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107 Lesson 27 - Urgent! The entering into the Epoch of Fire

The above Picture is the Symbol for the Element of Fire

Today, scientists have discovered that our planet is definitely moving forward towards the Epoch of Fire.  The Fiery Great Spiritual Sun is located behind the constellation Hercules.  This signals that we're approaching a Minor Pralaya.

The Constellation of Hercules
The Great Spiritual Sun is located behind this Constellation of 

 This means that our entire planet will continually heat up over the next several years.   As of 2018 - we experienced the hottest temps in history with global temps reaching 118F worldwide - there is only so much that Hierarchy can do with a planet of free will and therefore they expect 50% contribution from the hearts of mankind. This means that mankind must in some way contribute heartfelt service to the world, in order for us to survive the incoming rays from the Buddhic Plane. In 1999 we were saved from an explosion that would have destroyed the Earth - this is only one of the two incidents that Hierarchy has stepped in and saved our planet. The other catastrophe happened in 1909, so we've used up all of our gifts , therefore it is up to us to open our hearts through love and service in order to prevent the next cataclysm. This means that 50% of humanity must carry the burden of responsibility for this planet, otherwise we will suffer great loss; and, it seems that The Grand Council will meet once again in 2024, just 5 years
away - to determine if this planet is worth saving - just 5
years to get 50% or mankind to open their hearts and
minds that would save our planet through the power of "love".

The Fire Element Has Moved Much Faster Than Was Expected

Especially in the Ring of Fire

As I look at several websites today, I am relieved to see that many of mankind are now waking up to the fact that we must all join hearts and hands in order to do our part to
save our planet and her people.  These  are no idle words, they have been written and prophesied for thousands of years.  Around the beginning of the last century around 1825, the Great Council met at Shamballa to determine whether to save this planet of "Free Will" from annihilation.

Only two members of Hierarchy were willing to take on the responsibility for this tremendous task.  These two Mahatmas from Tibet, volunteered  to bring forth a high
initiate, that would plant the seed for humanity to finally grasp that we are living on the edge.  They even received permission from the Council to allow humanity to have a
glimpse of "The Book of Dyzan".  This treaties was written millions and millions of years ago at the beginning of this Manvantara.  Madam Blatvasky, who was the high initiate upon our planet at that particular time gave out a small amount of information to the planet in her great book "The Secret Doctrine" - in that particular series (Volume I and II)- she gave forth information from the Book of Dyzan concerning the creation of our planet, our universe and also certain  prophesies pertaining to the future of our Planet.  I was so interested in what was given forth that I read both volumes, making notes and studying what was being conveyed to mankind at that time.  Although there were many who joined her Society, known as Theosophy most of mankind did not understand what she had given to them when her books came out in 1870-1890. 

Today, we've moved rapidly in our evolutionary path and many among mankind have reached the point where they can intuit that all is not well upon the planet and mainly

among the people of earth.  Instead of veering towards the Aquarian Age and its principles of Love, Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood, we are seeing Hate and Hate Creation,  Separation and Division, Bigotry and Racism all rolled up in those who still cling to the Piscean Age and its negativity.  When we speak of equality, we are talking about women, people of color and the right for every citizen to practice his
or her beliefs. When we speak of Freedom, we need to be reminded how many of our freedoms have already hit the dust and many more are pending - like freedom of speech, the press, media etc.  Liberty is the heart of our country - for it is liberty that Emma Lazarus envisioned in her famous poem:

Emma Lazarus
American author
Give me your tiredyour poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” 

The reason for the urgency is that the Great Counsil will meet at
Shamballa once again in 2024 (just 5 years from now) to decide our fate; there will be an accounting of just how many of humanity have opened their hearts to those in need; to send love and hope into those areas and people who are in desperate need; to fulfill the requirement of the hour - that at least 50% of mankind has responded to the call of our Hierarchy by giving love and service to the planet and especially to the four kingdoms.  Once the decision is made it will be carried out in 2025.

Description of Our Universe
During Prayala as Illustrated in the Book of Dyzan
This Disk Represents Cosmos at Rest

The Oldest MSS in the World
Information given by H. P. Blavatsky as follows:
"An Archaic Manuscript - a collection of palm leaves made impermeable to water, fire and air, by some specific unknown process - is before the writer's eye.  On the first page, is an
immaculate white disk within a dull black ground.  On the Second Page the same disk, but with a central point. The first Disk 
represents Kosmos in Eternity, in Parlaya before the reawakening 
of still slumbering Energy, the emanation of the Word in other systems.

This Disk with the Dot in the Center
The point in the hitherto immaculate Disk, Space and Eternity
in Pralaya, denotes the dawn of differentiation.
It is the Point in the Mundane Egg, the Universe, the All, the
boundless, periodical Cosmos, this germ being latent and active
periodically and by turns.  The one circle is divine Unity, from which all proceeds, whither all returns.  Its circumference - a 
forcibly limited symbol, in view of the limitation of the human
mind - indicates the abstract, ever incognizable presence, and its plane, the Universal Soul, although the two are one.  Only the face of the Disk being white and the ground all around black, shows clearly that its plane, is the only knowledge, dim and hazy through it still is, that is attainable by man.  It is on this plane that the Manvantaric manifestation begin; for it is in this soul that slumbers, during the Pralaya*, the Divine Thought, wherein lies concealed the plan of every future Cosmogony and Theogony.
* Pralaya comes at the end of a Manvantara - at the end of Kali Yug - This is when all life transcends back to the Father/Mother God, and all that lives is at rest - we are
approaching a minor Parlaya as we approach the Great
Central Sun and the Epoch of Fire.

Occultism divides the periods of Rest (Pralaya) into several kinds; there is the individual Pralaya of each Globe, as humanity and life pass on to the next seven minor Pralayas in each Round; the Planetary Pralaya, when seven Rounds are completed; the Solar Pralaya, when the whole system is at an end; and finally the Universal Maha—or Brahmâ—Pralaya at the close of the "Age of Brahmâ." These are the three chief pralayas or “destruction periods.” There are many other minor ones, but with these we are not concerned at present.
There is also a more general use of this term, described by Mme. Blavatsky as follows:
"Pralaya—a word already explained—is not a term that applies only to every “Night of Brahmâ,” or the world’s dissolution following every [minor] Manvantara, equal to 71 Mahayugas. It applies also to each “obscuration” as well, and even to every Cataclysm that puts an end, by *Fire or by *Water in turn, to each Root-Race.
Note:  We are approaching the Epoch of "FIRE" and so we know that the cataclysm that we are approaching will be under the Element of Fire. -mf

When a Round is finished life enters into an inter-round nirvāṇa and the globes remain as if in a frozen state:
After a minor pralaya, everything having remained in statu quo—in a refrigerated state, so to say, like the moon—at the first flutter of manvantara, the planet or planets begin their resurrection to life from within outwardly.
Nature, i.e., everything visible and invisible on a resting planet—remains in statu quo. Nature rests and slumbers, no work of destruction going on on the globe even if no active work is done. All forms, as well as their astral types, remain as they were at the last moment of its activity. The “night” of a planet has hardly any twilight preceding it. It is caught like a huge mammoth** by an avalanche, and remains slumbering and frozen till the next dawn of its new day—a very short one indeed in comparison to the "Day of Brahmâ".
It is not the physical organisms that remain in statu quo, least of all their psychical principles, during the great Cosmic or even Solar pralayas, but only their Akâsic or astral “photographs.” But during the minor pralayas, once over-taken by the “Night,” the planets remain intact, though dead, as a huge animal, caught and embedded in the polar ice, remains the same for ages". (see mammoths below encased in ice during the last Minor Parlay - mf) 

Called "minor pralaya" in The Mahatma Letters, the planetary pralaya comes with the completion of seven rounds, marking the end of that particular Planetary Chain:

Includes Sphere, Color, God Quality and
Service on Planet 

As the new round begins it [globe A] catches the new influx of life, reawakens to vitality and begets all its kingdoms of a superior order to the last. After this has been repeated seven times comes a minor pralaya; the chain of globes are not destroyed by disintegration and dispersion of their particles but pass in abscondito. From this they will re-emerge in their turn during the next septenary period. . . The minor manvantara is composed of seven rounds, 49 rings and 7 obscurations.[10]
The new planetary chain that appears with the new minor manvantara will resume the evolution in the place where it was left off when the pralaya set in:
In the minor pralayas there is no starting de novo — only resumption of arrested activity. The vegetable and animal kingdoms which at the end of the minor manwantara had reached only a partial development are not destroyed. Their life or vital entities, call some of them nati if you will — find also their corresponding night and rest — they also have a Nirvana of their own. And why should they not, these foetal and infant entities. They are all like ourselves begotten of the one element.

A solar pralaya comes when seven Planetary Chains have been accomplished:
Within one solar period (of a pralaya and manvantara) occur seven such minor periods (rounds), in an ascending scale of progressive development. . . . The solar period is composed of 49 rounds.
With the solar pralaya the globes constituting the last planetary chain are dissolved:
When strikes the hour of the solar pralaya — though the process of man's advance on his last seventh round is precisely the same, each planet instead of merely passing out of the visible into the invisible as he quits it in turn is annihilated. With the beginning of the seventh Round of the seventh minor manvantara, every kingdom having now reached its last cycle, there remains on each planet after the exit of man but the maya of once living and existing forms. . . . The string of worlds is destroyed and vanishes like a shadow from the wall in the extinguishment of light.
Regarding the fate of the Monads (I AM Presences) evolving through the different kingdoms Master K.H. wrote: (From the Mahatma Letters)
With every step he takes on the descending and ascending arcs as he moves on from Globe to Globe the planet left behind becomes an empty chrysaloidal case. At his departure there is an outflow from every kingdom of its entities. Waiting to pass into higher forms in due time they are nevertheless liberated: for to the day of that evolution they will rest in their lethargic sleep in space until again energized into life in the new solar manvantara. The old elementals — will rest until they are called to become in their turn the bodies of mineral, vegetable and animal entities (on another and a higher string of globes) on their way to becoming human entities (see Isis) while the germinal entities of the lowest forms, and in that time of general perfection there will remain but few of such — will hang in space like drops of water suddenly turned to icicles. They will thaw at the first hot breath of a solar manvantara and form the soul of the future globes. . . . The slow development of the vegetable kingdom provided for by the longer inter-planetary rest of man. . . . When the solar pralaya comes the whole purified humanity merges into Nirvana and from that inter-solar Nirvana will be reborn in higher systems.

When the Maha-pralaya sets in everything enter in Parinirvāṇa, in what is known as "the Day Be-With-Us":
In Paranirvana — when Pralaya will have reduced not only material and psychical bodies, but even the spiritual Ego(s) to their original principle — the Past, Present, and even Future Humanities, like all things, will be one and the same. Everything will have re-entered the Great Breath. In other words, everything will be ‘merged in Brahma’ or the divine unity.
Not even Esoteric philosophy can claim to know, except by analogical inference, that which took place before the reappearance of our Solar System and previous to the last Maha Pralaya.

When talking about chronology of evolutionary cycles, H. P. Blavatsky frequently used the Hindu one, claiming that it is the closest to the occult chronology. Thus, she explained that the Naimittika pralaya or Night of Brahmā lasts approximately 4,320,000,000 billion years, while the Maha-pralaya at the end of an Age of Brahmā (Maha-Kalpa) lasts for about 311,040,000,000,000 years

mammoths-berezovka_mammoth.jpg Image Thumbnail
Figure 155: Berezovka Mammoth. This is the most famous of all mammoths, the frozen Berezovka mammoth. He is displayed in the Zoological Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the struggling position in which he was found near Siberia’s Berezovka River, just inside the Arctic Circle. His trunk and much of his head, reconstructed in this display, had been eaten by predators before scientists arrived in 1901. After a month of excavation, ten pony-drawn sleds hauled most of his cut-up carcass more than 2,000 miles south to the Trans-Siberian Railroad. From there he was taken to St. Petersburg’s Zoological Museum, today’s leading institution for studying frozen mammoths. The handle (extreme bottom center) of the shovel used in the excavation provides the scale. Inches above the handle is Berezovka’s extended and flattened penis. While in the museum, I saw this reproductive organ’s condition and realized that it helps explain how Berezovka and other frozen mammoths died.

 So, think about the Mammoths who were frozen while eating in Greenland, Siberia and other places during the last minor Prayala - around forty thousand years ago....
They had no warning - no time to prepare and no place to
go, as the Night of Brahma descended upon all that lived
within the four kingdoms.  I've often thought of the two
giant humans who were found in the Gobi Desert with their red
hair and woven plaid attire - they were caught in the midst
of their journey, possibly to Shamballa, which at that time,
was located in the physical plane in the Gobi Desert.  It was
during and shortly after the Night of Brahma that it was 
raised into the etheric plane, where it still resides today.

At this point I think I should introduce the Theosophical study
on the "chains" and "rounds" so that you have a more
definite idea of how complicated and many-layered our total
planetary chain (universe) is - for it is not just what we seem
to see as we look at the Universe with it's nine planets and central sun- let us look at it from Hierarchy's extended and
advanced view, in order to form a more perfect understanding
of the many spheres involved (7) for each planet -

In order to have a clear picture of  what the chains look like, I am giving you several illustrations to look at before
reading about the chains etc.

Again, we hear from H. P. Blavatsky as she recites the ancient theses from
the Book of Dylan
The Black Font is the explanation by Madame Blavatsky
The Blue Font is the comments on text by Margaret Mary

THE scheme of evolution of which our Earth forms a part is not the only one in our solar system, for ten separate chains of globes exist in that system which are all of them theatres of somewhat similar progress. Each of these schemes of evolution is taking place upon a chain of globes, and in the course of each scheme its chain of globes goes through seven incarnations. The plan, alike of each scheme as a whole and of the successive incarnation of its chain of globes, is to dip step by step more deeply into matter, and then to rise step by step out of it again.
When speaking of a "Scheme" she is referring the Divine Plan for this entire
Manvantara.  When she speaks about a solar system see pictures below:
Our Solar System
 Now, imagine if you can, each of these planets having
Seven Bodies and each of these planets, along
with  those bodies descending from the Great Central Sun
Downward over billions of years to where our Earth is
at the present time at the lowest and/or Physical Plane.
The Chain passes from the Great Central Sun, to the first
The plan, alike of each scheme as a whole and of the successive incarnation of its chain of globes, is to dip step by step more deeply into matter, and then to rise step by step out of it again.
When speaking of a "Scheme" she is referring the Divine Plan for the Chain
of globes (planets), that will pass through not only a series of "Yugs" but also
the three stages of Parlays as given above.  With each of these minor and
major Prarlayas the entire 7 chains making up each globe will also be going
through these mini-deaths or sleep states and then will be re-incarnated
once again until the final Mayamanvantara of the finish of the Day of Brahma.

This example above is "just of our Seven Globes belonging to our Earth Chain"  As you can see, we have passed down through three planes already over
 eons of years, and so have the other 8 planets with their 7 globes
only they have already moved upward in the ascending arc, while
we, the laggards with three rootraces still on the planet, are still
at the densest plane and this is why there is and has been Council
Meetings concerning whether or not to let our "free wills" annihilate
us, before we've completed the Divine Plan for this Yug.  
These other rootraces should have ascended back to God eons ago but
ever since the 4th Root Race, we've been stuck and also compromised
by those Neflin who descended into the Earth during the time of
Genesis (see Genesis 6 - St. James and/or Catholic version of the Bible) 
wherein they describe these beings landing here -
 At that time, it was the Divine Council that allowed those from Malduk 
who blew up  their own planet, to come to our Earth, because we were
 doing so well and moving downward towards our goal.  
Also, occurring at that time,  there was war in heaven and Satan and his 
followers were cast out by Archangel Michael and it was declared:  Woe
 unto the  people of Earth for they will be among you!"  When you add up
 all the problems that were a result of these three events, you can sum up
 the many reasons we have ben compromised by these villains. 
This is why the Divine Council has been so easy on us for so many 
thousands of years-up until 1959 when they called our Planetary Logos 
back to Venus His planet, which has already completed its journey through
 the Chains and Rounds.
At the present time, according to orders from Alpha and
Omega, all those who were born before July of 1959, this is our
last lifetime here on Earth the planet of "free will".  Those born
after 1959 will have one more opportunity (that is, unless they
deem otherwise at  this next Council meeting in 2024).

Each chain consists of seven globes, and both globes and chains observe the rule of descending into matter and then rising out of it again. In order to make this comprehensible let us take as an example the chain to which our Earth belongs. At the present time it is in its fourth or most material incarnation, and therefore three of its globes belong to the physical world, two to the astral world, and two to the lower part of the mental world. The wave of divine Life passes in succession from globe to globe of this chain, beginning with one of the highest, descending gradually to the lowest and then climbing again to the same level as that at which it began.

Let us for convenience of reference label the seven globes by the earlier letters of the alphabet, and number the incarnations in order. Thus, as this is the fourth incarnation of our chain, the first globe in this incarnation will be 4A, the second 4B, the third 4C, the fourth (which is our Earth) 4D, and so on.

These globes are not all composed of physical matter. 4A contains no matter lower than that of the mental world; it has its counterpart in all the worlds higher than that, but nothing below it. 4B exists in the astral world; but 4c is a physical globe, visible to our telescopes, and is in fact the planet which we know as Mars. Globe 4D is our own Earth, on which the life-wave of the chain is at present in action. Globe 4E is the planet which we call Mercury--also in the physical world. Globe 4F is in the astral world, corresponding on the ascending arc to globe 4B in the descent; while globe 4G corresponds to globe 4A in having its lowest manifestation in the lower part of the mental world. Thus it will be seen that we have a scheme of globes starting in the lower mental" world, dipping through the astral into the physical and then rising into the lower mental through the astral again.

Just as the succession of the globes in a chain constitutes a descent into matter and an ascent from it again, so do the successive incarnations of a chain. We have described the condition of affairs in the fourth incarnation; looking back at the third, we find that that commences not on the lower level of the mental world but on the higher. Globes 3A and 3G, then, are both of higher mental matter, while globes 3B and 3F are at the lower mental level. Globes 3c and 3E belong to the astral world, and only globe 3D is visible in the physical world. Although this third incarnation of our chain is long past, the corpse of this physical globe 3D is still visible to us in the shape of that dead planet the Moon, whence that third incarnation is usually called the lunar chain.
The fifth incarnation of our chain, which still lies very far in the future, will correspond to the third. In that, globes 5A and 5G will be built of higher mental matter, globes 5B and 5F of lower mental, globes 5C and 5E of astral matter, and only globe 5D will be in the physical world. This planet 5D is of course not yet in existence.
The other incarnations of the chain follow the same general rule of gradually decreasing materiality; 2A, 2G, 6A and 6G are all in the intuitional world; 2B, 2F, 6B and 6F are all in the higher part of the mental world; 2C, 2E, 6C and 6E are in the lower part of the mental world; 2D and 6D are in the astral world. In the same way 1A, 1G, 7A and 7G belong to the spiritual world; 1B, 1F, 7B and 7F are in the intuitional world; 1C, 1E, 7C and 7E are in the higher part of the mental world; lD and 7D are in the lower part of the mental world.
Thus it will be seen that not only does the life-wave in passing through one chain of globes dip down into matter and rise out of it again, but the chain itself in its successive incarnations does exactly the same thing.
There are ten schemes of evolution at present existing in our solar system, but only seven of them are at the stage where they have planets in the physical world. These are: (1) that of an unrecognized planet Vulcan, very near the sun, about which we have very little definite information. It was seen by the astronomer Herschel, but is now said to have disappeared. We at first understood that it was in its third incarnation; but it is now regarded as possible that it has recently passed from its fifth to its sixth chain, which would account for its alleged disappearance; (2) that of Venus, which is in its fifth incarnation, and also therefore, has only one visible globe; (3) that of the Earth, Mars and Mercury, which has three visible planets because it is in its fourth incarnation; (4) that of Jupiter, (5) that of Saturn, (6) that of Uranus, all in their third incarnations ; and (7) that of Neptune and the two unnamed planets beyond its orbit, which is in its fourth incarnation, and therefore has three physical planets as we have.
In each incarnation of a chain (commonly called a chain-period) the wave of divine Life moves seven times round the chain of seven planets, and each such movement is spoken of as a round. The time that the life-wave stays upon each planet is known as a world-period, and in the course of a world-period there are seven great root-races. As has been previously explained, these are subdivided into sub-races, and those again into branch-races. For convenience of reference we may state this in tabular form:
7 Branch-Racesmake 1 Sub-Race
7 Sub-Racesmake 1 Root-Race
7 Root-Racesmake 1 World-Period
7 World-Periodsmake 1 Round
7 Roundsmake 1 Chain-Period
7 Chain-Periodsmake 1 Scheme of Evolution
10 Schemes of Evolutionmake 1 Our Solar System
It is clear that the fourth root-race of the fourth globe of the fourth round of a fourth chain-period would be the central point of a whole scheme of evolution, and we find ourselves at the present moment only a little past that point. The Aryan race, to which we belong, is the fifth root-race of the fourth globe, so that the actual middle point fell in the time of the last great root-race, the Atlantean. Consequently the human race as a whole is very little more than half-way through its evolution, and those few souls who are already nearing Adeptship, which is the end and crown of this evolution, are very far in advance of their fellows.
How do they come to be so far in advance? Partly and in some cases because they have worked harder, but usually because they are older egos--because they were individualized out of the animal kingdom at an earlier date, and so have had more time for the human part of their evolution.
Any given wave of life sent forth from the Deity usually spends a chain-period in each of the great kingdoms of Nature. That which in our first chain was ensouling the first elemental kingdom must have ensouled the second of those kingdoms in the second chain, in the third of them in the Moon-chain, and is now in the mineral kingdom in the fourth chain. In the future fifth chain it will ensoul the vegetable kingdom, in the sixth the animal, and in the seventh it will attain humanity.
From this it follows that we ourselves represented the mineral kingdom on the first chain, the vegetable on the second, and the animal on the lunar chain. There some of us attained our individualization, and so we were enabled to enter this Earth-chain as men. Others who were a little more backward did not succeed in attaining it, and so had to be born into this chain as animals for a while before they could reach humanity. Not all of mankind, however, entered this chain together. When the lunar chain came to its end the humanity upon it stood at various levels. Not Adeptship, but what is now for us the fourth step on the Path, was the goal appointed for that chain. Those who had attained it (commonly called in Theosophical literature the Lords of the Moon) had, as is usual, seven choices before them as to the way in which they would serve. Only one of those choices brought them, or rather a few of them, over into this Earth-chain to act as guides and teachers to the earlier races. A considerable proportion--a vast proportion, indeed--of the Moon-men had not attained that level, and consequently had to reappear in this Earth-chain as humanity. Besides this, a great mass of the animal kingdom of the Moon-chain was surging up to the level of the individualization, and some of its members had already reached it, while many others had not. These latter needed further animal incarnations upon the Earth-chain, and for the moment may be put aside.
There were many classes even among the humanity, and the manner in which these distributed themselves over the Earth-chain needs some explanation. It is the general rule that those who have attained the highest possible in any chain on any globe, in any root-race, are not born into the beginning of the next chain, globe or race, respectively. The earlier stages are always for the backward entities, and only when they have already passed through a good deal of evolution and are beginning to approach the level of those others who had done better, do the latter descend into incarnation and join them once more. That is to say, almost the earlier half of any period of evolution, whether it be a race, a globe or a chain, seems to be devoted to bringing the backward people up to nearly the level of those who have got on better; then these latter also (who, in the meantime, have been resting in great enjoyment in the mental world) descend into incarnation along with the others, and they press on together until the end of the period.
Thus the first of the egos from the Moon who entered the Earth-chain were by no means the most advanced.
Indeed they may be described as the least advanced of those who had succeeded in attaining humanity--the animal-men. Coming as they did into a chain of new globes, freshly aggregated, they had to establish the forms in all the different kingdoms of Nature. This needs to be done at the beginning of the first round in a new chain, but never after that; for though the life-wave is centred only upon one of the seven globes of a chain at any given time, yet life has not entirely departed from the other globes. At the present moment, for example, the life-wave of our chain is centred on this Earth, but on the other two physical globes of our chain, Mars and Mercury, life still exists. There is still a population, human, animal and vegetable, and consequently when the life-wave goes round again to either of those planets there will be no necessity for the creation of new forms. The old types are already there, and all that will happen will be a sudden marvellous fecundity, so that the various kingdoms will quickly increase and multiply, and make a rapidly increasing population instead of a stationary one.
It was, then, the animal-men, the lowest class of human beings of the Moon-chain, who established the forms in the first round of the Earth-chain. Pressing closely after them were the highest of the lunar animal kingdom, who were soon ready to occupy the forms which had just been made. In the second journey round the seven globes of the Earth-chain, the animal-men who had been the most backward of the lunar humanity were leaders of this terrene humanity, the highest of the moon-animals making its less developed grades. The same thing went on in the third round of the Earth-chain, more and more of the lunar animals attaining individualization and joining the human rank, until in the middle of that round on this very globe D which we call the Earth, a higher class of human beings--the Second Order of Moon-men--descended into incarnation and at once took the lead.
When we come to the fourth, our present round, we find the First Order of the Moon-men pouring in upon us--all the highest and the best of the lunar humanity who had only just fallen short of success. Some of those who had already, even on the Moon, entered upon the Path soon attained its end, became Adepts and passed away from the Earth. Some few others who had not been quite so far advanced have attained Adeptship only comparatively recently--that is, within the last few thousand years, and these are the Adepts of the present day. We, who find ourselves in the higher races of humanity now, were several stages behind Them, but the opportunity lies before us of following in Their steps if we will.
The evolution of which we have been speaking is that of the Ego himself, of what might be called the soul of man; but at the same time there has been also an evolution to the body. The forms built in the first round were very different from any of which we know anything now. Properly speaking, those which were made on our physical earth can scarcely be called forms at all, for they were constructed of etheric matter only, and resembled vague, drifting and almost shapeless clouds. In the second round they were definitely physical, but still shapeless and light enough to float about in currents of wind.
Only in the third round did they begin to bear any kind of resemblance to man as we know him today. The very methods of reproduction of those primitive forms differed from those of humanity today, and far more resembled those which we now find only in very much lower types of life. Man in those early days was androgynous, and a definite separation into sexes took place only about the middle of the third round. From that time onward until now the shape of man has been steadily evolving along definitely human lines, becoming smaller and more compact than it was, learning to stand upright instead of stooping and crawling, and generally differentiating itself from the animal forms out of which it had been evolved.
One curious break in the regularity of this evolution deserves mention. On this globe, in this fourth round, there was a departure from the straightforward scheme of evolution. This being the middle globe of a middle round, the midmost point of evolution upon it marked the last moment at which it was possible for members of what had been the lunar animal kingdom to attain individualization. Consequently a sort of strong effort was made--a special scheme was arranged to give a final chance to as many as possible. The conditions of the first and second rounds were specially reproduced in place of the first and second races--conditions of which in the earlier rounds these backward egos had not been able fully to take advantage. Now, with the additional evolution, which they had undergone during the third round, some of them were able to take such advantage, and so they rushed in at the very last moment before the door was shut, and became just human. Naturally they will not reach any high level of human development, but at least when they try again in some future chain it will be some advantage to them to have had even this slight experience of human life.
Our terrestrial evolution received a most valuable stimulus from the assistance given to us by our sister globe, Venus. Venus is at present in the fifth incarnation of its chain, and in the seventh round of that incarnation, so that its inhabitants are a whole chain-period and a half in front of us in evolution. Since, therefore, its people are so much more developed than ours, it was thought desirable that certain Adepts from the Venus evolution should be transferred to our Earth in order to assist in the specially busy time just before the closing of the door, in the middle of the fourth root-race.
These august Beings have been called the Lords of the Flame and the Children of the Fire-mist, and They have produced a wonderful effect upon our evolution. The intellect of which we are so proud is almost entirely due to Their presence, for in the natural course of events the next round, the fifth, should be that of intellectual advancement, and in this our present fourth round we should be devoting ourselves chiefly to the cultivation of the emotions. We are therefore in reality a long
way in advance of the programme marked out for us; and such advance is entirely due to the assistance given by these great Lords of the Flame. Most of Them stayed with us only through that critical period of our history; a few still remain to hold the highest offices of the Great White Brotherhood until the time when men of our own evolution shall have risen to such a height as to be capable of relieving their august Visitors.
The evolution lying before us is both of the life and of the form; for in future rounds, while the egos will be steadily growing in power, wisdom and love, the physical forms also will be more beautiful and more perfect than they have ever yet been. We have in this world at the present time men at widely differing stages of evolution, and it is clear that there are vast hosts of savages who are far behind the great civilized races of the world--so far behind that it is quite impossible that they can overtake them. Later on in the course of our evolution a point will be reached at which it is no longer possible for those undeveloped souls to advance side by side with the others, so that it will be necessary that a division should be made.
The proceeding is exactly analogous to the sorting out by a schoolmaster of the boys in his class. During the school year he has to prepare his boys for a certain examination, and by perhaps the middle of that school year he knows quite well which of them will pass it. If he should have in his class some who are hopelessly behind the rest, he might reasonably say to them when the middle period was reached:
"It is quite useless for you to continue with your fellows, for the more difficult lessons which I shall now have to give will be entirely unintelligible to you. It is impossible that you can learn enough in the time to pass the examination, so that the effort would only be a useless strain for you, and meantime you would be a hindrance to the rest of the class. It is therefore far better for you to give up striving after the impossible, and to take up again the work of the lower class which you did not do perfectly, and then to offer yourselves for this examination along with next year's class, for what is now impossible for you will then be easy."

This is in effect exactly what is said at a certain stage in our future evolution, to the most backward egos. They drop out of this year's class and come along with the next one. This is the "æonian condemnation" to which reference was made a little while ago. It is computed that about two-fifths of humanity will drop out of the class in this way, leaving the remaining three-fifths to go on with far greater rapidity to the glorious destinies which lie before them

It is expedient that we understand that we are facing a
minor Praylaya and we have little time to prepare as two
thirds of humanity will  drop out of the opportunity to gain adeptship and enter Hierarchy as Sons and Daughters of the most High God.
End of Lesson 4- 18-19