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One of the major characteristics of the seventh ray disciple, is his intense practicality.
He  works upon the physical plane with a constant and steady objective in order
to bring about results which will be effective in determining the forms of the
coming culture and civilization; towards the end of the seventh ray cycle, he will 
work equally hard to perpetuate what he has brought about.  He wields force in
order to build the forms which will meet his requirements, and does this more 
scientifically than do disciples on other rays.  The sixth ray devotee is far more
abstract and mystical in his work and thought, and seldom has any real under-
standing of the relation between form and energy.  He thinks almost entirely in 
terms of quality, and pays little attention to the material side of life and the true
significance of substnace as it produces phenomena.

When the Master Djwal Khul compares the incoming Seventh Ray Disciple to
the outgoing Sixth Ray Disciple, he explains that the difference lies in where they
place their emphasis, i.e. the Seventh Ray Disciple lives in a world of practicality,
feet on the ground, most of these disciples will be regulating our economic and
financial systems throughout the World, while others will be teaching global
relations bringing about through the centuries the understanding of Brotherhood,
Liberty and especially Freedom.  While the Sixth Ray Disciple put too much 

emphasis on purifying the body to the point where celibacy and asceticism became
fanatical - they also were and are in monasteries and convents, they are more
mystical than practical, therefore, we are seeing churches being emptied and
the flock that was so religious, are now seeking Truth and Self Knowledge.
(15)  Seventh Ray disciples wield much power, and for this reason the emphasis
in all teachings given to them is laid upon purity of motive.   In the past, the emphasis has been laid upon purity of body in the case of the sixth ray disciples.  As was
inevitable, they have carried the idea to a fanatical event, and have stressed
celibacy, asceticism and stringent rules of physical life, oft making sinful that
which is natural....
Disciples in the New Age will lay the emphasis upon the mental principle,
because it conditions thought and speech.  All magical work is based upon the

energy of thought and of the spoken word, and purity in the realm of the mind
and motive, is regarded consequently as a basic essential.
As the Seventh Ray continues to penetratte deeply into the planet and the four
Kingdoms, we will see mankind developing from the reptilian brain into the
highly intuitive and sensitive mental individual.  Mankind is now and will
continue to become highly developed in all four lower bodies i.e. physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual - we can actually see this phenomena
occuring over the past fifty years; as mankind seeks truth instead of
obeying the man-made religious tenets that most intelligent individuals can
no longer accept. We are seeing a rapid emptying of the churches and the
great interest in the oriental philosophies.  When questioning individuals
about their religion, many are now claiming to be "spiritualists" rather than
"religious".  Just this statement alone, indicates that many among mankind
are already seeking truth, self-realization, compassion and the realization
that we are not just our physical vehicle but are made up of multiple
bodies each being refined through the incoming rays that are awakening
and forcing mankind to begin to question the status quo, while at the
same time, learning to meditate in order to expand their consciousness.
(16) The seventh ray will train and send forth groups of initiates, working in
close unison with the Plan and with each other...
The seventh ray will change the theories of the advanced  thinkers of the race into 
the facts of the future educational systems.  Education and the growth of the
understanding of illumination in all fields, will eventually be regarded as
synonymous ideals...
The seventh ray will bring to the consciousness of the coming initiates  the
concept of group service and sacrifice.  This will inaugurate the age of the
"divine servce".  The vision of the giving of the individual in sacrifice and 
service, within the group and to the group ideal, will be the goal of the
masses of advaned thinkers in the New Age, whilst for the rest of humanity
brotherhood will be the keynote of their endeavor.  These words have a
wider connotation and significance than the thinkers of today can know and
As you can begin to glean what the Master Teacher is projecting for our future -
brotherhood, freedom, group service all of these are the qualities under the
influence of the seventh ray.  As we move deeper into the Aquarian Age, the
age of the seventh ray, more and more groups of advanced thinkers will be
working under the direction of Hierarachy and the Divine Plan.  This Plan is
designed  to bring about illumination and group service.  No longer can an
individual survive under the seventh ray influence; and therefore, the incoming
groups will be working as a united front, educating and illuminating the minds
of the masses so that all the world will come under the influence of the incoming
seventh ray. Only under this Divine Plan will humanity survive and all four
kingdoms will benefit from these groups.  Think about it, we will be working
directly with the Angel Devas, the elementals of Air, Earth, Water and Fire while
at the same time connecting at a very intuitive level with the animal kingdom.
The vision the Hierarchy has for mankind is that this world will finally attain
Brotherhood, Peace, Liberty and Prosperity for all.  As sons and daughters of
the most High God I AM THAT I AM, we  will be manifesting all the God
qualities that were given to us in the beginning of this Manvantara, when we
went through the Great Initiations within the Causal Body of our Physical Sun.
Meanwhile, as we are still somewhat under the influence of the Piscean Age, we, the World Servitors, are holding the place between Humanity and Hierarachy.  We, the
World Servitors are the "wayshowers", we have promised to be the Bridge to
Freedom and in so doing, we will continue to enlighten and lighten the paths of
all of our fellow men in every part of the world.   You too, can become a beacon
of light for all those who have lost their way, by your prayers and by your 
service to the greater good.
The seventh ray will foster the group spirit, and the rhythm of the group, the
objectives of the group, and the ritual-working of the group will be the basic
The seventh ray will convey to man the power to recognize the cosmic Christ, 
and to produce that future scientific religion of the Light which will enable
man to fulfill the command of the historical Christ, to permit His light to shine forth...
The seventh ray will release the developed souls from the nursery stage, and
inaugurate that scientific understanding of the divine Purpose, which will
foster the coming religious synthesis...
The seventh ray will prepare the way for the recognition of the wider issues
which will materialize as the new world religion,  which will emphasize unity,
but bar out uniformity; it will prepare for that scientific technique, which will
demonstrate the universal light that every form veils and hides, and for that
internationalism which will express itself as practical brotherhood, and as
peace and goodwill between the peoples....

As we have not reached the stage where we are interacting directly with 
Hierarchy, we are still within the incubator stage, and cannot at this time
completely comprehend what Hierarchy and the Cosmic Christ have in
store for our future generations.  We can only know at our intuitive level
that those incoming souls will be forming groups that will work directly with 
Hierarchy and the incoming seventh ray.  We also know that there is a certain
rhythm and scientific application that these souls will experience that will
bring about the changes necessary throughout the world to the point that
all races, all countries, all nations will be under this Divine Plan and/or
influence; and the Cosmic Christ will be directing and innovating the Divine
Plan and Purpose to those groups in order to bring about the many
changes that will be taking place in the very near future. These incoming
groups will be preparing the way through their group sacrifice and service, 
for those who are still residing within the shadows to come into the light of their 
own Christ Light, the light of the Soul - the Solar Angel who is within each of
us.... eventually there will be a tearing of the veil that has enshrouded our true
light, and will then reveal our Divine Selves as we were in the Beginning...
(17) At this particular time in world history, seventh ray energy is of a 
growing potency, because it is the new and incoming ray, superseding the 
sixth ray which has for so long held sway.... The energy and radiation of the 
Lord of the Seventh Ray are becoming steadily more powerful in the 
three worlds.  (The Human, Animal and Elemental Kingdoms). 
The incoming of a ray always produces an intensified period of initiatory activity; and this is the case today.  The major effect, as far as humanity is concerned, is to make possible the presentation of thousands of aspirants and applicants for the 
first initiation*; men on a large scale and in mass formation, can today pass
through the experience of the Birth Initiation.  Thousands of human beings can experience the birth of the Christ within themselves, and can realize that 
the Christ life, the Christ nature; and the Christ consciousness are  theirs....
These great initiations, implemented by the ray energies, must be registered 
in the physical brain and recorded by the waking consciousness of the initiate, and this must be the case in this amazing period wherein - for the first time since humanity appeared on Earth - there can take place a mass initiation.  The
experience need not be expresed in occult terms, and in the majority of cases
will not be; the individual initiate who takes this initiation, is aware of great
changes in his attitude to himself, to his fellowmen, to circumstanes and to 
his interpretation of life events.  These are peculiarly the reactions which
attend the first initiation; a new orientation to life and a new world of 
thought are registered by the initiate. This will be equally true on a large
scale where modern man, the world initiate of the first degree, is concerned.
Men will recognize the evidences in many lives, of the emergence of the
Christ-consciousness, and the standard of living will increasingly be
adjusted to the truth as it exists in the teachings of the Christ . . . 
The unfoldment of the Christ Life - as a result of the presence and activities
of the second divine aspect of love  will result in the ending of economic
fear and the "house of bread" will become  the "house of plenty".  Bread - as
the symbol of material human need - will eventually be controlled by a vast
group of initiates of the first initiation - by those whose lives are beginning
to be controlled by the Christ-consciousness,  which is the consciousness of responsibility and service.  These initiates exist in the thousands today; they
will be present in their millions by the time the year 2025 (6 years away) arrives.
All this reorientation and unfoldment will be the result of the activity of the
seventh ray, and of the impact of its radiation upon humanity.
So, we're well on our way to becoming the Christ Consciousness - the Solar
Angel - if what the Master said turns out as prophesized, within the next 6
years, we should see a substantial change in ourselves, our fellow world servers 
and especially those who up until the present time have remained in the dark.
This is an illustration of the Christ Consciousness or Solar Angel

Think about it!  The Christ Self is usually 25-35 feet above us and is
veiled from our physical eyes.  This means that millions will be walking 
around within the "light of the Christ".  Now I can well understand
that in order to be ready for the Reappearance of the Christ, we must be
in another state of consciousness and so we will be. 

Here, the Master sums up  what He has said:
(18) Summation
1.  The energy of the seventh ray is a potent agent of initiation when taken
     on the physical plane, that is, during the process of the first initiation.
2.  Its effect on humanity will be:
     (a) To bring about the birth of the Christ-consciousness among the masses
           of intelligently aspiring human beings.
     (b) To set in motion certain relatively new evolutionary processes, which
           will transform humanity, the world disciple, into humanity - the
           world initiate.
     (c) To establish in a new and intelligible manner the ever-existent sense of
           relationship, and thus bring about upon the physical plane, right human
           relations. The agent of this is goodwill, a reflection of the will-to--good
           of the first divine aspect.  Off this First Ray of Will or Purpose, goodwill
           is the reflection.
     (d) To readjust negative and positive relationships, and - today - this will be
           carried forward primarily in connection with the sex relation and marriage.
     (e) To intensify human creativity, and thus bring in the new art as a basis for
           the new culture, and as a conditioning factor in the new civilization.
     (f) To reorganize world affairs and so initiate the new world order. This is
           definitely in the realm of ceremonial magic.
3.  The stimulation of the seventh ray will, in relation to the individual initiate:
     (a) Bring into being upon the mental plane a widespread and recognized 
           relation between the soul and the mind.
     (b) Produce a measure of order in the emotional processes of the initiate,
           thus aiding the preparatory work of the second initiation.
     (c) Enable the initiate - upon the physical plane - to establish certain service,
           relationships, to learn the practice of elementary white magic, and to
           demonstrate the first stage of a truly creative life.

As far as  the individual initiate is concerned, the effect of seventh ray energy in 
his life is potent in the extreme; this is easily realized, owing to the fact that his 
mind and his brain are conditioned by the seventh ray at the time that the initiatory processs is consciously taking place.