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18-2014 -Chakra Five - The Throat Chakra or Visuddha Chakra, Volume1, Lesson 9 10/7/14

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra - Color Blue,
16 Petals - First Ray - Chakra
of Communication and Creativity Archangel Michael

Remember the Creation Story....
...The Father/Mother God had now lain dormant during the long rest in preparation for the new era.  All was still upon the waters of the deep (space); but at the same time, the MIND of God was now free to develop and create the Divine Plan for the new era (Manvantara).  With each Great Slumber (millions of years) there is always an awakening unto the new day. And with each awakening came consciousness and thought. From that thoughtform all that there is and will be was conceived in the Great Plan, which would be set into motion with the outward breath and His voice which spoke in musical harmonies across the waters of the deep. (Deep Space and/or Divine Mother).

While all life slept, Divine Father, Brahma began to formulate His divine Plan
within His mind, the mind of God and when everything was conceived within His Divine Plan, He sent into motion the action of creation by SPEAKING:" LET THERE BE LIGHT".
In speaking these words, the male aspect of God sent forth a Ray (of Light) to the Female Aspect of Himself). 
It was the "Throat Chakra" of God that began the Manvantara of this New Era that is now in its final stages - everything that you see under the heavens, including the heavens and beyond was created by God through the Fifth Chakra and the First Ray, His Ray, the Ray of God - Blue is the color of the  Ray - the Ray itself can be described as a particular type of energy or force.  The First Ray represent        Spirit -       Father -      Monad       Life
So in speaking through the Throat Chakra God actually released Ray 1 the Force of Energy that involves Divine Will, Action, Creation, Communication, Power, Drive, Initiation and much more.
Actual Picture of Throat Chakra
From Clairvoyant who drew all 7 Chakras and also
where they are located within the Physical Body

We, as Sons and Daughters of the Most High God have the same chakra with the same ability to Create, Think, Communicate, Initiate, Act and Drive forth the ideas that we have been thinking about in order to communicate them to others.  When we volunteered to come into the Earth, we were to bring with us from our education in the classrooms surrounding the Sun, our gift to the Father, expressed through our Throat Chakras in the creation of something beautiful to enhance the beauty and bounty of planet Earth.



The Lord of Will or Power expresses Himself in our solar system primarily through the planet Vulcan (hidden by the Physical Sun).  He is a Life that wills to love and that uses power as an expression of His divine beneficence. In the unfolding plan of the Logos (Sanat Kumara), will  demonstrates as power.  The energies of Ray I come through the Constellations, Aries, Leo and Capricorn. Of this
triangle Aries is today the controlling factor and is the source of the initial energy producing the New Age.

The Three Major Rays

Ray 1- Will and Power on Left -Blue- Father
Ray 2 -  Love Wisdom - Son
Ray 3 - Active Intelligence -Holy Spirit

These Rays represent the Divine Trinity in the Macrocosm and the Three-Fold Flame within our hearts represents the Divine Trinity in the Microcosm as Love, Wisdom and Power and/or Faith, Hope and Charity,  All other Rays come forth from these three Rays - See illustration below:

The Seven Rays throughout our Solar System

From the book seven Rays made Visual by Helen S. Burmester

The Seven Stars of the Great Bear (Ursa Major), the Originating Source of the Seven Rays of Our Solar System.  Each Ray transmits its energies through three constellations of the zodiac to our sun which then reach our Earth primarily through one of the Sacred Planets.

Ray I                               Constellations                 Planets

Will or Power               Aries,Leo, Capricorn          Vulcan V

At the present time mankind is  working on two Rays during this Round -

Ray 4                    

Harmony through        Taurus, Scorpio,

    Conflict                       Sagittarius                        Mercury 

Ray 5
Concrete Science       Leo, Sagittarius,
                                      Aquarius                            Venus*

*  The Planetary Logos who is initiating at the Cosmic Level  is from the
    Planet Venus - Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days - our Regent
  both mankind and the Logos are working at the level of the  Christ.  We are working on reconnecting the Soul while the Planetary Logos is working at the 
level of the Cosmic Solar Angel both are at the lowest part of evolution.

The Chohan connected to the First Ray is the Master El Morya who with the Master Kutumi brought forth the Theosophical Society through H. P. Blavatsky at the end of the 1800's.  El Morya also ascended in the early 1890's and began working with the Russian Mystic Nicholas Roerich and his wife, he brought forth a series of books under the  Agni Yoga Society, N.Y.  early 1900's.  

Russian picture of El Morya

The Mahatma El Morya, Chohan of Ray i
Will to Good an Power
El Morya was a Rajput Prince of India  in this
last Embodiment - He was Akbar the Great,
Thomas More and again Thomas Moore both English
and Irish He was Malchior of the Three Magi from the East

The Ascended El Morya

Master El Morya, Chohan of Ray 1
The following is a quotation from  "Leaves of Morya's Garden II -1925"

They will ask "Who gave you the Teaching?"
Answer:  "The Mahatma of the East"
They will ask:  "Where does He live?"
Answer:  "The abode of the Teacher not only cannot be made known but cannot
even be uttered.  Your question shows how far you are from the 
understanding of the Teaching.  Even humanly you must realize how wrong your
question is."
They will ask:  "When can I be useful?
From this hour unto eternity."
"When can I prepare myself for labor?"
"Lose not an hour"
"And when will the call come?"
"Even sleep vigilantly."
"How shall I work until this hour?"
"Enhancing the quality of Labor"

You probably have noticed from the above quote, that El Morya does not
waste time or words when He's about His Father's business.

The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director
is also on Ray I and He is also on 
the Karmic Board -His Great Blue Causal
Body surrounds the planet as Judgement - He is
within that Causal Body
The Great Divine Director is also on Ray I and as you know the Ray is the color blue
His entire Causal Body is Blue.  Whenever you need direction, pray to this Divine Being who will do everything in His power to make sure you are moving in the right direction or path, even when you think you're not.

Beloved Chananda and Beloved Surya are also on Ray I, Chananda is the oldest Master of the Ascended Masters and works in Darjeeling, India Retreat under the Master El Morya both are working on The Will of God for all mankind.

Surya is a great Cosmic Being and has been working with planet Earth for aeons of time.  He has a focus over  the  Pacific Islands.

Mantra for Fifth Chakra
My Throat Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Throat Chakra is the purity God desires (12x's)

My Throat Chakra is a Chakra of bright blue Fire.
My Throat Chakra is the purity God Desires (12x's)
OM        OM         OM

I AM light of God Direction,
Blaze the light of truth in me,
Focus here all God's perfection,
From all discord set me free.

Make and keep me anchored ever,
In the justice of the Plan, 
I AM the Presence of Perfection,
Living the life of God in man!* (3x")

*From the Head, Heart and Hand Decrees by Master El Morya
End of Lesson -Vol. 1, L.9, 10/7/14



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