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63-2017 -3RD RAY -The Visionary, Philosopher, Artist or Jack of All Trades - Master of None 3/4/17

The First, Second and Third Rays are the most powerful because They reflect the Godhead.  The First Ray represents the Father God, the Second Ray represents  the Son of God and the Third Ray Represents the Divine Mother and/or Holy Spirit.    

   Divine Mother - 3rd Person of Holy Trinity      
Divine Mother - 3rd Ray as Holy Spirit

           The Maha Chohan, 3rd Ray, acting as the Representative of the Holy Spirit
He is the Guardian of the Seven Chohans of the Rays
and is a direct Channel for the Divine Mother
to all of Mankind - His symbol if the Flaming Dove of Peace

The Symbol of the Holy Spirit

 The Third Ray represents the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother and the Maha Chohan who holds the Office of the Holy Spirit.  The Divine Mother is female representing the Passive Principle, while the Father is male representing the Active Principle, as Creator and Doer. The need for the Active Principle to be brought forth into the World of Form brought forth  the Active Male Principle and so the Holy Spirit through the male gender  represents Divine Mother as her Agent to mankind.

You have heard me describe the Seven Archangels and the angelic beings and their God qualities that are always concerned with "feelings".  I have also given examples on the number 7 in connection to our Universe and  our Hierarchy, planets, days of the week but also the Seven Chohans (or Lords of each Ray) as well as the Elohim, the (7) Seven Builders of Form that represent the  point of God sending them forth in the four directions to build the various Universes under the Seven Suns.   One of the oldest symbols of the Seven Builders of Form, the Elohim can be found in the ancient pyramid next to the three great pyramids in Egypt - it is the Swastika with the  .  in the middle and the four arms of the Cross expanding outward from this Center.  the point represents the Creator and the arms represents the Seven Elohim moving out in the four directions and hooks at the end of the arms represent the clockwise movement as they perform their sacred building of all the spheres and globes throughout the Galaxies and Universes.

Ancient Swasticka found in Hindu, Egyptian, Buddhism
American Indian and throughout Asia- symbol of 
Eternal Movement and the Active Principle

The Foot of Gautama Buddha these are the
Symbols found on His feet.
The Swastikas Represent His Eternal Quest for Brotherhood
And His Goal of Ascension

The Three Major Rays make up the Heart  Chakras of our Divine Parents I AM THAT I AM and the proof that we are actually the Sons and Daughters of I AM THAT is the fact that we also have the Three Rays making up the very center of our Heart Chakras.

Heart Chakra

Our Triune Flame within Each of our Heart Chakras
Only  1/6th of an inch in most of mankind whereas when
we were brought to Earth in the Beginning of this Manvantara
these Three Flames surrounded our entire bodies.  It kind
of gives one a clue to how far we have separated from our Heavenly Home.

The Keynote for the Third Ray is Unity through the sensitiveness to the consciousness in other living beings. Unlike the First Ray person who is sensitive to self, the Third Ray person knows what someone needs _ sometimes before that person is even aware of what it is he's needing.

Unlike the Second and First Ray persons, the Third Ray person will find a way - in fact, any way to create something from nothing.  Whether it's a painting, a musical composition, a poem,  a philosophy of life; a scientific formula that will cure some fatal disease - he will gather together everything that is necessary and create out of chaos, something of value.

In other words, if he is a philosopher, he would go to great lengths to ensure that all who read his words will have a better understanding of what his philosophical contribution is all about and, that they will find happiness and peace in the process is his ultimate goal. So understanding and comprehension will be his  raison d'être.

All of the First Three Rays work in harmony with one another. " In fact down at the level of man, in atma-buddhic manas, the first power appears as the will to live. Will is the joy of being - in operation it is being oneself.  The three-fold consciousness of man reflects as it were the original three, expounded within the description of each Ray.  Man's consciousness as a whole is an expression of Ray 2 through 3 of Vishnu's Ray through Brahma's home or form.  (Brahma  is the sanscrit name of God would represent the First Ray) In this consciousness or ray the three appear again as sub-divisions _ Ray 1 - containing will, the knowing of the "above" or "beyond,"Ray 2 - containing feeling, the knowing of life, and  Ray 3 - containing thinking, the knowing of the "below" or form." The Seven Rays by Ernest Wood

The Three Chakras also Represents the Three Major Rays - also think of each of the Chakras as "doorways to the inner and upper worlds" for the path to attainment is through the Heart through the Crown to the Solar Angel - All of this process is accomplished through meditation.

Heart Chakra - Ray 3                                                        Throat Chakra - Ray 1
Crown Chakra - Ray 2


Another way of looking at the Three-Fold Flame
There's a Heart Meditation I do that brings the student
right into the Heart Chakra to meet their Guardian Angel
and to take a journey up through the Crystal Cord to the Solar Angel.

All life evolves through a series of changes brought about by the Triune Rays that move mankind forward along their journey from the world of form towards the manifest world of Hierarchy.  Man's Will pushes him into action while his Emotions create Feelings at first for Self and survival but gradually those feeling change and move outward towards humanity and humanitarian service when this occurs he then becomes Knowing of his responsibility to his God, his Country and to the World. Today it has reached a peak wherein mankind must think globally - no longer can we look to just our families and our Nation, with the introduction to the internet the world is suddenly in our back yard and it would behoove our educators to begin teaching our children to become globally educated - this will lead to peaceful negotiations with other nations and mankind  will finally put away the weapons of mass destruction and rebuild the infrastructure of all there is on our planet - while helping to heal the Earth's wounds and repair the damage to vast areas of our planet.

Today there is much written concerning these rays - the Masons are aware of the Rays and there is even a branch of Masons for Women called the Rainbow Girls - this includes all seven Rays and their colors - they also incorporate the "All-Seeing Eye in their inner sanctums.  Remember the All-Seeing Eye is the Elohim Cyclopea if 
you'd like to see a picture I took of Him riding above us during a World Service at Mount Shasta in 1989; see the picture below.

All Seeing Eye
Taken at Mt. Shasta 1989

The All-Seeing Eye
Used by the Occult Schools
as well as the Masons

0f course, The Third Ray man is a man of thought, seeking comprehension through the study of life, the philosopher.

The Solar Planetary Hierarchy

Please note the 3 Major Rays at
the top of the diagram right under the Trinity
This is a Diagram of the Hierarchy and 
where each of the Major  portion stands and 
the connecting lines represents  the "Force Currents"

Divine Beings Offices & Activities
These are the Actual Names of Hierarchy as they stood in the 1940's & 50's
illustrated by the Master Djwal Khul
Please notice the Rays and How The Archangels and Chohans fall under
each of the Seven Rays - since this illustration there have been
several changes within the diagram according to the Bridge of Freedom
in the mid-fifties, Sanat Kumara was the Planetary Logi but was ordered back to Venus, His
Planet in preparation for major changes coming  to all seven planets.  Guatama Buddha
moved up to Planetary Logi and Lord Maitrya moved up to Lord of the World and the
current Maha Chohan moved up to The Buddha while Paul the Venetian moved up to
The position of Maha Chohan

Note the Three Rays of Aspect and the Four Rays of Attribute
Here you also see a new master the Master Jupiter, the Venetian 
Master is of course, Paul the Venetian and the Master R is
the Master St. Germain who was Count Rokozky from Hungry

The Nazi's used the Swatika as their logo  for their Evil Empire
Hitler and his cronies were into the Occult not for Love and Brotherhood - they were constantly looking
for the Spear that stabbed Jesus, piercing His Heart and they
read all of Madame Blavatsky's Books and because the Swatika was a
very powerful and Ancient Symbol of Creation - they being
lords of power, wanted it as their logo.

This is an example of a First Ray Dictator using a Sacred Symbol and looking for anything that would give them more power.  This is the complete misuse of God's energy and the Third Ray of Love, Unity and Brotherhood in reverse creating Hate, Bigotry and Death.

They even formed the Swatika with soldiers marching as in this
picture below:
Soldiers Marching in Formation of a  Swatika

Top photo - Notice that they used the left-handed Swatika
The misuse of God's energy

The Heart Chakra

The misuse of God's energy in any fashion is the negative side of the Third Ray.  Remember that the Third Ray represents Divine Love, Unconditional Love as God, our parents have for us no matter what we've done - if we have contrition we are forgiven.  The love between a man and a woman can be perverted into a sexual orgy which is the degradation of  the Third Ray. Separateness, Hatred, Revenge and Retaliation are just a few of the negative energies.  

Many of us suffer from a broken heart while others suffer from loss of a loved one.  Some among us have hardened their hearts and cannot forgive the ones who harmed them.
Whatever the reason is every time some tragedy or heartbreak occurs, it makes a mark upon the physical heart. For all those who suffer from Heart Disease - here is a simple mantra that can be incorporated daily into your prayers that will not only make you feel better but will help to heal the physical heart.  Meanwhile, don't forget to exercise daily this also heals and maintains a healthy heart.

My Heart Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Heart Chakra is the Purity God desires (15x's)

By the Master St. Germain

Father, forgive me for separating from you and the Kingdom and for all misuse of your Energy.

I ask forgiveness for any harm that I may have done to any part of life, whether, consciously or subconsciously, whether in thought, word or deed, whether in this lifetime or any other lifetime, all the way back to the separation from Your Kingdom.

I also forgive all those who have ever harmed me of the light for which I stand, whether consciously or subconsciously, whether in thought, word or deed, whether in this lifetime of any other lifetime,
All the way back to the separation from Your Kingdom.

And so its, And so it is, And so it is.


Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the Chakra of the Third Ray and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary represent how far they had come along the Path - in order for someone to paint the flames coming out of both of Their Hearts shows that there was an awareness at one time concerning the Sacred Heart Chakra containing the Three-Fold Flame

The Sacred Heart of Jesus  and The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Neither Jesus nor Mary were Third Ray but Their Heart Chakras
are what every Third Ray and any other Ray Person would
love to have as their own Heart Chakra

The other important trait of the Third Ray person is their
charity to all those in need - you will definitely see a Third Ray person belonging and helping with humanitarian and any charity that will help those who suffer, are hungry and need shelter - this is where all Third Rays excel.

Third Ray - Tuesday - Color - Pink - Chakra, Heart
Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days
Ancient of Days - Sanat Kumara

Elohim:  Orion and Angelica

3rd Ray Elohim - Orion & Angelica

Maha Chohan, Office of the Holy Spirit & Great Lord
Lord of Civilization

Chohan, Paul the Venetion
Chohan of the Third Ray

Self-Portrait of Paul of Venice
Son of Lady Libertyl
Teaches at the Retreat of Liberte in Southern France

Le Château De Liberté in Southern France

Spiritual Retreat of Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the 3rd Ray

In the south of France on the river Rhône is a focus of the flame of liberty and the Château De Liberté retreat presided over by Paul the Venetian, chohan of the third ray. The description of Paul's retreat contained herein is of the etheric focus, which is congruent with and extends far beyond a physical castle now owned and maintained by a private French family.
Much of the physical surroundings resemble the etheric counterpart; however, the master rarely manifests in the lower octave. The castle itself contains many great works of art and at certain times during the year it is open to the public, even as the great halls in the etheric retreat are open to students of the Venetian who come to study art and culture and the true concepts of liberty.
This vast retreat of the chohan of the third ray lends itself to the function of gallery, museum and archives of art and artifacts from many cultures and civilizations. A Versailles of its own splendor, the retreat contains endless classrooms where great works of art of all ages are displayed. Paintings by Paul, his students and other masters abound.

A Retreat for All the Fine Arts: Music, Writing, Painting & Sculpture

Here workshops for musicians, writers, sculptors, students of voice as well as crafts of all kinds have been held, and ascended masters of all the rays have introduced new techniques in every field of art.

I actually visited the famous Palace in the Square of Venice where Paul Venose has many of his paintings, all brilliant and beautiful because He ground his own gems up to enhance the colors within each of His Paintings.  

Archangel Chamuel and Charity
Archangels of the Third Ray

Prayers for the embodiment of the Third Ray
Let the Flame of Love enfold me with the gifts of tolerance, tact, patience and love of God, and the ability to get along with my fellow man.

Hierarchy we pray to every Week 

I Call  to the Mighty Elohim, beloved Orion and Angelica, the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, Lady Meta, Lady Liberty, Dwal Khul, Paul the Venetion, beloved Archangel Chamuel and Charity and the Angels on the Love Ray.

Meditate upon this triune flame and then close your eyes and imagine this flame glowing in your own heart chakra

Prayer For the Heart

I AM the Light of the Heart,
Shining in the darkness of Being,
changing all into the Golden Treasury
of the Mind of Christ.

I AM  projecting that Christ Light 
Out into the World,
To erase all errors,
And break down all barriers,

I AM the Power of Infinite Love,
Magnifying itself until it is God victorious,
World Without End
Amen  (3x's)

End Lesson 3Rd Ray 3/4/17