and the three lower vehicles function as one.  You  have a somewhat analogous situation on the higher levels, though the parallel cannot be pushed to detail.  The intuition corresponds to the emotional, and the four higher levels of the mental plane to the etheric.  In the destruction of the causal body at the time of the fourth initiation (called symbolically "the Crucifixion") you have a process analogous to the burning of the web that leads to the unification of the bodies of the personality. The disintegration that is  a part of the arhat initiation leads to unity between the Ego and the Monad, expressing itself in the Triad.  It is the perfect at-one-ment.
   The whole process is therefore for he purpose of making man consciously one:-
       First:  With himself, and those in incarnation with him.
      Second:  With his higher Self, and thus with all selves.
      Third:  With his Spirit, or "Father in Heaven", and thus with all Monads.
     Fourth:  With the Logos,  the Three in One and the One in Three.  
   Man becomes a conscious human being through, the instrumentality of the Lords of the Flame, through Their enduring sacrifice.
  Man becomes a conscious Ego, with the consciousness of the higher Self, at he third initiation, through the instrumentality of the Masters and of the Christ, and through Their sacrifice in taking physical incarnation for the helping of the world. 
  Man unites with the Monad at the fifth initiation,through the instrumentality of the Lord of the World the Solitary Watcher the Great Sacrifice.
  Man becomes one with the Logos through the instrumentality of One about Whom naught may be said.

(Note:  These classes are long and complicated but vital to the understanding of the Path of Attainment, the many initiations leading to liberation and freedom. Study this chapter well for it holds within it the light to guide your own soul towards its liberation.  There will be no further classes until after the New Year - 2015 - mf)
End of Chapter II, Vollume II, Inituition: Human & Solar, Lesson 15, 12/15/14

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28-2014 -The Symbols of Christmas, December 2014

The Symbols of Christmas
December 2014

As I entered the shopping center in September of this year, I noticed that some of the stores were already displaying Christmas Trees, decorations and toys (most of them made in China or other countries).  By the time Thanksgiving arrived, there was a feeling of being smothered with the frenzy of advertisements inundating every mailbox, newspaper and television show - to the point that one felt forced by the pressure to get out there and buy, buy, and buy!

When I was a child, we were asked what we wanted most for Christmas and many times we received that one toy (sometimes not so new but repainted and personalized like the sled I got when I was eleven).  I never forgot that sled because my Father painted my name on it, so it was the best gift ever.  

The most important part of our holiday was the story of the birth of Christ and how He came to save us, that He was the Lamb of God, who sacrificed His life for us; and that His entire life was given to show us "the Way, the Truth and the Life."

I thought that you would like to have a little deeper meaning to this sacred event, so that when the pressure of forcing people to buy, buy, buy comes next time you'll remember what the real meaning of Christmas is.

Let us start with the word Christmas - it means the Mass of Christ, the celebration of His life and especially His sacrifice of that life for us.  So when picking out a Christmas Card, keep in mind that you want to celebrate the event with others by wishing them Joy, which by the way, is His keynote.  The song "Joy to the World" is the keynote of Jesus.

The Magi came to honor the birth of Christ.  Who were they?  Were they Christians?  How did they know of His coming?

The Magi were known as priest-kings at the time of Christ's birth and they came from Ethiopia and the East. Of course they were not Christian as that word developed long after the death of Our Lord.  They were astronomers and astrologers as well as rulers of their lands - much like the Pharaohs of Egypt and the Mayans of South America, who could and still can, read the sky like a map.  They also were part of  the mystery schools and were aware that a certain conjunction of planets around the year A. D. 56/57 would mark the birth of a great avatar. As the three planets began to draw closer to one another they began their journey from various remote places. Can you imagine, the faith and the will that drove these three Kings to cross vast areas of desert and land on camels, to find this new-born Child?  And yet they came from three different directions and met at the palace of King Herod, asking him, of all people, where they could find this "future King of the Jews".  Can you imagine! Put yourself in Herod's position, he was the king of the Jews and now some usurper, who might or might not be born as yet, was planning on replacing him!  He didn't know of the child but he certainly was not wasting any time in finding out where he was living.  In fact, he immediately sent his soldiers out  with orders to kill any child under the age of two years old - just to make sure that the usurper would be destroyed.
The Magi
Melchior, Casper and Balthazar were their names

The Magi eventually found Jesus as did the local shepherds.  The shepherds were informed by the angels of the birth of Jesus.  They heard the music of their instruments and followed the sound and were given the news of the birth of Christ.  As you know, there was no room at the local inns and Joseph and Mary were forced to find a manger.  Jesus certainly came into the humblest birthplace, among the cattle and sheep, revered by the shepherds.  He certainly wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a palace for his home. No, He was born among the people, who He would live among and serve, teach and heal and even raise from the dead.

When the Magi approached the cave where the manger was the conjunction of stars was directly over the landscape.  They each brought a gift to Joseph and Mary of Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold. They also informed Joseph and Mary that King Herod was also aware of Jesus' birth.  The Frankincense and Myrrh would be used to form a "ring pass not" around the manger in order to protect the child Jesus.  Today, Frankincense and Myrrh are used in High Mass in both the Roman and Eastern Churches.  The priest will circle the periphery of the entire church with the incense burners sending the incense into every corner before the mass begins.

The Holy Family,Joseph,Mary and Jesus represent the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or Divine Wisdom, the Mother of All.  Joseph, the Carpenter, was the provider and protector under the First Ray of God's Holy Will.  He would be the Active Principle, a First Ray quality of the Father.  Mary, represents the Divine Mother, the receiver, and the cohesive love/wisdom of the Third Ray of Active Intelligence.  Whereas Jesus, represented the Son, who brings the light of the Father and the love of the Mother into the Golden Robe of the Light of the World, the Son under the Second Ray of Divine Love/Wisdom.

Michael Angelo's Holy Family

Like all children of light here on earth who are sons and daughters of God, it is the Soul that lies above our mental bodies that is the mediator between the upper triad of the Higher self, representing the Father, and the Causal body enfolding both the Higher Self and the Soul, or Holy Christ Self - representing the Divine Mother, and the Soul of Christed Self, representing the Son - the light of the world.  The Soul, in turn, is over our three lower bodies i.e. mental, emotional, etheric/physical.  As the Soul is the mediator between the upper divine triad and the lower triad, so is the human the mediator between divinity (all of Hierarchy - Cosmic, Solar and Planetary) and the three lower kingdoms (animal, plant and mineral, and elemental). The Holy Family is the reflection or the Holly Trinity and is significant in teaching us about our place within the Divine Plan of God.

The next symbol we'll look at is the Star of Bethlehem, which is of course, the result of the conjunction between three major planets during the year A.D.56/57.  The star has always been the symbol of the Divine.

The Star Tetrahedron

This star tetrahedron is seen in many ancient and modern churches and temples and is significant in understanding the working of triangles.  I can give you the example of King David, who used the star tetrahedron as the symbol of the Jewish faith  "The Star of David".  Remember, in order for David to write the psalms, he had to become that symbol.  Again, it is one of the most ancient teachings of the lower triangle pointing upward towards God or the Higher Self, while the upper triangle representing God reaching toward man in the descending triangle.

In the World Service between nineteen eighty and two thousand and nine, we placed the triangle around our upper chakras from the Heart (the base of the triangle) out around our shoulders to above our heads (the point of the triangle). We'd sit in the middle as the Buddha or Christ Self, and this triangle would rise out of the heart and move upward - at the same time the descending triangle would move downwards from the Higher Self, forming a star tetrahedron on the level of the Soul or Holy Christ Self.  We would then be sitting at the level of the Christ and at this level where David wrote his Psalms, we  would do our Prayers of the World Service. At the present time, the need of the hour is for group prayer and meditation for World Peace.

From His birth until his death, Jesus was a living example of the disciple on the Path of Initiation, transforming and transfiguring Himself, which led Him to the cross and to the resurrection until He ascended back to His Father.  He left us His blueprint and the map to the homeward path.

So during this Holy and Sacred Season,  take a step into the light of your Soul and leave the clanging and the din behind you, for a few moments each day.  Learn to be silent and in that silence find your peace - the Peace beyond understanding. 

May you have a Joyous and Peaceful Christmas and may 2015 bring you Good Health, Happiness and a Deeper Understanding of Who You really Are.

In the light of service,

Margaret Mary

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27-2014 -Advanced Class - Intuition Human and Solar,Volume Two, Lesson 14

Chapter One
Introductory Remarks

ThInk these days of the shattering of the old form and the building of the new, adaptability is needed.  We must avert the danger of crystallization through pliability and expansion.  The "old order changeth," but primarily it is a change of dimension and of aspect, and not of material or of foundation. The fundamentals have always been true.  To each generation is given the part of conserving the essential features of the old and beloved form, but also of wisely expanding and enriching it.  Each cycle must add the gain of further research and scientific endeavor, and subtract that which is worn out and of no value.  Each age must build in the product and triumphs of its period, and abstract the accretions of the past that would dim and blur the outline.  Above all, to each generation is given the joy of demonstrating the strength of the old foundations, and the opportunity to build upon these foundations a structure that will meet the needs of the inner evolving life.

The ideas that are elaborated here find their corroboration in certain facts that are stated in the occult literature now extant.  These facts are three in number, and are as follows:-

(a)  In the creation of the sun and the seven sacred planets composing our solar system, our Logos employed matter that was already impregnated with particular qualities. Mrs. Besant* in her book, 'Avataras," (which some of us think the most valuable of all her writings, because one of the most suggestive), makes the statement that "our solar system is builded out of matter already existing, out of matter gifted with certain properties . . ." (page 48).  This matter therefore, we deduce, held latent certain faculties that were forced to demonstrate in a peculiar way, under the law of Cause and Effect, as does all else in the universe. 
*Annie Besant succeeded Madame Blavatsky as the Head of the Theosophical Society-mf
Avataras can be obtained at Amazon.com under Annie Besant Books...mf

(b)  All manifestation is of a septenary nature, and the Central Light which we call Deity  the one Ray of Divinity, manifests first as a Triplicity, and then as a Septenary.  (See Chart below).  The One God shines forth as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and these three are again reflected through the Seven Spirits before the Throne, of the seven Planetary Logoi.  The students of occultism of non-Christian origin may call these Beings the One Ray, demonstrating through the three major Rays and the four minor,making a divine Septenary.  The Synthetic Ray which blends them all is the Great Love-Wisdom Ray, for verily and indeed "God is Love."  This Ray is the Indigo Ray, and is the blending Ray.  It is the one which will, at the end of the greater cycle*, absorb the others in the achievement of synthetic perfection.  It is the manifestation of the second aspect of Logoic life.  It is the aspect, that of the Form-Builder, that makes this solar system of ours the most concrete of the three major systems.  The Love or Wisdom aspect demonstrates through the building of the form for "God is Love," and in that God of Love we "live and move and have our being," and will to the end of aeonian manifestation. (Note:  Our Planetary Logoi is Sanat Kumara - He is one of the "seven first-born Sons of God.  Sanat Kumara is known in our Bible as "The Ancient of Days" but all Seven Kumaras are also known as the Divine Comptemplators and it seems likely that these are also the "Seven Spirits before the Throne who are the "reflection of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit" while at the same time demonstrating through the three major Rays and the four minor Rays, making a divine Septenary (7) see chart -mf).
Chart of Spiritual Hierarchy Through Seven Rays

Planetary Hierarchy & Retreats Through Seven Rays

This Chart gives the Cosmic, Solar and Planetary Hierarchy all
residing upon one of the Seven Rays that Djwal Kjwal is explaining from the Cosmic or Logoic Planes and the One Ray, becoming the Three Rays and then dividing again into the three major and four minor Rays as demonstrated above.  Chart taken from "The Law of LIfe Book II - by A.D.K. Luk - mf

(c)  The  seven planes of Divine Manifestation or the seven major planes of our system, are but the seven sub-planes of the lowest cosmic plane.  The seven Rays of which we hear so much, and which hold so much of interest and mystery, are likewise but the seven sub-rays of one cosmic Ray.  The twelve creative Hierarchies are themselves but subsidiary branches of one cosmic hierarchy.  They form but one chord in the cosmic symphony.  When that sevenfold cosmic chord, of which we form so humble a part, reverberates in synthetic perfection, then, and only then will come comprehension of the words in the Book of  Job; 'THE MORNING STARS SANG TOGETHER."  Dissonance yet sounds forth and discord arises from many systems, but in the progression of the aeons an ordered harmony will eventuate, and the day will dawn when (if we dare speak of eternities in the terms of time) the sound of the perfected universe will resound to the uttermost bounds of the furthest constellation.  Then will be known the mystery of "the marriage song of the heavens."   
The reader is also asked to remember and weigh certain ideas prior to taking up the study of Initiation.  Due to the extreme complexity of the matter it is an utter impossibility for us to do more than get a general idea of the scheme; hence the futility of dogmatism. We can do no more than sense a fraction of some wonderful whole utterly beyond the reach of our consciousness,-a whole that the highest Angel or Perfected Being is but beginning to realize.  When we recognize the fact that the average man is as yet fully conscious only on the physical plane, nearly conscious on the emotional plane, and only developing the consciousness of the mental plane, it is obvious that his comprehension of cosmic data can be but rudimentary.  When we recognize the further fact that to be conscious on a plane and to have control on that plane are two very different conditions, it becomes apparent how remote is the possibility of our approximating more than the general trend of the cosmic scheme.
We must recognize also that danger lies in DOGMA and in the hide-bound facts of textbooks, and that safety lies in flexibility and in a  shifting angle of vision.
A fact, for instance, looked at from the standpoint of humanity (using the word "fact" in the scientific sense as that which has been demonstrated past all doubt and question) may not be fact from the standpoint of a Master.  to Him it may be but part of  greater fact, only a fraction of the whole.  Since His vision is fourth and fifth dimensional*, His realization of the place of time in eternity must be more accurate than ours.  he sees things from above downwards, and as one to whom time is not (The Master D.K. had already taken his Third and possibly His Fourth Initiation at the time He was writing these words, so he was living and viewing from the 4th and possibly the 5th dimension, while retaining a physical body in order to complete the teaching for humanity - mf)

An inexplicable principle of mutation exists in the Mind of the Logos, or the Deity of our solar system, and governs all His actions.  We see but the ever changing forms, and catch glimpses of the steadily evolving life within those forms, but as yet have no clue to the principle which works through the shifting kaleidoscope of solar systems, rays, hierarchies, planets, planes, schemes, rounds, races and sub-races.  They interweave, interlock and interpenetrate each other, and utter bewilderment is ours as the wonderful pattern they form unfolds before us.  We know that somewhere in that scheme we, the human hierarchy, have our place. All, therefore, that we can do is to seize upon any data that seems to affect our own welfare, and concerns our own evolution, and from the study of the human being in the three worlds seek to understand somewhat the macrocosm.  We know not how the one can become the three, the three become the seven, and so proceed to inconceivable differentiation.  To human vision this interweaving of the system forms an unimaginable, complexity, the key to which seems not to be forthcoming.  seen from the angle of a master we know that all proceeds in ordered sequence  seen from the angle of divine vision the whole will move in harmonious unison, producing a form geometrically accurate  Browning had hold of a part of this truth when he wrote:
"All's change, but permanence as well"......and continued:
"Truth inside, and outside, truth also; and between each, falsehood that is change, as truth is permanence,"
"Truth successively takes shape, one grade above its last presentiment......" 

We must remember also that beyond a certain point it is not safe nor wise to carry the communication of the facts of the solar system.  Much must remain esoteric and veiled.  The risks of too much knowledge are far greater than the menace of too little.  With knowledge comes responsibility and power,- two things for which the race is not yet ready.  Therefore, all we can do is to study and correlate with what wisdom and discretion may be ours, using the knowledge that may come for the good of those we seek to help, and recognizing that in the wise use of knowledge comes increased capacity to receive the hidden wisdom. Coupled also with the wise adaptation of knowledge to the surrounding need must grow the capacity for discreet reservation, and the use of the discriminating faculty.  When we can wisely use, discreetly withhold, and soundly discriminate, we give the surest guarantee to the watching Teachers of the race that we are ready for a fresh revelation.

We must resign ourselves to the fact that the only way in which we can find the clue to the mystery of the rays, systems and hierarchies, lies in the study of the law of correspondences or analogy.  It is the one thread by which we can find our way through the labyrinth, and the one ray of light, that shines through the darkness of the surrounding ignorance.  H. P.  Blavatsky, in 
"The Secret Doctrine", has told us so, but as yet very little has been done by students to avail themselves of that clue.  In the study of this Law we need to remember that the correspondence lies in its essence, and not in the exoteric working out of detail as we think we see it from our present standpoint. The factor of time leads us astray for one thing; we err when we attempt to fix stated times or limits; all in evolution progresses through merging, with a constant process of overlapping and mingling.  Only broad generalities and a recognition of fundamental points of analogy are possible to the average student.  The moment he attempts to  reduce to chart form and to tabulate in detail, he enters realms where he is bound to err, and staggers through a fog that will ultimately overwhelm him.

Nevertheless, in the scientific study of this law of analogy will come a gradual growth of knowledge, and in the slow accumulation of facts will gradually be built up an ever-expanding form, that will embody much of the truth.  The student will then awake to the realization that after all the study and toil he has at least a wide general conception of the Logoic thought-form into which he can fit the details as he acquires them through many incarnations.  This brings us to the last point to be considered before entering upon the subject proper, which is:

That the development of the human being is but the passing from one state of consciousness to another.  It is a succession of expansions, a growth of that faculty of awareness that constitutes the predominant characteristic of the indwelling Thinker.  It is the progressing from consciousness polarized in the personality, lower self, or body, to that polarized in the higher self, ego, or soul, thence to a polarization in the Monad, or Spirit, till the consciousness eventually is Divine.  As the human being develops the faculty of awareness extends first of all beyond the circumscribing walls that confine it within the lower kingdoms of  nature (the mineral, vegetable and animal) to the three worlds of the evolving personality, to the planet, whereon he plays his part, to the system wherein that planet revolves, until it finally escapes from the solar system itself and becomes universal.
End of Chapter One, Volume 2, Lesson 14 -12/1/14

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26-2014 -Intuition Human and Solar -Glossary- Volume 2, Lesson 13

  We will continue with the Glossary so that you can become familiar with the word meaning in order to understand the metaphysical language used in the Arcane Studies.

Logos:  The deity manifested through every nation and people.  The outward expression, or the effect of the cause which is ever concealed.  Thus, speech is the Logos of thought, hence it is aptly translated by the "verbum" and the "word" in its metaphysical sense. (See John 1:1-3).

Lord of Civilization:  (See Mahachohan).

Lords of the Flame:  One of the great Hierarchies of spiritual beings who guide the solar system. They took control of the evolution of humanity upon this planet about 18 million years ago during the middle of the Lemurian or third root race.

Macrocosm:  The great universe, literally; or God manifesting through His body, the solar system.

Mahachohan:  The Head of the third great department of the Hierarchy.  This great being is the Lord of Civilization, and the flowering forth of the principle of intelligence.  He is the embodiment on the planet of the third, or intelligence aspects of deity in its five activities.

Mahamanvantara:  The great interludes of time between two solar systems.  This term is frequently applied to the greater solar cycles.  It implies a period of universal activity.

Manas, or Manasic Principle:  Literally, the Mind, the mental faculty; that which distinguishes man from the mere animal.  It is the individualizing principle, that which enables man to know that he exists' feels, and knows.  It is divided in some schools into two parts, higher or abstract mind and lower or concrete mind.

Mantrams:  Verses from the Vedas.  In the exoteric sense a mantram (or that psychic faculty or power that conveys perception or thought) is the older portion of the Vedas, the second part of which is composed of the Brahmanas.  In esoteric phraseology, mantram is the word made flesh, or rendered objective through divine magic.  A form of words or syllables rhythmically arranged, so that when sounded certain vibrations are generated.

Manu:  The representative name of the great Being Who is the Ruler, primal progenitor and chief of the human race.  It comes from the Sanskrit root "man" - to think. (Varisvata Manu is the "Manu" or chief of our Fifth Root Race) Adam Kadman is the Manu of  the Fourth Root Race and The Great Divine Director will be the Manu of the Seventh Root Race - also, Lord and Lady Meru will be the Manu for the Sixth Root Race which will be brought into South America, as the 'tail of the dragon' has returned from the East after 13,000 years of being over Tibet and India - it is now in the Andes Mountains.  Even Divine Mother will be overshadowing these two Root Races, she will be in the Etheric over Lake Titicaca. the Andes, South America - mf)

Manvantara:  A period of activity as opposed to a period of rest, without reference to any specific length of cycle.  Frequently used to express a period of planetary activity and its seven races. (We are the Fifth Root Race within the Manvantara during that period known as Kali Yug consisting of 430,000 years - the end of the Day of Brahma - mf)

Maya:  Sanskrit, "Illusion."  Of the principle of form or limitation.  The result of manifestation.  Generally used in a relative sense for phenomena or objective appearances that are created by the mind. (In the Course of Miracles, Jesus tells us that what God created is real, and what man has made is illusion - mf)

Mayavi Rupa:  Sanskrit, "Illusive Form".  It is the body of manifestation created by the adept by an act of will for use in the three worlds.  It has no material connection with the physical body.  It is spiritual and ethereal and passes everywhere without let or hindrance.  It is built by the power of the lower mind, of the highest type of astral matter.

Microcosm:  The little universe, or man manifesting through his body, the physical body.

Monad:  The One, The Threeefold spirit on its own plane.  In occultism it often means the unified triad -Atma, Buddhi, Manas.  Intuition and Higher Mind - or the immortal part of man which reincarnates in the lower kingdoms and gradually progresses through them to man and thence to the final goal - Ascension.

Nirmanakaya:  Those perfected beings who renounce Nirvana (the highest state of spiritual bliss) and choose a life of self-sacrifice, becoming members of  that invisible host which ever protects humanity within karmic limits.  (The Adepts, the Brotherhood, Who guide and direct mankind with karmic limits - mf)

Permanent Atom:  Those five atoms, with the mental unit, one on each of the five planes of human evolution (the mental unit being also on the mental plane) which the monad appropriates for purposes of manifestation.  They form a stable center and are relatively permanent.  Around them the various sheaths or bodies are built.  They are literally small force centers. 

Planetary Logos:  This term is generally applied to the seven highest spirits corresponding to the seven archangels of the Christian.  They have all passed through the human stage and are now manifesting through a planet and its evolutions, in the same way that man manifests through his physical body.  The highest planetary spirit working through any particular globe is, in reality, the personal God of the planet.  (Our Planetary Logos is Sanat Kumara, one of the original "Sons of God" - He is known in the bible as  "The Ancient of Days"- mf) 

Prakriti:  Derives its name from its function as the material cause of the first evolution of the Universe.  It may be said to be composed of two roots, "pra" to manifest and "krita" to make; meaning that which caused the universe to manifest itself. 

Prana:  The Life Principle, the breath of Life. The occultist believes the following statement:  "Life we look upon as the one form of existence, manifesting in what is called matter, or what, incorrectly separating them, we name Spirit, Soul. and Matter in man.  
Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on the plane of existence; 
Soul is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit and 
These three as a Trinity are synthesized by Life, which pervades them all - Prana".

Purusha:  The spiritual self.  The embodied self.  The word literally means "The dweller in the city" -  that is, in the body.  It is derived from the Sanskrit "pura" which means city or body, and"usha" a derivative of the verb "vas" to dwell. 

Quaternary:  The fourfold lower self, or man, in the three worlds.  There are various divisions of this, but perhaps for our purpose the best is to enumerate the four as follows:
  1.  Lower mind.
  2.  Emotional or karmic body.
  3.  Prana, or the Life Principle.
  4.  The etheric body, or the highest division of the 
       twofold physical body.

Raja Lord:  The word "Raja" simply means King or prince; the word has been applied to those great angels or entities who ensoul the seven planes.  These are great devas who are the sum-total and the controlling intelligence of a plane.

Raja Yoga:  The  true system of developing psychic and spiritual powers and union with one's higher self or the Ego (Soul).  It involves the exercise, regulation anad concentration of thought.  (This is the Meditation exercise I have given you with the alignment of the three lower bodies to the soul and Higher Self and then to concentrate upon the "lotus" or Holy Christ Self for at least two to five minutes without allowing the lower mind to interfere - mf)

Ray:  One of the seven streams of force of the Logos; the seven great lights.  Each of them is the embodiment of a great cosmic entity.  The seven Rays can be divided into the three Rays of Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute, as follows:

Rays of Aspect
  1,  The Ray of Will of Power, ( First Ray - color Blue, Day of Week, Sunday, Elohim on Ray - Hercules, Surya, Great Divine Director, El Morya (Chohan of this Ray, Archangels Michael and Faith and legions or Blue Ray Angels - mf)
  2.  The Ray of Love-Wisdom (Second Ray- color Sun Yellow, Day of Week, Monday,
Elohim of Ray - Cassiopea and Minera; Regent, Gautama Buddha; Cosmic Being; Victory; World Teachers, Jesus the Christ, Master Kuthumi, and Djwal Kjwal, Chohan of Ray, Lord Lanto;  Archangels Jophiel and Christine and Angels of Illumination -mf).
  3.  The Ray of Activity or Adaptability:  (Third Ray - color Pink/Rose; Day of Week - Tuesday; Elohim -Orian and Angelica; Cosmic Beings, Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus; World Buddha - Lord Maitrya, Lady Liberty; Chohan - Paul the Venetian; Archangels - Chamuel and Charity and the Angels of Activity and Adaptability - mf)

Rays of Attribute

  4.  The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, or Unity (Fourth Ray-Wednesday; Elohim -Clare and Mighty Astrea; Cosmic Being, Goddess of Purity; Chohan -Serapis Bey; Archangels Gabriel and Hope and the Angels of Harmony, Beauty and Art - mf)
  5.  The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. (Fifth Ray - Thursday; Elohim - Vista (Cyclopea) and Crystal; Cosmic Being, Fortuna, Goddess of Supply, Pallas Athena
Chohan - Hilarian (St. Paul); Archangels- Raphael and Mother Mary and the Angels of Healing and Research - mf)
  6.  The Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion.(Sixth Ray - Friday; Elohim - Tranquility and Pacifica; Cosmic Being Goddess of Peace, Jesus Christ; Chohan - Ascended Lady Master Nada; Archangels - Uriel and Donna Grace and the Angels of Peace and Ministration - mf)
  7.  The Ray of Cermonial Magic, or Law.( Seventh Ray - Saturday - Elohim - Arcturus and Diana; Cosmic Being - Omritas, Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, Portia,
Goddess of Justice, Chohan - St. Germain; Archangels - Zadkiel and Holy Amythst and the Ceremonial angels -mf)

The above names are simply some chosen from among many, and embody the different aspects of force by means of which the Logos manifests. (NOTE:  Each of us are also on one of these Rays as well - mf)

Ring-Pass-Not: This is at the circumference of the manifested solar system, and is the periphery of the influence of the sun, both esoterically and exoterically understood.  The limit of the field of activity of the central life force.

Root Race:  One of the seven races of man which evolve upon a planet during the great cycle of planetary existence.  This cycle is called a world period.  The Aryan root race, to which the Hindu, European, and modern American races belong is the fifth, the Chinese and Japanese belonging to the fourth race. 

Sensa or Senzar:  The name for the secret sacerdotal language or the "mystery speech" of the initiated adepts all over the world.  It is a universal language, and largely a hieroglyphic cypher.

Shamballa:  The city of the Gods, which is in the West to some nations, in the East to others, in the North or South to yet others.  It is the sacred island in the Gobi Desert.  It is the home of mysticism and the Secret Doctrine. (According to the Bridge of Freedom - Shamballa was built for the arrival and home of Sanat Kumara while He was on Earth -many times it was destroyed before He arrived and His disciples had to rebuild it over and over again.  Now it is situated in the etheric over the Gobi desert -mf)

Triad:  The Spiritual Man; the expression of the monad.  It is the germinal spirit containing the potentialities of divinity.  These potentialities will be unfolded during the course of evolution.  This Triad forms the individualized or separated self, or Ego. (Simply put:  The Triad consists of The Holy Christ Self or Soul, the Causal Body that circular rainbow surrounding the Presence and the I AM Presence or Higher Self-mf)

Viveka:  The Sanskrit "discrimination."  The very first step in the path of occultism is the discrimination between the real and the unreal, between substance and phenomenon, between the Self and the Not-self, between spirit and matter.

Wesak:  A festival which takes place in the Himalayas at the full moon in May. It is said that at this festival at which all the members of the Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for  brief period, renews his touch and association with the work of our planet.
The Himalayan Range
Looks like a monk standing at left of center of picture!!

Yoga:  1.  One of the six schools of India, said to be founded by Patanjali, but really of much earlier origin. 2.  The practice of Meditation as a means of leading to spiritual liberation.

Note:  This glossary does not undertake fully to explain all the above terms.  It is simply an attempt to render into English certain words used in this Volume of Initiation Human and Solar, so that the reader may understand their connotation.  The majority of the definitions have been culled from the Theosophical Glossary, The Secret Doctrine, and the Voice of the Silence.
End of Glossary - for Volume 2, Initiation Human & Solar, Lesson 13 -11/16/14