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 Everything in Black Font is the teaching of the Tibetan
Everything in Blue Font is comments by Margaret Mary

Last week we were introduced to the growing trend towards idealism and inclusiveness and how it would eventually trend towards love-wisdom*.  This will come about as the Aquarian Type begin to connect between the brain, mind and soul, thus bringing forth the new ideas and with  this new-found knowledge, they would be the ones to formulate groups, educate and eventually bring about synthesis through various groups and fraternities that will attract more and more of mankind through these new ideals and concepts.  This will bring about better conditions of human living .  
*Love-wisdom is the powerful energy that is saturating the planet along with the other Rays - The Planetary Logos has chosen this particular ray for all of mankind at this junction on our Path, remember that the Master Jesus brought forth Love in all of His teachings during His last time on Earth, and He will complete His final initiation through bringing forthWisdom as He makes His Reappearance here on earth.  
Let us now see what the Mahatma tells us in this lesson.

This process is going on today in every nation and in all parts of the world, and a census of the world educational groups and the world religious groups (to mention only two out of many possible categories), would prove the staggering number of such bodies and affiliations.  It would indicate the differentiation of thought, and at the same time substantiate my conclusion that men are everywhere turning towards synthesis, fusion, blending and mutual co-operation for certain visioned and specific ends.  It is, for mankind, a new field of expression and of enterprise.  Hence the frequent misapplications of the newer truths, the distortion of the values sensed, and the perversion of the truth to suit individual aims and ends.  But as man gropes his way along these lines, and as the many ideas and the various ideologies present to him points of choice, and indicate emerging standards of living and of relationship, he will gradually learn to think with greater clarity, to recognize  the differing aspects of truth, as expressions of a basic subjective reality, and -relinquishing no part of the truth which has set him or his group free — he will learn also to include his brother's truth along with his own.
For your own information, you might want to look up some of these Humanitarian groups that work wonders throughout the world.  They have expanded into every country and even into the remotest corners of the world, bring their ideals, their abundance, while helping the individuals who are desperately in need.  They have set up committees in various countries where the local people come and communicate their needs, their own ideas, and through communication, they are finding out what the needs are in each country while at the same time learning and exchanging ideas that will work for their particular culture, environment and at the same time respecting their religious tenets, and learning how they are governed — they are working at all levels, bringing with them their ideas for improving agriculture, education while respecting their way of life . They have had to learn through their own mistakes and have found that sticking to the truth brings a much greater response.

Over the years these Humanitarian groups have learned that forcing their beliefs, their ideas upon others, doesn't always work; and so they are learning to listen to what the people want and need in order to move forward without making the people they are trying to aid feel they are being controlled by some outside force. 

(6)  Emerging new Racial Type.  The new race is forming in every land, but primarily in those lands where the fifth or Caucasian races are to be found.  Among the fourth race peoples, however, a few, such as those to be found among the Chinese and the Japanese, are being discovered by the Hierarchy and are making their real and esoteric contribution to the whole.
In the next lesson I am going to present the "Age of Earth" — *Age of Solar System" Astroid Belt and The K Belt and then I'm going to present the entire history of mankind divided into the Seven Root Races and Seven Sub-Root Races that are within each major Root Race for your information.  This is mainly the teaching of Theosophy and the Master Djwal Khul presented most of the information to Madame Helena Blavatsky from the ancient Book of Dyzan which came originally from Atlantis and is preserved in the Akashic Records.  So when the Master D. J. tells us that a new race is forming it will be the beginning of the Major Sixth Root Race which will be mainly embodying (already some are here) in the Western Hemisphere.  These are the prodigies who are in every field i.e. art, piano, chemistry, science, and they are very intuitive and super sensitive souls working from the pituitary, rather than the lower mind. 

Let me also make one definite statement at this point, which may cause some surprise.  The Fifth kingdom in nature, the spiritual, will emerge out of the fifth root race.  Such is the esoteric control of the Law of Correspondence.  I would remind you nevertheless that the only  fourth root race people to be found upon our planet, are the Chinese, the Japanese, the various mongoloid races in Central Asia (and they are somewhat intermixed with the Caucasian race) and the hybrid groups found in the many islands in the southern waters in both oceans and hemispheres, as well as the descendants of the races which a million years ago made the South American continent famous for its civilization.  I am necessarily widely generalizing. 
The Fifth kingdom in nature, the spiritual will emerge out of the fifth root race - this will be an opportunity for most of mankind living in the Western Hemisphere to make giant leaps in their evolutionary process, and as this planet and her people continue to be bombarded with the incoming Seven Rays -  with the added power of the Seventh Ray in particular, that has never been introduced on our planet before and because mankind has reached a certain level of attainment, all of us are now beginning to experience the shifting of consciousness as this Atomic Plane Ray reaches us.  

The new racial type is far more a state of consciousness than a physical form:  it is a state of mind more than a peculiarly designed body.  In time, however, any developed state of consciousness invariably conditions and determines the body nature, and produces finally certain physical characteristics.  The outstanding type of awareness of the coming new race, will be the widespread recognition of the fact of the mystical perception.  Its primary quality will be the intuitive understanding and control of energy, its contribution to the development of humanity is the transmutation of selfish desire into group love.  This can be seen working out noticeably even today in the attitudes of great national leaders who are not, as a rule, animated at all by selfish ambition, but are controlled by love of their nations, and thus by some definite form of idealism - hence the great emerging ideologies.  Ponder on this point, get a wider picture of the growth of the human consciousness, and grasp somewhat the goal of the new and coming educational system. 
Although we are experiencing the lack of leadership and caring for our nation at this particular juncture; it is an excellent lesson for us in allowing glamour and riches and false promises to woo us into a false sense of security; but when the blinders come off, we find ourselves under the leadership of someone who does not guide and direct us especially now during this pandemic when the head of our federal government should be an example, a guide and someone who really cares that over 120,000 lives have been lost in the last three months and we are only ten percent into this pandemic.  Again, this is the result of being too complacent in choosing whom should be working for the American people - for our nation and for global interaction.  The federal government under his direction, is only interested in associating with dictators, thugs and power mongers - there is no verbal discourse concerning the fate of our people, there are no ideas concerning what he will do to improve conditions and interact with our international allies.  He has manipulated every branch within our government to suit his personal protection against the crimes that he has committed .
Any one of us that committed just one of his crimes, would have been imprisoned - yet he continues to lie to the American people, while continuing doing business and making money for himself and his cronies.
(7) The caged wild beast of the unenlightened - and therefore innocent human beings - who work without the means for pleasure of leisure, who are underfed and exploited, cannot indefinitely be held back.  The one hope of the world is that the enlightened and responsible people will readjust world relations, world conditions and the world economic situation, so that contentment through the removal of abuses may succeed, and there will be no necessity for the prevailing and seething misery, which is rapidly reaching boiling point.  Let us not forget, if this seems to be unduly optimistic, that one light, even if small, can light up a whole area.
Again, the Mahatma wrote these above observations seventy four years ago; and thank God, we've seen major changes happening in all areas of the globe, through these Humanitarians and their organizations, that could not continue to aide these third world countries without the help of millions of people who are supporting and funding their efforts worldwide.  Although, there is still much need for improvement, especially in areas where there are uprisings and where the people are the ones who suffer - many times the aide that is given to the people is usurped by these rebel forces who are controlling certain areas around the world; and again, it's the people that always suffer. 
In the following lesson, the Mahatma talks about a "New World Order" and how this is part of the Divine Plan for the future of the coming generations.  We know for a fact that two more Root Races must embody before we finish Kali Yug and the end of this Manvantara. 
(8) Steps Towards the New World Order
Certain immediate possibilities and attainable objectives can be worked out, given a definite will-to-good and patience on the part of humanity.
Certain major and spiritual premises should lie back of all efforts to formulate the new world order.  Let me state some of them:
1.  The new world order must meet the immediate need and not be an attempt to satisfy some distant, idealistic vision
In other words, the immediate need is the reality of any situation; and before one can go off on ideas and ideals, they must meet the NEEDS and once this has been taken care of, then one can proceed towards any of a thousand ideas and goals - first things first!
2.  The new world order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis, and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience.
I'd say that we are experiencing at this very moment, a pandemic of gigantic proportions,  our country has been hit the hardest with this Corona Virus - reaching over two million with over one hundred and twenty thousand dead - and we haven't even reached a tenth of the expected infections that the CDC has predicted - today the National Health predicted well over twenty million before this virus begins to die out and/or a vaccine has been found.  As I stated before, nothing is being done by our Federal Government, except platitudes, when they should be doing everything in their power to flatten the curve; they are very guilty of lagging behind the other countries when this virus hit the United States, and our leader decided that the economy was far more important than the accelerating death rate; and predicted that the virus would be over by Memorial Day  - it is now coming up to July 4th, and the COVID-19 cases as of today, have exceeded our cases back in March - He doesn't show example, by wearing a mask; or not having his rallies, where people who want to copy him; come without masks, sit together instead of keeping their distance - and so our virus is now so out of control, that we don't have to wait for the Second Wave, we're going to remain in the First Wave for the duration - God help us all; but especially the Front Liners who have to stay the course, even though their lives are endangered every time they walk into the hospitals.... possibly this is  the time to take action, there never could be a better time, if the Mahatma is talking about a destructive crisis, and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience - this is it!  Although we haven't finished or passed through it yet!
(3) The new world order must lay the foundation for a future world order which will be possible only after a time of recovery, of reconstruction, and of rebuilding.
Well, there's our answer - we must await the time after this pandemic has passed; but there's no time like the present to think of ideas and plan positive steps towards a more balanced future of "peace and goodwill" for all mankind - meanwhile, we'll have to put together a strategy to rebuild our economy, to rescue those who have lost their, jobs, their homes and many of their loved ones - this will be our first priority - to meet these needs in every area of our country.
(4) The new world order will be founded on the recognition that all men are equal in origin and goal, but that all are at differing stages of evolutionary development; that personal integrity, intelligence, vision and experience, plus a marked goodwill, should indicate leadership.  the domination of the proletariat over the aristocracy and bourgeoisie, as in Russia, or the domination of an entrenched aristocracy over the proletariat and middle classes (as is happening in our United States today), as has happened in Great Britain, must disappear.  The control of labor by capital, or the control of capital by labor, must also go.
As we discussed a couple of lessons ago, both capital and labor have so abused the common man and his desire to feed, clothe and house his family-he has been abused by capital for a few hundred years, while labor, which was introduced to mankind to relieve and release children from abuse through the lack of caring for their health; and the people themselves, by keeping them enslaved by those in power.  The same was happening in Russia by the aristocracy and bourgeoisie - i.e. the serf versus the lords of the land; all the above must go, in order for the three virtues of the Aquarian Age to be manifesting in our world and that is:  "liberty, equality and brotherhood, the three ingredients that assures that all are treated equally. 
(5) In the new world order, the governing body in any nation should be composed of those who work for the greatest good of the greatest number, and who at the same time offer opportunity to all, seeing to it that the individual is left free.  Today the men of vision are achieving recognition, thus making possible a right choice of leaders.  It was not possible until this century. 
We have to remember that man was still evolving and much of mankind were struggling to survive with little leisure time for education and climb the social ladder - as we progressed along Jacob's Ladder we can already see that man has a voice and more so, he uses it to challenge the authority, the government and can actually sue anyone who tries to control, abuse or cheat him of his lawful rights - we've come a long way along the path; yet, we've still got some ways to go in order to reach the goals set by Hierarchy for all of us on this planet - mainly, to treat each other as brothers and sisters all coming from the Father and will at some time in the future return to the bosom of our Father/Mother God.
(6) The new world order will be founded on an active sense of responsibility  The rule will be "all for one, and one for all".  This attitude among nations will have to be developed.  It is not yet present.
That's easier said than done!  Unless this pandemic with its destructive force; the economic disasters, the swift change in the average person's lifestyle; the complete shifting of our educational system; the affect it will have upon children of all ages; the fear and uncertainty concerning our future, not only here in the USA but around the world, the economic collapse, the threat of war or terrorism while we are in such a vulnerable state; the inability to travel overseas whether for business or pleasure, the isolation of the elderly from their loved ones; the way of doing business feels like we are living in "an altered state of consciousness".  All of the above is really the tearing down of the old while allowing the new to gradually go through the birthing process as individuals begin to look for new ways to communicate, to work, to educate, to interact with others; to continue to feel the bond established when people of color finally stood up and said "enough is enough" and began to march all over the country; then look at the tearing down of the old structures,  those symbols of hate and hate creation.  The white man finally gets a good look at what our brothers have been subject to for the past four hundred years; and there's a feeling of bonding and communicating and negotiating for the rights of man.  The Mahatma is absolutely correct, as the old Piscean rigidity is torn down, there's a feeling among the people of Earth that we've been passing through the "threshing floor" and are now coming out on the other side - we need to never forget what we are now experiencing so that we never allow the darkness we were living in to ever control our lives in the future.
(7)  The new world order will not impose a uniform type of government, a synthetic religion, and a system standardization upon the nations.  The sovereign rights of each nation will be recognized, and its peculiar genius, individual trends, and racial qualities, will be permitted full expression.  In one particular only should there be an attempt to produce unity, and that will be in the field of education.
As we've discussed earlier, the Humanitarian organizations have already begun to communicate, negotiate and interact with all countries where they are working for the goodwill and peace, they are truly the "standard bearers" of what the Hierarchy has in mind for our future, again, when we come out on the other side of  this pandemic; there's a good indication that we will be laying the foundation for the re-structure of how we want to govern ourselves, first of all; and then how we interact with other nations will be a slow and steady endeavor - with global education as the key to building a strong foundation on which the future new world order will be constructed.
(8)  The new world order will recognize that the produce of the world, the natural resources of the planet, and its riches, belong to no one nation; but should be shared by all.  There will be no nations under the category "haves" and others under the opposite category i.e. "have nots".  A fair and properly organized distribution of the wheat, the oil and the mineral wealth of the world will be developed, based upon the need of each nations, upon its own internal resources, and the requirement of its people.  All this will be worked out in relation to the whole.
Of course, the Humanitarians can only do so much, it will take much longer for the "HAVES" to Let Go And Let God" decide how the produce, resources, governing, education and the feeding of the entire world will be accomplished; this will be the biggest challenge for the Light Bearers, who work continually on the World; and hold the balance between Hierarchy and Humanity.  No longer can man say this is mine and I will not share - there is no room in the Aquarian Age for that attitude; and so it will take some time to see that bright future where everyone gets an equal share of the pie!
(9) In the preparatory period for the New World Order, there will be a steady and regulated disarmament.  It will not be optional.  No nation will be permitted to produce and organize any equipment for destructive purposes, or to infringe the security of any other nations.  one of the first tasks of any future peace conference will be to regulate this matter, and gradually see to the disarming of the nations. 
Just think for a minute of how many times the children of various schools have been killed; people in shopping centers, theaters, and public arenas all dead because some insane person gets a cache of  ammo and machine guns and goes on a rampage - a killing spree.  And, think how hard it is to get anything done in our federal government  when it comes to "gun control" - now imagine trying to disarm the entire world - it blows the mind - yet, if the Christ comes back into  the planet He plans to bring an entire entourage of brilliant    
beings with him - those who run behind the scenes the governing, although at the present time Cosmic Law does not allow any of Hierarchy to interfere with the "free will" of mankind - but once the Christ reappears on Earth, the old Earth will disappear as the New Earth takes shape under the authority of Heaven.
These are the simple and general premises upon which the new world order must begin to work.  These preliminary stages must be kept fluid and experimental, the vision of possibility must never be lost, and the foundations must be preserved inviolate; but the intermediate processes and the experimentations must  be carried forward by men who, having the best interests of the whole at heart, can change the detail of organization whilst preserving the life of the organism.
It will be up to us to begin and plan and hold the blueprint in our minds and hearts; and once upon the path of reconstruction; then Hierarchy will begin to enter the planet; but we are left with the responsibility of beginning and acting out the Divine Plan for this planet and her people.
(10) Humanity has come of age, the child stage is over, and for weal or woe, for good or ill, men must decide for themselves the way that the world, their governments and their social order must go.
When asked one time, the Mahatma - the Tibetan gave a brief description of the people residing in each of the European and American countries.  I remember that when it came to the United States, He said we were the youngest of all the countries; and that there was a certain arrogance that we felt we were the greatest, the best, the richest, the most powerful - and He then said "They must suffer a fall, so  that they can grow up and take responsibility for their place in the Divine Plan, they will have to suffer and go through difficult times, in order to "grow up" - there is much to be expected from the United States and therefore, they must put away their toys and grab the reins of responsibility for their Divine Plan here on Earth".
To be continued....  

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135 - Lesson 54 - The World Conditions Part 2

The World Teacher - The Master Djwal Khul

In the last lesson  the Mahatma discussed the Problems of Humanity and how we must turn things around before it's too late.  The only way that we can find Unity, peace and security is to have "right human relations" with all of mankind and to substitute co-operation for the present competitive system, and of course by the education of the masses in every land as to the nature of true goodwill, and it hitherto unused potency.  This will mean the deflecting of untold millions of money into right educational systems, instead of spending it on armies, navies and armaments.  This is the most important thing we can do and this is what man must fight to enact into law  otherwise, all might be lost.  Identification with all and participation in world conditions voluntarily and not from force-is the way out today for all peoples - Ponder on this!

This lesson will be more about "the coming world state" — there's no particular time period given but he definitely refers to "the Aquarian type" and again, as we move deeper into the Aquarian Age, and  continue to receive powerful energy from the highest Atomic Plane there definitely will be dramatic changes in our consciousness — because the increase of spiritual energy continually bombarding our planet, which will affect both the Piscean type of man as well as the Aquarian type of man and He will explain how they will differ:

(5)  The consciousness of universal relationship, of subjective integration, and of a proven and experienced unity, will be the climaxing gift of the period ahead of us.
   In the coming world state, the individual citizen gladly and deliberately and with full consciousness of all that he is doing — will subordinate his personality to the good of the whole.  The growth of organized brotherhoods and fraternities, of parties and of groups, dedicated to some cause or idea, is another indication of the activity of the coming forces.  The interesting thing to note is that they are all expressive of some grasped idea, more than of some specific person's determined and imposed plan.  The Piscean type of man is an idealist along some line of human development.  The Aquarian type of man will bring into manifestation great ideals, because the channel of contact between soul and brain, via the mind, will be steadily established through right understanding and the mind will be used increasingly in its dual activity — as the penetrator into the world of ideas, and as the illuminator of life upon the physical plane.  This will ultimately produce a synthesis of human endeavor, and an expression of the truer values and of the spiritual realities, such as the world has never yet seen.  Such again is the goal of the education of the future.
When He speaks about the individual citizen gladly and deliberately and with full consciousness of all that he is doing — this individual definitely will not be the Piscean type because he is stuck in the "old order" with certain ideals and still struggling but at the same time unwilling  to expand his consciousness.  While the Aquarian type are those who are coming into the planet now, who are more sensitive and are much more advanced than the Piscean type.  They have come into the planet and will be embodying over the next 1000 years with nearly full awareness of the connection between the brain, the mind and the soul.  Those of us who were born under the influence of Pisces have had to struggle and break through the veils and mysteries that will allow us to glimpse in flashes, the Divine.  These next few generations will be far advanced than we are and they will be aided by the powerful energy flowing into the planet from all seven rays, this in itself, will open many individual's consciousness; but not at the rate of the Aquarian type, he will facilitate the mind, brain, soul connection and in turn, educate the masses, forming fraternities, groups, they will grasp the emerging ideas and bring them into our world; while at the same time educating  the masses in  the expansion of consciousness  at that point the mind will be steadily established through right understanding and the mind will be used increasingly in its dual activity — as the penetrator into the world of ideas and as the illuminator of life upon the physical plane.  This will ultimately produce a complete change in mankind's thinking, they will very soon begin to realize the truer values and spiritual realities of being on Earth to love and serve God, through loving and serving His sons and daughters — this is the true aim for Hierarchy to see in the upcoming years, the re-education of the masses from materialism into spiritualism.

What is the synthesis which will later be thus produced? Permit me to list a few factors without elaboration:
1.  The fusion of man's differentiated spiritual aspirations, as expressed today in many world religions, into the new world religion.  This new religion will take the form of a conscious unified group approach to the world of spiritual values, evoking in its turn reciprocal action from Those Who are the citizens of that world — the planetary Hierarchy an affiliated groups. 
Notice that the Mahatma speaks of "conscious unified groups" and their approach to the world's spiritual values — we all know that at the very center of our beings, we want to be the best we can be, ofttimes  we've been beaten down and life itself has dealt us some pretty tough initiations; yet deep within our hearts, we know there is something greater than the merry-go-round we're all been on. For example, this pandemic  has made us all aware of the true value of family, friends and helping others, this, in itself, is become a group recognition of how important it is to check in, provide assistance and even the children are making masks and thinking of all sorts of ways they can help out their families and the older people in the neighborhood.
Many have already determined that they can't go back to the materialistic shallowness that was happening all over the world — and some among mankind will fall back into old patterns of behavior that is not what is good for the soul.  Little by little everyone will begin to realize, that brotherhood, liberty, loving one another really does make a difference in our lives; and from this many will form groups  who will try and make a difference in their families, neighborhoods, towns, nations and finally reach out globally to spread the "good news" — this is when the world will come into alignment with God's Divine Plan for all mankind and it won't be tomorrow or next week or next year; but as we begin to encounter more and more pandemics, it will draw us ever closer to each other as we realize how valuable it is to love your brother as yourself.
The fusion of a vast number of men into various idealistic groups will gradually be absorbed into ever larger syntheses.  I would call your attention to the fact that if the various educational groups found in the world today, in every country were to be listed, certain underlying and analogous trends would appear:  their wide diversification, their basic foundation upon some idea of human betterment, and their unity of goal.  Their many ramifications and subsidiary groups, constitute a vast interlocking network throughout this world, which is indicative of two things.
(a)  The steadily growing power of the man in the street to think 
           terms of ideals which are founded upon certain ideas, and 
                     that have been put forward by some great intuitive.
        (b)    The gradual, upward shift of man's aspirational conscious-
 ness by these ideas, his recognition of the idealism of his
 men,and his consequent training in the spirit of inclusive-
The growing trend towards idealism and inclusiveness is, in the last analysis, a trend towards love-wisdom.  The fact that men today misapply these ideals,  lower the vision, and distort the true picture of the desired goal, and prostitute the early grasp of beauty to the satisfaction of selfish desire, should not prevent the realization that the spirit of idealism is growing in the world, and is not, as in the past, confined to a few advanced groups, of one or two great intuitives.  The discussions of the man in the street are today connected with some political, social, educational or religious philosophy, based on some school of idealism.  From the standpoint of Those Who are responsible for man's evolutionary development, a great step forward  has been made in the last two hundred years.  What were the themes of the intellectuals and the philosophers in the middle ages, are today the points for animated discussion in restaurants, railway carriages, or where ever people consort, argue and talk.  This is apt to be forgotten, and I would ask you to ponder on its implications, and to enquire what is liable to be the final outcome  of this widespread ability of the human mind to think in terms of the larger Whole and not only in terms of personal interest,and to apply forms of idealistic philosophy to the life of practical affairs.   Today man does both these things.

Even before this pandemic entered our lives and changed everything including our perspectives, people here in the United States, especially teachers and humanitarians, have made great inroads towards sharing i.e. children and teens here are sending supplies to those children in other countries who do not have any scholastic materials - they are also sending their iPads, lap tops that have been repaired so that these children can move into more modern methods of communication - this brings their every-day lives into the American children's lives and already there's a great expansion of brotherhood among the young people - this has encouraged the teachers to set their programs to coordinate with the teachers in these third world countries and already there's a feeling of "group cooperation" and especially caring and sharing with their fellow man.
Again, it will be humanitarians who will open the doors to the suffering of people who are considered the "have nots" in the world; and because children are basically loving and caring, this gives them the greatest opportunity to learn what unconditional love is - part of the divine plan, while we are basking under the Ray of Love-Wisdom.
The other point that needs attention here, is how food banks throughout the United States make sure that children have at least two meals a day, who would otherwise go hungry - even through we're experiencing the worst scenario during this pandemic, these food banks and other similar organizations are making food available to these children and many families are sharing iPads and Lap Tops with children who haven't the means to acquire electronics.  This is the beginning, the pandemic has made children aware that there are people in this world who are unselfish and who will risk their lives in order to save others - what happens to a child who has only thoughts for his own needs, to suddenly see how these wonderful heroes are working 24/7 in order to try and save lives, even though their lives are at risk as well as their families.  Daily, we're seeing these same children organizing and planning how they can help in some small way to alleviate the suffering of those on the front line. 
Although we are going through some severe testing and isolation, we also realize that it has changed many people's attitudes, what they thought was the most important thing in their lives, now seems irrelevant and there's a worldwide feeling of caring and sharing that we haven't seen in ages. Hopefully, this will be imprinted on these young people's souls and that they will continue to formulate plans with other groups of children, that will carry on throughout their lives.  This is only the beginning, remember, the way of doing business is already changing, with more people staying home, while only meeting periodically for conferences and meetings will be a new way of conducting business, the way of teaching has also changed radically and many of the programs they have set up during this at-home period, will be utilized in various forms for children with serve paralysis or disease that will now still have the same opportunities as other children attending schools - hopefully, this will carry over to other third world countries where they can receive the same at-home teachings where ever they live.
What, therefore, does this indicate?  It signifies a trend in the consciousness of humanity towards the fusion of the individual with the whole, without his losing, at the same time, his sense of individuality.  Whether he joins a political party, or upholds some form of welfare work, or joins some of the many groups occupied with forms of esoteric philosophy, or becomes a member of some prevalent "ism" or cult, he is increasingly aware of an expansion of consciousness and of a willingness to identify his personal interests with those of a group which has for its basic objective the materializing of some ideal.  Through this process it is believed that the conditions of human living will be bettered, or some need will be met.
This is not something that we haven't already discussed in past lessons; but mainly, He would like us to see that God's Divine Plan for us, is working out, gradually but steadily towards the goal set for this particular Aquarian Age.  In order for us to live within the Seventh Ray, we need to move our consciousness to that point where selfishness has no part in our lives.  Although we still remain  individuals, we will become more in contact with our souls.  When we reach this point of expanded awareness, then we are truly living and working towards our own attainment, while working for the betterment of all mankind.  Whether it's helping the animal kingdom; the kingdom of earth itself, making sure to preserve the beauty for generations or helping at the local food bank, volunteering or fundraising for some humanitarian group — working with some religious or philosophical group — all of the above will be working towards God's Divine Plan for us at this time in our evolution towards the eventual ascension of ourselves and our planet.   Remember, nothing is by chance, all is working out according to Those Whose responsibility is to raise our consciousness and the consciousness of all that lives and moves upon this planet. 

Just a note here, if you've been following the teaching, you have already read and comprehended that we are all living through various ages, Jesus was the Piscean teacher, Moses was the Capricorn teacher, Abraham was  the Sagittarius teacher, and at the same time no matter where you lived, there were teaches like Plato, Pythagoras & Paracleus, the Greek Scholars and Philosophers, the Egyptian Teachers, the Chinese, Japanese and Middle Eastern and Hindu Teachers all coming into the planet under a certain Ray 
Force to bring about change and to elevate and expand mankind's consciousness.  Today we've moved into the Aquarian Age and the Seventh Angel rules as predicted in the Book of Revelations, this is not only an Age but if we look back to the beginning of this century, we can all appreciate how far we've come.  My parents saw the first car drive into town, the first airplane, the first steam ship, the telephone, television,  and saw silent moves go into talkies, old typewriters change into computers, coal and oil, change into electric. All within the last one hundred years - this is the power of Aquarius which started the Industrial Revolution and continued all the way to putting a man on the moon - It's energy is "fire and water" and we've certainly seen the results so far and we're only in the beginning of the next One Thousand and Five Hundred years ! We've see the art world change from the Renascence  to the Impressionists to what we call today the Modern-we've seen  the wonderful composers of the classical music, to Jazz, and Bop, and Rap; hopefully we'll see even more changes in all areas of our culture but you can appreciate that man is expressing himself and telling his story through all of these art forms — we get to appreciate at every level what today's man is trying to convey to us through his music, art and literary accomplishments and we haven't begun to see the big picture that's still to come under this powerful influence of the Seventh Ray - it's coming from the Atomic Plane - that brings in the energy of Love-Wisdom, where resides our Father/Mother God - "I AM THAT I AM" the Creator, Doer, Planner, and Father/Mother to all who live and breathe on these Seven Sacred Planets and Five Secret Planets, all moving under Their Divine Plan.
This Lesson Is to Be Continued.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

134-Lesson 53- World ConditionsThe




(1) The whole world speeds towards a crisis - a crisis reconstructive, even though it seems to the onlooker to be destructive.  On all sides, the tearing down of the old forms is progressing, nor is the work as yet fully accomplished. Enough has, nevertheless, been done to permit of the erection of the scaffolding for the new building.  In serenity and steady adherence to the net duty will come the simplification of that which must be done.
Could this be what's happening to us now?  Or could it have begun with  9/11?  We can certainly agree with the Mahatma, that we are in crisis and this pause we've all had, makes us realize that what we called normal just a few months ago, is now in reality, not what we really want to go back to - in fact, many among mankind are now looking towards the future with eyes wide open.  The killer virus is just one of the problems we're facing - if we add the injustice of racism, bigotry and cruelty to people of color, than there is no question that things must change in order for all people to be treated with dignity, respect and equality.   His first sentence is most vital, because what he foresees is the destruction of the "old order" and the erection of the scaffolding for the new building.... Let's see what else the Mahatma discloses to us in his prophecy.

(2) The distribution of the world's resources, and the settled unity of the peoples of the world, are in reality one and the same thing, for behind all modern wars lies a fundamental economic problem.  Solve that, and wars will very largely cease . . When there is freedom from want, one of the major causes of war will disappear.  Where there is uneven distribution of the world's riches, and where there is a situation in which some nations have or take everything and other nations lack the necessities of life, it is obvious that there is a trouble-breeding factor there, and that something must be done.  Therefore we should deal with world unity and peace primarily from the angle of the economic problems . . .
  Though there is no major war, there is no peace, no security and no immediate hope of either.
It is essential for the future happiness and progress of humanity,  that there should be no return to the old ways, whether political, religious or economic.  Therefore, in handling these problems, we should search out the wrong conditions, which have brought humanity to its present state of almost cataclysmic disaster.  These conditions were the result of religious faiths which have not moved forward in their thinking for hundreds of years; of economic systems which lay the emphasis upon the accumulation of riches and material possessions, and which leave all the power and the produce of the earth in the hands of a relatively few men, while the rest of humanity struggle for a bare substance, and of political regimes run by the corrupt, the totalitarian-minded, the grafters, and those who love place and power more than they love their fellow men.
Gee, do you think the World Teacher is talking about our present
global reality???  In our own country, those who are supposed to protect our citizens, are killing them and getting away with it.  During this pandemic wherein the world lives in fear of the unknown - we see people marching in every city as well as in other nations, putting their lives  on the line in order to assert their rights to live and move and have their beings treated like every other citizen with dignity and respect - Ninety percent of the African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans are treated less than human - things have to change and in order to move forward we need to change as a nation.  This crisis that He speaks about will not go away, for there will be other catastrophes that will continue to  bring our Nations to our knees, until we make the necessary changes both religiously, economically and politically.  

The time is long past when a line of demarcation can be drawn between the religious world and the political or the economic.  The reason for the corrupt politics, and the greedy, ambitious planning of so many of the world's leading men, can be found in the fact that spiritually minded men and women have not assumed - as their spiritual duty and responsibility - the leadership of the people.  They have left the power in the wrong hands, and permitted the selfish, and the undesirable to lead....
WOW! Do you think that He's seeing what's happening  right now in our Country?  Did He hit it on the head?  When we look at our own nation and who is running things at the present time, then look around the world, we can fully understand what He is talking about for many nations like China, North Korea, Russia, Poland, USA Turkey, and even some countries in South America have these selfish totalitarians who have sucked up all the monies, leaving the  people of these countries barely able to eke out a living.  Already, we are seeing signs of this happening in these United States, with every freedom being usurped and many agencies that were established to protect the people have been demolished - with an increase in racism, bigotry and separateness - while billions are being made by the large companies, the workers are still getting paid the same as ten years ago.  It definitely is time for a change and it better be sooner than later, as the clock is ticking and if we truly want a more perfect union, than we'd better find a real patriot, a person who is for the people, not just the elitist, who keep everything for themselves, while letting the middle classes do all their work.  Remember, most of these leaders pretend to be religious but are generally soulless with money as  their God. It is long past time that we have let the selfish and undesirable lead.. . .
The world today is full of warring voices:  everywhere there is an outcry against world conditions, everything is being dragged out into the light of day; abuses are being shouted from the housetops, as the Christ prophesied they would be.  The reason for all this outcry, discussion, and noisy criticism is that , as men awaken to the facts and begin to think and plan, they are aware of guilt within themselves; their conscience trouble them; they are conscious of the inequity of opportunity of the grave abuses, of the entrenched distinctions between man and man, and the factor of racial and national discriminations; they question their own individual goals as well as national planning. The masses of men in every land are beginning to realize that they are largely responsible for what is wrong, and that their inertness and lack of right action and thinking has led to the present unhappy state of world affairs.  This constitutes a challenge and no challenge is ever totally welcome.
How many times, I wonder, can Hierarchy put up with mankind's cruelty and abuse of mankind?  Here He's witnessing the end of WWII, and yet tells us that it not over till it's over, and that means that until we learn the lesson before us, that if we want things to be in balance around the world, then it has to start with us, the individuals, who need to pay attention to whom we put into office, who do we want to stand up for our rights as citizens?  Who is not on the take, but rather, works for the people, who is the person that will refuse to be bought; who is that person who is spiritually sound and prays for right action in everything he does?  This is the person that needs to represent us in Congress, in the Senate and especially in the White House.
The awakening of the masses and the determination of the reactionary forces and of the monied interests to preserve the old and fight the new, are largely responsible for the present world crisis.  The battle between the old entrenched forces, and the emerging, new idealism, constitutes the problem today; other factors -  though important, individually or nationally - are from the true and spiritual standpoint, relatively negligible.

We've discussed this before in past lessons, remember, we are now four hundred years into the Aquarian Age which represents the Seventh Ray; and the Seventh Angel - the Angel of Freedom - As this powerful Seventh Ray enters the planet, the old entrenched forces, i.e. the dictators, capitalists, and elitists, who have for generations held us as their slaves; must now be removed from positions of power.  The Aquarian Age requires equality, freedom, brotherhood from every person; and therefore, the time has come, and now is, for we, the people to rise up and demand our freedom, our liberty, and the lifting up of all our brothers and sisters with the realization that "all men are created equal" - This calls for unity and a determination to make our Nation one where anyone of race, religion and a determination to be free can live in peace and security  .. .
The unity, peace and security of the nations, great and small, are not to be attained by following the guidance of the greedy capitalist, or the ambitious in any nation, and yet in many situations that guidance is being accepted.  They are not to be gained by the blind following of any ideology, no matter how good it may seem to those conditioned by it. . .
They will not be reached by sitting back and leaving the changing of conditions to God or the evolutionary process; yet there are those who make no move to help . . .
Unity, peace and security will come through the recognition - intelligently assessed - of the evils which have led to the present world situation, and then through the taking of those wise, compassionate and understanding steps which will lead to the establishing of right human relations, to the substitution of co-operation for the present competitive system, and by the education of the masses in every land as to the nature of true goodwill, and its hitherto unused potency.   This will mean the deflection of untold millions of money into right educational systems, instead of their use by the forces of war and their conversion into armies, navies, and armaments.
If there is ever to be "Peace on Earth" we need to pay attention to the Mahatma's suggestions - that we recognize the evils of our present government, secret governments and those organizations that hold sway over the wealth and resources of our Nation and the world. There has to be a "group effort" a committee or league of spiritual men and women, who will be the taking those wise, compassionate and understanding steps which will lead to the establishing of right human relations, instead of the present competitive system.  While at the same time we need to educate the masses in every land as to the nature of  true goodwill and its unused potency.  This will also require that we must fund this new educational system with money that is currently being used to make war with other nations.

It is this that is spiritual; it is this that is of importance, and it is this for which all men must struggle.  The spiritual Hierarchy of the planet is primarily interested in finding the men who will work along these lines.


(3)  Four problems will be solved in the next two centuries:
1.  The problem of territorial possessions, which is the group correspondence within the family of nations, to the materiality of the individual.
2.  The problem of sex, which will involve a truer understanding of the law of attraction.
3.  The problem of death which is in reality the problem of the relation between the subjective and the objective, between the tangible and the intangible, and between life and form.  This problem will be solved in the realm of psychology, by scientific recognition of the true nature of the individual or soul and of the persona. 
4.   The problem of Jews, which is symbolically the problem of humanity as a whole . . .The Jew, with his emphasis upon his position as one of the "chosen people", has stood symbolically throughout the centuries as the representative of the wandering, incarnating soul, but the Jewish people have never recognized the symbolic mission with which their race was entrusted, and they have taken to themselves the glory and honor of the Lord's elect.

 Again, the Jewish religion was given the privilege of sponsoring the incoming Messiah; all of the prophets told of His coming; yet when He did appear in a humble cave in Bethlehem they did not accept him in fact, Herod, the king was intent on destroying the new-born child and sent soldiers to kill all children under the age of two.  Even when Jesus went into the temple to teach the Rabbi's they couldn't accept Him, and when He began to teach the people, they were jealous of his popularity and wanted Him out of the way. The last trial that was given to the Jewish Rabbis' happened when they gave 30 pieces of silver to Judas, to hand him over and He said unto them (Matthew 26:55) "Are ye come out as against a thief with swords and staves for to take me?  I sat daily with you teaching in the temple, and ye laid no hold on me".  Even his Apostle Peter denied him 3 times.  His final test of the Rabbis' was when the chief priests and elders and all the council sought false witnesses against Jesus, to put him to death when they couldn't find any to witness against him, they brought in "false witnesses" who claimed that Jesus bragged about being able to destroy the temple of God and to build it in three days -  this is when the High Priests arose and said unto him.  Answerest thou no thing?  What is it which these witnesses have against thee?
But Jesus held His peace.  And the high priest answered and said unto him.  I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether thou be the Christ, the Son of God.
And Jesus said unto him.  "Thou hast said, nevertheless I say unto you.  Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of the power, and coming in the clouds of heaven".
Then the high priest rent his clothes saying; He hath spoken blasphemy, what further need have we of witnesses?  Behold, now ye have heard his blasphemy - What think ye?  And they answered and said:"He is guilty of death".  At this point is when Peter denied him three times, fulfilling Jesus' prophesy to Peter.
In the morning the high priests, chief priests and  elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put him to death - and when they bound him and took Jesus before Pontius Pilate the governor.  At this point Judas repented himself and went before the high priests saying that he had betrayed the innocent blood and brought the thirty pieces of silver.  And the high priests answered him saying: "What is that to us? see thou to that". And he cast down the thirty pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.  We all know the rest of the story, Jesus was brought before Pontius Pilate, the governor and Pontius Pilate's wife came to him and said -"Have nothing to do with this just man, for I have had unpleasant dreams concerning him".  So Pontius asked the high priests, elders and multitude I can pardon one of two prisoners, here is Barabbas and Jesus, which one should go free?  And the high priests, elders and multitude answered saying - Barabbas, and Pontius pilate asked and what about this just man, Jesus who claims to be the Christ and they said:  "Crucify him!"
Even Pontius Pilate washed his hands saying I want nothing to do I am innocent of the blood of this just person see ye to it!

So from the birth of Christ  when Herod had all the children under two years killed to prevent Jesus from usurping his power until 33 years later when the High Priests through envy had Him crucified Christ fulfilled all that the prophesies claimed about him - and of course the Jews were chosen to bring Him into their hearts and homes and instead they were looking for an earthy king with money and power like Soloman; and they couldn't accept this humble person as their savior - and the sad part is that they are still awaiting His coming today.  Again, the lesson here is not only for the Jews; but for all of us, who are looking for something in the material world instead of looking for the truth and a spiritual teacher.

(4)  The world is one world and its sufferings are one; humanity is in truth a unity, but many are still unaware of this, and the whole trend of the present teaching is directed to the awakening of humanity to this while there is yet time to avert still more serious conditions.  The sins of humanity are also one.  Its goal is one, and  it is as one great human family that we must emerge into the future.  I would emphasis this thought it is as one humanity, chastened, disciplined, but illumined and  fused, that we must emerge into the future . . The Hierarchy is not neutral.  It is one with the right element in every nation, and set against all separative, isolationist, and materialistic attitudes.  Such attitudes prevent the apprehension of the true spiritual values, and hinder human development. Identification with all and participation in world conditions - voluntarily and not from force - is the way out today for all peoples. PONDER ON THIS!!!

Well, there it is in a nutshell! Everything that we are seeing happening to our nation, to our society, to our relationships with our allies, is happening before our eyes.  Are we nationalistic??
Are we isolationists??  Are we materialistic??  Is the Mahatma correct when He prophesied these very conditions over seventy- four years ago?? He told us that the Heavenly Council, those who have our planet as Their responsibility including  Jesus Christ and Buddha, are not neutral  - for They will only work with those who are working for Unity, Peace, Liberty, Brotherhood and above all have true spiritual values. His words in the above are chilling for again He stresses that we are under "High Initiation" Hierarchy and the Heavenly Council are watching - and their next 125 year meeting is coming up in the very near future, when they make the decision on what to do about this laggard planet and her people. Like He states emphatically:  This teaching is for the future awakening humanity while there is yet still time to avert even more serious conditions (Again, look where we are today, the whole world is shut down, the people are protesting all over the world for their freedom, and we have no idea what is in store for us next). !!!
To be continued . . . 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


June 5, 2020

This Day of Focused Power and Appeal to the Divine has been observed annually since 1952.  On this day, countless people around the world sound the Great Invocation* with heartfelt intent to invoke spiritual energies of Light,  Love and Purpose.  At its heart lies an appeal to the Coming One, knowing him under such names as the Christ, Maitreya, the Kalki Avatar, the Messiah, the Imam Mahdi.

Amidst the ongoing crises taking place in humanity and the natural world, the Great Invocation is an Energy Formula which can help to bring real and lasting changes in consciousness.  Together we invoke Light to reveal the way forward, Love to fill our hearts, and Enlightened Purpose to guide us.  These divine energies are abundantly available.  They can be invoked on behalf of all humanity and for the evolution of a new world.

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men,
Let Light descend on Earth

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men,
May Christ return to Earth

Shamballa Where the Will of God is known
From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of man,
The purpose that the Masters know and serve.

The Center Which We Call the Race of Men

From the center which we call the race of man
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth

Friday JUNE 5TH 2020

NOTE:  EASTERN 3:12:15P.M.
WESTERN 12:12:15 P.M.*

The higher interlude of the spiritual year culminates in the Gemini full moon - in a Festival which celebrates the spiritual potential of humanity to unify the personal will with the Will of God.   On this day the Christ stands before God as the representative of humanity, the "eldest in a great family of brothers," and focalizes the united aspiration of humanity into an in vocative demand for more Light and Love.  Through Christ, the response of deity pours forth into humanity, uplifting human consciousness and establishing a culture of goodwill and right human relations on earth.

This invocation and evocation of deity circulates life throughout creation and provides the evolutionary impulse by which the Divine Plan works out.  This Plan requires that the Principle of Life mount upon the shoulders of matter through the development of human consciousness.  Thus, humanity is vital in the working out of the Divine Plan.

Today, however, humanity remains divided and so cannot stand as the lighted house through which spiritual consciousness finds expression.  This Festival augments the Principle of Unification which brings the higher and lower aspects of humanity into closer relationship; the light of the soul waxes and increases while the light inherent in matter wanes.  This facilitates the expression of a spiritual unity and the annihilation of separatism.

This Festival marks the culmination of the work of the Buddha, focalized through Christ and expressed through Humanity.  It also initiates a future approach to divinity wherein invocation - the conscious focalization of one's spiritual aspiration - is paired with the expression of spiritual consciousness through right human living. It is for this reason that World Invocation Day, a time when we are asked to do all we can to promote the widest use of the Great Invocation, occurs on this day.


I. GROUP FUSION We affirm the fact of group fusion and integration within the heart center of the new group of world servers, mediating between Hierarchy and humanity.

I Am one with my group brothers, and all that I have is theirs.
May the love which is in my soul pour forth to them.
May the strength which is in me lift and aid them.
May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage them.

II. ALIGNMENT we project a line of lighted energy towards the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the planetary heart, the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara; and towards the Christ at the heart of Hierarchy.

III.  HIGHER INTERLUDE  Hold the contemplative mind open to the extra planetary energies streaming into Shambhala and radiated through Hierarchy. Using the creative imagination, endeavor to see the three planetary centers - Shambhala, Hierarchy and Humanity - gradually coming into alignment and interplay.

IV.  MEDITATION  Reflect on the applicable seed thought:
I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.

V.  PRECIPITATION  Using the creative imagination, visualize the energies of Light, Love and the Will-to-Good pouring throughout the planet and becoming anchored on Earth in prepared physical plane centers through which the Plan can manifest.

(Use the six-fold progression of divine Love as the sequence of energy precipitation - Shambhala/Hierarchy/Christ/the new group of world servers/men and women of goodwill everywhere in the world/ physical centers of distribution)

                        New York/Geneva/Darjeeling/and Tokyo

VI.  LOWER INTERLUDE  Refocus the consciousness, as a group, within the periphery of the great Ashram.  Together sound the affirmation:

In the center of all Love I stand.  
From that center I, the one 
who serves, will work.
May the love of the divine Self
Be shed abroad, in my heart,
Through my group,
And throughout the world.

Visualize the down-pouring spiritual inflow released from Shambhala through the Hierarchy and streaming into humanity through the prepared channel.  Consider how these inpouring energies are establishing the "Pathway of Light" for the coming World Teacher, the Christ.

VII.  DISTRIBUTION  As the  Great Invocation is sounded, visualize the outpouring of Light and Love and Power from the spiritual Hierarchy through the five planetary inlets (London/Darjeeling/New York/Geneva/Tokyo) irradiating the consciousness of the whole human race.


From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men,
May Christ return  to Earth

From the Center where the Will of God is Known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the enter which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

OM    OM    OM