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      2020 Trial By Fire

December 27, 2020


Margaret Mary


Recap On Numerology For 2020



Remember that 2020, January 1 + 1 +2 +0 +2 +0  = 42/6

Six is the number of service, nurturing, loving, but also it is trials and tribulations, health and disease, yes, and even death. If you read the numbers each month throughout the year, you will see for example: 

February 1, 2020 = 2 + 1 +20 + 20 = 43/7 – This is the number of High Initiation, and as a Nation we and all the world experienced very high Initiation, also known as “trial by fire” everyone around the world has been touched by this Great Initiation – the Pandemic (which, in fact, has everything to do with the attitude towards one another, as well as the misuse of the Cosmic Laws governing our Nation which was built on Freedom, Liberty and Equality. This country was set aside for thousands of years, purified so that it would be the platform for Freedom and as Liberty welcomed every immigrant, Justice stood atop our Capital in Washington, D.C., while the Seventh Angel, the God of Freedom, stood with His complement, the Goddess of Justice.  Let us not forget the Chohan of the First Ray acting as the God of Government.  All the above came to guide and protect the citizens living in this sacred country.

Now we go to March 1, 2020 which equals 44/8 – This number has to do with money, work, the economy and its total reflects in the number eight, which is equality, for all races, equality for women, equality for everyone and their beliefs, well we certainly saw the results of the bigotry, racism, and separation, plus the hate and hate creation that brought about much death and destruction.

The whole test during the year 2020 was about Materialism vs Spiritualism, where one’s values were being played out.  Science against Ignorance, which caused our country to have the greatest number of Covid-19 cases in the World; and here we are in December and because of “ignoring the Cosmic Law of Goodwill to all mankind” people just disobeyed the pleas of the doctors and scientists and went on their merry way causing massive destruction and death everywhere they ventured.


You can begin to see the picture when selfishness and ego rules in one’s life; and when you multiply this by the millions who traveled over the two holidays and the resulting death and destruction left behind, while doctors and nurses never stopped to enjoy Christmas or family, as patients never stopped coming to their hospitals until they nearly dropped from ten months of constant surges because of those who didn’t heed the warnings.  44/8 represents the Sign of Libra and the balance scales; and we are certainly being weighed in on our decisions for the past year.


May 1, 2020 equals 45/9 and in the East Coast they were beginning to see a flattening out of the pandemic (9) as most everyone in New York City as well as the entire state listened to their governor and obeyed the rules, even under the most severe criticism from our own government; and their utter lack of concern for all those who pleaded for equipment and proper gear to protect those in the front lines.  The stupidity of people blaming the democrats because the worst cases were in the East was really unbelievable to observe; but the nine didn’t last for very long, because people elsewhere were disobeying the doctors and scientists and now the Southern and Midwestern states began to get the virus.  


June 1, 2020 equals 46/10/1 – This normally would be a new beginning; but in this case it was just the beginning of the pandemic as it raged through meat-packing plants and poultry processing plants, spreading like wildfire throughout the Midwest and at the same time we in the West were experiencing the Epoch of Fire running rampart throughout the state of California and all the way up into Oregon – the worst fires in the United States. At the same time we began to see enormous hurricanes lined up one after the other, continually battering the Southern United States – in fact they ran out of names – so when we look at the number 10 as a beginning it isn’t always pleasant, and many of us began to wonder if we’d ever get over this virus; but as the scientists stated we were only in the first phase with about six percent being infected – we all began to pray that a vaccine would soon arrive, but that was not going to happen for a while.


July 1, 2020 equals 47/11/2 – This usually is the time to take a vacation and go back somewhere else; but not this time, most of us stayed at home. The number 11 is a Master number, and those who are under its influence are paying attention to whatever warnings inspirations or promptings that will automatically come to them.  In this case, people again didn’t listen and went to the beaches, to the clubs, on vacation and again the virus did a number on all those that didn’t listen and especially all those innocent ones who received their gift of the virus when they returned home.  This was the time for companies and people to get the message and begin to turn things around; but again, they ignored the scientists and doctors’ pleas to please stay home, keep your distance and wear a mask when going out, no meetings at clubs, restaurants and gyms.  I have to say that here in Northern California people did listen and wore the masks and kept their distance at least during this period of time.  I decided to grow my hair out, while my sister and I created projects, wrote our lessons, called and zoomed a lot, talked on the phone to loved ones and dear friends, and especially prayed for the World and the first responders who were always on the front line – many died needlessly.


August 1, 2020 – 49/13/4- August was a terrible month in all areas of our country – much of Europe and Asia followed the rules and obeyed the laws – and they were flattening the curve – not us, we were experiencing deaths and destructions from the fires that kept on burning so we not only were sheltering in; but we couldn’t go outside as the smoke was so bad; but we were blessed compared to some of our friends who lost their homes and the poor animals were being sheltered at the fairgrounds; but at the same time people were not listening and packing plants were putting people back to work and they died; doctors, nurses, EMT’s were dying, hospitals were overloaded and doctors were pleading for more equipment, more volunteers from other states to come and help; more help from the government as the virus began to take more and more lives; but still a certain amount of the population including our government didn’t listen.  Now everyone knew of someone either friend or family who had the virus and some of them lost family members.  Thirteen is the number of death and rebirth and the United States was certainly seeing this on a daily basis.


September 1, 2020 – 50/5 – Fifty/Five is the number of the United States of American as its birth was 7/4/1776 which = 32/5- and of course all eyes are upon the USA as the world watches California burning, the Southern states getting bombarded with one hurricane after another, while the Midwestern, Southern Southwest and Western parts of the USA were inundated with COVID-19 and for some unknown reason there were still foolish people disobeying and disregarding every doctor, nurse, EMT, and scientist and continued to do super-spreaders, especially our government holding large parties where a large percentage of the attendees ended up with COVID-19 – Do you think by this time someone would get the message that we are experiencing the worst pandemic of the century and still they didn’t listen.  Don’t forget that it was about this time that politics began to be on the news and our President was holding large rallies with thousands attending without masks, distancing or following any of the rules and of course, many went home and spread the disease even more to their relatives and friends and this continued through to November. I also want to point out here as it’s all about our country and our government that our President began from the very first rally to claim that there was going to be cheating, and yet, he put someone over the USPO who took out all the mailboxes and sorting machines and ordered the postal clerks to slow down, while at the same time he got his republican governors to make it difficult for people of color to vote. He continually brought up the fact that mail-in ballots would be a form of cheating, so he set it up way before the election to blame the democrats for cheating – these are all the characteristics of a dictator.


October 1, 2020 equals 10 + 1 = 11 so 11+20+20= 51/6 – Again, like in the beginning it has to do with disease, nurturing, family, home, health and our very lives – we are now seeing people tired of staying home, our state began opening up the restaurants (eating outside or takeout) salons and certain stores; but by now many of our stores were permanently closed – eight months was just too long to sustain the rent – the number six is also family – and children had been out of school for several months and every time they went back, the virus would attack and now many people have been out of work for eight months, people who used to give funds to the food banks were now in line with everyone else to get enough food to feed their families.  Our Second Harvest Food Bank would not allow me to go and help because of my age; but the National Guard took over and my sister and I did a video pleading for funds to feed the ever- growing need for food for those who were in desperate need.  In spite of all the pleas and warnings, we saw those in our government setting a poor example for our people as well as people around the world as they continued to snub the advice of the professionals, who knew that by now we were supposed to be flattening the curve but the virus was raging on and the death toll continued to climb.  Again, we were still the country with the most virus cases in the world.


November 1, 2020 – 11+1= 12 so 12+20=20 = 52/7 = Five represents the United States of America and the number 7 is the testing we are still under-going; as no one seems to be paying attention – we continue to be “top dog” around the world in the number of COVID-19 cases as well as deaths.  But as usual, no one is listening and as Thanksgiving approaches, we see people lining up by the thousands to fly here and there to be with relatives and friends for a few days.  What is wrong with this picture?  Are we so selfish that no matter what is happening before their eyes people being stacked in refrigerated trucks as there’s no place to put the dead and yet all these selfish people continue to fly away and spread more and more disease to those who they are supposed to love.  Let us not forget that on November 3rd a new president was chosen by the American people, who went out to vote and/or mailed in their ballots and Mr. Biden won by eight million votes and 306 electoral votes – yet, our President claimed that he was the winner and after the election he had recounts done, he went to the supreme court several times and every time he was overruled as there was no cheating (except for all of his cheating trying to slow the mail in ballots from coming in on time and constantly picking on those states with people of color) – he wanted all of the ballots  in certain states to be thrown out – this is still going on as we speak.  He still thinks he won??


December 1, 2020 – 53/8 – Again the number five has to do with these United States and our government in particular – the three represents groups, psychological healing, caring for others, the home and especially domestic situations.  The total number of 8 is again trying to balance our lives, our domestic situations with many out of work, many working from home, many having to care for their children as they are now at home.  It is the Holy Season fast approaching and many are worried about having a home, feeding their kids, paying the bills, paying the rent, being evicted and not meeting their mortgages – usually this is a time of Christmas cheer the buying of gifts decorating the tree and the celebration of Hannukah –– but not this year – people are panicking as their unemployment insurance is running out and nothing is happening, the Republicans won’t give them a dime over $600.  The military are awaiting their money, while the good news that a vaccine is now available and has been approved needs to get out across country as quickly as possible – it all takes money and especially getting schools and colleges safe and ready for children to go back to school while small business owners are hoping they can survive – yet at the last minute when everyone was expecting at least to get food on the table and pay the rent, the President throws a wrench into the works and decides he wants to give the people $2,000. Instead of $600. – a political maneuver for sure, as the republicans refused to budge and so tonight, he finally signed the original bill while many people see it as too late as everything will begin to collapse as we come to the end of the month -will people get their money?  Will we get the vaccine? Will small businesses and the military get their funds? Well, let’s look at our New Year and find out.  




Numerology for 2021


January 1, 2021 – 1 + 1 = 2 – 2 + 20 + 21 = 43/7

It seems that we will continue to be under “High Initiation” as we move into the New Year 2021 – 2021 itself equals a 5 – and so the Nation will be very much a major part of what’s happening during this year.  Although the COVID-19 is still very active, we now have some relief and renewed faith in these various vaccines that are being released that will bring this pandemic under control – if you’re wondering why  we are still under initiation, well it’s mainly because many people are still not listening and they believe that the pandemic is just a common flu; and that it will not affect them – that is until it hits their home, their family and friends, will they begin to realize that probably this virus is for real.  

Our nation and its new president will be under the microscope by both our allies and our adversaries; as they observe the workings within our government and how this new government will interact with them.  As we are still under the influence of High Initiation, it will be a tremendous test of will and determination on the part of our new president, the vice president and their cabinet to begin the long road of fixing the mess that was left to them by the current administration. 


Health challenges and delays in getting the vaccines will be a major challenge still in the minds and hearts of all within our Nation as well as the whole World.


Also, politically, there’s going to be legal battles and many false charges set against this new administration and possibly a coup within our Nation – these challenges will change from negative to ugly especially during the early weeks of January.


The new President, in particular, will be met with tremendous changes -  he will have to “hit the ground running” and full steam ahead (always challenges with the number 7).  Number one will be the Pandemic and how to get control over the problems created by the current administration and their constant spewing of misinformation concerning the COVID-19, especially misleading people all across the USA, trying out his “herd theory” and instead of listening to the scientists and doctors who had first-hand information concerning the epidemic, they followed his lead and went about the business of spreading more and more of the virus in every area of the country.


Mr. Biden will be met with severe opposition and things could actually get dicey.

He also must immediately fix the mess the current administration has left for him, while at the same time the new administration must deal with people out of work people with loss of their businesses; their incomes, their homes and in many cases their lives or the lives of their loved ones.


He must also repair the damage done especially with our allies and NATO.  Thank God he has chosen those seasoned professionals who will also be ready and able to negotiate, regulate and dictate what is needed to begin the onus job or putting our economy, schools, small businesses and healthcare back on track.


For individuals, the number 7 is a major initiation in which the challenges will be to pay more attention to family and what one values most – to become more spiritual and to realize how valuable life is and how quickly things can change radically for all members of the family.  This pandemic caught most people unprepared for the sudden change in circumstances that this pandemic brought to their doors – many living paycheck to paycheck now found themselves unable to feed, and clothe their families – this had a psychological affect as well as an economical awakening that they were completely unprepared to deal with.  Home schooling their children, driving to the local food bank, taking any job that would keep their heads above water was and still is the challenge for millions of Americans.  People who used to give aid to the local food bank are now joining the long line of people who are desperate to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.  Again, this is all part of the challenges under the influence of the number 7.


So in the final analysis, the major challenge and initiation of the Number 7 is that of learning to “Love Thy neighbor as Thyself – to give service to others and to guard and protect their health especially during these dangerous times.


The lesson of the Number 7 is that these initiations will continue until the Nation and those individuals who live within its borders formulate new habits and rise from the ashes through aligning to the Cosmic Laws of Love, Peace and Goodwill to all mankind – selfishness can no longer exist in the Age of Aquarius.

End of Numerology

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