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24-2014 -Beginners Class, The Seventh Chakra, Volume 1, Lesson 11 - Final- 10/8/14

As we move upward through the chakras we realize that to get in touch with the "upper chakras i.e. those from the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra, we're finding it more difficult to 'align' or connect to these higher chakras and this is because they are powerful doorways into the Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Soul and Higher Self.  

Just to review a little.  Most of mankind are living in the three lower chakras with the heart involved here and there; but truly not unconditionally. By unconditionally I mean that what they think is working through the Heart Chakra is in reality working within the emotional of Solar Plexus Chakra.  You see,  to really live within the Heart Chakra, you must become "one with your fellowmen" - there is no such thing as separation, because when you love unconditionally, you love all life free.  One of the first lessons the student needs to understand is that if we are all part of God, and if God created each of us and sees us collectively as His divine Sons and Daughters, how can we stay in this separated state of being, in a duality created by ourselves that has kept us from living, moving and being in the presence of God - it is as simple as this statement but more difficult to attain than climbing the highest mountain.

By the three lower chakras I am speaking of living, working, loving and being in the material world, with all the attention focused on the latest fashions; the soaps; the latest gossip; most popular movie or TV star; football; basketball; soccer; hockey; baseball; wrestling; skiing; fishing; and etc. etc. It's not that you have to give up any of the above but to give equal time to your own "soul life".  To disconnect from the mass consciousness for a certain period of time each day and to renew at the fount of your own I AM Presence or Higher Self. 

Ninety percent of mankind are still adoring a "God up there" instead of realizing God dwells "in there" or within that Heart Chakra; and if God is within us, then our physical bodies must be the tabernacles or temples that contain Him/Her.  The Heart Chakra contains a replica of the Triune Flame of God exactly like "Our Father Who Art In Heaven".  Yet, we are not in touch with the "Indwelling God" nor have we even begun to open the doors that bring us into the real world - (See Chart below).
Solar and Planetary Hierarchy
This is a diagram drawn up by Master D.K. showing us
What lies above us - A whole world of Beings of Light
Once we begin to open up our upper chakras, and fill the mind with light while
reconnecting our four lower bodies to our Soul and Higher Selves, we will
see beyond this world into the world that the Masters move in quite freely.

Diagram of Solar and Planetary Hierarchies
The Solar Hierarchy
The Solar Logos

I would suggest that you print these two diagrams out so that your can have 
a better view of what lies within and above us through our Higher Chakras.

As we come to the Crown Chakra or Chakra Number 7, we see that this chakra 
has  960 petals compared to the Kundalini Chakra which has only four petals.

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra has 960 petals and when completely opened
covers the whole top of the skull.  This is representative of the Second Ray
of Illumination and Wisdom - Gautama the Buddha is on this Ray, as well as
Mighty Victory, Djwal Kjwal, Kutumi, Lord Maitrya, Beloved Jesus, Lord Lanto ( is the Chohana) &
Confucius, Archangel Jophiel and Christine, and the Angels of Illumination

This is an excellent example of the completely opened Crown Chakra on Gautama

Archangel Jophiel and Christine, Angels of Illumination

This picture by Marius Michael Gorge depicts Archangel Jophiel & Christine bearing

the torch of Illumination.  The Flame of Illumination was in China for thousands of years;

and has recently been brought to the Royal Tetons  Mountain Retreat where

Lord Lanto, Confucius, and Mighty Victory have their Retreat all on the 2nd Ray of Illumination and Wisdom.

The Crown Chakra is the doorway into the realm of spirit. It connects to the pituitary gland, the pineal gland and the hypothalmus within the brain.  These three glands secret hormones that balance our entire body and control the thyroid, pancreas, adrenal and  endocrine system (which are all connected to the other six chakras).  Years ago I was in a class on the Crown Chakra and at the end of the class I was given the gift of seeing my Crown Chakra through my Third Eye.  It reminded me of the intricate lacework of street ventilators.  It was so bright that my physical eyes actually watered.  It was like looking at 24KT gold with a spotlight on it - light shone out in all directions through the petals or flowers and for one brief moment I saw beyond the Chakra into the "greater light" and knew in an instant that there were vast  regions of light just beyond our reality. 

The Crown Chakra opens very slowly over long periods of time.  Thank God, because if we were to have the chakra open suddenly, we'd not live to tell about it.  The process of opening this chakra is through daily meditation, if you are following the lessons, you will have read how to meditate in the previous lesson. This is the key - you cannot expect to do a meditation one or two days a week, it doesn't work that way.  You need to build the light and expand that alight on a daily basis.  It does not take a lot of time; but the meditation should be done around the same time each and every day - again, first thing in the morning as I have suggested previously, this is when you have just come from the inner temples during sleep and are better prepared to concentrate upon the reconnecting of the four lower bodies.

Gautama the Buddha is now Regent of the World, taking the place of Sanat Kumara when He was called home to Venus His Planet. He had been in exile here on Earth in the Etheric Plane for millions of years.  Gautama was on the Second Ray of Illumination and Wisdom, and His teaching is still prevalent in all of India and Asia.
Gautama Buddha at Wesak Full Moon

This painting by Peter Fich Christiansen depicts the Causal Body of
Gautama as He appears over the valley during Wesak.
(The First Full Moon of May any year)

Gautama Statue as Buddha

He was Prince Siddhartha Gautama of Lumini (now Nepal) around the end of 5th
and beginning of 6th Century and left all to find his path.  He was enlightened through
the process of meditation and became the greatest sage in India.

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The Three World Teachers:  Jesus; Kutumi and Djwal Kjwal are all on the 2nd Ray of Illumination and are know also as adepts or Masters of Wisdom:

The Master Jesus the Christ

 Jesus is not only a World Teacher but has great responsibility over all the Masters and His disciples.

The Master Kutumi 


The Master Kutumi has been around a long time.  He was one of the three Wise Men - El Morya and
Djwal Kjwal were the other two Wise Men
at the birth of Christ.  He was Pythagoras and the Master D.K. was his pupil. He was the son of Akbar (who was El Morya), his name was Jahal, and built the Taj Mahal in India for his wife.  He was St. Francis of Assissi in His former Life

The Master Djwal Kjwal

You can see how quickly an individual can move upward once making His Ascension
Kutumi moved from Chohan of the 2nd to World Teacher - He ascended at the end of the 
Eighteenth Century and Master Djwal Kjwal Ascended in early 1950's and became a 
World Teacher.

Lord Lanto Chohan of Second Ray
Lord Lanto and Confucius have been at the Royal Tetons Retreat
since the Master Kutumi was raised to World Teacher in the mid-nineteen fifties.
Mighty Victory is a Cosmic Being who came to Earth at the request of the
Master St. Germain and has remained with us at the Tetons ever since.
When Lanto and Confucius came here they brought with them the Flame of Illumination from China.    

All of these Masters became enlightened through the process of meditation, the only way to open the Crown Chakra.  You'll note that once this Chakra is activated they became sages and great teachers because they became Masters of Wisdom.

Let Us Meditate

The call from Divine Mother went out some time ago.  Somewhere along the path you heard her call and began the climb.

The journey is nearing its end but there is still much to do. 
But before you move forward and upward toward Atman Buddha (the soul),
Let us pause for a moment and look back.
Back down that long road with its many hazards,
The Hills and alleys we traversed through storms,
and tempests we prevailed,
Passing through the dark night of the soul and the dark night of spirit,
Yet once we climbed out of the shadows of our own returning karma,
There was always the light of Our Guides and Angels,
Beckoning us ever onward toward the light of our own Presence.

Forgot not Oh Son of Light, that you choose the Wheel,
I see the wheel day in and day out, as people come to have counseling,
We made the wheel by our thoughts, our words and our actions,
We die to but live again in another shell, another life, another chance.
There is a saying "many are called but few are chosen"  
I heard it when still a child it would echo continuously within my mind, when I was walking to school, and at odd moments throughout my life.
Little did I know that the Voice of the Silence had spoken.
Many are called but few are chosen
Many are called but few are chosen
Many are called but few are chosen...
And I have chosen you.......

Like a mantra I heard the call - 'The call compels the answer'
How long do you want to stay on this "merry go round"?
The ancients say that there is a doorway that is actually
A highway or path.  And Guatama the Buddha told us there were many
paths to enlightenment
So we have discovered that chakras are definitely the keys to the kingdom.
And they each bring us from one plane to another through meditation.

Let us do the Mantra for Chakra Seven

My Crown Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Crown Chakra is the purity God desires. (15 x's)

Now do the Mantra in the Chakra Color

My Crown Chakra is a Chakra of Golden Fire,
My Crown Chakra is the purity God desires. (15 x's)
OM          OM           OM

Crown Chakra Mantra

I Am Light Thy Christ in Me,
Set my mind forever free,
Violet Fire forever shine,
Deep within this mind of mine,

God Who gives my daily bread,
With Violet Fire fill my head,
Until Thy Radiance heaven-like,
Makes my mind a mind of light!

End of Lesson 11, Vol. 1  Crown Chakra-10/8/14