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Lesson 149 - Externalization of the Hierarchy - The Period of Transition Part 1



Alice A. Bailey, March 1934



(NOTE)  All printing in Black are the writings by the Tibetan through Alice Bailey

All printing in Blue are comments by MMF

One of the results of the world condition at this time is the speeding up of all the atomic lives upon and within the planet. This necessarily involves the increased vibratory activity of the human mechanism, with a consequent effect upon the psychic nature, producing an abnormal sensitivity and psychic awareness. It would be of value here to remember that the condition of humanity at this time is not the result of simply one factor, but of several--all of them being active simultaneously, because this period marks the close of one age and the inauguration of the new. pg 3

Think for a moment upon the above date when this was written by the Tibetan through Alice A. Bailey, 1934 - none in our immediate group of NGWS were even born as yet.... We know for a fact that the Aquarian Age began approximately 400 years ago and that the Piscean Age still has not receded into history — we know this to be a fact because up until the present time, we are still living with authoritarian dictators, greedy capitalists and hate and hate creation throughout the planet. Wars have continued to plague us while the tremendous amount of natural disasters has increased alarmingly, especially during the past ten years. So let us listen to the Tibetan as He explains the several factors that have been happening simultaneously at the closing of one age and the beginning of the new one.

The Factors to which I refer are, primarily, three in number:

1.  This is a transition period between the passing out of the Piscean Age with its emphasis upon authority and belief, and the coming in of the Aquarian age, with its emphasis upon individual understanding and direct knowledge. The activity of these forces, characteristic of the  two signs, produces in the atoms of the human body a corresponding activity. We are on the verge of new knowledge and the atoms of the body are being tuned up for reception.  Those atoms which are predominantly Piscean are beginning to slow down their activity and to be "occultly withdrawn," as it is called, or abstracted, whilst those which are responsive to the New Age tendencies are, in their turn, being stimulated and their vibratory activity increased. pg. 3

This has been a very gradual process up until the late fifties, when Alpha and Omega came forth and informed Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos and Ancient of Days, that it was time for Him to return as Regent to his own planet, Venus. They also informed us that anyone born before July of 1959, would not be reincarnating on this planet again and that all who were born after this date, would have one more opportunity to incarnate once again on Earth.  They also informed us that 51% of our Karma would be erased in order for us to complete our journey of the soul as quickly as possible.

The reason our beloved Sanat Kumara was recalled to His planet was that we were now transitioning into the Age of Aquarius and that all life upon our planet would experience the quickening, not only of time, but down to the atomic level of our beings. We would be tuned up for reception of the incoming new knowledge that would bring us up to speed as we respond to the new vibrations that will not only raise our consciousness; but at the same time raise our awareness of those who live behind the veil.  As promised, the veil would be rent in twain as the Master D. K. prophesied.  At the present time Sanat Kumara travels back and forth between our two planets as He is instrumental with the Avatar of Synthesis and all those in Hierarchy who are presently working on the Reappearance of the Christ, the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the lowering of the "New Jerusalem into to the atmosphere of Earth". 

2.  The world war marked a climax in the history of mankind, and its subjective effect was far more potent than has hitherto been grasped.  Through the power of prolonged sound, carried forward as a great experiment on the battlefields all over the world during a period of four years (1914-1918), and through the intense emotional strain of the entire planetary populace, the web of etheric matter (called the "veil of the temple") which separates the physical and astral planes was rent or torn asunder, and the amazing process of unifying the two worlds of physical plane living and of astral plane experience was begun and is now slowly going on.  It will be obvious, therefore, that this must bring about vast changes and alterations in the human consciousness.  Whilst it will usher in the age of understanding, of brotherhood and of illumination, it will also bring about states of reaction and the letting loose of psychic forces which today menace the uncontrolled and ignorant, and warrant the sounding of a note of warning and of caution. pg. 4

As you now realize, D. K. is talking about the First World War and the continual power of prolonged sound for 4 years rending the veil of the temple, otherwise known as the veil between the physical plane and that of the astral plane, can you now imagine what happened  when we set  the "hydrogen bomb" off in Hiroshima and the continued bombing of European countries by the Germans in WWII.

When D. K. talks about vast changes in the human consciousness, we can just look back to the last 25 years and now realize how many of us, changed in consciousness.  Our religions were not giving us what our souls were questing for; our governments were not giving us what was expected of them and therefore we marched in every city and every country.  Women were behind in every area, as men were the dominant (Piscean) figures in every area of life.  This began to change after WWII, when women were doing mens' jobs; and when they returned they wanted the women to go home and stay home  this did not occur as women had been fighting since WWI for the right to vote, and sad to say, even today, women are not given equal opportunity in many areas of life.  People of color are standing up for their rights and are marching in every city; because it is now time for Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood to take its place within all societies, all around the world.  

D. K. was also right in warning us that psychic forces would be let loose and causing tremendous negativity in all areas of the world.  It's not over yet, and we, the Light Bearers, need to understand the urgency of the hour, for the times grow short during this transition period and there is no time for sitting back and letting others take control; we, need now more than ever to stand up for the light, for the externalization of the Hierarchy on earth and especially for the Reappearance of the Christ, Who is already here, although unseen by many; but within a short time He will be with us and therefore, we cannot spend time and energy in wasting our energies on material things.  Hierarchy has made the call and we must answer  there is a race right now between the outgoing Piscean Dictators and those who value all life and all races upon this planet; they know that their time is short and are planning on taking as many lives with them as they exit the planet  it is our job to bring in the Light and Love from Hierarchy and spread it throughout the world, into every nook and corner, while all those who still live and work in the shadows will be brought into light, illumination and love forever.  DO NOT JUDGE others but concentrate and contemplate how we can better serve  Hierarchy as they approach and pass through the veil, we must prepare a safe place for all who are coming and especially the Coming One.

3.  A third factor is as follows.  It has been known for a long time by the mystics of all the world religions and by esoteric students everywhere, that certain members of the planetary Hierarchy are approaching closer to the earth at this time.  By this I want you to infer that the thought, or  the mental attention, of the Christ and of certain of His great disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, is directed or focussed at this time on human affairs, and that some of Them are also preparing to break Their long silence and may appear later among men.  This necessarily has a potent effect, first of all upon Their disciples and on those who are attuned to and synchronized with Their Minds, and secondly, it should be remembered that the energy which flows through these focal points of the Divine Will will have a dual effect and be destructive as well as constructive, according to the quality of the bodies which react to it.  Different types of men respond distinctively to any inflow of energy, and a tremendous psychic stimulation is at this time going on, with results both divinely beneficent and sadly destructive.

It might be added also that certain astrological relationships between the constellations are releasing new types of force which are playing through our solar system and on to our planet and thereby making possible developments hitherto frustrated in expression, and bringing about the demonstration of latent powers and the manifestation of new knowledges.  All this must be most carefully borne in mind by the worker in the field of human affairs if the present crisis is to be rightly appreciated and its splendid opportunities rightly employed.  I have felt it wise to write a few words concerning the condition to be found in the world today especially in connection with esoteric, occult and mystical groups and the spiritualistic movement. pgs. 4-5

So, what the Tibetan has emphasised here is that since the mid-nineteen thirties the Hierarchy and the Christed One have been steadily moving into the atmosphere of Earth - meanwhile, those who are attuned and in sync with the incoming Divine Will and increase in energy through the Rays, have been expecting Hierarchy as well as all the changes that must occur in order for the new knowledge and increased vibration to bring about the Divine Plan for the Earth.  But we also need to be aware that at the same time as many among mankind are living in expectancy, there are others who through ignorance and still clinging to the Piscean principles will act out in a most destructive way.  Haven't we seen this especially in these past years, with the increase in hate and hate creation - the push towards fascism, communism and authoritarism around the globe.  Again, let us be clear, this is only the "last push" by those who still want things to remain in their control; but the greater laws of the Universe have dictated the Divine Plan must happen at the present time; and we, the disciples of the most high God, are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the light, love and illumination that is imperative at this very hour.  The urgency cannot be handled lightly as we have very little time in which to do our part in the great scheme of life at this hour.

All true spiritual thinkers and workers are much concerned at this time about the growth of crime on every hand, by the display of the lower psychic powers, by the apparent deterioration of the physical body, as shown in the spread of disease, and by the extraordinary increase in insanity, neurotic conditions and mental unbalance. All this is the result of the tearing of the planetary web, and at the same time it is part of the evolutionary plan and the providing of the opportunity whereby humanity may take its next step forward. The Hierarchy of Adepts has been divided in opinion (if so unsuitable a word can be applied to a group of souls and brothers who know no sense of separateness, but only differ over problems of "skill in action") over the present world condition.  Some believe it to be premature and consequently undesirable and providing a difficult situation, whilst others take Their stand upon the basic soundness of humanity and regard the present crisis as inevitable and brought about by the developments in man himself;  They look upon the condition as educational and as constituting only a temporary problem which - as it is solved - will lead mankind on the way to a still more glorious future.  But there is at the same time, no denying the fact that great and frequently devastating forces have been let loose upon the earth, and that the effect is a cause of grave concern to all the Masters, Their disciples and workers. pg. 5

We can comprehend somewhat what has been going on here and that the tearing away of the veil between the physical and astral planes having much of the blame for our present dilema of living and working and trying to balance our lives between our spiritual love of God and maintain a balance in this world of illusion. I find that actually living in the world can only truly be accomplished by finding the time and place set aside to meditate on a daily basis, calling upon the Higher Self to surround ourselves with the necessary protection that will protect us and all those whom we love from any destructive forces that are now and will be within and on the Earth at this time. We also are aware of the destructive chemicals and pollutants in our air, our waters, our earth, in the food that we eat and even in the medicines we are taking have many dire side effects; and many of these can cause disease, insanity, and death.

The difficulty can, in the main, be traced back to overstimulation and the undue strain placed upon the mechanism of the bodies, which the world of souls (in physical incarnation) have to employ as they seek to manifest on the physical plane and so respond to their environment. The flow of energy, pouring through from the astral plane and (in a lesser degree) from the lower mental plane is brought in contact with bodies that are unresponsive at first, and over-responsive later; it pours into brain cells which, from lack of use, are unaccustomed to the powerful rhythm imposed upon them; and humanities equipment of knowledge is so poor that the majority have not sense enough to proceed with caution and to progress slowly. Therefore they are soon in danger and difficulty; their natures are oft so impure or so selfish that the new powers which are beginning to make their presence felt, and so opening up new avenues of awareness and contact, are subordinated to purely selfish ends and prostituted to mundane objectives.  The glimpses vouchsafed to the man of that which lies behind the veil are misinterpreted and the information gained is misused and distorted by wrong motives.  But whether a person is unintentionally a victim of force or brings himself in touch with it deliberately, he pays the price of his ignorance or temerity in the physical body, even though his soul may "go marching on". pg. 6

How many of us have been found guilty of looking here and there for the "divine teacher" and found ourselves having to start all over again as "something didn't quite ring true" and/or the teacher had an ego problem; and was really dealing out of the lower mental mind; and giving out psychic readings instead of the Ancient Wisdom as found within the pages of the Masters of the Wisdom, such as the Tibetan, through Alice A. Bailey and/or The I AM Group founded by the Master St. Germain; or works by Geraldine Innocente and the Bridge of Freedom and let us not forget the Theosophical Society founded by the Master Koothumi and the Master El Morya through their High Disciple, Madame H. P. Blavatsky in the 1870s as well as Agni Yogi Society.  All of these teachings are profound and filled with knowledge from the Ancient Wisdom.  As aspirants, disciples and initiates it is our responsibility to never alter any of the Masters' written words; as they are many times written in three levels.

It is of no use at this time to close one's eyes to the immediate problem or to endeavor to lay the blame for the sad failures, the occult wrecks,  for the half-demented psychics, the hallucinated mystics and the feeble-minded dabblers in esotericism at the door of their own stupidity, or upon the backs of some teachers, groups or organizations.  Much blame can indeed be placed here and there, but it is the part of wisdom to face facts and to realize the cause of that which is everywhere transpiring and which can be stated as follows.

The cause of the growth of the lower psychism and of the increasing sensitivity of humanity at this time is the sudden inflow of a new form of astral energy through the rent veil which has, until a short while ago, safeguarded the many.  Add to this the inadequacy of the mass of human vehicles to meet the newly imposed strain and some idea of the problem can be grasped. pgs. 6-7

Check Out the Difference in Populations in the USA

This First Map is Populations Between 1920-1930

 This Second Map is Populations Between 1930-1940

This Third Map is Populations Between 1940-1950

The Last Map is Populations in USA 
 1950 and Present Time

If you look at the above maps, you can see what the Hierarchy were dealing with in the 1930's - now as you look at the future maps you can see what they are dealing with at the present time. Remember, all of these changes within the USA and also around the world had to occur in order for the Divine Plan to work out not only with the increased population but also the increase in vibration and frequency within the planet and her people.

Let it not be forgotten, however, that there is another side to the picture. The inflow of this energy has brought many hundreds of people into a new and deeper spiritual realization; it has opened a door through which many will pass before long and take their second initiation, and it has let a flood of light into the world - a light which will go on increasing for the net thirty years, bringing assurance of immortality and a fresh revelation of the divine potencies in the human being. Thus is a New Age dawning. Access to levels of inspiration, hitherto untouched, has been facilitated. The stimulation of the higher faculties (and this on a large scale) is now possible, and the coordination of the personality with the soul and the right use of energy can go forward with renewed understanding and enterprise. Ever the race is to the strong, and always the many are called and the few chosen. This is the occult law. pg. 7 

As noted above, many people have had the opportunity to make their "second initiation" while the light was ever increasing - this having mostly to do with the New Age that was dawning and has continued to grow with the incoming rays, the constellations and the thinning of the veils. We can look back again and see how many people have left their religions looking for inspiration and the truth that will set them free - they know at the soul level that there was something missing in their religious teachings - nothing being said about the coming of the Christ, nothing being said about finding their way back to God; nothing being said about Hierarchy and the thinning of the veils - no wonder people ventured away from the old teachings looking for the Truth and the Reappearance of the Christ along with His disciples Externalizing in the near future - this is what all the changes are about.

We are now in a period of tremendous spiritual potency and of opportunity to all upon the probationary path and the path of discipleship. It is the hour wherein a clarion call goes forth to man to be of good cheer and of goodwill, for deliverance is on the way. But it is also the hour of danger and of menace for the unwary and the unready, for the ambitious, the ignorant, and for those who selfishly seek the Way and who refuse to tread the path of service with pure motive. Lest this widespread upheaval and consequent disaster to so many should seem to you unfair, let me remind you that this one life is but a second of time in the larger and wider existence of the soul, and that those who fail and are disrupted by the impact of the powerful forces now flooding our earth will nevertheless have their vibration "stepped up" to better things along with the mass of those who achieve, even if their physical vehicles are destroyed in the process. The destruction of the body is not the worst disaster that can overcome a man.

It is not my purpose to cover the whole ground possible in the relation to the situation in the field of psychism caused by the inflow of astral energy at this time. I seek to confine myself to the effect of the inflow on aspirants and sensitives.  These two words - aspirants and sensitives - are employed by me in this article to distinguish the awakened seeker after control and mastery from the lower type of psychic, who is controlled and mastered.  It is necessary here to remind you that psychism, so-called, can be divided into the following two groups:

    Higher Psychism                                Lower Psychism

    Divine                                                 Animal

    Controlled                                          Uncontrolled

    Positive                                               Negative

    Intelligently applied                          Automatic

    Mediatorship                                     Mediumship

These distinctions are little understood, nor is the fact appreciated that both groups of qualities indicate our divinity. All are expressions of God. 

There are certain psychic powers which men share in common with the animals; these powers are inherent in the animal body and are instinctual, but they have, for the vast majority, dropped below the threshold of consciousness and are unrealized and therefore useless. These are the powers, for instance, of astral clairvoyance and clairaudience, and the seeing of colors and similar phenomena. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are also possible on mental levels, and we then call it telepathy, and the seeing of symbols, for all visioning of geometrical forms is mental clairvoyance. All these powers are, however, tied up with the human mechanism or response apparatus, and serve to put the man in touch with aspects of the phenomenal world for which the response mechanism, which we call the personality, exists. They are the product of the activity of the divine soul in man, which takes the form of what we call "the animal soul," which really corresponds to the Holy Ghost aspect in the human microcosmic trinity.  All these powers have their spiritual correspondences, which manifest when the soul becomes consciously active and controls its mechanism through the mind and the brain.  When astral clairvoyance and clairaudience are not below the threshold of consciousness, but are actively used and functioning, it means that the solar plexus center is open and active.  When the corresponding mental faculties are present in consciousness, then it means that the throat center and the center between the eyebrows are becoming "awake" and active.  But the higher psychic powers, such as spiritual perception with its infallible knowledge, the intuition with its unerring judgment, and psychometry of the higher kind with its power to reveal the past and the future, are the prerogatives of the divine soul.  These higher powers come into play when the head and heart centers, as well as the throat center, are brought into activity as the result of meditation and service. pgs. 7-9

It will be noted here that both Clairvoyance and Clairaudience are part of our divine aspects; but at the present time in most people they have dropped below the level of consciousness.  What does this mean - Dropped below the level of consciousness?  It means simply that we've neglected to keep attuned to our intuition for many lifetimes and therefore we are not "consciously connected" as it is now below our level of awareness.  Many a student who is working towards their 2nd Initiation will be opening the 3rd Eye and the seven centers within the brain in order to make contact with the Solar Angel and/or Soul or Holy Ghost which is now open to all who seek to expand their consciousness and move forward to the threshold of inner and upper awareness of all of those who have passed before us in to the light of Their own presence. So, along the path of attainment we will again attain to these divine qualities of our Higher Mental facilities. Remember, this can only happen when we make a conscious daily effort to reconnect to our souls through, prayer, daily meditation and service to God, to all mankind, to all of our kingdoms on earth and to Mother Earth in particular. This is what we came to Earth for in our beginning the involution into the planet. While many of us have forgotten our sacred promise to bring forth our God Quality into the atmosphere of Earth, many among mankind are realizing that they have a path that stretches before them towards their Father/Mother God and all of our Elder Brothers who have stayed back from Their own Ascension in order to assist mankind in finding their own path back home. Therefore, we have much to be grateful for and instead of being fearful and doubtful of what lies ahead, we now need to see the opportunity to make a difference in all areas of life within and on this planet.

Let the student, however, remember two things:

That the greater can always include the lesser, but the purely animal psychic does not include the higher.

That between the lowest type of negative mediumship and the highest type of inspired teacher and seer are found a vast diversity of grades, and that the centers are not uniformly developed in humanity. pg 9

Note well here what the Master says about our psychic and intuitive abilities - "there are many grades between the purely animal psychic and the highest type of inspired teacher and seer." This is because the seven chakras, and the many sacred centers within the brain are not open, and therefore the animal psychic is working from the lower mental plane and the solar plexus, while the Higher Initiate is working under the direct control of the Solar Angel, Soul and/or Holy Ghost. This is where many students get themselves in trouble and there is a need here for them to work toward contacting the soul on a daily basis; for it is only through this relationship that true inspired information will be given as a teacher as well as a seer.

The complexity of the subject is great, but the general situation can be grasped, the significance of the opportunity proffered can be understood, and the right use of knowledge be employed to bring good out of the present critical period, and thus the psychic and spiritual growth of man be fostered and nurtured. pg. 9

It is complex, but as the Master proclaims the general situation can be grasped while the opportunity proffered can be understood - this will begin to happen through daily meditation doing the AUM for a hundred times and then going into the Silence and while in Listening Grace, learn to be guided by your own Souls.

Two questions should, I believe, at this time engross the attention of all workers in the field of esotericism and those who are engaged with the training of students and aspirants.

I.  How shall we train our sensitives and psychics so that the dangers can be avoided and men can go safely forward to their new and glorious heritage?     

II.  How can esoteric schools or "disciplines" as they are sometimes called, make right use of the opportunity? pgs. 9-10

We will definitely be moving into a deeper and more comprehensive explanation from the Master Djhwal Khul in our next lesson.

End of Lesson - 2/19/22