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70-2017 -Lesson Three - More On Chakras - Throat Chakra -4/20/17

The Absolute as Depicted By Various Religions
Note-The Same 7 Chakras As We Have But The Ultimate
Reality's Crown is Filling the Universe with Radiant
Light, Creating Universes, Worlds, Planets and Stars



I AM THE ALPHA AND OMEGA - The Beginning and Ending

The Following is an excerpts from the Mystic and Philosopher,
Manly P. Hall's Poetry:


I AM the Absolute, I AM Birthless,
Deathless, Eternal;
The Baseless Base of Beginnings,
The Sure Foundation Unmeasured,
The Causeless Cause of Causation,
The Living Root of Illusion.

All These AM I, And Other Things
The Sum Total of Reality Expressed
In Naught;
Unmoved, Unquestioned, Undefined;
I AM Omnipotent.

Veiled By The Robes of Empty Space,
I Dream
The Troubled Nightmare of Creation's Plan,
To Wake
And Find Creation's Plan Dissolved Again
In ME...
Of ME You Little Know, And Yet
Am I the Sum
Of All That Has Been, Is,
Or Yet To Come_
The Plan, the Planner And The Planned-for
All In One. . .

I AM The Absolute;
I, The One Before the Beginning. . .
The Word Unspoken Is My Name;
I AM the All-Pervading...

 The Throat Chakra
Relates to the 1st Ray - The Co-Creator With God Chakra
The Will to God, Good, the Active Principle

Genesis - The Beginning
1- In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God, was hovering over the waters.
And God said:  "Let There Be Light"... AUM  (His Throat Chakra) was the WORD of the Divine Principle of the Universe, which was the ACTION that brought about the BEGINNING of ALL THAT IS!  As both the Kabalah and the Old Testament testify.  
The Big Bang

Not only is the Third Chakra known as the Chakra of Creation but we, as Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, are the WORD incarnate. 

What makes us unique is the fact that we have these Chakras, also known as doorways that  connect us to the inner and upper world of Light.  The Throat Chakra is the power house that separates us from all the lower kingdoms as we can think, discern, create, communicate, command and envision because the Spirit of God dwells within our very being - at the center of the Heart Chakra is the Triune Light that is a duplicate of our Father/Mother God's Triune Flame - as above so below!  

The Light of the Heart through a Microscope

The Light of the Heart Under the Microscope

I AM the Light of the Heart
Shining in the darkness of being;
And changing all into the Golden Treasury
of the Mind of Christ.

I AM projecting my Love 
Out into the world,
To erase all errors
And to break down all barriers,

I AM the power of Infinite Love,
Amplifying itself,
Until it is victorious
World without end! (3x's)or (36x's)

By  praying this mantra, you are magnifying the sun at the center of your being and expanding the Triune Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power every time you give this mantra with love and deep compassion, you are increasing the light within the Heart while healing the physical heart and again, opening more of the light within each Chakra.

When our Father made the statement:  "Let There Be Light!" He used the Throat Chakra - speech to bring about the Action of the Will of God - the Will to Create all that is, especially the Seven Suns - each having Seven Planets and Seven Bodies; while Helios and Vesta designed the blueprint of All the Universes, Planets, Satellites, Moons, and the inhabitants that would occupy each sphere.  The Seven Mighty Elohim took the blueprints and followed the Cosmic Law of Precipitation that would build each planet, moons stars along with the Elementals of Air, Earth, Water and Fire that would provide the oxygen, water, energy (fire) to sustain all life; and the firmament, that would support and provide all that was necessary as it was the foundation that is the element of Earth  on each and every planet.

In a previous lesson, we discussed the Prelaya, which is the period of millions of years of rest between each Manvantara.  So, when the Father stated "Let there be Light" 
The Big Bang

The Cosmic Cross at Center of Universe

Another Picture From Nasa of Cosmic Cross
Where all of Creation Sprang From

From the Cosmic Cross The Big Bang was brought
about from God's Three Primary Rays Followed by the 4 Secondary Rays that Equal the 7 Rays of Creation

His voice echoed across the deep space and from the Cosmic Cross in the Center of the Universe, His voice awakened the "Light of a Thousand Suns" with His Three primary Rays He exploded the atom that created the "Big Bang" and from the power of His Active Principle all life was brought forth once again and He separated the darkness and the light - He called the darkness evening and the light day time.  

He divided the Waters and the Firmament, then brought forth His Mighty Elohim, it took billions of years  for Them to create each planet, moons and stars; while the Goddess of Springtime with the Elementals brought forth all the plants,  vegetation, trees, plants, mountains, rivers, streams, vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits that were prepared for the coming of the Word into the Kingdom of Earth - it took nine hundred and fifty years to prepare a place for mankind to govern and inhabit while bringing forth their Rays for the betterment of all life on Earth.  According to the Upanishads,  it took Brahma Seven Days to Create our worlds; but one day in the life of Brahma is millions of years and so you can see that it was much longer than what we see in the Old Testament.

Mankind was Living in His Causal Body

This is how mankind appeared when they first appeared
on Earth after their sojourn through the concentric rings 
of our Sun 

As Mankind is the Word Incarnate, they came through the schoolroom surrounding our physical Sun, passing through each of the Seven Rays until they graduated and were now ready to be the conduits of each of the Seven Rays of the Father/Mother God expressing one of His Divine Qualities here on Earth.

Mankind was endowed with Seven Chakras, Four Lower Bodies, the Soul, and Three Upper Bodies.  At the beginning of the Manvantara, they all were living in their Higher Selves, the Fire Body surrounded them and they could walk and talk with the Hierarchy, the Angelic Hosts and all Elemental life that they were responsible for as their younger brothers.

In the Beginning, the Earth was Molten and Gaseous 

The Earth was  a molten body that took millions of years to cool.  As the Earth gradually moved away from the Sun, the planet began to cool down and solidify and this is when the Fourth Root Race was coming into the planet, and it was also the time of separating the androgynous twin flames, into two separate beings' - It was also the time when the Neflim descended after being cast out of Heaven; (see Genesis Chaper 6,7) they were instrumental in causing the Fourth Root Race to  move farther away from our Higher Selves to the point that we lost all contact with the Higher Self.  Today, our Etheric Fire Body is thirty eight thousand feet above (located in the Etheric Plane) us while we clothed ourselves in flesh bodies - this was how mankind fell from Grace and was separated from the Father's Kingdom, never more to communicate with the Hierarchy, the Angels and  the Nature Spirits.  According to scientists the Earth is approximately four and a half billions years old - and in 1870 the Mahatmas gave us the age of the planet as being four and a half billions years old (see Isis Unveiled - by H. P. Blavatsky Vol 11) - they also knew where all the planets were, even those that we hadn't discovered yet.  They also claim there are planets like Vulcon and others that are behind our physical sun.


Not My Will,
Not My Will,
Not My Will,
But Thine Be Done
 (9 x's)
This mantra should be done every morning before the day begins so that you have made the commitment to God, that you will let Him in the drivers seat so that you will experience God Harmony and Peace throughout the day!

The other mantra for the Throat Chakra itself is:

My Throat Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Throat Chakra is the Purity God desires! (15x's)

Then after cleaning the Chakra,  bring it back to it's original color by doing the following mantra:

My Throat Chakra is a Chakra of  Blue Fire,
My Throat Chakra is the Purity God desires! (15x's)

Think about it, we should always deeply contemplate before we SPEAK or ACT, as  the First Ray represents the Father God, the ACTIVE  PRINCIPLE OF THE UNIVERSE - the CREATOR of all that is!  We are His Sons and Daughters, also known as the WORD, and therefore hold the honor of  representing Our Father here upon Earth and that honor and responsibility is connected directly through the Third Chakra, the Throat Chakra.  The Throat chakra is connected directly with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which  connects directly to  our Emotional Body.

What does all this mean to the man on the street or the woman going about her daily life?  It means that no matter where we are, no matter who we are, we are all ONE in the eyes of the Father/Mother - His/Her creation.... We are the extension of His/Her Action of Creation, His/Her Fire of Spirit, His/Her outward expression acting out on one of the Seven Rays extending from Him/Her at the Universal Level all the way down to the new born infant about to make its debut into a new life here on Earth. Each of us are known and accounted for, and all of us are here to outwardly express a certain God-quality related to His/Her particular Ray - as representatives of the Father/Mother right where we are. This expression or God Quality is referred to in the Bible as your "talents".  What is it that you love to do above all things?  What makes you happy?  What expresses the "real you" that quality that makes you unique, happy, creative, intuitive, inventive and joyful while in the process?  

That is when you are working on your Ray, your God Quality, your Talent and that is when you realize you are not slaving, or working at something; but creating, inventing, designing, and knowing how joyful it is to be giving of self your unique contribution that will be shared in some way with others - that's what it's all about.  Giving from the heart all that you have to offer and realizing at the same time, that it is not a chore that you have to do; but the only gift you can give that expresses your own unique talent.   Do you see the difference?  

So many are caught up in making the all-mighty dollar that it becomes their God - everyone should be able to make money, don't get me wrong; but today, money has been placed upon the altar of Idolatry and the rush to make a million, has destroyed so many among us.  How many young men recently have taken their lives because of a shift in the market, or because they were shifty within the market and at the expense of others, tried to manipulate the hopes and dreams of the common man, in order to make a quick buck?  You know of them, thousands and thousands of people losing their property, their jobs, homes not only here in the United States but also those who invested abroad.  And what happened when they were finally exposed in their dirty dealing? Instead of atoning for their misdeeds and finding ways and means of making things better for everyone involved, they took  their own lives instead.

Karmically, there are many issues surrounding the taking of ones life, the largest concern we all have is for those who are clinically depressed and have a tendency towards melancholia most of their lives.  Many spend their entire lives on some form of antidepressant and under medical supervision; and then there are those who have had a tremendous tragedy happen to them that completely changes their lives and unless they are treated for post-traumatic stress immediately, they can have permanent damage. There is a process that occurs when one's life is threatened or the loss of a life or limb, war and threats of any kind occur, the nervous system becomes frozen while experiencing the trauma, and the process of signals and impulses that normally pass across the synapses between the nerves connecting to the limbs, spinal column and the brain and within the brain, are no longer working - this results in loss of energy, loss of social communication and a tendency to curl up and go back into the womb.  These situations have to be dealt with immediately so that they can reconnect the synapses in order for energy and well-being to once again bring about a state of saneness and balance.

Then there are those who have to make drastic changes in their diets, because the very things that they are ingesting are contributing towards their disorder - it's called a chemical imbalance - again, something that is triggered by diet and chemical imbalance - this too, can be managed by change of diet and medication. Today, we have the additional problem of chemicals in our foods, animals, and the very air we breathe, not to mention the drinking water.

The last category is one that is entirely of ones own design and attitude towards life and themselves.  The ego is so built up  and in this case, the self is the God that's idolized and the attention to that self is all encompassing, leaving no room for anyone or anything else.  These are the  ones who dote on themselves, everything is all about themselves; and they have a habit of draining the energy of all those who come in contact with them.  The first time a crisis occurs in their lives, they go to pieces and cannot handle the situation.  And, if their partner decides they've had enough and one day leaves them, then the choice is presented to them to either grow-up and quickly learn from the experience or end it all - for the ego, their God, has now been crushed and life no longer has any meaning.

I have had many such people of each category enter my life and some I have worked with in healing them but always with the understanding that there's a need for treatment and counseling as well, while those who fall under the last category are advised to "go out and give service to someone in need and leave your ego home".  You see, by changing their attitudes they change their lives.

When one is angry, depressed or overwhelmed, they are emotionally crippled  - here's where the emotional body, the Solar Plexus Chakra connects to the throat Chakra in a very negative way and also where the angry energy from the Emotional Body causes one to spew their anger out through angry words in the heat of the moment - words that like swords are thrust at anyone who happens to be in their space; and words that cannot be taken back once expelled from the Throat Chakra.  Many people use the Throat Chakra as a psychological weapon upon those who are weaker or families who love them.  The mis-use of the Throat Chakra in combination with the Solar Plexus Chakra causes dis-ease (out of harmony with the Universe) and then dis-harmony, if this becomes a pattern, or way of life; and finally death if they are abusive for a long period of time.  This works out as a lack of oxygen to the cells within the areas of these two chakras and will manifest in some form of physical ailment within the physical body.  Again, this is why it is stated over an over again to be mindful of your thoughts, words and deeds, especially if you are a child of light or light bearer, because the Throat Chakra is highly developed and can do actual damage to others when misused .
So how can we turn negativity into positive Good Will to all?  It is simple - through the power of "being grateful".
In a recent article I read, scientists now have proved without a doubt that being grateful has a biological effect upon the brain.  The antidepressant Wellbutrin not only boosts the neurotransmitter dopamine. So does gratitude.

The benefits of gratitude start with the dopamine system, because feeling grateful activates the brain stem region that produces dopamine. Additionally, gratitude toward others increases activity in social dopamine circuits, which makes social interactions more enjoyable…from Neuroscience Testing on Brain receptors studies.

The Aquarian Age has been moving rapidly forward since the  sixteenth century and began to manifest  through the inventions that created the Industrial Revolution during the eighteenth century and catapulted us into cyberspace through the discovery of electricity, aerodynamics, submarine, telephone, telegraph, television, computers and now in the twentieth century we are moving into space and soon will be journeying out into the stratosphere to the Moon and Mars.  During the course of history, we have explored outer space and today scientists, physicists and astronomers have been able to calculate and bring us back to where Creation began right into the Cosmic Cross that has been recently discovered - Nasa has shown us pictures of entire Universes and as recently as a month ago, they discovered a Universe with a Central Sun and planets that could possibly have life on them.  Two days ago, Scientists have just reported that there's more than a possibility that there is and was life on Mars and Saturn.

The Throat Chakra also represents the First Ray - The Lord of Will of Power.     He is both a Creator and Destroyer and is a Life that wills to love and that uses power as an expression of divine beneficence.  The Lord of Power and will performs the task of destruction of forms so that the manifestation of Deity may grow in power and beauty and thereby bring the revelation of God's will and beneficent purpose into being.  This Lord is the controller of the Death-drama in all kingdoms, which brings about release of power and permits "entrance into Light." Symbolically, Ray I embodies the dynamic idea of God, and thus the Most High starts the work of creation.  This Lord of Power has His Retreat in Shambala; and was active towards the end of World War II; coming into the planet to work with the Allies in destroying the evil overshadowing Germany.  Never before had the Lord of Power intervened with the Earth plane but the Council of Hierarchy had called Him to remove the blight that was spreading throughout Europe killing millions of innocent people. 

End of Lesson Three - 4/20/17