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As we study each Ray, remember to meditate with your Higher Self and ask that you attune yourself to the information being given.  It is vital that you pay attention if you would like to realize under what particular Ray you  are working.

Sometimes Working On More Than One Ray
In many cases we're working on several Rays at the same time.  For instance, I have always considered myself a First Ray person.   I've worked independently in Marketing and Sales and at the same time, have raised three children (two at the present time) by myself.  As a woman, the pay scale was lowered, even in pharmaceuticals I made less than any other salesman even though I won awards for calling on more doctors and making top sales; so I would move forward continually seeking to make enough to support my family, pay my rent and put some aside for their college.  

It was in the mid-eighties that I had an epiphany while teaching a class in Meditation to a group in New Hampshire.  I saw a beautiful white swan gliding towards me from under an old stone bridge that arched over a river flowing past me.  What was unusual was the color of the water.  It was a deep "ruby red"and the bottom of the swan reflected the color in tones of pink as it moved towards me.  When it came in front of me, it turned its head and looked directly into my eyes, and I got a chill all down my spine and then it continued on its journey past the screen of my mind.  I decided that it was too personal to speak about so I never mentioned it until one of the ladies asked me to tell her exactly what I had seen in my meditation.  I was surprised that she knew that I had received something; and finally told her about the swan and the bridge and the water  (especially the color).  She smiled at me and said, you've just passed under the bridge into the 6th Ray which is Ruby in color; and the Swan represents your SOUL letting you know that you are now moving forward on your soul's journey.  Then she opened my hand and placed a "raw ruby stone" into my palm.  She explained that in her meditation she was told to give this to me and that she would understand why once I told her of my epiphany.  I still have that ruby and it rests upon my altar with all my other precious moments.  

As you know, I gave you your first lesson last week on Ray 1 and yet, I'm a teacher and teachers fall under Ray 2 - Jesus was on the 6th Ray but now works with Kuthumi and Dwal Khul on the 2nd Ray as World Teachers.  Sometimes it's best not to question why ...but I always do. I found out that you have a personality ray, a soul ray, and your 
true ray which would come directly from your Higher Self.  Did you notice how many children for the past 20 years only want purple or violet as their color of choice?  These are the Aquarians 7th Ray coming in - many have come in over the past 50 to 60 years but now we're seeing lots of 7th Rays even Seventh Root Racers.

So let's learn a bit more about the Second Ray.  The first God Quality that springs to mind is Brotherhood, Love/Wisdom and Illumination - I'd say that is a mouthful; but all of these virtues are bound up in a the positive energies of a Second Ray person.  Feelings play a major part in the qualities of this Ray.  It is the perception that a Second Ray person has that allows him/her to intuitively realize both pleasure and pain in others. 

Gautama the Buddha 

Second Ray Buddha of Enlightenment
His Way is the Middle Way

It is this compassion and perception that Gautama Buddha taught to his students - in fact, He was so steadfast in his Wisdom, Love and Compassion that people follow his "Middle Way" today all over the World.  The difference between the Buddhic Enlightenment and ordinary charity towards others is that the Second Ray person thinks not of himself but absolutely of those whom he connects with
As one evolves the spirit of Love and Compassion for others expands and expands and people are drawn to the aura of those who are the Masters of Wisdom.

Lord Maitrya
2nd Ray - Lord of the World

Take Lord Maitrya for instance - He not only worked His entire soul journey on Love and Wisdom but wrote books explaining that Brotherhood is the key to Union with one another and  that unless we can let go of our "egos" and Listen! Listen! Listen! to all those who need guidance and protection - that the separateness, bigotry, intolerance will continue to dominate our civilization and mankind will continue to ride the "Wheel of Karma" lifetime after lifetime.

To really understand a Second Ray person you have to realize that they are altruistic, pure of heart and have 
absolutely nothing but best wishes for all whom they meet.  Different Rays and different people are just as inspiring as his own Second Ray buddies; but to him they are all expressing some quality of God and therefore have His complete attention and interest.   And this goes for all those who are deviants, miscreants, charlatans, to the Second Ray person they are misguided and need to be redirected into their Divine Plan for he has enough love in his altruistic heart to instruct, love and redeem them or die trying.

The Second Ray person would exclaim when they lost a ring "I've lost my ring! Well, it must be that someone else needs it more than I do"!  Remember, the Second Ray person sees everyone in an evolving state of consciousness and realizes immediately that we are all on "different rungs of Jacobs ladder" all moving upward and forward on our journey of the soul; and that at some point in the future we will all become Masters of Wisdom and ascend back to the Father - with this thought secured within their mental body, they feel that they are planting the seeds that will germinate and bring forth fruit - it might not be in this lifetime but all mankind will find their path when the time is right.  In India this path is called Karma Yoga - all men are moving at different degrees over different periods of time and the need for a Master of Wisdom is to blend in with them and subtly plant His seeds of Wisdom.  Remember the Second Ray man goes about with love in the heart for all mankind - and acts according to his heart; he can determine that schemes, and laws and regulations that are not coming from the heart will never bring about peace and prosperity for all.

Sorry to inform you that the Second Ray person that is described above is very, very rare.  Today's Second Rays can be great financiers, teachers, librarians, bankers, economists, gurus, priests, professors, writers and poets,   included on this Ray.  Yet, we do  see those special teachers who bring such joy to their profession and who raise the children up by their dedication and heartfelt joy in opening the minds and hearts of their students.

When you look at the positive side of the Ray you see the Compassion, the great heart and the altruistic qualities; yet, there's another negative side that must be realized at the same time.  You can have the bleeding heart type, and the hardened heart type who definitely participated in the 2008 banking and mortgage recession.  You can see people who get into groups that are racist, bigots and who are destructive to those of other faiths or races that are unlike their own. Or the "do nothings" who the people voted into office and because of their prejudice refuse and even stop  the wheels of government  instead of proving their worth by working for the people to help bring about a healthier, happier and more affluent society. Confuscius said it all in reference to leaders of government:  "If you do not like the present leader, than it is up to you to vote him out - for it was you who put him there to begin with".  As you can see Confuscius was a Second Ray Buddhic Teacher.
2nd Ray Master of Wisdom - China

Remember the story of Solomon?  When the two women appeared before him each claiming that the infant they held was hers. (In reality one woman lost her child and she grabbed the other woman's child and claimed it as her own).

Solomon, King of the Jews
2nd Ray Master of Wisdom
When God asked him what he wanted he replied

They demanded  that Solomon make the decision as to who was the rightful mother of the child.  He thought for a moment and then reached for the child and took out a sword and said I can solve your problem, I'll just cut the babe in two  -half for each of you!  The real mother screamed and said: "let her have the child"; but Solomon handed the child to the real mother instead; because only a real mother would not let her child be cut in two for any reason."  This was a great example of the involvement of the heart in this story - both the heart of the real mother and the heart of Solomon were conjoined in the case.  She, as a mother rather the other woman have the babe than to witness it being killed; while Solomon, who in his wisdom FELT the real mother's pain, KNEW at that moment who the babe's real mother was and made the correct judgement.


   Jesus the Christ                                  Kuthumi
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Djwal Khul

All Second Ray Master Teachers

We all know who Jesus was and that He taught us how to Love one another and to Minister unto others -His entire existence was strung out like a living teaching from his birth to his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension.  His life was an "open book" on HOW-TO complete the Journey of the Soul.  He reminded us of who we really are, the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God.  He told us that He came for the "forgiveness of sins and would give His life for our sins"; and that He would go unto the Father, there to prepare a place for us.  Notice He didn't say He was God; and chastised those who tried to name Him as a God.  He said He was the Messenger of the Most High God and was sent into the earth to remind us about our heritage and what awaited us if we would follow His example step by step.

St. Francis of Assisi
Originally Chohan of Second Ray
Raised to World Teacher

Master Kuthumi

2nd Ray Mahatma
Originally Chohan of Second Ray
Now World Teacher

Kuthumi  was St. Francis of Assisi in his former life and 
came back as a lama in Tibet.  He, along with the Master El Morya (who was Akbar the Great, of India) trained 

Madame Blavatsky
Russian Princess, Channeled Telepathically for both
The Master El Morya and Kuthumi
Published Most of the Theosophical Material
Dictated to Her by the Mahatmas

Madame Blavatsky to become Their channel through telepathy, as well as the Master Djwal Khul, who was still a very young man at the time; but Djwal Khul worked directly under both Kuthumi and El Morya.  They brought about the teachings of Theosophy which was the rage  throughout Europe, India, the Far East and America at the turn of the Century.  Everyone was tuned in to Their teachings because in those particular teachings were found the ancient arcane knowledge from Atlantis from the Book of Dyzan, one of the most ancient texts that was preserved in the Hall of Records and brought forth once again to mankind.  

Both Kuthumi and El Morya traveled extensively and lived in their bodies for a couple of hundred years.  They had reached a point in Their discipleship where They were living in the Etheric Plane and were in a state of superconsciousness that literally allowed Them to arrive in New York City or in New Jersey on the instant.  They preserved  their physical bodies in order to make contact with Humanity as did the Comte de St. Germain during the final days of King Louis XV and Marie Antoinette, when He could pass through locked doors and change flawed jewels into flawless gems or give an elixir to those He loved and they could live well over a century as He did.  In the early 17th Century He was in England composing compositions one week, and in France a few days later with the French Court and they didn't have trains, planes just boats that he didn't use.

Master Kuthumi was the first of the three Mahatmas to Ascend from the Earth, followed by El Morya in the 1890's while Djwal Khul matured and took over as the Mahatma who knew more about the Rays, Root Races, Cycles and He prophesized about the coming events and how they would effect us.  Master Kuthumi appeared to Alice Bailey long after He Ascended, when she was a teenager, to inform her that she was to work with the Master Djwal Khul.  Alice Bailey was a Second Ray student highly evolved   but it was not until 10 years later that she actually met up with Djwal Khul in California where He instructed her in the teachings of the Mahatmas.  You can find all of these books on Amazon and/or at the Arcane School in New York City. 

1St Ray Master El Morya

 El Morya produced a series of books in Russia after His Ascension Leaves of Morya's Garden I and II published by the Agni Yoga Society in 1924 and 25 by Nicholas & Helena Roerich, who were His students and wrote the books in Russian. 
Nicholas Roerich, Artist &  Russian Mystic
Helena Roerich Actress and Channel
for the Ascended Master Morya
and His Agni Yoga Books
 Later they were translated into English and are beautifully written almost like poetry - there are several editions  written all through the 1920s, 30's and 40's.

Alice Bailey was the Telephaatic Channel
for the Master Djwal Khul
Started the Arcane School in NYC
Alice Bailey was the channel for Djwal Khul and channeled telepathically as did Madame Blavatsky and Helena Roerich, the contents of all of these books for public consumption.  Alice Bailey died in 1950 and Master Djwal Khul made His ascension in 1951.

St. Germain
Chohan of the Seventh Ray
At the same time as all of these books were being published and schools were being established, St. Germain appeared to Guy Ballard on Mt. Shasta, California and trained him to be His channel for the I AM Activity,  all of these organizations still exist today.  And all of these channels were acting under the Second Ray influence.

Guy and Lotus Ballard
Guy was Channel for the Master St. Germain and started the I AM Activity in 1930 at Mount Shasta, USA

Everyone of the Masters and World Teachers  made the Great Sacrifice.  They gave Their lives so that we could also gain our Ascension and They are still with us- many stepping back and forth through the "Veil" from time to time but they could all have left us thousands of years ago, but refused their final initiation into the LIGHT in order to help mankind find their way back to God.

Master Djwal Khul, The Tibetan Telepathically Channeled
24 Esoteric Books to Alice Bailey from 1930 to her death in

Djwal Khul promised His students that sometime after the year 2000 He would work with another channel - to bring forth the final series of the Great Work that has been given out to the Western World since the introduction to Theosophy in 1870 with Isis Unveiled and the Secret Doctrine 4 powerful volumes written by Helena Blavatsky- even in the 1950's El Morya brought forth the Bridge of Freedom Books through His Twin Flame and Channel  Geraldine Innocente.

Second Ray - Monday - Color: Sun Yellow
Chakra:  Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra

Mantra for Opening the Crown Chakra

My Crown Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire
My Crown Chakra is the Purity God desires (15x's)

Elohim:  Cassiopea and Minerva
Chohan of the Ray - Lord Lanto

Lord Lanto
Chohan of the Second Ray
Keeper of the Illumination Flame at
The Royal Tetons Retreat, Wyoming
Brought the Flame to USA in this Century 

Prayers for the embodiment of the Second Ray

Let the Flame of Wisdom bring peace and understanding -
enfold me that I may always be able to understand my fellow man and discern and recognize the highest truth.

Those we call forth on the Second Ray:

I call to the Mighty Elohim Cassiopea and Minerva, Beloved Gautama the Buddha, Lord Maitreya, beloved Kuthumi, Mighty Victory, Beloved Lord Lanto and Confucius, beloved Archangel Jophiel and Christine, and the angels on the Illumination Ray.

Holy Christ Self
When invoking from the heart,this prayer anchors the Christ Light and Body into the Triune Flame within the Heart Chakra.  This is the Second Ray Golden Flame of Resurrection into the Christ Self

Holy Christ Self above me,
The balance of my soul,
Let Thy precious radiance,
Descend and make me whole.

Triune Flame Within Your Heart Chakra

Thy Flame within me ever blazes,
Thy Peace about me ever raises,
Thy Love protects and holds me,
Thy dazzling light enfolds me,
 I AM Thy Three-Fold Radiance
I AM Thy living Presence,
Expanding, expanding, expanding, Now! 

Holy Christ Flame within me,
Come, expand Thy Triune Light,
Flood my being with the essence,
Of the Pink, Blue, Gold and White. 


I AM Presence and Causal Body

Holy Lifeline to My Presence,
Friend and Brother ever dear,
Let me keep Thy Holy Vigil,
Be Thyself in action here.

End of Lesson