Monday, September 22, 2014

15-2014 -The Creation Story, Precipitation - Volume 1, Lesson 7

Last Week we journeyed through the Seven Spheres, those Concentric Rings that surround our physical Sun governed by our God-Parents, Helios and Vesta.


The Creation of the Earth Through the Power of Precipitation.

In the last few lessons we learned that our Planetary God-Parents, Helios and Vesta passed their Initiations and became the governors of our Physical Sun for this Solar System including planet Earth.  They placed their great light bodies together forming the Body of that Sun.  Once they became the Physical Sun they were able to Rhythmically breathe each of the Seven Planets into existence.  Not only the planets but the moons, satellites, and to bring forth life streams (including mankind) with the aide of those beloved beings known as "ELOHIM" or "The Builders of Form".

When the Elohim arrived they brought with them the working Devas and elementals that make up the four kingdoms of our planet.  These beings, both great and small, worked for eons with Helios and Vesta and Immaculata, our Planetary Watcher, as well as the Manu of our Fourth Root Race, to follow the Divine Plan as perceived by Brahma and Sarisvata, our Great Father/Mother God. It was held by the Cosmic Silent Watcher even before Brahma and Sarisvata called forth Alpha and Omega, Great Beings from a former time before our present era was even a thought-form in the mind of God. 

It took many millions of years to perfect the Divine Plan of the Godhead and in tonight's lesson we will concentrate on how the Elohim,  the Goddess of Spring,  Devas and Elementals worked together to "Precipitate every part of our beautiful home, Mother Earth.

All life comes forth and is created by Divine Light.  If you remember in our former chapters that Helios and Vesta sent forth their rays from Their Sacred Hearts and wherever Their Rays crossed a planet was created.  At the same time they used the Laws of Rhythmic Breathing in sending forth the light emanations.

Before we go too far ahead of ourselves, we need to realize that it took "SEVEN" Mighty Elohim ( with their Twin Complements) to create everything we see around us that makes up the planet Earth.  Why?  Because each of the Elohim is a powerful projector of Their individual Rays.  Each Ray like each individual life form, has its own color, number, day, and musical keynote.  In order for these Great Beings to create the planet they each had to concentrate, meditate pause and confer with each of the other Elohim for millions of years until they created "the jewel" that was the envy of all other planets not only in our Solar System, but all systems of worlds (those other galaxies among the six other Great Central Suns and their solar systems).

So tonight, I will teach you a lesson on each of the rays and then we'll have a greater understanding of how important these rays are in the creation of a planet, as well as, bringing forth whatever we as individuals conceive and believe we would like to create.  In fact, after this lesson, we will each of us pick something that we would like to create in our lives, and we will use the Seven Steps of Precipitation (which is exactly the same as The Laws of Attraction) and we will keep a journal on how we meditated, concentrated and radiated our rays to precipitate something small, but uniquely ours, into our physical world.

Let us begin by learning about the Seven Rays:

Ray One - The Blue Ray

The Blue Ray represents the Will of God.  If we do not will a thing we will never have anything. Because the Blue Ray is so powerful it is always wise to meditate first of all, upon what we would like to accomplish, making sure that our "Little Mind" is not involved, but that we are pure in our ideas and motives or intentions. Once we have established what it is that we desire to have in our lives that will not harm any other part of life then we are ready for the next step.

Hercules and Amazonia, Elohim of the First Ray - They were the first of all the Elohim to agree to the Divine Plan of Helios and Vesta.  Their words were "WE WILL TO DO" and they accepted the Plan.

Hercules as depicted in Mythology
Elohim Hercules represents the Will of God


Elohim Amazonia - In South America
there were a race of Giants who were called
the Amazon Race - many of the first Spaniards
arriving in South America saw them - although by then
they were few in number


The Second Ray represents "Illulmination and Wisdom".  This Ray emphasizes  the ability to recognize intelligently what the Divine Plan entailed for each and every planet.

Cassiopea and Minerva, Elohim of the Second Ray - readily manipulated this ray on each and every planet to bring forth the exact blueprint of the mind of God, even down to the rivers and mountains on all the planets through the power of Illumination - it was clearly shown to each and every Elohim what needed to be accomplished over  vast eons of time.



Without LOVE, nothing would exist.  Love coalesces all the various elements that make-up the very life of the planets.  The Third Ray is the beautiful ray of LOVE.  It was love that brought all the Elohim forth to help Helios and Vesta create the planets. 

Orion and Angelica, Elohim of the Third Ray - It was  the love of these Elohim that not only formulated the heart of the planet; but instilled in every Deva and Elemental the driving force that brought about the beauty that surrounds us in all of nature.


And so it is with us as individuals. We must LOVE each idea we are conceiving enough so that we hold a loving concept of what our creation will bring forth. We must continuously fill each and every project with LOVE until its completion.


remember the example Beloved Djwal Kjhul gave to us during a former class on precipitation.  He dropped a heavy bag into my lap and said to me: "Do you FEEL that?"  I said "Yes".   Then He said:  "You can perceive an idea and think about it all you want; but if you do not FEEL it in the emotional body, it stays right where it began - just and idea, lacking the emotion behind it.  The Ray of Purity is used to concentrate with feeling, out-picturing the idea, while never letting go of the picture you have conceived in your mind until it manifests itself into your world.

Lord Clare and Mighty Astrea, Elohim of the Fourth Ray - held the Divine Plan given to them by Helios and Vesta until they knew that from the largest mountain to the deepest ocean right down to the one-celled amoeba were concentrated on until the entire Divine Plan of Helios and Vesta was carried out to perfection.



The Fifth Ray deals with the difficult task of concentrating upon an idea, (in this case the Elohim were concentrating upon the Divine Plan of Helios and Vesta).  They held the immaculate thought without putting any of their own personal ideas into the creation, so that that through their great "feeling" bodies and the consecration of every thought was directed at the planets of this solar system.

Picture taken at Mt. Shasta of All Seeing Eye-MF

The "All-Seeing Eye of God", also known as Cyclopea or Vista and His Complement Crystal were given the severe test of concentrating and consecrating twentyfour hours a day for millions of years in out-picturing each and every planet within our solar system so that every part of the blueprint of Helios and Vesta's Divine Plan came into fruition.  There's a reminder from the Masters of Wisdom to each of us that if we really want to create something that will manifest in our world we must follow these steps until completion.  There are myriad half-baked creations floating around in the etheric that are incomplete because someone wasn't up to the task of concentrating and sticking to it until it manifested in our world.  Jumping around from one idea to the next is one reason that many creations have died before they had the slightest chance of materializing on our plane.  Think of just ONE item or idea that you would like to bring forth into your world and then follow the example given by each Elohim until you have completed the fulfilling of your role as a co-creator with God."  Remember it should be something that will benefit you as well as others - not for selfish reasons.

All Seeing Eye as
Seen in Masons/Oddfellows/ Back of
One Dollar Bill

NOTE:  Please be aware that only during the process of the Seven Steps of Precipitation will you find the Seventh Ray out of order.

The Seventh Ray is used here instead of the Sixth Ray because it is the Seventh Ray that allows the harmonics to take hold.  In other words, there must be invocation with the use of the "Violet Fire" in order for the beauty and symmetry and perfection  to manifest upon all planets within our solar system.

Mighty Arcturus and Diana, Elohim of the Seventh Ray kept a continual

rhythmetic invocation (like we do our mantras) but try and picture these great beings continually decreeing the perfection, beauty and crystal-clarity of our planet for millions and millions of years.  Not giving up or giving in all during the long eons of time so that when they finished our planet was like a brilliant blue sapphire shinning brighter than any other planet as well as any other star.  This is what we call Divine Love, not only for our God Parents, Helios and Vesta; but for us, Their offspring.  They wanted us to have the most beautiful place in the Universe in which to live and love and have our being.

Arcturus and Diana

The Constellation of Arcturus within
the Diamond of Virgo night sky.


The last act that must be performed in order to complete the Seven Steps of Precipitation is the responsibility of the Elohim of the Sixth Ray.

Elohim of Peace and Tranquility
God of Peace-The Elohim of the Sixth Ray
God of Peace and Tranquility Goddess of Peace

The Elohim of Peace also known as Tranquility and His Complement Aloha were given the final task of bringing the Christ Light into the very axis of the planet - sealing both poles in this same Christ Light of Peace.  Once this was established the planet now was orbiting its predestined place among the stars with the final blessing from these two Great Beings.  Once they were aligned within their orbit the planet rang forth its own keynote that joined the sympathy of the "Music of the Spheres". 

Once we decide to tread the Path of Return to the Father, there are certain requirements that we must incorporate into our lives in order for us to expand our awareness and consciousness to the point where we are consciously and knowingly working with  both humanity and hierarchy.  I call this walking the tightrope or keeping the balance between the two worlds - the one of spirit and the other of matter - yet, allowing ourselves time to be completely involved in both.

In order to function in both worlds one needs to make a plan wherein time is laid aside for the spiritual life while looking forward to spending time with family, friends and events that make up ones normal daily life. Yet, remaining flexible enough  that anything can be handled by adjusting or changing  the routine slightly to accommodate any given situation.

For instance, I like to rise early each and every morning do my toilette - even brush my teeth and rinse my mouth before entering into meditation.  I find  that once you make a commitment to do something for your fellowmen, all of heaven rushes forward to assist.  I immediately return to my room and prepare for meditation.  Early morning is the best time to meditate as you have just came from the sleep state and your mind and body are relaxed and open to light and energy.  I find that later on during the day, one tends to feel rushed, or stressed trying to "fit in" time for meditation during a busy day. So, if you work or need to rise early, set the alarm for one half hour earlier  than usual or if you need more time, make that time yours and Gods.

I also want to give warning here that you are entering a world of light energy and planes outside our three dimensional world - Of course, this is not something that will happen for a few years but with patience and daily practice and enough LOVE, the Soul will want to make contact with you and because the Soul is a Light Being the LIGHT will be blinding in intensity, therefore, there are certain steps that must be followed religiously in order to slowly open the two chakras involved in Meditation. These chakras are the pineal and the pituitary Chakras or Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  

Make a space for your meditation, bring in a picture of a spiritual being and/or a statue, add flowers, incense a candle - realized that this is "Sacred Space" and that the angels and your Higher Selves will be standing in that space - lighting up that space, and expanding the light throughout your neighborhood.  Therefore, you might want to meditate upon the perfect spot for your altar and also who is allowed to be in that sacred space. Remember as you begin to meditate on a daily basis,  the light within your space begins to fill it - again, the more you build  the light on a daily basis, the more your Soul will feel comfortable within that space.  I like to think of the Soul as the light behind a group of clouds - we know it's there; but it's not ready to reveal itself immediately - only the Soul knows when the aspirant is loving and sincere, there's no fooling this Holy Being and He/She knows you at the Soul level of being.

I will be giving you the required steps to meditation in next week's lesson.  In the meantime, meditate upon what I have given you so far and see if this is something that you would like to do.  There's no hurry and yet there is no time to waste in this World of Chaos.

In the Path of Light,
I remain
End of Class on Precipitation, Vol. 1, Lesson 7 - 9/22/14