Thursday, March 9, 2017

65-2017 -5th Ray - Scientific Research, Healing, Truth, Concentration and Consecration

Unlike the first Four Rays, the Fifth Ray person seeks Truth, whether it be of a scientific nature, a philosophical quest or to Know who they are and Why they are here on Earth and What is God's Plan  for them.  We all reach a certain point when our very consciousness needs answers to all three of these questions.

The Rays Entering Our Planet
At the present time there is a great quantity of
Violet Seventh Ray Radiation Coming into our Planet
This makes people want to stand up for their Freedom
There will be a lot more "group-type" activities happening
And mainly Brotherhood is very predominant under this Rays influence

As we move along these powerful Rays we begin to get a clearer picture of the make-up  and God quality of each Ray as it stands alone; and keep in mind that these very Rays are what make us unique and totally different from anyone else. We can add to this mix, the subordinate Rays we're all working on at the same time, as well as how far along the Ladder of Jacob have we climbed?  How many lives have we lived?  What Rung of the ladder do we occupy?  And are our friends and relatives on the same Rung of the Ladder?  Or is it that we are drawn to those who are expressing the same Ray quality as we are but subtly different in that they may have other subordinate Rays that they are working on.

The Emerald Green Ray
A Green Ray Healer will manifest this Ray while healing a person -—it will completely surround their physical
body as an Emerald Green Aura

The Fifth Ray person will set about finding out exactly what the Truth is concerning himself, what qualities he can bring to mankind, and where will he find that Truth concerning God (Geometry of Divinity), will he get beyond the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, who Enoch thought of as our Father who is in heaven?  Or will his research reach even deeper into the Cosmos and Find our God Parents, Helios and Vesta and our Great Grandparents Alpha and Omega or will he search even further — and find that the Great I AM THAT I AM dwells in deep space; and that His/Her Sons, the Original Holy Kumaras (Three Divine Contemplators) protect them even from the Great Central Sun, where Alpha and Omega have their abode deep within the Seven Sisters in the Pliades.  
Our Palladian Spiral Universe

Hierarchal Chart
Please NOTE the "Three Divine Contemplators under the Cosmic as well as the Solar Planes These Illustrations were drawn by the Master D.K. and shows how advanced the Tibetans information is  - this is the Offices of Hierarchy and where they are situated in the three Planes - Cosmic - Solar - Planetary Planes

Then Three more Sons of God protect the Great Central Sun, the Three Divine Contemplators, also known as the Original Holy Kumaras, brothers of Sanat Kumara, the 
Ancient of Days, act as guardian protectors in constant                             meditation, while holding the light of the Cosmos for all the
 Sons and Daughters of God on every Galaxy, Universe until they can one day ascend back to the Sun. But in the meantime, they sit between the Great Central Sun and the Physical Sun of our particular system where our God Parents Helios and Vesta reside and where we took our original initiations upon the concentric spheres surrounding the Sun of our system.
The Physical Sun of Helios and Vesta   

So you can see there's a lot to ponder on and a tremendous Akashic  Records library to visit once you've passed certain initiations and are allowed to enter the Halls of Records from all of our ancient arcane history.

We might want to contemplate HOW  he will get his answers to all the questions WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHEN would be a good start.

As to the How - the most important field of study is philosophy, both from the East as well as the West; but you'll find that the Eastern Philosophy has a greater amount of written knowledge then we in the West have available. Probably because most Christians are interested in only Bible studies; while the Hindu, Tibetan and Chinese have information that is priceless and they have preserved it in their libraries and have even those rare histories that were stored in the Alexandrian Library before it was burned — all have been saved even back to Atlantis and Lemuria.  A study of all religions will give you an understanding that each was brought forth according to the knowledge and comprehension of the individuals at the time. Of prime importance is that religion was brought forth along the Ray - for example Abraham was First Ray, Buddha was Second
Ray, Krishna was Third Ray, Enoch was Fourth Ray, Moses was Fifth Ray, Jesus was Sixth Ray and St. Germain is our Seventh Ray Seventh Angel as mentioned in Revelations - He has been active since the Sixteenth Century when the Aquarian Age was in its infancy. Under the How, I would add that meditation is paramount in opening up the inner world where Hierarchy awaits the steadfast student who makes meditation a daily practice.

WHY was I born and WHY am I here?  Would be the next question that the Fifth Ray person would ask.  Again, it is a question that most Fifth Ray ponders when quite young, because of their questioning mind, they are not satisfied until they find the truth and again, this will lead them back through all the teachings until they find that most religions except for the Christian religion will speak about reincarnation - the coming into the world of form over and over again in order to learn and grow and expand in consciousness.  In fact, in the Third Century, at the Council of Nicene, it was decided that Jesus should be "the only begotten son of God" and therefore all information pertaining to Jesus' teaching on reincarnation, and the realization that we are all Sons and Daughters of God was discarded - it is only recently that we've had access to the "forgotten books" of the bible and found many errors pertaining to the women disciples and gospels written by women as well.
The reason that we are born and reborn again and again is that we were the light bearers who volunteered once we graduated from our schoolroom in the Seven Rays or Spheres surrounding the Sun - it was at that time that we had a choice either to remain within the Rays of the Physical Sun or incarnate upon a planet bringing with us a God quality that we had mastered while within the schoolroom.  The Divine Plan for each of us was to express that God quality or Ray and bring forth a creation that was an expression of God upon the planet.

As referenced before, once on the planet we were to spend two thousand years upon each Ray and within its radiation, either teaching, healing, creating and working with the angel devas and the elemental kingdom.  If we spent two thousand years on each Ray, in fourteen thousand years we were ready to ascend back to the Sun and our Father.  The first Three Root Races were perfect examples of the Divine Plan - they entered the planet, worked their Ray and Divine Plan and left at the end of the Seventh Ray Cycle.

Astroid Belt

This is the debris from the Planet Maldek that was destroyed by its people. The debris floats and is filled with Astroids that break away and sometimes even hit other planets including the Earth. 

But, there were other Universes and life on other planets.  One in particular,  Maldek, was advanced but were not aligned with God's plan and they destroyed their planet (see astroid belt) When the Great Council met it was decided to wipe out the people; but those representing planet Earth felt that they all could be saved if they incarnated with the Fourth Root Race here on Earth, which they did and instead of the Fourth Root race influencing them into the light; they brought all of their evil ways into play and the Fourth Root Race began to fall away from the light - since then eons have passed and there are still Fourth as well as Fifth Root Racers still here - not ascended back to God.

Ancient of Days and Son of Man (Jesus)

The Ancient of Days instructed Jesus over many lifetimes in preparation for His journey into His final mission on Earth - that as the 'Lamb of God" the Holy Sacrifice of giving His life for His brothers and sisters who had wandered far from home He would be a living blueprint of what a true disciple's life should be right up to His Ascension. He arrived on the Sixth Ray and now two thousand years later we have entered the Seventh Ray and we are now in the final journey that of Kali Yug, the great 'in breath of God' we've been called home and must now find our way back to God.  

The Prodigal Son

This is your history, mine and everyone here on Earth.  We are the actors in the parable of the Prodigal Son who wanders far away from  the Father and is now on his way home — a banquet is being prepared for his arrival as the Father awaits his Jesus instructed the apostles.

I think the When is appropriate now to bring into play in life's drama.  When will I find out everything concerning my former lives and when am I  going to Ascend so that I do not have to come in again, to suffer on the Wheel of Karma?  When will Jesus come?  

Meditation is the Key to Knowledge

To answer the first question When will I find out about my former lives, the answer is whenever you take the time each and every day to meditate upon yourself and your path - you must go into meditation with the thought prevalent within you mind and hold onto that thought as you go deeper into meditation, always ask permission from your Higher Self - 'Beloved I AM THAT I AM, please give me the information I seek concerning my former lives.  And what Karma was brought forth into this life to be faced and cleared within my Etheric Body'?  
Second, When is Jesus returning? - He has been prepared ever since He announced to the Great Council that He needed to come back into the Earth's atmosphere in the mid-1940's.  Ever since then, He and all of Hierarchy have been preparing the way for Him to enter the Earth's atmosphere.  

The Second Coming

According to Jesus, He will not be alone; but will be bringing His many Disciples as well as many of the Ascended Ones with Him.  He has asked that the World be at Peace when He enters and that has not happened, as there has been warfare sprouting up here and there throughout the planet since the end of WWII.  But His coming is very near for He hears the cries and pleas of mankind and knows that He must not delay too long. 

The following is the Prayer  He recited before the Council that He would like us all to say every day - He and all of Hierarchy are using this prayer to clear the way for his entrance into Earth's atmosphere:


From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth!

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men,
May Christ return to Earth!

From the center where the Will of God is known,
Let purpose guide the little wills of men - 
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men,
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

OM (3x's)

 Now my question to you is - Are you prepared for His coming?  Will you recognize Him when He enters the planet?  This is another question you can put to your Higher Self in Meditation - 'Beloved I AM Presence!
Let me be aware at all levels of Being of His Presence that I will know without a doubt that He is among us'. 

The Fifth Ray Person will be a Research Scientist, Healer,
Priest, Monk, Lama, Nurse, Psychologist, Doctor.

"To the Fifth Ray man the world's truth is the foundation of reality, and his search for knowledge is thus a religious activity founded essentially on faith.  Elsewhere I have formulated his creed as follow: " believe in the world as a place where truth can be  found; I believe in the human mind as an instrument for its discovery; and I believe that when it is discovered by man it will prove to be of benefit in his life." quote from Ernest Wood, Theosophist


My Third Eye Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Third Eye Chakra is the Purity God desires.
Fifth Ray -  Thursday - Color - Emerald Green

HIERARCHY The Elohim of the Fifth Ray:  Mighty Vista and Crystal

The Chohan:  Hilarion (was the Apostle Paul)

Ascended Master Hilarion

Chohan of the Fifth Ray
was the Apostle St. Paul

Archangels:  Raphael and Mother Mary

    Archangel Raphael                    Archangel Mary

Goddess of Truth:  Pallas Athena

Goddess of Truth -  Twin Flame of the
Maha Chohan

Fortuna Goddess of Supply:

Master of Healing and Supply

Prayers for the embodiment of the Fifth Ray:
From the Bridge of Freedom Let the Flames of Healing, consecration and concentration help me to bring Truth and Perfection.  I think Perfection! I feel Perfection! I speak Perfection! And I manifest only Perfection in my World!

Hierarchy we pray to every week:
From Violet Fire Circle
I call to the Elohim, Mighty Vista and Crystal, Fortuna, Goddess of Supply, Afra, Lanello, beloved Hilarion, Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, and the angels on the Healing Ray.

World Service Prayer
by Margaret Mary

I AM calling for the Christ Light to descend into our governments and financial institutions as well as our judicial systems throughout the World, making sure that the redistribution of wealth and the governing in every country is with integrity, honesty and by those who are trained on inner levels to bring Peace, Justice and Divine Government on Earth, as it is in heaven.

I AM calling for the Christ Light to Expand and Expand and Expand throughout all religions and spiritual teachings, until the mysteries are revealed and the reappearance of the Christ is once again on Earth. Do it today!  Do it to stay! Do it God's way!

I AM the light of the Christ in action everywhere and my Soul is that Christ light which is connected to every other Soul.  We are the light of the World.  We are the World Servers who will fulfill God's Plan on Earth.

(Here add any current event that needs prayers and name all those in your family, friends colleagues who need special prayers or insert prayers for personal healing.  Then finish with the completion of this mantra)

We kneel in our hearts this night before our three-fold flames in gratefulness and thankfulness for all that Hierarchy does for the children of earth, each and every day - answering our calls and multiplying them by the power of three times three and ten thousand by ten thousand until our planet is once again restored to its original pristine state.

We promise you beloved St. Germain that we will fill the Earth with the Violet Flame until this planet's axis is corrected and its keynote begins to resound throughout the Universe once more; and that at the end of this embodiment we can work closely with you and the Angels, Devas and the Elemental Kingdom.  This World Service is dedicated to our beloved Divine Mother and St. Germain, the Seventh Angel, who work continually for the Freedom of all Mankind and the raising of this planet into its original vibration and frequency.
And so it is (3x's)

OM (3x's)
End  5th Ray Lesson 3/8/17