Visual "cosmorama" of the seven chains of the "Earth Scheme."

This is a complicated study of
the Chains -both interplanetary as well as our
own planet Earth which is at
the lowest Apex of the Chain
Note that the "Chain" descends down through the
various planes until it reaches its lowest point
which is the Third Dimension and/or the Physical Plane, where we reside on Earth at the present time.

This coincides with the "Grand Cycle" wherein the 
Globes move away from the "SUN" through the
various chains - The Monad(or I AM  Presence) is developing through each of the globes and chains on our evolutionary path (at first downward from light to dark, as we move away from the Great Central Sun
(hidden behind the Constellation Hercules) to
the very physical/material plane wherein we are at
the present time.  Within these chains and rounds are 
significant events or Palayas, which consist of three
types - the individual - Palaya, which involves a 
particular planet and/or globe.  Then there's the
Planetary Pralaya, that involves all 9 globes or
planets consisting of a solar system, which in turn,
are connected together through currents that bind
them.  Each of the planets are all evolving within
their own 7 globes and planes.  Each will eventually
rise through the process of Pralayas move from the
light of the Great Central Sun downward from the
Buddhic Plane to the lowest Physical/Etheric Plane.
Then after eons of time, the planet begins to move
back to the Great Central Sun (we are approaching
this stage in our evolutionary path through the
Epoch of Fire).

Each stage of our evolutionary path is orchestrated 
by the great beings under the direction of the 
Planetary Logos and/or the Word, who  with Hierarchy
determine when to bring about a Parlaya at certain
stages on the evolutionary path.  As we have been
sitting in the Physical/Material Plane on this planet
for billions of years enduring minor Parlayas that 
have caused a '''freezing of our lower kingdoms" but
at the same time gives the civilizations living upon 
the planet an opportunity to move forward and
upward on their individual paths - at the present
time we have three sub-footraces upon the Earth
and this has and is causing quite  a problem for
Hierarchy, as only the Fifth Root Race should be
occupying space on the planet.

Planetary Chain

Planetary chain is a group of seven "globes", "spheres", or "planets" linked together into a single scheme of evolution. According to Mme. Blavatsky "there are seven [chains] in our system."[1]

Chains and Rounds.JPG
The concept of Planetary chains was first published in 1883 by Alfred Percy Sinnett in his book Esoteric Buddhism. He wrote:
The life and evolutionary processes of this planet . . . are linked with the life and evolutionary processes of several other planets. . . . One globe does not afford Nature scope for the processes by which mankind has been evoked from chaos, but these processes do not require more than a limited and definite number of globes. Separated as these are, in regard to the gross mechanical matter of which they consist, they are closely and intimately bound together by subtle currents and forces, whose existence reason need not be much troubled to concede, since the existence of some connection - of force or ethereal media - uniting all visible celestial bodies, is proved by the mere fact that they are visible. It is along these subtle currents that the life elements pass from world to world.[2]
The "planetary chain" is composed by seven globes that can be represented as in a circular configuration. In the words of Mahatma K. H.:
Now, the congeries of the star-worlds (including our own planet) inhabited by intelligent beings may be likened to an orb or rather an epicycloid formed of rings like a chain — worlds inter-linked together, the totality representing an imaginary endless ring, or circle.[3]
These globes are not all on the same plane of perception. H. P. Blavatsky explains:
Figure 1 - Chain 1 Mental/Mineral Archetypes

The one eternal LAW unfolds everything in the (to be) manifested Nature on a sevenfold principle; among the rest, the countless circular chains of worlds, composed of seven globes, graduated on the four lower planes of the world of formation (the three others belonging to the Archetypal Universe). Out of these seven only one, the lowest and the most material of those globes, is within our plane or means of perception, the six others lying outside of it and being therefore invisible to the terrestrial eye. Every such chain of worlds is the progeny and creation of another, lower, and dead chain—its reincarnation, so to say.

Figure 2 - Perkins - Chain 2
 Chain 2: Evolution of astral vegetation archetypes.

It will be seen that the fourth member of a series occupies a unique position. Unlike the others, the Fourth has no “sister” Globe on the same plane as itself, and it thus forms the fulcrum of the “balance” represented by the whole chain. It is the sphere of final evolutionary adjustments, the world of Karmic scales, the Hall of Justice, where the balance is struck which determines the future course of the Monad during the remainder of its incarnations in the cycle.[5]
In the Theosophical literature the two highest globes on the descending and ascending arcs respectively are denominated A and G (or Z). The globes on the next lower plane are B and F, the next pair are denominated C and E, and the lowest of all is the globe D. Although Mr Sinnett published that globes C and E were also physical, Blavatsky rejected this view and said that only the earth was the physical globe of the chain (see below Controversy about Mars and Mercury).

Globes and Sephiroth on the different planes
In The Secret Doctrine Mme. Blavatsky compared the Theosophical teachings about the different globes with the sephiroth that form the Tree of Life:
The following comparative diagram shows the identity between the two systems, the Kabalistic and the Eastern. The three upper are the three higher planes of consciousness, revealed and explained in both schools only to the Initiates, the lower ones represent the four lower planes—the lowest being our plane, or the visible Universe.
These seven planes correspond to the seven states of consciousness in man.[6]
Our Globe, as taught from the first is at the bottom of the arc of descent, where the matter of our perceptions exhibits itself in its grossest form. . . . . . . Hence it only stands to reason that the globes which overshadow our Earth must be on different and superior planes. In short, as Globes, they are in CO-ADUNITION but not IN CONSUBSTANTIALITY WITH OUR EARTH and thus pertain to quite another state of consciousness.[7]
Figure 3- Perkins - Chain 3 - Evolution of etheric animal archetypes.

  1. Regarding the planes shown in the diagram, she wrote:
The Arupa or “formless,” there where form ceases to exist, on the objective plane.
The Arupa or "formless" etheric body that surrounds us and leaves
with us when we pass out of this life; but returns with us when we
re-enter the Earth Plane through reincarnation -  bringing with it
all the wounds, and scars from our former lives"  At some point
during our currant life, our Karma returns through this Etheric
Body.  In order to ERASE and dissolve this neverending cycle
which includes rebirth, then we should do the following mantra which is  invoking the Seventh Ray from the
Buddhic Plane, which is a combination of the Father God - Color Blue and the
Mother God Pink which becomes Violet-- mf

My Etheric Body is a body of Violet fire
My Etheric Body is the Purity God desires! (15xs) 
The word “Archetypal” must not be taken here in the sense that the Platonists gave to it, i.e., the world as it existed in the Mind of the Deity; but in that of a world made as a first model, to be followed and improved upon by the worlds which succeed it physically—though deteriorating in purity.
These are the four lower planes of Cosmic Consciousness, the three higher planes being inaccessible to human intellect as developed at present.
Figure 4 - Perkins - Chain 4 
Chain 4: The Human Kingdom.

Ends of Lesson 4/18/19