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Life is not as simple as it seems.  In fact, we begin to realize as we follow these lessons that we, as individuals are very unique, very complex and not at all what we appear to be in our physical bodies.
First of all, we are NOT just our physical bodies — we've discovered that we are a composite, collective, combination of many bodies — all existing at various levels, planes and connected one to the other through a vast network of nerves, threads, force centers — all forming what the ancients called "the Tree of Life".

The Tree of Life
This is the Symbolic Rendition of
Our Four Lower Bodies 

Russian Nesting Dolls

Example of Four Lower Bodies Separated

Example of How Our Bodies Are
Interconnected, Interrelated and
The Standing Doll Would Be Our Physical Body

Four Lower Bodies Surrounding the Physical Body

Notice that the Pink Body is the Etheric
Black is the Physical
Green is the Emotional Body
Violet is the Spiritual Body

Now let us find out what Master D. K. informs us about

Etheric Vision and the Third Eye
Etheric Vision
(1) The etheric web, separating the lower physical consciousness of the brain from the astral plane, begins to undergo a lengthy process of destruction, and the first "rents" in the web occur.  It is through these that the student becomes aware of the inner planes, and becomes conscious in the physical brain of the inner happenings.

Here, the Master D.K. refers to the separation of lower physical consciousness of the brain through a series of rents in the veil (a tearing away of the veil that surrounds each of us upon birth) this would occur through conscious meditation and contemplation — also the dedicating of a certain segment of time on a daily basis to the consecration of ones life to inner contemplation (always upon the solar angel and/or the soul — this is why He gave us the daily meditation to the Soul in Lesson Six - please refer back to that lesson and print  out the meditation and prayers, including the rendition of the Solar Angel or Soul) What happens as a result of daily dedication is the rending of the veil of separateness and the first glimmer of the inner light — eventually a realization that one is looking at the "inner and upper planes". — mf

The higher head center (Crown Chakra) increases

its activity and becomes capable of receiving flashes of illumination from the higher planes.  This happens only occasionally at first; but with increasing frequency as the years progress, and the "rents" become more numerous.

Angel Devas From Etheric Plane

(2) The etheric levels of the plane will be full of an increased activity and slowly but surely as the decades slip away, man will become conscious of these levels, and aware of their inhabitants (the devas).  The immediate effect of this greater etheric energy will be that a numerically larger number of people will possess etheric vision, and will be able normally and naturally to live consciously on etheric levels.  The majority of men only function consciously on the three lower levels of the physical — the gaseous, the liquid, and the dense — and the etheric are as sealed to them as are the astral.   In the coming centuries man's normal habitat will be the entire physical plane up to, though not including  the second sub plane.  The fourth and third etheric levels will be as familiar to him as the usual physical landscape to which he is now accustomed. 
Note here that the Master mentions our consciousness mainly dwelling in the 3 lower levels of the physical plane i.e. the gaseous, liquid and dense are all part of our existence; but the etheric and astral  are"sealed" from us. How?  Through the web or veil that keeps us on the wheel of karma having to be reborn again and again. This is truly what the separation is all about — we have reached at this state of evolution as low as we can go; now that our planet and all four kingdoms are moving into higher and higher frequencies and vibrations, many changes are occurring within our planet, the four kingdoms and mainly ourselves.  The majority of mankind is now seeking change, not only in their physical bodies but in their quest for more spiritual information, more interest in finding the keys to the kingdom of God.  No longer are we satisfied with the status quo, we're all on a quest for the deeper meaning of life, for peace on Earth and Goodwill to all mankind, for treating each other as brothers and as we begin to become global in our thinking and humanitarian in our actions towards those in great need; we realize that our hearts seem to open more and our vision seems to clear and once we're connected to the greater Good; then the Journey of the Soul begins to shine forth within us and we suddenly know that we're on the right path, doing what is right and good, and at the same time rending those webs that have kept us separated from the Divine since the beginning of the Fourth Root Race. mf

(3) (The time is approaching) when etheric vision is a fact, and the reality of the existence of an etheric double of all that is in manifestation will be recognized by scientists.  This fact will be demonstrated towards the close of the century, and during the early part of the next century, a revolution in astronomical circles will occur, which will result in the study of the "etheric planets".  As these bodies are organs of energy permeating the dense form, the study of the interaction of solar energy, and the occult "give and take" of planetary bodies will assume new significance.  Certain planetary bodies — both greater and lesser — are "absorbers," others are "radiators," while some are in the stage of demonstrating a dual activity, and are being "transmuted".

Master D. K. prophesizes concerning the discovery of etheric vision and also of the existence of the etheric double this is in the research stage at the present time and through the study of the dark holes, and dark space as they are now exploring they will discover that all life has an etheric double.  They already realize that the dark holes are possibly absorbers as well as doorways or shortcuts into deeper space and that there are other planets that are upon a different trajectory than our universe, in that they move outward at great latitudes and their elliptical courses are many times greater than our own. We can only watch and see as it develops before us.
For we are now within the time frame of His prophesy. mf


(When soul energy is transmitted via the physical brain, and directed towards subjective spheres, the eye of the Thinker, the "Third Eye" opens.) Until the eye is functioning  it is not possible for men to comprehend the nature of the energy which they will then wield or direct.

The Third Opens When All the Chakras
Are Opened and Aligned, then
The Kundalini can Rush Towards 
the Crown Chakra Unobstructed 
And especially when the soul energy
is transmitted via the physical brain 
and directed towards subjective spheres*

. . .One of the fundamental rules back of all magical processes is that no man is a magician, or worker in white magic, until the third eye is opened, or in process of opening, for it is by means of that eye that the thought form is energized, directed and controlled, and the lesser builders or forces are swept into any particular line of activity.  Among the coming discoveries, and among the next revelations of materialistic science, will be one which will concern itself with the force-directing faculty of the human eye, alone or collectively, and this will indicate one of the first stages towards the rediscovery of the third eye, or the 
"Eye of Shiva".
The Eye of Shiva is positioned
at the Center of Forehead
Between the Eyebrows

The "Eye of Shiva" in the human being has its position in the center of the forehead, between the two physical eyes.
It is not to be confounded with the pineal gland, which is distinctly a physical center or gland. The third eye exists in etheric matter, and is an etheric center of force, being made of the substance of the  ethers, whereas the pineal gland is formed of matter of the three lower sub planes of the physical plane.  The latter, nevertheless, has to be functioning more or less before the "Eye of Shiva" becomes in any degree active. .  .
Many teachers have given the example of the "pineal gland" receding back into the brain causing us to lose our third eye vision; yet, Master D. K.  makes it abundantly clear that the Third Eye is Etheric (made of substance from the Ethers) while the Pineal Gland is formed within the physical  sub plane matter (He does also mention that the Pineal Gland must also be functioning before the Third Eye can become active....  *When He speaks of concentration upon inner "Spheres" He's refering to the Solar Angel/Soul and/or the Higher Self - mf

(With the opening of the third eye) the pineal gland simultaneously begins to function.  At first the sight is dim, and the gland is only partially responsive to vibration, but gradually the eye opens fully the gland is fully active, and we have the "fully awakened" man. 
When Master D. K. speaks of the "fully awakened man" He is referring to one who has reached the "Mahatma" or Christed state of consciousness, one who is omminiscent, omnipresent and working and communicating within all five kingdoms, with the devas, angelic beings and Hierarchy. mf
...The Third eye is the director of energy or force, and thus an instrument of the Will or Spirit; it is responsive only to that will as controlled by the Son-aspect (Christ), the revealer of the love-wisdom nature of gods and man and it is therefore the sign of the white magician.

. . .It is the eye of the inner vision, and he who has opened it can direct and control the energy of matter, see all things in the Eternal Now, and therefore be in touch with causes more than with effects, read the akashic records, and see clairvoyantly.   Therefore its possessor can control the builders of low degree . . .

When Master D. K. speaks of one being in touch with causes, He is informing us that one can determine their own destiny once the "Third Eye" is open. One is no longer subject to Karma (the effects).  And he can also control the elementals of air, earth, water and fire.  As to reading the Akashic Records, this is the records of all of our past lives, which is a sacred trust; and one has to be an Adept or Mahatma in order to open the Book of Life.

It is through the medium of this "all-seeing eye" that the Adept can at any moment put himself in touch with his disciples anywhere, that he can communicate with his compeers on the planet, on the polar opposite of our planet, and on the third planet which, with ours forms a triangle, that he can, through the energy directed from it, control and direct the builders, and hold any thought form he may have created within his sphere of influence, and upon its intended path of service; and that through his eye, by means of directed energy currents, he can help
and stimulate his disciples or groups of men in any place, at any time.

I know that we are very connected to the planet Venus, as many of our Masters come from that planet including Sanat Kumara - we are also connected to Mercury and many of us originally came from Mercury or Venus and so I'm assuming only that from past studies these just might be the "triangle" Master D. K. is speaking about, and then again, I could be wrong and so I will be sifting back over His many books to see if I can find a reference to this particular "triangle".  There are great elementals who are know as the "builders of form"  our own Body Elemental helped with our own Holy Christ Self/Soul in the building of our physical forms for each of our embodiments.
Master D.K. has also written a book called "Telepathy" wherein he explains how he transferred through directed channels or currents, twenty four of His books through His annunesis, Alice Bailey from 1926 to 1950.  He also explained that eventually we'll all be using telepathy as a means of communication. — mf
End of Lesson Nine - 9/26/17

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84-2017-LESSON EIGHT The Etheric Body - 9/8/17

We've covered the atom — the splitting of the atom, radiation, essence and transmutation that forces change all part of the evolutionary process.  We now realize that the "splitting of the atom" had to come about in order to catapult us from mediocracy into the radiant light that we are all now experiencing at this particular stage in our evolutionary path.  And yet we are all experiencing this revolutionary process at different stages, different levels and different perspectives.  This is due to where we are on  Jacob's ladder.  For instance we hear discussions concerning "soul mates" and "twin flames"; as well as the Third Dimensions, Fourth Dimensions and Fifth Dimensions -  and yet most of us haven't a clue concerning the exoteric vs the esoteric meaning of these words. 

 We also hear that we are on the Physical Plane, while others dwell in the Astral Plane and still higher beings dwell in the Etheric Plane - and those who are known as Cosmic Beings like the Avatar of Synthesis, Who has volunteered to return from the Buddhic Plane and there are those who have expanded their consciousness to the point that they dwell in an even higher plane in deep, deep space like the Three Divine Contemplators Who reside between the White Lodge and the Great Central Sun, Who are the original Sons of God, the original Holy Kumaras, who are seven in number.  Our Planetary Logos - the Word, also known as Sanat Kumara, who is also one of the original Sons of God, Who has sacrificed Himself in order to save the People residing within our Universe.  Then we have Mighty Victory who came back to our planet during the 1930s at the request of the Master St. Germain. He has never left us and has established his abode while here at the Royal Tetons in Wyoming in the Etheric Plane.  He's working with the  Brothers of the Golden Robe, Lord Lanto and Confucius at the Tetons Retreat.

Today, I will explain the meaning of Soul Mates and Twin Flames, the Dimensions and Planes - and it would be worthwhile for some of you to go back through the lessons as I have Cosmic, Solar and Physical Plane Charts with all those great Beings that the Masters have given us to date residing within these planes in former lessons.  It is very important that you view the charts, print them off and study them, in order to become familiar with the Chain of Hierarchy and the order in which they are assembled through the various Planes.

You've heard me speak of our very beginnings, our sojourn through the concentric rings of our Physical Sun on our journey of the Soul.  I've given you pictures that will help you to familiarize yourselves with our beginnings.

Twin Flames
Moving Through the Concentric Rings
of the our Physical Sun

We were never alone — we were created at the command of our Father/Mother God as Twin Atoms or Monads - these Monads each had Triune Flames that enveloped us in Love, Wisdom and Power, exactly like our Father/Mother God have Their Triune Flames and this is what qualifies us as truly Sons and Daughters of the Most High God - not our physical bodies, for they change each time we incarnate but the "spark" that dwells in each of our hearts that connects directly through the Crystal Cord to the Soul and onward and upward to our Higher Self - the Monad or I AM THAT I AM.  

I AM Presence Encompasses Three Planes
The Figure at the Bottom Represents
Us, Dwelling in the Physical Plane
The Figure in the Middle Represents
The Oversoul or Solar Angel/Holy Christ Self
dwelling in the Higher-Mental Plane or Jiva
(approximately 30-50 feet above our heads 
invisible but not unapproachable)
The Upper Figure Represents
Our Monad, I AM THAT I AM or
Higher Self dwelling in the Etheric Plane
(Approximately 38,000 Feet and above)

The Physical Sun With Seven
Concentric Rings Surrounding It

We traveled with our "other self" our "Twin Flame" all through the Seven Concentric Rings and at some point WE decided that we would bring our knowledge that was gained from residing upon each of the Seven Rays into the Earth.  Some among us decided to stay on the Rays that developed one of  the Seven Qualities or Virtues and teach them to the next group to enter the concentric rings; but WE as Twin Flames left the Sun  to enter the planet. 
In the Beginning
Twin Flames- One Being Six Triune Flames
Our Other Self - the One That Stays
In The Etheric When We Incarnate As
We Stay In The Etheric When They Incarnate
Each group that left the Sun formed a Root Race, the first Root Race would be incarnated under the First Ray with sub-root races of all the other six rays accompanying them.
Each root race was to stay on the planet for  14,000 years (2,000 for each of the seven Rays) and  then ascend back to God. Each Root Race had to spend the involutionary journey within the four kingdoms going through the same evolutionary process that we've experienced during our sojourn on this Planet.  The difference being that the Twin Flames were connected as "one being" androgynous, and inseparable.  These beings went with the Divine Mother, who  oversaw them and kept a close nurturing watch over them until they passed through their final initiations and transfigured back to the Etheric Plane.

It was thousands of years later, when the  Fourth Root Race was incarnating that the separation occurred. Not only did we separate from the Divine Mother and our Twin Monad or other self; but we also moved gradually over a period of time away from our Higher Selves.  The term in the bible is that we "fell from grace" Grace being the operative word, in that we moved in a downward spiral from the higher, Etheric Plane into the Physical Plane (which is part of the involutionary process).  As the planet Earth moved away on its elliptical orbit, it began to cool, and as it cooled down, we were able to dwell in each developing kingdom until we reached the Fourth Kingdom, that of mankind.
Genesis Chapter 6:4 Nephlim/Giants
These Giants were found in Greece
These astounding photos are from a recent archaeological discovery in Greece; This totally unexpected find furnishes proof of the existence of "Nephilim". Nephilim is the word used to describe the giants spoken of in biblical times by Enoch as well as the giant David fought against (Goliath). It is generally believed that most of these Giants came about when the fallen angels had union with earthly woman. Note the incredible size of the skull...
Gen 6:4
There were giants on earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bear children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Giant Titans were found around the World
In Egypt They were always depicted as Larger than Ordinary Man   

Num 13:33
And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight."

Allegorically speaking the Garden of Eden symbolically represents our Earth at this point in time.  Then if you go to genesis Chapter Six you will find that the Neflim entered the planet at this point during the beginning of our Fourth Root Race, they along with those angels who were driven out of heaven by the Archangel Michael who warned us: "Woe unto mankind because they have come among you".   This is probably the most important part of Genesis, as the "Fallen Ones" arrived at our doorsteps; and found favor with the daughters of man, and took them as wives, and were known as the Titan Race, giants that roamed the earth causing havoc and chaos up until the time of the Flood.  These same "giants" sent Enoch to plead for them to the Ancient of Days, who chastised them and especially the Fallen Angels who were never created to mix with the human race and that they and their generations would wander the earth until  the end times.  

This is the real separation because these Fallen Ones, taught the children of Earth all of their wickedness and so the sons and daughters of the most High God, began to turn from their sacred path and put their minds on material things rather than their spiritual life.  Gradually, they moved farther and farther away from their Higher Selves seeking the pleasures and diversions that have kept them bound to the emotional and physical plane rather than the higher mental and spiritual plane even to this day.

Fear, greed, hatred, bigotry, jealousy are all part of our continued separateness that divides us one against the other.  Whether it's because one is different in their beliefs, the color of their skin or that they are not part of the "status quo" - this is what is stored in our Etheric Body and abides with us until we learn that we are all a part of God, and even the least among us has a "spark of divinity" within the center of their hearts.

Every wound, anger, pain that is held against another is stored in the Etheric Vehicle and rides out of life with you when you die and arrives back into life with you when you reincarnate.  You could say that the Etheric Vehicle holds the karma from one lifetime into the next; until such a time that through the "Law of Forgiveness" one can erase each and every ugly thought, word or deed from the Etheric Vehicle.  These negative thoughts keep us incarnating over and over again upon the Wheel of Karma.

A "Soul Mate" is just that — a person, male or female who is standing upon the same rung of Jacob's Ladder as you are, therefore, they have reached the same level of awareness as you have; and you are most comfortable with them; but they are not your Twin Soul.  The Twin Soul is your other self, and usually, they do not embody with you; but stay on the other side holding the light while you are on Earth, and you do the same when  they embody. It is always up to the Hierarchy when it is time to incarnate once again; and according to each one's attainment, where they will embody; with whom they will embody; (this includes the country, the parents, those who will be karmically tied that must now be dealt with and released [forgiven), and those who will love and support the incarnating soul.  

Many people accuse God for all of their troubles, especially the loss of a child; but in fact, God has nothing to do with their problems.  Usually, it's a blessing to have a child that incarnates for the very last time before ascending back to the Father.  They choose those that they have loved the most in order for them to receive the added blessing of having an advanced soul dwell with them just before ascending back to God.  Most of us have no idea that an honor is bestowed upon us because we are not advanced enough to understand the extraordinary circumstances that are occurring every day that the child lives for we are bathed in his/her aura and are receiving their great wisdom — this is what is meant — "that a child will teach them...," really means.  They come to give us an opportunity to leap forward on our homeward journey.  Also, I will tell you that the child that is born with "Down Syndrome" is living in the oversoul and has come into a a home to teach unconditional love and humility to the parents that sired them.  Usually, this karma has to do with their past lives.... These beloved ones are working at the highest mental level, the sixth jiva, at the soul level, blessing and working from their souls throughout the community they are living in.

Now we will speak about our own four lower bodies.  Most people think they have only the physical body and sadly, they spend an awful lot of time taking care of it.  Yet, we have three other very important bodies that also need attention, and these three are mostly neglected.
So, let's hear what Master Djwal Kwal has to say concerning the Etheric Body....:

The Etheric Body
Receiving Energy Impulses
Sweeping It Into Activity....

The Etheric Body

"(1) We live in an ocean of energies.  We ourselves are congeries of energies, and all these energies are closely interrelated and constitute the one synthetic energy body of our planet.

The Etheric Body is An Integral Part of
the Substantial Form of God Himself
  It must be carefully borne in mind that the etheric body of every form in nature is an integral part of the substantial form of God Himself-not the dense physical form, but what the esotericists regard as the form-making substance   We use the word "God" to signify the one expression of the One Life which animates every form on the outer objective plane.  The etheric or energy body, therefore, of every human being an integral part of the etheric body of the planet itself, and consequently of the solar system.  Through this medium, every human being is basically related to every other expression of the Divine life, minute of great.

The Etheric Body of the Planet

Here, the Master tells us  that our Etheric Vehicle or body is an integral part  of God (not physical but the etheric only — the form-making part or energy body) therefore we can also say that our etheric bodies are also  an integral part of the solar system — and it's because of this fact,  that we now realize that its through this medium that we are connected or basically related to every other expression of the Divine Life, minute or great.  Talk about Quantum Physics and the "Field" now we can add that the "String Theory" basically is the Antakarana or the thread that binds us one to another in all planes, all kingdoms of matter, so the scientists are just now understanding what the Mahatmas were teaching in the "Secret Doctrine" in 1870. — mf

The Etheric Body Receiving  Energy Impulses
It is Naught But Energy Composed of Threads
 The function of the etheric body is to receive energy impulses, and to be swept into activity by these impulses or streams of force, emanating from some originating source or other.  The etheric body is in reality naught but energy. It is composed of myriads of threads of force (String Theory again) or tiny streams of energy, held in relation to the emotional and mental bodies.

(2) Within the human etheric body there are to be found seven major force centers which are in the nature of distributing agencies and electrical batteries,providing dynamic force and qualitative energy to man.  Through their constant activity his quality appears, his ray tendencies begin to emerge,and his point in evolution is clearly indicated.
So, within the Etheric Body we find the Seven Force Centers or Seven Chakras that act as distributing agencies.
Seven Force Centers or
Chakras  That Distribute Energy
Throughout the Physical Body
Through These Chakras His God Qualities As
Well As His Ray Tendencies Begin To Emerge....

  It is through these Chakras that the Impulses From the Higher Self enter into the Physical Brain as Ideas, Thoughts enter through the Chakras as impulses that will begin to define who we are and why we have come into the planet — for each of us must begin to display that particular God Quality that defines and determines who we are — it's these qualities that make us unique and remember, that each of us have chosen to express ourselves through one of the Cosmic Seven Rays.  As we mature, we begin to receive intuitively, also through impulses,  how we want to serve during our time on Earth.  Whatever we choose as our career is very much connected to the Particular Ray that we are on.  And finally, we begin to comprehend where we are located along the path of evolution. — mf

(3) I sound here a solemn word of warning. Let a man apply himself to a life of high altruism, to a discipline that will refine and bring his lower vehicles into subjection, and to a strenuous endeavor to purify and control his sheaths.  When he has done this and has both raised and stabilized his vibration, he will find that the development and functioning of the centers has pursued a parallel course, and that — apart from his active participation — the work has proceeded along the desired lines. 
When the Master advises us as our Spiritual Teacher, to apply ourselves diligently to strive for the highest discipline and to raise our vibration by purifying our thoughts, words and deeds,  He is letting us know that the "Path to Attainment" is a steep and thorny one; and that it will take discipline, tenacity, great love and respect for Those Who have sacrificed Their very attainment so that we can also reach those very heights where They reside.  He also reminds us that if we follow His advice and do as we are told, we'll find that our Chakras have developed right along with us on a parallel course and that the work has proceeded along the desired lines apart from our active participation.  So, this means, that if we follow His advice and clean up our act, raise our vibration and continue to do the work, our Chakras and the work of the plan will proceed right along with us. — mf

He then proceeds to warn of the danger and dire calamity that attends the man who misuses his energies and particularly his centers by unlawful methods, and try experimenting with the fires of the body without the needed technical knowledge.  He explained that he who experiments by arousing the fires and intensifying the action of the chakras will pay the price of ignorance in the destruction of matter, in the burning of bodily or brain tissue, in the development of insanity, and in opening the door to currents and forces, undesirable and destructive.  it is not the part of a coward, in these matters concerning the subjective life, to move with caution and with care, it is the part of discretion.
  The aspirant, therefore, has three things to do:
1.  Purify, discipline and transmute his threefold lower   
2.  Develop knowledge of himself, and equip his mental 
     body, build the causal body, by good deeds and 
3.  Serve his race in utter self-abnegation.

Purify by his thoughts, words and deeds through meditation, fasting and doing mantras — the three lower bodies are the Lower Mental, Emotional and Physical-mf

"Man Know Thyself" Know your strengths and your weaknesses.  Build on your strengths and  eliminate those weaknesses that will detain you, entertain you but at the same time destroy all your good intentions.

Service to mankind,  today we have at every turn opportunity to serve — helping out those who lost everything in the recent hurricanes, pray for all of the enemies of the United States of America.  Help feed the poor, or help by joining a humanitarian organization that raises the possibility of brotherhood and global education — especially for the children who will be our future leaders.
In doing this he fulfills the law, he puts himself in the right condition for training, fits himself for the ultimate application of the Rod of Initiation, and thus minimizes the danger that attends the awakening of the fire.  
Initiation is usually meted out  through the "Law of Karma," there are certain times in our lives when we can do no wrong and then suddenly, without any warning everything falls apart, loss of a job, a home and family — or like Hurricane Irma and now Maria, nature rises up and lashes back at the ugliness displayed by mankind towards their brothers and sisters.  Whatever, the circumstances, by discipling oneself, one is more prepared to endure whatever Fate has in store for them. — mf
(4) I would here like to point out the advisability of each student arriving at an understanding of his etheric body, and this for certain reasons.
First, the etheric body is the next aspect of the world substance to be studied by scientists and investigators.  This time will be hastened if thinking men and women can formulate intelligent ideas anent this interesting subject.  We can aid in the revelation of the truth by our clear thinking and from the standpoint of the present pronouncements about the ether, scientists will eventually arrive at an understanding of etheric forms or bodies.

Here Are The Seven Levels Including
the Four Lower Bodies And
Three Higher Bodies
Secondly, the etheric body is composed of force currents, and in it is vital centers linked by lines of force with each other, and with the nervous system of the physical man.  Through these lines of force, it is connected also with the etheric body, of the environing system.  Note that in this lies the basis for a belief in immortality, for the law of brotherhood and unity, and for astrological truth.

The Etheric Body With Its Force Currents
Connecting to Physical Force Centers or Chakras

The Etheric Body is Also Connected  With the
Etheric Body of the Planet and Solar System
Note:  The Law of Brotherhood and Unity and For Astrological Truth will Come About As We "Light Up" our Entire Life By Living, Moving and Existing Within the Etheric Body - This is Where We are Headed and What It Means to Overcome Death - mf

Thirdly, the need of realizing that the Etheric Body is vitalized and controlled by thought and can — through thought — be brought into full functioning activity.  This is done by right thinking and not by breathing exercises and holding the nose.  When this is grasped, much dangerous practice will be avoided, and people will come into a normal and safe control of that most potent instrument, the vital body.  That this end may rapidly be consummated is my earnest wish.
(5) It is necessary likewise that you arrive at the realization that one of the principal objects of endeavor at the present time on the part of those whom you call the Elder Brothers of the race, is to stimulate, purify and co-ordinate the etheric body.  This etheric body is not only the transmitter of prana, but is the medium for all the energies which we are considering.  Its importance also lies in other directions:
1.  Being of physical plane matter, literally, etheric consciousness is the next step etherically, and to cognize etheric matter.
2.  It is the field of exploration immediately ahead of the modern scientist.  In ten years time, many medical practitioners will be recognizing it as a fact of nature.
3.  Most of the diseases that the physical body suffers from at present, have their roots in the etheric body.  There are few, if any, purely physical diseases.  Disease has its source in astral and etheric conditions.
4.  The secret of safe and sane clairvoyance and clairaudience depends upon the purification of the etheric vehicle.

5.  The etheric emanations of people can be great contaminators.  In the purification, therefore, of this body lies the secret of a sweeter and saner humanity.

...In the beginning to form your ideas on the subject, however, it is part of wisdom to adhere to wide generalities, until the whole matter has taken clear shape in your mind. 

To be Continued:
End of Lesson Eight 9/ 18/17

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


As we continue the lessons from the Master Djwal Kwal, you can see that all of creation moves forward from one stage of force to another, from the mineral kingdom to the human kingdom and at last into the Etheric or Fifth Kingdom.

In our last lesson we realized how the atom is the center of all life; and that life continually grows and expresses itself in the various forms that are available; but most importantly, how transmutation, transformation and transfiguration are the vehicles that force change to occur at regular intervals under certain conditions and cycles.

According to Master D.K. once we enter the Fourth Kingdom, that of mankind, we must spend many, many lifetimes  refining and transmuting the dross (especially the memory patterns of the animal kingdom, that are carried over for a certain period of time). We see examples of this even today in certain people upon the planet.  We usually classify them as "new souls" which is true, as many are still climbing the ladder out of the reptilian brain into the light and awareness of remembering who they are and why they are here.  One could  explain the whole evolutionary process as a great experiment - in fact, many people have expressed that we are here for that very purpose.  Yet, if you look at each kingdom, you can see the same pattern from the seed to the magnificent tree; from the bud to the perfumed flower, from the egg to all creatures even the human.

All life is a cycle,  a huge learning curve - no one is exempt from this evolutionary process  and believe it or not everyone will have the same opportunity to transcend this material, physical world into the realms of light eternal.  How we attain our freedom is up to each and every one of us, we are the guardians of our journey of the Soul; and no one can do it for us.  We are now and will be approaching a still greater expansion of light.  This eternal light is from the 'grace of God' giving us opportunity while in this particular cycle  to make giant strides along the evolutionary path.

My Solar Angel
Meditate Upon The Solar Angel Before
Beginning the Meditation

My Solar Angel

You are my Solar Angel,
The one I love,
You’ve entered my Sacred Center
From Heaven above,

You are the Christed One
Whom I adore,
Each day I Come to you,
Like never before,

If I can be just like you,
loving all life free;
working with my group,
loving all humanity.

What is it I can do,
To understand God’s Plan
Daily I will ask
Until I understand

You are my Solar Angel,
The One I love,
Great Mediator
Sent from Heaven above.

I Am Thine,
And You are Mine,
Is my Mantra every day,
To bless all humanity
As I walk the “Middle Way”.

Master D. K. gave us a simple meditation in last week's lesson, it calls us to commitment to reunite with our Souls while connecting Head, Heart and Hand in the service and love of all humanity.  We are also blessed to be in the World at this time with the "great incarnating souls like Confucius and many others who will be coming in to take over the reins of all major offices i.e. scientific, financial, philosophical and political.  These Great Souls from Hierarchy will be connected to the Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Rays.  Each having accomplished great success in former incarnations, and will sacrifice their own opportunities to garner  greater light and serve in other planets, to help each and every one of us to make a giant leap of faith.  Like the Master said:  "It's as simple as loving all life free, letting the soul step in and allowing the Soul to love all of humanity - not only as an individual; but to form a group that will work with the Avatar of Synthesis and the Coming One, to be part of  their entourage, working hand and heart with Hierarchy and becoming a beacon of light to assist in  the Divine Plan.

One of the Three World Teachers
Master D. K. continues:
"A kind heart is of potent use in our service, provided that it is kept in place by a wise head and does not assume the form of a glamor; that would make it a definite and hindering weakness.  We need today disciples who are capable of seeing people truly; able to see them as they are, and yet to LOVE them and serve them just the same; we look for disciples whose hearts are awakened to group usefulness and to the place an individual mind can play in the service of humanity, and whose radiation is love but whose head is equally responsive to the individual as he is at his particular point in the evolutionary process.  When the radiation is the radiation of love, the resultant words and actions can be stern without hurting. . .A loving radiation and an intelligent assessment of those you seek to aid, will render you more effective in service to your Fellowmen than anything else.

The Aura
The whole question of spheres of influence is one upon 
which you need to ponder.  It is closely related to the problem of the Aura and its esoteric circumference; it concerns the "sound" of a disciple's life and the nature and quality of the radiations which emanate from the "place where he stands".  It is tied to the whole theme of orientation and of spiritual location and to the magnetic effects of  the orientation and of  the at-one-ing of soul 
and personality.  The problem of radiation and of magnetic influences is apt to be viewed from the one-sided point of view of the  disciple who considers the results of his radiation and of his magnetism upon those he contacts.  There is however another point of view, these qualities inevitable and inescapable - lie behind the entire theme of karma.  They draw to the disciple that which can hinder him as well as aid him; his aura - which is a combination of radiations, energies and arranged forces - can repel the good or attract the bad, the vice versa; it can determine - through the contacts made and the relationship set up - the trend of the disciple's life.  It is one of the main factors in the presentation of choices, and I would have you think on this.

Magnetic Radiation Attracts Students

Radiation and Magnetism 
Radiation and magnetism lie at the foundation of the hierarchical method of work. A disciple becomes spiritually magnetic, his radiation begins to make itself felt; this must inevitably be the case when head and heart are consciously related. Gradually that magnetism and that radiation make their presence felt in the disciple's environment and evoke response from others.  Not only so but the magnetic-radiatory vibration attracts the attention of the Master, and the disciple finds his way into the Ashram along the line or the beam of his own radiator activity, which has been akin to that of the Ashram. 

Master Teaching At The Ashram
 There, the intensified training he receives makes him still more spiritually efficient and "esoterically attractive" in the world of men.  He continues with his task of gathering to him those whom he can help and who recognize him as their chosen helper and guide . . .today sees many disciples being trained to handle this phase of the hierarchical work among men. 

Every Country Has The Disciple
Teaching Under the Guidance of Hierarchy


The Chakras or Energy Centers - or their vibrations are in reality what creates or constitutes  the so-called aura of the human being, even though  that aura is frequently confused with the health aura.  Instead of the word "frequently".  I had almost said, "usually" because that would be more definitely correct.  It is the etheric body which indicates and conditions the aura . . . The aura is in reality indicative of the subjects' centers.
From the study of the aura certain things can be ascertained:
(a)  Whether the development is above or below the       diaphragm.
(b)  Whether the centers are undeveloped or developed.
(c)  Whether the nature of the controlling rays is adequately clear.
(d)  Whether the point at the center and the petals of the lotus are controlled, or whether a balance is being achieved.
(e) Whether the personalty is outgoing, and is therefore in a state of livingness, or whether a withdrawing is taking place due to introspection, and self-centeredness, or to the slow oncoming of the death process.
(f)  Whether the personality or the soul is in control, and whether, therefore, a struggle between the two is going on.
If you look at the 4 pictures of the auras above you can see that the person standing has a greater amount of pink auric energy below the diaphragm, which would indicate that the lower centers are more highly developed than the upper chakras, which means he lives more in the material world than in the spiritual.
If you note the person standing in the green aura, you'll see that this person is receiving energy from above while giving forth a healing quality around him.
The sitting person with the green aura is in a state of contemplation and meditation - He is also radiating magnetic energy as all chakras are open.
The young lady with the multiple colors surrounding her head is definitely working on several rays and is working from above the diaphragm. - mf

You can see, therefore, how revealing the aura can be to the individual who has the ability to read it with accuracy, and how thankful you should be that such a capacity is relatively rare, or is in the possession of an Initiate or of a Master Whose nature is LOVE.

The "sphere of radiation" (aura) is a potent instrument in service, and its extent and purity of contact should be cultivated by the pledged disciple.  There is true occult teaching in the statement in the New Testament that "the shadow of Peter passing by healed." His aura was of such a nature that it had a beneficent effect wherever and whenever it touched or contacted those in his environment.  The control of the Christ over His aura was such that "He knew when virtue had gone out of Him"- He knew therefore, that healing energies had poured through one of His centers to a needy person or group of persons.  It is the aura, and its potency of attraction, and its stability, which also holds a group together, which also keeps an audience listening, and which makes an individual of importance along some definite line of approach to his fellowman.  The "sphere of radiation" is easily determined by those who seek it out and who watch the effect of the radiation upon people in their community and environment.  One highly emotional person, working through an overdeveloped and uncontrolled solar plexus center, can wreck a home or an institution.  I give this as an illustration.  One radiant, creative life, consciously using the heart or the throat centers, can carry inspiration to hundreds. 
So you can imagine what a radiant, creative group life, consciously  using their hearts and throat centers will carry inspiration to thousands - mf

These centers are brought into activity by the cultivation of certain major virtues, and not by meditation or concentration upon the centers. They are brought automatically into the needed radiatory condition by RIGHT LIVING, HIGH THINKING AND LOVING ACTIVITY.  These virtues may seem to you dull and uninteresting; but they are most potent and scientifically effective in bringing the centers into the desired living spheres of outgoing radiatory activity, they swing into each other's orbit so that the initiate becomes a center of living light and not a composite of seven radiant centers.

Blending of Chakras
As They Swing Back and Forth
Into  Each Other's Orbit

This is True Radiation and Magnetism 


Two words I give you which embody the requirements of all true healers, towards which you must work.  They are MAGNETISM and RADIATION.  A healer must be magnetic above everything else, and he must attract to him:
(a)  The power of his own soul, this involves, alignment through individual meditation.
(b)  Those whom he can help; this involves a decentralized attitude.
(c) Those energies, when need arises, which will stimulate the patient to the desired activity.  This involves occult knowledge and a trained mind. 

Healing Working Through Radiation
Centers of Force/Chakras Are All Open

The healer must understand also how to radiate, for the radiation of the soul will stimulate to activity the soul of the one to be healed and  the healing process will be set in motion; the radiation of his mind will illumine the other mind, and polarize the will of the patient; the radiation of his astral body, controlled and selfless, will impose a rhythm upon the agitation of the patient's astral body, and so enable the patient to take right action, whilst the radiation of the vital body, working through the splenic center, will aid in organizing the patient's force-body and so facilitate the work of healing.
Splenic Center
Solar Plexus Chakra
Helps facilitate  the Healing Process

Dealing With Disease
In dealing with disease, the patient can only truly be helped when the positive radiation of the healer overcomes the negative condition of the patient.  The radiation of the healer has to permeate and overcome the resistance of the patient's disease - not of the patient, who may be mentally and emotionally negative to the healer, and therefore in a position to be helped.  This is done through the more powerful radiation of the healer.  The magnetism of the healer is then brought into play, and consciously and with intent, he can draw out and disperse those atoms of substance which are the seat and source of the patient's discomfort. 

The Healer

The Patient

Healing the Patient

 A hint is here given of one of the future physical plane modes of dispersing disease.  The power of directing definitely the magnetic currents radiating from a source outside the physical body is not yet realized, but it will embody one of the new modes of healing.

Before and After Radiatory Healing

The healing radiation, naturally affects the atmosphere around the patient.  As yet, that radiation is uneven and not rightly directed.  Some people radiate physical or animal magnetism; other astral or mental magnetism; still others radiate the energy of a fully integrated personality.  A few radiate the magnetism of the soul, the major attractive energy in all forms.  In the future the true healer must work through the radiation of the entire personality or of the soul.  I say "or" advisedly, for there are few as yet who can work with soul energy; but many who could work as integrated personalities if they so desired
Further Prophecy
Today, in our Aryan race, magnetic purity is not dependent upon the physical disciplines; it is still - for the mass of the people - dependent upon emotional disciplines; but in the case of the true healer in the New Age, it is dependent upon the "lighted magnetic area in the head"  This provides a field of activity for the soul, wiring through the head center and focussing itself in the magnetic field which they enclose. 

"The lighted Magnetic Area In The Head

When all the powers of the body and the directed attention of the healer are centered in the head, and when the astral body is quiescent and the mind is active as a transmitter of soul energy  to the three head centers you then have an established radiance or energy emanation which is a potent force in healing.  The radiation is intense, not so much from the familiar aspect of light; but from the extent of its emanating rays of active energy, which can reach the patient and energize the needed center.  All the centers in the body of the patient can be receptive to this energy, and not just one.

How Radiation Healing Can Be Performed
In radiatory healing the patient, either consciously or unconsciously, is working with the healer and is co-operating with him.  The basic premise in radiatory healing is that the patient is a person who has, at least to some degree, established rapport with his soul.   This having been brought about, the healer knows that a channel of contact can be counted upon, and  that the soul interest can be evoked in its representative, the man upon the physical plane. He knows also that success in radiatory healing is dependent, to a great extent, upon the ability of his own soul to establish a firm relation with the soul of the patient.  When the patient is conscious and able to cooperate, the work is greatly helped; according to the healer's capacity to avail himself of alignment and recognized contact, will be the quality of the aid he will be able to give to the one who needs his assistance.
When the patient is unconscious, even that provides no real hindrance, provided  the healer can bring his soul and the patient's soul into relationship; in fact in some cases the unconsciousness of the patient can be a help, for too earnest, emphatic and impatient help can offset the work - quiet,  silent and controlled - by the healer.

The brain of the healer is involved but there is no physical contact of any kind with the patient.  The result is a constant circulation of forces from the soul back again to the soul.

Light Circulating Through Body From Soul
and Back Again
This causes necessarily an augmenting and an energizing of the threefold personality* of the healer, and therefore of his auric emanation. His aura would be seen by a clairvoyant as greatly extended, in rapid motion and energized by light from his own soul; but with all its radiation turned in the direction of the patient.
* The Threefold personality includes:
(a) Physical/Etheric Body
(b) Emotional Body
(c) Mental Body -mf
The Physical/Etheric is always seen  together because this Etheric Vehicle or Body travels wherever  the "Soul" of  the individual goes, whether in or out of embodiment - mf
The situation is summed up for us in the words:  "Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient.   This is the work of radiation. The hands are needed not."
Again, please note that it's the radiation from the soul acting through the healer that manifests the healing; therefore, we can see that it's by radiation and service to humanity  that the soul gradually takes over the physical vehicle, and causes the "breaking down of the walls" of the physical forcing the individual to radiate eventually at the Fifth Kingdom level and/or the Etheric Plane.  So, it's  through concentration and consecration on the upper chakras while working at the Soul Level over a certain period of time, that will eventually break down the walls  forcing the transmutation from matter to spirit i.e. the transfiguration happens at this point in the disciples life. -mf
Speaking symbolically, it is almost as if a great vortex of power were set up by the contact between the two auras and by their high vibration; by its means the soul of the patient can work more easily.  An initiate, if present, would see a golden steam of energy pouring straight down through the energized bodies of the patient's personality, into the center of difficulty, to the area of trouble.  Approach is made via the head center(Crown Chakra) directly to the point of difficulty, and towards this point the aura of the healer is also directed.  The mental attitude of the patient is strengthened and clarified by the mental emanation of the healer's aura; his emotional reaction, often very powerful, is equally aided to attain dispassion and quiet and the etheric and health auras have a definite effect upon the corresponding aspects of the patients aura.

Radiatory Healing is brought about by the mingling of the two auras, (under control of the soul), is then directed towards some area of the patient's physical body.  This produces a tremendous effect upon the diseased area, and the center in that same locality becomes exceedingly energized.  The work of the healer during this process is one of intend quiescence.  Having made his contact, he simply waits and has nothing more to do but to hold his soul alignment steady and permit nothing to disturb his personality vehicles.  His task was accomplished when he made his own soul contact and then reached out and contacted the patient's soul.  This he could do because he knows all souls are one; eventually the art of healing will be one of the demonstrating factors in proving the unity of all souls.
End of Lesson Seven 9/6/17