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So, Now that we've got a handle on the flow of energy and how it circulates throughout our Universe, Solar System and surrounds and penetrates our four lower bodies; we also realize that initiations that were set up billions of years ago by former great Beings in a former solar system, are now playing out and being brought to us in cyclic periods of time during one or more Yugs and during many, many lifetimes.  So, when we're going through our trials and tribulations, remember  that we have in the past, unconsciously contributed to this flow of negative energy and now must remove, dissolve and redeem ourselves through the great Law of Cause and Effect.

I mentioned the Ancient of Days in these past lessons, and how He is one of the original Sons of the Most High God, along with his six other Brothers.  He is the Regent of Venus our twin planet and His Complement is named 

Sanat Kumara's Complement
Ascended Lady Master Venus

Venus, who was much better known thousands of years ago when She played a greater role working with our planet.
The Name of the Original Sons are the Seven Holy Kumaras,  three of the Brothers are in deep meditation and act as messengers between the White Lodge, home of the Great I AM THAT I AM, which is located deep in space.  The second three sons also are in deep meditation while also acting as messengers between  the Great Central Sun and the Physical Sun of our Solar System. 

The Ancient of Days, Planetary Logos
Sanat Kumara

Over two million years ago, when the Great Council met to decide if the planet Earth should remain in  this Solar System or be destroyed, the Seventh Brother, Sanat Kumara decided to take up residence and vowed to save our planet and every individual who lived here.  His disciples built Shamballa, His residence while in exile here ever since that long ago promise.

 Enoch met with the Ancient of Days at Shamballa; and the Ancient of Days chastised the "fallen angels" (See Genesis Chapter 6 ) who had found favor with the women of earth and brought forth the Titan Race of Giants - it is in  the story of David and Goliath that we hear that David killed the  last of the Titan Giants.
These were the giants that ran amuck throughout the planet.   Their enormous skulls and skeletons are still being found; from the Middle East to the Far East - from America to South America and all throughout Europe.

Giant Skeleten Found in Iran - 2008

Another Skeleten of the Titan Race
Notice the difference in size of the Human
Investigating the Skeleton with the
Skeleton itself

Egyptian Sculptures of Giants with Ordinary Humans

Even the first Spaniards who populated South America, spoke of the enormous beings still living in South America when they arrived. 

There is much history that has never been explained to us - even in our Bible, where there are hints of past civilizations but nothing further.  The Upanishads, originally from Atlantis and then adopted in India;  and the Book of Dyzan from Tibet give us more detailed information concerning the mysteries surrounding happenings that should be published for everyone to understand. -mf

So let's talk about what The Ancient of Days, the Solar Logos our own Sanat Kumara's purpose is for all of us at the present time:

DJWAL KHUL informs us of what Sanat Kumara has in store for humanity's future: mf
(1) I will here make a statement which will probably convey nothing to the intelligence of the average disciple, but which may constitute a fruitful "seed thought" to the initiate who may read these words:
   The Purpose of Sanat Kumara is created at present by the   synthesis which the nature of the final seven Paths reveals.  It is adapted in time and space to human intelligence by the presented Plan and - in the glory of consummation - the completed Plan will reveal the Purpose on all seven planes of evolution.  Then evolution, as formulated and imposed by  the Hierarchy, will end and a greater dynamic expansion will take its place. 
Okay, so we do not know precisely what the "Plan" is; nor do we have an understanding of the "seven Paths" except that they must lead to and through the Purpose on all "seven planes of evolution.  By the seven planes of evolution; we can surmise that these are referring to "Jacob's Ladder" and which rung we're on as far as our evolutionary progress is concerned.  So let's read a little further on and see if Master D.K. gives us any more clues:-mf

...All that we are able to recognize of the "Purpose" is the hierarchical Plan, and this only disciples and advanced aspirants can judge and recognize.  This Plan is based upon knowledge of divine guidance in the past, the recognition of progress out of that past into the present, plus the effort to become sensitive to the right emergence of that Plan - embodying ever an aspect of the Purpose - in the immediate future.  The Purpose is related to the past, the present and the future the Agents of the Plan are impressed from Shamballa, via the Nirmanakayas; (these are the Divine Contemplators, or those definite, specialized through currents originate by one of the great staff of teachers - mf)
the process is then repeated, and advanced humanity become the recipients ; the sensitive recipients, of the Plan as transmitted to them by the impressing Agents, the Masters, working through the New Group of World Servers.  This group is the lower correspondence  of the Nirmanakayas, the recipients of impression from Shamballa.  See you, therefore, the beauty and the synthesis, the interdependence and the co-operative  interplay which is demonstrated right through the chain of Hierarchy, from the very highest Agent to the very lowest recipient of divine impression.
Wow!  He really gives us a lot to contemplate - we need to be cognizant of the fact that everything first of all comes to us from out of the past, to the present and on into the future - we also must bow before those great beings originating in Shamballa and relaying the Purpose of the Plan through the Masters and then to the New Group of World Servers (that's us, or anyone who is studying and learning about the Masters and the Plan).  Then we need to recognize that Sanat Kumara began developing this plan aeons ago, transmitting through Shamballa, to the great contemplators, or Nirmanakayas, great Teachers; who in turn transmit the Plan and Purpose to  the Masters, who in turn, transmit the Plan and Purpose to The New Group of World Servers, again, us - from the very highest Agent (Sanat Kumara) to the lowest recipient of divine impression (some among us). -mf 
(2) The Masters of the Wisdom work in three ways as they endeavor to implement the Divine Plan:
1.  They formulate, deliberately and in line with their fixed intention, those thought-forms which must be "impressed" upon the substance of the level of consciousness desired.
Part of what the Masters of Wisdom do to implement the Divine Plan is to lower their thought-forms to the point  where they are able to "impress upon" the individual at the level of consciousness that the individual can receive the information.
2. These living forms of thought are then occultly energized, and become centers of energy or reservoirs of energy, with the original thought-form as the creative source at the center.   These thought-forms and this generated energy are held steady within the aura of the Master or of a group of Masters.
Let's see if I can simplify the above in order for everyone to have a better understanding how telepathic thought-forms are manifested, held and transmitted.  First, we must remember that a Master of Wisdom is far, far more advanced in consciousness and awareness than we are; so in order to reach us at our level of awareness, they have to HOLD THE THOUGHT-FORM, becoming living energy reservoirs of energy always with the original thought-form at the center - then they hold this generated energy plus the thought-forms steadily within Their auras. - mf
3.  The energy is then projected on to a particular plane, or into the mind consciousness of those disciples who are en rapport with the Master, or of those groups of disciples or aspirants who are working in close association with some hierarchical group . . .

Energy Being Projected to A Particular Plane
Energy Being Projected From Hierarchy
Into the Higher Consciousness or 5th Jiva of A Disciple 

From the angle of our studies the revelation accorded to the initiate relates to the carrying forward of the divine Plan upon the physical plane, and to the implementation of the Will of Shamballa through the medium of disciples and aspirants, and or advanced humanity, working - consciously or unconsciously - in our modern world.
Even the Chinese are unconsciously implementing the Plan for humanity - as they enter Third World Countries and work with the inhabitants such as Africa in building and mining in their country.  Without realizing how important it is for the African nation, they are introducing modern methods and work standards that provide payment which allows the Africans to become more educated while moving forward more rapidly along the evolutionary line.

 Among the many groups doing "humanitarian services" throughout the World is the United Nations, both through various organizations bringing medical, educational and teaching people in Third World Countries how to enter and maintain different trades like 10,000 Villages, where women are producing fine jewelry, clothing and etc. for sale around the World - this gives them a "step up" in providing for themselves and their families.  Even the UN Soldiers are busy protecting people in war torn countries, especially the old, the women and children. - mf

UN Soldiers Helping the Old and Infirm

(3)From the Old Commentary;. . .  (The Book of Dyzan and other ancient texts reserved from older civilizations, no longer existing) "The objective of the Plan is to reproduce upon the plane of Earth the inner kingdom of the soul.  This has the Master of the Masters long foretold  Prepare the Way:"
This Is Our I AM Presence at the top, of Etheric Plane, Our Holy Christ Self,In the Middle, At  the Solar Plane While we are still Residing at the
Lowest Level  - the Planetary Plane or Third Dimension
So, the Divine Plan, according to Sanat Kumara, is for all of humanity to evolve to the Soul Level -  the Purpose and Plan is to prepare the way by educating us and opening and expanding our consciousness in order to bring us forward and upward on our "evolutionary path to attainment". mf
(4) The one thing which humanity needs today is the realization that there IS a Plan which is definitely working out through all world happenings; and that all that has occurred in man's historical past, and all that has happened lately, is assuredly in line with that Plan.
Necessarily also, if such a Plan exists, it presupposes Those who are responsible for the originating of the Plan and for its successful carrying forward.  From the standpoint of average humanity, who think in terms of earthly happiness, the Plan should be something which would make material life easier.  To the spiritual Hierarchy, the Plan involves those arrangements and circumstances which will raise and expand the  consciousness of mankind and enable men, therefore to discover the spiritual values for themselves, and to make the needed changes of their own free will, and thus produce the demanded betterment of the environment, consistent with the unfolding spiritual recognition.
Again, we are hearing the Master's words that all that has happened was a necessary inducement for us to stop acting like animals; stop warring with each other; stop grabbing territory and gathering millions while others suffer and have nothing.  If we are honest with ourselves and look back upon our history, we can see that we haven't moved very far forward on our evolutionary path - according to the Masters, there is enough abundance, territory, and food to ensure that everyone on earth is living, moving and growing in awareness.  The only way that we can move forward within the Plan, is to become part of the "humanitarian movement" doctors without borders, the Red Cross, the Red Cresent, the United Nations with its many branches of humanitarian outreach - this is all Part of the Plan - yet, we find ourselves, too busy, too selfish, too engrossed in our own little worlds - instead of marching for peace and freedom; we are ever content to continually war with other countries - instead of peaceful negotiations with other countries, while at the same time, listening to their problems and trying to give them a "hand up" instead of destroying their environment, their children and their way of life - this is what the Master's need to see here on Earth in the very near future before it's too late, and the order to destroy our planet is once again before the Great Council.
Let's each of us, join some organization either to feed, support and educate those who are our brothers and sisters.
Let's start today, to look around and see what needs doing in our own community - What can one do for the homeless situation?  Are the children in your neighborhoods going hungry?  Have you checked upon the old and infirm to make sure they are Okay?  We can all start right where we are to make a difference, not only for mankind but for our own Soul's growth and a much healthier existence for all concerned.

(5) The Plan and Man's Free Will:  The Plan as it is sensed by the world disciples, in the attempt to work and co-operate with it, is only the sensing of that portion of it which concerns the human consciousness.  We have not yet been able to catch even a glimmer of the vastness of the sub-human; nor can we grasp the fabric of God's ideal as it underlies the sum total of the manifested processes, even upon our little planet.  All we really know is the fact of the Plan, and that it is very good that we are enfolded within it, and subject to it.

So, when you think about the Divine Plan as Sanat Kumara and the Masters experience it; and then come into the realization that we, as humans are limited in our consciousness, and even though we have disciples, initiates and aspirants who are living and working as far up as the 5th Jiva of the Mind; (Into thte 5th Plane of Existence) we're still caught within the Earthly consciousness;  and we haven't a clue concerning the vastness of the Plan in its entire scope - especially when it comes to the super humans and sub-human evolutions other than human. (Here we need to understand that all of life is evolving from the amoeba to the human, from the human to the divine - as most of us are only thinking about our own environment, we are not conscious about the devas, animal and elemental kingdoms. Even those of  us, who are doing World Service and are praying and holding the light for the superhuman and subhuman kingdoms, are aware that a greater portion of mankind have not a clue of their existence and how much they contribute to our entire welfare). mf
Sylph of the Air
Currently Clearing Contrails Containing Poisonous Substance

Angel Devas and Fairies
At Work
Clearing and Energizing the Environment


Herein may be found a clue to the difficult problem of free will.  It might be said that within the limits of the intelligent direction of the intelligent man, there is free will, as far as activity in the human kingdom is concerned.  Where no mind activity is present and where there is no power of discriminate, to analyze and to choose, there is no free will.
Within the vaster processes of the Plan, however, as it includes the entire planetary evolution, there is for the tiny unit, man, no free will.  He is subject, for instance to what we call "acts of God", and before these he is helpless.  He has no choice and no escape.  Herein lies a hint upon the working of karma in the human kingdom; karma and intelligent responsibility are inextricably woven and interwoven.

As you can see by the Master's explanation that even our free will is limited not only by where we are on the rung of Jacob's Ladder; but where we are actually directing our intelligence on a day by day basis.  How many of us are concerned about the "superhuman" and "subhuman kingdoms" on a daily basis?  Most of us take for granted that we are the only inhabitants of our planet. A few among  mankind  are in constant communication, protection and prayer for the subhuman kingdoms - but only a very few. One thing is very clear to  those of us who are in communication with the elemental and deva kingdoms - that is, that they, especially the elementals of air, earth, water and fire; constantly mimic and instantly respond to mankind's misuse of the earth, our energy, our water and our air.  When mankind bombs a certain area of the Earth, the elementals and angel devas respond with terrific castrophes, such as tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanos and hurricanes, fires - even the floods are a quick response to the misuse of energy, chemicals, bombs, and dark thought-forms filling our earth, our air, our water and the "ring of fire".  So when Master D. K.  states that the Plan is for evolutions other than human, both superhuman and sub-human, we can  grasp the fabric of God's ideal as it underlies the sum total of manifested processes - all working, living upon our little Planet - we get the "wake-up" call and what it means to open the mind and expand the consciousness for all life in all kingdoms.

There Have Been 74 Shooting Since Newtown
Just think for one minute of the taking of the innocent lives
 and how the Elemental, Angel Devas and Angels will respond - this is the time to put down the "weapons of mass destruction" and learn to live in peace and harmony.
Some of  the 17 Victims in Florida

What happens to a child who has serious mental problems? Do we have the facilities available to work with these children?  Why are guns so available to anyone who chooses to destroy life?

Yes, we understand hunters want guns especially if they are feeding their families; but as we expand in consciousness, we will no longer need guns, because humanity will have reached a point of understanding that we are beyond the animal in us, the repetilian brain is slowly being dissolved into a higher consciousness - meanwhile, until that time when we can live as Sons and Daughters of the Most High God; we need to act and to march against all those who will continually sell guns, ammo, bombs, missiles, and any other destructive gas and chemicals that will destroy our brothers and sisters in other countries - all those who are struggling just like us to find our way - it is through education, negotiation, communication that will win the day - not through war and threats of war - the time has come to stand up for what we believe at the Soul level of being, to take our place in the march for freedom for all mankind. -mf
End of Lesson...

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