Monday, December 25, 2017


 The Calendar year for  2018 equals the Master Number 11/2.  A Master Number cannot be broken down; nor does it vibrate like when one is doing numerology for an individual. When reading for an individual the individual would be either working on, becoming, or has already reached their goal of Master Teacher.  Unlike the individual, we are looking at a nation and therefore, we are concentrating on the leadership  goals, purpose and discovering what vibration this nation is under for the current year.

  On January 1, 2018 we find the actual pulse that is vibrating for the United States and its people. The number 1 the first month represents a "new beginning" of the Calendar Year, while the first day, also number 1, represents the "group soul" or the entire population of the United States; 1+1 =  2, therefore, the Group Soul of the United States will be dealing with relationships both racially, nationally and globally. The 1 + 1 gives us a dual opportunity to transform from a biased idealogoly into one of brotherhood both at home and abroad. The year - 2018, or  2 + 1 + 8= 11/2, represents the 12 months ahead and what vibration we are all under for that entire 12 month period.  When combining all of the above numbers 1 + 1 + 2018 the new vibration for the United States equals 13/4, the number of Death and Rebirth. 

The dichotomy here is apparent.  Both are double numbers i.e. 13/4 and 11/2 - yet,  we have great karmic challenges ahead of us for the coming year through the 13/4 death and rebirth vibration, while at the same time we have the Master Teacher Number (that cannot be broken down) 11/2 for the entire twelve month period.  This can be interpreted into simple terms by looking at the challenges ahead.  Note,  there will be much discord and chaos within our government,  with many changes taking place - none of which will be pleasant for those involved. Many people will be leaving office whether they are voted out or ousted out, I'm not sure; but change is coming - also death will come to some either physical death and/or the end of their careers or way of life.  We can also see the death of relationships (11/2) with other countries, who no longer want a relationship with the United States.  Usually, when the 11/2 vibration appears, we all feel uplifted  and supported under the 11/2 vibration; while at the same time we all learn something inspirational and inspiring that gives us both hope and renewal of faith in our leaders and our general well being.

Let me put it on the line - much of the prior actions that have already taken place, will, under the 13/4 vibration be challenged especially if those actions were self-serving rather than visionary with opportunities of serving the people and setting an example for other nations.  There is no place to hide for those who have cheated the people professing to make America Great Again, while sneaking in through the back door with the aide of nefarious enemies of our nation.  All will be revealed and before the year is over, many will pay the price for their secret pacts with our arch enemies.  The 11/2 will Teach all a lesson in a Masterful way, while those who have been our friends and allies will give the "cut direct" to our leaders and will sever all dealings with our nation.

Again, it is a "wake-up" call for all of us and it will take very hard work  (13/4) and attention to detail by all of us to find our way back to the "freedoms, liberty and brotherhood" that made our country GREAT to begin with.    
Let's go back past the Last Supper to 600 B.C. and the philosophy of Pythagoras (who was St. Francis of Assissi as well as the Master Kuthumi, who worked with Madame Blavatsky and brought forth Theosophy with the Master Morya and the young Djwal Khwal).  According to Ellen Dodge's Numerology Has Your Number - the number 4, 13's root number, was the foundational number for tests of proficiency, work, and material stability in the Pythagorean Greek mystery school. The number 13 does not mean a cutoff but indicates evolution and change - the ending of one belief and the birth of a new consciousness.   
Remember, the 13/4 comes along whenever a group and/or an individual's  self motivation, image, expression or destiny is at stake - 13/4 warns of frivolity - laziness, disorgnaization and indifference.  When there's a lack of honesty and common sense then it's time to put an effort into gaining a material stability.  

  Before a consciousness transformation  individuals with the 13/4 number may lie and cheat to gain acceptance or security.  When a transformation occurs, a down-to-earth approach to life's conventions, self-disciplines, and practical realities, shows that one is heeding the warning that nothing is gained without hard work. 

  And so, we as a nation will be facing our "moment of truth" about our leadership and ourselves, for allowing  through our indifference, complete chaos and disorder and the loss of our freedoms on a  daily basis.  

Remember, the number 13/4 is the breaking down of the old in order to build a new structure - whether that structure is a building, a community or a way of life - 2018 will be the time in our lives to make the transformation both individually and nationally. The representative of this structure in the Tarot
is the Tower.

The Number  2018 will insure that whatever needs doing will be accomplished through our own intuition and speaking of intuition, women will be in the front lines, marching for their rightful place in our communities as well as our nation.