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121 - Lesson 41 - Continuation of The Ten Seed Groups - No. 3 - The Magnetic Healers

The World Teacher
Master Djwal Khwal

Everything printed in Black Font is the teachings of the Beloved
World Teacher, the Master Djwal Khwal.

Everything printed in Blue Font are comments by m.f.

3.  The Magnetic Healers

The members of this group work intelligently with  the vital forces of the etheric body and seek to bring about the right healing of the personalities of individual in all aspects of their nature.  The work
to redone is that of the intelligent transmission of energy to various parts of the nature - the mental, emotional and physical - through 
the right organization and circulation of force.  The group idea must always be remembered they must not work as individuals but as
units in a coherent whole.  This will distinguish the New Age methods from the past, for the work will be group work and,
usually, for  a group.  Magnetic healers must learn to work as souls and not as individuals.  They must learn to communicate healing energy from the reservoir of living force to the patient or patients. 

Since the beginning of the nineteenth century Hierarchy has found through working with the New Group of World Servers, that working as a group as well as working from the "soul within", the
Plan was working out with greater benefits and within much smaller parameters than what they had expected - in other words, before that time, they were working with individuals, who over  many lifetimes completed some part of the Divine Plan for the Earth; but when they grouped those who had attained a certain
rung on the Ladder of Jacob, and further, that these individuals worked from the soul level (in other words, the ego cannot be involved when working as a group).  There's a prayer that I will share with you that all World Servers should be saying on a daily
The Soul/Solar Angel/Holy Christ Self
In Meditation, working with the Third Eye,
Try to envision your own Soul or Solar Angel
This figure resides between your Four Lower Bodies
and your Causal Body and Higher Self - It is 
the Divine Mediator


The Soul is not aware of the personality but can be conscioius of the limitations within
The personality – barriers opposed to the Soul’s inflow of energy; but details are not of interest to the Soul.

The Soul is occupied with recognizing hierarchal planning with registering World need; and will respond faintly at first to the developing Monadic (Higher Self) inflow.  This 
attitude and reactions to the Soul (upon its own plane) offset profoundly and fundamentally the personality life and reduces these basic changes which evoke the
vocation of the disciple. The disciple is occupied with vocation and not so much with evocation.
Three Aspects of the One Self
a) Soul
b) The Personality
c) The Disciple

The Disciple is the “Eternal Pilgrim
The Disciple is the relation between personal self and the Higher Self
The Disciple is the indwelling Flame of spirit
The Disciple is YOU at every stage of the Path of Return to the Father’s House.

The word “Disciple” is applicable to the Master of Wisdom “as well as Christ 
Himself.  Each is a disciple to one who is greater; yet all are seeking the same goal and all seek to cooperate and help everyone to reach that goal.  All are upon the path of Service – the path of union with the Divine.


Use your imagination:  Alignment and Ascent
1. Achieve comfort, alignment and control:  Sound the OM once as the aspiring disciple
2. Withdraw the consciousness inward in successive stages, using the imagination in so doing.
a) From the physical brain, after deliberately centering it there, to the Astral Body.
b) From the Astral Body to the mind.  Then imagine yourself as being an integrated personality.
c) From the integrated personality to the Soul.
3. As you do this work, keep your consciousness steadily in the head, at the center between the eyes (the Ajna Center or Third Eye).  Endeavor to see the thread of golden light which connects the 3 bodies.  This golden threads dual in nature like 2 golden cables intertwined, passes from the heart center(in the Etheric Matter
near the spine, between the shoulder blades and the “head center, and connectsou as a personality with the Soul.
4. When you have thus carried it upward and seen it aligning and relating all aspects of the personality, then pause, in your meditation and realize quietly and silently that
a) You are now Face to Face with your own Soul-The Solar Angel
b) You, the personal self, and the Soul are essentially ONE reality, manifesting through 3 aspects, you are, a reflection of the Trinity, of Diety.
c)  There is, in  reality no separation or duality but simply a Son of God in
Manifestation whose nature is Light!
5. Sound the OM and say:
a) Having pervaded this World of the Little Manifested Self with one fraction
Of my Self, I remain – greater, wider and overshadowing all my daily 
b) I, the Manifesting Self, through the Magical Power of my Nature, revitalize, 
Redeem and reabsorb this fraction, dwelling in the body.

From the Center of all Love I stand;
From that Center, I, the Soul will outward move;
From that Center, I, the one who serves will work;
May the love of the Divine Self be shed abroad
In my heart, through my group and throughout the World.

This same plan must be used before doing any group healing - 
remember Christ's words:  Wherever two of more are gathered
in prayer I am also with you - so Christ understood the divine
principle of working from the Soul to your Heart Chakra and
then let it radiate through the fohats within the palms of your
hands - as a group - you are to concentrate on the Etheric
Body or Bodies if you are working with a few patients.
See Etheric Body illustration below:

The Etheric Body
(This body is many times mixed up with
seeing your aura; but it is not the same
as This body carries with it all of your
past and present karma that must be
worked out each lifetime until it is completely
One Way of Erasing the negative energy
during your lifetime is to do this mantra 36 times
Envision Violet Fire Surrounding your entire body
I AM a Being of Violet Fire 
I AM the Purity God Desires (36x's)
Another mantra that works directly on
your Etheric Body is
My Etheric Body is a Body of Violet Fire
My Etheric Body is the Purity God Desires (36x's)

   The Violet Flame Surrounding the Etheric Body

This group uses the following centers in their work: The head,
heart and ajna centers:
See Location of centers within figure below:


Such is the beauty of the human spirit that as soon as anyone touches the Soul then a compelling desire develops to do something to alleviate the pain and suffering which they see in the world around them.  A way in which a lot of people do this is to become involved in one of the many committed and deeply spiritual healing groups.  This seed group is giving ample evidence of externalizing into the physical world of daily living.  They go beyond the wonderful work of the more mystically inclined healing groups and seek through a mental focus to approach the art of spiritual healing in a more scientific effect way.
End of Lesson - to be continued:...