Saturday, February 6, 2016


"Let pain bring due reward of love and light..." This should be the mantra of every child of light, who has and is now still struggling to uphold the light while living in the world; but not part of that world.  Remember, as "light-bearers" we hold the lamp of light, love and wisdom - letting it fill the darkness - allowing those souls caught up in the web of maya, to find their way back to the shinning ones, to realize their own true self, (the Soul) illumined within their very beings.  This is why we're here!  We are the sons and daughters of the most High God, Who has given us the opportunity to embody time and again, to meet with like-minded souls on their homeward journey.  We understand that as a group we can garner, absorb and send out more light and at the same time, become the channels that both receive and send out the light of God through His Brotherhood, His Angels and all the Hierarchy through our prayers, our meditations and our actions. And we realize that as a group, our Souls unite and multiply within any area that we choose to aid; and when we call to Hierarchy to multiply that light with the light of a thousand suns and again, multiply that power by the power of three times three and ten thousand by ten thousand, all of Heaven responds on the instant. -mf

But we till have to live in the world and be subject to all of the trials and tribulations that we have agreed to overcome in order to expand our consciousness and live as "A SOUL" rather than a FORM.  Do you understand the difference?  It is through the SOUL that the LAW OF LOVE  is manifest; and it is through the FORM the the LAW OF SEPARATION seeks expression.  When the LAW OF LOVE supersedes the LAW OF SEPARATION than the many will once again become the ONE!  In other words, the SOUL is LIGHT, LOVE and POWER or ACTION and "the evolution of consciousness carries us through self-consciousness, or love of self, then group consciousness, love of those around us (again group souls), on towards God/Universal consciousness, and/or LOVE OF THE WHOLE!  The KEY TO GROWTH IS LOVE!  The energy in which we live and move.  When man recognizes that he is a corporate part of a greater whole, he blends then with the group interests, activities and objectives.  It leads to wisdom which is LOVE in manifested activity again, living the life of a SOUL".  

PEOPLE who are busy doing service, actively loving our neighbor as ourselves and living as our true selves - as a SOUL -  cannot, will not, ever think of or knowingly want to harm, vilify, or destroy another SOUL, no matter where that soul resides at the present time. (When I'm speaking of residing, I'm referring to the rung of the ladder of evolution) and not any particular area or place -mf.

Let me be perfectly clear, we are living during a "world transition period, an increasing amount of energy is flowing into human consciousness from a variety of sources.  And as the Great Invocation* is an instrument for assisting this inflow, it's perhaps not surprising that "the primary result of the correct use of the Great Invocation (as far as humanity is concerned) is acceleration."  Energy is being converted into activity at an alarming rate, and ironically, this may be an indication that this world prayer is being used effectively. Many people comment that in today's world, there is a sense of time flying by and things spinning out of control. Crises are piling up relentlessly on a national and international level; world karma is intensifying and both the higher and the lower aspects of human nature are being stimulated as never before. 

To many this picture seems bleak but seen with the inner eye a different picture emerges. Through the leadership of the new group of world servers, the will-to-good and goodwill are flourishing as never before - everywhere enlightened thinkers are inspiring humanity with a vision that is full of hope.  And it is through the energy that this group wields that the problem of acceleration will be ameliorated through the steady transference of speed into harmonious motion.  This process translates the  quality of mental/emotional/physical substance into the rhythm and  harmony of Peace.  As this transpires, a more enlightened human consciousness will steadily win control of time and space".  -from the Arcane School

This is the time of year to be in spiritual meditation in preparation for  the three great festivals. i.e. The Easter Festival, 27th of March this year, Wesak Festival, 21st of May this year and June 19th (also Father's Day.
Through perseverance with daily meditation however, the "soundless sound' that reverberates in the heart will triumph over these conditions and stabilize the student at the center of his being.  Perseverance with daily meditation is the one great requirement in the battle for supremacy between the soul and the personality.  In the answer to the question "Is that all?" Alice A. Bailey wrote, "Yes.'If meditation is rightly followed, and if perseverance is the keynote of the life, then increasingly soul contact is established.   The results of that contact work out in self-discipline, in purification, and in the life of aspiration and of service."


From the point of Light within the Mind of God,
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men,
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God,
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men,
May Christ return to Earth.

From the Center which we call the Will of God,
Let purpose guide the little wills of men,
The purpose which the Masters known and serve.

From the Center which we call the race of men,
Let the plan of love and light work out,
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power
Restore the Plan on Earth.

OM     OM       OM

Meditation first thing in the morning is recommended - before the dissonant sounds of the lower worlds have time to infiltrate the consciousness and evoke the chord of the personality.  Once struck, this chord rings out with strident ice, rendering the "great stillness" beyond reach.  In essence, morning meditation is a re-attunement of the inner ear to the spiritual realms from which the disciple has just returned (from the temples where we study each evening-mf)

NOTE:  The student is also advised not to drift off to sleep but to endeavor to exit onto the inner planes in full consciousness at night time.  In the book, The Consciousness of the Atom, Alice Bailey's writes:  "the object of evolution is that we should consciously function, with full continuity of realization upon the physical, emotional and mental planes.  This is the great achievement which will someday be ours...At present we remain unconscious of where the real thinking entity is during the hours of sleep.  We do not know what his activities are, nor the condition of his environment. Some day we shall utilize and employ every minute of every hour of the day."  The Tibetan elaborates on this saying, "Relaxation, close attention and a steady drawing upwards  to the center in the head should be attempted, for until the aspirant has learned to be steadily aware of all processes in going to sleep and to preserve at the same time his positivity, there is danger in this work.  The first steps must be taken with intelligence and followed for many years until facility in the work of abstraction is achieved."

The above is all part of the challenge of the modern day discipleship and striving towards that continuity of consciousness between the outer and inner realms which the Hierarchy are hoping to see.  It is something to consider, as we prepare for the challenge of working with the keynote for this year "Let the group strive towards that subject synthesis and telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time".  -from The Arcane School.

Prejudice is a global problem that will be overcome as we become more seated in the Aquarian Age and as the seed thought for this month states:  "Unity will be the distinctive character of mankind when men themselves have pulled down the separating walls and have removed the barriers between race and race, between nation and nation, between religion and religion, between man and man."

We all need to study and to be more involved in the solution to all the problems that still hinder the light and love of the soul from changing lives.  This will make us more conscious individuals of the role we play in interacting with others. Beginning with self, we ask if we work and live as a soul where there is no separation, no darkness, only Light.  Living as a soul right now is magical, as it transforms darkness in to light, what is unreal into the Real, and chaos into order and beauty.

My essay this month was about the prejudice against women I find that "women's rights" is a problem in every part of the globe.  As a woman I feel that I can contribute not only my personal views but also my personal experiences living and working as a single, divorced, mother.

Although I was treated rather badly, and as the saying goes that "Rome wasn't built in a day"; we are now seeing women stepping into powerful positions as CEO's and CFO's of major companies.  Many have gone into politics and have become Senators; Representatives of our  Legislature and one just might become President in the not to distant future. When you think about prejudice we know how the African American has been treated but even the African American got the vote before women did.

Internationally we see women already holding positions as Prime Ministers, Presidents and Deans of Universities, Astronomers and Scientists - yet at the same time we're seeing in the Middle East women being beheaded for attending school, and treated as chattel rather than as a partner of equal rights and values.  So, although progress is happening we still have to keep on keeping on with positive energy and sending the light into this dark planet so that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

As far as  racial prejudices are concerned here in America, there are certain arrears within our country where they are still 300 years behind the times; and this will continue as long as the parents, teachers and spiritual ministries continually preach prejudice and hatred instead of love thy neighbor as thyself.

When I was young, I lived in the Northeast and there were neighborhoods that would not allow an African American family to live among them.  I remember my bosses at the Tannery where I worked in the early sixties were Jewish.  They heard that our church needed an organ and they had one sent to our pastor; yet they were not allowed to join our country clubs.

I remember that our small cities were divided into ethnic neighborhoods.  Little Italy, Germantown, the Greeks over here and the Syrians over there, the Irish out there and the French over there - I had never seen an African American until I was fourteen years old - it might have been that it was just too cold for them; but if they couldn't live in the neighborhoods, they just didn't bother.  Today these neighborhoods have all disappeared and many of the ethnic groups have intermarried and so we now have everyone living as they should amid and among each other..  Think about it.  The children grow up together, go to school together, go to sports and entertainment functions together, hang out together and marry one another - in another hundred years you'll not distinguish one race from another.

Of course, our greatest problem is the parents teaching their children to be prejudice, putting up barriers of hate, prejudice and separation from the cradle to the grave.  They haven't learned to grow, to expand - these are the souls that really need to be brought into the global community.  It needs to begin with education the whole educational system needs an overhaul and with the attitude of thinking globally.  With the introduction of the Internet, TV and the media we are now part of a global community.  Something occurring in Korea this morning is old news by three in the after noon.  We are no longer separated by oceans, by ego, by choice or by miles we are all one in the eyes of the Creator and our job is to build through the expansion of consciousness, through education, negotiation and communication between nations and especially through placing the spiritual light through triangles, through the New Group of World Servers, the Men and Women of Goodwill, continually and diligently sending the light, love, peace and goodwill to every part of our dear world.

In grateful companionship,
your fellow student,
Margaret Mary, 2//6/2016