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The Solar Plexus Chakra connects directly to the Sixth Ray 
of Peace and Goodwill


Notice that the Action of Giving Peace comes from the Solar Plexus through the Heart Chakra; but the color of Peace is Magenta or DEEP, DEEP, WINE.

When doing the World Service every Wednesday Night, we must clear all thoughts that would interfere with the Energy Radiating From the Solar Plexus Chakra through the Heart and out into the World.  We hold that energy through 29 Mantras of Intense Thought-forms, sending it out through the Heart in Peace and Goodwill to All Kingdoms upon the Earth.         


In these days of unsettled emotions that have been stirred up like a cauldron of boiling oil, ready to spill out in all directions to burn and scar and separate and dissolve the freedoms, love, joy, peace and happiness that usually pervades our country at large. 

 In order to meet this dark energy and overcome it, one must work from the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras in order to Reverse the Dark Energy permeating like a cloud over our United States.  We the people, cannot take on the mantle of fear and doubt; but must stand up and send forth all the goodness that makes us the Children of Light, sending thoughts, feelings and mantras through our energy centers out into the darkness created by those who want to cause separation, prejudice, racial hatred, disdain for the poor and feeble, the old and sickly and to destroy all of our freedoms that we've shed blood and tears to establish as our freedoms to speak, to write, to create, to practice our faiths and philosophies, to live and love and know and understand liberty and freedom and especially brotherhood.

Remember, unless we can love our Brothers as our selves, there will never be an "ODE TO JOY".  Beethoven's 9th Symphony is all about brotherhood and the Seven Rays coming together as the Father requested.  This means not only that we ALL LOVE EACH OTHER AS ONE SOUL sent to earth as representatives of the FATHER and MOTHER of us all.  Most of you are not aware that all of us have been every race and color, every religion, faith and philosophy, every gender - both masculine and feminine, all of us who are family today were friends and enemies in past lives - all of those friends we have today have been family and enemies in the past.  We enter the planet to overcome whatever mistakes we've caused in the past and especially in this Kali Yug Era, the Law of Forgiveness is very, very powerful, because there is no time left.  Many of us will never have the opportunity of returning in order to mend our ways, we'll have to come under the Lords of Karma and the Will of God, and through Obedience, finally learn our lessons the hard way - minus the free will we all enjoy in this world.  So let's not waste a moment of our precious time that's left to us; instead, let's send loving thoughts and feelings to all four kingdoms and especially to our fellow men and women, who are all struggling with the many trials and changes that are now happening on an almost daily basis.  

Call your senators, congressmen, put their names in your favorite telephone list in your cell phone.  Give them a daily pep talk, discuss peaceful negotiations with  other nations, stop bombing the poor earth, make sure your voice is heard and your name becomes familiar to all of our representatives no matter what state you are in.  If you do not like your representative, then don't vote him/her in again, it only extends the problems.  As Confucius said, if you don't like your leaders, than you need to replace  them.  Join in any local political party and don't allow others to make changes within your state, your party, your government, or your freedom.  Now is the time to not be the SILENT MAJORITY!  But to be the VOICE OF FREEDOM!  WE THE PEOPLE are the true rulers of this REPUBLIC AND YOU MIGHT WANT TO THINK ABOUT "REPUBLIC FOR WHICH WE STAND..." - AS PLATO stated, we need a "GROUP TO GOVERN" NOT A DICTATOR!  STAND UP FOR YOUR
FREEDOMS!  While you still have the opportunity. 

BE A PEACEFUL WARRIOR! Let everyone know that you are a patriot but one who seeks peaceful means, through negotiation and goodwill to all.

Meditation is very important when on the 6th Ray of Peace and Goodwill.  And  visualizing the Earth completely  covered in Violet Flame (see illustration):



Visualizing  the Ruby Ray Surrounding the
Entire Body




OF the Four Lower Bodies, the Emotional Body is the most difficult to control, therefore we are suggesting that you learn to meditate and do mantras, especially during stressful times - find a place that you can make your own, where you can spend time to meditate and listen to spiritual music, while visualizing your emotional body.
As it is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, than you can see this Chakra swinging back and forth as a pendulum.  This is because our emotions shift constantly, especially we Westerners, who are not disciplined in controlling the four lower bodies  through meditation and concentration.  You want to visualize this 10 Petaled Ruby Chakra standing STILL in the center of your body, just below the Heart Chakra at the Sternum between the Ribs.  Remember, every thought and feeling causes a response within this chakra because it's governed by the Water element and connected to the passage of the Moon.  Master Kuthumi said that this is the hardest chakra to control and hold still.  Remember, that the dual serpents within the Base of the Spine or Kundalini Chakra need to ride unimpeded up through all Six Chakras in order to burst forth into the Crown Chakra.  This cannot happen when the Sixth Chakra is swinging to and fro like the pendulum in a grandfather clock.

Sending Out Peaceful Thoughts - People Want to Linger Near One Who Is
Peaceful and In Control of His Emotions - He becomes a Magnet of Peaceful
Energy for everyone within His Auric Field. 

When a person begins to meditate, his whole body becomes calm, and his breathing becomes much deeper, relaxing his entire being and he loses all contact with the outer world while finding a great release of stress, pain and fear.  As the practice of meditation becomes a daily habit, the Four Lower Bodies come into alignment, causing the person to feel complete and whole, as if he was finally home - nothing concerns him, nothing will interfere with this absolute PEACE.

Jesus came in to the Earth in His last lifetime on the Sixth Ray of Peace.  At his birth the Angelic Beings sang "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Mankind".  When He addressed anyone he said: "My Peace Be With You", which is repeated to this day in many religious services.

Portrait of Jesus by
 Akiane Kramarik an Eight Year Old Who Visited 
Jesus in Heaven*

*From the book "Heaven Is For Real" about a 2 Year old that died and went
to heaven, saw Jesus, his Grandfather, who died before he was born, and
his elder sister who had also died.  The book is written by Colton's Father the Pastor 
Todd Burpo.

The interesting thing about the book  is that both children saw the Rainbows surrounding everyone's heads in Heaven (this is the Causal Body or the I AM Presence of Each of Us) they also commented upon how beautiful Jesus' eyes were a sort of Tourquise Blue.  I remember the Elohim describing Lord Maitrya's eyes as being extraordinary in color a Green/Blue.

Akiane called Jesus "The Prince of Peace" because that was what everyone in heaven called Him.  Interesting, because that's the very Ray, the 6th that He came into the earth bearing all of it's Peace and Goodwill.



I gave quite a bit of information on Ascended
Lady Nada and Her Third Ray qualities, working
with the Heart Chakra in the last Lesson; but when Master Jesus
was raised to World Teacher in the 1950's, She 
volunteered to take His place as Chohan.

Song For the Chakra of Peace

Let There Be Peace on Earth
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me;

Let there be peace on earth,

The peace that was meant to be.

With God as our Father
Brothers all are we,

Let me walk with my brother

In perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me,

Let this be the moment now;

With every step I take,

Let this be my solemn vow

To take each moment and live each moment

In peace eternally.

Let there be peace on earth

And let it begin with me.

Mantra for Chakra of Peace
Sixth Ray
I call to the Elohim, beloved Tranquility and Pacifica, Godfre and Lotus, beloved Jesus the Christ, beloved Lady Nada, Beloved Archangel Uriel and Donna Grace, and the ministering angels on the Ray of Peace.  Let the Flame of Peace and Grace Charge!  Charge!  Charge!
The Christ Consciousness and Nature.  Teach me the highest Truth there is so that I may teach others  the Truth that shall make them free!  May there be Peace on Earth and May it Begin with Me!

End of Lesson 6/18/17

73-2017 - More on the Chakras - The Heart Chakra -6/18/17

The Heart Chakra
The Pink Heart Chakra Represent the Flow of the Third Ray of
Love and How without it we slowly die.
Activated Flame of Love (Pink) Wisdom (Yellow) and Power (Blue)



Do you realize how often we equate the Heart to Love?  Love of God, love of Country, Love of Family, Love of Partner, Husband, Children and Love of all life that exists on all planes of matter for it was created by God, for our use, for our protection, for our food, for our shelter; for our clan; for our education and learning experience while abiding here.

Whether we like it or not, we chose through our own free will to come into this planet and pass through all the Seven Rays and then return to the Father/Mother thousands of years ago.

But things didn't quite work out that way, because we were invaded by the watchers, the fallen angels who had tried to have more power than God (the Ancient of Days) See excerpt from the Book of Enoch* ..."for they were the great beings,  the Angels of God who found favor with the women of humans"... also in Genesis 6)

Excerpt:This is the Ancient of Days, God to the Jews. answering Enoch's prayer from those very watchers who were frightened and knew that they would be punished for mingling with the humans and producing giants among men - read
God (the Ancient of Days) answer to their pleas.

*The Book of Enoch, by R.H. Charles, [1917], at


Sanat Kumara - Planetary Logos 

Sanat Kumara, originally from the planet of LOVE, VENUS
connects directly with our Heart Chakras as does Lady Master Venus.  It is because of Their love of Mankind that Planet Earth still exists to this day.  Sanat Kumara exiled Himself and over one Hundred Lords of the Flame from Venus millions of years ago in order to save Mankind and the Planet Earth from destruction.  He took up physical residence in the Gobi Desert and worked directly with
mankind through His Great Brotherhood of Ascended and Unascended Masters - mf.
 From the Book of Enoch, Sanat Kumara addressing Enoch:
1. And He answered and said to me, and I heard His voice: 'Fear not, Enoch, thou righteous man and scribe of righteousness: approach hither and hear my voice. 

2. And go, say to ⌈⌈the Watchers of heaven (fallen angels -mf)⌉⌉, who have sent thee to intercede ⌈⌈for them: "You should intercede"⌉⌉ for men, and not men for you: 

3.  Again, Sanat Kumara speaks to the Fallen Angels:  Wherefore have ye left the high, holy, and eternal heaven, and lain with women, and defiled yourselves with the daughters of men and taken to yourselves wives, and done like the children of earth, and begotten giants (as your) sons? 

4. And though ye were holy, spiritual, living the eternal life, you have defiled yourselves with the blood of women, and have begotten (children) with the blood of flesh, and, as the children of men, have lusted after flesh and blood as those also do who die and perish. 5. Therefore have I given them wives also that they might impregnate them, and beget children by them, that thus nothing might be wanting to them on earth. 6. But you were formerly spiritual, living the eternal life, and immortal for all generations of the world. 7. And therefore I have not appointed wives for you; for as for the spiritual ones of the heaven, in heaven is their dwelling. 8. And now, the giants, who are produced from the spirits and flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, and on the earth shall be their dwelling. 9. Evil spirits have proceeded from their bodies; because they are born from men, ⌈⌈and⌉⌉ from the holy Watchers is their beginning and primal origin; they shall be evil spirits on earth, and evil spirits shall they be called. [10. As for the spirits of heaven, in heaven shall be their dwelling, but as for the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth, on the earth shall be their dwelling.] 11. And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, but nevertheless hunger and thirst, and cause offences. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have proceeded from them⌉ ".

A comment here on The Ancient of Days,*
 Sanat Kumara is also known as the Ancient of Days,  He is also known as the Planetary Logos, who actually moved to Earth when the Nephlim* descended among us.  (See Genesis, Chapter 6, 7)  Because He promised to sponsor them so they would have somewhere to reincarnate, He left His own planet, Venus, to become exiled here on Earth for millions of years.  In fact, when Alpha and Omega from the Great Central Sun sent the fiat out that all those born before July of 1959, would no longer
incarnate on Earth; They also informed Sanat Kumara that He must also leave 
Earth and go and prepare His planet for the increased vibration and activity
going on there as well as all the planets in our Universe at this time.  

In Genesis 7, they explain that not only the watchers descended among the women and took them for wives but that also the Nephlim had also arrived on the planet at that time.  They were not from our Universe and they brought forth humanoids to work for them in the gold mines of Africa, rather than dig the gold themselves, they cloned these beings and made them partly immortal (as they lived much further from the Sun than we did, one year in their lives was 3,600 years compared to our 365 days - therefore we had all these generations that lived to be 800, 900  years old because they were part human and part immortal - all of this was occurring during the beginning of the Fourth Root Race, when the male and female were first separated from each other - the fallen angels were driven out of heaven to our satellite, the Moon and it was from the Moon that they descended into the Earth's atmosphere in order to take the women as their wives - according to the Ancient of Days, this was their greatest sin, because they were enormous beings and their children were the Titan Race of Giants that wandered the earth causing havoc, evil and every sort of destruction until the Fiat went out that the waters would cover the Earth and destroy all thereon including all of the kingdoms. And, all those who survived the deluge, would wander the earth until the end of the World without ever coming back to their heavenly abode.

Gautama the Buddha
Appointed in 1959 as the New Regent of Earth

Sanat Kumara left Earth as the Regent in 1959; and anointed Gautama
Buddha as the new Regent to Earth at that time.  As you know, if you've 
been following these lessons, Sanat Kumara is one of the Holy Kumaras who were
the "original first-born Sons of God" - He's known in the Bible as the Ancient of
Days.  He has passed the Ninth Initiation. I have shown in the Creation Charts where the other six Holy Kumaras have stationed
The Cosmic Chart
Notice that the Three Divine Contemplators are Stationed in
the Cosmic Hierarchy in Deep Space under the Great Central Sun along
with the Cosmic Silent Watcher - mf
Now go to the Solar Hierarchy to the "Sun of Our System" where the
Father/Mother Principles (Helios & Vesta) are located - just below them
note the Solar Silent Watcher along with the Three Divine Contemplators -
again, these are the Six other Brothers of Sanat Kumara, also known as the 
Holy Kumaras -  the "first-born sons".

themselves during His time here on Earth (they were illustrated in the above chart by the Master Djwal Khul in his teachings on Creation through A.D. K. Luk "The Law of Life Volume II" - Three Holy Divine Contemplators ( Holy Kumaras) between The White Lodge of the Great I AM THAT  I AM and the Great Central Sun, that lies directly behind our physical Sun.  The Second Three Divine Contemplators dwell between the Great Central Sun and our Physical Sun - They are in constant meditation and contemplation - holding the light for all in creation for the Great I AM THAT I AM and for Their Beloved Brother Sanat Kumara while in Exile here on Earth. 

Shambalah was built for Sanat Kumara in the Gobi Desert and has been raised into the Etheric Plane (thirty eight thousand feet above the desert today) - we journey there for High Initiations and during the Holy Season between Thanksgiving and New Years when all corridors to all systems of worlds lie open so that those from other planets, solar systems, universes can travel and join in the celebrations that last for approximately one month.  

The Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara
From the Book of Daniel - 7-Vs 9,13, 22

The phrase Ancient of Days occurs three times in the Bible, and all three references are found in chapter 7 of Daniel (verses 9, 13, 22). This chapter documents “a dream and visions” that Daniel received to show there would be four powerful human kingdoms followed by the Kingdom of God (verses 1, 17-18). For a more complete explanation of this chapter, see “Daniel 7: Four Beasts and a Little Horn.”
The phrase Ancient of Days “denotes an elderly or old person. … It is employed, probably, with reference to the fact that God is eternal” (Barnes’ Notes on the Bible, commentary on Daniel 7:9). The passages in Daniel 7, which show how the Ancient of Days appears and what He does, makes it clear who He is.

First reference to the Ancient of Days

The first reference in Daniel 7 is of this being having great authority and executing judgment: “I watched till thrones were put in place, and the Ancient of Days was seated; His garment was white as snow, and the hair of His head was like pure wool. His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels a burning fire; a fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him. A thousand thousands ministered to Him; ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him. The court was seated, and the books were opened” (verses 9-10).

** The Ancient of Days is also mentioned in the Bible and is the one who Enoch meets in Shamballah while with Archangel Uriel, as he is taken to meet with the Ancient of Days and to understand more about the Etheric Plane.  While visiting the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, Enoch noticed the "son of man" who was being taught by the Ancient of Days in preparation for His Life as the Christ thousands of years later -mf.

The elders of Earth agreed to bring these souls into the Earth with the  expectation that we would set the example for all those who had lost their way and we would be a positive motivation for them to move forward towards their ascension.



Sanat Kumara= Here's Information From Wikipedia concerning Sanat Kumara From Various Religious and Philosophical Sources - MF:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sanat Kumara
According to the post-1900 publications of Theosophy,[1] Lord Sanat Kumara[2][3] is an "Advanced Being" at the Ninth level of initiation who is regarded as the 'Lord' or 'Regent' of Earth and of the humanity, and is thought to be the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who dwells in Shamballah (also known as 'The City of Enoch').
The Gobi Desert Where Physical
Shamballah was originally located in 
Physical Plane

Shamballah Now Residing in Etheric Plane
Right Above Where It was Located In Gobi Desert
Another Rendition of What Shamballah is Like
In the Etheric Plane

Shamballah is said by the adherents to the Ascended Master Teachings, to be a floating city manifested on the etheric plane somewhere above the Gobi Desert in the borderlands of Mongolia.[4][5]
The Great White Brotherhood is a spiritual 'fraternity' of Ascended Beings, including Lord Sanat Kumara, long since dedicated to the eventual Salvation of Mankind and the establishment of Divine Law again in this Three-dimensional reality.
These authors believe that Lord Sanat Kumara is the founder of the Great White Brotherhood, composed of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom (called in the Ascended Master Teachings Ascended Masters) and volunteers from other worlds who have joined together to advance spiritual evolution on Earth.[7]

Sanat Kumara in Hinduism[edit]

Sanat Kumara appears as a rishi in the Hindu religious text the Chandogya Upanishad. A shrine to Sanat Kumara which attracts and unites people of all religions and faiths is situated in the town of KataragamaSri Lanka. In Sanskrit, "Sanat Kumara" is "Eternal Youth" (from Sanat "eternal", Ku "with difficulty" and Mara "mortal"[8]).
The Kumar resides in the most sublime center of our planet, Shamballa, the sahasrara of the world. The Kumara has several names, relating to the sahasrara centers of different Systemic Existences: At the Supra-Cosmic plane, he is called Sanatana; at the Cosmic plane, it is Subrahmanya; at the Solar plane, the Kumara is Sanaka; at the Planetary plane, it is Sanandana; and on this planet, it is Sanath Kumara. So Sanath Kumara is an aspect of Kumara that resides in Shamballa.
Scriptures, especially the Mahabharata, say that it is Sanath Kumara who comes down to help the Divine Plan of Creation, when Lord Krishna came to be. He was born to Lord Krishna as his son, and he was named Pradyumna. Sanath Kumara incarnates himself through the Divine Mother Rukmini as Pradyumna. On completion of his work, He again gets back to his original position and takes to the seat in Shambala as Sanath Kumara. These details are given in the last chapters of Mahabharata.

Shamballa in Buddhism – home of the King of the World

Shambhala (Tib. bde 'byung) in Vajrayana Buddhism (the religion of Tibet) is a Sanskrit term meaning "place of peace/tranquility/happiness". Gautama Buddha is said by Vajrayana Buddhists to have taught the Kalachakra tantra on request of King Suchandra of Shambhala; the teachings are also said to be preserved in Shamballa. The Stanzas of Dzyan from which Madame Blavatsky claimed to have gotten the information in The Secret Doctrine are believed by some scholars to have been a mistranslation of words Kalachakra tantra (rGyud-sde in Tibetan).[9] Shambhala is ruled over by a line of Kings of Shambhala known as Kulika or Kalki Kings (Tib. Rigden), a monarch who upholds the integrity of the Kalachakra tantra. In the teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism, the King of Shamballa is often metaphorically referred to as The King of the World. Shamballa was thought by the Tibetans to be somewhere north of Lake Manasarovar and its adjacent Mount Kailasa, a sacred mountain in Tibet where it is thought that all the dragon currents intersect.       

The Defender Lord at Kurama Temple[edit]

The ancient Buddhist temple, Kurama-dera in Japan, is host to a unique bodhisattva, the "Defender Lord", who is said to come from the planet Venus 6.5 million years ago. He is described as having the appearance of a 16-year-old boy.[citation needed]

Sanat Kumara in Theosophy[edit]

Sanat Kumara was mentioned briefly by the theosophist Helena Blavatsky.[10] She claimed he belonged to a group of beings, the "Lords of the Flame", 
Sanat Kumara gained greater prominence when Blavatsky's close-friend and colleague Charles W. Leadbeater wrote that Sanat Kumara was the "King" or Lord of the World, and the head of the Great White Brotherhood of Mahatmas who had revealed the principles of theosophy.[12]
Later authors who draw from Theosophical teachings such as Alice Bailey and Elizabeth Clare Prophet have added to the story with further details. He is usually depicted as having the appearance of a 16-year-old boy, said to be the incarnation of the Will of the Logos, and purportedly possesses an unaging body not born of mortal woman.[13]

The Descent of Sanat Kumara and the Lords of the Living Flame from Venus[edit]

C.W. Leadbeater and later adherents of Theosophy such as Alice A. Bailey believe that Sanat Kumara descended from the etheric plane of the planet Venus to Earth 18,500,000 years ago (A.E. Powell gives a figure of 16,500,000 years ago;  In Theosophy, the beings that helped Sanat Kumara organize the expedition from Venus are called the "Lords of the Flame". C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant said that Sanat Kumara brought 30 "Lords of the Flame" with him from Venus to help him set up his colony.[14] In the later version of the story promulgated by Guy Ballard, notable "Lords of the Flame" include Gautama Buddha, and the World Teacher (the being referred to alternately as Maitreya or Christ ). Alice Bailey, on the other hand, gives the number 105 only. The prior incarnation and only incarnation of Maitreya, the Lord of Consciousness, according to some interpretations (not C.W. Leadbeater's), is Gauthama Siddartha Sakyamuni / Lord Buddha; according to these interpretations, he essentially 'overshadowed' the body of Gautama Siddhartha Buddha with Siddhartha's permission.
Sanat Kumara is regarded as the great guru, saviour of Earth. Believers in him see him in all the major religions, as Skanda/Kartikkeya in HinduismBrahma-Sanam Kumar in Buddhism, the Ancient of Days in Judeo-Christian traditions, and identify him as Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism (although the last of these claims is contested from a lack of information on the subject). It is also considered that Sanat Kumara is Al Khdir (green man) known to SufiMuslims (according to Dakshinamurti).
It is maintained in most of these versions of Theosophy that Venus, the 'Planet of Love', is the most spiritually advanced planet of our solar system. The beings living on the etheric plane of Venus are said to be hundreds of millions of years ahead of us in their spiritual evolution.[15][16] It is said that the governing council of Venus – the Seven Holy Kumars – sent one of themselves, Sanat Kumara, here to guide us.[17]
According to Theosophy, once Sanat Kumara arrived here, he directed the construction of the city of Shamballa on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert to serve as his headquarters. Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches that Shamballa was built physically on the White Island in the Gobi Sea (now the Gobi Desert), and was only later withdrawn from the physical to the etheric plane.

George Washington's  Inspiration to Have 
L'Enfant Achitect & Designer of 
the City of Washington, D.C. from Paris, France
Later, George Washington incarnated as Guy W. Ballard,  who started the I AM Organization under the direction of the Master St. Germain.  He ascended at the end of his life and is now known as the Master Geofrey Ray King
L'Enfant Designed the City of Washingtonl, D.C.
Just Like Shamballah including the Seven
Temples and Seven Wide Boulevards

View From Washington Monument

                    City plan of Shamballa[edit]

The main temple of Shamballa is topped with a golden dome and is surrounded by seven smaller temples—one for each of the seven rays. These temples are located on a number of wide boulevards resembling the Champs-Elysees.[18] According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, George Washington was divinely inspired by the Ascended Masters to choose city planner Pierre L'Enfant to create the city plan of Washington DC which, it is claimed, he unconsciously modeled on the plan of the city of Shamballa.

Appellations (titles) of Sanat Kumara[edit]

The most common title attributed to Lord Sanat Kumara in the Theosophical religious tradition is "Lord of the World". C.W. Leadbeater also states that an important duty of Sanat Kumara is to participate in an elaborate ritual every Wesak (the Full Moon of May) led by Gautama Buddha, and also participated in by the Maitreya (the being Theosophists identify as Christ), in which cosmic energy is focused from the "Solar Logos" to Earth in order to keep our planet's cosmic energy in balance. The ritual is said to take place in a ravine in southern Tibet (the Frontispiece of Leadbeater's book The Masters and the Path has a picture of the ritual taking place) and, it is stated by Leadbeater, can be viewed by in the etheric body or in the physical body by those who have etheric sight.[19]
Paradoxically, two other common appellations of Sanat Kumara are two opposite titles: "The Ancient of Days" (because he has been on Earth millions of years) and "The Youth of Sixteen Summers" (because even though he is millions of years old, he still looks like he is 16 years old). Another of his titles is "The One Initiator" because it is said by C. W. Leadbeater in the Masters and the Path that he personally performs the initiation ceremony for anyone who has reached the third level of spiritual initiationAlice A. Bailey indicates the same in her writings.
In the all organizations subscribing to the "Ascended Master Teachings", Sanat Kumara is presented as an Ascended Master. He is also currently, according to the Ascended Master Teachings, known as the "Regent Lord of the World" in deference to Gautama Buddha having taken the office of "Lord of the World". (1956).[20] With Sananda Buddha taking on more of the day-to-day administrative tasks of governing the planet, this arrangement allows Sanat Kumara more time for the long-range galactic planning and interstellar diplomacy that is necessary for him to prepare Earth for its eventual admission to what Joshua David Stone calls the Galactic Confederation of Planets.
Sanat Kumara's symbol of the authority of his office as Lord of the World is a 2-foot-long (0.61 m), 2-inch-wide (51 mm) magic wand called the Rod of Power made of the metal orichalcum, with cone-shaped diamonds on each end.[21]

Lady Master Venus[edit]

The Bridge to FreedomChurch Universal and Triumphant and all other "Ascended Master Teachings" organizations believe that Sanat Kumara has a Divine Complement (Twin Flame
(i.e., a celestial wife) – Lady Master Venus[4][22] – the New Age "Goddess of Love".[23] The Ascended Lady Master Venus is usually depicted as having the appearance of a 16-year-old girl. Sanat Kumara is believed to have married Lady Master Venus millions of years ago on Venus before he came to Earth.

Lady Master Meta

Ascended Master Meta
Daughter of Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus
Her Healing Temple is Over New England

According to the Ascended Master Teachings, Sanat Kumara and the Lady Master Venus have a daughter named the Lady Master Meta [5] [24] who they brought with them from Venus. She is said to have incarnated as an Avatar in Atlantis (where she served as the high priestess at the Temple of Healing) and in Sassanian Persia, where she married a mortal and had three children. In the Ascended Master Teachings, she is revered as the Goddess of Healing and is the patron deity of doctors and nurses.[25] Since she is immortal, possessing a celestial body like Sanat Kumara and the Lady Master Venus, she, like the Lady Master Venus, also has the appearance of a 16-year-old girl.
Cha-Ara Son of Lady Master Meta

Master Cha Ara[edit]

According to the Ascended Master Teachings, the Master Cha Ara [6] [26] was originally one of the three children of Lady Master Meta when she incarnated as an Avatar in Sassanian Persia. He became a master alchemist who formulated an elixir of immortality made from rose petals, tea leaves from mcleod ganj and other ingredients. This enabled him to quickly achieve ascended masterhood. He uses small amounts of the elixir to heal people. He is the protector of all Zoroastrians. He works with St. Germain to bring about the New Age in the West Americas. Lady Master Meta’s husband and her other two children from her descent as an Avatar to Sassanian Persia have also become ascended masters but their names have not yet been revealed.[27]
Ascended Lady Master Nada
Retreat over Arabia
Chohan of  the Sixth Ray

Lady Master Nada

In the Ascended Master Teachings, a group of religions based on TheosophyLady Master Nada[28] is the "Chohan of the Sixth Ray" (see Seven Rays), and is the Ascended Lady Master governing humanity's development of the Divine Qualities of Ministration, Service, and Peace. The colors of her Ray are purple and gold, and also ruby.[29]
She is also considered a Member of the Karmic Board; she handles the appeals of those on the third ray.  She was originally Third Ray but took the Office of the 6th Ray Chohan when Jesus moved to World Teacher≥   She is believed by those adherent to the Ascended Master Teachings to have succeeded the previous Chohan, the Master Jesus / Sananda Buddha, on January 1, 1956, when she is said to have fully taken on the Office of Chohan of the Sixth Ray.,[30] thus advancing from the fifth to the sixth level of initiation. She primarily serves at Arabian Retreat in the Arabian Peninsula, northeast of the Red Sea.[29][31] Nada serves there with the Brothers and Sisters of the Indigo Cape, as well as with Jesus, his Mother Mary and El Samyam, the Chief of the Arabian Council.[32] She also serves at The Rose Temple, located on the etheric plane above New Bedford, Massachusetts. Designed after the pattern of a rose, with each "petal" being a room, this Retreat is the etheric counterpart of the "Temple of Love" on Atlantis where Nada once served as a High Priestess. In another human incarnate life in Atlantis, she was a lawyer.[33] She was described as having raised her body and Ascended approximately 2,776 years ago.[34]
Although the Lady Master Nada's home residence (called in the Ascended Master Teachings her "retreat") is underground on the etheric plane on the Arabian peninsula, according to the Ascended Master Teachings, she teleports to Shamballa every workday to her day job on the Karmic Board, hearing the cases of those souls who are on the third ray.

Masters of the Ancient Wisdom[edit]

According to the "I AM" Activity, the Church Universal and Triumphant[35] and others, the Ascended Masters (The beings the original Theosophists called the "Masters of the Ancient Wisdom"), such as the Master JesusSaint GermainMegha Alcorn aka Megan Sebastian on EarthKuthumiHattonGopal Das and others are working for the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, under the leadership of Lord Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, and Maitreya. Many theosophists believe the "Masters" utilize the cosmic power of the Seven Rays to advance the Plan of the Masters to encourage the continual advance of civilization on Earth toward higher levels of consciousness. One of the beliefs of adherents of these belief systems is that the Masters of Wisdom have united together in an organization called the Great White Brotherhood.[36]

Sanat Kumara is also often referred to as the manifestation of the 'Solar Logos'[edit]

The Theosophist A.E. Powell stated that Sanat Kumara (whom he refers to as the Lord of the World) is in continuous telepathic rapport with ANNA / Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth (i.e., the Planetary Logos – equivalent to the goddess known in some religions as Gaia or as Prithivi in Hinduism).[37]C.W. Leadbeaterand Alice A. Bailey stated that Sanat Kumara is in continuous telepathic rapport with the Solar Logos (the Being considered by Theosophists as the consciousness of the Sun). It is believed in Theosophy that Sanat Kumara captures the mystical power of the Seven Rays from the Solar Logos and distributes it to his assistants who guide the spiritual evolution of humanity, the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom (the Ascended Masters), who then focus the power to us. An intermediate trinity of Pratyeka-Buddhas assists Lord Buddha in stepping down this power from Sanat Kumara to Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, and these Buddhas are also said to be Kumars originally from Venus.

The council chamber of the Lord of the World[edit]

According to the Alice A. Bailey material, Lord Sanat Kumara conducts business in an enormous room in his palace called The Council Chamber of the Lord of the World. It is here that he regularly meets with Maitreya, the Maha ChohanDjwal KhulSt. Germain, the Master Jesus and the other Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, of which it is said there are 24 principal council members, to assess the progress being made in implementing The Plan of the Masters to bring the human race to higher levels of consciousness. According to C.W. Leadbeater, it is also here that he periodically personally receives ambassadors from other solar systems.[38]

Sanat Kumara's cosmic bureaucracy[edit]

According to the Alice A. Bailey material, Sanat Kumara has many assistants who help him in his arduous task of spiritually governing Earth as its presiding Regent. These include The Watcher (also called the Silent Watcher or the Great Silent Watcher), whose function it is to continually watch the Akashic records and download daily all the information on them relevant to the life waves of Earth and forward it to the Custodian of the Hall of Records.[39] (the Watcher is part of a special race of beings who fulfill this function that are posted on planets throughout the Cosmos [40] ); the Lords of Karma – Alice A. Bailey mentioned three Lords of Karma but did not name them; they are called in the Ascended Master Teachings the Karmic Board and they are stated to number seven and each of them is identified by name: The Great Divine Director (1st ray), The Goddess of Liberty (2nd ray), Lady Master Nada (3rd ray), Cyclopea (4th ray), Pallas Athena (5th ray), Lady Master Portia (6th ray), and Kwan Yin (7th ray).[41][42] The Karmic Board decides when souls that are between lives are to reincarnate again (if a disembodied soul desires to reincarnate somewhere or somewhere else than where they have been assigned, they must file an appeal with the Karmic Board—each person has to file an appeal to the member of the board that handles the appeals for their soul ray); and the one Alice A. Bailey calls the Custodian of the Hall of Records (called the Keeper of the Scrolls in the Ascended Master Teachings), the being who is in charge of the Hall of Records, an enormous administrative complex near Sanat Kumara’s palace in the etheric city of Shamballa—this is where the Recording Angels and those souls who are between incarnations who volunteer to give up their time in Summerland and help perform this work make visual records (utilizing the most advanced supercomputers on the etheric plane of Earth) of everything that happens in everyone’s lives on Earth. The raw data is first downloaded daily by The Watcher from the Akashic records and fed by him to the Custodian of the Hall of Records and thence forwarded to the recording angels and their volunteer helpers. These imprint records are sorted daily first into one of seven general files by the soul ray (see seven rays) of the soul that is reincarnating, and then downloaded from that general file into a special individual file for each soul that can be consulted by the Karmic Board if that soul makes an appeal before it.

Back to Genesis 6, 7 - the Nephlim and the Watchers or Fallen Angels
But, of course, this did not happen, Chapter 6 in Genisis shows how they found favor with the females of the earthlings and decided to take them as their wives.  They were far more  advanced than the children of Earth and began almost at once to teach them worldly things, drawing the children of Earth gradually into a downward spiral and farther away from their Higher Selves. So, instead of the children of Earth teaching the incarnating  souls the path to ascension, the Nephlim, drew the Fourth Root Race away from their own Higher Selves and their attention became focused upon themselves and earthly matters rather than their spiritual responsibilities and journey homeward.

The Heart Chakra

My Heart Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Heart Chakra is the Purity God Desires (15x's)
This cleanses the Heart Chakra and actually
helps to heal the physical heart.
Now bring it back to it's Pink Perfection.

My Heart Chakra is a Chakra of Pink Fire,
My Heart Chakra is the Purity God desires.(15x's)

Heart Chakra Mantra
Violet Fire Thy Love Devine,
Blaze within this Heart of mine,
Thou art Mercy Forever True,
Keep Me always in Tune With You. (15x's)

End of Lesson 6/18/17