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Lesson 158 - The Externalization Of The Hierarchy - The Work of the Seed Groups




Alice A. Bailey, March 1934


The Work of the Seed Groups - January 1938
Part I

(NOTE)  All printing in Black are the writings by the Tibetan through Alice Bailey

All printing in Blue are comments by MMF

We have been endeavoring to apprehend a little more intelligently the work of the new age seed groups, their inter-relation and their work as part of the new age "set-up," if I might employ such a term.  We considered with some care the three major groups.  We saw that each of them had three tasks to perform and we attempted a slight analysis of their planned undertakings.  Now we can do the same with the remaining groups, particularly with the fourth and fifth which have education and political work as their projects.  And then we will only briefly indicate the triple intended purpose of the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth groups. We will not take time to consider the tenth, which will be composed of the key people in the other groups, beyond stating that when its twenty-seven members (three from each group) are chosen and put in rapport with each other, there should come to all the groups such a quickening of their life that they will become one living vibrant organism. pgs 46-47

These  groups seem to have come in over a certain period of time - each individual in these groups, having an affinity for "teaching"; "politics"; and whatever the rest of the seed groups would be representing to the world. Then there's the (10th) Tenth group which will be represented by (3) three individuals from each of the other groups for a total of twenty seven (27) in their particular group.  This means that not only do these individuals have to represent their own particular group; but they must interact with the other groups; as well as with the Hierarchy; and finally become a part of the Tenth group.  What's absolutely unique about this group of 27 individuals is that once they are in rapport with each other, then all of the other seeds groups seem to undergo such a quickening of their lives that they become one living vibrant organism" - the only thing that comes to mind, is that once they are all in place, doing their assigned responsibilities while interacting with all the other seed groups, there seems to be a quickening (could this quickening be the aligning with the "group soul" as is happening right now within our Triangles and Twelves groups?)  If this is truly happening then can you imagine the power, vibration and energy not to mention the light that will be spreading hither and yon throughout the planet when all of us work directly under the Great Ones and at the same time working together as one heart, one soul and one I AM - this will definitely change and quicken the lives of all those who are still living in the shadows.  

The fourth group has ahead of it a rich and most interesting course of study and an illuminating objective.  Its instructions (See Education in the New Age)  will evoke more interested response from a larger group of readers than perhaps will be the case in the instructions of any of the other groups, except those of the sixth whose subject is religion in the new age, and the third (See Esoteric Healing) .  I give them in the order of their importance. They will be more definitely popular and meet a more general need.  The interest which the teaching on education will evoke will be owing to the fact that education is today widely recognized as the major molding factor, next to economic pressure and circumstance, and there is a widespread interest in progressive education and in the new ideals which should-and will-eventually govern educators. pg. 47

I agree that education especially after WWII, began to accelerate, especially when the government offered special financial aide to veterans returning home after the War.  When my mother went to school, only the upper classes were attending college and university, while the rest of the population went to work - some with only an eighth grade education, while others went a couple of years to high school, very few attended college. I was highly educated and graduated from high school in New England. At that time, there were no government supported grants for college. It wasn't until I returned home- already having three children- that I began college at night under Title V, after working all day.  I would come home from work, make dinner, bathe the children, check their homework, await the babysitters arrival and drive 25 miles to Pease Air Force Base to attend class-thank God, I had taken short-hand and typing, as I took all the night classes down in shorthand and when I arrived home, I would prepare the next evening's meal, wash clothes and transcribe the entire classes into typing from my shorthand notes.  I completed three years of college at that time and then went back to work.  It was years later in the 1980's that my daughter who was completing her college degree with an online college that I completed my classes. This was how many of my friends and co-workers completed their higher education.  So, yes, education became very important to the middle classes and especially those of us who were also interested in moving out of the orthodox religions and into finding the truth to become self-realized.  Most of us who followed this line found it in the teachings of Theosophy, the Arcane School, the I AM Discourses, the Bridge to Freedom and Agni Yogi to mention a few. All of these teachings opened our eyes, expanded our consciousness and finally we are learning to make contact with our souls - this is what I call a well-rounded education. Our Elder Brothers were always one step ahead of us in that they made these seed groups appear just as we were all looking for the Truth; and we thank God every day for finding each and everyone of These Blessed Souls Who work twenty four seven to  make our homeward path easier.

There is a definite stirring among the masses and the life of the mind (note that phrase) is now more active and potent than ever before.  For this there is an occult reason of a most interesting nature.  

Those of you who have studied The Secret Doctrine will remember that in that momentous period wherein animal-man made a great transition into the human family and humanity came into being, developing the germ of individuality, the seed of self-consciousness and embryo intellect, we are told that this event was brought about in three ways:

1.  The seed of mind was implanted in some of the aspiring animal-men by the Hierarchy, and these animal men became human beings, of a very low order to be sure, but still men.  They were "sparked," if I might so express it, and a point of light appeared where before there was none. Before there was only a diffused atomic light but no central point of light within the head, and no indication of the higher centers. These individuals, along with the more advanced humanity which came to the planet in Atlantean times (having individualized elsewhere), constitute the most advanced humanity of our present period.  They represent culture and understanding, no matter where it is found, or in what class or race. pgs. 47-48

This is astounding information, we all know that we are all moving along the evolutionary path towards our higher selves; and yet we have never really understood how certain areas in the planet suddenly become "advanced civilizations."  Take for instance, the Egyptians, these were certainly animal-man, until Thoth and others came and swiftly accelerated their awareness bringing all the Egyptians into far superior beings with a great knowledge of astronomy, the written word, medicine and even surgery. Then we have heard about the superior beings on Atlantis but for many years thought it was just a fairy tale; now as one who has read the Secret Doctrine twice, it blows my mind that mankind made a giant leap on the evolutionary ladder and certain of the animal-men have now received the honor of becoming the "advanced humanity of our present period" in just over one hundred years.  I know that there are cycles, rounds and yugs and I know that we involuted downward from the physical Sun passing through the mineral, animal and finally the human kingdoms; and I understand that now we are on the evolutionary path leading back towards the Sun on our homeward journey; but here we are actually living during a time when certain individuals made the giant leap from the reptilian brain into the lighted awareness, from having a group over-soul as in all of the animal kingdom, to becoming a "lighted individual". 

Remember one last thing, when we look back and see how our grandparents and even our parents struggled for survival, to put a roof over our heads and to put food on the table, to clothe us we realize that many of mankind were in the "survival animal-man mode" in their evolutionary path. This quickening is continual and ongoing and accelerating at a very rapid pace. In fact, not only are we speeding up in our energy fields, our vibration, our intelligence but time itself is moving at a greater speed and each year the "time-keepers" have to push the hand a little further ahead than the last year.  We begin to see the picture more clearly especially concerning these "seed groups" this is another way the Hierarchy has of giving us a gentle push forward on our homeward journey. 

2.  The instinctual nature of animal-man (found active among those who had not reached the stage of any conscious aspiration) was suddenly stimulated or vitalized by the coming into expression of the first group and the directed attention of the Hierarchy, working under the ancient Law that "energy follows thought."  Thus gradually, with a remarkable rapidity, instinct became blended into, or resolved into, a higher expression-the intellect.  Thus in due course of time a large group of animal-men became human beings. They today represent civilization and the masses of ordinary intelligent people, educated under the mass systems of the present time, able occasionally to think and rise to mental emergencies, yet not highly cultured.  They constitute the so-called general public which we designate by the words "upper and lower middle class" people, the professional classes and the bourgeoisie everywhere.  pg. 48

Okay, there you have it!  Most of us can identify with what the Master D.K. is saying, that our grandparents and even some parents, were living on instinct alone; like I said in the above paragraph, their main concern was to provide for their families. Think about it in our grandparents time, many of them fled to America because they were little more than serfs, working the land for some aristocrat, nobleman, with nothing to show for all their manual labor.  Whatever circumstance brought our forefathers to America, within one to two generations, most of these animal-men were transformed (with the stimulation from Hierarchy) into what we call the middle and upper professional classes today and/or the General public.

3.  At the same time there is to be found a vast number of people who are human beings but who are not the result of either of these two processes.  They are the product of the slow moving influences of life itself, of what we are apt to call the evolutionary urge, innate in matter itself.  They have painfully and with infinitely slow processes evolved out of the animal condition into that of human beings, with an awakening conscience, an urge to betterment, and an embryonic mind of such a nature that it can respond to simple educational processes, when available, and is so responding.  They are the illiterate masses, that still savage races, and the low grade human beings who are met with in their millions on our planet. pgs. 48-49

These are the individuals who are living in sub-human conditions throughout our planet.  Many are being misused and abused while even more are being destroyed because of their living conditions and lack of education in the ways of survival.  Thank God we have those "humans of good will" that work everywhere on our planet, aiding these individuals with food, medicine, clothing and associations like Unisef , the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and Care all, working to bring about change. In today's schools, children are learning how difficult the lives of many of these children are in certain countries.  Many schools now contribute computers and many companies are contributing the internet services- while "Doctors Without Borders" and the "Food Banks" throughout our countries are contributing nourishing foods and recipes of food combining that revitalizes the body of these children in order for them to survive. The children of these countries are sold into slavery and forced into the militant armies - this is another area that we need to direct our World Service prayers into aiding and protecting these beautiful children who are struggling to survive under extremely difficult conditions.

The cause for the momentous situation which calls for a re-alignment of our educational systems and processes, and for a readjustment of our present concepts of education, is to be found in the fact that the light of knowledge and the benefits which accrue from it have penetrated to the lowest grades of these slowly evolving people; all three groups are now strictly human and not simply the first two.  The highest of them is therefore nearing the stage of demonstrating that which is superhuman and the lowest is separating itself (by almost imperceptible stages) from the animal condition.  This necessarily causes a cleavage but it is one of which the highest group and the Hierarchy itself is cognizant, and which they "heal by their own inclusiveness."  Forget not, that the greater can always include the lesser and thus bridge all gaps. pg. 49

Not to be redundant here; but I'll explain what has been happening both with Unicef and many of our schools and educators.  There has been an appeal from Unicef, the Red Cross and Care for our help in reaching out to these children in the poorer countries. Girls are not allowed to go beyond a certain class, while the boys can continue on (if their area is supplied with the right equipment in order to keep up with the children in the USA and abroad). I can't speak for the rest of the world although I know they are doing their part, but the USA has stepped up to the challenge. Our young people, in various schools throughout the United States, are raising the awareness of these children's severe poverty and lack of desks, computers and educational material. Many have taken the responsibility of fund-raising for computers, internet, educational materials and especially for the young ladies who want to move ahead as well as the boys.  This has all been happening within the last five to ten years and is accelerating every year. Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC news heard about the lack of desks and has been running an enormous drive for desks each and every year for all these children who have been sitting on the floor. He has raised millions of dollars and each year desks are delivered.  He also found about the young ladies plight and now has another fund-raiser just for them.  Some among the young ladies have come on TV and thanked the American people for their education.  Many of them are now teaching others within their villages and communities. 

It is the education of these three groups which will be considered by the fourth group which has as its project education in the new age. Here again we touch the threefold purpose which each group has to hold before itself and which in the present instance consists of:

1.  The educating of the lowest of these groups into which humanity divides itself, so that they can become strictly and consciously human.  This was the objective of the impulse which inspired the Renaissance and which lay behind the work of Rousseau, that great initiate, and this is the impulse which is today responsible for modern Humanism with its apparent materialism and yet its deeply spiritual subjective program and purpose.  This eventually produces civilizations by the inflow of the light of knowledge. pg. 49

In Education in the New Age there is a call for World Education. In other words, the children of Europe and the USA need to have as part of their curriculum, the understanding and comprehension of the challenges children living in poverty have, who are at the lowest rung of the ladder of evolution.  Like the Mayan Elder said to me when I lived in Colorado "don't give us money" give us sewing machines, so that we can make our own way."  Many countries are now realizing that this is an excellent way for people in these countries to lift themselves out of their present situations and on into a comfortable existence. There are magazines now being produced with products from India, Africa and Sudan, wherein women are producing clothing, jewelry and household products that people can purchase and help give them the same opportunities that we have.  The main education of our children should be to recognize, help and include through Zoom and/or other internet vehicles, the opportunity for all children to have an education, in in the farthest regions, even those countries and villages without electricity.

2.  The education of the second group so that it may be stimulated by the inflow of the light of wisdom and thus constitute a bridging group between the other two, being - as it is - strictly human and self-conscious. This process will make of its members cultural aspirants, with a new sense of values, with a recognition of spiritual objectives and with a developed ability to make them the molders of public opinion. They will then be the most important group, expression the culture of the new age.  They will set the standard of values for the masses. pg. 50

The group that is mentioned in the above paragraph seem to be of a higher consciousness. They will act as mediators between the other two groups - their main purpose seems to be instrumental in bringing more light and wisdom to the other two groups along with giving them a new sense of values while at the same time having them recognize their own spiritual objectives.  As a result these two groups under the influence of this form of education will be well rounded and will eventually be made the molders of public opinion.  This will set the standard of values for the masses, in other words this group will be setting the stage and preparing the masses for the culture of the new age.

3.  The education of the advanced thinkers, of the aspirants and world disciples in applied knowledge, expressed wisdom and occult understanding.  This group synthesizes all that is available in the other two groups and thus forms the nucleus of the Kingdom of God, of the fifth kingdom which is so rapidly coming into being. pg. 50

There seems to be an acceleration of the education of the advanced thinkers, aspirants and world disciples in knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  If these individuals become the future teachers of the other two groups, their advanced education would form the nucleus of the Kingdom of God, "of the fifth kingdom." This is the part of Hierarchy's Plan so often talked about - the rapid expansion of consciousness to interact with the Externalization of the Hierarchy in the coming new age.  

I cannot do more than indicate these points, for their proper theme and their elucidation will be dealt with in the group's instructions.  What I have stated, however, will serve to indicate to you the general theme of the new education and point the way to some of the considerations which are prompting my handling of this subject.

The work to be done (political service) by the fifth group of disciples is by far the most difficult of any for it is in many ways far less advanced.  This is due to two facts.

1.  The masses of men are, as yet, relatively so little evolved that the task of this group of workers must therefore necessarily be dependent upon the success of the educational work of the world, as it will eventually be exemplified by the ideals and point of view of the fourth group and similar groups everywhere. pg 50

Although over 80 years have past since the Tibetan's book was published, I can say in all fairness that many people have moved towards the greater light through the teachings; yet, as we look around us, we must admit that much of humanity is still stuck in the old Piscean disciplines - "if it's not in the Bible I don't want to hear it" has been their constant theme of not wanting to move forward towards a greater expansion of consciousness and the opportunity to move rapidly into the "fifth kingdom".

2.  So few truly first ray people are manifesting on the planet at this time and, when they do, their work perforce proves destructive, owing to the un-evolved conditions of the masses of men.  That is why revolutions so seldom, if ever, can be carried out without bloodshed, for the intended ideas have to be imposed upon the masses and are not immediately recognized  and adopted by these masses; they evoke counter responses which arouse those in authority to wrong activity. The above ideas should arouse you to careful thought. pgs. 50-51

Again, it's 84 years later and we're still seeing these unevolved conditions mainly due to our own educational system that has not evolved in its thinking in many areas of the world.  This, in itself, has caused much of the blocking of the advancement of those living in third-world countries.  Thus, we're still seeing revolutions, rebels not only in third-world countries but also right here in our United States. Such groups as the "proud boys" and white supremacy groups are cropping up all over the USA and are now becoming a dangerous menace to the population as their websites promote and radicalize young people into performing mass shootings and violence even to our own government and its representatives.  I think that these organizations have been allowed to become a more powerful influence due to certain politics and organizations that have used and promoted them.

Let it not be forgotten that the objective of all true governmental control is right synthesis, leading to right national and interior group activity.  The problem resolves itself into a dual one.  First of all, we have the problem of the type of authority which should be recognized by the peoples; and secondly, we have the problem of the methods which should be employed, so that the chosen authoritative measures will proceed either by the method of enforced control, or would be of such a nature that they will evoke a generously rendered and recognized cooperation.  Between these two ways of working, many changes can be rung, though the system of cooperation, willingly rendered by an intelligent majority, has never yet been seen.  But we are moving towards such a condition of world consciousness and are on our way towards experimenting with it. pg 51

This objective is what was lacking within our own government when people who were our leaders allowed these so-called white supremacy groups to get way out of control, demonstrated by weekly broadcasts of mass shootings and terrorist threats to not only our government officials but also our very government itself.  Hopefully, this and future administrations can correct and control most of these groups, otherwise, we will continue to see daily more chaos within our cities.  Many representatives within our government are focusing their attention on "glamour" by catering to lobby groups which give them millions of dollars to stay in power.  This threat to our freedoms must be controlled otherwise we are not only going to be threatened by those terrorist invading our country; but also those who are now threatening our freedoms from within our borders.

Between now and the year 2025, we will be seeing rapid changes in all areas of our planet - not only the threat from our increased climate change (due to the raising of the axis); but also economic, religious and revolutionary maneuvers right within our very borders.  All this is part and parcel to the dregs of all those authoritarian-types who know their day is done and they want to take as many with them as possible.  The weather patterns will be in many cases quite extreme but again, this is part of the "Divine Plan" - just one statement keeps occurring to me not only with the Book of Revelations when they speak about the sinking of certain land masses while other will be rising; but when the Manu of the Seventh Root races comes into the area of California; they call it "the islands of California" where the Seventh Root Race will be embodying.  

Let me here briefly indicate to you some of the modes of government which have been tried out, or will be tried out in the future.  

1.  Government by a recognized Spiritual Hierarchy.   This Hierarchy will be related to the masses of the people by a chain of developed men and women who will act as the intermediaries between the ruling spiritual body and a people who are oriented to a world of right values.  This form of world control lies indefinitely ahead.  When it becomes possible so to govern, the planetary Hierarchy will have made a major Approach to earth, and there will then be thousands of men and women in touch with Their organization because they will be developed enough to be sensitive to Its thoughts and ideas. pg. 51

In our World Service, that works with the entire planet on a weekly basis, one of our prayers is that "those who have been trained on inner levels by Hierarchy will take over government, finance and judicial system throughout the world, making sure that the governing in every country is with integrity, honesty and by those who are trained on inner levels to bring Peace, Justice and Divine Government on Earth as it is in Heaven." This is our prayer and we understand that as the consciousness of the masses begins to expand and people come into the awareness of those divine beings who are already externalizing for our benefit; then we will see our prayers come into reality.

2.  Government by an oligarchy of illumined minds, recognized as such by the massed thinkers, and therefore chosen by them to rule.  This they will do through the education of the thinkers of the race in group ideas and in their right application.  The system of education, then prevalent, will be utilized as the medium of reaching the masses and swinging them into line with the major ideas and this will be done not by force, but through right understanding, through analysis, discussion and experiment.  Curiously enough (from the point of view of many) the spiritual Hierarchy will then work largely through the world scientists who, being by that time convinced of the factual reality of the soul and wise in the uses of the forces of the soul and of nature, will constitute a linking body of occultists. pg. 52

Okay, remember Plato's Republic, remember our original constitutional by-laws "the Republic for which we stand?" These are not idle words but for some reason group leaders didn't appeal to our forefathers and they ended up developing a "democracy".  But, when you look at countries like ancient Greece, Venice and Italy, they formed a republic ruled by the people.  A group of citizens were chosen as their leaders and if they didn't like any one of group of leaders, they were quickly replaced.  History shows us that these group-lead republics worked out very well because they discussed policies and worked with the people in order to come up with right solutions.  Again, it takes education and advanced souls who are working for the "good of all." Pay attention to our scientists today in studies of "Quantum Physics" and the "string theory." They are realizing and rapidly advancing in their awareness that, through their research, when we reach a certain area which they call the "field," we are all one held together by a fine thread connecting all of us at this level of awareness. These scientists are slowly but surely coming to the conclusion that at this level we are all one and this is the reason the Hierarchy see them as their candidates for the leadership in governing all areas of our world.

3. Government by a true democracy.  This again will be made possible through a right use of the systems of education and by a steady training of the people to recognize the finer values, the more correct point of view, the higher idealism, and the spirit of synthesis and of cooperative unity.  Cooperative unity differs from an enforced unity in that the subjective spirit and the objective form are functioning towards one recognized end.  Today, such a thing as a true democracy is unknown, and the mass of the people in the democratic countries are as much at the mercy of the politicians and of the financial forces as are the people under the rule of dictatorships, enlightened or unenlightened.  These latter might be regarded as selfish idealists. But I would have you here note the word "idealist"!  When, however, the world has in it more truly awakened people and more thinking men and women, we shall see a purification of the political field taking place, and a cleansing of our processes of representation instituted, as well as a more exacting accounting required from the people of those whom they have chosen to put in authority.  There must eventually be a closer tie-up between the educational system, the legal system and the government, but it will all be directed to an effort to work out the best ideals of the thinkers of the day.  This period does not lie so far ahead as you might imagine, particularly if the first move in this direction is made by the new group of world servers. pgs. 52-53

Those of us living within a democratic country have a clear understanding of what is being addressed here, our forefathers were not awakened to the fact that as long as we have those politicians who are always "on the take" being bought by the lobbyists, we are truly not living in the democracy that can work for everyone. As long as we have politicians who are selfish and greedy we will have to cleanse the entire system in order for it to work as originally planned "for the people, by the people" not for themselves and their cronies.  Again, this will not work unless there's a complete demand by the people for people who will govern with integrity and honesty and who will be truly working for justice, liberty and freedom for all the people that they represent. 

This first move involves a right comprehension of goodwill.  These three systems, which are the three major systems, correspond to the three major rays of synthesis, of idealism, and of intelligence, which are only other names for the rays of Will or Power, of Love-Wisdom and  of Active Intelligence.

4.  Government by dictatorship.  This type of government divides itself into three parts:

a.  Rule by a monarchy, limited usually today by the will of the people, or rather by the politicians of the period, but symbolic of the ultimate rule of the Hierarchy under the Kingship of the Lord of the World.  pg. 53

Many countries have changed from a monarchy to either a democracy and/or a dictatorship, depending upon the politics and maneuvers of those taking over the governing of their countries.

b.  Rule by the leader of some democratic country, who is usually called a president, or by some statesman (no matter by what name he may choose to be called) who is frequently an idealist, though limited by his faulty human nature, by the period in which he lives, by his advisors, and by the widespread corruption and selfishness.  A study of such men who have held office in this capacity, made by a fair-minded neutral, will usually demonstrate the fact that they held office under the influence of some idea, which was in itself  intrinsically right (no matter how applied), which was forward-moving in its concept, and belonged to the then new age.  This relates them to the second ray. pg. 53

Again, as we are aware living under a democratic system, this type of government has more to do with politics. The fact that it can be ruled by a president, doesn't prevent it from being ruled by the majority party within the senate or house of representative.  It would be fine if the president and both parties were honest, fair-minded and their ultimate goal was for the good of all; but at this point in time, it is very much apparent that this is not the case in any country at the present time. This does not alter the fact that in the very near future with the externalization of Hierarchy, those leaders trained on inner levels will be looked upon by Hierarchy to be the future leaders of all countries.

c.  Rule by dictators, whose animating principle is not one of the new age ideals, emerging in their particular time, but an idealism of a more material kind - a generally recognized present idealism.  They are not usually reactionary nor are they found among the intuitive workers of their age, but they take what is grounded, settled and easily available - made so by the thinkers of their time - and then give it a material, national and selfish twist and objective, and so force it on the masses by fear, warlike means and material promises.  They belong, therefore, more practically to the third ray methods of work, for they are intelligent, expedient and materially constructive. True idealism, involving as it must the new age patterns, and religious incentives are lacking in their techniques.  Nevertheless, they do lead on another step, for they have a mass effect in evoking thought, and sometimes eventual resistance, as the result of that thought. pgs. 53-54

This is the group we discussed earlier, they are working on the negative side of the Third Ray and most lacking in any spiritual awareness and they mostly are intelligent, greedy, controlling authoritarians, who hold their people in fear and war.  They are interested in acquiring material gains through war and fear.  These are holding power in the Far East today as well as in some areas of the Middle East and the Philippines.  Again, their day is nearing its conclusion as they are also part of the Piscean Age of male dominance; as the Aquarian Age becomes fully anchored and the Piscean Age fades into the mists of time, so do these dictators - the problem at the present is they are also aware that their time is short and they will take as many people with them as possible.

Later we shall study these and other ways of governing, and analyze their ordinary modern expressions and future spiritual correspondences.  These will some day appear on earth as a result of the many experiments today going on.  Remember this. pg. 54

This is also happening at the present time.  Adonis and a group of high initiates are actually working on this study of other ways of governing, while analyzing ordinary modern expressions and future spiritual correspondences.  As He said, some day this will appear on earth and it's happening as we speak.

As I earlier said, the processes of education, of law and of government are so closely allied and so definitely related that if ever the work of this fifth group reaches a stage where it is indeed a germ of a new age organism (and many such groups will necessarily appear in the different countries of the world), it will be found that they will act as a clearing house or a linking body between the educators of the time, those who task it is to enforce the law, and the statesmen who are chosen by the educated masses to formulate the laws whereby they should be governed.  It will be apparent, therefore, along what three lines of study and work the members of this fifth group will proceed.  These I will not further elaborate in this place.  pg. 54

As we study these seed groups and all the information that Master D. K. has brought forth we now have a better understanding of Education in the New Age as essential and vital in working with the fifth group of political governing. Unless these two groups work hand and hand in educating and controlling while at the same time cooperating with one another, the Hierarchy's plan for the future governing of all countries will be delayed.  We should pay more attention to these groups working under Hierarchy like the one Adonis is working with, so we can add our prayers and encouragement in order to get all countries up to the standards required if we expect to live and move and have our beings in the New Age.

In view of the steady progress towards religious unity which has proceeded apace during the past 150 years, the work of the sixth group (religion in the new age), as is also the case with the first group (telepathic communication) promises rapid results.  This is, however, necessarily dependent upon the "skill in action" and the willingness of the group member and allied groups to proceed with slowness and tact. pg. 54

As we discussed in earlier lessons, this still poses a problem not only in the USA but in other countries.  The only possibility of religious unity is when those in Hierarchy begin to make themselves known throughout the world - not only is this absolutely necessary but it might be the solution to the current rigidity that holds much of our country in its grip.  It will take these High Initiates and Master Teachers along with the sixth seed group to make rapid progress along these lines.  Nothing happens overnight and Hierarchy is very aware of all the facts involved; but until Hierarchy flashes a light along with Their "skill in action" into the midst of these religious fanatics; we're going to continue to see many delays in moving forward into the New World Religion.

The moment any idea enters the religious field, it gains immediate momentum from the fact that the outstanding characteristic of the human consciousness is the sense of the Innermost or the Real, a recognition of subjective destiny, and an innate knowledge of and reaching out to the Unknown God.  Therefore, any truth or presentation of truth or method which has in it the possibility of  producing a nearer approach to divinity or a more rapid understanding of the "deeper Being" evokes an immediate response and reaction.  There is consequently much need for caution and considered action. pgs. 54-55

I can agree with everything stated in the above paragraph. I have recently presented some of the future-oriented concepts of Truth and how it is expedient for everyone at the present time to move forward and upward as quickly as possible and have been met with what is being preached at all of the churches "Christ is coming in the next few months, and if not He will not appear until another seven years".  "We are in Armageddon and Sodom & Gomorrah now racing across the land, with Gays, Trans, all sorts of perversions, we are right now in the midst of Sodom and Gomorrah."  "Nothing else will solve their problems unless we all pray that Jesus will arrive in time otherwise, the world might pass away before He comes again in Seven years" and "It's not in the Bible, we aren't interested".

I have already indicated to you the form that the religion of the new age will take (See The Reappearance of the Christ). It will be built around the periods of the Full Moon, wherein certain great Approaches will be made to the world of reality, also around two periods of massed Approaches to be made at the time of the major eclipse of the moon and of the sun during the year. The two major Full Moon Approaches will be those of the Wesak Full Moon and the Full Moon of June - one hitherto consecrated to the Buddha Who embodied the wisdom of God, and the other to the Bodhisattva (known to Christians as the Christ) Who embodied the love of God.

This is the Full Moon Eclipse   
On Wesak on the 16th of May, 2022
 Under the Buddha 

The platform of the new world religion will have in it three major presentations of truth, or three major doctrines, if such an undesirable word can be permitted.  It is with the elaboration of these three points of view, or evocations of truth, that the work of the sixth group of disciples will be concerned.  They are:

1.  The fact of the Spirit of God, both transcendent and immanent, will be demonstrated, and also a similar fact in relation to man.  The mode of their approach to each other, via the soul, will be indicated.   This aspect of the emerging truth might be called Transcendental Mysticism. pg 55

I know this to be a fact.  As we approach our own Soul and/or Solar Angel, we are now working at the "soul-level of being".  This takes us out of the world of illusion and transcends all emotions and bypasses the little or lower mind.  At this point, we are now merging with our own Higher Selves quickly and efficiently - all aspirants, initiates and disciples are called upon at this time to be working on soul contact on a daily basis.  When working with Triangles and/or Twelves we are working from the Soul-level of being and as we are doing Triangles on a daily basis, then we are rapidly making contact with our Higher Selves.

2.  The fact of the divine quality of the Forces in nature and in man and the method of their utilization for divine purposes by man.  This might be called Transcendental Occultism. pg 55

This is an area that most of us are now just beginning to formulate a relationship with the Forces of nature.  Mankind has moved so far away from the lower kingdoms for eons of time that they have forgotten how important it is to align with the Forces in nature.  As we become reacquainted and also bring them into our daily routine, we will realize that the Forces of nature will be working directly with us in the New Age,  i.e. the Elemental Kingdom and the Devas.

3.  The fact, implied in the first, that Humanity, as a Whole, is an expression of divinity, a complete expression, plus the allied fact of the divine nature and work of the planetary Hierarchy, and the mode of the Approach of these two groups, in group form, to each other.  This might be called Transcendental Religion. pg. 56