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                                            THE ETHERIC BODY

The Pink Body is the Etheric Body –
Often Mistaken For the Aura

The Tibetan continues to educate us on Radiation and the Human Kingdom - the 4th. He explains that radiation occurs when the "Etheric" or true form becomes responsive to certain types of force.

The Tibetan Master continues to explain about Radiation and the Etheric Vehicle.:
“It must be remembered in this connection that radiation occurs when the etheric or true form becomes responsive to certain types of force.  Radiation, as it is occultly understood does not concern itself with the escape from the physical or dense form, but with that period in the life of any living entity (atomic, human or divine) wherein the etheric or pranic body is in such a state that it can no longer limit or confine the indwelling life.
(So we learn here that it is certain types of force that gets the attention of the “Etheric Body” and the etheric body is in such a state that it can no longer be limited but must break away or through.  Another way of looking at this is – The Seven Centers of Force and/or Chakras are now ignited, filling all of the cells down to the atomic and sub-atomic matter and this type of force, can no longer hold back the Etheric Body from taking over the Physical Vehicle – this is when a human becomes transfigured into a “light being”. – mf)

Students should be aware that there will be periods of quiet times and periods of intensified activity in all that concerns radiation – especially in the Fourth Kingdom – the human.  (This intensity of radiation has been going on since Master D. K. made us aware back in the 1940’s. -mf) 
Radioactivity is very active at this point in time and many men and women are transcending their human limitations (Third Dimension) and entering the fifth kingdom one by one, and unit by unit. This period as far as the larger cycle is concerned, began when the Door of Initiation was opened in Atlantean days, but many lesser cycles have occurred, for the influx into the fifth kingdom is equally governed by cyclic law, by periodic ebb and flow….”

A very slight Human radiation was felt about the time of Christ, but it only lasted for a couple hundred years, and though individuals here and there have since achieved the goal, yet no large numbers have passed successfully through the fires of transmutation and thus transcended the fourth kingdom.  The cycle is now on the upward turn; about the fourteenth century  the human kingdom began to be noticeably radioactive, and we are on the way to the fulfillment of a “cycle of the second order” or a period of transcendence of a still greater activity than in the time of Buddha.  It will become demonstrably great when certain conditions have been fulfilled.
(The Master D. K. is speaking here about the cycles that are open every so often to allow for mankind to ascend into the Etheric Plane otherwise known as the Fifth Kingdom.  He explains that a cycle was open from the time of Christ for about 200 years and the opportunity is now again open for any among mankind who are willing and able to go through the initiations that are set before them in order to transmute and then transfigure into the Fifth Kingdom.  This means that one must be in constant contact with their Soul to the point that they are living and acting as the Soul or Solar Angel in every aspect of their lives.  Very few among mankind today, are willing to even give a certain amount of energy to spiritual work and/or service to mankind for even a couple of hours a week, so one can readily see how far away from the source we actually are during this cycle of opportunity to leave the Fourth Kingdom forever and never have to reincarnate on Earth again. – mf

First: when the present world chaos has subsided.
He is talking about World War II – Yet we’ve still continued to have wars and unrest.
Next when the present generation has consummated its work of reconstruction.
When the United States and others helped rebuild and reconstruct most of Europe after the Great War; and when men put down their arms and bring peace instead of war.
Fourth:  when the movement, inaugurated at the close of each century by the Trans-Himalayan Lodge is under way, and the psycho-scientific Egos, who are its agents, have made their presence felt.
Possibly the advancement of Nuclear Science, Space Exploration and the tremendous advances in many fields especially the field of Medicine.  Also, scientists are now working on Quantum Physics that explores the “field” and “string theory” (the Tibetan taught that at the Soul level we enter the “field” and that the “Antakarana” is the thread that weaves through all life, connecting one to the other –mf)
Quantum Physics/Mechanics/String Theory

Scientists like Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli reached the conclusion
That Quantum Mechanics actually points to a “middle way” as taught in Buddhism

How Madhyamika Philosophy Explains the Mystery of Quantum Physics…The formulation of quantum mechanics actually does not, in any way, suggest a mind-matter dichotomy, and it certainly does not suggest either materialism or solipsism. Quantum mechanics actually points to a middle way between these two extremes of materialism and solipsism, a realization that both Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli eventually reached. This means that the formulation of quantum mechanics actually points to the philosophical viewpoint of the Buddhist Madhyamika philosophy, also known as the Middle Way philosophy. Madhyamika philosophy would allow us to include the role of consciousness in quantum physics without ending up in the extremes of either solipsism or materialism…” by Kenneth Chan                  Confucius

 Finally:  when   a movement is instituted by the Lodge, working in connection with the fourth root race; it will also be part of the stimulative process, and will result in the rendering radioactive of some of the foremost thinkers of that race.  It will be their day of opportunity, and so great is the importance attached to this that a Member of the Lodge, Confucius as he has been called in the past, will incarnate in order to superintend the work.  The preliminary steps are being taken now (written about 1923) and Egos are coming in who will endeavor to direct the energies of this race on to the right line, though the peak of the cycle of stimulation will not be until the middle of the next century. (written in  1923)  about 2053 or sooner.
The Fourth Root Race is Asian, East Indian, Aryan – It seems that Confucius will come back into the planet to stimulate the radiation of the Fourth Root Race into their Ascension into the Fifth Dimension.  There is still many Fourth Root Racers around the globe including the New Zealand Maori, Islanders, Native Americans that are our oldest Root Race and should have left the planet eons ago.  We are the Fifth Root Race, and we also should have ascended many years ago – As two more Root Races must come in to complete this Manvantara during Kali Yug, it is imperative that all of us must either ascend back into the light or be held back from incarnating on Earth again.  We will be going to a planet already prepared for those who did not make their ascension – there will be no “free will” and through severe training and discipline, will eventually make the ascension back to God –mf
The aspirant must study the laws of transmutation and be a student of that divine alchemy which will result in a knowledge of how to transmute the lower form into the higher, of how to transfer his consciousness into the higher vehicles; and of how to manipulate energy currents so that his own nature is transformed.  He will then become a channel for the light of the Ego, and for the illumination of buddhi to pour through for the saving of the race, and the lighting of those who stumble in dark places.  He must demonstrate the laws of radioactivity in his own life on the physical plane.  His life must begin to radiate, and to have a magnetic effect upon others. By this I mean he will begin to influence that which is imprisoned in others, for he will reach – through his own powerful vibrations the hidden center in each one.  I do not mean by this the physical or magnetic effect that many quite unevolved souls have upon others, I refer to that spiritual radiation that is only responded to and realized by those who themselves are becoming aware of the spiritual center within the heart.  At this stage the man is recognized as one who can speak occultly “heart to heart”. He becomes a stimulator of the heart center in his brother, and one who arouse men into activity for others.

The Heart Center
This is the hidden center in each one
That the Disciple must Reach


(In 1941 during the World War, Master D. K. saw the terrible burden his students were carrying, each trying to do their spiritual work, yet they seemed to be stymied by inertia – not of laziness or uncaring; but of fear of the appalling World situation.  He immediately established a “five year plan” wherein all students from probationary to disciples were asked to work from the level of the soul, to love all mankind, and to continue to be the bridge – to do their spiritual work while having to maintain their regular jobs, living and participating with family and friends, while at the same time maintaining a steady, loving active spiritual life. The following is his steps leading them towards the Hierarchies’ goals for mankind at that time.
He admonishes them as follows:
Aspirants are preoccupied with their own little affairs and with their own small efforts, instead of relinquishing everything in an endeavor to unite on the needed appeal and activity.  They are contending for their own interpretations of truth, and for their past ideals of peace, living or work and---like Nero-----”fiddle whilst Rome burns.”  All their lives they have fought for an ideal and a dream, and they love that more than they love humanity.  Yet – all that is needed is such a deep love of humanity that it works out on all levels of activity and all life effort.  If the idealists of the world would realize the situation as it is, they would relinquish all that they hold dear and come to the rescue of humanity, and thus snatch the helpless masses back from slavery and death.  They would battle for the freedom of the human soul with every weapon in the armory of mankind.  They would hold back the forces of aggression by force itself if need by. They would aim at clear thinking, and thus clear the channel for the inflow of spiritual force.  The major prerequisites today for true world service are an overwhelming love of humanity and a sense of proportion.  The only requirements today for disciples and aspirants may be summed up as follows:
 (We are in world crisis right now and right here in the United States of America, therefore, His advise of over seventy years ago also pertains to our circumstances as we watch our freedoms being deregulated on a daily basis –  and the threat of nuclear attack, rumors of war and an increase in world tensions - mf)

  1. The doing of everything possible to bring the war to an end.   Every physical plane method must be used to drive the forces of evil and of cruelty back to their dark place.  Physical plane methods when motivated by unchanging love of humanity and under the direction of an enlightened soul, becomes agents of righteousness.  There are worse things than the death of a physical body, there is the enslaving of the human soul.
  2. The focusing of the inner life towards the Hierarchy in radiant faith. The way of the Coming One must be made clear, and the life force must be dedicated to the outer life of compassion.
  3. The clarifying of the mental life in the pure light of the soul. Disciples live too much in the world of “feeling” hence the clouding of their vision. When they have clarified their minds and see the situation whole, they can then appeal to the Avatar to make His appearance. This appeal must be made via the Christ.
  4. Disciples must endeavor to understand what are the objectives of the Avatar and thus fit themselves to cooperate.
The second step is to understand clearly what is the task that must be undertaken in preparation for the Coming One.  This entails four things
(1)   The effort to stand with all other disciples and aspirants in an attempt to call forth the Avatar, to reach him by focused intensive thought and to evoke His response.  This is the purpose of the new Invocation* It voices intent, makes demand, and pledges cooperation.
(2)   To form a group or nucleus through which the Avatar of Synthesis** can work when the lesser Avatar has come forth upon the physical plane.  This involves individual activity, the sounding out of a clear note, based on clear mental perception the recognition of those allied in the work and the development of conscious group work. In this group work the personality is subordinated and only the following determinations are dominant:
a.     The determination to offer group service as a group -  to the world group.
b.     The determination to offer right human relations upon the planet.
c.     The determination to offer everywhere the spirit of goodwill.
d.     The determination to withstand evil through planned group activity.

*The Great Invocation

From the point of Light
Within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into
The minds of men
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love
Within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into
The hearts of men
May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the
Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little
Wills of man –
The purpose which the
 Masters know and serve.

From the center which we
call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and
Light work out
And may it seal the door
Where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and
Power restore the Plan
On Earth
**The Avatar of Synthesis has come from deep, deep space to hold the Light for the Coming One while He is in embodiment here on Earth- mf)

As  the Master studied his disciples during the Second World War, he saw the inertia brought on by a deep depression and to a sense of human failure and to an introspectiveness which is natural but useless at this time.
He states:  “Some disciples (both on the probationary path and on the path of discipleship) take refuge in the perpetuation of the activities with which they were engaged when the war started; some take refuge in a determination to wait until the crisis is over, and appear to think that any work along the old lines of spiritual endeavor is of no real use; still others take refuge in a feverish outer occupation with things which the average man who is not spiritually oriented can do as well, if not better.  Some disciples and aspirants are spending their time fighting a psychic sensitivity, evoked by world conditions; many are simply overwhelmed and stunned by humanity’s pain and agony, by the horror of the moment, by anxiety over the future, and by anticipation of still worse happenings.  Their imaginations are working over-time and quite uselessly.  To some of these attitudes all of you are susceptible.

I write today to call all world disciples and aspirants to an intensive period of preparation for future activity and work. From now until the Sun moves northward, I would ask each of you to do three things:(August,  1941)


First:  Strengthen – through meditation, prayer and clear thinking – your faith, confidence and joy, and above all else, deepen the love of humanity, carrying the love of the soul through on to the physical plane and into all your human relations.
Secondly: Eliminate out of your personality life, as far as you can or should anything (mental, psychic, emotional or physical) which might hinder your future usefulness.
Thirdly:  Plan together for the work of the future. This work can be inaugurated shortly and must be started slowly, carefully, and with unreserved cooperation with me and with each other.  It must be carried out steadily and undeviatingly, with no lost motion, once its outlines are determined, and it should be carried out together.
  The Major Need today for each and all who must sponsor the work of the future that I am seeking to do with your cooperation and understanding, is to foster the growth of the will to love and work.  This effort on your part will express itself in a steadily deepening love for humanity – for all men and for each other.  It will demonstrate in a constant effort to invoke the spiritual will in the intelligent carrying forward of the plan as I shall seek progressively to outline it.
(As   it is now 2017 and there is still such negativity, bigotry, hatred, and separateness that it is a wonder the Masters haven’t turned their backs on mankind and continue on to greater work than wasting more than 70 (seventy years) waiting for mankind to get their act together and begin to LOVE THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS – ALL OF HUMANITY RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW! - mf)

This work can only be carried forward by people who love their fellowmen enough and have sufficient illumination to enable them to work with me dependably for a period of FIVE YEARS in the face of anything which may happen they must be people who will endeavor to permit no personality misunderstanding to hinder their usefulness and their group interrelation, and who – because they love enough – will ceaselessly subordinate everything to the task which must be done.
 The second thing I ask you to do is to gather out of all the past pamphlets and my later writings* those plans and instructions on service which will be applicable to the changed conditions and in the immediate future.  Study this carefully along with the request and suggestions in the letter, so that you may know what I, your Tibetan teacher, feel could and should be done by you in the service of the immediate future.  I would ask those of you who care to do so to meet together at the time of the Full moon in October for fellowship, united meditation, consecration and consultation.  I would ask those of you who live and work at more distant points to write briefly your reactions to the suggested endeavor, indicating how you feel you can best aid in the task.  I would ask all of you who associate yourselves with me in the work of the future, each day to use the very brief meditation, which I outline below.  It is dynamic, affirmative and – if rightly used – should link head and heart, leading thus to intelligent loving service, and it should also serve to bind you all together in the closest spiritual unity. This will aid in the vitalizing of the etheric bodies of all workers, and therefore in a group vitality which will be irresistible.
(* Go online  to Lucis Press and/or  the Arcane School.  You’ll find
the Master’s 24 books there, some are even available on Kindle – a few are audio as well – mf)


Meditate, Pray, Love Humanity
Try and Connect With the Soul on a Daily Basis

“See Yourself As The Soul "– Master D.K.

  EACH morning, prior to starting the day’s activities, achieve an inner quiet, see the Self as the Soul, place your self at the disposition of the soul, of humanity and of your group.

The Soul, or Solar Angel
Holy Christ Self

The Soul is the Central Figure
You are the lower Figure

The Monad or I AM THAT I AM
Is the Top Figure

1.    Say silently and with full dynamic intent:

At the center of love I stand:  from that center,
I, the soul will outward move; from that center, I the
 one who serves will work.  May the love of the divine
Self be shed abroad in my heart, through my group
And throughout the world.

2.    Then, focusing your attention and dedication, see the
Group to which you belong as a great center of love and Light, irradiating the world of men, bringing relief, light, Love and healing in increasing measure.

3.    Brood then upon the plan to be carried out and upon
the indicated service for the coming day.  Do this as the
Soul, keeping the personal lower self in a waiting attitude, like a servant attentive for instruction.
4.    Then say:
The joy of the divine Self is my strength
The power of the spirit of man shall triumph.
The Forces of Light do control the forces of evil.
The coming One is on the way.  The Avatar approaches.
5.    Close with a minute of dynamic quiet.

You can copy this sheet into a “word doc” and use it for your meditation- mf

By Margaret Mary

Change is coming- it’s surely on its way!
We’re the ones that break the wheel and fight to have our say.

Entrenched forces of aggression are hard to change
and won’t be pleased to go.
So, it’s up to us with vision that see the need to grow.

World synthesis is happening in every part of life,
economic independence free from hunger, war and strife.

There’s a New World that is forming by those loving peace throughout our land,
through Goodwill and World Service giving ALL a helping hand.

Embryonic movements towards the Unity of all,
brought about by men and women, who have heard the clarion call.

It will be by groups of souls all giving of their lives
to the cause of Freedom that will make the greatest strives.

Equal education and redistribution of the wealth,
must be the plan of action against those who deal in stealth.
Peaceful negotiations among nations of the Earth
plus independent freedom through economical rebirth.

Change is never easy – old habits hard to go;
yet nothing should be stagnate – it must be free to grow.
Angels, saints and mankind are working towards one goal,
to obey God’s Plan of Action is now their major role.

End  of Lesson Six - 8/30/17