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Lesson 168 - The Externalization of Hierarchy - The Great Invocation - Stanza One - Part 2


Alice A. Bailey, March 1934

Section Two - The World Crisis - The Great Invocation - Part 2 - pgs. 156-174
Text in BLUE is by Margaret Mary Flynn, Text in BLACK is by D.K.

Prior to taking up the Great Invocation sentence by sentence, I would like briefly to touch upon the needed procedure as you attempt to say it correctly and effectively:

Forget not, first of all, the necessary process of alignment wherein you do two things:

1.    Endeavour consciously (which for most of you at present means imaginatively) to align or link soul, mind and brain so that there is a direct and free inflow from the higher Self to the lower.

When He speaks of “imaginatively” He means to visualize your Soul (Holy Christ Self, Solar Angel) whatever works for you – then see your mind (that is completely separate from the brain) – the brain is the receiver, and instrument in which the mind can work, therefore in the downward path see first the Soul, then the mind as light coming from the soul – now see this soul-light entering the brain -eventually this light will fill the brain as you practice to control the vision.  This takes concentration and visualization on a daily basis – until it will become a natural action.

2.    Endeavour to realize or register your relation to the Hierarchy, via your own group of disciples (if you know which it is) or in relation to whichever one of the Great Ones or Masters appeal the most to your heart and mind. If neither makes any appeal to your consciousness, the same results will be achieved if you seek to link up with the Christ.

This is self-explanatory. If you prefer one Master, Who you work with on a regular basis, then He will be easier to visualize as One who represents the Hierarchy.  If no one Master comes to mind, then choose the Christ (either Lord Maitrya or Jesus) both represent the Christ for either the East or West.

I might here point out that the difference between the linking up that you can effectively do and that which is done by a Member of the Hierarchy itself is that you link up [157] via the Hierarchy and then through the medium of the Great Invocation reach forth to Shamballa whereas the initiates and the Masters link Themselves directly with Shamballa and use the Great Invocation in a manner totally different to that in which you use it. There is for you and the average aspirant no direct contact, and that is definitely fortunate for you. I may not further elucidate.

What He is explaining here is that we need to link up with a Member of Hierarchy first (say, for instance, that I want to link up with Master Djhwal Khul – I visualize Him first and then begin to do the Great Invocation in order to contact Shamballa.  You’ll notice that Hierarchy uses the Great Invocation in a manner we are not familiar with to make direct contact with Shamballa – and He also notes how fortunate for us that we haven’t the pleasure.

The second thing which you do is then to focus yourself in as high a consciousness as you are capable of achieving. Then you aim at complete self-forgetfulness and when that has been gained you direct your attention to the dual activity of the true disciple to which I earlier referred, i.e., the task of emphasizing a significant understanding of the implications and meanings of the words said and of the results to be achieved. There comes next the sending forth of the words with their hidden potency and this must be done by you as a soul, using the mind and the brain as agents.

Okay! Now we are really getting to the “nuts and bolts” of true meditation – establish contact with the soul, the mind and brain while breathing deeply in and out. Once this process has occurred, connect with a Member of Hierarchy, bringing you to the “soul level” of your being. Send the words  out from your soul by transmitting through the mind and brain out into the world: 1) visualize the streaming light coming from the “mind of God;” 2) visualize the streaming light coming from the “heart of God;” 3) visualize “the center where the will  of God is known” as Shamballa looks like the Taj Mahal with Gold Dome; 4) visualize “The Center which we call the Race of Men” as you look upon the Planet Earth, the home of all mankind receiving this powerful light, and love and power from this potent mantra, filling the hearts and minds of all humanity; 5) visualize “and may it seal the door where evil dwells” as an enormous door that is not only closed but the white light seals it shut from all evil – again, see the powerful energy and vibration of Light and Love and Power restoring not only the light within men’s hearts but also the light filling the whole planet. This is God’s Divine plan for all of the earth - mankind, elemental, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

Integration, conscious activity, and the expression of the work to be done upon the physical plane will cover the entire story. These rightly carried forward will prove effective. Would it clarify matters for you if I state that:

1.      Integration is a correspondence in consciousness to the Inhalation of the breath. This is the withdrawing of the consciousness to as high a point as possible.

When you start your meditation, sit with back straight, legs uncrossed and hands open. Inhale as deeply as possibly while concentrating with the “third eye” upon the Crown Chakra and beyond – here is where you make contact with the soul before exhaling. Once you reach this point of contact, send out the words of the Great Invocation with the exhalation of breath.  See what the Master tells us – it’s the space between the inhalation………..and exhalation where you make contact. Inhale as deeply as you can while concentrating with your third eye to the crown chakra and beyond – while holding, connect with the soul – the Master – then as you begin to exhale forcefully, send out the words of the Great Invocation to the world from both your heart and mind – send it out into the earth, the air, the fire, the water, and the hearts of all mankind, filling the earth with LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT! See below as the Master explains how powerful this activity is when done correctly.

2.    Conscious activity corresponds to the right use of the Interlude between inhalation and exhalation. It involves the recognition of the forces contacted and their purpose.

I think you’ve got the picture – that when the Master speaks of “the concentrated mind” this takes an act of will, a single-minded purpose both in the inhalation and visualization – the pause making contact with both the soul and the Master – and then forcing the words (with clear visualization) out into the world.

3.     3. Right expression corresponds to the period of Exhalation. This is the sending forth of the forces contacted by an act of the will in order that they may produce the desired ends.
Forget not that this has to be a group endeavor and must be carried forward in cooperation with the Hierarchy. It involves also the recognition that the soul is one and that there is no such thing as my soul—only our soul.

This is a “group effort” therefore even if you are doing this Great Invocation at home while doing Triangles and/or Twelves, you need to call in the I Am Presence of all those doing Triangles throughout the world, the I Am Presence of all those doing Twelves throughout the world, and the I AM Presence of the New Group of World Servers – you need to call to Hierarchy and ask them to work with your group, then follow the procedure above in carrying out the correct way of sending the light and love and power into the hearts of all mankind, the three lower kingdoms and Mother Earth.

In considering the five sentences which form what might [158] be called the mandate of the Great Invocation (see page 144), I would like, first of all, to point out a few underlying and basic ideas.
“…Words of power, ancient mantras (such as the Lord’s Prayer) and the Great Invocation are only effective if used upon the mental plane and with the power of a controlled mind-focused on their intent and meaning-behind the spoken effort They then become potent. When said with the power of the Soul as well as with the directed attention of the mind, they automatically become dynamically effective”. P. 144

This Great Invocation has been used by the Hierarchy ever since the year 1425 A.D. though it is thousands of years older than that. Owing, however, to the unreadiness of humanity to cooperate in its use, the results have been delayed and are regarded as "hovering." I know not how else to express the results already achieved. Today, they can precipitate, if right cooperation can be extended by humanity, and such cooperation now seems immediately possible.

Now, more than ever before, the need of the hour is to work at the group soul level following the directions that the Master has given to the LETTER.  Once you establish contact and do this powerful Mantra a few times it will become a natural action and one will become comfortable working with both the concentrated will and consecrated heart through the Will of God (Shamballa).

The first phase, Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind, definitely invokes potencies which are to be found upon monadic levels of consciousness and upon what is occultly called the second plane of divine manifestation. These Forces include the Lord of the World and the Representatives of the seven sacred planets Who are spoken of in the Christian Bible as the "seven Spirits before the Throne of God." They include also the three Agents of the Divine Triplicity Who are known, esoterically and in the East as the three Kumaras, or the three Buddhas of Activity.

Although we all use the 1945 Version that Christ recited before the Council in preparation for His return into the Earth, we seem to be missing some of the power aligned with the older version. For example, in the newer version the First Stanza says: “From the point of Light within the Mind of God….” This draws us to the mind of God and His willingness to stream light down upon our planet and all the kingdoms, while the older version begins with “…Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.” We are addressing the Lord of the World, as well as the Representatives of our seven sacred planets (these are like ambassadors representing each of our planets before the throne of God). The three Holy Kumaras are part of the Seven Original Sons of God, known as the Seven Holy Kumaras - Six are Divine Contemplators, of those, three are between The Great White Lodge of our Father/Mother God and the Great Central Sun, while the second Three Divine Contemplators are the messengers between the Great Central Sun and the Sun of our system. The seventh Holy Kumara is Sanat Kumara who is our planetary logos. In other words Agents and or Messengers are the same.  I almost feel that it would be nice to do both as the newer version involves our Father/Mother God, Who streams forth their Light and Love to mankind, while the older version brings a secondary potent energy from the Lord of the World, The Three Divine Contemplators, as well as those who Represent our Seven Planets before the Throne of God - Just a thought!

What do these names and these great Individualities mean to you and to average humanity? Nothing at all and this is necessarily so. They remain but names and possible hypothetical expressions of divinity until after the third initiation when the conscious recognition of the Monad becomes possible; then Forces and Energies, personified for us in these great and stupendous Lives, can be demonstrated as having true existence. On the way to these fundamental recognitions, Their three Representatives within the limits of the Hierarchy must be accepted and known to be correspondingly functioning Activities. These Three are, the Manu, the focal point of the first Ray of Will or Power; the Christ, the head of the Hierarchy and the representative of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom; and the Lord of Civilization, the expression of the third Ray of Active Intelligence. [159] This knowledge is achieved during the process of training for the first three initiations. Therefore, all that I here tell you must be regarded as possible of verification, and as being testified to by all the world Scriptures and by the initiates of all lands, but it must necessarily remain personally unverified by you until a much later date in your unfoldment.

We’re all pretty knowledgeable about many in Hierarchy. These beautiful beings are not just a name but part of Sanat Kumara’s family. The Three other Representative Master D. K. speaks about are the VAIVASVATA MANU(Manu of the Fifth Race which is our race), THE MAHA CHOHAN(the Lord of Civilization) AND THE CHRIST, FORMING A GOLDEN TRIANGLE OF LIGHT.

The Spirit of Peace Who is invoked in the second phrase, Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad, is that mysterious and divine Entity with Whom the Christ came into touch and Whose influence played through Him at the time that He earned the right to be called the "Prince of Peace." As I have elsewhere told you in my earlier writings, the Christ embodied in Himself the cosmic principle of love, the expression of which in manifestation will work out as "glory to God, peace on earth and goodwill towards men." To this the angels testified at His birth. When He expressed this principle of love in His life and world service, He definitely linked up our planet and humanity (in particular) with the Source of the light, love and life to which we refer in this second phrase. This was the world salvation which He brought—a fact which is as yet little realized and which will not be widely recognized until this powerful Invocation has taken due effect.

When the world aspirants and disciples use this Invocation, the first phrase takes the consciousness to the Hierarchy of Light, which is the intermediate center between Humanity and Shamballa. It serves then to emphasize and establish a close rapport, blending and fusing the human and the hierarchical centers. When this has taken place, the Hierarchy can then use this Great Invocation with greater potency and can carry the relation to a higher state still and produce a blending with the Shamballa center, where the Forces of Light are found as embodied Presences and where Their focused energy serves to provide great reservoirs of light and love. These have hitherto not been made available for planetary distribution, owing to the lack of established relation between the three centers: Humanity, Hierarchy and [160] Shamballa. That relation is now becoming somewhat established; the inflow of light and love to humanity is now possible if the disciples and aspirants of the world can be led to make the needed effort to stand in spiritual being and, from that poised attentive attitude, to invoke these great Entities. It was to this possibility that the story in the New Testament refers where reference is made to the pool which was stirred at times by the Angel and thus a condition was produced which led to the healing of the sick. The Angel of the Presence, the soul of humanity, as embodied in the Hierarchy and those who are consciously endeavoring to function as souls can now stir these reservoirs of force and light upon etheric levels in Shamballa so that a definite "healing of the nations" can take place.

There are many powerful forces including the Avatar of Syntheses, The Holy Kumaras, Sanat Kumara, Lord Guatama and all those working in Shamballa, The Star Retreat, AND Hierarchy devoted to fusing with Shamballa and Humanity. In addition, we have Hierarchy who are already here upon the planet plus the Bodhisattvas (great beings dwelling in remote mountain caves) holding the light for all life on Earth. Once the aspirants and disciples blend and fuse with Hierarchy, they create a powerful and potent unit that, in turn, recites the Great Invocation to those in Shamballa which can bring about a tremendous influx of light and love and power into the Earth, into the hearts of all Mankind and all the kingdoms of the earth.

When the thought behind the Great Invocation can be carried high enough in the consciousness of those using it through a joint effort of the world disciples and the Hierarchy of Light—as well as being reinforced by the Forces of Light—then the Spirit of Peace can be invoked.

Little is known about the Spirit of Peace except that He is also known as “the Rider from the Secret Place” by Master D. K. when explaining that “if” mankind does in fact fuse with Hierarchy and Shamballa and continues to hold that light, “then the Spirit of Peace might appear as the Rider from the Secret Plane and the new era of goodwill might be inaugurated”.

On a lower turn of the spiral, you will note that the Wesak Festival enacts a similar invocation and process. It is a re-enacting and training process. There and at that time, the three Representatives of Shamballa within the Hierarchy—the Manu, the Christ and the Maha Chohan—invoke the Buddha, Who in His turn is the transmitter of still higher Forces. He is invoked by a special mantra and transmits the appeal to the One Whose agent He is. If this Great Invocation which we are studying can be rightly said, the three great planetary centers can be related in a similar manner. The Lord of Civilization, the Master R., representing humanity, the Christ representing the Hierarchy and the Lord of the World, linked through the Manu and representing Shamballa can be brought into a close relation so that the result will be the setting up of such a potent vibration and note that the Spirit of Peace will be invoked and contacted. By the voiced appeal His attention will be forced to turn itself towards our planet. The consequences will be significant and potent but as to the form which they [161] will take it is impossible for me to say. Perhaps it will lead to some peculiar and powerful demonstration of the meaning of peace as the expression of universal and planetary love; perhaps it will produce the sending of an Avatar or Messenger of Peace to lead the nations to right action; perhaps some happening will take place of such significance that its import will be immediately recognized by humanity as a whole, leading them to take all the needed steps to restore right human relations. The nature of the activities which the Spirit of Peace will institute is not our responsibility. Our duty is to learn rightly to contact the Hierarchy, via our own souls; rightly to use the Great Invocation as souls, and rightly to render ourselves responsive to and sensitive to the resultant effects. Ponder on the above.

I sent out two diagrams a while ago: 1. Was the various planes and 2. The Hierarchical Order from I AM THAT I AM in the Great White Lodge residing in the Highest Plane, and like a General with His army, we can follow on downwards through the Solar, the Planetary and we are at the bottom of the list - like the Private in the Army in the learning curve.  When the Wesak Festival falls on the Full Moon in Taurus each year, three great representatives come forth to invoke the Lord Buddha, Who, in turn appeals to His higher source through His special mantra. The Spirit of Peace will then be contacted.  If we invoke the Great Invocation correctly and fuse with these Three Great Ones, the Manu, the Maha Chohan and the Christ, They will in turn, will invoke the Buddha, Who will invoke an even higher Master, Who will contact the Spirit of Peace.  Looking ahead to the next Wesak in 2023 at the Taurus Full Moon, if we begin to invoke these Three High Beings before next year as a group soul, and They in turn invoke all those mentioned above, this would indeed create a potent and powerful influx of light and love along with the added power of Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. What a wonderful gift that would be. We could continue to do this right up and through the Christ Festival when we’ll meet at the Sacred Mt. Shasta and combine all of our voices at the soul level for our beautiful planet.

It might, therefore, be noted that the Forces of Light express Themselves through the Hierarchy of Light and Their major effect is the illumination of the minds of men with love and light. This precipitates upon the mental plane. The personality or the form aspect of humanity is thereby pervaded and illumined. Thus the third great planetary center, Humanity, becomes creative and magnetic, and two divine aspects—intelligence and love—will reach fruition upon the physical plane, making it possible for the first aspect and the will of God (understood by humanity as the Plan) to be consciously carried forward on earth in conformity with the activity instituted at Shamballa. The will of God is purpose and this is, for the first time, to be recognized consciously by man.

The first time both intelligence and love will be brought into the physical plane – this means that finally the Divine Plan will be activated upon our earth.

The Spirit of Peace will, when the right time comes, vitalize the responsiveness of humanity, via the influence of the Hierarchy, to the will of God which has for basic intent the bringing of peace on earth. What is peace? It is essentially the establishing of right human relations, of synthetic rapport with its resultant cooperation, of correct interplay between the three planetary centers and an illumined, loving understanding of the will of God as it affects humanity and works out divine intent. It is for this reason that the Christ, Who established for the first time in planetary history a [162] contact between the Hierarchy, Humanity, Shamballa and the Spirit of Peace in His Own high place, in His first recorded utterance said that He must be about His Father's business and then at the end of His life, reiterated the same thought in the words: "Father, not my will but Thine be done," thus carrying the thought up to the highest plane for He addressed the Father, the first Aspect of Divinity. He then focused in Himself the two major divine attributes and aspects—will and love (atma-buddhi)—and because of this, His consciousness became extra-planetary as is the consciousness of the Lord of the World, and He could then touch certain heights of awareness and contact certain solar Agencies which had never before been contacted by man. This achievement enabled Him to put Humanity in touch with the Spirit of Peace. He thus Himself became the Light of the World and the Prince of Peace.

When Master D. K. explains the true meaning of the Christ becoming the “Light of the World and the Prince of Peace.”  My very soul rejoiced, because before I said my prayers, I called upon Jesus as the Prince of Peace and sang the words, ”Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me…..” When we are given the true history of His extra-planetary consciousness and His ability to bring Peace and Love and God’s Will to all who know Him, we begin to realize the many missions the Christ performed while on Earth.  Right now and ever since 1945 He is preparing as either Lord Maitrya or Jesus the Christ for His present sacrifice, the salvage of this entire world – He is the hope and the Love of all those yearning to be free.

In this manner, Shamballa and the Hierarchy were brought into a close relationship and two great streams of force were blended and a definite interplay set up between them. The Buddha, through His achievement of illumination, established the first major link with the Forces of Light. The Christ, through His ability to express the will of God in love and as world salvage, established the first major link with the Spirit of Peace.

Now we can better understand the importance of Wesak and how the Lord Buddha, representing the Mind of God, and the Christ representing the Heart of God and as the Prince of Peace, was the One Who made the first contact with the Spirit of Peace when He resided here on Earth over 2,000 years ago.

If you will study the above information with care, you will find that the importance of the Wesak Festival at the time of the full moon of May will assume increasing importance in your minds. It is the festival at which three factors of importance to humanity are brought into relation:
1.       The Buddha, the embodiment or agent of the Forces of Light can then be contacted and that which They seek to transmit to humanity can be consciously appropriated.
Again, it is at this Wesak Festival that mankind has an opportunity to place their heads, hearts and hands upon the altar of their hearts and ask Lord Buddha for illumination so that they may have the Wisdom to move forward on their soul’s journey.
2.       The Christ, the embodiment of the love and the will of God and the agent of the Spirit of Peace, can also be contacted and humanity can be trained to appropriate this extra-planetary type of energy.
Now here we have new information, according to the Master D. K. - If mankind can contact the Christ, who carries both Love and Peace for all, then if we work as a group soul, we too can receive this extra planetary type of energy.  By the way, if and when we do receive such a magnificent gift, we must do as we’ve been guided to do and send this great light out into the World, into the hearts of all mankind, into the four kingdoms and into the heart of our planet itself – what a change this would make in every area of our lives.
3.       Through the Christ and the Buddha, humanity can now establish a close relationship with Shamballa and then make its own contribution—as a world center—to the planetary life. Pervaded by light and controlled by the Spirit of Peace, the expression of humanity's will-to-good can emanate powerfully from this third planetary center. Humanity will then for the first time enter upon its destined task as the intelligent, loving intermediary between the higher states of planetary consciousness, the super-human states and the sub-human kingdoms. Thus humanity will become eventually the planetary savior.
All things are possible, all goals can be met. What we need to do is invoke, as a group soul in the World Service, the Christ and the Buddha. Then, let us not forget to invoke the Spirit of Peace, through The Christ, who will work through the Shamballa forces to bring about a higher state of planetary consciousness – the super human states (this would involve the Fifth Root Race moving into the Fifth Kingdom - the New Jerusalem right here on earth).

If you will have these thoughts in mind, the first three phrases of the Great Invocation will assume great significance. Let me put some of these significances in tabular form:

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind

Planes of emphasis........................
Focal point......................................
Planetary center.............................

The Hierarchy. Soul consciousness
The Buddha
Light. Understanding. The illumined mind
The second or monadic plane
The Buddhic or intuitional plane
The mental plane
The head center
The Hierarchy


 Our part is to invoke through the Soul, to the mind and the brain with concentrated will.

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad


Planes of emphasis........................

Focal point......................................
Planetary center.............................

Shamballa. Spiritual consciousness
The Christ
The will of God as love and peace
Sentient response
The logoic or first plane
The Buddhic, or intuitional plane
The astral or emotional plane
The heart center

Our Part is to Invoke the Christ to contact Shamballa to bring Love and Peace working from the Heart.

May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation


Planes of emphasis......................

Focal point....................................
Planetary center............................

Humanity itself. Self-consciousness
The Lord of Civilization
Intelligent love, dedicated to the Plan
The will-to-good
The atmic or plane of spiritual will
The mental plane
The physical plane
The throat center

Our Part is to work as a Group Soul doing our daily work and correctly sending the Light, Love , Power and Peace into the hearts of humanity- visualizing their hearts opening and responding to this powerful influx of potent Love and Power and Peace.

Thus all the great centers are linked and all the planes are interrelated; the past has contributed its finished work; the present is evoking its just and right development; the future of wonder and of divine possibility appears—its results contingent upon a spirit of right understanding and invocation. Three statements in the New Testament begin now to demonstrate their profound esoteric significance and their amazing living potency:

I am the Light of the World............ The Forces of Light — Phrase 1. 2nd Aspect
My peace I give unto you............... The Spirit of Peace — Phrase 2. 1st Aspect
Love thy neighbor as thyself......... The Men of Goodwill — Phrase 3. 3rd Aspect

The three aspects of divinity in man achieve practical expression through the influence of the Great Invocation, both in living usefulness and true comprehension—true at least in so far as man's present point in evolution permits of his correct apprehension of significance. Goodwill, as the practical and possible expression of love demonstrates on earth, evoking right relationship; light, as the expression of the Hierarchy pours into the human consciousness, irradiating all dark places and evoking a response from all [165] forms of life in the three worlds of manifestation, and in the three subhuman kingdoms through the medium of the human; peace, as the expression of the will of Shamballa produces balance, equilibrium, synthesis and understanding, plus a spirit of invocation which is basically an action, producing reaction. This demonstrates as the first great creative and magical work of which humanity is capable, swinging, as it does, all the three divine aspects into a simultaneous activity in line with the will of God.

These three aspects in man are found blazing within his heart chakra, the 1st Aspect – The Spirit of Peace Who works directly with Shamballa which is under the will of God – 1st Ray. Blue Ray within the Heart
2nd Aspect – The Forces of Light – 2nd Ray – Love/Wisdom/Illumination- Yellow Flame within the heart
3rd Aspect – Love thy neighbor as thyself – Men of Goodwill – 3rd Ray – Pink Flame within the Heart

We come now to the last two phrases which summarize the effects—synthetic and eternal (and consequently lasting) which the establishment of direct relationship with Shamballa will produce in the two other planetary centers, the Hierarchy and Humanity. I refer to effects which will express themselves as a group activity, motivated by the essential values of selflessness and persistent effort (which is sustained concentration, in the last analysis) and thereby producing conditions for which the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, has long waited. The patience and sustaining love of Shamballa is infinite.

When we talk about the patience of saints, it’s absolutely true, Hierarchy has tried since the 15th Century to motivate mankind into moving forward on their path to ascension but found that emotionally and mentally we were not ready, mainly because our mental equipment was unable to comprehend the dictates from Hierarchy. They continued to work with mankind at all levels, finding some among mankind who moved quickly forward into the light.  I’m assuming now that most of these were 4th Root Racers who came into the planet long before we 5th Racers and we’ve been here for over one million years according to Master K. H.  However, look at where we are now, actually working with our Beloved Sanat Kumara Who is over Shamballa along with Lord Buddha and Lord Maitrya and then there’s the Christ Who was the first among mankind to contact the Spirit of Peace and ended up working with Him and Shamballa in areas that no one has entered before.  Now, it is our turn to make the sacrifice of answering the call from Hierarchy – we’re always calling upon Them to do this and that for us; so when They ask that we put our shoulders to the wheel, concentrate with all our might, connect with one another and as a group soul follow the instructions that are laid out for us above.  At first it will seem difficult to remember all the steps; but once you’ve aligned yourselves with others you’ll find how easy it is to work as a group – just think how powerful it will be when we then connect to all the Great Ones who are ready, willing and able to work and fuse with us.  This is the reason we’re here at this time and at this place so that we can experience working directly with Hierarchy.

The fourth phrase runs: May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time. As you know, the word "forgiveness" is a curious and unusual one and signifies (according to the best derivative sources) simply "to give for." Forgiveness is not therefore, a synonym for pardon though the word has been distorted in theological circles to mean this, so little has the Church understood the basic, motivating power behind divine expression in our solar system. Theologians ever think in terms of the human mind and not in terms of the divine mind. Forgiveness is sacrifice, and is the giving up of one's self, even of one's very life, for the sake of others and for the good of the whole group. This spirit of sacrifice is ever found when the Shamballa force is rightly contacted, even in the smallest degree, and the underlying impulse behind the loving will of God is sensed and understood, accompanied as this always is with the desire to participate in that will and its spirit of divine sacrifice. Manifestation is itself the Great Forgiveness. The [166] stupendous Lives—outside manifested existence—entered into manifestation in order to give Themselves for the lesser lives and forms of existence in order that these lesser lives might be enabled to proceed onward towards a goal which is known to Deity alone, and thus eventually reach high places of spiritual expression. Achievement is ever followed by sacrifice and the giving of the greater for the lesser. This is an aspect of the Law of Evolution. Such is the note and theme of the entire creative process and is the basic meaning of the phrase, "God is Love," for love signifies giving and sacrifice, at least in this solar system.

As servant sons and daughters of God, we must let go and let God into our lives while at the same time let go of the three R’s: resentment, revenge and retaliation.  Instead, we must learn to send love and peace and goodwill to all those who have caused pain.  That’s why selflessness, harmlessness and a spirit of giving love to all life is recommended for all upon the path of return – thus giving Love and Service to all life, so that all that lives may complete their evolutionary journey.

It is for this reason that the esoteric teaching emphasizes the fact that the soul of man is a Lord of Sacrifice and of loving persistent Devotion—the two outstanding qualities of the Shamballa Lives, sustaining life and giving. This is lasting devotion to the good of the whole or the expression of the spirit of synthesis and sacrifice in order again that all lesser lives (such as those embodied in the personality of man) may rise to the "resurrection which is in Christ," through the crucifixion or sacrifice of the soul upon the Cross of Matter.

 As was noted above – the key words here are “loving and giving”.  Our souls are the expression of the 2nd Aspect of God = Love/Wisdom –Master Kuthumi expressed it in His prayer when He was St. Francis of Assissi:

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, joy.

Oh, Divine Master,
Grant that I may not so much
Seek to be consoled, as to console.
To be understood, as to understand.
To be loved, as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
And it is in dying that we are born to
Eternal life.

It is this thought again which gives significance to the life of Christ on earth for He re-enacted for us an eternal process, externalizing it in such a way that it became the symbol of the motive of the entire manifested universe and the impulse which should direct each of us—crucifixion and death, resurrection and life, and the consequent salvation of the whole.

Christ gave us a blueprint of the Disciple Who lives an exemplary life and sacrificed Himself so that we could live. Because of His light and love, He raised all of mankind into a higher expansion of consciousness; and although He was our Prince of Peace, He still had to undergo the crucifixion, death and Resurrection into His ascension in the Light. If you ever wonder what’s next on your journey of the Soul, just pull out the New Testament and There is your blueprint of the path to attainment.

It is this thought which is embodied in the challenge of this fourth phrase of the Great Invocation, and means literally, "May all men everywhere respond to the keynote of the universe and give themselves for others."

When I read His words written over eighty years ago, I just marvel at His giving – I’m speaking of the Master Djhwal Khul. His whole life from the time He left home as a very young man, He spent the rest of His life giving to His students, and to the world at large this great teaching.  He opens our minds and hearts to the realization that we have no idea in our little worlds what goes on in the Hierarchy.  It only occurs to us when we are given insight into the minds of these Great Ones.  Just think about the Great Invocation for a minute and how we considered it just another mantra.  Well, our eyes and minds are now open, and we realize how little we know and how much we have to learn – I bow before this wonderful Master in gratefulness and thankfulness for all that He gives from His very soul. If anyone is an example of sacrifice and giving, it is our Beloved D. K. and His great caring and patience with all of His students.  Thank You.

And, is not this in a faint and dim manner, the present keynote of human effort? In spite of a real inability to think truly, effectively and intuitively, the mass of men in all lands are responding clearly and definitely to this note of sacrifice. Leaders of the great nations everywhere are using this note and call to sacrifice in their appeals at this time to [167] their peoples. Men in Germany were called to battle by their leaders with the challenge of sacrifice and told that they must give their lives in order that Germany may live. A study of the speeches by the German leaders will be found to contain this note. The other group, whom you call the Allies (because they stand more specifically for the good of the whole and not for the good of the separated nation or unit) are also calling the masses of their people to fight for the good of civilization and for the preservation of those values which are next upon the evolutionary scale and essential to the general good. The wording of these calls and the objectives expressed may differ in formulation, but the theme is the same and the effect is to call forth the spirit of sacrifice in the nations. Though the motives behind such a call may be mixed and the leaders guided as much by expediency and selfish, national interests as by the general good, yet they know that the note which will evoke an immediate response from the unit and the individual is fundamentally the good of the larger unit (the nation or the group of nations). Therefore, forgiveness or sacrifice in order to save others is increasingly the recognized needed keynote at this time and in this recognition lies much to justify the sorry story of past evolutionary processes and methods. When it is recognized that the "giving-for" involves right living upon the physical plane and not (as is so often thought) the dying of the physical body then we shall see a revitalized world. It is the living Christ (the living world Savior) Who saves humanity. It is the sacrifice, day by day, in the process of daily living which can save the world of men—the sacrifice of selfish personal interests for the good of the whole and the giving up of one's practical life to the salvage of the world. It is living in order that others too may live which is the theme of the New Testament. When, therefore, the mode of sacrifice enters into the realm of the subtler and subjective values and the true meaning of forgiveness is intellectually, practically and spiritually comprehended, the New Age will be abundantly realized with its truly human civilization and a culture which will embody [168] the realities of the esoteric teaching, as well as the best of the externalized past. Then and only then will the new esotericism be revealed to a race of men who have made aspiration a fact in their outer experience. The attitude of the masses in the present conflict is the guarantee of this and the proof also of the success of Christ's mission.

What is very interesting here is that the Master takes the speech of the German leaders calling forth the masses of men in order to save their Nation; while the allies were calling forth their men for the saving of a civilization – both were calling for the sacrifice of their people for a larger cause.  Although, the Germans were calling up men in order to take over the world for selfish acquisition of power and greed.  The allies were calling up men in order to save our civilization, our values, freedoms, our liberties and equality for all people everywhere.  Yet, what the Master is showing us here is that whether for good or for evil, people want to make the sacrifice in order for the greater good (even though the German soldiers were blinded by their Furor, the call had the same effect upon both parties.).  We have a lot to learn especially when looking at a word and thinking “I need to forgive someone” but never thinking that we do service for our community, our nations and the world because it is in the giving that our soul is working through us and we now from that level of being that we are moving in the right direction.

The result of what is happening today must, sooner or later, produce an at-one-ment between all nations and peoples. At-one-ment is ever (under evolutionary law) the consequence of sacrifice. Of this, Christ's sacrifice was the symbol and the guarantee, impulsed as His life and activities were by the Spirit of Peace. As He made "of twain, one new man, so making peace" (Ephesians 2:15) so today out of the duality of soul and body, humanity is achieving the same ends and the result of this final stage of the Piscean Age will be the fusion in consciousness of soul and body. The Aquarian Age will demonstrate an increasing expression of this at-one-ment, wrought out in the crucifixion of humanity at the present time. The difference between this coming stage and that of the past is that, in the past, the soul has sought this development and at-one-ment and (from the angle of evolution) it has been slowly and gradually attained, but in the future, it will be consciously sought, achieved and recognized by man upon the physical plane as a result of the present period of "giving-for" the whole, of the best which the individual can give.

No matter what the future may bring, we are not alone, we not only have our groups who are all working as one soul for the good of all; but we also connect at the highest level of our being with Hierarchy, Shamballa, the great Triangle as well as the Spirit of Peace.  Again, may there be peace on earth and may it begin with me…. Now we can see the difference between our past growing as individuals and our future – combining our individual souls with the group of souls to manifest at-one-ment and/or the fusing of soul and body for the greater good.

I would point out that just as the energies released by use of the first three phrases of the Invocation relate to the Head, Shamballa; to the Heart, the Hierarchy; and to the Throat center, Humanity; so the right use of this fourth phrase will bring into conscious, functioning activity the center between the eyebrows, the ajna center in individual man and in humanity as whole. This center begins to become active and to function dynamically, governing and directing the individual energies, once any real measure of personality integration has been achieved. It is, as you know, the fourth center found above the diaphragm [169] in the human body and the phrase which awakens it (both individually and in the group) is this fourth phrase. There is, therefore, a numerical relationship. When used wisely and intelligently by human beings, many of the blended potencies which the first three phrases have made available are invoked and so made available to the individual as well as to the group. They can then be focused for his use in the ajna center. In many ways, therefore, this fourth phrase of the Great Invocation is of paramount importance to the individual as well as to humanity, invoking as it does great and vital potencies and indicating process (Sacrifice) and purpose, plus the identification of the unit and the group with the basic intent of manifestation.

So, we begin to see the power of the hidden formula within the Great Invocation, as the first three stanzas relate to the Head, Shamballa; to the Heart, the Hierarchy; and to the Throat Center, Humanity. Now as we come to the fourth phrase when used wisely and correctly by human beings can eventually bring about the use of the Third Eye and/or ajna center – this will be of great importance not only to the individual but to humanity as a whole.

The fifth phrase, Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones, is definitely related to the effect in the Hierarchy of a constructive use of the Great Invocation, just as the previous one is related to the effect in humanity. This effect in the Hierarchy is a relatively new one and is due to the participation of humanity in the process of invocation, thus producing new effects and contacts. It is the united effort of the two great centers which is of such paramount importance and upon which I desire to have you concentrate. Its utterance by man throws the weight of human appeal and desire behind the age-old efforts of the Hierarchy and this is now, for the first time, truly possible on a large scale. For aeons, the Hierarchy has struggled alone to help and lift humanity and to stimulate the potency of the human planetary center so that its vibratory activity would eventually be sufficiently powerful to swing it into the radius or magnetic field of hierarchical activity. This long task has at last achieved success. The Hierarchy and humanity are at last en rapport. This is the higher reflection or correspondence to what goes on within the consciousness of a human being who—having reached the stage of discipleship—is at the point of blending the light of the personality (as it is expressed through the ajna center and its externalization, the pituitary body) and the light of the soul (as it is, in its turn, expressed [170] by the light in the head, or by the head center and its externalization, the pineal gland).

The whole Divine Plan has been planned and reworked for aeons of time, with Hierarchy always patiently spoon-feeding humanity with the patience of Job.  At last, there’s been a combination of events that has suddenly changed this one-sided arrangement.  The first thing we need to realize is that man himself, has changed over this vast period of time, and has come through all the phases from animal to man, to animal-man, to the awakening of the spiritual man through the help of Hierarchy and by the sacrifice of the many angels who came forth and made the great sacrifice to come unto man and bring the light and illumination forward for much of mankind.  Now if we are to look at where mankind was over 80 years ago at the time of this writing, you can see how in just 80 years we’ve made leaps and bounds in the expansion of our consciousness (and we have to realize that our mental equipment is much better than it was back then).  Therefore, it is time for us to give back and make the sacrifice for we are also now being called for the better good of all mankind. There’s no time like the present to make certain changes in our daily habits that will allow us to connect to our souls through our minds and brains, then connect to our group acting as one soul. This will allow us connection to Hierarchy – all those Great Ones Who are just waiting for us to make the leap into the 5th Kingdom, for this is where we’re headed if we are diligent, persistent and never give up on the work that must be done by us as faithfully as Hierarchy has stayed the course with all humanity for these many years. This will connect our group soul, which will then connect us to Hierarchy, Shamballa and finally to the Spirit of Peace so that we can open all of our centers and become part of the 5th Kingdom right here on Earth. Thus we can finally give back to Hierarchy what They have sacrificed for all of us.

You will, therefore, note afresh the practical significance of these fourth and fifth phrases of the Great Invocation. One serves to arouse humanity (as a planetary center) to activity and realization and the other serves to aid the Hierarchy in its ancient efforts so that the two are then related to each other's magnetic fields and produce a blending and a synthesis which will lead to a fuller expression of the soul of divinity through the medium of humanity. Ponder on this statement.

I can’t put it any better than what the Master states – we’ve been given all the tools, we’ve been given all the steps, we’ve been given the mantra with all its potent power, now it’s up to us to get to work.  So the 4th Phrase raises humanity as a planetary center-while the other helps Hierarchy in its ancient efforts so that they both connect to each other’s magnetic fields and produce a blending and synthesis which will lead to a fuller expression of the soul of divinity through the medium of humanity.  This is what I call syntheses, the actual fusing of our Souls to the Souls of Hierarchy and this will bring about the New Civilization because the Aquarian Age is all about living in the Soul.

In the esoteric teaching, this takes place in the life of the individual when—by an act of the will—the center at the base of the spine is aroused and the fire and the light of the personal threefold life (one aspect of which is often called the kundalini fire) is carried upwards and merged with the power and the light of the soul. The major approach of the two basic energies of form and soul (as an expression of spirit) are thereby related within the human being; the "marriage in the heavens" takes place and the task of the creative process of incarnation or individual manifestation is on the way to completion. Within the planetary life, the same process goes on. The life of humanity as a whole (which is intelligent form life) and the life of the Hierarchy (which is the life of the soul), under impulse from the Spirit or will aspect as symbolized in Shamballa, are fused and blended and then a new departure in the evolutionary process becomes possible. The kingdom of God, which is the kingdom of souls, and the human kingdom as mutually expressive and interrelated, are perfectly synthesized and anchored on earth. The glory of the One can then be faintly seen, which is the glory of Shamballa. The Dweller upon the threshold of divinity and the Angel of the Presence then stand face to face.

When we continually work towards becoming the “Christ Consciousness” and working at the soul level on a daily basis, many things begin to change within the physical vehicle – the twin serpents in the White Cube or Kundalini Chakra begin to move swiftly upward through all of the 7 centers rushing ever onward towards the soul (this is the Bride Groom meeting the Bride - the marriage); but it also is the greatest act we’ll perform in our many lifetimes, as it denotes rapid change, the opening of both the pineal gland and the pituitary glands – this is the process of becoming a Mahatma or Great Soul and the ability to live and move and have our being connected directly with Hierarchy - this is the fusing Master D. K. has been talking about. Now we are one with Hierarchy – never more having to reincarnate; but ready and able to work from a much greater level of awareness.

This is the situation today. Tomorrow they will blend and synthesize and the glory of God will appear on earth. The second great Approach will have been achieved.

Let us ponder on the realization that this gift is being presented to us – that we will be finally working in our Higher Selves with all of Hierarchy Who are connected to this great Divine Plan. Like the athlete who is at the starting line, we see the long way before us. But again, we are not alone and our group souls, our guides, our angels, and all of Hierarchy awaits us to reach the finish line – it’s all up to us and how much we set our goals from this day forward.

November 1939
The situation is serious. Sea and air and land are arrayed against the Forces of Light; they are the agents of material substance and can be used potently against the spiritual Forces. The forces of the air are, however, increasingly on our side. The Members of the Hierarchy are hard put to it to turn the tide in favor of that true and more spiritual civilization which is on the way. This civilization will be a combination of the best which has hitherto been produced and that which is new and, as yet, dimly sensed by the best of the world thinkers. The tide must be turned in favor of that which we call righteousness.

It didn’t matter whether one was on the land or sea or in the air, both the Nazis and the Japanese were bombarding the lands all over Europe Asia and the Pacific Islands. They used their airplanes to bomb all the major cities, while the Japanese were Kamikaze Pilots who gave their lives to drive their planes into the allies’ destroyers on the sea. There were also fighters in the air where many of the allies’ planes were shot down going across the channel from England to Germany.  While on the land in Germany concentration camps were erected where the Nazis placed thousands of Jews, Catholics and heads of governments; but the evilest thing they did was the gas chambers where millions were killed. The Dark Forces aligned themselves with Hitler and finally, it was the Shamballa Force that won the day.

The seeds of evil are in every country. Those who war against that which is good are numerous in every land, whether they war with aggressive and planned intent, whether they preserve an attitude of passivity and acceptance, or a planned neutrality (as in America), or are actively fighting for that which is against the material forces.

This is true, because in England there were young college men who were working as agents for the Germans, and even some among the English Aristocrats who invited the Nazis to their homes. Many among the European countries didn’t even defend themselves like the Austrians and Italians who lined themselves up with Hitler.  The United States had lost so many men in WWI, that they didn’t want anything to do with another World War. The President’s hands were tied as the people voted against fighting any more wars across the sea.  Then when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and destroyed several of our warships, then, and only then did the USA enter the war in 1942. (Although President Roosevelt did send military ships, planes, arms to England in order to give support to the allies – it really wasn’t enough).

The World Crisis was, as you know, inevitable, but physical warfare could have been avoided if right psychological methods had been employed, and it could have been cured if a process of transmutation and of transference had been correctly carried forward, and if the spirit of sacrifice had also been demonstrated by the world aspirants. The need for group sacrifice has not met with adequate response, except in those cases where it has been imposed by governments upon their nationals. Such is the sorry history of what is taking place today.

In hindsight, we could have and should have cut Hitler, Mussolini and Lenin off at the very beginning of their aggressions, but we didn’t.  Who knew what these dictators planned back in the day?  The intellectuals’, the thinkers, groups and church leaders around the world should have worked with the peoples of these nations through radio, newspapers and public speaking, bringing sensible solutions to the problems by enlightening the common man of the evils that were growing into powerful forces of hate and aggression against anyone who contradicted their philosophies. Again, today we are facing the same problems here and abroad, with “white supremacy” and other cults cropping up all over the world – becoming more of a threat each and every day.  Today we have the news, TV, social media advocating for the halting of such groups in their tracks; but at the present time they are now heading into vying for government positions so that they can eventually dictate to each and all how and what they can and cannot do – just like back in the day. We, as world servers and group souls, must work to ensure that the United States and the World continue to live and move in a world where one is free to express his/her ideas, religion, and that no matter one’s race, they are always equal in all ways with everyone else.  There must be discussions, TV debates, classroom education and most importantly a halting of generation-to-generation hatreds passed on continually against races and religions.

What can be done at the present moment to arrest defeat and the overwhelming of the Forces of Light? Here I refer not to the outer physical victory. True victory will not be indicated unless the higher values which should govern human civilization emerge with clarity and power. I would here like to emphasize the fact that the tide must be definitely turned before the close of the year if a prolonged conflict is to be avoided. I would ask you, therefore, to participate [172] in the subjective focusing and rallying of the world thinkers, and particularly the heads of organizations, groups and churches of all kinds and temperaments who can swing their many adherents into a uniform and united activity.

If you look at the date this lesson was written (November 1939) and read the above paragraph you can begin to realize how frustrating the Hierarchy was at that time.  Master D.K. tells his aspirants and disciples that “the tide must be definitely turned before the close of the year.” Again, He appealed to all those who followed His teachings to move into action by contacting the world thinkers, heads of organizations, groups and church leaders to “influence their followers into action.”  And since the war continued for six more years, we saw that either His followers were not motivated and/or the leaders of these groups didn’t respond in a positive manner to what was required to bring about the necessary changes to end the crisis in 1939. Whatever the reason, I’m sure that the Hierarchy wanted to reach through the veil and get their attention; but, of course, They had Their own battles to contend with at another level - the Forces of Light against the Forces of Darkness which was raging across both Europe and Asia during this crisis.

The Masters of the Wisdom have no time today to do the task Themselves; Their hands are full, combating the forces of materialism. These forces are active in every country; the Hierarchy in its consciousness does not isolate Germany, even though these forces have chosen that sad land for their major point of departure and enterprise; in Germany They have Their people working as elsewhere. The Masters of the Wisdom are active in dispelling the depressions and terrors which settle down upon all Their workers in the arena of the world today, as these workers struggle to stand steady under the fierce impact of wrong thinking and of world-wide despair; these workers are likewise sensitive (owing to their point of integrated development) to the agony of mind, the tension of emotion and the ravages of physical pain which are felt by all those upon whom the War has had its dire effects, and upon whom it has laid the hand of suffering. Such a sensitivity and such a sympathetic response are apt to produce a condition of negativity and a psychic preoccupation with the immediate situation among all workers, and thus render them deaf to the call of their actual duty or else liable to become distraught by the dual effort of being effective in service, whilst at the same time fighting off emotional reactions. The capacity of the worker to respond, therefore, to the inner voices and to serve dispassionately and selflessly is seriously handicapped.

I don’t think I have to add anything to the above paragraph except to say that no matter if you were one of the Great Ones in Hierarchy and/or one of Their New Group of World Servers, everyone was involved as the Dark Forces had penetrated every country and therefore all people were affected by such pain and suffering and loss of life – I can understand how it would have been almost a superhuman task to maintain their roles as observers – although, most had to stand at the ready to serve. Many had difficulty in remaining the observer, when their comrades, families and friends were suffering and dying around them.  Remember, their mental equipment wasn’t honed as it is today and therefore, they were not equipped to face the challenges that had to be overcome, while continuing to serve Hierarchy. Today, we can understand what is expected of us, and we also have the knowledge and understanding of the great support Hierarchy gives to us, especially as we are now working in “group soul formation” no longer working as individuals with Hierarchy; but at the soul level of awareness of what needs to be accomplished not only when there’s a crisis but to “keep on keeping on” as St. Germain reminds us on a daily basis – this is why we were born and why we are here.

I challenge all workers and all members of the New Group of World Servers to leave their personal problems behind. This is a time of crisis and such problems must be solved through complete self-forgetfulness. I ask you to work anew with fresh ardor in joyful service, forgetting past weaknesses and failures in the urgency of that which I ask all to do for the world. There has been much lack of joy in the service rendered to the world lately. When I speak thus, I refer not to happiness, which is a personality reaction, [173] but to that joyous confidence in the law and in the Hierarchy which lies behind the Biblical words, "The joy of the Lord is our strength." "Rise up and fight, Arjuna," preserving the flame of love intact, permitting no breath of hate to disturb the serenity of love or upset that inner poise which will enable you to sound forth the clarion note of world understanding, that will rally all men and women of goodwill to the aid of the Hierarchy. This will bring to an end all hatred, separativeness and aggression, which are the three major sins of humanity. All men have hated; all men have been separative in both thought and action; all have been and many still are materialistic, full of pride and the desire to gain that which is not their own by right. This spirit of acquisitiveness belongs to no one group; it has been a universal and general fault, and has produced the present disastrous economic situation, thus precipitating the world into war, hate and cruelty.

What the Master asked of His New Group of World Servers was again to forget your personal problems and do the job you were born to do in service to mankind – especially at that time of great crisis in the whole world.  He speaks of Joy of knowing that you are the representatives of Hierarchy working in the fields of the world. He also reminded the NGWS that they had to maintain their inner strength while taking action on a daily basis, this positive stance definitely would ring a positive note into the ears of humanity, who were looking for the formula to end all hate and separateness and aggression in all areas of the world.

You notice too, the Master D. K. reminds us that we are all guilty of the three evils:  “hatred, separateness and aggression”; and until we learn to move out of the world of illusion, materialism, pride and aggression, we will never be free of wars and affliction – this is why we need to replace these three evils with: “harmlessness, forgetfulness and a consecrated heart - in other words to love all life free”.

The fusion of many minds into one directed activity is today of supreme importance; this has been symbolized in the union which now exists between two great nations, France and Great Britain. Unity of directed thought and purpose is the guarantee of inevitable and future success. The power of massed thought is omnipotent. The potency of focused and directed mental activity is unpredictable. If you accept this premise and this statement, then act upon it.

There it is!  Exactly what is expected of all of us World Servers, to act in group soul formation, contacting others of like-mind and heart to fuse one Nation to another through right communication, right action, right words and deeds.  This is what needs to occur in order to form a more perfect union between nations and this is the formula for success in creating the New Civilization, the New Age of Aquarius in which all men and women are equal, free of illusion and determined to work under the Hierarchy, Shamballa and the Spirit of Peace.

The Spirit of Peace is hovering close to humanity, seeking opportunity to make His Presence felt. The Spirit of Peace is not an abstract concept but a potent Individual, wielding forces hitherto unfamiliar to our planet. Great Forces are awaiting the hour when They can function as the Liberators and the Deliverers of mankind. But the door to Their entrance must be opened by humanity itself and it will be opened by a united act of the will, expressed through some formula of words and expressed in sound. It will be brought about by an activity performed simultaneously by all men and women of goodwill and by all the world aspirants and disciples. The door will not open unless the act of invocation is backed by the focused will. The [174] directed determination of the man or the group who is using the suggested formula, prayer or invocation is essential.

I tell you we are given new information every time we work on a new lesson.  In my church, the priest always said at the end of the Mass “Peace Be With you” and we answered, “And peace be also with you.”  Now, there is again, a new understanding of how powerful words can be.  The Spirit of Peace and His forces await mankind doing their part in working under God’s Holy Will, by their own focused and united act of will – notice also that it is not only our expressing through the words sounded out in invocation, brought about by a concentrated mind and determined will – added to this formula are groups of souls all acting together to bring about the opening of the door to those Great Forces of the Spirit of Peace who will, upon our groups directed actions, finally act as the Liberators and Deliverers of all mankind upon the planet.  This again, is the Divine Plan, this again, is our service to our Father/Mother God, to Hierarchy and to Humanity. This again, is why we came into this planet at this very hour.

I would ask you to call as many people as you can reach through the medium of every available channel to a definite activity upon the coming Christmas day, if possible, and again at the time of the full moon of January, thus making two great appeals to the Forces of Peace and Light, so that they may help humanity. I would ask you to get in touch with leaders and workers—important and unimportant—in every land, asking them to associate themselves in their own way and with their own people, and to do this on as large a scale as possible—as large, at least, as that of your effort in May, 1936.

You’ll notice again that the Master and Hierarchy never gave up and were constantly prompting the New Group of World Servers on what and how to make the necessary changes that would bring about an ending to this world conflict.  Master D. K. asked that the NGWS work diligently up to Christmas day and also at the full moon in January (would have been 1940).  In fact, our Violet Fire Circle group in coordination all NGWS are working together at the soul level on New Moon and Full Moon days every month. By invoking the Hierarchy, Shamballa and the Spirit of Peace through Triangles and Twelves Groups and calling for Peace and Goodwill all over the Earth, can you imagine how quickly we could turn events towards the deliverance and liberation of all nations as quickly as possible.  This would be a great activity to begin ASAP.

The times are ripe for a response to these ideas; the recognized pain and distress of the world will open both hearts and purses. The idea of a Christmas appeal and call to prayer and to invocation of the Prince of Peace will be potent in evoking a desirable reaction and will serve also to blend into closer unity all who recognize the work the Hierarchy is attempting to do. I would ask you to call for help from all sides, and to let these ideas work out into the world on the basis of their usefulness and opportuneness. Omit from this appeal none that you know, for through them millions can be reached and swung into the desired activity.

I know that Hierarchy was working directly through the Master D. K. to spread the “good news” that there were enough New Group of World Servers throughout the world who could definitely make a difference by getting in touch with any and all groups, churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, government officials etc. He said not to overlook anyone who could influence millions in making the necessary changes that could end the war.  Now it is up to us to do our part in getting the word out. If we could educate these groups on how to do the Great Invocation properly and how it must be sent out to the whole world, what a difference this would make in shifting the world of illusion into a world of Peace and Goodwill.

To those of you who can appreciate and use the Great Invocation, I would suggest its renewed and earnest use. This alternative invocation might, however, be suggested and found useful:

"O Lord of Light and Love, come forth and rule the world.
May the Prince of Peace appear and end the warring of the nations.
May the reign of Light and Love and Justice be begun.
Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with us."

I copied this to my “Notes” on my phone along with all my other mantras, because it is so beautiful and when we all say it around 5:00 p.m. with our other mantras calling upon each other before we begin, this can be a dynamic decree that again, can make drastic changes in ourselves and in our world.

End of Lesson

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Lesson 167 - The Externalization of Hierarchy - The Great Invocation - Stanza One - Part 1


Alice A. Bailey, March 1934

Section Two - The World Crisis - The Great Invocation - pgs. 144-156
Text in BLUE is by Margaret Mary Flynn, Text in BLACK is by D.K.

The Great Invocation - Stanza One

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to all mankind.

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.

May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.

May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time.

Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.

So let it be and help us to do our part.


After WWII, when Eleanor Roosevelt recited the Great Invocation before the world, which is still recorded, Hierarchy changed the above stanza to read as follows:



From the point of Light within the Mind of God,

Let Light stream forth into the minds of men,

May light descend on Earth


Let us see now what the Master D. K. explains about the Great Invocation that Christ recited before the Grand Council after WWII.



From the point of Light within the Mind of God,

Let Light stream forth into the minds of men,

Let Light descend on earth.  


From the point of Love within the Heart of God,

Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men,

May Christ return to Earth


From the center where the Will of God is known,

Let purpose guide the little Minds of men,

The purpose that the Masters know and serve,


From the center which we call the Race of Men,

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.


Let Light and Love and Power

Restore the Plan on Earth

OM      OM      OM


October 1939

D.K. begins this chapter by explaining the occult significance of this Great Invocation so that His students would say the formula with great force and concentration - also with more comprehension of the significance of the "formula" contained within these powerful words.  He did this so that His students would understand that within that very Invocation was a formula for bringing Light and Love and Power into the atmosphere of Earth.

The reason Master D. K. spent so much time explaining the power of such Invocations (for there were many mantras that were in use at that time by disciples), was that although the students would recite the mantras, they didn't understand the powerful energy the words held in the mantas. The students work wasn't accomplishing the real power these very words held within the Invocation.  He made it clear that most students didn't realize that they had to do the mantra with the full power, love and light within their beings from the Group Soul Level of consciousness, in order for the Light and Love and Power to penetrate the darkness upon the Earth. This chapter, in two parts, will give the full explanation for our greater understanding of the use of this and/or any formula of power given to us by Hierarchy.

The first thing that He explained was that these words of power will not work unless they come from the mental plane with the power of a fully controlled mind.  This must be done with focused intent and understanding of the power issuing forth from these very words.  This is the only way in which the Invocation will do its intended work in spreading the light in all areas of darkness.  I see this Invocation coming from the "mind of God" spreading the Light into the minds of mankind everywhere upon the planet, and it doesn't matter if they are children of light who haven't awakened as yet.  It especially needs to be sent into the minds of all those who are caught up in aligning themselves with the Forces of Darkness - many times unconsciously, thinking they are helping mankind, when in reality they are blocking the incoming light. 

Now listen to His words concerning the direction of these words:

"When said with the power of the soul as well as with the directed attention of the mind, they automatically become dynamically effective"...

The above statement is absolutely correct. If you are not using your consecrated heart and the full attention of your mind (with visualization), you are wasting your time and effort. Master D. K. goes on to say the following concerning His students:

"Students all the world over have for years used the Sacred Word and have sounded the O.M. with great diligence.  I would like here to ask:  With what results? I, myself will reply. With practically no results except a slight stimulation of the aspiration and a small awakening of the creative imagination. This means that the results achieved have had effect only within the aura of the person concerned and have not penetrated into his environment or produced any recognizable effects. The O. M. has a potent and dynamically effective when rightly used and will produce changes, destroy that which must be eliminated or ended, and will build in, by attraction and consolidation that which is desired into the fabric of the group life, producing incidentally (though none the less certainly) needed changes and the wise reconstruction of the individual life.  PONDER ON THIS!

Think about His words and how the word O. M. can change the very fabric of the group life.

Click Here for the Tibetan Monks reciting O.M. 108 times

Bookmark this mantra and take it anywhere you go. This powerful, dynamic force of energy, along with your own voice, is a powerful tool used for breaking up certain force-fields of darkness and at the same time increasing the light, love and power within your group.  Then Master D. K. continued to explain that knowing the truth of the O. M. as a powerful mantra, it is infinitely more true of the Great Invocation. You can put both of these mantras on your devices and listen in your car and "voila" you have a dynamic, powerful tool to accompany with your added voice - coming from the soul as well as with the directed attention of the mind, they automatically become dynamically effective. There's absolutely no excuse today - with access to social media, YouTube and Facebook - in using any and/or all of them as our tools. If you add to these tools and the mantras from Adonis' websites, (given to you in the last lesson = Lesson 166), then my brothers and sisters, you have a treasure house of dynamic power that can be done (with earphones) anywhere: sitting in the car, driving in the car, at the park, at the beach, at home, in an airplane.

There are multiple possibilities for spreading the light, but you must remember before you begin any prayer and/or mantra, to prepare yourselves by aligning your mental, emotional and physical bodies into a stream of light and then attaching that light to the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra and all 7 centers within the Head. Once you've prepared yourselves, then call upon the Angel of the Presence, your soul, as you begin your mantras.  When you finish, recite 108 A. U. M.s to complete the circle of light. don't forget to connect at the "soul level" with all of your group(s): The World Service, Triangles, Twelves and the New Group of World Servers around the entire world. If done specifically as He directs you, at the soul level, and with dynamic and forceful mental intent while visualizing the light pouring out of the mind of God and out of the Heart of God to all of mankind, you will be truly acting as a dynamic powerhouse as well as a bridge between Hierarchy and Humanity. 

Click Here for a similar meditation from Adonis on the New Group World of Servers Inner Sanctum website

Master D. K. also states:


He continues to explain that both these activities must be carried out simultaneously by the SOUL on its own plane, through the medium of both the MIND and BRAIN. This can only be accomplished, according to the Master, by one who has a developed and trained integration between the soul and mind, desire, brain and the spoken Word or sound.  He also explains that this same activity must be also carried out on a daily basis by all students whenever using the Sacred Word.  Master D. K. states: 

This formula is so potent that an aspirant or disciple can actually change their lives, reorient their life purpose and focus, and achieve spiritual unfoldment and expansion if they could use the O. M. as it should be used. The Great Invocation, rightly used…could reorient the consciousness of humanity, stabilize men in spiritual being, disrupt and rebuild the planetary thought-form which men have created in the past and which has had(and is having) such disastrous and cataclysmic results, and open the door into the New Age, thus ushering in the new and better civilization. Can you imagine, just by doing these 2 mantras correctly what a group soul can do in all areas of life on our planet?

He did add that just by the use (although not as dynamic as Hierarchy expected) of these two mantras, they have materially hastened world events, …and stirred up a great deal of trouble… brought forth upon the physical planeThe basically selfish purpose (even if unrecognized) of those who have used the Great Invocation has served to stimulate the selfish purposes of the force of materialism (Dark Forces) - and then He asks His students: 

How many used the Great Invocation as a purely detached, spiritually potent and fully understanding manner?  The merest handful.  How many sent forth the Great Invocation in the spirit of pure love and with a completely unbiased attitude?  Very few indeed. How many sounded it out through the medium of a controlled mind, with a recognition and deep belief that it embodied the will of the Planetary Logos and must, therefore, become dynamically effective upon the physical plane? Hardly more than a tiny handful. Most of those who used it were intrigued by its novelty, or felt it to be comprehensive though in an unrealizable manner, or considered it must be occultly effective because they heard that it emanated from a member of the Hierarchy, was used by the occult Hierarchy of the planet, and was endorsed by those they trusted, or because - foremost reason of all - anything that could make the world nicer, more comfortable, happier, and provide eventually easier living conditions must be at least tried; it did not take long to say and was probably well worth doing. But the dynamic power behind the effort in individual cases has often been personal self-interest, distress at the existing terrible and unhappy world conditions and an emotional reaction at pain and horror and fear.  In many ways, this has been a normal reaction to world tension and was to be expected.  The standard that I have indicated above is, I well know, too high and too impossible for the average aspirant, and most people are average.  But the world need is such that they must now swing out of the normal and, for the sake of service, heighten their consciousness and work more definitely from a higher plane of awareness. Pgs. 146-147

Even if the Masters understood what the average person was experiencing during this terrible crisis upon the earth at that time, They still expected their students (aspirants and disciples) to step up to the plate and stop self-serving whether out of fear or pain; but again, the old saying from St. Germain "Be an observer, do not get involved in anything that is being acted out upon the stage of life".  

He went on to state that if a student is ever to move forward on the evolutionary path, that for the purpose of developing human will and human freedom of action, motivated by group consciousness, the Hierarchy chooses to produce the desired unfoldments and changes upon the physical plane only through the medium of a conscious and awakened humanity.  If Hierarchy was and is expected to produce that unfoldment of the dynamic changes upon the physical plane, then the students (Their only reliable source of receiver and transmitters) must also do their part.  That very humanity will be awakened at that time through their pain and suffering - and would be guided and directed by the input from their Elder Brothers of the race.  Also, they could refuse to listen to Hierarchy and continue on as their free wills dictated.  Remember, Hierarchy can only suggest and place thought-forms into the minds of those intellectuals who are spiritually awakened.  It is these individuals that must carry forth the information being received from the Great Ones - Humanity is always free to choose what they want to accomplish, for Hierarchy has no intention of placing any control upon any human being whether the common man or Their students.

Again, it always falls back to "true meditation" and how effective an individual works at developing their minds - then, the Great Invocation can be given with the concentration and dedication that is working from Group Soul awareness as the first activity followed by the "breathing forth" into the earthly plane. The student, trained as a true Observer, must look for its results in their own individual lives.

Now Master D. K. begins to explain about the significance of both the process and method of Invocation:

What the Master really needed at that time and this still applies today, is stalwart aspirants and disciples who were willing and can use the "Great Invocation" according to Hierarchy's demands.

Much has been written in the past by the curious investigator and by those engaged in magical work of any kind anent the use of invocation as it applies to elemental forces and subhuman agents, with the consequent evocation of active agents and responsible energies of some kind or another upon the physical plane. …this process consists entirely of the production of contact and subsequent control of the forces of earth, water, fire and air.  This is one of the aims of the magical workers but it concerns material nature and the control of substance and, in the realm of the lower occultism, is allied to the invocation and evocation of money, good health and tangible material results as practiced in the realm of mysticism by many schools of thought. NOTE THIS for it holds a clue to the relation of occultism and mysticism upon the lower levels of consciousness and indicates the need of both groups to shift their focus of interest and their emphasis on to the higher and more spiritual values. The control of the natural forces and the evocation of the desired material rewards will arrive normally and inevitably but as secondary effects; they will depend upon the karma or destiny of man recognized and considered, and the man will escape the danger of being himself controlled and motivated by the forces of materialism, letting in - as this condition must - much that is evil and dangerous. pgs. 148-149

The above paragraph is important as many people do practice this form of invocation for self-gain-the most notable of those individuals who work from the solar plexus chakra, and invoke the elementals of Earth, Air, Water and Fire for their own material gain. As Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, there is no way that we would invoke an elemental, and/or animal to do our bidding. This takes us immediately out of the realm of Soul Consciousness to the world of Dark Forces - it's like playing with fire - yes, according to the individual's karma, material gain in many cases will happen, but what price does one want to pay for wealth and abundance? To bring into their auras the very Dark Forces that all light bearers work to bring into light and illumination forever.

As an aspirant and/or a disciple working directly under Hierarchy and invoking the elementals to help heal the earth, the planet and the atmosphere of the earth, and, at the same time, working as a group soul - invoking of light and love and power will bring forth the Divine Plan for our Earth - then you are working with the elementals and earthly forces to maintain the very planet and its people through right invocation, right action and a concentrated heart. Then, and only then are you working under the Planetary Logos, the Spiritual Hierarchy and our Father/Mother God carrying out the Divine Plan for the Earth while doing God’s Holy Will.

The invocation, evocation and resultant activity of the Hierarchy and of the Forces, Energies and Beings Who are not controlled by matter in any way, or by substance (the lower pole of manifestation**) but Who are related to the positive spiritual pole is a new activity, and as yet relatively an untried experiment on the part of humanity and the formulas unknown.

 **Apparently, these are forces of enlightenment who work behind the scenes with Hierarchy in prompting those in humanity who are high intellects and spiritually minded.  These Forces can come from other planets (like the Pleiades, Alcyone, Sirius or Orion’s Belt – all highly qualified to help humanity especially in those times when the world is crying out against the evil that causes much of humanity great pain and sorrow. Remember, the formula for bringing The Great Invocation is: 1. Working as one group soul; 2. all those who live, work, think and feel as souls – again, must be at the soul-level of group consciousness.  Today, in our World Service we call upon these very Enlightened Forces seen above to work with us as we Reverse the Tide on the Evil and Dark Forces preying continually upon humanity.

He also mentions that at the time of His dictating the contents of this book to Alice Bailey, there were great souls among humanity already working and responding to world affairs; and that these were the individuals that could be trained to work with Hierarchy upon the Earthly plane. Only with these individuals could the words of the Great Invocation bring about the fusing of Hierarchy and Humanity, including direct contact with Shamballa.  P. 149

Again, these Forces are interplanetary, solar and also great cosmic Energies. Once those highly spiritual and intellectual individuals were trained, it was possible for them to make contact with these powerful energies, and only those who are selfless and detached can be trusted with these very polar vibrations.  It is these very forces that once are invoked can not only force the efforts of the Great White Lodge, but they will also help bring about the new world religion. Again, D.K. explains that it is not controlling these elemental forces, but by working from the soul level, individuals are invoking those spiritual forces who work with the Hierarchy as divine embodied Energies, while Hierarchy is their intermediary.  These very Enlightened Forces of the subjective life, which at present we cannot see, will eventually be revealed to us. Let’s look at the threefold objectives of the processes of invocation:

1.      To invoke the soul of humanity and so bring about its freer expression upon the physical plane.  This can be brought about in two ways.

a.      The stimulation of the souls of men everywhere by the increased inflow of the Christ principle of love, which will express itself in world understanding, goodwill, cooperation and peace.

b.      The setting up of a vibration within humanity itself of such potency that it will magnetically attract a response from the waiting, watching Hierarchy and bring about a much closer and likewise conscious rapport between the two planetary centers, the Hierarchy and Humanity.

This is called the invocation of the Great White Lodge. Much of this invocation of the Christ principle is carried forward by true believers in all lands (Christian and non-Christian) who address themselves to the Christ, no matter under what name they recognize Him and then, with love in their hearts to Him and their fellowmen, seek to ameliorate world conditions, end hatred and misery, and demonstrate goodwill everywhere. This refers to the first stage of evoking the response to love and understanding in human hearts and minds as the result of the invocation of the Christ and the Christ principle. PONDER ON THESE WORDS AND SEE ON EVERY HAND THE PROCESS GOING FORWARD!

He also states in the same paragraph:  Esoteric and occult students demonstrate almost unavoidably a divided focus, owing to the activity of the mind and their failure as yet to blend perfectly both soul and personality.  This leads to the dissipation of energy and oft renders their good intend futile.  But, out of these groups are rapidly emerging those who can work in the right way and the results will be increasingly effective.

The evocation of the Hierarchy through right invocation is proceeding also rapidly, producing much activity and response from the Hierarchy of Light. Pg. 150-151

Here again we see that many among mankind through the pain and suffering occurring at that time were pleading with the Christ (by whatever name they called him) from their hearts. This plea made a direct beeline to Hierarchy because they were all praying directly from the heart rather than splitting hairs and working from both mind and heart like many of the disciples and aspirants were doing – this was mostly because they were unable to “blend both the heart and soul” and remain observers and hadn’t quite reached that level of awareness as yet. The good news that came out of this particular experiment (using the Enlightened Forces, training certain disciples and aspirants and the heartfelt prayers from a suffering humanity) were all combined to bring forth a rapid response from Hierarchy. So let us see the second way in which to invoke the soul of humanity according to Hierarchy:

2.      To set up a closer relation with the third, major divine center on our planet, Shamballa.  From that center, the will of God goes forth and the power of God becomes the messenger of His will. Hitherto that highest form of spiritual energy has only reached humanity (as I have before told you) via the Hierarchy. Today, it is deemed desirable that it should be ascertained whether there are enough selfless and group-conscious people upon the planet to warrant a direct inflow of that higher energy to humanity, thus producing upon the physical plane a hastening of the divine plan and a more rapid working out of that which is to be. This direct contact can be used if the Great Invocation is used by the world aspirants and disciples in collaboration with the Hierarchy.  Hence the emphasis I have laid upon all of you using this Great Invocation as souls and as those who are in touch in some small measure with the Hierarchy.  When the note of humanity and the note of the Hierarchy are synchronized by the use of the Great Invocation, there will come a dynamic and immediate response from Shamballa, and that will rapidly take place which the Hierarchy and the world disciples desire to see. Pgs. 151-152

The experiment must have worked because at some point towards the end of WWII, Shamballa forces came forth and brought about the end of the war, the persecutions and the evil that raged all around those who were under Hitler and his regime at that time. Note, that D. K. continually brings up the importance of meditation, having a connection with the soul and aligning every soul together within a group – this was the formula used to fuse Hierarchy Shamballa and Humanity at that time during WWII.  He also stated, that never before had Shamballa forces worked within our planet except through Hierarchy.  Today, because of the expansion of consciousness through “group souls” everywhere on the planet, there is now an opportunity for those who are stalwart disciples and aspirants to receive direct contact with Shamballa, as we draw ever closer to the Externalization of the Hierarchy, the Reappearance of the Christ and the lower of the New Jerusalem into the atmosphere of Earth.

The warning D. K. also gave us is the fact that the potency of The Great Invocation and its correct use brought about an acceleration, which in turn, brought about its own risks, which also resulted in the many problems cropping up and happening to many of the aspirants and disciples in the world.

D. K. states: They are by this process learning the work of “world salvage” and becoming gradually fitted for the post of “world saviors” and be the absorbers of evil karma. The war and suffering of the twenty-five year period from WWI to WWII is a direct result of the effects of past karma.  While the suffering and pain of the aspirants and disciples are conscious of this karma and its results in all three vehicles simultaneously – in the mind as well as in the emotional body with resultant physical reactions. He also added here that while the world is absorbing all this pain and suffering in the personality, the aspirant and disciple by training, can tune in and absorb world pain, world reactions and world conditions, thereby greatly increasing that which they may have individually to bear.  The capacity to shoulder and register group pain as well as to bear his own personal karma greatly aggravates the disciple’s task. 

When therefore, I call the world aspirants and disciples to the use of the Great Invocation, I call them also to the “fellowship of Christ’s sufferings”; this is ever preliminary to the resurrection or to the release of the human consciousness into higher realms of spiritual awareness. The Forces which are contacted by the use of this Great Invocation, in conjunction with the trained hierarchical effort, are thereby attracted or magnetically impelled to respond and then potent energies can be sent direct to the waiting planetary center, Humanity.  Two effects of an immediate nature are consequently induced over a specific period of time. Pgs. 152-153

Now, I can understand why there are many who volunteer to become aspirants and disciples but when push comes to shove, they jump overboard - they can’t take the heat.  Remember, as we are working as a “group soul” we absorb this world pain and suffering also as a “group soul” and yes, individually we still have to deal with our own karma; but this is what it’s all about – we signed up for this before we entered the planet, and even though we come from different countries, different religions, different nationalities, we are all one in right thoughts, right cooperation and right actions, therefore, we will win the day. I fully understand now, why mankind being hit with the same evil, could only absorb it in the personality body; and this was truly hard to deal with.

D. K. goes on here:

A.    a. The energy of the Will of God serves to awaken the illumined but latent will-to-good in men and this, once dynamically awakened, will flower forth as goodwill. There is so much of this which remains latent and unexpressed because the will to demonstrate goodwill activity has not been aroused; it will be automatically aroused in the general public once the world disciples have invoked and evoked the inflow of the higher dynamic energy. Humanity awaits this and its arrival is dependent upon the efforts of those who know what should be done and who should now make their spiritual theories facts in outer expression. Nothing can arrest the eventual progress of this will-to-good and its planned activity any more than a bud which has started to unfold its petals in the light of the sun and subject to the proper stimulation can revert again to the condition of a tightly closed bud, potential but unexpressed. The expression of what has been potential will be the result of the impact of first ray force, of the will-to-good at this time, induced by the efforts of the world disciples. Pg. 153

D. K. lays it all out for us when He explains what happens when the Will of God brings out the will-to-good once mankind is awakened; but the “goodwill aspect” is still very latent during the time of this writing. We look at mankind today and realize that it is still latent and seems to have taken a turn for the worst – yet, we know that now that the Shamballa force has been released and certain disciples working directly under the Planetary Logos and Shamballa, will indeed bring about the necessary changes – as the Master says, nothing can hold it back once released upon humanity – this can all be brought about more quickly if those who have been assigned the task of working on the salvation of the world while making the sacrifice as the World Saviors will finally bring about a rapid results for all of humanity.

B.    b. The second effect will be the forming or constitution of a planetary triangle or recognizable triad which will be the correspondence between the three planetary centers to the spiritual triad of Monad, Soul and Personality (the atma-buddhi-manas of the theosophical literature).  Hitherto the word alignment has best described the planetary situation; there has been a straight line along which energy has poured from Shamballa to the Hierarchy and from the Hierarchy to Humanity, but this has meant no direct interplay between Humanity and Shamballa. If the Great Invocation can be rendered effective, humanity can then set up a direct relationship with Shamballa. The resultant triangle of force-relationship will promote the circulation of spiritual energies between the three centers from point to point so that there will be a triple relation. A planetary process of give and take between all three will then be established, and the emphasis upon giving will be far more pronounced. Pgs. 153-15 

Here again, we see working out today, the plan that Hierarchy and Shamballa set up through their disciples who were trained to invoke the Great Invocation and evoke it out into the world for the goodwill of all humanity.  We are now absolutely sure that today’s disciples and aspirants who are part of the New Group of World Servers with a direct connection to Shambala, the Planetary Logos, Hierarchy and the Christ – all working at the group soul level with the Seventh Ray very much in play, are part of that very Divine Plan working with the Atma-Buddhi-Manas triad energy, working with the Triangles under the great golden triangle of the Manu, the Maha Chohan and the Christ, while connecting with the Star Retreat (Ashram), all of those in Hierarchy affiliated with the coming events and let us not forget the great devas, Archangels, the Avatar of Synthesis all fusing together to bring about God’s Divine Plan for our Earth – the Reappearance of the Christ, the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the lowering of the New Jerusalem into the atmosphere on Earth – WOW! What a wonderful life to look forward to.

Master D. K. gives us verse two of the Great Invocation as was said before 1945.
We know, O Lord of Life and Love, about the need;
Touch our hearts anew with love, that we too may love and give.

Can you understand now how potent these mantras are. Here the mantra begins by addressing the Lord of Life and Love, and the next line is what Hierarchy expects from us:  The Need that was so necessary at that time, the need to send love and light and power into the hearts and minds of all mankind, who were suffering greatly at that particular time.  Here again, we are given the formula to this mantra – by saying the mantra with all their hearts they sent out into the world their love and also a sharing of their worldly goods to those who lost everything in that great War.
Master D. K. also states: 
It is this thought of the free circulation of energy between the three world centers which motivates this mantric sentence. A study of this will show you how the implication and significance of apparently simple words may be far deeper and far more wide-reaching in effect than you have been able to conceive. A recognition of this and a creative, impassioned use of the imagination may serve to add greater potency to your thought and to your personal will-to-good as you use the Great Invocation and its subsidiary mantras. The keynote of the first aspect is Sacrifice, and of the second, Love. The words therefore “that we too may love and give” can produce a contact between the two.
Just to add here, that Master D. K. emphasizes the significance of the previous paragraph; impassioned use of the imagination may serve to add greater potency to your thought and to your personal will-to-good as you use the Great Invocation and its subsidiary mantras. pg. 154
In the next paragraph on p. 154 bottom paragraph:  Master D. K. gives us a further explanation concerning pain and suffering – we all know that when a terrible earthquake, or a violent hurricane sweeps some area of the globe, all of us want to reach out and aide those who are suffering – this is what is known as compassion, a heart that reaches out to the world, a heart full of love for his brothers and sisters who are suffering because of some unforeseen event that changes their lives in an instant.  This compassion and heartfelt love for our brotherhood of men, is our bringing forth “world understanding and a burning away the barriers which human beings have set up to the will-to-good”.
On Page 154 – Master D. K. explains more about the “direct inflow of the Shamballa force”.
… the Shamballa force through the focused demand of the aspirants and world disciples will be the intelligent recognition of the uses of pain and suffering. Remember, here what was said earlier concerning pain and suffering, that the world disciples and aspirant who are trained, will absorb the pain and suffering through their training by Hierarchy on how to handle any situation. But Master D. K. also points out that this same Shamballa Force was also used by certain individuals and governments for their own personal gain, whether they used this energy in warfare and by some other means of control, it was and is still used today to gain access to certain areas, countries, and mainly the people involved in this conflict.  He further states: It is not, the duty or right of man to turn ’first ray’ force (Shamballa Force) to selfish ends or material objectives; responsibility cannot be veiled behind specious and distorted half truths and evil cannot be done in order that good may come.
He then gives us how this ‘first ray” should be used:  What is applied by the Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara) in Shamballa under the motivation of love, wisdom and selflessness with a sure touch and a judgment as to times and seasons cannot be so used    by those motivated by personality objectives, either on an individual or a personality scale (for nations as well as individuals have personalities).  Ponder on this and seek enlightenment from the Soul”. P. 155
Remember, the First Ray Shamballa Force is a very powerful use of “The Will of God” and up until WWII was always brought forth to Humanity by way of Hierarchy – it was only during this time of great pain and suffering that the Shamballa Force came directly into the Planet rather than through Hierarchy. So, when Hierarchy was involved, They could direct this potent force into any area upon Earth that was in dire need of assistance; but when this same Shamballa Force came directly into the planet, it was used in a very positive way through the world disciples and aspirants who were trained in how to send it forth into the world, while taking on the pain and suffering of humanity. At the same time, as all this “world salvage” and “world sacrifice” was being played out, there were certain individuals and countries who saw an opportunity to gain control of certain countries and individuals for their own selfish ends (this is the negative side of the first Ray). Examples of the First Ray types are Sanat Kumara, The Great Divine Director, Chananda, El Morya, Archangel Michael and Faith and their Blue Ray angels. Examples of the negative forces of the First Ray are Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini.

3.      When the Great Invocation is thus rightly used and the world centers are consequently consciously interrelated, then certain extra-planetary Energies can be called in by the Ruler of Shamballa to aid in the re-adjustments required for the New Age and its coming civilization. These Forces - spiritual and potent in nature - exist in two categories:  solar Forces, which are interplanetary and cosmic Forces which enter into our solar system via Jupiter as the transmitter of divine energies from Virgo and Aquarius which Jupiter esoterically governs.  Virgo is esoterically the mother of the Christ child and is, therefore, the emanator of energies which nourish and aid the growth of the Christ consciousness; Aquarius is the coming expression of the group consciousness which is the first and immediate revelation of the ever present Christ consciousness on a large scale in humanity. Jupiter also, exoterically and from the angle of orthodox astrology, rules Sagittarius, the sign of discipleship, and also Pisces, the sign of the world saviors. The implications will, therefore, be obvious to real students. Pgs. 155-156

When all of these stellar forces showed up in the above paragraph, I called my friend, who is an international astrologer and I read her the entire paragraph. She commented, “of course the Master saw the significance of these particular planets and constellations coming to the fore at that particular time. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign of discipleship” – my sun is in Sagittarius and Pisces, is the sign of the world saviors, my Moon is in Pisces. Virgo is esoterically the mother of the Christ child, and she nourishes the Christ consciousness. While Aquarius represents the “group consciousness on a large scale in humanity”.  So, in conclusion, I will state that as we get deeper into the sign of Aquarius, there will be more and more activities associated with groups. In fact, if you remember, we, the USA is a republic for which we stand – this is what Plato showed us on how to rule as a group, rather than an individual.  Once we move deeper into the New Civilization, many changes will be coming, not only to the planet, but to mankind as a whole. The opportunity to become the Christ consciousness is upon us and everyone has the same opportunity to move forward on their evolutionary path.  Remember, by the time the Seventh Root Race enters the planet, most of mankind will be in the 5th Kingdom.

In considering these great Energies, there is little you can do beyond accepting – if you care to do so - my statements anent them, regarding them as interesting and simply explanatory hypotheses. There is little that you can do (or I either) to arrive at first hand knowledge of the facts along this line. Few even of the Members of the Hierarchy are conscious of the impact of force from extra-solar centers or reservoirs of spiritual force.  Only the group of Contemplatives in the Hierarchy which are given the exoteric name of Nirmanakayas are responsive to Their influence in any conscious manner and then only when that influence has been stepped down by certain powerful agencies in Shamballa.  It is not necessary for me or for you to say more anent Them though I shall touch upon Them again later in the article. pg. 156

When reading this final paragraph in this lesson, we are left with the understanding that there are energies, vibrations and potent forces coming into our planet from the 49 rays, these stellar constellations and planets that are way beyond our reasoning – yet the Master D.K. did publish a book on Esoteric Astrology that might give a further explanation to all that was and still is happening in many planes of our planet – that are affecting our behavior, our consciousness, our personalities and our interactions with our families, our nation and the world at large.  The most important thing that we can take away from this lesson is that these same potent Shamballa forces have brought us all together as one group soul, working on the salvation of our world, while taking on the pain and suffering of others. We, as a group, can take the heat and send forth all the incoming light, love and power that Hierarchy sends into our hearts as we do our work. I want to end this lesson with something that I gave to my class many years ago:


Sit quietly now and just allow the breath to become rhythmatic slow and even, slow and even – imagine yourselves now before you were formed in the beginning:

Before the beginning, all was darkness and all was void

The face of the cosmos was deep and unmanifest,

Indeed, not a face at all but endless nothing.

No light, no sound, no movement, no life, no time.

All was null and the universe was not yet created

Nor even conceived.

For there was no forms in which to conceive or be conceived.

 In the emptiness the darkness fell upon itself

And became aware that it was nothing.

Alone and dark, unborn, unmanifest, silent.

Can you imagine this silence, the silence of nothing?

Can you quiet yourself enough to hear it?

Can you listen to the silence within you?

(Be silent for two minutes)


Breathe deeply, but slowly so the breath is silent in your lungs.

Feel your throat expand with the air coming in.

Listen for the nothing, listen for the quiet,

Listen deep within yourself for the place of stillness.

Slowly breathe into this void, a deep and peaceful breath.


In its infinite quiet, darkness fell upon itself

And in its emptiness, knew itself to be alone

And alone it desires another

In this desire, a ripple moved across the void

To fold and fold again upon itself.

Until it was no longer empty and the void was full with birth.


In the beginning the great unmanifest

Became vibration in its own recognition of being.

And that vibration was a sound from which all other sounds were born.

It came from Brahma in His first emanation.

It came from Sarasvati, in Her eternal answers.

In Their union, the sound arose and spread through all the void and filled it.

And the sound became one, and the sound became many, and the sound

Became the wheel that turned and turned the worlds unto the dance of life,

Forever singing, always moving in tune with the music of the spheres.


If you listen, you can hear it now.  It is your breath, it is in our hearts, it is in the

Wind, the waters, the trees and the sky.  It is in your own mind in the rhythm of

Each and every thought.

From one sound does it all emerge and to one sound shall it return

And the sound is

A U M…Aaaa-000-uuu-mmmmmmmmmm…AUM


Chant it now inside you quietly. Let it build within your breath.

Let the sacred sound escape you, moving on the wings of air.


Rhythm building, deep vibration, rising up from deep within.

Chant the sound of all creation, sound that makes the chakras spin.

Louder now the voice arises, joins with other sounds and chants.

Deeper now the rhythms weaving all into a sacred dance.


Sound to word and words to music, riding on the wheels of life,

Guiding us along our journey, moving spirit deep within.


Chant the voice that is within you. This is where we must begin.

Up from silence, breath and body, calling now into the void.

Hear its answers in the darkness, fear and pain have been destroyed.


Brahma is the first vibration, Sarasvati is the flow.

Sound unites us in our vision, harmonizing all we know.

Soon the silence comes again, with echoes of primordial sound.

Purifying all vibration, echo of the truth profound.

End of Lesson