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· info), "coiled one"), in the concept of Dharma, refers to a form of primal energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine. Different spiritual traditions teach methods of "awakening" kundalini for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment and a range of supernormal powers.
We have covered six of the seven chakras to date.  We've shown how these Wheels of Light or Doorways, play a part in the vital flow of energy from our Higher Selves to every cell and atom within the physical body.  We've also explained both the positive and negative aspects of all six chakras and the connections they  each have to the Seven Rays as well as the Four Lower Bodies and those organs  that surround each of the chakras.
This above information is vital as it gives us incite into the "spiritual centers" and their influence upon our conscious and subconscious thoughts or actions whether positive or negative and how they in turn, affect our entire being. 

As positive thoughts and actions open the chakras which begin to spin in rotation, filling the entire body with spiritual energy; negative thoughts and actions close and warp the chakras extinguishing the light energy causing dis-ease, dis-harmony and finally death to anyone who continually misuses these sacred centers.  And we need to remember also that these chakras not only affect the organs surrounding them; but also the Seven Rays and the Four Lower Bodies as well.
The need of the hour is to Know Thyself!  When you become more conscious of your thoughts and actions, you begin to realize that it's unhealthy and especially unloving, to spew forth invective towards others whether in thought, word, or deed.
While we have discussed meditation and mantras as you awaken in the morning, an important part of clearing and expanding your consciousness is to set a time before going to bed to "reflect upon your day"
Some examples of questions one should ask oneself at the Evening Review:
In helping others or in speaking with anybody, did I speak about myself and my ideas?
What was the general tenor of my thoughts during today  -was it all about ME - the Work I do?  Other people?  Or myself?
What was the center, the conditioning center, of my life – the soul whose nature is impersonal love or the personality  whose nature is (at my point of evolution) that of the "one at the center"? In other words, are you living as a Christed Soul Being?
How often did I refer to myself today - either through self-pity, or as an illustration or to evoke interest?
Was gossip, envy, jealousy or vindictiveness expressed towards anyone today? The Prayer "Law of Forgiveness" should be sincerely given.  See prior Lesson Seven.
Here, you can add your own misuse of God's energy that you feel it's time to let go and let God into your life.
The reason this advice is being given is because the last chakra, although the lowest in the chain with the least amount of petals (4) is unbelievably powerful!  When I say powerful I'm speaking of the power of lightening striking directly overhead, of touching a "hot electric wire" that kind of power, and therefore one needs to get his/her act together before attempting to enter into the 

"White Cube" of Kundalini Root Chakra"
The Root Chakra or Kundalini is connected to the 4h Ray - Color White
Connected to the Elohim Lord Claire and Mighty Astra.  It is also 
known as the Sleeping Serpent - The Chakra of Ascension into LIGHT

The Parable of the Ten Virgins is really about the Seven Chakras. Both in Matthew 25.1 and Luke  12.35 you'll find the warning about keeping their "lamps" chakras burning (in other words, keep these chakras open and full of spiritual energy/fire for who knows when the bridegroom cometh?  The Bridegroom is represented by the Kundalini and the Virgins are our Crown Chakras, for no one knoweth the hour of his coming... Kundalini energy will burst forth like a lightening strike the coiled serpents lying dormant within this chakra, will suddenly uncoil and shoot up both sides of the spinal cord, bursting through  the Crown Chakra this uniting of all the chakras as it must pass through all six chakras in order to reach the Crown Chakra, represents the coming bridegroom.

The wedding of the Kundalini and the Crown Chakra (male uniting with the female aspect of being) is the completion of our pain and sorrow, death and rebirth.  And, please note that in order for the Shakti Energy of Kundalini to reach the Crown, all the other chakras must be opened and lit from within, otherwise, the Kundalini will be blocked from its ascent and will cause severe damage and possible death to anyone who hasn't cleared all seven chakras in preparation for the powerful jolt of lightening-like energy that emerges from the Kundalini Chakra. The five foolish virgins had no oil and when the bridegroom came at midnight they begged the wise virgins for their oil, but the wise virgins told them to go to the dealers and purchase their oil. While they were gone the Bridegroom came and took the five wise virgins into the marriage feast while shutting the door.  When the foolish virgins returned they knocked and begged entrance but the bridegroom answered "Truly, I do not know you" So watch for the day and the hour..."

The door shutting means that once one reaches the Crown Chakra and unites with the Kundalini Shakti Energy they are above all human concerns and will never return to earth again. While the foolish virgins will have to come again and again until they learn to keep their Chakras Open and Full of Light/Fire.

By Master D.K. The Tibetan
"There is only the ONE LIFE pouring through the mass of forms which in their subtotal, constitute our planet - as we know it...

All forms are related, inter-related and interdependent; the planetary etheric body holds them together so that a cohesive, coherent, expressive WHOLE is presented to the eye of man, or one great unfolding consciousness to the perception of the Hierarchy.  Lines of light pass from form to form.  Some are bright and some are dim, some move, or circulate with rapidity, others are lethargic and slow in their interplay, some seem to circulate with facility in some particular kingdom in nature and some in another; some come from one direction and some from a different one, but all are in movement all the time; it is a constant circulation.  All are passing on and into and through , and there is not one single atom in the body which is not the recipient of this living moving energy; there is no single form that is not "kept in shape and livingness' by the determined inflow and outflow, and there is therefore no part of the body of manifestation (which is an integral part of the planetary vehicle of the Lord of the World) which is not in complex but complete touch with His divine intention - through the medium of His three major centers:  Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity".

This Light is known as Fohat, all life proceeds from Fohat and Fohat is the Life-bearing Light that circles and fills all life upon earth, connecting us at all levels down to the sub-atomic level of being.   It is THIS LIGHT that must fill our Chakras opening and spinning all Seven Chakras so that whenever the Bridegroom or Kundalini Shakti Energy emerges from the Root Chakra and explodes into action, climbing both sides of the spinal Cord, not missing one Chakra (of Lamp) that is lit in expectancy of Shakti's Ascension, the Path through all Seven Chakras is open to this Sudden burst of explosive energy  that emerges through the Crown Chakra uniting, engulfing, and dissolving all dross as it exits through the opening within the center of the Crown Chakra.  This marriage is our final act upon the earth within a physical form.  From this point forward, one takes on the "fire body" of the Mahatma or Great Soul, who can walk with Hierarchy, live both upon earth as well as with Hierarchy, teach upon any subject, and appear at any place upon the planet, instantaneously within seconds.  This is when the disciple becomes omminiscent, omnipotent and omnipresent anywhere within, upon and above the earth.  A good example of this condition in the West was Padre Pio from Italy, who never left his cell and preached Mass every morning, heard confessions and promised  Mothers during World War II,  that he was watching over their sons stationed far away in Africa. Many a young man would write to his Mother and tell her that he saw Padre Pio right near him on the battlefield or in the trenches, yet Padre Pio never left his cell.  Remember, not only had he reached beyond most human endeavors but he also was a "stigmata" - One who had  the Five Wounds of Christ on his hands, his feet and his side.  When giving Mass, and especially during the Transfiguration (changing  the water into wine) he had to wear Mittens over his hands as they would bleed profusely at this particular part  just before Communion.
Padre Pio During the Transfiguration of the Mass

When one becomes a "Great Soul" or Mahatma
there is nothing but joy and bliss and a willingness to love unconditionally all life in all kingdoms of Earth.
Note:  There's blood coming from both the back and front of Padre Pio's hands as he performs the Transfiguration of the Mass before Communion.

Bilocation and Odor of Sanctity
"The phenomenon of bilocation is one of the most remarkable gifts attributed to Padre Pio. His appearances on various of the continents are attested by numerous eye witnesses, who either saw him or smelled the odors characteristically associated with his presence, described by some as roses and by others as tobacco. The phenomenon of odor (sometimes called the odor of sanctity) is itself well established in Padre Pio's case. The odor was especially strong from the blood coming from his wounds. Investigation showed that he used absolutely no fragrances or anything that could produce these odors. The odors often occurred when people called upon his intercession in prayer and continue to this day".

So, my dear aspirants and disciples, you now can understand why I say that the Kundalini Chakra is very powerful and extraordinary - no one would guess that we're sitting upon TNT so to speak BUT nothing can occur " long as man is attached to the corpse form (physical body), he is impure (in a levitical sense) through enemies - (lust, anger. greed, delusion. pride and jealousy) - there is suffering associated with birth, death and disease. When he perceives the pure atman (Soul) which is bliss and is immovable, then only (he) becomes free from these - so the Vedas declare..." From "Kundalini and Cosmic Consciousness by Ravindra Kumar, Ph.D 

In the words of Swami Satyananda Saraswati:
" The serpent power is considered to arise from the unconscious state in Mooladhara (Kundalini)  This unconscious awareness of man then has to pass through different phases and becomes one with the cosmic awareness in the highest realm of existence (the Etheric Plane)  The supreme awareness of Shiva is considered to be seated in Sahasrara (the superconscious transcendental body), at the crown of the head.  In the Vedas, as well as the Tantras, this supreme seat is called Biranyagarbha, the womb of consciousness.  It corresponds to the pituitary body, the master gland situated within the brain.  For Kundalini Yogi, the supreme consciousness represents the highest possible manifestation of physical matter in the body.  This psychic, supra sensory or transcendental power in man is the ultimate point of human evolution".

You now have a better understanding of what we're dealing with when we explain  the POWER of Kundalini Shakti Energy when it emerges once the enemies are defeated and each of the seven chakras are cleared, then truly the Lamps are Lit and the Aspirant awaits like the Five Wise Virgins the coming of the Bridegroom, Kundalini or the Energy of God.  (This energy is likened to the energy placed around the Ark of the Covernant - only Moses (representing the male energy and his Brother Aaron representing the female energy) could touch the Ark without experiencing severe destruction or death.  The only exception to this fact was King David, when he threw his body upon the Ark in the act of asking forgiveness from the Father - and remember that David's symbol was the Star Tetrahedron or Star of David which means  the "Point of Man reaching UP while the Point of God reaches DOWN, forming the Merkaba or Star of David.

The Point of Man Reaching UP
The Point of God Reaching Down
Forming the Merkaba

The Merkaba and the "Flower of Life" are two symbols that represent man in Sacred Geometry.


In order to understand exactly what significance the Star Tetrahedron plays in our reality, we must first have a general understanding of its creation.


The Star Tetrahedron is a pattern found in Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is an amazing and complex system of sacred universal patterns that are found in the design of everything from the architecture of sacred spaces such as temples, monuments and altars, to music and art, such as Labyrinths and Mandalas. 

This is how David wrote the Psalms, he moved into the Star Tetrahedron (Symbol of His Soul or Solar Angel) and wrote all Psalms in his Soul Superconsciousness.

Alignment of Seven Chakras
In summing up our Lessons of the Seven Chakras I will give an overview of what they represent:

A chakra is a vortex of psychic energy which can be visualized as a circular movement of energy at a particular rate of vibration.  Physiologically, chakras are like junctions where the nerves meet and they are situated on the interior walls of the spinal column.  They are like poles of electricity through which electrical wires (nerves) run across to supply power at different centers.  Through the nerves (radius) prana or vital energy flows forward and backward.
FIRST CHAKRA:  The first of the chakras is called Mooladhara (root center) which is situated at the pelvic flow and it corresponds to the coccygeal plexus of the nerves  It is at this chakra that the consciousness rises above animal nature.  Below this chakra there are supposed to be lower centers of energy going down to the heels responsible for developing the animal and human qualities of instinct and intellect.  The Mooladhara Chakra controls the excretory and sexual  functions in the body.
SECOND CHAKRA: called Swadhishthan (Seat of the Soul) lies at the terminal point of the spinal column.  It relates to the sacral plexus of nerves and takes care of the unconscious in the person.
THIRD CHAKRA: called Manipupra (Solar Plexus) lies in the spine just at the navel level.  It is related to the solar plexus and takes care of the digestive, assimilative, and temperature controlling system of the body.
FOURTH CHAKRA: called Anahata, (Heart Chakra) is situated in the vertebral column at the back of the heart near the base it is at the level of the depression in the sternum.  It is related to the cardiac plexus of nerves and takes care of the organs of the body in this region, such as the heart, the lungs, the diaphragm, etc.
FIFTH CHAKRA: called Visbuddhi, (Throat Chakra) is situated in the vertebral column at the level of the throat pit.  It is related to the cervical plexus of nerves and takes care of the thyroid complex, upper palate, epiglottis, etc.
SIXTH CHAKRA: called Ajna (Third Eye Chakra) is related to the pineal gland and is situated above the spinal column in the middle of the brain. It is the center of command and takes care of all the functions of one's life.   In particular, it controls the sexual activity in a person. 
SEVENTH CHAKRA: called Sahasrara,  (Crown Chakra) lies at the top of the head and is related to the pituitary gland which is supposed to take care of all the glands and systems of the body.  The Sahasrara or Crown is the seat of cosmic awareness and is the terminal point of the journey of Kundalini Shakti.
Westerners Do Not Include the following Secret Chakra, which opens simultaneously when Shakti Energy passes through the Throat Chakra opening the Third Eye and Throat Chakras just before Kundalini passes through Crown Chakra:
Note:  Between the Sixth and Seventh Chakra, there is an additional Chakra, called Bindu (Point) situated at the top back of the head, where the Hindu normally leave a tuft of hair.  It takes care of the optic system and is the center wherefrom nectar emanates on awakening and is responsible for the rejuvenation of the whole body system  It is internally connected to the visbuddhi or Throat Chakra - the  two centers are supposed to be activated simultaneously. From Kundalini and Consciousness by Ravindra Kumar, Ph.D

The White Cube and/or Kundalini /Root Chakra

Mantra for Clearing the Kundalini Chakra

My Kundalini Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Kundalini Chakra if the Purity God Desires! (15x's)

Elohim of the Kundalini  Chakra

 Lord Clair and Mighty Astra - 4th Ray Ascension
Color White
Chohan of Kundalini Chakra

Serapis Bey
His Retreat of Ascension is located in Egypt
Serapis carried the Ascension Flame out of Atlantis
as It was Sinking. He aided Master Moya and Master Kuthumi
With the Theosophical Society and Wrote Letters along
with the Master M and KH in "The Mahatma Letters"

Archangels of Kundalini Chakra

Archangel Gabriel and Hope
I call to the Elohim, Beloved Clare and Mighty Astrea, Goddess of Purity, Cha Ara, beloved Serapis Bey, beloved Archangel Gabriel and Hope and the angels on the Purity Ray.  Let the Flames of Purity blaze through my mind and etheric body, resurrecting my physical body, my home, business and all my affairs -  raise everything in my world to the victory of my Ascension.

I AM Ascension Light
Victory flowing free!
All of Good won at last,
For all Eternity.

I AM Light,
All weights are gone,
Into the Air I raise
To all I call with full-blown power
My wondrous song of Praise.

All Hail! I AM the Living Christ
The Ever-loving One,
Ascended now, in full God-Power,
I AM A BLAZING SUN!  (3 or 9 x's)

End of Chakra Lessons 7/13/17

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