Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Pandemic Poem Can Be Used as a Prayer as Well

This is a time when all hands are on deck and we need to pray for all those who are very, very ill as well as all those who are on the front lines, working twenty-four seven under extreme circumstances i.e. the lack of equipment, protection and rest.

Hospitals have become Intensive Care Units - all other cases are put on hold until they can get a handle on the ever increasing threat of more victims including hospital staff, doctors, nurses, LPN, EMT's Ambulance drivers, hospital workers and technical staff - 

I have never seen anything like this in my whole lifetime and as I look back on the three pictures of the Christ that appeared in the sky a few months ago in three different places - I have had the feeling deep within my heart that Jesus was appearing to give us a warning of impending disaster on a global level - I thought at the time that we would be experiencing major storms, earthquakes and or tornadoes as well as volcanos that would be erupting; but little did I realize that a small bat in China would take such a grip on the world that all life as we knew it just a few short weeks ago has been put on hold.

Taken by my Sister's Son near the Five Finger Lakes, NY

Sent to me by a Student right here in California

Sent to my by another student taken in Argentina

I have been praying continuously with those who work with me in doing  the World Service.  I have been particularly praying in the following manner and would like to share with you how you can do the same (possibly not as I am doing the prayer; but as you are most comfortable and in your own words).  The following is 
how I begin and then you can read the poem - it's also a prayer.

Beloved Mighty I AM, beloved Heavenly Father and all the saints and angels, I call for a great pillar of light  to be placed around each and every doctor, nurse, aide, tech, ambulance driver, food staff,  cleaner, drivers, police firemen and EMT's all over the world; and I ask that this White Light completely surrounds each and every one who is in the front line no matter where they are on Earth, then I call to you beloved Archangel Michael to place an Electric Blue Light around every individual and this blue ovoid light extends from the Tube of White Light out about 40 feet it is also 40 feet high and goes deep beneath their feet.  We call for all people throughout the world who are suffering with this epidemic to also receive the tube of light and the ovoid Electric Blue light of protection from Archangel Michael.  
Everyone should be putting this on first thing in the morning and again at night and each of you you can ask for this same protection for your entire family and all whom you hold dear.

I call to the Mighty Elohim Vista and Crystal of the Fifth Ray of Healing to release the Emerald Healing Ray and I call for Beloved Jesus to stand at the head of all souls, while Mother Mary is on the left and Archangel Raphael is on the Right and St. Paul is at their feet - visualize  them pouring this sacred Emerald Healing Ray into every individual who falls victim to this terrible disease.
I call to the Healing Angels of the 5th Ray to surround all victims and those who are working to save them - as Jesus receives the Emerald Ray and Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael and St. Paul also receive the Emerald Ray into their hearts - they extend their hands and fill the entire bodies with this ray.

Meanwhile we call to the Cherubim of the 6th Ray to enter the atmosphere of Earth and pour the sacred healing ointments over all victims everywhere upon the earth right here and right now.

We thank you and we ask that this prayer is multiplied by the power of three time three and ten thousand by ten thousand like the power of Niagara Falls that this healing continues 24 hours a day 

The Pandemic
By Margaret Mary

We’ve never seen a plague before,
Now it’s knocking at our door.

I pray to you my blessed Lord,
For those who serve without reward.

Doctors, Nurses and EMT’s
Firemen, Policemen and those making deliveries.

Hospitals overflow with victims young and old,
Meanwhile, people round the world
 now have their lives on hold

The Middle East, the Far East
Europe and the USA
None of us are free from it,
All praying a vaccine is on its way.

Dear Heavenly Father,
It is to you we kneel and pray,
For everyone around the World
 That this Plague will go away.

We ask the Light of God to 
Descend and set all free,
From this horrible pandemic
That takes our loved ones back to Thee.

Beloved Jesus, Krishna, Buddha,
Mohammad - all Saints within
The Light
Hear our plea for mercy 
Release us from this dreadful plight.

Daily and hourly we ask the Blessed Lord.
To heal all people everywhere
Both at home and those abroad.

Thank You Heavenly Father
And all who dwell above
We are grateful that You will act on this
With everlasting Love.

Somehow it takes a Pandemic
To bring us to our knees,
Making us realize we are all Brothers
Hate and War must forever cease.

Fear endangers all of us,
Trust is what we need,
In Scientific Research and
Sharing findings is the Seed
That frees humanity from viruses
If only everyone will heed.

May everyone pay attention to the warning that the scientists and doctors are giving us - stay at home, wash your hands often, if you have to go out, wear a mask and gloves.
May the healing angels surround you, may the Light of God cover your four lower bodies and may our great Archangel Michael seal you in his protective Electric Ovoid Shield.

Be safe and pray for all life on this planet.