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52-2016 -First Ray - A Visit From Archangel Michael


Michael!  Michael!   Michael!  Lord of the Archangels!
From the earnest souls of men does gratitude arise!
For Thy Heavenly Presence, let all Earth adore Thee -
Of Light's Perfection for all men to see!

Michael!  Michael!  Michael! Let defending Angels
From Thy Heavenly Legions, flood Earth and sky and sea,
Purify, illumine, guard the God-free concept
Of Light's Perfection for all men to see!

Gabriel and Raphael, Jophiel and Uriel,
Chamuel and Zadkiel and all the Hosts of Light -
Cherubim and Seraphim from the heights of Glory
Rend human veils - stand forth to human sight!

Hymn from: "Holy! Holy! Holy! Key of E Flat

I have come to earth today so that you can become acquainted with me. I have six other brothers who will also visit with you and  explain to you what our Rays mean as well as what is our role in the Divine Plan. 

Archangel Michael and the Achii Faith
First Ray - Protecting All Mankind with Their Blue Legions
I Am Michael the Archangel and my beloved complement is called Faith - we are truly the guardians of your planet Earth
Archangel Michael
Guardian and Protector
Many times I have come  to your Earth both in the role of protector as well as a messenger from the Most High God. I like to think of  my role as messenger as the one who conveys the news from the heavenly realms to certain people dwelling upon your Earth.  In the role of Messenger, I took the personality of Mercury - thus the wings on my cap & feet.

Mercury the Roman God of Messengers
(Archangel Michael)

The role of messenger has recently been given to others from our realm; but I still like to come every so often especially when Archangel Mary, the Mother of Jesus, decides to appear somewhere on the planet.  Before she makes an appearance I, with my legions of Blue Army Angels clear the way, making sure that the area is cleansed and purified before she appears.  We then form a path of light that facilitates Mother Mary's journey from the Etheric Plane into the Physical Plane - your Earth.

Our Lady, Mother Mary
Accompanied by Angels 

There are many stories about  me especially in the Book of Daniel when Archangel Gabriel tried several times to pass through the "Astral Plane" in order to reach Daniel. He finally asked for my help and I cut through the miasma of density and darkness  that at that time completely engulfed your  planet in darkness.
I was there at the birth of Jesus as well as at the tomb during the Resurrection and again at his Ascension forty days later.  Many of you were living during this time as well. 

The Birth of Christ

The Ascension of Christ

The reason the  Seven Archangels are coming forth at this time is quite simple, we want you to know who we are and we want you to know how we serve God each and every day. Mainly, we work within  the Universe and travel extensively from the Great Central Sun known to you as Alcyone that is located in the Milky Way to your Physical Sun located 
in Orion's Arm (see illustration below). 

The Universe within 50,000 Light Years
The Milky Way Galaxy containing 200 billion stars
A Spiral Universe this is our Universe
Both our Physical Sun and The Great Central Sun are found here.

We look like you but are not like you.  What does this mean?  Well, first of all, we are much larger  than you in size and have lived for eons upon this Universe as well as others that have passed on in the last Manvantara.  Like your elder brothers the Holy Kumaras, we have existed and volunteered to serve Alpha/Omega our Father/Mother God for billions of years - that's correct - I said for billions of years.  Because we are ethereal in make-up, we are immortals.  Now the nephlim who came down to earth in the 6th verse of Genesis were from another planet within another galaxy and their universe was much farther from the physical  sun than you  are;  therefore, they were also known as the immortals but they did eventually expire because they were still in flesh bodies - the difference between them and you is  that as their planet encircled the sun at a much greater length of time  3600 years represented just one year for them .  You can imagine how  strange it would have been to realize that these immortals lived for a few eons instead of 900 years like Methuselah and he was part of them but still human in nature.At the time of Adam people lived almost to a 1000 years, the DNA was shortened after the flood in Noah's time to four score and twenty years - this is still standard today - people are living longer but none have reached the ages they lived back then.  The difference has to do with our Earth being so close to the physical sun and can encircle it in 365 days rather than 3600 days so a year in the life of a mortal is 365 days  while a year to the Nephlim was 3600 days.
The other difference is that our bodies are composed of ether and we can take on a flesh body if there is a need.  For instance Raphael wrestled with Tobias and Uriel appeared to Jesus in the Garden, while Gabriel appeared to both Mary's father the Rabbi and also to Mary to announce that she would carry the child Emanual or Jesus. When Abraham's wife threw her servant and son out of the tent to wander in the desert,  Archangel Gabriel appeared to them.
So unlike you, who have bodies made of flesh and blood and framed in bones; our bodies are made of light substance and they emit radiant light energy like the lights you place on your Christmas Trees remind me of our bodies; but unlike your lights our bodies are very flexible and everlastingly durable.  The fallen angels were stationed in the atmosphere of Earth and found favor with the human women and had children with them.  They produced the Titan Race which were giants ranging from ten to twenty feet.  They caused the great downfall of mankind and were finally removed.
Giant Head Found in Middle East
Part of the Nephlim (See Genesis Chapter VI concerning Giants)

The physical body of the sun of your system has a Causal Body similar to your own causal body.  The Causal Body consists of a series of seven  concentric rings surrounding 
it. See illustration below:


Through your own Free Will, you had made a choice to enter the Earth and express your Divine Talent while here.  You were told to enter the First Ray (which is my Ray) and to spend as much time as you like; and when you were ready to move on to the next Ray you would enter the Second Ray - many stayed upon the First Ray and never entered the Earth Plane; but those that made the choice had to experience each one of the Seven Rays in order to find out what their Talent was, so that when they entered the planet they were prepared to express that Ray of God upon the Earth by creating something that would express a part of God on Earth. So my Ray is the First Ray known as the Will of God or the Will to Good and those that reside upon this ray are concerned with governing, protecting, policing, marketing.  Many become the leaders of countries, of large corporations, of high ranking officers serving in a leadership capacity as a General, Colonel, Captain - always one who leads others.
Now you can better understand why I'm often called upon to lead the way, to protect a country, a situation, or to work incognito behind the scenes with governments always working towards the good of all.  The negative side of this Ray is those who wield power as a Dictator, many incarnate over and over again to manipulate and bend the laws in favor of their views always with the eye on the almighty dollar that is their God.  Sad to say  that when they are finally caught, they commit suicide rather than try to make amends.  They no longer have their God and can't live without their money, fame and power.

Now, I'm going to reveal to you a secret.  You also have a body that is exactly like ours.  Although you cannot see it right now, there will come a time when you will see it and when that time comes you will no longer want the heavy flesh body of Earth and you will no longer wish to reincarnate on the Planet.  You are ready to move to a higher vibration, to a higher dimension and become a living Avatar or Solar Angel.  See Illustration below:
The Solar Angel or
Holy Christ Self
This is the Avatar/ the Mahatma
The Christed One
The Resurrected Body
The Ascended Masters have remained in these bodies so that they can continue to help mankind.  They
have not made the final ascension into their I AM Presence. This is called the Great Sacrifice.

This Christed Body is much larger than your physical body and it is very much like ours - it will never grow old, never get sick and always be filled with light.  We call this body your "Spiritual Self or Holy Christ Self that looks like you; but has passed all the initiations and is resurrected into the golden flame.  Like me, this Solar Angel acts like a messenger or go-between the Higher Self and your own physical body another name for it is the Soul.  This Holy Christ Self is situated somewhere between twenty five and fifty feet above your physical body.  It can be quite close to you when you are in meditation and it moves rapidly away when you willingly put yourself out of alignment with your higher bodies through drugs, alcohol and diabolical acts.

Up until the Fourth Root Race eons ago mankind was completely enveloped within the Higher Self. Once the Separaton occurred, The Father sent the Solar Angel to become the mediator between man and his own Higher Self.  Remember, several things occurred at that time, the neflin arrived after blowing up their planet and made great changes in the Earth.  Also, the fallen angels were sent into the atmosphere of Earth and gradually over a period of time brought about the separation of the Three Upper Bodies from the Three  lower bodies this is known also as the Fall from Grace.  As we drifted further and further from our own I AM Presence, we became what is known as the Prodical Son who wandered far and wide from the Father's home.  Now the Divine Mother has made the call and our Souls are urging us to make the homeward journey.

We as your guardian angels of the Race of Man are working in many areas of the globe as your planet goes through its transition.  It must reach a certain point in vibration in order to catch up with all the other planets in your Universe.  Your axis is one of the areas that we are currently working on with the elemental kingdom.  Your "Key Note" must begin to sound once more and many among you are making the calls  through World Prayer and Group Meditation.  Your calls give us the permission necessary to complete the tasks that must be aligned with the Divine Plan for mankind and your planet at this time.  My Brothers will also be giving you information on our current activities which are many and varied.

May the blessings of the Father, Mother and Holy Spirit fill you with joy, peace and the Will to Good in all your endeavors in the coming year.  May you enjoy the Sacred Holiday and honor the King of King who gave His life as a blueprint that will bring you home at last into the bosom of your Father/Mother God.
May there be Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Mankind,

Archangel Michael
M.F. 12/17/16

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