Saturday, December 17, 2016

52-2016 -First Ray - A Visit From Archangel Michael


Michael!  Michael!   Michael!  Lord of the Archangels!
From the earnest souls of men does gratitude arise!
For Thy Heavenly Presence, let all Earth adore Thee -
Of Light's Perfection for all men to see!

Michael!  Michael!  Michael! Let defending Angels
From Thy Heavenly Legions, flood Earth and sky and sea,
Purify, illumine, guard the God-free concept
Of Light's Perfection for all men to see!

Gabriel and Raphael, Jophiel and Uriel,
Chamuel and Zadkiel and all the Hosts of Light -
Cherubim and Seraphim from the heights of Glory
Rend human veils - stand forth to human sight!

Hymn from: "Holy! Holy! Holy! Key of E Flat

I have come to earth today so that you can become acquainted with me. I have six other brothers who will also visit with you and  explain to you what our Rays mean as well as what is our role in the Divine Plan. 

Archangel Michael and the Achii Faith
First Ray - Protecting All Mankind with Their Blue Legions
I Am Michael the Archangel and my beloved complement is called Faith - we are truly the guardians of your planet Earth
Archangel Michael
Guardian and Protector
Many times I have come  to your Earth both in the role of protector as well as a messenger from the Most High God. I like to think of  my role as messenger as the one who conveys the news from the heavenly realms to certain people dwelling upon your Earth.  In the role of Messenger, I took the personality of Mercury - thus the wings on my cap & feet.

Mercury the Roman God of Messengers
(Archangel Michael)

The role of messenger has recently been given to others from our realm; but I still like to come every so often especially when Archangel Mary, the Mother of Jesus, decides to appear somewhere on the planet.  Before she makes an appearance I, with my legions of Blue Army Angels clear the way, making sure that the area is cleansed and purified before she appears.  We then form a path of light that facilitates Mother Mary's journey from the Etheric Plane into the Physical Plane - your Earth.

Our Lady, Mother Mary
Accompanied by Angels 

There are many stories about  me especially in the Book of Daniel when Archangel Gabriel tried several times to pass through the "Astral Plane" in order to reach Daniel. He finally asked for my help and I cut through the miasma of density and darkness  that at that time completely engulfed your  planet in darkness.
I was there at the birth of Jesus as well as at the tomb during the Resurrection and again at his Ascension forty days later.  Many of you were living during this time as well. 

The Birth of Christ

The Ascension of Christ

The reason the  Seven Archangels are coming forth at this time is quite simple, we want you to know who we are and we want you to know how we serve God each and every day. Mainly, we work within  the Universe and travel extensively from the Great Central Sun known to you as Alcyone that is located in the Milky Way to your Physical Sun located 
in Orion's Arm (see illustration below). 

The Universe within 50,000 Light Years
The Milky Way Galaxy containing 200 billion stars
A Spiral Universe this is our Universe
Both our Physical Sun and The Great Central Sun are found here.

We look like you but are not like you.  What does this mean?  Well, first of all, we are much larger  than you in size and have lived for eons upon this Universe as well as others that have passed on in the last Manvantara.  Like your elder brothers the Holy Kumaras, we have existed and volunteered to serve Alpha/Omega our Father/Mother God for billions of years - that's correct - I said for billions of years.  Because we are ethereal in make-up, we are immortals.  Now the nephlim who came down to earth in the 6th verse of Genesis were from another planet within another galaxy and their universe was much farther from the physical  sun than you  are;  therefore, they were also known as the immortals but they did eventually expire because they were still in flesh bodies - the difference between them and you is  that as their planet encircled the sun at a much greater length of time  3600 years represented just one year for them .  You can imagine how  strange it would have been to realize that these immortals lived for a few eons instead of 900 years like Methuselah and he was part of them but still human in nature.At the time of Adam people lived almost to a 1000 years, the DNA was shortened after the flood in Noah's time to four score and twenty years - this is still standard today - people are living longer but none have reached the ages they lived back then.  The difference has to do with our Earth being so close to the physical sun and can encircle it in 365 days rather than 3600 days so a year in the life of a mortal is 365 days  while a year to the Nephlim was 3600 days.
The other difference is that our bodies are composed of ether and we can take on a flesh body if there is a need.  For instance Raphael wrestled with Tobias and Uriel appeared to Jesus in the Garden, while Gabriel appeared to both Mary's father the Rabbi and also to Mary to announce that she would carry the child Emanual or Jesus. When Abraham's wife threw her servant and son out of the tent to wander in the desert,  Archangel Gabriel appeared to them.
So unlike you, who have bodies made of flesh and blood and framed in bones; our bodies are made of light substance and they emit radiant light energy like the lights you place on your Christmas Trees remind me of our bodies; but unlike your lights our bodies are very flexible and everlastingly durable.  The fallen angels were stationed in the atmosphere of Earth and found favor with the human women and had children with them.  They produced the Titan Race which were giants ranging from ten to twenty feet.  They caused the great downfall of mankind and were finally removed.
Giant Head Found in Middle East
Part of the Nephlim (See Genesis Chapter VI concerning Giants)

The physical body of the sun of your system has a Causal Body similar to your own causal body.  The Causal Body consists of a series of seven  concentric rings surrounding 
it. See illustration below:


Through your own Free Will, you had made a choice to enter the Earth and express your Divine Talent while here.  You were told to enter the First Ray (which is my Ray) and to spend as much time as you like; and when you were ready to move on to the next Ray you would enter the Second Ray - many stayed upon the First Ray and never entered the Earth Plane; but those that made the choice had to experience each one of the Seven Rays in order to find out what their Talent was, so that when they entered the planet they were prepared to express that Ray of God upon the Earth by creating something that would express a part of God on Earth. So my Ray is the First Ray known as the Will of God or the Will to Good and those that reside upon this ray are concerned with governing, protecting, policing, marketing.  Many become the leaders of countries, of large corporations, of high ranking officers serving in a leadership capacity as a General, Colonel, Captain - always one who leads others.
Now you can better understand why I'm often called upon to lead the way, to protect a country, a situation, or to work incognito behind the scenes with governments always working towards the good of all.  The negative side of this Ray is those who wield power as a Dictator, many incarnate over and over again to manipulate and bend the laws in favor of their views always with the eye on the almighty dollar that is their God.  Sad to say  that when they are finally caught, they commit suicide rather than try to make amends.  They no longer have their God and can't live without their money, fame and power.

Now, I'm going to reveal to you a secret.  You also have a body that is exactly like ours.  Although you cannot see it right now, there will come a time when you will see it and when that time comes you will no longer want the heavy flesh body of Earth and you will no longer wish to reincarnate on the Planet.  You are ready to move to a higher vibration, to a higher dimension and become a living Avatar or Solar Angel.  See Illustration below:
The Solar Angel or
Holy Christ Self
This is the Avatar/ the Mahatma
The Christed One
The Resurrected Body
The Ascended Masters have remained in these bodies so that they can continue to help mankind.  They
have not made the final ascension into their I AM Presence. This is called the Great Sacrifice.

This Christed Body is much larger than your physical body and it is very much like ours - it will never grow old, never get sick and always be filled with light.  We call this body your "Spiritual Self or Holy Christ Self that looks like you; but has passed all the initiations and is resurrected into the golden flame.  Like me, this Solar Angel acts like a messenger or go-between the Higher Self and your own physical body another name for it is the Soul.  This Holy Christ Self is situated somewhere between twenty five and fifty feet above your physical body.  It can be quite close to you when you are in meditation and it moves rapidly away when you willingly put yourself out of alignment with your higher bodies through drugs, alcohol and diabolical acts.

Up until the Fourth Root Race eons ago mankind was completely enveloped within the Higher Self. Once the Separaton occurred, The Father sent the Solar Angel to become the mediator between man and his own Higher Self.  Remember, several things occurred at that time, the neflin arrived after blowing up their planet and made great changes in the Earth.  Also, the fallen angels were sent into the atmosphere of Earth and gradually over a period of time brought about the separation of the Three Upper Bodies from the Three  lower bodies this is known also as the Fall from Grace.  As we drifted further and further from our own I AM Presence, we became what is known as the Prodical Son who wandered far and wide from the Father's home.  Now the Divine Mother has made the call and our Souls are urging us to make the homeward journey.

We as your guardian angels of the Race of Man are working in many areas of the globe as your planet goes through its transition.  It must reach a certain point in vibration in order to catch up with all the other planets in your Universe.  Your axis is one of the areas that we are currently working on with the elemental kingdom.  Your "Key Note" must begin to sound once more and many among you are making the calls  through World Prayer and Group Meditation.  Your calls give us the permission necessary to complete the tasks that must be aligned with the Divine Plan for mankind and your planet at this time.  My Brothers will also be giving you information on our current activities which are many and varied.

May the blessings of the Father, Mother and Holy Spirit fill you with joy, peace and the Will to Good in all your endeavors in the coming year.  May you enjoy the Sacred Holiday and honor the King of King who gave His life as a blueprint that will bring you home at last into the bosom of your Father/Mother God.
May there be Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Mankind,

Archangel Michael
M.F. 12/17/16

Thursday, July 7, 2016

51-2016 - Part 2- Our New World - 7/4/2016

Last week the fact that our "ancestors" have arrived within the Solar Plane or Atmic Plane and are working from that space with our Hierarchy.  We talked a bit about the PLAN and what was happening during this transitional period - yet, we also need to realize that in a very short period of time with the tremendous push coming from other solar systems in cooperation with ours, there's been unbelievable progress in the building of the New Jerusalem.

Back in January, I published a letter written by Master D.K. to his students a few years ago - in it He was talking about the transition and the PLAN:  I have taken excerpts from this letter for your perusal:


From the point of Light within the Mind of God,
Let light stream forth into the minds of men,
Let Light descend to earth. 

From the point of Love within the Heart of God,
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men,
May Christ return to Earth

From the center where the Will of God is know,
Let purpose guide the little wills of men,
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men,
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out ,
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power
Restore the Plan on Earth.
OM      OM        OM

"During this world transition period, an increasing amount of energy is flowing into human consciousness from a variety of sources.  And as the Great Invocation* is an instrument for assisting this inflow, it's perhaps not surprising that "the primary result of the correct use of the Great Invocation (as far as humanity is concerned) is acceleration." Energy is being converted into activity at an alarming rate, and ironically, this may be an indication that this world prayer is being used effectively.  Many people comment that in today's world, there is a sense of time flying by and things spinning out of control. (Like we're on a merry-go-round that's spinning out of control -mf) .  Crises are piling up relentlessly on a national and international level; world karma is intensifying and both the higher and the lower aspects of human nature are being stimulated as never before.

Note: D.K. explains that the "Great Invocation" has helped to accelerate the increase and flow of energy into the human consciousness. He also states that this energy is being "converted into activity at an alarming rate".  We  see this as positive as well as negative action in both the human and the nature kingdoms.  All around us we're experiencing extreme weather patterns in areas  that have never experienced such natural disasters before. This same energy is shifting the consciousness of people all over the globe.  Partly because of the shift from the Piscean Era (last 2000 years) and the movement towards Aquarius  that has been steadily manifesting it's energy for the past 200 years.  

We are also seeing an increase in evil in the World and this is "a fact of life "in that where ever we have great light we will also experience great darkness".  In other words, whenever we increase the light the darkness (cabal) knows that their days are numbered and they plan on taking as many people with them as possible. Yes, their days are done, they have no power (and this should be our Mantra from now on):
Do this 9-15 or 36 times every time you hear of an act of terror.

Last  week we saw evil in the way the bankers and mortgage brokers raped the American middle class of their homes, their jobs and their lives.  We also know that many of the CEO's and brokers have taken their own lives rather than stand up and take responsibility for their actions and/or turn their lives around and begin to serve mankind rather than steal their hard earned money.

But, I want you to also be aware of the good news.  For far too long we've allowed everyone else to run our lives, whether it is the Priest, the Rabbi, the Minister or the Iman, all talking hell-fire and damnation, instead to telling us about the "New Day Coming and that God is a Loving God -   that He/She is not responsible for everything bad that happens to us.  It's our own KARMA returning as quoted in the bible that "every jot and tiddle" must be accounted for before entering the Kingdom of Heaven.  The increase in light is igniting the "Flame of Freedom" within the consciousness of everyone right here and right now.  No longer can we except the status quo, we're looking for TRUTH and finding that it lies deep within us at the very center of our hearts. "MAN KNOW THYSELF" as written on the ancient temple is our quest, because we first must have an understanding of who we are and what our purpose is for existing at this particular time.

  Suddenly people are not passive and accepting of who's who in running our government.  They have showed up in massive rallies demanding that their voices be heard not only here in the USA but also in Europe and elsewhere.  Even the evil that's being perpetrated in the Middle East is a vicious cry for recognition to those who have been mowed over time and again by one regime after another -mf

"To many this picture seems bleak but seen with the "inner eye" a different picture emerges.  Through the leadership of the "New Group of World Servers", the will-to-good and goodwill are flourishing as never before - everywhere enlightened thinkers are inspiring humanity with a vision that is full of hope. And it is through the energy that this group wield that the problem of acceleration will be ameliorated through the steady transference of speed into harmonious motion.  This process translates the rajasic quality of mental/emotional/physical substance into the rhythm and harmony of sattva***.  As this transpires,  more enlightened human consciousness will steadily gain control of time and space."

The New Group of World Servers are those who are working throughout the world for peace and goodwill for all.  By meditation, prayer and service these devoted souls give their energy and love/wisdom to bring about peace and freedom everywhere - not only the human race but also all those within the nature kingdom.
When the Master speaks of "speed into harmonious motion" He refers to the problems of humanity (and there are many believe me). and how the NGWS work with Hierarchy on the various problems throughout the World.  Whether it's poverty, starvation, religious freedom, racial injustice, bigotry, separateness, nationalism, communism, various groups and organizations like the Red Cross, Red Crescent, United Nations, UNICEF, Salvation Army, and many, many more are now working within these countries including our own, to alleviate the suffering of humanity.  It's because of these devoted souls that Hierarchy can state that the steady transference of speed into harmonious motion is occurring at an accelerate rate - even Hierarchy was surprised at how quickly things began to turn around once people began working in groups.  They found that working in groups multiplied the light and increased the benefits to all concerned. 

When  he Master D.K. speaks of "Sattva" He is explaining that all those who serve mankind in this capacity bring about a "State of Bliss" a raising of the consciousness of the Servers as well as the consciousness of all those they contact. -mf

"An advanced stage of this process is described in J. H. Woods' commentary on one of the yoga sutras of Patanjali:  ***"When freed from obscuration by impurity, the sattva of the thinking-substance, the essence of which is light, has pellucid steady flow not overwhelmed by the rajas and the tamas.  This is the clearness."  Alice A. Bailey adds that "there is an interesting analogy between the inertia (or tamas) aspect of matter and the condition of the bodies of the yogi when in the highest samadhi.  Then the sattvic or rhythmic motion is so complete that to the eye of the average man a condition of quiescence is achieved which is the sublimation of the  tamasic or inert condition of the densest substance."
Comment by MF:  A sattvic state is attained when the four lower bodies are held still by the Will.  These four lower bodies keep us in Tamasic or inertia (unable to move into the light of sattva - when you say entering meditation "PEACE BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD" -The God in you, shuts down all four bodies allowing a stillness to take over the space - it is here that the VOICE OF THE
SILENCE" can be heard and the inner and upper light shines within and around you.

While this sutra concerns the individual  yogi, the process also applies to the world situation and is the basis of the unfolding Plan for humanity.  The Tibetan writes, "the Plan as at present sensed, and for which the masters are steadily working, might be defined as follows:  It is the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time.  It will make available to every man all past achievements and knowledges, it will reveal to man the true significance of his mind and brain and make him the master of that equipment and will make him therefore omnipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience."*

These comments open up a rich field of thought on human destiny and the leadership role and responsibilities of esoteric groups.  It highlights the need for those undergoing esoteric training to work towards that continuity of consciousness between the outer and inner realms which to date has not proceeded as the Hierarchy had hoped.

Let the group strive towards that subjective synthesis and
telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time

As mentioned in last month's letter, the challenge of our times is to seek that stillness and poise, in the midst of all the clamor of our times, wherein a telepathic sensitivity to the vibrations of the various grades of hierarchical workers is attained.  As we move into the New Year, may the group be inspired with the insight and illumination needed for the work ahead."

Normally, I would not put information like the above out to be digested by the public; but we have been so stressed and overburdened in every area of our lives that it was like a gift sent to show us that those of Hierarchy who are diligently working behind the scenes and can see the "whole picture" see this situation as a great step forward - that the very stress that we are undergoing is forcing us from inertia Tamas into suttva that state of activity while in bliss, in other words, subjugating the three lower bodies mental, emotional and etheric/physical and working from the highest mental plane or jiva - that of the Solar Angel or Soul also known as the Holy Christ Self, mediator between the Monad, or I AM or Higher Self and our three lower bodies that reside in the third dimension.

The Solar Angel
The Soul that dwells at  approx. 23-25 feet above your head
The Mediator between the Upper Triad i.e.
Monad/Causal Body/Holy Christ Self
and The Lower Triad i.e.
Mental/Emotional/Etheric/Physical Bodi

Although we are not at that stage of telepathic dialogue with Hierarchy, we now have the opportunity, if we can control our three lower bodies, to reach that state of consciousness wherein, we are in alignment with the Solar Angel.  In the beginning classes I stated that the Soul/Solar Angel/Holy Christ Self reside about 23-25 feet above our physical body - this state of consciousness was created after the separation during the fourth root race, when we moved away from our Higher Selves to experience the lower planes.  Remember as we moved away from our Higher Selves so did our planet move on its elliptical course away from the great light giver, Helios and Vesta of our physical Sun.  So you could say that we became more dense as the planet cooled and moved further from the light.  We continued to "fall" or separate and our bodies that were once etheric and more gaseous, now became more solid and covered with a skin (or flesh).  The Seven Chakras that now dwell within our etheric body that's attached to our physical body, connect to seven areas within the spinal cord (see more information in the Chakra Lessons) were once visible. 

Over  the past two thousand years our planet has been drawn back along its elliptical course into the light of the Sun once more.  As we progress closer to our God Parents, Helios & Vesta, we  want to shed this denser body (like the snake sheds its skin) and we feel a great desire to re-connect with our own Higher Selves.  Of course, this was all predicted within the new testament when Jesus told the story of the Prodical Son who wandered far and away from the Home of his Father but the call has gone forth for his return and he is finding his way back and the Father prepares a feast for him..."
Well, we're the wanderers who've been away for millions of years, so long, in fact, that we've forgotten who we are.  We've been gone so long and we've moved so far away from our own Higher Selves, that most of Humanity are unaware that we're made up of seven bodies physical/etheric, emotional, mental, soul, causal body, Higher Self - all operating simultaneously at different levels, vibrations and within various planes of matter.

What the Tibetan was conveying to us in the above letter to his students is that we've been asleep and now we are beginning to awaken.  Think about having your feet go to sleep from sitting too long and when you try and wake them up, at first they are numb (inertia or Tamas) then there a prickling sensation letting us know that we're not quite dead, and suddenly our feet are back to normal and we're very happy to know that it wasn't a permanent condition.  Well we're in the prickly stage right now, and it's much more unpleasant than a mere foot, because the whole planet is involved.  We can definitely say that things are stressful at the individual, community, national and international levels at the present time.  You can't turn on the TV without some crazy person taking over a school, a business or an event and wanting to commit some act of revenge or terror depending upon the situation; but the fact of the matter is that as our planet undergoes the increase in frequency, vibration and light, we are also undergoing the same within our seven bodies.  This is wonderful if you're connecting with spirit in all planes, within all bodies and that you have been aligning yourselves with the Solar Angel and then with the Higher Self then you can consider yourself in sattva, (bliss) no longer concerned with what's happening in the world of form, but loving your brothers and sisters enough  that you turn from the light to lift them out of their misery through prayer and service and especially through brotherly love.  This is what the New Group of World Servers is all about - also the men and women of goodwill, who are unaware that they are also working with Hierarchy but are not part of any of the ashrams or Arcane Schools, just good citizens of the world, wanting to help  their fellowman.  The Hierarchy changed much of the way they interacted with mankind when they discovered that there were so many souls who just wanted to serve others and so they dissolved the Master/Disciple relationship and formulated group service.  Since the 1930's and '40's we have made giant steps forward by working as a group, serving mankind through group prayer, meditation and service - but mainly serving as mediators between Hierarchy and mankind.  In the group, there are no leaders, each soul is connected to his brother/sister souls and when coming together they form what is known as a "group soul" - thus they are a working force of light connected directly with Hierarchy".  
Our Group has a World Service that prays for the whole World and for every condition happening within and on the planet every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m.  We also pray for all those who need help and healing-.  Anyone interested in joining us can go to our google site - and you'll find the World Service on the right-hand side - just click on it to download a copy of the prayers (there are 29 pages and it takes about 1 hour from 6:30-7:30p.m.-MF

Thursday, June 30, 2016

50-2016 -OUR NEW WORLD - 7/1/2016

For the past two years I've been bringing you along the path of discipleship so that you could choose through your own free will whether this teaching is giving you the spiritual education that you need in order to move forward into the New Jerusalem that is being built right along side of the old Piscean world that is slowly crumbling and falling away.  How do we know that this is a reality? Let's look at the world as we see it today compared with say, ten years or even fifteen years ago.

The first thing that I will note is that today the Pope is making great changes within the financial, economic and infrastructure of the Catholic Church.  He eats and sleeps not in the vatican but in the domicile that belongs to all those who serve.  At any given day you will find him making sandwiches along with everyone else in the kitchen.  This Pope is not afraid to speak out on global warming, terrorism, redistribution of wealth (which he has chastised his cardinals, bishops and priests worldwide to let go of their mansions, their  large holdings and give the money to the poor where it belongs).  By example and by right action, this Pope is definitely one of the disciples that we've been waiting for to enter the planet at this time.

The financial situation in the world has reached the stage where people everywhere on planet Earth are rising up and demanding equal rights to the wealth that is only enjoyed by the 1% of humanity who are and have been for millions of years, controlling the entire world and, we, who are living in this world have been sadly manipulated for thousands of years by these same selfish greedy individuals, who incarnate and intermarry over and over again forming a cabal that keeps the majority of people in slavery while they bask in the treasure trove of ill-gotten gains taken from the labor of the middle and lower classes.
Let's see what we've been accomplishing that will make the re-distribution of wealth a reality within our world ...... "U.S. and Regulators Investigating Banks Manipulating Foreign Exchanges.... BENJAMIN LAWSKY  is seeking documents from some of the biggest banks in foreign exchange trading, including Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Barclays, according to reports, as a global probe into possible market manipulation widens, the UK Telegraph reported".

The US Justice Department is pushing Wall St. banks to plead guilty to criminal charges that they manipulated the  prices of foreign currencies in the $5.3 trillion-a-day currency markets. NOTE these banks paid out $110 billion in fines but no jail time no real punishment for the bankers - yet, there day is not yet done, for they will be called to pay and  removed in the very near future. mf
MARTIN WHEATLEY, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF BRITAIN'S FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY, said recently that his watchdog group's probe could extend into 2016 and that the allegations it is looking into are "every bit as bad" as the Libor manipulation scandal.

Statements of Key Financial Leaders
.Janet Yellen,  the new chair-woman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, is aligned with the
Values of the Light Alliance*, but is not fully aware yet of the plan and what is unfolding.  She will be informed, and will align with it.  Her recent statements indicate she is very concerned about unemployment and its impact on families.
Christine Lagards, Director of the IMF, is aware of some aspects of the plan for financial reform and is cooperating with the Light Alliance.  In a recent speech in London, Lagards said, "We need a financial system for the 21st century...where the global good prevails...With financial oversight that is effective in clamping down on execs, while making sure credit gets to where it is most needed.  We need a new 21st century multilateralism to get to grips with big-ticket items like climate change and inequality.  On  these issues, no country can stand alone." *

Jim Kim, President of the World Bank, is moving the bank in the right direction. He is aware of the plan for financial reform in a general outline, but not the details. He recently told Arianna Huffington, "Many people can benefit from meditation." He also said he was pleased to hear that the World Economic Forum had made income inequality one of its priorities this year.  He also pointed out the Oxfam report that concluded that the top 85 people in the world control as much wealth as the bottom half of the population.  "that's as stark as it gets," he said.
Ban Ki Moon,  Seretary -General of the UN, was under the influence of the cabal, but is now mostly aligned with the Light Alliance, and he knows the plan* to a large degree.

(NOTE:*  These above statements come from the book The Transfiguration of Our World- How a Light Alliance is Transforming darkness and creating a new Earth [this book is written by Gordon Asher Davidson, who is a High Disciple of the Master D. K. )

The Plan is unfolding as we speak - D.K. remarked on the plan since the 1930's; but because the Black Lodge had such a hold on the people of Earth for such a long time, it looked like we were going to be waiting a long time for the "Great Day" to arrive - well, after WWII, 50% of those belonging to the Dark Lodge were removed, and recently, the solar lords have met in the council chambers within the Great Central Sun and have made the decision to move ahead - they also welcomed the great beings of our ancestry, from other galaxies who have moved far beyond the Earth, to re-enter and assist the Hierarchy, Archangels and Angels with the Transmutation, Transformation and Transfiguration of our World. - This group is called the Light Alliance - made up of the Angels, Archangels, Hierarchy, and those great Solar Lords like Mighty Victory, Surya, Omritas, those from the Pleiades, Sirius, Alycone and Orions Belt and including the Seven Holy Kumaras (our direct ancestors, the Pitras (2nd Root Race) all forming  the Light Alliance; and they have been working with the increase of frequencies within our planet - in fact our planet is already moving at an accelerated pace and is already shifting both the axis as well as the plates along the Ring of Fire.  We will still continue to have severe weather patterns and earth changes until mankind realizes that it is their thought- forms that create havoc within the elemental kingdom building up pressure until the elementals shake off the burden mankind has placed upon the earth.

 As for ourselves, we can see people now standing up for what they believe in every country. The cry for a better life, without poverty, homelessness, relocation, migration and terrorism is being heard and the Light alliance is removing and breaking up the remaining members of the Black Lodge, as they are removed to other planets or finally move back into the light, we will see major changes concerning money, finances, food and this brings us to the "Day of Revelation".

Before we can discuss the Day of Revelation, we now need to Transmute, Transform and Transfigure our own four lower bodies.  How do we connect to this Light Alliance?  We need to align ourselves to the light.  We need to spend each day moving and gathering the great light and love rays that are now inundating and bombarding our Earth.  These powerful Rays are coming from our Ancestors who are very powerful and highly evolved beings.  They want us to re-connect to our source and that takes meditation and concentration, setting aside time to work on oneself before helping others; you are responsible for your physical, emotional, etheric, mental and spiritual bodies.  You need to  become determined to align yourself with your Higher Selves on a daily basis.  I have the required meditation to align yourselves; but you then must concentrate upon receiving the Atmic Light from the Atmic Plane that is being projected to us at this time.

"The Transition from Molecular to atomic substance in the physical/etheric, emotional and mental bodies of the unawakened individual are usually made up of atoms of the lower sub planes.  This depends on the focus of his/her previous lives, and the degree to which spiritual aspiration  to a pure and higher life has been present. The substance of the atoms of the lower sub-planes are vibrating at a slower, heavier more grounded frequency.

As you practice your spiritual intention for being more loving, harmless and giving, higher, fourth sub plane substance is built into your bodies.  The fourth sub plane is the mediating plane between the three lower and three higher sub planes and is a doorway into the higher.  It has the bridging function of opening a gateway into higher frequency and more lighted atomic substance.  When atomic substance permeates the molecular atom's vibration, it raises it into the frequency of those lighter atomic vibrations.  This happens as the atomic frequency gradually becomes the core energetic note of the substance of the bodies. This is often called "building the light body" in spiritual teachings.  This is the process carried out through transmutation, transformation and transfiguration, and is currently underway for earth and all lives upon it.  When atomic substance begins to influence and ultimately becomes primary, all the great gifts so admired by humanity ... charisma, radiance, artistic genius, inventive thought and universal compassion - become present, resulting in true lighted beings who contribute in powerful ways to the unfolding of the plan".  (From The Transfiguration of Our World by Gordon Asher Davidson.

Please note in the chart where the Atmic Plane is in reference to where we are and realize how fortunate we are that our prayers are being answered at the very highest Plane before the Plane wherein reside our Father/Mother God. Note:  We are located below the Physical Permanent Atom at the bottom of sheet across from Physical Plane.

   The Rays  that are saturating us at this time are the Triune Flames of the Father/Mother God - 1st Flame - Color Blue -The Will of God
          2nd   "            "    Pink - The Love of God
          3rd    "           "    Gold - The Wisdom of God

These two pictures serve to give you something to visualize as you  bring these Rays into your awareness.


I  visualize each of my bodies as a balloon filled partially with water (see example)
The Emotional Body

The Etheric Body

The Physical Body

The Four Lower Bodies
(Nesting like the Russian Dolls)

The Mental Body

Now there's a mantra we do to clear the 4-Lower Bodies with the violet flame and I will also give you this illustration so that you can quickly release the CAUSE, EFFECT, RECORD AND MEMORY OF ALL YOUR PAST MISDEEDS&MISTHOUGHTS.

The Mental Body Enveloped in Violet Flame
Say the following mantra 15 x's
My mental body is a body of Violet Fire,
My mental body is the purity God desires.

The Emotional Body Enveloped in Violet Fire
Say the following mantra  15x's
My Emotional Body is a body of Violet Fire,
My Emotional Body is the purity God desires.

The Etheric Body Enveloped in Violet Fire
Say the following mantra 15x's
My Etheric Body is a body of Violet Fire
My Etheric Body is the purity God desires.

The Physical Body Enveloped in Violet Fire
Say the following mantra 15x's
My Physical Body is a body of Violet Fire
My Physical Body is the purity God desires.

Then you should see all 4 Lower Bodies nested together
Like the Russian Dolls and say the following
mantra  15x's
I am a Being of Violet Fire
I am the Purity God Desires.

Once you've cleansed your 4 lower bodies you should enter the Heart Chakra and look upward toward your third eye(which is located at the center of the forehead between the eyebrows) and call for the light to wash down over your Mental Body - you could even
make a mantra out of it by saying:

My mental body is a body of 
Atmic Fire
My mental body is the purity God Desires (15x's)

Do this for each succeeding body  and then
say "I AM a Being of Atmic Fire
I AM the Purity God desires. (15x's)

The next lesson will have more about the coming changes and also preparation of the Day of Revelation. MF
Please note:  
Some information given above comes from the book by Gordon Asher Davidson The Transfiguration of our World: How a Light Alliance is transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth. with comments and illustrations and mantras by Margaret.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

49-2016 -Violet Fire Circle: THE LIGHT OF THE SOUL, Vol. Part 3 2016/6/22


 We will now continue to talk about Light, Love and Soul, of course all contained within the heart of the Father. " And God said:  Let there be Light!...
The fiery essence of the universe can be known as Life itself, or as the"self-shining Light", or it can be known as the active form inherent in the one substance which underlies all phenomena - (P. 611 -" A Treatise on White Magic by Alice A. Bailey")

Here we see  that God utilized the fiery essence of the universe to bring forth the light.  This "fiery essence" also known as "FOHAT" is what today's scientists working in Quantum Physics understand to be "THE FIELD" or concerned with  the process involving atoms and protons.  When one speaks of the "World Soul" again, we see the FIELD with the "STRING THEORY" or that all life is connected by a string, from soul to soul also known as the ANTAKARANA OF THE DIVINE MOTHER IN THE EAST. THIS TRULY IS THE SUBSTANCE WOVEN INTO ALL PHENOMENA. -MF

By means of the eye of vision, the spiritual man contacts the soul within all forms and the spiritual eye registers the illumination within them.         (p.231)
Thus, the saying:  "The eyes are the light of the soul" - when we
look at a person, the first thing to look at is their eyes - do they
shine with the light from within?  Or are they flat and dull?  When-
ever encountering someone whose eyes are in darkness, then we
only need look at their auric shield to discover how much light
is emanating - these two areas within and around the body can
quickly determine their character.-mf
  (a)  The form imprisons and cramps the expanding light
Because our physical body is dense, it not only hides our inner
light; but it keeps it from expanding outward.  Only one who
meditates daily and adheres to the Higher Self, can not only
control the expansion of light within and around them; but
as they further develop, they can direct that light out into the
world through working with the heart chakra - mf
  (b) In the destruction of form lies hid the secret of evolution
Here again, the Master refers to the various pralayas that occur
that can either destroy or freeze the four kingdoms - these so-
called endings allows the light bearer to move quickly forward
upon their evolutionary path; while much of mankind, will have
to return along with their "etheric body" filled with all of their
wounds and scars from the previous incarnation, to begin anew
to overcome, erase and begin to serve others according to the
Divine plan, rather than themselves. - mf  

The Initiate and the Master
Working Together Expanding Light Energy

 (c) The Masters utilize the form to the uttermost and work throughout it.
When speaking about the form here, it concerns those initiates
who have reached that state of discipleship that has expanded
into the light to the point that they can now become a living
instrument that is attuned to the Master to the point that they
now work together as one unit.
  (d)  When the minds and brains of men are illumined by the light of the intuition, of the soul and of the universal mind, then there will be a steady adjustment between life and form.                                                          (p. 462)
This is a further explanation of (c) only here, the World Teacher
explains exactly what must happen between the minds and brains
in order to intuit the Soul and the Universal Mind (where the
Masters dwell) - and there will be a continual adjustment as the
disciple expands and expands within that field of light. - mf

The Christ Light of the Soul 
This is what lies within our
Heart Chakra; and is always present
NOTE:  in 85% of mankind this three-fold flame
is only an eighth of an inch high.
When we speak of expansion of the light it
most come from the"heart flame" which is a
Divine Blueprint of our Father/Mother God

Light is always present in man but only becomes significant and potent when seen and known, either phenomenally or intuitionally: " (p. 355 "A Treatise on White Magic")

Even as we speak much of mankind is walking around without a
thought that right within the center of his/her being; "the light of
God that never fails" is sitting at the very center of their hearts.
As long as ones attention is continually looking outward upon the
material world, they continue to miss that very point of light which
is a part of God exiled within them.  But, when they finally begin
to become aware that there's more to life than mere existing; they
will place their feet upon the path and begin to make their journey
back to the Source of all life and love, our Beloved Father/Mother
Light is Always Present in Man


Humanity is the planetary light-bearer, transmitting:

Here, we need to understand that "our light is dim" because
we are not serving God through working and serving others
as well as our planet and solar system.   
(a) The light of knowledge
When we speak of the Light of Knowledge, we are speaking of
those who are moving away from materialism and becoming
acquainted with the light - in so doing they need to KNOW and
then need to find that TRUTH that will set them free. Knowledge
is power to a certain degree and many misuse that knowledge to
manipulate others in order to gain wealth and power. The true
aspirant understands that "getting on top" is not their goal but
getting understanding will bring them the knowledge they need
to move steadily onward upward on their Path of Return. mf
  (b) The light of wisdom.
This is truly the goal of all seekers because first you have to
have the understanding of what it is you seek; then with that
understanding search where to find the correct knowledge to
attain the goal - once one reaches deep within and begins to
serve, absorb, and give forth that knowledge, then and only
then can the wisdom  that combines both understanding and
knowledge connect one to the oversoul , who knows all, sees
all and understands all that is. --mf

  (c) The light of understanding
This is truly when one leaves the outer darkness and begins
the journey homeward - first of all they need to understand
what path they will journey on; and once this is achieved
they will need to understand their role in the tapestry of
the Divine Plan. Once they open their inner eye and through
concentration and consecration of their time and love of
God; they can now attain knowledge.  -mf

These three aspects of light carry three aspects of soul energy to the soul in all forms, through the medium of the world soul.                               (p.100)
The World Soul is the goal of all aspirants; and when one 
has ignited the flame of understanding, knowledge and wisdom
these very aspects get the attention of the World Soul, Who
then disperses these aspects of "soul energy" to all forms-mf

The light of the soul (reflected in his mind) and the energy of form (as expressed in his etheric body) are, for the aspirant, his two basic realities.      (p. 612)
Again, we recognize that at this point the aspirant understands
that the "light of the soul" reflected in his mind and seen through
his eyes; and the energy of form (as expressed in his etheric
body which surrounds his form and gives light energy to all of
his actions) are the aspirants basic realities. -mf

End of Lesson