Friday, July 7, 2017


This is the Center of Reception For the Oversoul
To connect within the Human Kingdom

My Seat of the Soul Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Seat of the Soul Chakra is the purity God desires! (15x)

Note:  This Sixth Chakra is actually Violet in Color so it doesn't have to be changed — one can also do this  30 times instead of 15 as it will help erase much of the desire body.

Remember, that the three chakras that are located in the spinal area below the heart chakra are also known as the "lower chakras".  The reason being that each of them have functions within our physical and material world.  Although the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra and the Crown Chakra are also located in the Physical/Material World,  they are in constant interplay with the inner and higher worlds.  By that I mean that within the Physical Heart lies the Heart Chakra with the Crystal Cord attached to the left ventricle of the physical heart.   This Crystal Cord is a direct telephone connection to both our Solar Angel or Soul and our Higher Selves, therefore, we leave our bodies every night in spirit and travel through the Crystal Cord to our Higher Selves in order to attend classes and spiritual events.  The Third Eye remains closed to those who through their free will desire only to remain within the material world and it will remain so until they will to make changes necessary that will gradually re-open their spiritual eye which is located directly in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows and connects directly to the pineal gland deep within the brain.  In electronic microscopes one can see a highly developed pineal gland compared to an ordinary pineal under these magnificent scopes.

The Normal Pineal Gland and Its Location
Within the Brain
This Gland has several roles but mainly produces Melatonin      

The Pineal Gland Under Microscope with "Brain Sand"
This Brain Sand becomes more dense as we age.
Not only does the Pineal Gland work as a Major Endocrine Gland;
but it also works refracting light along the optic nerve.
Originally this eye was opened in every one of us and gradually
closed as we strayed farther away from our Higher Selves.

The Crown Chakra is the direct channel into the upper Triad.  This Crown Chakra can only be opened when the lower mind is kept under control along with the emotional body.  This takes practice through deep meditation and contemplation.  As there are Five Mental Planes to climb before reaching the Solar Angel, this would mean that a daily practice of meditation would be the path to reaching the upper Triad.  The more constant the exercise is practiced, the more expansion is experienced. Once reaching the Fifth Jiva (the highest mental plane) then, we will begin to SEE as the LIGHT begins to SHINE FORTH within the head.  And at some point depending upon the qualifications of the disciple, the Kundalini will make its ascent from the Base of the Spine swiftly up both sides of the spinal cord, emerging and bursting through the Crown Chakra.  This is what the Caduceus is all about  that is used by all medical doctors.

        The caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around an often winged staff. It is often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius, especially in the United States.


The caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around an often winged staff. It is often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius, (SEE TOP FIGURE) especially in the United States.

As Hermes was the embodiment of Mercury the Messenger and brought Egypt and the Akkadians from the caves into a high civilization.  He taught Astronomy, Astrology, Medicine, Architecture, Culture - according to the Arcane knowledge Hermes was an embodiment of Archangel Michael, who appears every so often with the Wings on His Cap and on his heels.

Michael as Mercury/Hermes

Carrying the Caduceus
Note the Wings on Cap and Heels

The Upper Chakras are dual in nature and are only opened through spiritual exercises.  Many people come into the planet with highly developed Upper Chakras.  They are known as Seers, Psychics, Mystics and the reason they are gifted is because they had developed and expanded their consciousnesses in many prior lifetimes.  If they are disciplined in this lifetime, they will continue on their path to Ascension; but if they get caught up in misusing their gifts they will only have to come back again and try to remember their sacred calling.
Now let us show the difference between the Upper and Lower Chakras.  The Heart is our Center, the Powerhouse that keeps everything living and working -through the constant beat of our Heart pumping blood through our entire body, twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, year after year until the Higher Self calls us home - then, and only then, does the Heart stop beating.  There are exceptions to this rule, war, accidents, murder, disasters, suicide, some "accidents" are out of our hands and most likely are the "return of karma" while the other is self-inflicted; but most often, it is our own Higher Self that determines with Hierarchy when and where we'll take our final bow on the stage of life.

Are Our Two Power Houses
The Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra and in Meditation the Third Eye Chakra
Are In Our World But Primarily Working With the World of Spirit. The Throat
Chakra Becomes Highly Developed When One Continually Uses This Chakra
In Chanting Mantras and Songs of Praise

Solar Plexus Chakra over the Emotional Body
6th Ray of Master Jesus and Lady Master Nada

Below the Heart Chakra we come to the Solar Plexus, also known as the Emotional Body, that we discussed last lesson.  Yet, we must reiterate  that it is this body that gets us into a lot of trouble.  It is our passions, desires, hatred and fear that play upon this body like a fiddle; and if we continually allow it to hold sway over us, this Chakra can bring upon us disease, disharmony, destruction or our physical and emotional vehicles and finally death.
So, we need to get this Chakra aligned with the other Six Chakras in order to have Peace of Mind, a balanced outlook, and goodwill towards all that lives and breathes. It is not always easy to control this particular body; yet it must be accomplished along with the control of our lower mind, because it is these two, mind and emotions that cause all of our woes.

The Seat of the Soul ChakraOver the Reproduction Organs - the 7th Ray of Freedom
Note That the Lower Chakras Have Less Petals -
The Seat of the Soul Has 6 Petals and is the Chakra of Freedom and
the 7th Ray
Today's lesson is all about the Seat of the Soul Chakra and why it's not numbered with the upper Chakras.  First of all, in a female, our sexual organs dwell right in front of this chakra and one important factor that needs to be considered here is that, this Chakra connects to the Solar Plexus chakra in that we misuse our sexual energy within this Chakra, and this in turn, causes the emotional chakra to swing out of
balance keeping both the Chakra and the person out of alignment or balance emotionally.   In the male, it connects directly to the endocrine system and the gonads within  the scrotum - all Chakras are very much aligned along the path of the flow of hormones from the Pituitary Gland to the Lymph Nodes within the groin area.

When we say that the Seat of the Soul Chakra is the Chakra of Freedom and the 7th Ray, it means that herein lies the center for the connection of the Soul into the Physical World, it's tie is similar to the Crystal Cord tying into the left ventricle of the physical heart within the Heart Chakra, yet, unlike the heart that constantly reminds us of our own Godliness and through the Crystal Cord we are in and out of our bodies every night and returning to the Heart Chakra; the Seat of the Soul does not get involved with the Soul and the Soul makes no attempt to disturb our physical selves unless we begin to meditate, contemplate, concentrate and consecrate our very lives to opening and expanding our consciousness.  

This requires a daily discipline and is best done in early morning upon awakening from sleep, as we are just coming back from visiting Hierarchy, our guides and angels we are in an excellent place close to spirit still, and therefore to meditate at awakening brings us back quickly to that State of Grace that we experience when out of body every evening with our loving guides and angels.

It is also wonderful to begin awakening all of these chakras as we move along the Path of Awareness towards a greater
expansion of consciousness; because as we begin our journey, we soon realize that each of these beautiful wheels of light begin to turn and the more we meditate, the greater the light both within our Heads, Hearts and every Chakra.  Yes, it takes practice, patience and planning; but over a period of time you will begin to feel more powerful, prudent and peaceful as you learn to "Be Still And Know That I AM THAT I AM".

A wonderful Prayer that is worth Learning is the 
Prayer of Forgiveness
by the Master of the 7th Ray
The God of Freedom and the Seventh Angel
as quoted in Revelation known as
Master St. Germain

Father, please forgive me for separating 
from you and the Kingdom and for all misuse
of Your Energy.
I ask forgiveness for any harm that I may have done
to any part of life, whether, consciously or
subconsciously, whether in through, word
or deed, whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime,
all the way back to the separation from Your Kingdom.

I also forgive all those who have ever harmed me or the 
light for which I stand, whether consciously or
subconsciously, whether in through, word or deed,
whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime,
all the way back to the separation from Your Kingdom.

And so it is, And so it is, And so it is.

I call to my blessed Guardian Angel and Body Elemental
and thank them for all the help they have given me in
the past, present and future lifetimes.

Resentment, Revenge and Retaliation are the three R's that are the response we make  to anyone attacking us and/or humiliating us and we react through our Solar Plexus Chakra and the Emotional Body and then we take action through the Seat of the Soul Chakra and the Chi Center of energy contained within, spewing out our abhorrence and anger in a continual steel ring that forms around us at the mid-section of our bodies, causing us to be out of
Harmony with the Universe.  This begins the spiral of dis-harmony, dis-ease, and death if we continue acting out over a lifetime.  The above PRAYER OF FORGIVENESS, erases and releases this karma, dissolving the steel ring containing the THREE R'S, ultimately giving us our FREEDOM.  It is then, and only then that our SOUL begins to make us aware of it's greater presence midway between our physical bodies and our Higher Selves.

The Mother of the Universe
The World Mother

Seventh Ray - Saturday - Color: Violet-Deep Purple
I call to the Elohim, Mighty Arcturus and Diana, beloved Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, beloved Portia, Goddess of Justice, beloved St. Germain, the Seventh Angel, Beloved Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst and the Violet Ray Angels, the entire spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother - all elemental life, Lord Tabor, Lord Himalaya, Lords of the Mountains, all the Spirits of the Earth, including Prince Oromasis and Diana, Aries and Thor, Virgo and Pelleur, Neptune and Laura and the elementals of Air, Earth, Water and Fire.  

Beloved St. Germain and Portia Blaze the Violet Flame through me as I pledge my life and my light to You by endeavoring to release the momentum of perfection, in my life stream to assist you in bringing freedom to every part of life on our dear planet Earth as quickly as possible!

Here again, one should do the following mantra before
going into meditation each day - it clears both the Emotional Solar Plexus Chakra as well as the Seat of 
the Soul Chakra.

My Emotional Body is a Body of Violet Fire
My Emotional Body is the Purity God Desires! (15's)
Then Do:

My Seat of the Soul Chakra if a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Seat of the Soul Chakra is the purity God Desires!(15's)

I Ask the Beloved St. Germain will help increase
the acceleration of our three-fold flames within our hearts - I not only ask this for myself but also for all mankind upon
the planet. (3x's)

Violet Fire Enveloping Entire Physical Body
Envision the Violet enveloping your entire physical body
from your feet up over your head.

I Am a Being of Violet Fire,
I AM the purity God desires (36x's)

End of Lesson Seven - 7/6/17