Mankind is now facing one of the most tumultuous times in the planet’s history. People are searching for answers such as:

Why is this happening?

What is my purpose here?

What role do I play in the great scheme of things?

Will mankind survive these events?

The answers to all these questions are found in the Ancient Wisdom that empowers and enlightens one so that he can meet the current crisis. Each individual has a purpose and a blueprint that makes him/her unique within a greater plan that is working out in perfect accord, so they may be at Peace within themselves while being guided along the right spiritual path through introspection and service.

“Know Thyself” is the first requirement and through that knowing one can reach the heights and depths of all God’s kingdoms. 

Know that you are not alone!

My intention is to bring information of a spiritual nature to the public. This information comes down to us from the ancient scrolls. Originally, it was taught in the great mystery schools under the veil of secrecy. Because of the need of the hour, it has now been brought into the light, using our modern language, while keeping the information in simple terms so that all can attain mastery without having to wade through the archaic terms and symbols… yet much study and meditation is still a requirement.

If you are interested in becoming a student of these great teachings, follow my blog.  There are classes for beginners and advanced students.  Start by going through the blog archives sequentially. I will be posting twice a week, one for beginning students and one for advanced students.  After each lesson, post a comment on what you have learned in that lesson or ask a question.


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    1. Thank you it was a lot of hard work on the part of my students and I am most grateful for their help in bringing this website into the public domain.

  2. One is very blessed to know all my sisters, brother and have one for a spiritual mother and teaches. Wonderful to see ones dream come to fruition. Love to all...Love to one there Mother Margaret, I miss one...thanks to one for all her love for her children and students.

  3. Thank you Margaret, for putting so much effort into helping us understand this very difficult material. The love you exude and your abundant patience is very apparent in the work you do.-Kim

  4. Great information and lessons, I truly appreciate your love and teachings. It is uplifting and is a blessed resource for finding oneself embraced by the Masters teaching.

  5. Margaret, the triangle information is the foundation of my business. I have been asking for answers as to why I have been so directed towards the trilogy. Everything I do has to fit in this model. Perfect timing. Thanks

  6. Margaret, truly you are an amazing conduit to the spirit world and among the ascended beings. I am honored to know you and be in your presence. I am forever grateful to you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and kindness to us. We love you dearly, Lily & Reynold

  7. Dearest Margaret, Finally got here to see the latest web design and started refreshing on the info contained in the blogs. Life lessons which are meant to enrich us all and info to be able to withstand all that we must learn to become a galactic being. I was so grateful to find you again after many years of being lost from the group. I prayed many many many days and mourned being away from the recognition of like-minded people. Our Teachers must have heard me. They helped me reconnect. As Lilly said, I am also honored to know you. I am regretful that I cannot be more frequent to spend social time with you and our group members. Thank you for your steadfast Faith and prayer warrior and determination but most of all your unconditional Love. I love you dearly, Karen : )

  8. I was excited to revisit your site and looking forward to emerse myself with the wisdom and insight you share generously. Can't wait to read your reading for the world. Love you much! Our world service has opened me and put me into service for the world and myself! Thank you! Lily

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