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53-2016 -Second Ray - Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel -2nd Ray
Illumination, Wisdom
Complement Name:  Christine

Archangel Jophiel and Christine


Jophiel, dear Archangel,
Come!  And bring Illumination's Flame!
We call-come! And teach all -
The power of creation in God's Name!
Sadness turns to gladness
When the angels walk and stalk with men -
Hasten, dear Archangel, that glorious age upon
Our Earth again!

Jophiel, friend and brother
Teaching angels, masters and all men -
And raise the earth to God's great heart again!
Our practice to Thee all ways
And to Those Who serve with Thee as well -
For Thy Flame of Wisdom
Which comes to Earth fore'er with us to dwell.

Jophiel, God's anointed '
Let Thy overwhelming love release!
Help all give obedience
That brings forgiveness, healing and God's peace!
We call-come and raise all!
Free the Earth and all that is thereon!
Let LIGHT take dominion.
Be Love Divine expand the Cosmic dawn!

Jophiel, we all bless Thee!
Unascended friends who love Thee well-
Grateful for the service
To all the Earth so great no tongue can tell!
Attend all!  Ascend all!
Who with dear Serapis Victory claim -
Freedom's gifts of glory -
We call for Jophiel and His dear Heart Flame!

(Melody:  "The Sweetest Story Ever Told" (old song) Key of F

What a pleasure it gives me to enter the Third Dimension and visit with you all.  It has been such a long, long  time since anyone from Earth has bothered to call my name.
In fact, I can bet that most of you have never heard of me or my Complement, Christine.  Unlike my brother, Michael, who is so familiar to most of you who have read the Old Testament;  and is called "the Captain of the Lord" or " The Prince of Archangels",
 as well as my other brother, Gabriel, who is also known to many on Earth as "The Angel of Annunciation".

But of course you will continue to be in the dark concerning myself if I do not begin to enlighten you as to how I serve God and especially what God-Quality I bring to mankind through  the  Second Ray.  I AM Archangel Jophiel.  My God  Quality is enlightenment.  I love to illuminate the minds and fill them with light and through that light bring knowledge; and through that knowledge open the Higher Minds that eventually brings Wisdom so that those who work under me will be the teachers of men.  I have legions of angels who work behind the veil to help illumine and enlighten the minds of men.  Most every brilliant idea that someone on Earth has arrived at usually came from our realms - from my  Ray of Illumination/Wisdom.  This Ray is also known as the Buddhic Ray - in fact, those who have aspired to become "the Buddha" have opened their hearts and minds lifetime after lifetime until they have reached  the Buddhic Realm even while they still exist on Earth.  These Great Souls are known as Buddhas, Mahatmas, Christed Ones who are the World Teachers.  They have become the Solar Angels and therefore can be trusted to bring forth the great teachings to every generation.  Some are very well known down through the Ages - like Zarathustra; Paracelsus, Plato, Confucius, Lord Lanto, Lord Gautama,  Lord Jesus; Lord Maitreya, Lao Tzu; and the more recent Great Souls like St. Germain, Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya and Dwal Khul, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey,  Guy and Lotus Ballard, Manly Hall, Ralph Waldo Emerson, P. D. Ouspensky,  Annie Besant; J. Krishnamurti; S. L. MacGregor Mathers; Rudolf Steiner; G. I. Gurdjieff and these are but a few who are known through their writings and teachings - each bringing a piece of the puzzle that makes up the Tetragrammaton of man. (The 10 aspects according to the Kabbalah of man or the Tree of Life).  This Tetragrammaton is also YHWH the verb "to exist" "to be" GOD Geometry of Divinity See Below:

The Tree of Life
Tetragrammaton of 10 Bodies

This is a more intricate version
of "Man Know Thyself" 
Flower of Life

Depicting Man Sitting in the Middle
of the Tree of Life
(This makes it clear that we are only using 10% of our Brain)

The Triangle Representing I AM or Higher Self
The Golden Rays Representing the Solar Angel
The Circle of Light Representing the  Causal Body
All these are contained within the "Upper Triad" - mf

The Second Ray is Golden in color - it is the Second Concentric Ring surrounding the physical sun of your system, and it is where those who have chosen through their own free will to take embodiment upon your planet pass into from the First Ray (where Archangel Michael and His  Blue Legions reside).  Remember you can stay on each of these Rays for as long as you like, in fact, when you find the Ray that you like to work under and realize  that this will be your Major Ray, you will stay there for  the longest time for many reasons but mainly you feel completely comfortable working within this sphere more than any other.  You are also very attracted to the color of the Ray.  Therefore you will be drawn towards philosophy, theology, science, medicine, research, metaphysics, business and corporations are all found under this Ray.  The more progressed one becomes along the path of initiation, the more one will lean towards spiritual/metaphysical and the arcane knowledge - and will have the ability to give forth the teaching in the present language.
Literary leaders are riding on the currants of my Ray - although most of them are unaware of my existence or of the great assistance my angels lend to them through thought patterns passing downward into the chalice of the higher mind.  Most believe that these great ideas inventions and creations are coming from their own "finite mind" and are unaware that they are being channeled through my Ray,  through my angels from the Mind of God.

Believe me, when I tell you, I Am not interested in any claim to fame; but I AM a conduit or messenger of the Mind of God.  I represent Him/Her and yet, we seldom hear "Thanks Be To God" for this gift, idea, invention etc. etc. a because in their ignorance, they really believe they found the answer, or discovered some new invention, when in reality we inspired them, we worked with their Higher Mind especially in the inner classrooms during the hours when the physical body is asleep.  Oh yes, we planted  the seed that would develop into the future idea that would change the world for the better.

Not all mankind are like those who are in ignorance and I'll explain why - some among mankind are born with a fertile mind that will catch the seed idea we place there and  the reason is obvious.  This particular soul has traveled the Path for many lifetimes and has opened the doorways into the Higher Mind.  Therefore, when we send information through the currants they are prepared and are in receivership either remembering all that was given to them during the hours of sleep and/or grasping what is given while in meditation and this individual will act upon the information received and eventually make life easier for all mankind on Earth.

There's actually another category that needs to be mentioned here  - those individuals who are teachers and preachers who mold young mends.  These are known as illumined beings and because some among them teach their knowledge from the level of the heart, they are working more directly but unknowingly with my angels and my Ray of Illumination.

Now we come to the last category.  These individuals are a rare breed.  There are not many of them, which is sad; but those few who have worked closely with us; are the "enlightened ones".  These men and women are not only intelligent and illumined but they're moved beyond the finer mind and became the Masters of Wisdom.  We can also call them Mahatmas or Great Souls.  Certain gurus - Yogananda, Gandhi, the Dali Lama and Pope Francis as well as many Rinpoches of Tibet - Mother Teresa of India was also one of these rare individuals who give freely of their wisdom and love to all who will listen because they are among the few who understand that  they are working on my Ray.

I would like to speak directly to all the young students - If you are having a problem with any subject, whether it's mathematics, science, philosophy or writing music, poetry or an essay - you need only call upon me - make if a fiat "Archangel Jophiel please help me with "____________"whatever the problem is ask and  then become still and meditate upon the answer.  I like to tell students to think deeply upon a problem just before going to sleep and then ask me for help in solving your problem.  When you awaken in the morning don't jump out of bed but let your mind dwell upon the problem again and then be still and await the solution. Remember the Call compels the Answer!  You must also open your minds and hearts as well as your books so that we have fertile ground to place our seeds.

One final note here for your information is that twenty years ago, the Flame of Illumination that was over the Continent of Asia was brought here to the central part of your United States.  It sits high above your Rocky Mountains in Colorado and radiates out in all directions.  Lord Lanto and Confucius as well as Mighty Victory are at the retreat there and are the Keepers of the Flame.  Mighty Victory, who is a great Cosmic Being came to Earth back during World War II at the request of St. Germain and the I AM Group and has remained there ever since.  You can ask Archangel Michael to place his Electronic Presence over your four lower bodies and guide you safely to this Retreat in the Rockies each night so that you can become Illumined.  You can also ask for the Second Ray to pass through you continually But do not forget to thank God and His Angels of Illumination for your gift.  Many people ask for various blessings to be poured on them but forget to thank God once they receive their request.

Thanking God is a completion of the request or prayer, otherwise it will soon dissipate -  thankfulness puts a seal on your prayer and keeps it in place until you no longer need it.

I AM Jophiel, I fill your planet with the Light of the Sun.  I fill your hearts with the Resurrection Flame.  I fill your minds with the Wisdom of the Creator.
Go With God !
Lift those who need to be illumined!
Raise your own consciousness until you flow back to the Sun of your Being!

Jophiel and Christine

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