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14-2014 -Beginning Class-The Chakras, Volume 1, Lesson 7 - September 23, 2014

The 3rd Chakra Represents 6th Ray,
Ministering, Peace, Resurrection,
Transfiguration,  10 Petals
Archangel Uriel & Donna Grace
Also Known as Navel Chakra
From Theosophia Practica
Johann Georg Gichtel who could actually
see these chakras in the Etheric Body







Placement of Chakras
From "The Chakras" Clairvoyant &
Theosophist, C.W. Leadbeater
Note how stems move from Spinal Cord to
the 7 Glands  within the physical body. These
Chakras are doorways to the Etheric Body that
surrounds the physical body - not to be confused with the aura.
Throughout the Body
Placement of Chakras throughout the Body
According to Gichtel
Gichtel was a Clairvoyant who could see these chakras

God is love, God is fire, God is energy or force and He expresses

it through His Children-all of the above.  He sends forth this energy through the

Etheric Body, which in turn disperses it through the Seven Sacred Centers or
Chakras and on into Nadir and nervous systems throughout the physical body.

Dr. Annie Besant writes as follows on the origin and relations of the sympathetic and cerebro-spinal systems in her book A Study in Consciousness.

"Let us see how the building of the nervous system, by vibratory impulses from the astral, begins and is carried on.   We find a minute group of nerve cells and tiny processes connecting them.  This is formed by the action of a center which has previously appeared in the astral body - an aggregation of astral matter arranged to form a center for receiving and responding to impulses from outside.  From that astral center vibrations pass into the etheric body, causing little etheric whirlpools which draw into themselves particles of denser physical matter, forming at last a nerve cell, and groups of nerve cells.  These physical centers receiving vibrations from the outer world, send impulses back to the astral centers increasing their vibrations, thus the physical and the astral centers act and re-act on each other, and each becomes more complicated and more effective.  As we pass up the animal kingdom, we find the physical nervous system constantly improving and becoming a more and more dominant factor in the body, and this first formed system becomes in the vertebrates, the sympathetic system, controlling and energizing the vital organs - the heart, the lungs, the digestive tract; beside it slowly develops the cerebro-spinal system, closely connected in its lower working with the sympathetic, and becoming more and more dominant,  while it also becomes in its most important development the normal organ for the expression of the "waking-consciousness".  This cerebro-spinal system is built up by impulses originating in the mental, not in the astral plane, and is only indirectly related to the astral through the sympathetic system, built up from the astral."

When dealing with the Solar Plexus Chakra working with the emotions of an individual is the challenge.  This Chakra is like a pendulum with every emotion it swings like the pendulum of the clock - back and forth - back and forth.  It is the most difficult chakra to keep in alignment with the I AM Presence.   

The organs that are associated with this Chakra have to do with metabolism - the spleen, the liver, gallbladder, adrenals, the whole process of digestion.  When a person become angry, this chakra swings way out of balance, causing indigestion, acid-reflex , bilious spells.  Because it is connected with the element of  water, it connects to the phases of the moon, which acts as a magnet to the element of water.  In the female, it connects with the time of birth of a baby, because of its pressure on water, more women give birth during the period of the full moon than any other time.

There's also a connection to this Chakra regarding "thought-forms" - we are told by hierarchy that thoughts are real and when an individual becomes angry and thinks thoughts of hatred towards another, there's like a "cloud that gathers within a town, a city and even a region of like-minded people who are all thinking terrible thoughts against a person, a race, a situation, again, like a magnet these thoughts all coalesce together and form a "CLOUD".  I will give you an example that many of us remember vividly.  From the first World War to the Second World War, there was a build-up of hatred within the country of Germany against a race at that time. Even though these Jewish people lived in Germany, they were not allowed to venture out from their ghettos or confined space allotted to them because they were not Christian. Many of these Jewish people were very well educated and were doctors, lawyers, writers, entertainers so they  were always able to provide for their families.  when Hitler came into power, he had a vendetta against the Jews - he blamed them for all of their problems, even though their own monachy spent all the peoples' money on wars and keeping the palaces heated, staffed and the royal families clothed and fed - while the common man starved.  As he came into power with his henchmen, he brought this  hatred of the Jews with him and expounded on their so-called misdeeds.  If you were a clairvoyant you could see this black cloud of hatred spread from one area of Germany to another until all but a few of the people of Germany were caught up in this cloud of hatred and then began the extraction of all Jews, the separation of families - fathers and mothers, boys and girls, all driven like cattle to their own annihilation at the various camps throughout Germany.  Do you know that even today, when you visit these sites, you can feel that  darkness - it's still there.  Remember, this is what wrong-thinking can develop into.  When certain people hate it manifests as this black cloud of evil and unless one can reverse his thinking, he will be pulled along and caught up within its evil cloud.

Because most of us are brought up to "love our neighbor as ourselves" we stop and recollect ourselves and most of us resolve not to get involved in hate and hate creation.  This chakra is the Chakra of the SUN and when it is aligned with the I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, there is little chance of even coming close to that dark cloud; so here's a little exercise you can do every morning upon awakening and before you begin your meditation for the day.  

Let the sacred sound abound,
Let the Christ in you resound,
See the Sun in you come through,
As you make the sound anew,

First, see the Chakra in your head,
Now see the Sun shining there instead,
Know that God in you abides,
Let it roll out like the tides.

The Sixth Ray of the Solar Plexus
The VI Ray, the Ray of Devotion, Peace and Ministration from "The Seven Rays Made Visible by Helen S. Burmester from the teachings of the Tibetan and A.A.Bailey

"This Ray is a stream of energy that is transmitted to our solar system by way of Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.  Thee energies of this triangle of constellations pour at present into our solar and planetary life especially through Sagittarius as the sign produces the focussed, one-pointed effort of the world aspirant.  Its planetary expression is primarily the sacred planet Neptune.  This Ray- force of idealism and devotion, together with the second Ray of Love-Wisdom is considered a true and vital expression of the divine nature. 'A militant focussing upon the ideal, a one-pointed devotion to the intent of the life urge, and a divine sincerity are the qualities of this Lord, and they set their impress upon all that is found within His body of manifestation.'  There is a certain mystical relationship between Ray II, Ray IV and Ray VI.  Ray VI is the reflection of Ray II and Ray IV of Harmony through Conflict brings about through suffering and pain the transmutation of love and devotion on lower levels to the purified, unselfish, and inclusive love and devotion on soul levels.
Within the sixth ray energy are the powers that help us to transmute glamour, which is so prominent on the astral plane, into the clear light of the intuition, when the mind has purified the emotions. Under sixth ray influences we learn to transform our selfish and personal motivations for service to the unselfish, impersonal devotion and service to higher values and for the good of all".  

Jesus was Chohan of the VI Ray before becoming a World Teacher.  His whole life was an example of the VI Ray.  He made the ultimate sacrifice by coming into the planet to minister to mankind, through His teachings and by His example, we can see a life of unselfish and inclusive love and devotion on a soul level.   He gave His life so that  we could be Free.  Through His suffering and pain he Transmuted his physical presence into the Christ light and through His Transfiguration and Resurrection He Ascended back into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Every step of the way He showed by His very life the Way, the Truth and the Divine Life of the Disciple of  the Father.

The Master Jesus

The Ascended Master Jesus Christ was
Chohan of the VI Ray of Peace and Ministration
He is also known as the "Princ

e of Peace"
Ascended Lady Master Nada

Ascended Lady Master Nada
Chohan of the VI Ray and
Attorney on the Karmic Board

Ascended Lady Master Nada is currently Chohan of the Sixth Ray and assists the Goddess of Justice, Portia, and Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy on the Karmic Board.  She has long been associated with Lord and Lady Meru, who will be bringing in the Seventh Root Race in South American.  She volunteered to become Chohan when Jesus was raised to World Teacher in the nineteen fifties.  Her symbol is a "rose".  She was a chela under the Archangel Charity the complement of Chamuel on the III Ray of Active Intelligence.

During the past  2000 years the sixth ray influences have strongly colored our civilization and religious life.  It is now passing away.  The influence of the sixth ray is seen in the Mystic and Devotee in the various religious sects that have sprung up all over the planet and on the dark side we see the sixth ray as the fanatics, bigots, gangsters, dictators, warmongers, plus many more but we are now looking at an overview of both sides of the sixth ray and its influence.

St. Germain is the Master for the Aquarian Age - the Age of Freedom (7th Ray) which began to have its influence in the eighteenth century with the Industrial Revolution,the inventions of Aquarius are both for water and air which is its dual nature.  We can name just a few - electricity, submarines, telegraph, telephone, airplanes, jet airlines, space ships, radio, television, computers, underwater cables, FAX, internet, satellites and etc.  Plus Freedom of religion and freedom of speech plus freedom to explore ancient as well as arcane knowledge that was not available until this Age.

Now let us journey with the buddha down from the heart chakra and into the ten petals of the Chakra of the Sun.  As we become seated within its Ruby and Gold petals we let the Christ within us sound the AUM    AUM      AUM.
This brings the chakra into balance so that we can go the work of cleansing.

God Harmony!
God Harmony!
God Harmony!

OM TAT SAT OM (3x's)

I AM THAT I AM  (3x's)

My Solar Plexus Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,
My Solar Plexus Chakra is the purity God desires. (12x's)

My Solar Plexus Chakra is a Chakra of Ruby Gold Fire,
My Solar Plexus Chakra is the purity God desires. (12x's)

I AM the Flame of Resurrection,
Blazing God's pure light through me,
Now I AM raising every atom,
From every shadow I AM Free!

I AM the Light of God's full Presence,
I am living ever Free,
Now the Flame of Life Eternal,
Rises up to Victory!  (3x's)

Peace Be Still and Know that I AM God! 
Peace Be Still and Know that I AM God!
Peace Be Still and Know that I AM God!

End of Chakra 3, Vol. 1, Lesson 7, - 9/23/14


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