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2025 and the Reappearance of the Coming One

As we move towards the year 2025 we are more cognizant of our responsibilities as the New Group of World Servers NGWS; and especially since our Father/Mother have placed Their trust and Honor in our carrying out Their Divine Plan.

Never in my lifetime had I ever expected to play a part in God's Divine Plan for the Externalization of the Hierarchy; the Reappearance of the Christ and the lowering of the "New Jerusalem" into the atmosphere of Earth.  

The New Jerusalem

Entering the Atmosphere of Earth

Each and every day I thank Our Father/Mother God, the Great I AM THAT I AM, Alpha and Omega in the Heart of the Great Central Sun and Helios and Vesta in the Sun of our Solar System for the privilege of being a part of this dramatic and World-Changing event; and every day I thank the Ancient of Days-the Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, Lord Guatama, Lord Maitreya  Beloved Jesus the Christ, the Great Divine Director, Beloved El Morya, the Avatar of Synthesis plus the Maha Chohan and the Seven Chohans of the Rays, all those connected to the Master El Morya's Retreat in Darjeeling and all those connected to Master Kuthumi's Star Retreat; All seven Archangels, angels, angel devas and the Lords of the elementals who are working on the  axis, the North and South Poles, the Epoch of Fire; changing the atmosphere of our earth in preparation for  the "new earth" the "Coming One" and those who will dwell among us from Hierarchy - all the above who are working under the direction of Shamballah to fulfill God's Divine Plan.

Meanwhile, we the people have to continue to live and act and keep a balance between our spiritual world and the material world, while at the same time balancing out our karma and completing our initiations. The good news is, that we've been around for many lifetimes and we have learned something hopefully, through each of these journeys into the earth, the land of illusion - trouble is, when we are up there in spirit, it seems like such a simple road to follow, as we are told over and over to be observers rather than getting caught up in the glamour and illusion that is all part of our initiations while on the "journey of the soul" towards its ascension into the light.  The farther along the path of initiation, the greater the challenges; yet there isn't any initiation that is given to us that we are not prepared to overcome.

When the Masters refer to the simplicity of the "path of initiation" They instruct us to Love All Life Free and to send "light and love and power into all that lives in these four kingdoms - yet, when faced with the evil of hate and the gunning down of innocent people going about their daily business; it's quite difficult not to react and get completely caught up in  the drama.

I find that I am turning off the news lately and getting into meditation, doing mantras and reading uplifting spiritual books - then I seem to reconnect to the Source of all life and I let go and let God,Who knows already our fates and each of our paths towards our true home.

Recently, I spent the Solstice in Mt. Shasta with several spiritual brothers and sisters, we spent our time in prayer and meditation, while at the same time, we were honored to have Adonis of Sirius work with us and those spiritual beings guarding Mt. Shasta as well as those from Hierarchy Who work with Adonis.  This special ceremony was so powerful that it completely rejuvenated all of us who have been "sheltering in" for the past 15 months.  The next day I did a ceremony for Solstice on the 21st of June, and spent close to an hour thanking all of Hierarchy from the great I AM THAT I AM  (our Father/Mother God in the White Lodge) to Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun, to Helios and Vesta in the Sun of our Syssstem;  and on down from the Buddhic to the Solar to the Planetary, to our own Maha Chohan and all seven Chohans of the Rays, the Seven Archangels and all their beautiful angels - to the Lords of the Elemental Kingdoms and to the spirits of the Earth - afterwards we were given a beautiful gift from Mt. Shasta (see pictures below).


Let us not forget that the Seventh Chohan of the Seventh Ray and the Seventh Angel are now and have been working with mankind and the people  of Earth for the past four hundred years in preparation for their  Aquarian two thousand year cycle.  Saint Germain, who was St. Joseph in His past life as well as Paracleus, Columbus,  and in His final life Sir Francis Bacon as well as the Seventh Angel, Archangel Zadkiel.  
Archangel Zadkiel, 
The Seventh Angel of Revelations

St. Germain founded the "I AM Group in the mid-twenties and He especially worked in Mount Shasta with Mr. and Mrs. Ballard.  Mr. Ballard and his wife were students of his way back ten thousand years ago in the Gobi Desert.  Mr. Ballard's former life was our first presient, George Washington, as St. Germain dictated and worked behind the scenes with both Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, they, in turn, brought Him as "Uncle Sam" to Pennsylvania, to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  It was at this meeting of those wonderful souls, that St. Germain acting as our Uncle Sam ) (He used the name Sam as he was the Prophet Samuel in the Old Testament), gave such an enlightened speech and He also gave each member a glimpse into the future of this sacred country which He had founded as Columbus, and now as an Ascended Being, pronounced that Equality, Liberty and Fraternity would be the keynotes for every individual that entered our shores.  That the God of Government, the Master El Morya stood over Washington, D. C. and the God of Freedom, our Beloved St. Germain stood as the God of Freedom with his complement, Portia, Goddess of Justice over Washington, D. C.   That our Mother, Liberty, stood upon the gateway into Statan Island to welcome each and every soul longing to be free.  Now you can see that the Hierarchy continually works with mankind to move them along the path towards their eventual Ascension into the Light.

So, again, St. Germain, chose Mr. Ballad to lead the I AM Group and He actually met Mr. Ballad on the mountainside at Mt. Shasta.  Many people who joined the group saw St. Germain and other great beings standing behind Mr. Ballad when he spoke to an audience.  Mr. Ballard's name now that He has ascended is Godfre Ray King.

Mr. Ballad 
Godre Ray King

  I had a friend, who was a child in the I AM organization, He asked me to come and be with him as he was about to pass into the Etheric Plane.  I remember him asking for a picture of St. Germain and I brought several forward and he kept saying NO! NO! NO! and then I found the Picture of St. Germain that was in the first book of the I AM Group and my friend relaxed and knew that he was once again with the Master St. Germain.

St. Germain's Portrait
Found in the Book
"The Magic Presence"

Recently, when we all gathered at Mt. Shasta for the Solstice, we were privileged to sit in front of the Mountain of Shasta and see many "Light Beings" Who appeared above that Mountain to all of us remaining at the house.

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