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72-2017/5/2 -Tarot Reading For Next Six Month to One Year - 5/5/2017


Let's now look at the future and see what transpires for our President and our Country.

First Card - Next Three to Six Months:

Next Three to Six Months Business Dealings

Upright:  The President

Still doing business as usual and making an excellent profit  also building up future prosperity through constant effort as this is the card of the merchant, businessman and craftsman.  Help and co-operation in 
commercial enterprises is indicated, and the establishment of a dynasty is on a firm foundation.  So what we're looking at  the present time is that he is still wheeling and dealing and so is family members and those in partner-ship with him in commercial enterprise while at the same time, looking at potential futures of family members in forming a dynasty - is this within the White House as future Trumps?  Or is this within the businesses that he's illegally still running with all members of family involved?

Second Card:  Three, Four, Six to Eight Months

The Three of Wands-Reversed
Reversed:  Having to do with enterprise, ideas
and promises

In the reversed position the Three of Wands shows obstacles, frustration, bickering, having to do with enterprises, plans and actions to be taken during this period, this is having to do with legislation that he’s trying to push through; but will be met with great opposition.  Grandiose schemes will come to nothing.  Even though the way should be open and easy to accomplish; there is great resistance to implementing any project under this influence.  Much opposition every step of the way in a much grander scale than ever before, causing frustration, retreating and failure in getting the support that was expected.

Third Card: Time frame-Eight Months up to and 1 Year

Nine of Swords Upright
Nightmare Card - Upright

The Number 9 shows up for the first time, and again, it is a time of choice between peace and prosperity and/or war unrest and strife.  It always will represent beginnings and endings, whether in choices, actions or negotiations....

This card brings with it deception, disappointment, failure leading to violence, cruelty and scandal - all of which could be avoided if there is control, resignation, and the ability to reorganize and approach through negotiation and peaceful cooperation - but whatever happens it will bring peace and new life out of suffering. We need to look at all aspects of change in regulations, diplomatic negotiations, lack of judgment and utter lack of control that could lead to great danger, war and rumors of war..
.and for the people it brings on added stress, fear and doubt...a feeling of losing control of their Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity like living in a Banana Republic -Third World Situation.

Three to Six Months (More or less)

This is a card of Transitions
Traveling with the Mind, the Emotions and/or
Actual Travel Across the Waters

The Number Six is the number of harmony and balance, cooperation and diplomacy - when combined with the Swords, it is the bringing of strong forces together in order to reach an agreement. Again, it is an 
opportunity for Powerful Countries to sit at the table and calmly negotiate for peace and goodwill.  Solutions can only be solved when all parties bring their conflicts to the table to be discussed in a civilized manner.  Again, it is a chance to bring about understanding and good will to more than one area of the globe, but; it is up to those who lead these powers to  put aside past conflicts and strive for opening the door to communication rather than warfare. This is not a happy card, in fact it is a treacherous  dark period when the swords are piercing into the boat that is traveling across the emotional waters- at any moment the boat could sink; and all on board will perish.  Yet, this is still a card of force and possible agreement, if everyone involved shows true leadership, vision for a peaceful outcome through the Law of Wisdom and Right Action.


18/9 = the Self (1) versus 8 Number of Balance
The total equals Number 9 - Beginnings and Endings

We've dealing with a Major Arcana Card here that represents the instincts, emotions, cycles of nature, incipient life forms and the unconscious mind.  As  the number indicates this card crossing the path of the President demands emotional balance (8) within the self(1) to either move forward (9) Beginnings and/or Endings - also  the Second Number (9) a situation, negotiation, communications or alliances with other nations - there are those who want war and are called war mongers, looking for profits through the use of weapons.  Then there are those who seek  peace through communication and sitting down and negotiating, listening and accomplishing an understanding of what other nations are experiencing at this time.  Because it's the Moon, it can go either way, depending on the mood of those in power; and we all know that there are certain leaders who are emotionally unsound and should not be in a position to make decisions on any issue because they are unreliable and unstable.
We also must take into consideration  the conditions surrounding the situation and the Moon is telling us that it's too early to accomplish anything because things are in such a state of flux.  It is important here to move slowly and carefully relying on ones instincts, intelligence and looking at the surrounding cards to determine where and when to make any progress.

Passing Away (a period of approx. 2-3 months)

Ten of Wands
Work, Accomplishment,  Things still needing attention and Burdens that have Already Happened in the Past 2-3 Months

Ideas, promises, goals that have been built into the goals that must be met by the new President.  The taking on of certain responsibilities to the people that voted him in; and to those who supported him financially.  He must keep his objective in sight and because the number vibration of this card is a 10 - It means 1 by the power of 10, making it ten times more difficult than when he was running his own show, his own business or running for President. This card also indicates the responsibility of taking on various personalities who do not always fit into the goals that he's projecting for the future.  They, in turn, will be left in the wake of his ambition, sometimes causing embarrassment -  not only to America but to the Republican Party.
This trend will continue for the next few months.  This card also points out that he is running his presidency as if it were a company,  he's actually bringing all of his past experience as a business right into the White House. This guarantees that he can fire anyone who doesn't fit in to his perspective of how things should be.  There's a tendency for this President to move towards authoritarian policies rather than using diplomacy and tact not only among his Cabinet Members, the House and Senate, the Judicial System; but also to anyone whether at home or abroad who doesn't see eye to eye with his goals, plans and ambitions.

Coming Towards the President next 2-3 months:

Number 9 - The Hermit
This is the Third 9 that's shown up in this reading.  Remember the 9's are all about Beginnings and Endings.  We had the 9 of Swords, the Nightmare Card, putting fear and unrest into the hearts of all concerned, although decisions made for the Good Will of All could turn things around for a Peaceful alliance instead, the Next Number 9, the Moon with an 18/9 vibration, which demands emotional balance in dealing with the President's cabinet, his congress, his senate and judicial body but additionally, he's got to stay emotionally balanced with all of his dealings with the Middle and Far East as well as Russia - there's a good possibility that the Chinese will renege on their promises of stabilizing the situation with North Korea and this will lead to a Trilateral demonstration of opposition against the United States by China, Russia and North Korea - again, the Nine of The Hermit, means that he is receiving  very sound and extremely wise advice from those of both parties in the Senate as well as his Military advisors and also his inner guides.  The Question now is will he take their advice and begin a parlance with the Far East that will include Russia and China as well as the heads of NATO.  This card will be the key to how we are to move forward not in the next 100 days but in the very near future - in fact in the next few weeks!.

The Next 4-6 to 8 Months What's Overhead on the Cross:

Two of Cups
The Two is always about Partnership
Whether it's a business, political or personal partnership
has everything to do with the surrounding cards.

Not only is the Two vibration prevalent here but the Cups are always dealing with the emotions in relationships.  As we are all aware that his family are really his partners in all of his dealings whether within the family circle or within the political arena - he's made his daughter his political partner while his son-in-law is his political advisor and lest we forget -- his sons are his silent partners in all of his businesses.  When the need to make choices must be dealt with politically or otherwise, his choice will always be to listen to his inner circle, his family first and then he will deal with those he considers his friends - especially those who have had connections to him in the past.  He is either really, really liked or really, really disliked, depending upon the individuals view point, party affiliation and whether they are liberal, moderate, conservative or far right or far left . 

 It's important to note that this card sits at the top of the Celtic Cross and connects to the President (1st Card), What's Crossing His Path (2nd Card, the Moon, Major Arcana)  What's Passing Away (3rd Card-10 of Wands); Coming Towards Him (4th Card - 9 the Hermit, Major Arcana) and Completion of Cross (6th Card, Knight of Wands) - These cards surround the 5th Card - 2 of Cups) Therefore, when we concentrate upon all the above cards and the 2 of Cups relationship to them all, we come away with he's going to have to make a tremendous amount of choices; and he'll only listen to those partners who are of his inner circle, and also those whom he's done business with in the past; the problem here is that none of the above have any background in dealing with political situations whether at home or abroad.  In fact, many of the choices he will have to make will be concerning the Far East and the Middle East.  While he needs to keep all the balls in the air he will be feeling the heat of those in other countries who will oppose his decisions and many will refuse to back him up.  Mainly, because of his leanings towards Russia and China and the cool treatment he has shown to the representatives of Great Britain and Germany.

His threats to shut down the government if he doesn't get his way, will go a long way in not mending fences within the congress and senate as well as the American people.

Completion of Celtic Cross (Right Arm):

The Knight of Wands
This Card Represents the Military

This card represents the military at the ready, whether it's the Air Force, Navy, Marines or Army - this card is the outcome of the Celtic Cross Question - what will be happening in the next 100 days - The first thing that comes to mind is that our entire military as well as Homeland Security, National Guard and Police are moving into "high alert" - not only here; but also in various areas throughout the world.  China has their troops on  High Alert - North Korea has their troops on alert; Russia has moved their military all along the borders between Russia and Poland and the United States has aircraft carriers in the Japanese Sea as well as in the Middle East, our troops are in South Korea, Afgansthan, Iraq, Turkey, Germany - there's a rattling of sabers and movement of ships, troops and preparation of missiles while a lot of posturing back and forth between the United States and North Korea - with China sitting on one side and Russia on the other!  This is a situation that we are finding ourselves in during the first 100 days and we can't even begin to imagine what will be the next chapter in the never-ending drama that's being played out before our eyes - Remember, there are still choices to be made and we find that there are some very sane, logical, wise advisors who are even now working twenty four seven to cool the jets and calm down the tweets on this end, while China supposedly is doing the same with North Korea. 

ARM OF THE CELTIC CROSS:(Time 4-6 Months -4 cards)
Card 1 Relates to First Card 

Five of Pentacles
The Five of Pentacles Represents Change

The Number 5 always refers to the Sign of Gemini, an air sign, quick action without thinking things through.  The Five of Pentacles represents Finances, money; and because it is directly connected to the President (1st Card, 3 of Pentacles) - It Represents the new president coming into office and making certain changes that have a profound effect upon people's lives - especially the Middle Class - they will not only be burdened with higher health care costs; but they will also be stuck with the burden of more taxes; lay offs; more homeless the loss of income, their homes and savings.  This is a time of destabilization fear and unrest causing the very foundation of society to begin to crumble unless there's strong opposition to enacting these changes into law; the future can become very bleak in a very short period of time.  Change always comes into our lives and many times it's brought on by some outside force i.e. war, plague, stock market crash; great depression, loss of crops, lack of water, loss of work - it's going to be "how we deal with it on an individual basis that will make it either a good or bad experience.  The best advice for all involved is to "roll with the punches" and keep on keeping on no matter what is happening.

This card also refers to all those who make a "killing" during this time to give a portion of their earnings to the poor, especially the children who need to eat, have a roof over themselves and clothing.  The initiation here is will one succumb  to greed alone? Or, will conscious kick in and the rare possibility of sharing the wealth with those that have been stripped of everything be their atonement for dirty dealing?

This Card connects directly to the President's Guides:

The Knight of Pentacles
This Card may be the Saving Grace
If the President pays attention to His Inner Guidance

Again, we're seeing this President bringing his business background into the foreground as "doing business" in the White House.  He's looking at all of the promises made to his supporters and pondering as well as threatening all who stand in his way in accomplishing his goals.  Many heads will roll and there's a feeling within his circle that he's determined to fulfill his responsibilities and will succeed, at the cost of much disruption, opposition and loss of respect for his decision-making.  He tends to act without consulting others and/or pushing those responsibilities that he's not interested in pursuing onto someone else's shoulders while expecting them to get the goals accomplished within days rather than months of negotiating, debating and final agreement between both parties.  There's very little consultation between the President and either the Congress or Senate, as he feels that he alone can make all the decisions.
The current conundrum has to do with the Repeal of Obama Care and Tax Reform.  The Question again is:  "Who is benefiting from this New Tax Reform"  will there be a written explanation of where the cuts will occur?  Who will benefit or gain by these changes? And Who are the losers?  Will people decide not to pay taxes until the President decides to let them know that he also pays? And the biggest decision of all that seems to be either put on the back burner or is percolating ready to go into full boil with North Korea, dealings with Russia and of course, the Middle East???  Have you noticed how many heads have rolled out of the inner circle already?

Action Taken by the President (3-4 months)

Increase in Activity,  both within the United States and Abroad

This card deals with energy and strength and because we are dealing with the President of the United States, we are also looking at his personal energy and strength.  Although he appears to be alert and healthy, the responsibilities, learning curves of his office, the mitigating circumstances that puts him under surveillance by the National Security Office, the CIA, FBI and intelligence agencies around the world does not make for a peaceful reign.  His propensity to tweet at all hours of the night makes one wonder if he ever gets any rest?
But, it is also this same stamina that energizes him and gives him high vitality to get several things done at once.

He has enthusiasm for new projects and new ways of dealing both politically and socially with people in general.  He feels at home in his Winter White House and probably it's his only way of finding relaxation  when under so much stress.

This card is also a card of "timing" and points to situations or desires that will materialize very quickly  and must be dealt with in a timely manner.  He doesn't like delays, and any opposition to his decisions can be met with great resistance on his part; because once he's made a decision, there's no turning back, because he is always right (whether right or wrong).  So, again, it always comes back to "control" if he's out of control, who can be counted on to move him back into more careful consideration before finalizing his decisions.  I suspect that his Son-in-Law and his daughter have that responsibility as well as the Vice President.  We can only hope and pray that he "listens and reasons" with his advisors concerning any decisions concerning the Middle East and North Korea before taking any action whatsoever.

Final Outcome For Reading (Six Months and Beyond)

The Seven of Swords
This Seven and Swords deals with
Vision and with Mental Challenges

Both the Swords and the Sevens deal with vision and with mental challenges, so the appearance of  this card can encourage one to make plans, gather information and use inventiveness to  prevent problems, especially if one has motivated enemies, then staying ahead of the plots and intrigue that will crop up unexpected will be prevalent   We must not forget that Retrograde Uranus, Pluto and the North Node are riding the skies above us here as well as Mercury Retrograde for a little while, so that anything that is put into action can go awry.

Another problem with this card at the end of a reading denotes someone acting a dual role — there's a few among the inner circle who will be leaking things to the press while there are some and one in particular that will be working with this administration while actually leaking top secrets to the enemy.  There's an uneasy feeling among the American people that we have Putin and his cronies sitting right inside the White House, sending and receiving information that is directing the course of our future.  Although, we have seen many of the so-called dual or double agents suddenly disappear from the inner circle, "It isn't over 'til it's over," and hopefully it's not too late.
Can Happen Anytime During Next 3 to 6 Months
Three of Swords - Reversed
The Card of Contemplation and Meditation

The 3 is always a Creative Number and usually when in an upright position, you find that someone is in contemplation in preparation for creating a work of art, a novel, poetry, music, a landscape — some form of pattern that inspires the artist into action.  When it is the 3 of Swords, the Swords represent the ideas flowing towards the individual who is in contemplation, awaiting the muse who will inspire and direct the individual.

When the 3 of Swords is Reversed it has an altogether  different meaning.  It could mean that there is suffering and we are not aware as yet as to the extent of the problems involved.  As we are reading for the United States and the First Three to Six Months of this President's reign, then it would mean that there is a problem that could cause many to suffer and yet, most of us are unaware of its potency; the worst case scenario is that it's been slowly happening all around us and that it will be too late to make changes because it is already a presence in our lives.

The Three of Swords also represents someone whose view of reality has been distorted and there's a need at the present time to change his perceptions.  The reversed card may indicate efforts to repress or control negative thoughts — this could also apply to those who are in a leadership capacity, who have major incompatibilities, arguments, abusive behavior, the breaking up of alliances; a need  to be on guard and to protect your country, your home and all those that you hold dear.

The Tower - Major Arcana, Reversed
The Number 16, The Tower

The Number 16 is a Karmic Number which equal the highest number in vibration — the 7 - 1 + 6 = 7.  This Tower represents Uranus, thus we know that Uranus always creates sudden, dramatic changes.  As Uranus is also Retrograde at the present time, then we have to be even more cautious  and protective of our borders, our country, our Nation, our rights, our liberties, freedoms, and our families.  Building tensions may be at an even more unconscious level, which means that if a sudden attack occurs many people will be shocked - so there must be a modicum of serious discussions while negotiating for a more peaceful outcome with those who are not aligned with our politics, our freedoms or our way of life.

The tower can be an actual structure that could be attacked and precautions should be taken to insure that everyone living or working in this structure is protected.
This could be an indirect way of getting at the President, by attacking his family in the Tower.

For the individual, the Tower showing up in your reading could mean that you need to take care that accidents do not happen because of negligence.  There's another side of the Tower that shows someone suddenly attacking or  the oppressing of women and other social groups - this could lead to the overthrow of governments or institutions.
We need to also look at women's rights and fight for the  re-establishment of women's protection and the freedom to choose what she needs to do with her body - as it has nothing to do with the government or males, who have nothing to do with the function of women's bodies - let them worry about their own problems.

Queen of Wands - Reversed Last of 3 Wild Cards
The Queen of Wands Looks and 
Acts Like a Movie Star

This  card in the upright position is the one I use to refer to myself as a guide and teacher, because the Wand gives one the power of receiving direct communication from the Higher Self, the Solar Angel and the Guides.

But because it is reversed it shows the Queen's energy as negative and a little self-centered, impatient and easy to anger, this sometimes undermines much of the good she is capable of accomplishing.

As the reading is all about the new President, I am calling this card the representative of his wife, who has kept herself in the background and has very little to do with the daily happenings at the White House - mainly because she doesn't live there.  Because the Queen appears in this reading she is representing  an authority figure, the First Lady; but has yet to assume the role, as she wants their son,  to finish his schooling in NYC.  She is uncomfortable in her new role and prefers to be left in New York City, where she has her own routine, business and friends that makes her feel comfortable and more herself.  She wishes that things had remained as they were and that she doesn't have to appear before the public very often.  In fact, she likes the idea of flying into Florida their second home, where she feels familiar and at home, enclosed behind the gates and prying eyes of the press.

As the card is reversed we also see that she is a woman who is hard to approach, and will act willingly if it has to do with her business or the family - anything to promote her own interests.  She is not as ambitious as Ivanka; and therefore, isn't as successful in her business dealings and is still learning to better develop her creativity as well as the will  to carry it out.

Because this card is reversed, she will always remain in the background - not wanting to call attention to herself.  Already, the press has noticed that the President seems to always leave her in the dust while stomping forward to be the first to be greeted; or leaving her to negotiate the stairs from the airplane while he runs ahead, leaving her struggling down the steep stairs on her own.  Don't forget, she prefers being in the shadow of her husband, as she does not want to call attention to herself, thus staying in NYC and walking in his wake at every public meeting.
End of Reading - 4/ 27/17

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