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17-2014 -DAILY MEDITATION -VolumeI, Lesson 8, 9/29/14

Last week we explained a little about meditation and making time and space available to allow one half hour of your time daily in order to expand your consciousness.  At that time I wanted you to think about the step you are taking in making adjustments within your sphere of awareness, to accommodate the Soul or Holy Christ Self within.

So, if you feel that you would like to commit the time and energy in making the connection to your "real self" then let us begin by acquainting you with your own lower mind and bodies.

The Master D.K. uses the term Ego as well as Soul when talking about the Soul so  I want to make sure you are not confused by the terms.  For your studies we will continue to use the term Soul or Christed Being.  This Light Being is located a ways above your head forming part of the Causal Body that surrounds the Higher Self so depending upon your spiritual attainment at this point in time, the Soul is at least twenty four feet  above your head.  The Crystal Cord that connects all of our bodies begins at the Heart of the Higher Self and comes down  through the Soul and anchors within the Crown Chakra at the top of the Head - here the Crystal Cord splits and a second cord continues down through the Crown Chakra, Throat Chakra and ends in the left ventricle of the heart.

The I AM Chart

See the Higher Self and the Crystal Cord coming down through the
Heart Chakra of the Christed Being or Soul and on down through
the Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra Throat Chakra, and anchoring
in the Left ventricle of the Heart on the physical plane.
Notice the "Violet Flame" surrounding the physical body
Illustration from "Law of Life Book" by A.D.K. Luk

So looking from the I AM Presence or Higher Self down into the physical body, one can see that there's a connection to the three worlds, the Solar, Planetary and Physical - we are connected heart to heart with the Higher Self, the Soul and the Personality or, the Monad, the Ego and the Physical Vehicle through the crystal cord.

Now, let's look at ourselves from within our mind.  I would like you to picture four balloons filled partially with water - each balloon represents one of your four lower bodies - none of these balloons are your electronic field or aura; but all surround and are "nested with eachother" like the Russian dolls.  You need to begin to "out picture" your own bodies and with the mind's eye see their placement around the physical body - these bodies are the key to reconnecting with the soul and so the need to become familiar with them.

The Mental Body being cleansed by Violet Flame
To balance this body we do the following mantra:
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My Mental Body if a body of Violet Fire,
My Mental Body is the purity God desires. (15x's)
OM       OM     OM

This is the body we will be working with the most in meditation.  The lower mental body that surrounds our physical body is at the lowest involutionary point.  We call this finite mind or concrete mind.  The lower mind is the key to our expansion of consciousness.   To give you some idea of the task that needs to be accomplished when  we begin to meditate the student must get a picture of the mental plane that must be travelled through in order to bring down the "light of the Soul".  So I will be putting a chart that is incomplete at present but does show the various planes - our interest at the present time is only in the IV Buddhic Plane down to the Physical Plane within this chart, because when you study it, you'll begin to realize why you must become not only familiar with the various planes but also the four lower bodies. 

M II Cosmic Physical Plane
Please Print out this Chart

Chart MII-Cosmic Physical Plane
The Egoic Lotus and the Centers*

*Later on  you will see the entire chart with the triangles
and Lotus but it's not important at the moment for we are only interested in viewing the various planes we will need to penetrate as we move within the "Mental Body" to the Highest Plane which is Buddhic.

The Mental Body has within it two chakras and when we begin to meditate we are working through these two chakras clearing the channels so that eventually light will begin to flow from the Soul down through the Crown Chakra to the Pituitary Gland opening up the channels within the brain, giving light within the head 

The Pineal Gland and Pituitary Body Location

Both of these are located within the brain and
both are connected to the two Chakras connected to
the Mental Body - the Pituitary Body is connected with the Crown Chakra and the Pineal Gland is connected with the Third Eye Chakra - in fact, this gland is shaped exactly like our physical eye and was at one time located in the frontal part of our heads in the middle of 
the forehead between the eyebrows.

We will now cleanse the Mental Body with the Violet Flame.

My Mental Body is a body of Violet Fire,
My Mental Body is the purity God desires (15x's)

Most people are under the false impression that we are using our brains to think and create but they are wrong, all of our creative thoughts and ideas come from the Higher Self through the Soul and into the Crown Chakra and the brain is the computer that stores all of our thoughts, memories and our reasoning powers.  Like our physical bodies, all life comes through to us from our Higher Selves, through the Crystal Cord, the Chakras and the nadir points scattered throughout our bodies.  When one stops and thinks about it, we are residing within this physical vehicle on the stage of life, acting out our role and supposedly giving our gifts from the rays we reside upon to all life - this is why we came to Earth is to bring our unique gift to the planet as the representative of the Father/Mother on Earth.  We certainly fell off the wagon and have been in free-fall ever since.  Every good act, every kind word, every loving thought is recorded in the "Book of Life" but also, every bad act, every evil deed and every vile thought is also recorded by the recording angel - Our own Higher Self.  So the sooner we put our four lower bodies into alignment and reconnect and reacquaint ourselves with our Soul, the sooner we will find ourselves on the homeward journey.

We will be working within these various planes until we have brought the Soul into our consciousness while replacing the "lower mind".  This involves hard work and concentrating but especially control.  When I speak of control I mean the control of the Four Lower Bodies as well as the "little mind" - but first of all,  the student needs to align all of these with the Soul in order to make contact.  Remember, no more than 25 minutes at the most will be all that is required on a daily basis for you to begin to penetrate and expand your consciousness.

Note this body is much larger than the Mental Body

My Emotional Body is a Body of Violet Fire,
My Emotional Body is the purity God desires. (15x's)

The Emotional body is difficult to align because it's a much larger body and is connected with the element of water- it connects to the Solar Plexus Chakra that swings like a pendulum at every change of emotions.  This body is connected to the Moon our satellite, which draws on it like a magnet.  When this body is out of alignment, it causes one to act or react out of character, especially if anger,hatred or perversity is involved.  This body can be regulated and aligned under the Law of God Harmony and the powerful  OM 

Remember, the OM and the Mantra uses the "Violet Flame" to cleanse these bodies.  The Violet Flame is a gift from our Father/Mother God.  It is the combination of the Blue Ray Flame of the Father and the Pink Ray Flame of the Divine Mother - combined they become Violet - this is known as the "Love/Wisdom" violet flame for the Age of Aquarius.
The Etheric Body

The Etheric Body is situated closest to the physical body.
Many times this body is mistaken for the aura.  It is the longest of
the four lower bodies and the most spiritual.  This body comes in
with us when we're born and leaves with us for the other side.  It
carries within it all the wounds and scars of our karmic past.  So, whenever
we encounter someone from our past, it stirs up all the wounds and scars within this body.
The only way to release these scars and wounds is to cleanse them with the violet flame which
is given to us as Grace from our Divine Father/Mother God.  This is also the body that
keeps us in  the dark and unable to "see our Divine Selves or the Angels and Hierarchy"  It is also know as the "veil"  People with their third eye open can see this body lifting up out of the physical body when a person is dying - it looks like a wisp of smoke as it accompanies the person on their outward journey
. All of or seven chakras are located within the Etheric body and a stem extends from each chakra to the spinal cord within the physical body where they form a blossom with petals. They extend upward and downward from the Heart Chakra and connect with the glands.

So let us cleanse this body with the Violet Flame

My Etheric Body if a Body of Violet Fire,
My Etheric Body is the purity God desires (15x's)

OM           OM          OM

The Physical Body
The Physical Body is our temporary home away from home.
When you stop and think about how beautifully it is made, and how complex
the nervous system, the brain, all of the organs, glands, the whole digestive system, the circulatory system constantly pumping blood through our arteries, veins and capillaries.  The Heart and Lungs beating and breathing on their own
without our having to think about the whole process.  Just the process of chewing food, the glands involved even before it leaves the mouth, chemically changing once it enters the digestive tract - we really are a wonder.

Yet, this physical vehicle is like a leased car, we hire it for a period of time and then turn it in for a new model.  Of course, it's not quite that simple but the reality is that we're using the physical body because we are temporary visitors.  We've overstayed our welcome and should have left this planet a long, long time ago. And as beautiful as this body is, our spiritual body is beyond description and only a tiny reminder of our "real self" is hidden deep within our hearts.  It's the triune flame an exact replica of our Father/Mother God's, this Flame burns within us and connects us to the spiritual world.  It is the Divine Presence of I AM That I AM, the indwelling God, the real you.  Therefore, the physical body is the temple that encloses this treasure like the tabernacle within the Church - God lives within you and I, we are that Flame - this makes us Sons and Daughters of the Most High God.
The Physical Body then, should be treated with respect.  We need to take care of it, keep it in shape, while honoring the indwelling Light within it.

So let us cleanse this Physical Body now with the Violet Transmuting Flame.

My Physical Body is a Body of Violet Fire,
My Physical Body is the purity God desires (15x's)
OM        OM         OM
End of Meditation Lesson, Vol I, L. 8 9/30/14


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