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113 -Lesson 33 -The Meditation Techniques Continued:

The World Teacher Master Djwal Khul

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Visualize Three Triangles Representing
The Physical (Lower Triangle) The Soul (Middle Triangle)
The Higher Self/ I AM THAT I AM (Upper Triangle)

visualize three centers of vibrating energy receiving stimulation from a higher and more powerful center; others imagine the soul as a triangle of force to which is linked the triangle of the lower nature linked by the "silver cord" mentioned in the Christian Bible, the sutratma, or thread soul of the Eastern Scriptures, the "life-line" of other schools of thought. Still others prefer to preserve the thought of a unified personality, linked to and hiding within itself the indwelling Divinity, Christ in us, the hope of glory.
It is relatively immaterial what imagery we choose, provided that we start with the basic idea of the Self seeking to contact and use the Not-self, its instrument in the worlds of human expression, and vice versa, with the thought of that Not-self being impelled to turn itself towards its source of being. When this has been done we can continue with our meditation work. The physical body and the desire nature, in their turn, sink below the level of consciousness, we become centered in the mind and seek to bend it to our will.
Visualization helps to draw the Soul through the Mind into the
brain.  One thing to keep in mind is to FEEL, the Presence of
the Soul, to visualize in whatever way feels comfortable to you;
and to hold the image for as long as possible in complete 
concentration and attunement to the Soul.

This is an excellent example of the Crystal Cord
Connecting the Three Bodies also
One can see the physical body, Soul, and Higher Self

It is just here that we find our problem confronting us. The mind refuses to mold itself into the thoughts we choose to think, and rushes all over the world in its usual quest for material. We think of what we are going to do that day, instead of thinking upon our "seed-thought", we remember some one we must manage to see, or some line of action which calls for attention; we begin to think of some one we love, and immediately we drop back into the world of the emotions and have all our work to do over again.
So we re-collect our thoughts and start afresh with much success for half a minute, and then we remember some appointment we have made, or some piece of business that someone is doing for us, and again we are back in the world of mental reactions, and our chosen line of thought is forgotten. Again we re-collect our scattered ideas and recommence our labor of reducing the wayward mind to submission. But with practice we eventually become able to hold a mental one-pointedness with some degree of effectiveness.
Just a quick note here, if you begin your meditation with a 
mantra and I'll give you the ones I do prior to deep meditation,
Using the above picture of the Three Bodies, visualize the middle figure as you do the following mantras:
First:                            OM -  108x's
Then:  This Mantra:  Holy Christ Self above me
                                      The Balance of my Soul,
                                      Let Thy Precious Radiance,
                                     Descend and make me whole. (9x's)
Also this Mantra:      
                                     Holy Lifeline to my Presence,
                                     Friend and Brother ever Dear,
                                     Let me keep Thy holy vigil,
                                     Be Thyself in action here. (9x's)
Final Mantra:        
                                     I AM Light Thou Christ in Me,
                                     Set my mind forever free,
                                     Violet Fire forever shine
                                     Deep within this mind of mine.

                                     God Who gives my daily bread,
                                      With violet fire fill my head,
                                       Til Thy radiance heaven like,
                                       Makes my mind a mind of light. (9x's)
These are especially helpful for those whose minds tend to wander, they will definitely keep you on track. 

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Is it necessary to withdraw into the solitudes to evoke the soul?
Most of us live in the midst of conditions in which complete peace and quiet are utterly impossible; and the solution in today's world lies in a right understanding of our problem and of the privilege which is ours in demonstrating a newer aspect of an old truth.
No matter how stressful ones life seems to be in the present cycle, wherein
the electromagnetic fields have accelerated since we crossed the galactic
equator in the year 2012.  Time has sped up and the incoming powerful
buddhic rays are now manifesting their fiery influence upon all life in
and on the planet Earth.  Coupled with these galactic changes, most of
mankind are finding it difficult to meet the challenges in their daily life.
More demands are placed upon technology and the physical wars of the
past are now being replaced with Cyber Wars penetrating deeply into
our government's computers as well as interfering with our elections.
On top of this, most individuals are working more than one job and still
cannot meet the ever increasing demands of meeting the debts of trying
to live a normal life, while not receiving the wages that still match the current living wage, that has not changed since the eighties.
Yet, we always have a choice, and in this particular era, it is to find and
make the time necessary  by getting up 20 minutes earlier and giving those first moments of each day to the God within by connecting with the Soul - this will change ones attitude and remove one from the stress of daily living -in fact one can then meet each day with new energy, with a peace beyond understanding, and with the will to "know thyself" at the deepest level of being. - mf 
We belong, in the West, to a younger race. In the old, old East, the few adventurous pioneers sought seclusion and ascertained for us the opportunities, and safeguarded for us the rules. They held in safety for us the technique until such time as the masses of people were ready for a move forward in their numbers, and not in their ones and twos.
When the Master  D. K. refers to the old race, he's referring to the Aryan or 4th Root Race which the Tibetans, Chinese and most of Asia are a part of.  We, in the West are part of the 5th Root Race, a younger race that is subject to living and moving in society in order to maintain life.  This challenges one to put his spiritual commitment before all else by meditating
each and every day upon awakening. The technique that He is giving to us was only given to a very few in the 4th Root Race, who sought seclusion in the mountains and caves while preserving the rules that they held in safety for the next root race, which is mainly people in the West. What He
indicates here is that we have advanced to that point in our evolution that thousands of us are ready and able to complete the techniques that are required to become Christed beings who live and move under the direction of the Soul.  mf 
That time has now come. In the stress...of modern and women everywhere can and do find the center of peace within themselves, and they can and do enter into that state of silent positive concentration which enables them to reach the same goal, and attain the same knowledge, and enter into the same Light to which the great Individuals of the race have borne witness.
As you are aware, more and more people are seeking rest
and solitude.  They no longer want to be part of the chaos
that surrounds us in dense populations.  Others still live
in these environments but have found peace by simply
finding time, space and concentration in the act of Meditation.
Since the turn of the century, more and more people have 
found solace in the teachings of the Near and Far East.  The
idea of yoga and meditation was first introduced here by 
Yogananda in the mid-twenties and has grown in every area
of the country ever since.  Yet, most of us who have studied
the teachings of the Near and Far East, also want to participate
in the Mantras and meditation techniques that are part and
parcel to the daily life not only of the monks, but most of the
people within their monastic areas.  Now, for the first time
the Master Teacher has released to the West, the opportunity
(open-door-to-unity) to follow the Tibetan techniques in how
to Meditate in order to make contact with each individual's

A Peaceful Place

The secluded point to which one withdraws, is found to lie within oneself; the silent place in which the life of the soul is contacted is that point within the head where soul and body meet....Those who can train themselves to be sufficiently one-pointed can withdraw their thoughts at any time and in any place to a center within themselves, and in this center within the head the great work of at-one-ment is carried forward. ( Ibid., pp. 208-10)

The Secluded Spot to which one withdraws....

The Key to the Kingdom of God is learning to be at one with
the inner and Higher Selves. "Be Still And Know That I AM
God" is the requirement upon entering into the Silence at that
point within the head where "CONTACT" can be made with
the Soul or Solar Angel - at this point in Meditation, one  must
train themselves to be "one-pointed" by withdrawing their thoughts in that center within the head so that the great work
of "At-one-ment is carried forward. mf

Be Still And Know That I AM God

True concentration grows out of a concentrated, thought-governed life, and the first step for aspirants is to begin to organize their daily life, regulate their activities, and become focused and one-pointed in their manner of living. This is possible to all who care enough to make the needed effort and who can carry it forward with perseverance....
The need for the aspirant at this point is concentration and organization of ones daily life.  This requires that one becomes focused  and one-pointed in all activities by becoming one-pointed in their focus while organizing
each and every part of their day.  Through this endeavor anyone can move forward with

Become one-pointed and in deep concentration

When we can organize and re-arrange our lives, leaving out the non-essential activities, we prove our mettle and the strength of our desire. ...Therefore, no neglect of duty is possible to the one-pointed person. Duties to family and friends and to one's business or profession will be more perfectly and efficiently performed....
( Ibid., pp. 207)
This is important because what the Master D.K. is telling us
is that it is only through focused organization of our daily life
that we can gain the strength and desire to serve our family and
friends and our work place with the "one-pointed-ness" that
happens when one is determined to get rid of anything that is
non-essentional in our daily lives - thus leaving us free from
stress and fear and able to carry out our duties while 
organizing every part of our daily life. - mf

C. The Mechanics of the Meditation Process
The hypothesis upon which the theories here outlined are based might be expressed in the following propositions:
One:  The centre of energy through which the soul works is the upper brain. During meditation, if effective, energy from the soul pours into the brain, and has a definite effect upon the nervous system. If, however, the mind is not controlled and the emotional nature dominates (as in the case of the pure mystic) the effect makes itself felt primarily in the feeling apparatus, the emotional states of being.

Energy from the Soul pours into the brain,
and has a definite effect upon the nervous system.

We need to pay attention to the Masters words concerning where the
center of energy lies - as I've stated before that it lies in the Highest
Plane of the Mind, which is called the Jiva.  Once the student has reached
this Plane of Mind through daily Meditation then and only then does the
energy of the Soul reciprocate by effecting the aspirants nervous system.
The test of ones attainment is whether or not the mind is actually being
controlled or whether the emotional nature is actually in play - usually
referred to as having visions etc. that will only come from the emotional
body - this sends the aspirant down the path of emotional and or psychic
states of being that places them into the solar plexus or "feeling apparatus"
which is another term for emotional states of being - and not making 
headway towards contact with the Soul as with the Higher Mind. mf
When the mind is the dominant factor, then the thought apparatus, in the higher brain, is swung into an organized activity. The one who meditates acquires a new capacity to think clearly, synthetically and potently....
We can attest to this when we look at what's happening in all areas of
our lives today - the cacophony and dissonance that surrounds us each
and every day forces one to get up, get meditating, get organized and
take control of ones life....this will lead to Peace and Goodwill towards
all mankind.

Picture of Pituitary Gland
Remember that the Third Eye (Center of Forehead Between
the Eyes) is where we need to focus or attention span for as long as possible

Two: In the region of the pituitary body, we have the seat of the lower faculties, when co-ordinated in the higher type of human being. Here they are co-ordinated and synthesized, and as we have been told by certain reputable schools of psychologists and endocrinologists here are to be found the emotions and the more concrete aspects of the mind (growing out of racial habits and inherited instincts, and, hence, calling for no exercise of the creative or higher mind)....
So when the Master tells us that we need to concentrate in one-pointedness
focusing on the upper mind, he's reminding us that we need to continually
focus on reaching beyond our four lower bodies and even  the Pituitary
Gland in order to reach the Higher Mind - this assures us of eventually
making contact with the Soul, as the Soul will begin to take control of our
 mind. mf

The More You Meditate the Better and Healthier is the Pituitary Body
and it functions with increased efficiency

Three:When the personality the sum-total of physical, emotional and mental states is of a high order, then the pituitary body functions with increased efficiency, and the vibration of the center of energy in its neighborhood becomes very powerful. It should be noted that according to this theory, when the personality is of a low order, when the reactions are mainly instinctual and the mind is practically non- functioning, then the center of energy is in the neighborhood of the solar plexus, and the man is more animal in nature.
You've heard of the reptilian brain, well these are the individuals that 
function at the lower end of the ladder of Jacob; and will eventually be
extinct as they cannot function under the influence of these powerful
rays - as well as  the increase in the electromagnetic field within and on
the planet will have a profound effect upon these souls..  The main point
that the Master is making, is that it takes a more refined evolved brain
mechanism to hold the lower mind, emotions and physical bodies in
control for a sustained amount of time. -mf
 The Triune Brain
With the Reptilian Included

Four:The center in the region of the pineal gland, and the higher brain, are brought into activity through learning to focus the attentive consciousness in the head....
The Pineal Gland Located Just Above the Brain Stem

From Wikipedia explanation:
As a small child you likely learned in school all about your five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste ... Julius explains that this Sixth Sense is really a soul connection to the eyes; or more ... Which system is beginning to dominate their experience?
Note:  It's becoming a more commonplace understanding of sense perception and how even the
modern endocrinologists find that people who meditate
on a regular basis have highly developed Pituitary and
Pineal Glands.
The various avenues of sense perception are brought into a quiescent condition. The consciousness of the real man no longer surges outwards along its five avenues of contact. The five senses are dominated by the sixth sense, the mind, and all the consciousness and the perceptive faculty of the aspirant is synthesized in the head, and turns inward and upward. The psychic nature is thereby subjugated and the mental plane becomes the field of man's activity. This withdrawal or abstracting process proceeds in stages:
Once you begin to practice meditation you'll find that you are
now in control of your outward surges that cause so much
chaos and stress in our daily lives - And as the Master D. K. 
explains these 5 Senses are now dominated by the 6th Sense,
minds, and all the the faculties are synthesized within the 
head - that also turns "inward" and "upward".  The important
information He's giving here is that the individual with a trained mind is capable of controlling all outer activities and
especially the lower mind and emotions -the Mental Plane now
becomes the field of activity governed by the Soul. - mf

The Individual is Now in Control of the Four Lower Bodies

1. The withdrawal of the physical consciousness, or perception through hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. These modes of perception become temporarily dormant, and the perception becomes simply mental and the brain consciousness is all that is active on the physical plane.

Just think for a minute, if you're serious about daily meditation
and are willing to become one-pointed in your attention to  the
inner mind for a sustained amount of time, then you too, can
function at the Highest Plane working directly under the Soul
and carrying out the Soul's dictates on a daily basis - do you
realize that you will be living, working and being in a Christ-
Like form, acting under the direction and instruction of this
Great Mediator between our Human Selves and our Higher
The Solar Angel and/or Soul

2. The withdrawal of the consciousness into the region of the pineal gland, so that the point of realization is centralized in the region between the middle of the forehead and the pineal gland.

Focus on Third Eye and withdrawing the consciousness into the 
Region of the Pineal Gland 

Five:When this has been done, and the aspirant is acquiring the ability so to focus in the head, the result of this process of abstraction is as follows: The five senses are being steadily synthesized by the sixth sense, the mind. This is the coordinating factor. Later it is realized that the soul has an analogous function. The three-fold personality is thus brought into a direct line of communication with the soul, time the one who meditates becomes unconscious of the limitations of the body nature, and the brain can be directly impressed by the soul, via the mind. The brain consciousness is held in a positive waiting condition with all its reactions to the phenomenal world utterly, though temporarily, inhibited.
As the aspirant acquires the ability to focus in the head, the 5
senses are being steadily aligned and controlled by the 6th 
sense, the mind.  The soul's function is to put into sync all
the lower bodies (physical, emotional and lower mind) and
now the brain is impressed solely by the Soul via the mind - the
brain consciousness is held in abeyance - with no communication to the outer world - this is a temporary condition while in deep meditation. mf

Almost Like Suspended Animation
The Aspirant  has now left this world and
has entered the Light of the Soul
The Magnetic Field Has Been Set UP Between the
Positive Soul aspect and the Waiting Personality, that
is rendered receptive by the process of focused attention.

Sixth:The high grade intellectual personality, with its focus of attention in the region of the pituitary body, begins to vibrate in unison with the higher center in the region of the pineal gland. Then a magnetic field is set up between the positive soul aspect and the waiting personality that is rendered receptive by the process of focused attention. Then the light, we are told, breaks forth, and we have the illumined human being, and the appearance of the phenomenal light in the head.

Then the Lght Breaks Forth and we have  the
Illumined Human Being and the Appearance of the
Phenomenal light in the Head

All this is the result of a disciplined life, and the focusing of the consciousness in the head. This is, in its turn, brought about through the attempt to be concentrated in the daily life, and also through definite concentration exercises. These are followed by the effort to meditate, and later–much later–the power to contemplate makes itself felt.
We're not talking here about doing meditation whenever it
feels right, we're talking about deep, deep, commitment and
the reorganization of your entire daily routines- further, the
need of the hour is to consecrate your space, and be being
fervent, determined, one-pointed and at-one-ment with the
Higher Self each and every day you will find that you not
only can meditate at any time anywhere but also you will
begin to contemplate and much later become self-realized. mf

This is a brief summation of the mechanics of the process, and is necessarily terse and incomplete. The ideas have to be accepted tentatively, however, before there can be an intelligent approach to the meditation work....
Having formulated our hypothesis and accepted it temporarily we proceed with the work, until it proves false, or until our attention is no longer engaged. An hypothesis is not necessarily false because it fails to prove itself in the time we deem proper. People frequently give up their pursuit in this field of knowledge because they lack the needed perseverance, or their interest becomes engaged elsewhere.
Again, we're reminded here that following the process with
heartfelt intensity while connecting the Third Eye to the
Pineal Gland causes a magnetic field to form over a lengthly
period of time giving the aspirant the opportunity to enter
the Field of Light at the inner and higher planes.  Yet, there
will be those who, for whatever reason whether they feel it
is taking too long and/or they cannot hold their attention
for any length of time, and so they give up  their pursuit
for connection with the Soul mainly because they just didn't
persevere or they became engaged elsewhere. mf
However, we are determined to go forward with our investigation and give the ancient techniques and formulas time to prove themselves. We proceed, therefore, to comply with the first requirements and endeavor to bring to bear upon life a more concentrated attitude of mind, and to practice daily meditation and concentration.

The Key Word here is Daily Meditation -  the Master has faith
that many among us will follow the formulas and techniques and in time prove themselves as "Light Bearers".  And there-
fore Hierarchy will continue to work with all who show a 
serious intent and persevere along the lengthy path no matter
what is occurring in their outer world.  And one day if they
are faithful to the formulas and techniques on a daily basis,
without even expecting it, they will make the connection with
their own Holy Presence, the Soul who will make them aware
with the great inflow of God's energy filling their entire beings
and forcing out the lower bodies while in deep meditation - it
certainly is the attitude of being a faithful servant to the most
high God for a tiny space of time each and every day that will
bring about the Transformation and Transfiguration from
physical density into the light. mf
If we are beginners, or are possessed of an unorganized mind, fluidic, versatile and unstable, we start in to practice concentration. If we are trained intellectuals, or have the focused attentiveness that business training confers, we need only to reorient the mind to a new field of awareness and begin truly to meditate. It is easy to teach meditation to the interested business executive.

D. Some Preliminary Suggestions
Finding Time
It is advisable to set apart a certain time each day for this particular work. At the beginning fifteen minutes is ample time. Let us be truthful with ourselves, and recognize things for what they are. The plea, "I have no time," is an utterly futile one, and indicates simply lack of interest. May it not be truly said, if anyone claims not to be able to find fifteen minutes out of the one thousand four hundred and forty minutes that constitute a day, then they are not particularly interested?
First of all, we shall endeavor to find time early in the morning for our meditation work. The reason for this is, that after we have participated in the happenings of the day and in the general give and take of life, the mind is in a state of violent vibration; this is not the case if the meditation is performed first thing in the morning. Then it is relatively quiet, and the mind can be more rapidly attuned to the higher states of consciousness.
Again, if we start the day with the focusing of our attention on spiritual things and on the affairs of the soul, we shall live the day in a different manner. If this becomes a habit, we shall soon find our reactions to the affairs of life changing and that we are beginning to think the thoughts that the soul thinks. It then becomes the process of the working of a law, for "as a man thinks so is he".

This paragraph is self-explained but just a reminder, that we
need to discipline ourselves to set aside 15 minutes in the early
morning, when just awakening.

Finding a Place for Meditation
Next, we shall endeavor to find a place that is really quiet and free from intrusion. This does not mean quiet in the sense of freedom from noise, for the world is full of sounds; but free from personal approach and the calls of other people.
Aspirants to meditation sometimes talk much about the opposition they meet from their family and friends. In the majority of cases it is their own fault. People talk too much. It is nobody's business what we do with fifteen minutes of our time every morning, and there is no need to talk about it to our households, or to enjoin upon them that they must be quiet because we want to meditate.
If it is impossible to get a moment for morning meditation because of family commitments, let us find some time for it later on in the day. There is always a way to be found out of a difficulty, if we want a thing badly enough and a way that involves no omission of duty or of obligation. As a last resort, it is always possible to rise fifteen minutes earlier every morning.

E. The Practice of Meditation
Having found the time and the place, we shall sit down in a comfortable chair and begin to meditate. The question then arises: How shall we sit? Is the cross-legged attitude the best, or shall we kneel, or sit, or stand? The easiest and most normal position is the best always.
The cross-legged attitude has been, and still is, much used in the Orient, and many books have been written on the subject. Some of the postures have relation to the nervous body and that inner structure of fine nerves, called by the Hindus, the nadis, which underlie the nervous system as recognized in the West.
The trouble with such postures is that they can lead to two rather undesirable reactions; they lead a person to concentrate the mind upon the mechanics of the process and not upon the goal; and, secondly, they frequently lead to a delightful sense of superiority, that has its basis in our attempt to do something that the majority is not doing, and which sets us apart as potential knowers. We become engrossed with the form side of meditation; we are occupied with the Not-self instead of with the Self.
So let us choose that posture that enables us, the most easily, to forget that we have a physical body. This is probably for the Westerner the sitting attitude; the main requirements are that we should sit erect, with the spine in a straight line; that we should sit relaxed (without slumping) so that there is no tenseness anywhere in the body, and that we should drop the chin somewhat, so as to release any tension in the back of the neck. Meditation is an interior act, and can only be performed successfully when the body is relaxed, rightly poised and then forgotten.
Having attained to physical comfort, relaxation, and having withdrawn ourselves from the body consciousness, we next note our breathing and ascertain whether it is quiet, even and rhythmic.
A note of warning should be sounded here as to the practice of breathing exercises, except by those who have first given years to right meditation and to purification of the body nature. In the ancient teachings of the East, the control of the breath was only permitted after the first three "means to union", as they are called, had been somewhat wrought out in the life, and then only under proper instruction.
The practice of breathing exercises has nothing whatever to do with spiritual development. It has much to do with psychical development, and its practice leads to much difficulty and danger. It is only here and there that, in the ancient days, the teachers picked a person for this form of tuition, and it was added to a training which had produced a certain measure of soul contact, so that the soul could guide the energies evoked by the breath for the furtherance of its objectives and for world service.
Therefore, we will do no more than see that our breathing is quiet and regular, and will then withdraw our thoughts from the body altogether and begin the work of concentration.
Visualization and the Creative Use of the Imagination
The next step in the practice of meditation is the use of the imagination; we picture to ourselves the threefold lower man, aligned or in direct communication with the soul. There are many ways in which this can be done. We call it work in visualization. It would seem that visualization, imagination and will are three very potent factors in all creative processes. They are the subjective causes for many of our objective effects.
At the beginning, visualization is mostly a matter of experimental faith. We know that through the reasoning process, we have arrived at an understanding that, within and beyond all manifested objects, there lies an Ideal Object or Ideal Pattern, which is seeking to become manifest upon the physical plane. The practice of visualization, imagination and the use of the will are activities that are calculated to hasten the manifestation of this Ideal.
When we visualize, we use our highest conception of what that Ideal might be, clothed in some sort of material, usually mental, because we are not yet in a position to be able to conceive of higher forms or types of substance with which to envelop our Images.
When we make a mental picture, the mental substance of our mind sets up a certain rate of vibration, which attracts to itself a corresponding grade of mental substance, in which the mind is immersed. It is the will which holds this image steady and which gives it life. This process goes on, whether we are, as yet, able to see it with the mental eye or not. It does not matter that we are not able to see it, as the creative work is going on just the same. Perhaps at some time we shall be able to follow and consciously perform that whole process.
In connection with this work, at the stage of the beginner, some people picture the three bodies (the three aspects of the form nature) as being linked with a radiant body of light, or they