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142 LESSON 4 - STANZAS OF DZYAN January 29,2021

The Tibetan Master

Djhwal Khwal



Everything in "black font" is from the Master D. K.

Everything in "blue font" is comments by M. F.

Many of the Stanzas are not explained by me and I have left them for the Master D.K. to give us the lesson - this is the most ancient testament passed down and thus it is written in the ancient language.  I cannot change that which is from on high.  Please print these Stanzas off and keep them along with the Laws as there will be explanations for all of these within the text. MF

  THE SECRET OF THE FIRE LIETH HID IN THE SECOND LETTER OF THE SACRED WORD.  The mystery of life is concealed within the heart. When the lower point vibrate, when the sacred triangle glows, when the point, the middle center, and the apex, connect and circulate the Fire, when the threefold apex likewise burns, then the two triangles - the greater and the lesser - merge into flame, which burneth up the whole.

 Triune Flame Within Our Hearts

The Threefold Flame is what makes the statement "made in the Image of God" a reality. For we have the identical Threefold Flame - the Blue Flame Represents Faith, the Yellow Represents Hope and the Pink Represents Charity - and/or Love, Wisdom and Power - these also Represent the First three Rays - the most powerful of all seven rays - they also represent the Three achii of Michael (Faith); Gabriel (Hope) and Chamuel (Charity).
Faith, Hope and Charity Achii

As most of us are aware, we all have a Three-Fold-Flame centered in the Secret Chamber of the heart, we are also aware that we form a "point of light" when forming a triangle from our heart Chakra to our Solar Angel and/or Holy Christ Self; and, with the apex is pointed at the Higher Self, then that "greater triangle descends" forming the "star of David" the two triangles combined - it's logical to conclude that once contact is made with our Higher Self, then it lights both triangles and the Triune Flame also burns and as we continue to be in this Star of David, eventually both triangles merge and are completely burned - this is when one becomes a "fire being" or a Great Soul/Mahatma.  This is only my opinion as this is how we originally performed the World Service to the Divine Mother; and, although we never reached  the "burning field" we were very much in tune with all of Hierarchy.


"AUM," said the Mighty One, and sounded forth the Word. The sevenfold waves of matter resolved themselves, and varied forms appeared.  Each took its place, each in the sphere ordained.  They waited for the sacred flood to enter and to fill.

The Sevenfold waves of matter would be related to the seven planes that surround both our planets and ourselves.
As God (The Mighty One) sounded forth the Word - His command sent forth the sevenfold waves of matter which caused varied forms to appear; and they each took their place allocated to them, while they awaited for the sacred flood to enter and to fill.  What this seems to mean is that as God sent forth the "Word";  and those beings and/or Builders of form appeared in their allocated spheres awaiting further instruction.  This is the beginning of this Manvantara and how Our Father/Mother God summoned through the sacred AUM, those who would be instrumental in bringing forth matter into each sphere or planet.

The Builders responded to the sacred sound.  In musical collaboration they attended to the work.  They built in many spheres, beginning with the third.  Upon this plane their work commenced.  They built the sheath of atma* and strung it to the Primary.
The Elohim responded to the sacred sound and working in pure harmony (musical collaboration) they began their work of building the shell of the planets, starting with the third plane - once the third was complete they built the "spiritual" or atma body and attached it to the Highest Plane of the seven spheres making up each of the planets.
"AUM" said the Mighty One  "Let now the work proceed. Let the Builders of the air continue with the plan.
Again, God commanded the work to proceed and called for the Elementals of the Air under Aries and Thor to continue to build according to His plan.
The Deva-Lord (Ares & Thor) and his Builders upon the plane of air worked with the forms within that sphere (the sphere of air), which is reckoned mainly theirs.  They wrought for union, each in his group assigned.  The moulds grew fast beneath their hands.
These Elementals knew what  they were about and worked in God harmony with the music of the spheres - the moulds they set forth grew fast beneath their hands.  If you think about it - man could not live unless he can breathe air - this element is vital for the very existence of man.
The sacred plane of juncture, the fourth great plane, became the sphere within the greater circle which marked the goal for man.
When one thinks about the various planes - we all know that we live in the lowest plane of earth while the "fourth plane, would be the Intuitional/Buddhic/Etheric - which is the goal of all mankind to reach.
"AUM" said the Mighty One, He breathed forth to the fifth, the plane which is the burning-ground, the meeting place for fire.  This time a cosmic note is heard beneath the sound systemic.  The fire within, the fire without, meet with the fire ascending.  The guardians of the cosmic fire, the devas of fohatic heat, watched o'er the forms that formless stood, waiting a point in time. 

The meeting place for "fire" would be the Fifth Plane or Manasic/Gaseous/Mental Plane the Plane where  the Permanent Atom exists at the highest level of Mind that we know of .

The builders of a lesser grade, devas who work with matter, wrought at the forms.  They stood in fourfold order.  Upon the threefold levels in empty silence stood the forms. They vibrated, they responded to the key, yet useless stood and uninhabited.

The builders of the lesser grade, under the authority of Virgo and Pelleur,  devas who work with matter, worked at the forms.  They stood in fourfold order, in other words they had four lower bodies but nothing within them yet - they were void of light and energy.  Upon the threefold levels -these were the highest levels they could exist in and they were still standing in empty silence.  Although they could respond to the key, yet they stood useless and uninhabited with light?"

"AUM" said the Mighty One, "let the waters too bring forth." The builders of the watery sphere, the denizens of moisture, produced the forms that move within the kingdom of Varuna.  They grew and multiplied.  In constant flux they swayed.  Each ebb of cosmic motion increased the endless flow.  This ripple of the forms was seen.

Again, we are now introduced to the Builders of Water, Neptune and Laura,  who are over the watery sphere, they produce all life within the element of water, living in the oceans, seas, rivers and streams - these forms they produced grew and multiplied - reference here is given to the kingdom of Varuna, which is under the planet Neptune and the Raja Lord Varuna - this not only has to do with the waters of the planet but also within ourselves - how we relate to the waters within our own bodies; and how water affects both the physical and psychological bodies. In constant flux they swayed - this is referencing the ebb and tide of our oceans under  the influence of cosmic motion which continues till this day in endless flow.

"AUM" "Let the Builders deal with matter."  The molten solidified.  The solid forms were built by Virgo and Pelleur and the elementals of the Earth, the fairies, elves, gnomes, niards, and Devas of the trees, plants and flowers.  The crust cooled. The rocks congealed.  The builders wrought in tumult to produce the forms of maya. When the rocky strata was completed the work stood in completion.  The builders of the lowest grade announced the work was finished.  

Now we see the elementals of Earth begin to do their work under the direction of the Builders, Virgo and Pelleur, of course they had to await the cooling of the Earth through the element of Water and as the crust solidified they were able to produce the solid forms, the strata of rock, granite, crystal, minerals until the work stood in completion and the Builders were able to announce the completion.  Remember, according to the Hierarchy, this particular work of all four elementals took approximately nine hundred and fifty years.

Forth from the rocky strata emerged the covering next. The builders of the second agreed the work was done.  The first and second on the upward way stood forth in fourfold form.  The inner five was somewhat seen by those whose sight was keen.

This would also be part of Virgo and Pelleur's work, as it also describes the covering which would be the grasses, meadows, the hedges, trees, fruits and vegetables in their particular kingdoms.  Then there was the "inner five" possibly the mineral kingdom with its crystal, gems, gold and silver and platinum.
The following Stanzas will be given out without comments as we will be learning about each of them throughout the book. Again. it would be wise to print out these Stanzas so that we can  have them as a reference when we come to the explanation of each one -mf

"AUM,"  said the Mighty One, and gathered in His Breath.  The spark within the peopling third impelled to further growth.  The builders of the lowest forms, manipulating densest maya, merged their production with the forms built by the watery ones. Matter and water merged produced the third in time.  Ascension thus progressed.  The builders worked in union.  They called the guardians of the fiery zone; Matter and water mixed with fire, the inner spark within the form were blended all together.
The Mighty One looked down.  The forms met His approval.  Forth came the cry for further light.  Again He gathered in the sound.  He drew to higher levels the feeble spark of light.  Another tone was heard, the sound of cosmic fire, hid in the Sons of Manas.  they called to their Primaries.   The lower four, the higher three, and the cosmic fifth met at the great inbreathing.  Another sheath was formed.


The great Wheel turned upon itself.  The seven lesser wheels rushed into being.  They revolve like their Mother, around, within and forward.  All that existeth was.

The wheels were diverse, and in unification, one.  As evolved the great  Wheel, the inner fire burst forth.  It touched into life wheel the first.  It circulated.  A million fires rose up.  The quality of matter densified, but form was not.  The Sons of God arose, scanned the depth of Flame, took from its heart  the sacred Stone of Fire, and proceeded to the next.

In turning next the Great Wheel launched the second.  Again  the flame burst forth, took to its heart the Stone and proceeded in revolution.  The Sons of God again arose, and sought  within the flame.  "The  form sufficeth not," they  said, "remove from without the fire."
Faster revolved the greater Wheel, blue, white emerged the flame.  The Sons of God again came down and a lesser wheel revolved.  Seven times the revolution, and seven times great the heat. More solid grew the formless mass, and deeper sank the Stone.  To the heart of inmost ire the sacred Stone went down.  Tis time the work was better done, and the produce more perfected. At  the seventh revolution, the third wheel rendered back the Stone.  Triple the form, rosy the light, and sevenfold the eternal principle.

From  out the greater Wheel, down from the vault of heaven, came into light the lesser wheel that counted as the fourth.  The eternal Lhas looked down, and the Sons of God reached forth. Down to the inmost point of death They flung the sacred Stone.  The plaudits of the Cohans rose.  The work had turned a point.  From the pit of outer darkness, They gathered forth the Stone, translucent now and unalloyed, of colour rose and blue.

The turning of the fifth wheel and its action on the Stone rendered it still more fit.  Yellow the blending tint, orange the inner fire, till yellow, rose and blue mingled their subtle tones.  The four wheels with the greater worked thus upon the Stone till all the Sons of God acclaimed, and said:  "The work is done."

In  revolution fifth of the great Wheel the period set was reached.  The lesser wheel,  that responded to that fifth great turn, passed through the cycle and entered into peace.

The lesser wheels come forth and likewise do their work.  The great Wheel gathers back the emanating sparks. The Five dealt  with the work, the lesser two but wrought with detail.  The Stone had gathered fire, lambent with flame it shone.  The outer sheath met not the need till the sixth wheel and the seventh had passed it through their fires.
The Sons of God emerged from out their source, gazed on the sevenfold work, and stated it was good.  The Stone was set alone.   In dual revolution moved the greater Wheel.  The fourth Lord of the greater Twelve handled the work of sevenfold fire.  "It is not fit," He said, "merge thou this Stone within the wheel  which started revolution."
The lords of  the greater seven plunged the Stone within the moving wheel.  The lords of the greater fifth and sixth likewise plunged their Stone.
Within the fire, deep at the inmost sphere, as whirled through space  the greater Wheel, bearing the fifth, the sixth blended, merged and intermingled.
The aeon closed, the work was done.  The stars stood still.  The eternal Ones cried to inmost heaven:  "Display the work.  Draw forth the Stones."  And lo, the Stones were one.


The moment manvantaric, for which had waited all the Triads, the hour that marked the solemn point of juncture, arrived within the scope of time, and lo, the work was done.

The hour for which the seven groups purushie,  each vibrant to the sounding of the Word, seeking the adding of the power, had waited for millennia, passed in a flash of time, and lo, the work was done.

The First Degree in mighty acclamation deeming the hour propitious, sounded the triple note in threefold reverberation.  The echo reached the goal. They three times sent it forth.  Restless the sphere of blue felt the vibration and answering, roused herself and hastened to the call.

The Second, with wise insistence, hearing the First sound forth, knowing the hour had likewise come, echoed the sound on note quadruple.  This fourfold reverberation circled the gamut of the spheres.  Again it was sent forth.  Three times the note was sounded, pealing across the heavens.  At the third intoning came the answer to the call.  Vibrant as a key attuned, the Eternal Primary replied.  The blue to the dense one answered and responded to the need.

Quivering the sphere heard the third take up the note, pealing it forth, a full-toned chord smote on the ears of the Watchers of the Flame.

The Lords of Flame arose and prepared Themselves.  It was decision's hour.  The seven Lords of the even spheres watched breathless the result.  The great Lord of sphere the fourth awaited the oncoming.

The lower was prepared.  The upper was resigned.  The great Five waited for the point of equidistant merging unto deep.  The fivefold chord awaited the response from Those Whose hour had come.

Dark grew the space between the spheres.  Radiant two balls became.  The threefold thirty- five, finding the distance just, flashed like a sheet of intermittent flame, and lo, the work was done.  The great Five met the Three and Four.  The point intermediate was achieved.  The hour of sacrifice, the sacrifice of Flame, arrived, and for aeons hath endured.  The timeless Ones entered into time.  The Watchers began Their task, and lo, the work proceeds.


Within the cavern dark the fourfold one groped for expansion and for further light.  no light above, and all around the gloom enveloped.  pitchy the darkness that surrounded it.  To the innermost center of the heart, throbbing without the Warming Light, crept in the icy cold of uttermost darkness.

Above the cavern dark shone all the light of day; yet the fourfold one saw it not, nor did the light pervade.

The rending of the cavern precedes the light of day.  Great, then, must be the shattering.  No help is found within the cave, nor any hidden light.  Around the fourfold one lieth the vault of stone; beneath him menaceth the root of blackness, of utter denseness; beside him and above, naught but the same is seen.

The threefold Watchers know and see.   The fourfold is now ready; the work of denseness is completed; the vehicle prepared.
Soundeth the  trump of shattering. Blinding the power of the oncoming flame.  The mystic earthquake rocks the cavern; the burning Flames disintegrate the maya, and lo, the work is done.

Gone is the gloom and the blackness; rent is the cavern's roof.  The light of life shines in; the warmth inspires.  The Lords on-looking see the work commence.   The fourfold one becomes the seven.  The chant of those who flame rises to all creation.  The moment of achievement is attained.

Proceedeth the work anew.  Creation moveth on its way, while waxeth the light within the cavern.


Riseth the cave of beauty rare, of color iridescent.  Shineth the walls with azure tint, bathed in the light of rose.  The blending shade of blue irradiates the whole and all is merged in gleaming.

Wihin the cave of iridescent color, within its arching circle, standeth the fivefold One demanding further light.  He struggleth for expansion, he wrestleth towards the day.  The Five demand the greater Sixth and Seventh.  The surrounding beauty meeteth not the need.  The inner warmth sufficeth but to feed the urge for Fire.

The Lords of Flame look on; they chant aloud: "The time is come, that time for which We wait.  Let the Flame become the Fire and let the light shine forth."

The effort of the Flame within the crystal cave becometh ever greater.  The cry goes forth for other aid from other Flaming Souls.  The response comes.  

The Lord of  Flame, the Ancient One, the Mighty diamond, the youth of Timeless Aeons, assisteth in the work.  The inner burning light and the outer waiting fire, _together with the Rod,_meet on the sphere of crystal, and lo, the work is done.  The crystal rends and quivers.

Seven times the work proceeds.  Seven the efforts made.  Seen the applications of the Rod, held by a Lord of Flame.  Three are the lesser touches; four the divine assistance.  At the final fourth, the work is done and the whole cave disrupts.  The lighted flame within spreads through the rending walls.  It mounteth to its Source.  Another fire is merged; another point of blue findeth its place within the diadem logoic.

The greater Three, each with their seven lesser wheels, in spiral evolution, rotate within the timeless.  Now, and move as one.  The cosmic lords from Their high place, view the past, control the Now, and ponder on the Day be with us.

The Lhas of the eternal Sound, the product of the time that was, surmount the sevenfold display.  Within the Ring-pass-not the Word of Love sounds forth.

The sevenfold Lords proceed with just vibration to carry out the work. They sound forth each a note of the deep logoic chord.  Each to His greater Lord makes record due.  In the solemn breathing forth the forms are built, the color just apportioned, and the flame within reveals itself with ever growing light. 

The Lord of Blue, Who gathereth all within the arc of Buddhi, soundeth His note.  To Their source return the other six, blending Their color diverse within Their Primary.

Blue to the green is added and completion quick is seen.  The vibration of the third is added to the one.  Blue to  the orange blends, and in their wise admixture is seen the stable scheme.  To the yellow and  the red, to the purple and the ultimate is the vibration of the seventh adjusted as the Primary.

Each of the seven Lords, within Their seven schemes, adjustted to the second karmic circle, merge Their migrating spheres and blend Their myriad atoms.

The forms through which They work, the lesser million spheres, the cause of separation and the curse of the Asuras, shatter when sounds  the Sacred Word within a point in time.

The life logoic surges out.  The streams of color melt together.  The forms are left behind, and Parabrahm stands complete.  The Lord of the cosmic Third utters a Word unknown.  The sevenfold lesser Word forms part of the vaster chord.

The Now becomes the time that was.  The aeon mergeth into space.  The Word of Motion hath been heard. The Word of Love succeedeth.  The Past controlled the form.  The Now evolves the life. The Day that is to be sounds forth the Word of Power.

The form perfected and the life evolved hold the third secret of the greater Wheel.  It is the hidden mystery of living motion.  The mystery, lost in the Now but known to the Lord of Cosmic Will.


The thirty thousand million Watchers refused to heed the call.  "We enter not the forms," they said, "until the seventh aeon."  The twice thirty thousand million hearkened to the call and took the forms designed.

The rebellious ones laughed within themselves, and sought pralayic peace until the seventh aeon.  But the seven great Lords called to the greater Chohans, and with the eternal Lhas of the  third cosmic heaven entered into debate.

The dictum then went forth.  The laggards in the highest sphere heard it echo through the scheme. "Not till the seventh aeon, but at the fourteenth seventh will the chance again come round. The first shall be the last and time be lost for aeons."

The obedient Sons of Mind connected with the Sons of Heart, and evolution spiraled on its way.  The Sons of Power stayed in  their appointed place, though cosmic karma forced a handful to join the Sons of Heart.

At the fourteenth seventh aeon, the Sons of Mind and Heart, absorbed by endless flame, will join the Sons of Will, in manvantaric manifestation.  Three times the wheel will turn.

At the center stand the buddhas of activity, helped by the lords of love, and following their twofold work will come the radiant lords of power.

The buddhas of creation from out the past have come.  The buddhas of love are gathering now.  The buddhas of will at the final turn of the third major wheel will flash into being.  The end will then be consummated.


The Fifth progresseth and from the remnants of the Fourth multiplied and reproduced.  The water arose.  All sank and was submerged.  The sacred remnant, in the place appointed, emerged at later date from out the zone of safety.

The waters dissipated.   The solid ground emerged in certain destined places.  The Fifth o'er-ran the Sacred Land, and in their fivefold groups developed the lower Fifth.

They passed from stage to stage. The watching Lords, recognizing  the rupas formed, gave a sign to the circulating Fourth and it speeded faster on its way.  When the lesser Fifth had midway passed and all the lesser four were peopling the land, the Lords of Dark Intend arose.  They said:  "not so shall go the force.  The forms and rupas of the third and fourth, within the corresponding Fifth, approach too close the archetype.  The work is far too good."

They constructed other forms.  They called for cosmic fire.  The seven deep pits of hell belched forth the animating shades.  The incoming seventh reduced to order all the forms, _the white, the dark, the red, and shaded brown.

The period of destruction extended far on either hand.  The work was sadly marred.  The Chohans of the highest plane gazed in silence on the work.  The asuras and the Chaitans, the Sons of Cosmic Evil, and the Rishis of the darkest constellations, gathered their lesser hosts, the darkest spawn of hell.  They darkened all the space.
* *  *  * *

The early Third produced the monsters, great beasts and evil forms.  They prowled upon the surface of the sphere.

The watery Fourth produced within the watery sphere, reptiles nad spawn of evil fame, the product of their karma.  The waters came and swept away the progenitors of the fluidic spawn.

The separating Fifth built in the rupa sphere the concrete forms of thought.  They cast them forth.  The peopled the lower four, and like a black and evil cloud shut out the light of day. The higher three were hid.

*  *  *  *  *  

The way upon the planet had been waged.  Both sides descended into hell.  Then came the Conqueror of form.  He drew on the Sacred Fire, and purified the rupa levels.  The fire destroyed the lands in the days of the lesser Sixth.

When the Sixth appeared the land was changed.  The surface of the globe circled through another cycle.  Men of the higher Fifth mastered the lower three.  The work was shifted to the plane whereon the Pilgrim stood.  The lesser triangle within the lower auric egg became the center of cosmic dissonance.


The wheel of life turns within the wheel of outer form.

The matter of Fohat circulateth, and its fire hardeneth all the forms.  The wheel that is not glimpsed moveth in rapid revolution within the slower outer case, til it weareth out the form.

The forty-nine fires burn at the inner center.  The thirty-five circulating fiery vortices extend along the circle of the periphery.  Between the two passeth in ordered sequence the various colored flames.

The great Triangles in their just arrangement hold hid the secret of the wheel of life.  The cosmic fire radiates as directed from the second sphere, controlled by the Ruler of the merging ray.  The cohorts of the third encircling sphere in varied ranks mark out the lesser threes.

The wheel of life still moves within the form.  The devas of the fourth connect the thirty-five, and blend them with the central forty-nine.  Above they work, seeking to merge the whole.  Upward they strive, who in their myriad forms revolve within the wheels of lesser magnitude.  The whole is one, yet on the lower spheres only the forms appear  They seem in their divisions more than can be grasped or met.

The many circulate.  The forms are built, becomes too firm, are broken by the life, and circulate again.  The few revolve, holding the many in the heat of motion.  The one embraces all, and carries all from great activity into the heart of cosmic peace.


The Blessed Ones hide Their threefold nature but reveal Their triple essence by means of the three great groups of atoms.  Three are the atoms and threefold the radiation.

The inner core of Fire hides itself and is known only through radiation and that which radiates.  Only after the blaze dies out and the heat is no longer felt can the fire be known.


Through the band of violet that encircleth the Heavens passeth the globe of purple dark.  It passeth and returneth not.  It becometh enrapt in the blue.  Three times the blue enfoldeth, and when the cycle is completed the purple fadeth and is merged into the rose, and the path again is traversed.

Three the great colors in the cycle that counteth as the fourth, violet, blue and rose, with the basic purple in revolution..

Four are the colors secondary in the cycle of discrimination in which the revolution taketh place.  It is circled to the midmost point and somewhat passed. Yellow the band that cometh, orange the cloud that hideth, and green for vivification.  Yet the time is not yet.

Many the circling fires; many the revolving rounds, but only when the complementary colors recognize  their source, and the whole, adjusteth itself to the seven will be seen completion.  Then will be seen each color in adjustment right, and the cessation of revolution.

End of Stanzas

Tuesday, January 5, 2021




BT Margaret Mary




Two of Wands


2 OFWands – Time Period 3 to 6 Months (can vary be sooner or later)

I am waiting for my ships to come in"

The number 2 vibration indicates that there are has been a time to stay in the background; but now it's time to mingle as - the two always are sensitive to what's going on around them and therefore, sheltering in was not a particular hardship for them, as they are creative and enjoy playing an instrumet, writing poetry, painting redoing thier homes - as the months roll by and the atmosphere becomes safer, they should venture out and see what opportunities await them.  

When the Number Two is combined with the wands - then we have a person of action, even when not venturing out -  they will find ways of increasing their business through social media, emails, ads and etc.  In other words it's business as usual and although their business may have had to slow down, they are the type that creates new products and new ideas that they will continually promote without the aid of others.

Other people who have lost their jobs will seek other ways of making an income, like becoming and Uber driver and/or working for instangram = shopping for all those who are sheltering - they'll take whatever job is available in order to keep food on the table and a roof overhead.



 Seven of Swords




7 Of Swords -Time period – 4-6-8 months

Okay! Here we see the past president still hemming and hawing that he was cheated and that he should still occupy the White House.  Although he keeps harping on and on about cheating, he has been the worst offender, as we’ve seen on the news, the threats to the various governors, and those who had anything to do with the elections, of course his manipulation of the USPO, by hiring someone who would fire all of the US Post Masters and destroy all of the sorting machines, while picking up all of the mailboxes so that no one could drop of their mail-in ballots.  As this card also represents “relocation” we know that he will just relocate and continue to act as president, while throwing barbs continually at the New Administration, he will continue to rally his followers as if he’s still in office.  This indeed will be a constant thorn in the side of the New Administration, who are already strained with the massive amount of repair work they will be doing to bring our public offices back on track, while handling a pandemic, the economy, the health and welfare  and education of our children; and still trying to interact with our allies and regain the favor we had before the last administration completely destroyed our relationship with them.  At the same time the New Administration has to make sure that there is no underhanded plots and subterfuge going on by the lame duck as he continues to plot and plan behind the scenes many times with Putin.

The new administration will have to handle all diplomacy with kid gloves – as many of our allies as well as our adversaries are still not willing and able to trust and we will need to regain the trust of our allies while our adversaries will be putting up their guard as their “friendly president has now left” but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t throw a wrench into this whole rebuilding of trust as he still has those who are willing and able to make contact with both our allies and enemies – this is what the 7 of Swords does, it’s always someone doing something evil behind our backs – so the New Administration needs all of our prayers and protection because as we saw in the numerology, this could get quite dicey.  There are also those in the Middle East that are extending a hand of friendship but are secretly tied to Russia and therefore, are not really our friends; but are being set-up by Russia to act as mediator between the USA and the Middle East.


The good news is that this New Administration will be very transparent with the people of the United States in that we’ll be getting a recap of everything they are doing as well as any plans that they are making in order to more forward.  The input of many suggestions from the people will be analyzed and discussed in cabinet meetings – this interaction is something new and will involve the people of the United States becoming more interactive with our government.


 The Devil - Major Arcana Card

THIRD CARD – Time period 1 year to 1 ½ years (could be sooner of later)

"I'm trouble and will do anything for money and power"

15 – The Devil – A Major Arcana Card, which always indicates real trouble.


Although he’s scary and very negative, I will give you the positive side of this card so that we have some good news to begin our New Year 2021.

The positive side always has to do with commitment, signing of contracts, and once again enjoying life’s pleasures like going to the beach, taking a vacation, not wearing a mask, getting a vaccine that works, so we could say that again in this very negative card, we can see that as 2021 proceeds along the calendar life seems to come back to normalcy; and everyone feels that they can breathe a sigh of relief that “dark night of the soul” initiation is finally getting behind us….The Devil here indicates that there is still cause to be concerned for our health and for this New Administration - as this card also shows a lot of ugly things going on behind the scene - a lot of lies, plotting and planning against the new government, there could even be an exposure of highly confidential information being leaked to a foreign adversary - as this card is all about money and power - this is the underlining objective of those who are in on the plot.


The negative side of this card is “obsession” “cheating” and of course we are talking about our ex-President, who is very much wanting to be in the headlines, and he will do anything to bring that about.  I see that he is still in constant touch with Putin; and that many of the suggestions he should take against the New Administration, comes from this source.  He is very good at spreading the word whether positive or negative, and he has various sources that will aid and abet him in his obsession for power that he now lost and he will continue  to say he was cheated until the day he dies, which is something that many of us have seen for some time now; he will continue to be a hornet buzzing around the new administration trying to sabotage everything positive they are doing for this country.


As for the New Administration, they are feeling the “burn” not Bernie, who is doing all he can to help them; but because of the multitude of overwhelming problems that must be fixed in order to have a more perfect union.  Again, one can imagine how bad it is, when they are working to the point of exhaustion, while the ex-president and his cohorts in both the Senate and House of Representatives are continually blocking and fili-busting all of their bills and projects for the people of the United States.


On a more personal level, the appearance of the Devil in a reading for the United States and the World is actually a time of testing:  What brought about this pandemic in the first place?  How much power do we have within our minds, emotions and hearts, that can either make things happen for the “good of all” and/or how much can we make things happen that will be very destructive for all the citizens of the World.  So, the questions is, what type of “toxic behavior” negative thinking, unhealthy obsessions have many among us used to create the toxic pandemic that cast a cloud over our entire World – this is a good time during the first days of the New Year to take a look within ourselves and see where the devil is in our lives  Time to make a New Years resolution, to become more positive – less obsessive – time to let go of ugly habits – like drugs and alcohol, sexual deviation, and begin to become more spiritual – serving others in need, praying for the whole World and especially those countries and people who really need help.  Don’t forget those in need in our own country – one area that needs attention from all of our citizens is the homeless situation in all areas of the country – there must be some sociological help that includes, housing, feeding and rehabilitation as well as projects that will give them back their dignity.  Believe it or not, we are our brothers’ keepers; as at the “soul level” we are all one, all created by God but because of free will on this planet, it takes a lot longer for some people to climb Jacob’s ladder than others – we have a very short time left to get our acts together and act as light bearers who will light the way for those still left in the shadows.



King of Swords



King of Swords – This Card would represent the President of these United States

"I come to bring Peace and Goodwill - I represent Truth and God Order - I Am the Law"

The King of Swords has everything to do with logic and reason and he brings truth and transparency and law and order.

We’ve all been waiting for a change for the better – i.e. the pandemic finally on its way out and that the continual lying and cheating will now be replaced with intellectual decision-making and direct spelling out to the American people what is happening within the government as well as what his plans are for our future.  This is a man of strength and he’s one who will not let anyone bully him – he will not allow anything to interfere with his responsibility of running this nation.  No decision is made without consulting and discussing every detail with his cabinet – always with foresight and how this decision will work out so that everyone will benefit.  He is “Mr. Cool” as he doesn’t let his emotions guide him, rather he seeks our those who will advise and direct him in all aspects of his administration – he is surefooted and will seek the truth and find the solution no matter what the circumstances are or who is involved.


He is also full of energy and has already interacted with everyone connected with the pandemic, all the professionals and has put many on his panel – he always requires an intellectual approach.  Although the ex-lame-duck president called him “Sleepy Joe” you had better believe that this person allows nothing to distract him from his goals he is one that requires rational decision-making and above all, professionalism – he will expect the same of everyone in his cabinet and especially those within the judiciary and diplomatic offices.  Nothing will distract him  for he is fully committed to his responsibility to the American people.   When it comes to taking on the Presidency, he is one that uses both his head and his heart.

The last thing that is important concerning this King of Swords type of President is that although there are many who are still aligned with the former administration; they will over time, come to see that this President insists on factual evidence – in other words, if it doesn’t fit the bill than don’t waste time on it – his sharp intellect plus his sunny personality makes it easy for even those that would like to oppose him, realize that he is working for both parties and that in the end both parties will benefit from his canny logic when it comes to decision-making.  Good news finally for all concerned.



1-The Magician -Major Arcana 

-This means all doors are open to bring about the desired outcome now”.  This is 7th Ray Energy - that of the Seventh Angel in Revelations"

Intention is the key word here – as the New Administration moves into place to begin the next four years, they are blessed with this energy from Hierarchy that acts like the genie in the bottle that anticipates their every need and brings about a very positive outcome.  Of course, this comes about through a lot of focused energy upon the problems at hand; but because they have the INTENTION and willingness to bring our government back on track, they will have this super energy to make things happen (no matter how much they are being bombarded with negativity from the former administration and their cohorts every step of the way.)  It’s almost like there’s a spiritual energy overseeing every problem until the desired outcome is achieved.  It’s like they are filled with a zeal that carries them into and through all the mess they have to deal with, and this spark of energy stays the course throughout the ordeal of readjustment and realignment of the rules and regulations that were so lacking in the former administration.  This won't happen in a day but; slowly and surely things will turn around in a most positive way.


With this energy of the Magician over the New Administration - it will facilitate dealings with both our allies as well as our adversaries. The openness and global attitude that the New Administration brings into the diplomatic meetings, opens the door for a uniting of nations – this is also apparent in all future dealings with NATO. As far as our adversaries are concerned, this president will not back down and will place sanctions on those who are working behind the scenes plotting and planning the demise of this country.  This will be another area where the president and his cabinet will be working with the justice department in order to protect and seal our information in a more powerful and secure system – again, this president will investigate every area within our covert operations and will call on the expertise of those in areas like Silicon Valley to find a network of protective devices that will keep our government’s documents secure.   With the Magician working behind the scenes, while crossing the path of this New Administration, it’s almost like they seek new ways of dealing with any situation and the answers to their inquiries seem to come about without any strenuous action on their part – it’s like they ask and the very expert in solving their problems appears upon the scene (again, like the genie in the bottle).  Part of this is due to the positive energy that this President puts into any situation no matter how difficult, both he and the vice-president are ready and able to meet the requirements of the hour.

Knight of Wands




KNIGHT OF WANDS Energy of the Vice President

The time period for this card is about two months before the shifting from one administration to another.

The Knight of Wands represents “new beginnings” with new people entering the scene – this has everything to do with the Biden/Harris becoming the “President and Vice President elect” and their ability to begin the groundwork before actually taking office in January.  This is exciting because they came up with a unique approach to the appointing of the new cabinet – we have a woman of color occupying the second highest seat as vice president of these United States, while we now have the most diverse cabinet members – all people of all races while many are women taking positions that up until now were only given to men.  Not only did President Biden pick people who really represent these United States but also, he picked everyone who had expertise in every field and had experience in past administrations – this choice alone, will guarantee that they can all move into action and begin the whole process of governing in their particular fields, without feeling overwhelmed as they have been there and done that before.  They are all filled  with high energy and enthusiasm and a sense that this was their destiny. Many of the diplomats are easy-going and extroverted and they bring this positive energy to the table when dealing with other nations -whether friend or foe.  This Knight of Wands makes everyone feel good and he also makes everyone feel alive and ready for action. So, because the Knight of Wands brings a message of change, his positive electric energy makes everyone involved want to be a part of the whole.


As far as the individuals are concerned when this card appears in your life, you will be working again, you will be all fired up and ready to take on the challenges whatever they may be. People owning small business will get a new impetus to open up again and make new and more creative changes – this card also shows that families will be making major decisions to do with their futures and the futures of their children – they will energetically find ways of working creatively while keeping the family circle tight, no more foolish spending but an eye on what they truly value – again decisions will be made with everyone contributing to the outcome.  Remember, in numerology we saw that the challenge right now is materialism vs spiritualism and how everyone must bring into balance where they need to understand that they cannot continue along the path they were following before the pandemic – definitely time for a change towards more spiritual awareness.  This card will remind you to have faith, find out where you have any weaknesses and start by believing in yourself, set some goals for you and your family and mainly never give up – selfishness no longer exists in the Age of Aquarius and therefore give some part of yourself to helping others.

Ten of Swords


MOVING TOWARDS  - Time Period two months into the future.

It is Finished – We’re Finally at an end - Now it's time to move quickly forward"


We all know what the worst can be because we just hit rock bottom – now it’s time for this Nation to start working on moving quickly ahead.  When the Ten of Swords appears in a reading it’s the sign of a total and complete ending.  And it also means that you can’t always fix or repair what was destroyed, because it is finished.

This card also gives one peace – the end of a very bad cycle has completed and now it truly is time for a change – there’s nowhere to go but UP!

It’s a time of healing and putting our lives back together again, of getting our economy back on track; and putting everyone back to work, to school and for many to come out and finally enjoy visiting one another, going into shopping malls and restaurants without fear of spreading a virus – this will take awhile but it’s in the cards and so it will be a reality before we know it.  Don’t give up hope as  there’s a new day coming and a New Administration that will have this Nation up and running; and so we need to remember that this Administration is working for the people, not for themselves – they will be doing everything possible to help those in need, those who are worried about loss of home,  they will turn all the negativity around and will do everything possible to get people jobs and allowing small business owners to open with renewed energy – they will ensure that children will go back to safe and more healthier schools – there’s a lot  to do; but just the idea that we’re moving away from that dark cloud, that dark administration, gives everyone hope.  The lesson of the 10 of Swords is “you’ve walked through the valley of the shadow of death” and survived – now we must make sure that we never allow ourselves to fall into complacency and selfishness – it’s time now for this Nation to pull together in a spirit of Brotherhood, Freedom and Liberty for all citizens.


As to the individuals who will fall under the influence ‘of the Ten of Swords this year, they all need to be aware of what their thought patterns and energy bring to the table – we’ve already seen what selfishness, hate, bigotry and separateness has wrought for this Nation and its people – it’s time to let go of negativity – and to become more sensitive to others who are struggling and need a hand up – time to put your energy into serving others instead of yourself, otherwise  we all land back in that “dark night of the soul” until  we get it right at last.


Four of Swords Reversed


OVERHEAD – Time Period – 4-6-8 Months


"Sheltering-In is over- time to step out and begin to live again…"

When we see the Four of Swords reversed – it’s actually good news because the time of staying  home, keeping one’s distance and wearing a mask is now coming to an end ( SEE TIME PERIOD ABOVE) – We’ve all been vaccinated, we’ve all been sheltered for our own safety and health; and especially for the health of others; but that cycle is now passing away and we can now get excited about getting back in touch with everyone but also getting our lives back into a sense of normalcy once again.  Finally, we can be free of confinement – and for all those under the influence of the number 4 who didn’t listen and through either ignorance and/or stubbornness, refused to follow instructions, the end result often tends to be disastrous.


Although many people didn’t follow the guidelines set out by our health professionals; those that did comply, found that they actually needed this time to take a break from the chaos that was happening all around us; this time period gave many a chance to become more family orientated – this was a time of meditating upon one’s life and one’s self.  It was a time of contemplation, meditation and prayer for all of mankind and especially those who were on the front lines trying to keep people alive, while others were also putting themselves at risk in order to keep people supplied with food and the necessities of life.  This time was set aside for us to get our acts together, to contemplate upon what brought us all to this dark night; and in doing so seeking a solution – a new awareness of who we are and what changes need to occur in order for all of mankind to move forward into a more positive direction – this period of time was needed in order to gain clarity and direction to get in touch with our souls and to regain the soul of this blessed Nation.


So, as we move out of our homes and step into the world once more, hopefully it is with more wisdom and understanding of our responsibility to ourselves, our families, our neighbors and friends and especially our Nation.  This doesn’t mean that we will be stepping into a Utopia, a more perfect union; but it does give one pause - that we think before we speak, that we are not so self- absorbed and that we love our neighbor as ourselves – this can be our baby steps in forming that more perfect union.  

Three of Pentacles Reversed



PASSING AWAY – Time period  6-9 Months

“I  am building and constructing – designing and expanding”

Three of Pentacles – Reversed This Card connedts with Seven of Swords

The Three of Pentacles upright represents those who are being rewarded for all of their hard work, their designs, their blueprints their ideas that will now be put into concrete accomplishments- but when under the energy of the Three of Pentacles Reversed it is a totally different situation – instead we have those who have invested their time and energy into rebuilding the various projects under the New Administration only to have opposition at every turn – in order to move forward and regain our equilibrium we need  the money to bring about the desired changes – yet, at every turn they are met with opposition, obstruction by those who do not want this Administration to succeed in any endeavor  - many times the work of this New Administration is brought to a standstill by those who promise to comply and at the last minute break their word; not everyone is putting in their share while others are carrying a full workload.  In many instances those within the Administration will have to find other roads and other backers in order to get their projects completed.  Again, this is just another example of the Seven of Swords interfering, blocking and working behind the scenes in order to continually jeopardize anything and everything that the New Administration is trying to accomplish.


As for individuals, they will also find that they will be met with many oppositions to what they want to accomplish, whether it is re-opening a company, a small business or just finding work; it will be an uphill journey; but with determination and tenacity they will win the day. (Most of the opposition comes from those who will fight any positive move on the part of the New Administration - this will occur both in the House of Representatives as well as the Senate)

Remember that the number three always has to do with creativity; therefore the ones who become creative in their endeavors will be the most successful.  (Being creative under the number 3 energy will be more powerful if people in small businesses and/or those who are unemployed, work together to continually make demands upon both houses.)




Seven of Pentacles



FIRST CARD – Time Period 3-4 months 

SEVEN OF PENTACLES- This card position is related to the First Card in the Celtic Cross

The King of Swords

“Will all our efforts succeed in rescuing the “Soul of this Nation?”

The New Administration is now at the point where they begin to see things turning out as they planned – it was all about determination, patience and the tenacity to keep on keeping on even when one’s patience and commitment were being seriously tested. It is now time to take a pause and reexamine all that’s been accomplished so far and to regroup while deciding what additional

plans need to now be put into the hopper – up until this point, it has been an uphill struggle, with no time to rest or contemplate other issues.  Now it’s time to take a break and look at everything from a different perspective – for now one can get to see the bigger picture and where progress is necessary while other projects will be tweaked in order to create a more successful accomplishment.


The Seven of Pentacles also shows that through a lot of effort on this Administration’s part, we’ve carved a healthier relationship with all our allies; again there’s still a lot of work and effort in building a stronger bond while at the same time clearing up many past mistakes.


In other areas the Seven of Pentacles shows that this Administration has rebuilt a much stronger economy; while at the same time bringing this Nation into 21st Century, creating a healthier environment has insured a healthier planet while at the same time opening up new opportunities for employment in the greening of America – as rebuilding the infrastructure across America has also given people jobs – working with our allies on the environment has brought about many changes in how to keep our own environment free from chemicals and impurities – not only within our country but within our oceans, rivers and seas.


Many people have come to the table with new ideas for bringing back all of our manufacturing into these United States; and again, this will bring about more employment which means more people will be able to buy homes and send their children to college, while overall, there will be the freedom to spend money on vacations, and home improvements - all of these ingredients that make for a healthy economy.  Meanwhile, this Administration is looking at all aspects for growth potential and they are examining and reevaluating every idea and suggestion in order to bring our country back on track as quickly as possible.


The Number 7 is a very spiritual number – it is the number of our Universe – there are 7 Mighty Elohim (the builders of form); there are 7 Chohans of the Ray (these are our Elder Brothers who work on inner levels with all of mankind); there are 7 Archangels (these are those great guardians who direct and protect us and our world) and there are 7 days to a week – 7 Major Planets; & 7 Members of the Karmic Board (who make all the major decisions for our planet and her people). So when the Seven of Pentacles shows up for the people of this World; it is a message that the Universe is now calling on you to look deep within yourselves to see where you are at this point in time.  Are you happy with your situation? What would make you feel happier, more joyful?  Fortunately for you, this card’s energy will open the way for you to see clearly what steps you need to take, what you are ready and preparing for, and what intentions you need to set for the future. Therefore, you can use this advice as part of your New Year’s Resolution.





THE SECOND CARD This Card connects to the “Guardians of Our Nation”

0 -THE FOOL – “ A New Beginning – a new adventure – the journey will take us somewhere.  Will it be forward and upward? Or will it end?”

Whenever the Fool shows up in a reading, it brings a message of stepping out with faith and fearlessness and making a commitment to stand alone for the energy surrounding one is of light and unrestricted in any way.  When it comes to our New Administration, we can see that they are committed and determined to let no one get in their way; they are all determined to start a new phase, to be more transparent and to form a bond with the people that has never been equaled to what they will try and accomplish in the coming months and years.  They will not be afraid to try new ideas and to research new methods and to find new ways of communicating and reinforcing their ideas until they become a reality. They will move forward with the knowledge that anything can happen even though sometimes they are blocked – they will find their way around any situation with their eyes on the goal – like the Fool, they dare to strike while the iron is hot.  They are not afraid to research new ideas and methods; and when finding that some will not reach fruition, they continue to find new ways in which to gain new knowledge that will always bring them further along the path towards their goal.  This constant shifting seems necessary in order to grow.  There’s a certain taking of risks that’s involve, the stepping outside the box and finding that this is necessary in order to move into the new phase on the journey of discovery.  It is only through these bold actions that they can reach a new plateau.


This type of drive and commitment attracts other nations to do the same and therefore we are again taking a leadership role around the World, sharing our resources with those in need, while rebuilding the trust with our allies at the same time.


 These are the positive actions that are working out through our New Administration; and yet this same Fool when attached to our former President has a whole different connotation:

The Foolish Man - A man with a fool's cap, dressed like a jester, with a stick and bundle over his shoulder. Before him is the butterfly of pleasure luring him on (while in some packs a tiger, in others a dog, attacks him from behind). It signifies Folly, Expiation.


 Who travels light with his bag of tricks.  He's known as a buffoon, an actor he plays a role while covering his real self.  He is Aleph the Number O - A name meaning Bull or Ox.  Breath, as in the life principle or fiery breath of the beasts of the field.  His planet is Uranus sudden, quick change of mind, audacity outrageous actions - his tongue is his dagger that he uses with sudden impact, coming from a completely strange quarter.  He brings unexpected, unplanned, or challenging influences.  Impulses lead to major problems.  He has many choices coming towards him and must act with great care.  He tends to be thoughtless lacking in color, carelessness in promises, making one feel insecure, confused and off kilter.

Here we see the real Trump , the buffoon, the bully still operating under the reptilian brain – his genetic code goes back for generations of bullies and despots – his Father – his Grandfather to name the last of the same ilk – money being their God and Power being their goal – acting on impulse with no regard for others – everyone is thrown under the bus if it is a case of saving their own skins – his thoughtlessness for those who have less and those who are ill and dying doesn’t seem to stir up any compassion, even those who are suffering and dying from this pandemic have had no consideration from him – they just do not exist – neither does the pandemic.  In the bible his type is referred to as the “liar and the lie”





Esoterically, the Fool represents those seeking the Holy Grail.  No matter where they are led, they are confident that they will reach their goal and bring back the sacred chalice.  The path is steep and dangerous; and many will fall victim to their own weaknesses; but the Fool, will overcome all obstacles and claim the prize.


In an ordinary reading when this Card appears, it means that there’s an opportunity for a new experience, whether it’s a journey of discovery or a new job, or a new opportunity to challenge one’s own strength, the cards that surround this card, will reveal more to the point what this new experience will be.


Spiritually, this card represents the aspirant beginning the Path of Attainment, with all the challenges, initiations and pitfalls along the way.  The 0 represents that it’s the first attempt to move away from the material world and onward and upward into the world of spirit.  His faith is his beacon and protects him along the way.  He no longer looks about him into the world of maya; but is now riding upon the cloud of his right action, a seeker of Truth, his Holy Grail, and new possibilities and opportunities (open door to unity with God) are his if he controls the lower mind and remains single-eyed towards the goal of Self-Realization.


The Nine of Cups



THIRD CARD  - Relates to the Outcome of the Reading

“I Am giving you your WISH”

NINE OF CUPS – Known as the Wish Card


The Number Nine is known for the “challenge number” it relates to the number 0 in that all numbers from 1 through 8 are contained within the 9 -   Therefore the nine indicates that we’ve come to the end of an initiation – a challenge – and a responsibility to carry out whatever the lesson designated and because of our compliance, we are being rewarded with gifts from on high.  They may come in various ways, unexpected but always received with great joy. As we add the Cups to the mix, we can see that it will be given and received with a lot of love.

We have completed our lesson and there’s a feeling of great joy and happiness as we enter the New Year, 2021 – we do not have to look back at all the trials and tribulations of 2020; but we We do have to continue to pray for all those who are still “not getting it”; and will have to continue to experience the drama and many challenges as they also enter 2021 – many will not make it and pass on to the other side – this is the negative side of the number 9.  As the Cups is always connected to our emotional bodies, then you can begin to get the picture of how difficult this initiation was – again it all boils down to the challenges of materialism vs spiritualism and wisdom vs ignorance – this was the lesson and the challenge – for it was time to “grow up and enter into the higher consciousness” to let go and let God enter our lives to guide and direct us through the mire and mayhem.  In order to enter the Aquarian Age, we cannot continue along the path of selfishness and egoism; bigotry and racism; exclusion and separatism; Nationalism vs Globalism; as we are all being bombarded with Seven Powerful Rays that are shifting our consciousnesses as well as the Magnetic Poles on our Planet.





When the Nine of Cups enters a reading there’s always a feeling of contentment, along with the energy of completion at how far we traveled; and now it is a time of getting a reward – and it will surely arrive – it could already have manifested in the World in the form of new and better relations with other Nations and/or new and better agreements with other countries or that we’ve once again found our rightful place among the other Nations; but mainly there’s a feeling of being right where we need to be because the journey to this point has been so tough and the path leading to it so weary.



This could be the beginning of a new relationship, a new career and/or a promotion after much hardship and want, you will finally reach your goal; and there is now a rainbow over you – all the dark clouds are just fading away.  All of us can look ahead to 2021 with renewed gratefulness and thankfulness that we’re leaving the shadows and coming into the sunshine – the warning with this card is not to become too smug – it’s also the time to have empathy for all the others still struggling and still in the shadows.





Three of Wands



CARD FOUR – Relates to End of Celtic Cross

“Waiting For My Ships to Come In”


This Card also relates to the Nine of Cups within the Arm of the Cross.  The Number Three’s keynote is Creativity through Communication.  The Wands keynote is Action – therefore we can get the picture that through much hard work and sheer determination all this Nation’s goals are being met.  With the Nine of Cups vibration the doors are open for attaining all the goals ahead.   With this particular card at the end of the Arm, all the energy that will be put into the many areas that need immediate attention will be successful even with overwhelming opposition that will be encountered – the Wish card and the card of Success combined makes the impossible happen – like the “genie in the bottle”.  


Mainly right action, right negotiation brings positive results, excitement is at a very high peak as success continually unfolds – the Three of Wands is always connected overseas and our wish to regain our place among our allies is now becoming a reality – trade is once again helping our economy, while negotiations with the Middle East and Far East bring about a balance of power that was almost lost.  

At home people are finally getting back to work and young people are going back to school – older people are once again reconnecting with friends and family – there’s a feeling of peace and gratefulness; but mostly those that really “got it” welcome the diversity and the realization that we are all one family no matter our race, religion or lifestyle – this is what makes our creative juices flow-this is why everyone has the same opportunity to bring their ideas and creativity to the table in this country.  We nearly lost all of these gifts and so we must be on guard to never let anyone take away our freedom.



The Meaning of Three of Wands shows a person looking out over the sea, awaiting the reward for all the energy extended.  In the past, too much time with business and not enough with family– the lesson is to find a balance between business and family life, possessions and spiritual life – before it’s too late. The “stay at home” that most of America experienced last year, was difficult; but it was also part of the lesson- the material world faded back while the family became the focus of most Americans.


In the spiritual reading, it’s a person who is a business executive who must walk the fine line between prosperity and spirituality – one of the greatest tests the human must overcome in order to be at peace within himself.



(Time Period – Anytime from 3 Months to One Year and a Half)








“Through Sheer Determination and Tenacity, We Are Reaching All Our Goals”

A Major Arcana Card always represents the main focus of the World Reading and the Number Seven is the Initiation we will all be undergoing in order to reach those goals. Our New Administration especially will need the energy of the Chariot as their flagship,  while they will need clarity of mind necessary to bring about the multiple challenges ahead  - The Chariot also relates to travel, and the field of transportation – this means that many within the New Administration will be travelng overseas meeting with both our allies and our adversaries in order to establish new agreements (especially in the Middle East and Far East).  The Chariot always guarantees the power and ability to succeed in many areas, while making progress in others – the main goal of having the Chariot energy is to control the internal governing as well as the environment within our own borders – although it will take a lot of negotiation and diplomacy and mainly focus upon the goals set by all involved – the outcome will be successful -  There’s no room for sitting on the sidelines under this Major Arcana energy otherwise the chariot may overturn and opportunities will be lost.


This is a time of working hard – coming to the table with something worthwhile in the offering.  We need to show our willingness to sit down and lay our cards on the table; but at the same time, to listen to what is being offered in return – staying positive is the keynote here in all matters of negotiation and diplomacy.

While working with our adversaries there’s a need to have a strategy and a well thought out plan in order to achieve our goals.

This card is in an excellent placement for it will be happening throughout the next year to two years ahead.



As the pandemic passes out of our lives and we begin to move back into the world once more, it’s time right now to make a plan, set a goal and move forward with determination and tenacity; but at the same time, make time for your family and down-time with loved ones – Under the influence of the Chariot success will come and now is the time to plan ahead but at the same time do not let the material world smother all your other dreams – the lesson of the past year is to do the work but also do yourself a favor and  make sure no one and no career will interfere with time that is needed with your friends and family -this is vital, especially as we’re all being tested during the next 4-6 years in how much we really learned from this major initiation experienced during 2020.  So, when setting your goals for the New Year, block off the weekends for family and friends and leave the work at the office.


If you are in a relationship or wanting a relationship, now is the time to set goals, the main thing under the Chariot influence is communication, so make sure that you and your partner are working towards the same goals and that you are communicating these goals to one another.  Stay positive and think positive and you should find success in your relationship.


For those who are on a spiritual journey the Chariot will demand that you put aside time for your spiritual goals -you can take time to meditate, travel to a retreat and/or spending time with a little self-realization – sometimes one just needs to have a mental retreat.





The Ten of Wands

“Been There and Done That”

The Number 10 is the Power of Number 1 multiplied ten times – many people look at this card as a card of carrying the load,  a heavy burden, and they are mostly right; but it also denotes that you are also carrying all the knowledge you have gleaned over your lifetime.  As we look at the New Administration, we can see that this card will be very much appreciated as it indicates that not one but many, many of the members of this new cabinet have gleaned a tremendous amount of knowledge in the past and will bring all of their expertise to the table.  Yes, the task is difficult and you might say quite a burden; but the combination of ideas, experience and planning will set a positive course to do whatever it takes to make it to the finish line.  The commitment and determination to our government and its people is admirable and none among the new members are afraid of a little hard work – there will be times when the tasks at hand will be time-consuming; but the willingness to reach all the goals is what makes things happen – this card symbolizes “not giving up” and an attitude of “ keep on keeping on” no matter the obstacles.

For those in the diplomatic service there’s a realization that things at first are not going to be easy and everything may not fall into sync right at the outset; but again, it takes time and positive thinking, no matter what’s on the agenda, the energy of this Ten of Wands means that eventually all goals will be reached - there’s a lot of travel involved and there’s also a need to take care of health, again, planning and setting goals and communicating will be the key here to achieving success.



This past year has been for most Americans and people throughout the world, one of tremendous burdens – the Pandemic, racial unrest, people losing their businesses, their jobs, their homes and many their lives.  As we approach the New Year it’s not all going to disappear like a wisp of smoke; but it will begin to lighten up – the several vaccines are now becoming available and possibly by summer we will all be out and about once again.  The New Administration will ensure that money will shore up many of the small businesses while those who are unemployed should be getting more money and those in the military will also receive the same – meanwhile, many will be looking once again for jobs – and although it will take some time, there will be plenty of work when the New Administration begins shoring up the infrastructure, begins working on the environment and brings the manufacturing back into the United States, again, this card shows that many Americans have the knowledge and understanding of many of the careers that will be opening up and so they need to be planning on finding employment in any one of these areas.  This Card also shows up for people who work manual labor jobs and will insure that many opportunities especially in the field of transportation, the environment and infrastructure will now be available  for them (especially those people who used to work underground, the Hierarchy no longer wants people working beneath the earth) – the whole country needs refurbishing therefore, there will be opportunity for most everyone.


For those on a spiritual path, now is the time to let go of many of the burdens you’ve been carrying – look at what you are still carrying around with you – is it really necessary to carry this into the future?  This will be an excellent time to let it go.  Take 15 minutes each and every day to meditate -first of all, upon yourself and what you need to let go of and second, set goals for making your life more balanced between your material goals and your spiritual goals.



The Hierophant -Major Arcana



 5 - The Hierophant – A Major Arcana

The Patriach, he sits between the Pillars of Hermes and Soloman – he brings honor, mercy and beneficence”

Again, 5 is the Number vibration for the United States and the Major Arcana showing up as the last card is very significant, it represents the Power behind the New Administration, the choice of an honorable man, who will stand between the Powers while bringing back honor, mercy and beneficence – he has the wisdom and experience that is so necessary for our Nation and the World and he is willing to share his knowledge.  He honors tradition and will bring back the traditions that are the foundation and corner stone that our constitution is built on – he will maintain the principles that declared our independence.


He has that appeal with his honesty and pleasant disposition that can reach across the aisle and work out internal disputes; yet he will not allow anyone, or anything to interfere with his goals of bringing about order out of chaos he has been chosen as the Patriarch for this “rite of passage” and many will aid him who feel the need to support and advise him in reaching his goals. Some may not agree with him, but they trust him to bring about the necessary changes that will back a sense of normalcy -he will not be too proud to ask for counseling and will listen to everyone’s input before making any final decisions – this will also be done with those on both sides of the aisle. He understands that this is not a time to rock the boat – that the established rules must be followed whether or not everyone agrees with them.



There’s a sense of scattered energy as we move into 2021, most people want to get out and move on with their lives – The number 5 has a lot to do with this type of energy which has to do with the element of Air and the Sign of Gemini; yet The Hierophant’s vibration advises everyone to hang in there just a bit longer as we pass through the final stages of this pandemic and economic disaster we are all experiencing.  Right now, we need to maintain the status quo and not make any impulsive decisions – again, this is the time to seek advice on all future plans and to interact with family and friends on what their needs and goals are so that everyone is on the same page.  Once you’ve established a plan of action then proceed when the time is right and continue to communicate with those involved so that everyone gets the support they need – this will make the “rite of passage” a much easier journey into the future.


For all those seeking a Spiritual goal the Hierophant’s appearance indicates that your guides are willing and able to advise you and give you more clarity - seek them through meditation –  a spiritual advisor will also be most helpful at this point; or seek those who have wisdom and have written books that will guide and direct you to better understand where you need additional guidance.

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