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122 - Lesson 42 - The Seed Groups Continue - No. 4 - Educators of the New Age

The World Teacher
The Tibetan Master Djwal Khul

His Teachers
The Tibetan Master Kuthumi

The Tibetan Master El Morya

These Two Mahatmas brought in the Theosophical Society through their channel Madame Helena Blavatsky - at that time Djwal Khul was a young monk, who was a very high disciple.  His initiation during the introduction to Theosophy was to dictate the entire 4 volumes through telepathic communication with Helena Blavatsky - these enormous tomes were the basic Theosophical teachings they were:  Isis Unveiled Vols 1 & 2; and The Secret Doctrine Vols 1 & 2.
Like the Mahatma Kuthumi's other student Krishnamurti; these high disciples were under extremely difficult initiation - unlike D. K., Krishnamurti, a young boy, would receive a series of lessons at the Mahatma's Retreat during his sleep and then he would have to bring forth the teaching and translate it into English.  Annie Bessant would check his writings for correct punctuation  and spelling, that initiation became a book called "At the Feet of the Master" , which has been translator into 27 languages, run into some 40 editions, and at present is still in print.  At that time Annie Bessant was head of the Theosophical Society as Madame Blavatsky has already passed and the Mahatmas Kuthumi and El Morya had already made their Ascension at the end of the Eighteenth Century; Master Kuthumi was not only Djwal Kwal's teacher but also .Leadbeater's as well as Krishnamurti's - At the time of Krishnamurti's visiting Master Kuthumi's retreat in the Etheric Plane it was in the year 1907.

When these two Mahatmas Ascended; Djwal Kawl was a young monk and it was the Ascended Master Kuthumi who approached Alice Bailey, (who was the Master Kuthumi's disciple) while still in her teens and  announced to her that she would be bringing in the next phase of the Divine Plan through his disciple, the Mahatma Djwal Kawl.  

Let us continue now with the New Seed Group we are now on Group 
4. The Educators of the New Age
The service of this group is along the line of culture and they will
work to bring in the new type of education.  Their emphasis will be upon the building of the antahkarana* and upon the use of the mind in meditation.  They will act as communicators and transmitters of two aspects of divine energy - knowledge and wisdom.  These must be thought of in terms of energy.  This fourth group (whose work is concerned with the  education of the general public) is a direct intermediary between the higher mind and the lower mind
They are concerned with the building of the antahkarana and their task is that of linking the three points of mental focus - the higher mind, the soul and the lower mind - so that there may be established a group anatahkarana between the kingdom of souls and the world of men.
Ray III - The Ray of Active Intelligence from "The Seven Rays Made Visual" by Helen S. Burmester
"Ray III is the expression of the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost.  On cosmic levels it is the inherent intelligence in matter.  The Lord of Ray III is responsible for the actual working out of the Plan and bringing into objectivity the divine creation of the entire visible worlds, using the mind and all means needed to materialize the divine idea.  According to D. K., this third ray activity of impregnating matter with intelligence was dominant in our solar system during the first manifestation of our Solar Logos.  He is now in His second phase of manifestation  on the second major Ray of Love-Wisdom, and in His next manifestation the first ray of Will and Power will be dominant.
The Third Ray of Aspect is called the Ray of Active Intelligence because its work is more closely linked with matter.  It is also the 'personality Ray of our planetary Logos'.  And since we live within the periphery of our planetary Logos, all of humanity is strongly influenced by this third ray energy of active intelligence.  It is, in fact, the personality aspect in every human being that the Soul created and uses to experience and express its essential divinity.  It is under the influence of Ray III  that we learn to create until we become co-creators with Divinity itself.  This Ray-Lord works in close cooperation with the Lord of the second Ray because He constitutes the active building force that starts the work of construction and eventually materializes the idea and purpose of God.  Yet these three rays of Will, Love and Wisdom, and Active Intelligence are as much a unity as is a human being who conceives an idea, uses his mind and brain to bring the idea into manifestation, and employs hands and all his natural forces to perfect the idea".
These  three major Rays correspond in the human being to the Higher Self or Monad, the Solar Angel or Soul, and the Ego or Personality.  The third ray energy, coming from the Great Bear, reaches our Sun through the zodiacal triangle of  Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  Its body of expression is primarily the planet Saturn.  Together they provide humanity, through the medium of matter, with a vast field of experiment and experience  At this time Cancer is the controlling factor as its energy causes the mass movement towards liberty, release, and light that is so dominant today. 

* The antahkarana is the symbolic bridge of light that links the soul-infused personality to the world of the intuition and the spiritual will, the lower mind to the higher.
NOTE:  In a past lesson I gave you the three triangles aligned
one on top of the other as the symbol for the linking of the three aspects of our beingness, in other words, the Antahkarana - see  again, below:

The Higher Mind and/or Higher Self
The Soul or Solar Angel
The Lower Mind

These initiates will not only act as a bridge between  the lower
mind -the soul - and the Higher Mind; but they will also teach
the public through the process of meditation how to connect and
bridge all three aspects which is also know as the antahkarana.
Thus their purpose is to educate the public in traveling the inner and upper road to their own Higher Selves.  Again they are
bridging between the Kingdom of Souls and the world of men.
This group uses the following centers in their work:  The head, ajna   (third eye chakra) and throat centers.
See where these centers are located in the illustration below:

Crown Chakra reps head, Ajna represents Third Eye Chakra and
Throat Chakra are the three centers D. K. is referencing.
When the ideals that inspire this group are compared to much of what exists in institutional education it is clear that humanity still has a long way to go.  Nevertheless, there is wonderful evidence in the world today of trail-blazing educational  experiments which aim at preparing young people's minds and hearts for the  future in a new and creative way  Some form of mediation is often featured as an important part of the curriculum.   Leading educational thinkers and organizations today, including UNESCO at the world level, are increasingly emphasizing the moral, ethical and spiritual objectives and needs of the educational process.
In studying "humanitarian endeavors worldwide" I came to realize that the "united nations" UNESCO branch, has made great inroads in education in the third world countries. Not only are they educating the younger generations; but also, they provide technology that converts ocean water to regular water in areas of severe drought - this enables people to stay in their areas and begin to cultivate and grow  their own foods - even in this aspect  we see 
Such organizations as:

Meeting of UNISCO at the United Nations Headquarters
All Flags from every country participating are shown above.

Other Organizations/Humanitarian aid and Education
United Nations - UNISEF

These are the symbols of the world organizations at the present time - these  individual organizations provide food, education, help with infrastructure, clothing, doctors, educators, technicians, and all the equipment necessary to aid and assist third world countries  as well  as those countries that are experiencing disasters like Puerto Rico and Australia, India and New Zealand at the present time.
It is the people within these very organizations that are providing divine service to their fellowmen and woman on a global scale.

Many are not even aware that they are working and serving under the  4th Seed Group and it matters not that they are unaware, as they continue to work from the heart - many are volunteers like Doctors Without Borders who work in third world countries providing much needed medicine and medical examinations to the poor and displaced people around the world.
When our government no longer provided aid to Puerto Rico UNESO and many other humanitarian groups took action and
have been working with these countries, making sure that they
get all the help and working to rebuild the islands. 

It is possible to see how, at its best, education is now preparing young people to realize the value and worth of every individual, and at the same time to recognize the fact of the one humanity.  It is also energizing the vision that everyone should be a constructive member of their community and their country, and an active world citizen.  This is knowledge becoming wisdom.

Anyone following our present national politics should understand that the United States has stepped away from its global endeavors and has declared themselves nationalized (only taking care of their own country).  We can see that the Piscean Dictatorlike premise that we should disregard others and even those adjacent to our own country like South America and the persistent aligning with other dictators around the world i.e. Russia, China, North Korea, Poland
Turkey and others - yet, we are now disregarding our fellow allies from the past and alienating ourselves from all of our allies in Europe and other areas around the world.  This again, like all dictatorships will pass away, and hopefully, a more intelligent and benign government will present itself in 2020.  This is the hope of all humanitarians and 93% of the American people.  In order to secure a new government every citizen must get out and vote - as you know every vote counts and 2020 primaries are now looming ahead in the very near future, we have a chance to bring our government and our people back into some semblance of sanity.
In order for us to have a more perfect union and at the same time bring about the Divine Plan for these United States, we must not only become citizens working in our communities, local governments and nationally but also citizens of the world, working for the brotherhood, liberty and freedoms of every country, island and city-state worldwide - how else can we educate and teach people to value the individual and let them know that they are
counted and that through education and meditation, everyone has an opportunity to experience the Divine Plan for our Earth - that is, moving forward into knowledge and wisdom; otherwise, we are
lost to the great opportunity that Hierarchy is offering humanity at the present time.
End of Lesson - to be continued: