Tuesday, October 29, 2019

115--Lesson 35 - From Prophesies - Three Great Discoveries

It might be noted here that three great discoveries are imminent and during the next two generations (written in 1932) will revolutionize modern thought and life.

One is already  sensed and is the subject of experiment and investigation  - the releasing of the energy of the atom. ( Remember that the releasing of the energy of the atom occurred at the end of WWII when the Americans bombed Hiroshima with an "Atomic Bomb") -mf
This will completely change the economic and political situation in the world, for the latter is largely dependent upon the former.  Our mechanical civilization will be simplified, and an era ushered in which will be free from the incubus of money (its possession and non-possession), and the human family will recognize universally its status as a bridging kingdom between the three lower kingdoms of nature and the fifth or spiritual kingdom.  There will be  time and freedom for a soul culture which will supersede our modern methods of education, and the soul powers and the development of the superhuman consciousness will engross the attention of educators and  students everywhere.
Sadly, not all of this prophesy has occurred, mainly because "the dumbing down of our educational system has caused much of the problems facing both educators as well as students in today's world.
The "bridging of humanity between the spiritual kingdom and the three lower kingdoms has mostly been done by the "light bearers" who have recognized and applied themselves to the Plan of working with Hierarchy as the "Bridge to Freedom" for all humanity.  

The incoming light from the Seven Rays will also begin to awaken many who will be looking for answers to the many problems that have begun to take its toll on humanity.  Much of this has to do with Nationalism rather than Globalization, which should be the goal of all members of planet Earth - this has not occurred because of those whose God is money and power, and self-gratification - these are the elitists, who have gained power through their politics and are now governing in many countries throughout the world.  Again, these are still manifesting the Piscean authoritarian concept of Dictatorship - they have all shown up in these final days of the Piscean era. As we are a planet of "free will" - These dictator types are certainly hanging on until the final hour; but like all life on planet earth, their day is done; and the Aquarian Age is now riding in along the waves of the Seven Rays, everything and everyone that is not working within the Divine Plan of Brotherhood, Liberty and Freedom, will be disappearing from the annuals of history - MF 

Another second discovery will grow out of the present investigations as to light and color.  The effect of color on people, animals and units in the vegetable kingdom will be studied and the result of those studies will be the development of etheric vision, or the power to see the next grade of matter with the strictly physical eye.  Increasingly, will people think and talk in terms of light, and the effect of the coming development in this department of human thought will be triple: 
  a.  People will possess etheric vision.

The Etheric Body

  b.  The vital or etheric body, lying as the inner structure of the outer forms, will be seen and noted
       and studied in all kingdoms of nature.
Again, we have not begun to "see" and "note" and "study" in any kingdom - especially the fifth kingdom where the race of man still is very much in the material world - only those souls who have stepped into the light have reached the attainment that the Master spoke about in His prophecies. mf

  c.  This will break down all barriers of race and all distinctions of color; the essential brotherhood of 
       man will be established.  We shall see each other and all forms of divine manifestation as light
      units of varying degrees of brightness, and shall talk and think increasingly in terms of electricity, 
      or voltage, of intensity and power.  The age and status of men, in regard to the ladder of evolution
      will be noted and become objectively apparent, the relative capacities of old souls, and young
      souls will be recognized, thereby re-establishing on earth the rule of the enlightened.

If anything, we are at the lowest scale on the Evolutionary Ladder, as we enter the twentieth century, we find that there is still outstanding bigotry, racists and religious bigotry throughout the world, also
in many countries, women are regarded as chattel; and are not given equal rights - and are still being maimed and beaten for expressing an opinion.  We are at the present time lagging far behind what was predicted for us during this present era - we definitely have failed to bring about either of the
last two discoveries - hopefully, there will be those among the younger generations who will begin
the process of discovery. mf

Note here, that these developments will be  the work of the scientists of the next two generations, and the result of their efforts.  Their work with the atom of substance, and their investigations in the realm of the electricity, of light and of power, must inevitably demonstrate the relation between forms, which is another term for brotherhood, and the fact of the soul, the inner light and radiance of all forms.
This has actually been realized by scientists at the present time through Quantum Physics and the "String Theory".  Quantum Physics has established through investigation, that there is definitely a "field" and that when one reaches this field he then realizes that we are all attached at this level
through the string theory.  The Tibetans in their teachings gave us this same theory - they explained that when we reach the 5th Jiva of the Mind, we will then be at the soul level of being, wherein we will also discover that we are all connected through the Antakarana or Divine Thread of the Divine Mother, who works behind the scenes with the Holy Spirit or Maha Chohan, who manifests Her thoughts and ideas for all of mankind through the Office of the Holy Spirit.mf

The third development which will be the last probably to take place, will be more strictly in the realm of what the occultists call magic.  It will grow out of the study of sound , and the effect of sound and will put into man's hands a tremendous instrument in the world of creation.  Through the use of sound the scientist of the future will bring about his results; through sound, a new field of discovery will open up, the sound which every form in all kingdoms of nature give forth will be studied and known, and changes will be brought about and new forms developed through its medium.  One hint only may I give here, and that is that release of energy in the atom is inked to this new coming science of sound.
The significance of what has happened in the world during the last century in the realm of sound, is not appreciated yet nor understood.  Terrific effects are however being produced by the unbelievably increased noise and sound emanating from the planet at this time.   The roar of machinery, the rumble of the transportation mechanisms in all parts of the world, trains, vessels and airplanes - the focussing of the sounds of men in such congested areas as the great cities, and, at the time,  the universal use of the radio bringing musical sounds into every home and into street life, are producing effects upon the bodies of man and upon all forms of life everywhere, which will become apparent only as time elapses.  Some forms of life in the animal kingdom, but primarily in the vegetable kingdom, will disappear, and the response of the human mechanism to this world of sound, roar and  music, in which it will increasingly find itself, will be most interesting.

Out of the present welter of speech and of words, of lectures and of books, a few clear concepts will surely emerge which will find an echo in the hearts of men.  Thus also will men be led on into the New Age, wherein "talk will die out and books come to naught" for the lines of subjective communication will lie open.  Men will recognize that noise acts as a deterrent to telepathic intercourse.  The written word will not be heeded either, for men will use symbols of light and color to supplement through the eye what the subject hearing has recorded  But that day is not yet, even though the radio and televisions are the first step in the right directions.
Putting the truth as simply as possible, we might state that through the complexity of much speech-making and book-writing, ideas are now enabled to take form and so run through their cycle of activity.  But this method is as unsatisfactory in the field of knowledge as is the ancient tallow dip in the field of illumination.  Electric light has superseded it, and some day the true telepathic communication and vision will take the place of speech and writings.

We do know that during the past thirty to forty years both the Americans and Russians have been developing telepathic communications - It is found mostly in the Military and has not reached the people in general.  The light bearers frequently get telepathic communication from Hierarchy,  telling them what is to be done and or dictating whole books through individuals who have been trained to receive an send thoughts back and forth through spiritual channels.  In the lower planes of matter, we now are familiar with those who can communicate with the dead; and will channel what the ones on the "other side" want to convey to their relatives in this world.  More and more people are communicating with those on the other side today than ever before.  Many times those on the other side will see something in the future and come through these psychics in order to communicate with those living on earth.  mf