Interview with Margaret Mary

In a July 2014 interview with her student, Margaret Mary was asked about her life.

Describe an early incident you consider introduced you to the spiritual beings?

When I was eleven years old, my Father died very suddenly without any warning. I felt abandoned and alone. He was definitely a light for many people, and it was as though the Sun went out of my life.

From that time onwards, I began to change. I would visit our church, St. Michael’s, every afternoon. I would leave school, also named St. Michael’s, and go and kneel in front of the tabernacle (always keeping an eye on the perpetual candle burning on the main altar to make sure God was home). Then I would pour out all my problems and joys to Him. This became a ritual for me right up through high school. People began to notice and would ask me to pray for them as well as their families. Soon, I began to receive holy medals, rosary beads, and prayer cards with requests for prayers. By the time I got married, I had a shoebox full of holy medals.

Now, the reason that I’m telling you this is because my marriage turned out to be a nightmare. I remember distinctly one Holy Saturday afternoon in 1963 after being beaten and nearly killed. I entered a small church, located in a valley in the suburbs in Canada. Again, I felt alone and abandoned while living in a foreign country. I once again knelt down in front of the tabernacle. With people coming and going around me, I cried out to God to help me because I knew the lives of my children and I were in jeopardy. Suddenly, a male voice spoke directly behind me. I turned around because my full name was used. “Margaret Mary” – yet no one was there. This beautiful voice guided and directed me in the next few days in preparation to leave Canada. Everything was explained to me until my brother arrived to get us. I never saw who it was but knew that I was being taken care of and it felt like I was enclosed in a bubble of loving light.

List three important incidents in your life that brought you to your present place.

I think the first time I had a spiritual encounter was at the birth of my third child. During labor, my heart stopped and I left my body and floated up above the delivery room. I looked down and saw the doctor in the process of delivering my third child. Then I was swirling upward towards a great white light. I didn’t see a tunnel, only light way above me. This was a great white light, blinding in intensity. And I was drawn to it like a magnet. I even remember saying, “Oh I’m so glad to be here, I don’t want to be there anymore”. Suddenly, a very distinct voice spoke to me from that white light. It said: “Margaret Mary go back into your body. You have not even begun to serve”. The next thing I knew I was back in the delivery room. My baby was laying on me, looking directly at me and smiling like Mona Lisa. And I was feeling guilty that I would have left her alone in this world. I was twenty four years old.

The incident in Canada that I just told you about in your first question.

Both my Father and my Mother, who were deceased, came to me during the time that my daughter was ill. The first appearance was by my Father. I was living in New Hampshire, occupying the second and third floors of an old Victorian house. My daughter had made her “confirmation” that evening and we all celebrated. I have a picture of all my relatives including my Mother. So it was probably around two o’clock in the morning when the spirit of my Father shook me awake. He said to me, “Margaret Mary your Mother is with me. Go downstairs to meet your brother who will be arriving any minute. He also said that my brother was very upset.” I thanked him and without questioning the message, headed downstairs just as my brother pulled up out front.

The second appearance occurred in 1968. My daughter was in a bad way as she was terminally ill. I had been to the hospital all evening. When I got home, my friend Sharon was there with my other two daughters and my friend Peggy. She had arrived from Connecticut. She had a dream that my daughter was going to pass. Sharon took my other two daughters to her house and Peggy stayed the night. At five o’clock in the morning, the spirit of my Mother woke me and told me that my daughter was with her and that I needed to get up and call the hospital. I called and the nurse was saying that my daughter was very weak and had a bad night. So I said I’d drive there right away. A minute later, I got a call from my daughter’s doctor telling me that she passed at 5:09 a.m. and I was not to drive anywhere. My parents came to me when I needed them. My father passed away in 1950 and my mother in 1965. This incident occurred in 1968.

Although the above incidents were all important crises in my life, they proved to me that I was never alone and that no one dies but lives on in spirit or reincarnates when it’s time for them to continue their journey. 

What two challenges / limitations have you undergone that strengthened your resolve to stay on the path and how did you overcome them?

My close spiritual sisters Betty, Lita and I began to pray for the Wall to come down in Germany, Yugoslavia, and Russia in 1974. We prayed five days a week for two hours every day. The only times we were not together was when we were on vacation or sick; otherwise we were committed to do the work. We were laughed at, made fun of, and criticized. One husband even accused us of being lesbians because our commitment was so strong. I remember coming home and finding my statues broken and things stolen from my room. My biggest critics were my family and some friends who really thought I was insane or that I had joined a cult. I was doing this while working in pharmaceutical sales, where I called on doctors and pharmacies during the day in addition to attending law school at night.

I’d have to say that what kept my faith was what happened to Lita, my children and myself back in 1974. We had just learned about the Ascended Masters and it was our very first night at Betty’s house. She’d been hosting a service with twenty to thirty people every Friday night for several months. That night, we arrived early and Betty thought that our children should all go to the movies while the service was going on. My children said that they didn’t know anyone and didn’t want to go to the movies so stayed with us. Lita put a ten dollar bill down on the kitchen counter for her two sons and Betty’s oldest son who was to drive them to the movies. Meanwhile, my daughters and I went into Betty’s living room and found seats among the many people gathered there. There were two teachers coming to teach us how to decree. Suddenly, Lita exclaimed that her ten dollar bill was missing. We didn’t get involved except my oldest daughter said: “Mom, I hope they don’t think that we took it”. I just laughed and we all sat down. Lita came in and sat beside my daughter and myself.

The teachers arrived and we began the service of decreeing when all of a sudden out of the ceiling, which was very high up over the living room, we saw an object floating gently down over our heads. We all stopped decreeing, looked up and watched it land directly onto Lita’s lap. It was the ten dollar bill folded and tucked in so that it formed a triangle. I knew that it was some wonderful welcoming phenomena from those Great Ones who were making us feel so connected to them. Now, I couldn’t explain all this to my family or friends. They would think I was absolutely gone. But in my heart, I knew that I found my real spiritual family – the brotherhood – and I’ve been with them ever since. This incident and many more like it have kept me moving forward no matter what others thought or said about me.

Now, I want to go back to our prayers that we did so faithfully. Our children were growing up and the “terrible teens” arrived – much worse than the terrible twos. I had had several problems and both Betty and Lita were experiencing the same as our kids were all around the same age. One night I allowed my buttons to be pushed to the point that I stated loud and clear: “I’m not doing this anymore. While I’m praying for the World, my world is crumbling.” I marched into my bedroom and turned several of the Masters’ pictures around. It wasn’t two minutes later that a gentleman who was also a student of the Masters called me and asked me what was going on? He said that “the boys”- meaning the Masters, were pretty upset and he was told to call me. I didn’t tell him my personal problems- only that I was upset. As soon as I got off the phone, I, with great apology, turned each picture back around and knelt down and cried. You see, these are the initiations that we must go through in our daily life in order to move forward. Absolutely no one can do them for you. We have to figure out the path forward on our own, no matter what is going on in our lives.

Now, back to doing the World Service with Betty and Lita. We continued to do the service for ten years; but after that we moved on to other things. I began the World Service teaching center in San Mateo while Betty and Lita started working after their kids got out of school. I used to take some of my students up to Mt. Shasta just because the Brotherhood of Shasta is there and the vibration is so high. We went up in two cars and when arrived in the town of Shasta, we met a young Yugoslavian guy who was touring around the country. He asked if he could join us and we said it was fine. As it turned out, there was a couple among us and the Yugoslavian was flirting with the girl and her boyfriend was very angry. When we came back to the motel that evening, I told them we would meet early next morning to do a World Service at the lake. The young Yugoslavian asked if he could also come and I said yes (not knowing about the trouble he was causing). When we got back to the motel, I heard an earful from the boyfriend who didn’t want him with us the next day. I said well, you’ll have to tell him because I’m not going to.

As it turned out, I was awakened during the night and told in no uncertain terms that the Masters’ had gone through a lot of trouble to the Yugoslavian there and he certainly was going to be part of the World Service the next day. I thought, Oh boy! Now we’re going to have discord when all I wanted was harmony. Yet, the next morning the boyfriend came to me and said that he also had a dream and that the Yugoslavian was to stay with us all day. So, with a deep sigh of relief, we went and picked him up and back to the lake we went. He was completely changed, polite and attentive and no longer flirting with the young lady. That was the last we saw of him. However, three days later, Yugoslavia became the first country to win their freedom from communism. After ten years of unerring faith in the importance of our work, our prayers were finally answered. Today many Russian and Ukranians live in California who were growing up behind the Iron Curtain while we were praying. Oh yes, the Masters wanted someone from Yugoslavia praying for peace in his homeland because he represented the country without even knowing how important it was for him to be there.

What do you hope your students will take from your teachings?

My hope is that they will learn to have eyes to see and ears to hear the wisdom that is being placed in their hands. My hope is that they, in turn will become teachers gathering a group of like-minded souls into their midst so that the great fountain of energy released by the Ascended Beings will be returned back to them. Remember, every time a Master puts out this amount of information, the students must return it in some way – it is Cosmic Law. They place their light upon the altar of sacrifice, staying behind to help us, while others have moved on to other systems or worlds. Yet they stay in order that no soul is lost. Some have promised not to leave us until every soul is ascended into the light and finally free. Now that is sacrifice for you. They have begged and pleaded for the release of this teaching and I assure you, it is filled with Light. 

List five things you love or find joy in?

I love God, the Hierarchy, the I AM Presence, Holy Christ Self, this Planet, this country, my family, all the World Servers which includes all my students and, all the animals, elementals and the devas. Oops! That’s more than five.

Name your main spiritual teachers and what you’ve learned.

All my life, I’ve loved Jesus and Mary. From 1974 until 1986, I was working on the First Ray, God’s Holy Will under the Master Morya. Let me be very clear. I like to think that I was under Master Morya; but in reality, I was probably sitting outside in the corridor or some distant classroom. However, I know that I was being taught on inner levels and that much of what I gave my students come from those lessons.

I know that St. Germain has been in and out of my life and I felt particularly close to him while I was in Maine and any time I go to Mt. Shasta. I think he or one of his initiates are often blowing violet flame around us.

When I was leaving Maine, in 1986 to come back to California, I had a last meeting with the spiritual group in New Hampshire. We did the service and afterwards I saw a beautiful white swan floating from under a curved bridge on ruby colored water. It passed right by my third eye and looked directly at me. I wanted to keep this to myself. My friend Ernestine went into the other room and came back. She asked me what vision I saw and I hesitated because I thought it was personal and then she handed me an uncut ruby as she was told to give it to me. When I told her what I had seen, she explained that I had seen my own soul (represented by the swan) passing on to another Ray (the Ruby Waters). This is when I began to work with the Ruby Ray number 6, signifying Teaching and Ministering .

When I was very young, I like to think God, the Father, was my first teacher. He was an awfully good listener. But then I think, He probably thought, “what’s she going on about, she doesn’t have any idea what she’ll be going through later on.”

What two major events have you contributed your light towards helping the world?

Well, I think the praying for the Iron Curtain “Wall” coming down after ten years was the major event.

There were several instances, one involving the drug dealers in South America called the Contras. We sat in on a meeting where we saw the countries involved (we attended in spirit).

Back in the early nineties we were asked during the World Service to put the Christ light around certain ministers who were preaching one thing and doing something else. Quite a few of them were exposed after the Christ light surrounded their churches.

Right around the same time and up until the mid-nineties there were some underground activities being carried out by the grey extra terrestrials. We were asked to expose those activities as many children who were kidnapped were being experimented on. There was a major earthquake that occurred which destroyed one of these areas. Later while living in Colorado I went with someone else to “Blaze the light of the Christ through” another secret area, per the request and direction of the Angels. We spent the afternoon doing fiats and when we tried to drive our car home it wouldn’t move. It was getting dark and we were in alien territory. Thank God my friend Carol had her cell phone and we were able to have her son come and get our car. Later, he told us that the engine was full of gas and that if I had gotten it started we would have blown up.

Describe your life purpose.

Well, if you’ve been reading this Q & A, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what my purpose is. My real purpose for living is to Serve God and Beloved Jesus every day. Remember, it was Jesus who gave us the blueprint to our ascension. He did it all out in the open in front of everyone and guess what? He promised us that we would do greater things and that He was going to make a place for us in Heaven. I love Him because He didn’t have to do anything since most of his karma was completed. He could have moved on out of here; but he didn’t. Because like every other child of light, He wanted us to each have the same opportunity. Like all the Masters, He made that divine sacrifice not only to die for us but to stay with us until we complete our journey – this is the kind of company I like to keep.

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