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The Emerald Buddha

This Emerald Buddha represents the Fifth Ray or Emerald Ray of
Abundance, Truth, Healing, Concentration and Consecration

Years ago, when my daughter was eight years old (and thinking she was superman),  she jumped off our balcony, missing her goal, the large outside fireplace in the parking lot, and fell one story, breaking her wrist in her endeavor.  She was rushed to the emergency room at the local hospital and was seen by an orthopedic doctor.  After x-raying her wrist, he placed the x-ray under a light and proceeded to work on her wrist while observing the x-ray picture.  My daughter suddenly said to him “Doctor, do you know that you have a green light all around your head?” And he said:  “Lot’s of children tell me so,” – This is the  Fifth Ray of healing which is connected to the Third Eye Chakra located between the eyebrows in the center of the forehead. 

Believe it or not, most physicians do not have this aura of healing but many do.  When in Concentration and at the same time coming from the heart while healing someone, the auric field surrounding the body becomes ignited with the Emerald Green Light of the Fifth Ray.

Emerald Green Aura Surrounding A Healer
Or A Person being healed — usually when being 
healed by Angelic Healers, the Green can be
observed coming from above and flowing downwards
over the person needing healing — mf

As you know by now, we have Four Lower Bodies connected to Seven Chakras plus Five Secret Rays that are not functioning until one has passed certain initiations and has opened all chakras, aligned all four lower bodies and is in reality living within the Soul Consciousness which is the Fifth Jiva of the Mental Body (the highest plane of the Mental Body) this would give one the privilege of being called a Mahatma of Great Soul.

When one is studying the Ancient Wisdom, they soon realize that we are a very complicated mechanism operating on Seven Planes of Matter and although we’re not even aware of our more perfected selves, we realize early on, that even our physical body which is the most dense of all our vehicles, is tremendously complex and when studying anatomy, biology, psychology and medicine it blows the mind to see how beautifully we are created (notice that I did not say made).  This vehicle or dense body is the “covering” that surrounds, encloses and protects the REAL SELF that dwell deep within.

This physical body has the Emotional Body surrounding it, which is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra.  It is the widest of the bodies and is connected also to the Water Element.  In a female, this body makes her more intuitive, emotional and nurturing than the male.  This body is also connected to the currents and rays associated with the moon.  When a person is mentally unstable, and there happens to be a Full Moon, that person becomes agitated, irrational and emotionally unstable“Lunatic” comes from the Latin Word – Luna meaning Moon. 

The Emotional Body

The Emotional Body Surrounds the Physical Body
All Four Lower Bodies are nested like the Russian Dolls

As we discussed before, in order to heal others, one needs to first open both the Heart Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.  This is not accomplished in a day unless one was a healer for many previous lifetimes, then they enter the earth with both these Chakras open and therefore, they need only reconnect with healing or reincarnate into a family of healers as is usually the case, in order to remember why they are here. 

Third Eye Chakra  & Heart Chakra
When Healing Both the Third-Eye Chakra and Heart Chakra are Involved

Many who are in the healing profession may be upon another ray but need to experience the Fifth Ray during a particular lifetime. (Remember, we are to proceed along each Ray during our sojourn here on Earth.)  So, when I state that many doctors are not working under the healing Ray, this is true; but they are usually wanting to aid in the process of healing in some capacity.  They could be in research, looking for a cure (4th Ray) or in Psychology, trying to help those mentally incapacitated (2nd Ray) or teaching, counseling and comforting (6th Ray). How about the Red Cross or Salvation Army who are not afraid to enter a war zone, a forest fire, an earthquake or tornado area (1st Ray) in order to rescue victims or one who raises money in order to build hospitals, support humanitarian efforts like world hunger, victims of war, disease, and/or disasters (7th Ray).  Whatever is needed, someone on one of the Seven Rays is working in some capacity or other, to aid those in 
The Emerald Third Eye Chakra

The Pink Heart Chakra

By doing the following mantra, you all cleanse the Third Eye from all debris and begin the process of opening the Third Eye.

My Third Eye Chakra is a Chakra of Violet Fire,

My Third Eye Chakra is the Purity God desires! (15x's)

My Third Eye Chakra is a Chakra of Emerald Fire.

My Third Eye Chakra is the Purity God desires! (15xs)

There's a beautiful Prayer given by  the Brotherhood of the Melchizedek Truth Principles that will help to open the Third Eye if the prayer is recited daily for oneself or for others from the heart:

The Great White Brotherhood

Would you join us in a few moments of prayer and meditation?
As you become physically calm, enter your attention towards the "Tabernacle of the Hosts", by looking inward  and upward and with a desire to behold the radiance of the White Light, in the foremost part of your head; in the forehead, just above and between you physical eyes.  You may not behold it immediately; it may take a little time.
Whether it become a conscious realization to you or not, in prayer proceed in this manner.

I Am now in the presence of Pure Being.
I behold no other radiance than the radiance of the Christ Light
Of which I AM a divine part,
I AM now fully conscious of the presence of the indwelling God,
I now behold the Living Christ of God, in whose image and likeness I AM.
I Ascend in consciousness and stand before the altar
Which I have created through my desire of oneness.
With the Infinite Supreme Principle of the Universe.
That Principle which has brought all life into manifestation.
I AM no longer part of doubt or fear.
I AM at peace with all mankind through the Love of the Living God.
I behold nothing but perfection,
I see all mankind in perfect spiritual accord.
I proclaim peace on earth, as it is in Heaven.
Nothing can separate me from the Living God.
I send forth thoughts of Love to all those who may be
In understanding less fortunate than myself.
I bathe them, Spirit, Soul and body and see them continually bathed
With the Goodness and the Greatness of God's Love.
There is no confusion in the Universe.  I see none, I hear none
I hear but the voice of God and I feel the presence of God's
Oneness throughout the Universe
I see youth in all that which express Life, I see Life eternal
I do not, I cannot behold or become a part, for myself or my fellowman,
Of that which man has learned to call death;
I see Health, Peace, Life in every full measure of abundance
Wherever Life is expressed.
I Am one with the Living God; I see no defeat.
I do not know or understand what man has called annihilation.
Every good purpose and every good deed; every good act, every good
Thought continues its growth throughout the Universe.
I AM now in the Presence of Pure Being.
And all of that which I shall ever become a part of, rests in the Presence of Pure
I know no malice, no contempt,
 I AM one with God and my fellowman.
So may it be!

Let this be your payer whenever you are in meditation, whether it be for yourself of for others.  Let it not be just idle thinking but let it be thought with all the dynamic power within your understanding. Be firm, Be positive, ere long at will, without any forethought you will see not only within, but around about you, the bright white light of the universal oversoul; (Atman Buddha and/or Holy Chirst Self -mf) that which man has referred to as the universal cosmos.
Be faithful!


Let’s discuss both the positives and negatives of working with these two chakras.  First, as explained above, the combination of opening up the Heart Chakra along with the ability to SCAN the physical body through the use of the Third Eye Chakra, is the capability of anyone who is truly working under the Fifth Ray influence' with the understanding that you are not the healer; and that you need to ask permission of your own Higher Self to actually do the healing before approaching anyone needing healing. Second, you must always come from the point of light within the Heart Chakra.  What does this mean?  It means that all of us can heal if we put our hearts into it; but with the understanding that we need to also ask permission from the person’s Higher Self to perform a healing,  — otherwise we are trespassing upon the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect or Karma and Dhama for both the healer and those needing healing.   

What if, a person becomes ill in order for them to awaken to whatever caused them to be ill to begin with?  What if, they were using their thoughts, words and deeds to harm another? What if they were doing harm to themselves for whatever reason?  All of these questions must be taken into consideration before healing or working with anyone.

There are certain Laws that must be obeyed and a healer must proceed by first asking permission from the Higher Self  of the person needing a healing, before any action can be taken. Once one has permission then the second step is to ask permission to pass through their First Auric Band so that he can stand between the two Auric Fields of energy.  Once he has passed through the field by keeping his hands outstretched in front of him with palms facing the person needing healing,  he will feel an electric vibration against the palm as he approaches the field.  If the Third Eye is opened, one can actually see the field and the color of the outer band.  Everyone has these fields surrounding their bodies.  These fields can extend quite far outside the body and in others (especially those who are very ill) they are quite close and may even blend with the inner auric field.  

Did I mention that anyone who truly wants to heal others and understands that training is involved so that both the heart and third eye are open and allowing the light to flow through them from the Fifth Ray into those needing healing.  They need also understand that they are the conduit channeling the energy and scanning the body at the same time - this is truly healing with both chakras involved.

Person Surrounded by Auric Fields of Color 

Notice how far the Auric Field Extends
This is a healthy individual

The All-Seeing Eye - Representing  the Third-Eye Chakra
This Symbol is used by the Masons and also on the One
Dollar Bill (created by the Masons). 
There are whole books regarding symbols representing religion, philosophy, geometry and physics.  These glyphs are easily identified by those who are studying or researching ancient and modern subjects. 

The All-Seeing Eye – According to Brahminical exoteric books which approximate to the esoteric teaching: ….Then, “the third eye acted no longer,” says the Stanza, because man had sunk too deep into the mire of matter…”.
 “ The Secret Doctrine – THE SYNTHESIS – Science, Religion and Philosophy – BY H. P. BLAVATSKY – Volume II – ANTHROPROGENESIS – PAGE 288:
“What is the meaning of this strange and weird statement in Verses 42 concerning the Third eye of the Third Race (Root), which had died and acted no longer”?  H. P. Blavatsky goes on to explain that in order to understand the Stanza a few more occult teachings now must be given with reference to this point as well as some others... in order to throw some light on the development of our present humanity; and show how the faculties, called into activity by occult training, restore man to the position he previously occupied in the Third Root Race,  in reference to spiritual perception and consciousness….” (In other words through occult training – i.e. initiations, daily meditation, study of the ancient arcane knowledge will bring mankind back to where he was during the Third Root Race using his Third Eye Chakra again,  which hasn't happened since the Third Root Race  passed out of existence about four hundred and fifty thousands years ago.  Here’s what is written in the Secret Doctrine Volume II - mf):
The Races With the “Third Eye”
Note:  You’ve heard of the Race of Cyclops, the name adopted came from the Mighty Elohim Cyclopea – Who is also known as Vista as well as the All Seeing Eye of God:

 The All-Seeing Eye - Elohim Cyclopea Taken over Shasta

The Elohim Cyclopea - All Seeing Eye as He appeared to us during a
World Service on Mt. Shasta, CA 1989 - mf

In all the Vedas, Vedantas and Upanishads – the first Race was created and appeared on earth around 300,000,000 years after the vegetation had evolved, the seed of vegetable life would not be in the First Root Race – but here the ancient texts say that it could, for up to man’s appearance in this Round, the vegetation was of quite another kind than it is now, and quite ethereal (in fact up to and through the Third Root Race, the Earth was still molten, and inhabitable for mankind, therefore, in all the Arcane school’s of wisdom, the First Three Root Races were ethereal, gaseous, and were vaporous like the Angelic Beings – in fact, the Soul, which is the Mediator or Solar Angel, was actually the REAL MAN and when mankind fell, it was from this etheric vehicle into a physical flesh vehicle as the Earth cooled – not only was the first Three Root Races etherial but they were also androgynous – both male and female, the Pineal Gland was highly developed to the point that they could communicate with the Nature Spirits, Angel Devas and Angelic Hosts as well as Hierarchy .  As the Pineal Gland is the Third Eye, we can understand that once we fell into matter and the planet moved steadily away from the Sun for the past 25,000 years, the Pineal Gland gradually shrunk to its present size and receded deep within the skull.  Notice that the Buddhas have the bulge in the center of their foreheads, indicating that the Third-Eye Chakra is open.  This also symbolizes that they have reached the Solar Angel and are living, moving and having their Divine Consciousness within the consciousness of the Soul - mf.

The Third Eye Chakra Depicted as a "Bump" on the Forehead of the Buddha

The "Fall of Man" occurred during the Fourth Root Race which gradually replaced the Third Root Race.  Again, this occurred about 450,000 years ago and according to the Book of Dyzan from the Hall of Records during the Atlantean period, Archangel Michael was given the order to bring forth the seeds of the New Fourth Root Race into the Earth in the area that is known today as the Grand Tetons  and was at that time part of Lemuria.  Also, this was the first Root Race to become a separate human being, no longer androgynous but still having the Third Eye partially open.   It was during this time that those who had destroyed their planet came down among mankind and finding favor with the women of this Root Race took them for wives, creating giants known as the Titans, men of renown throughout the Earth (see Genesis V.6). 'When men began to increase in numbers on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they married any of ..them they chose... The Nephlim were on the earth in those days - and also afterwards - when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.  They were the heroes of old, men of renown...The Lord saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time." The Lord said "I will wipe mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth - men and animals..."

The Giants or Titan Race of the Nephlims

See Genesis, Verse 6, The Fallen Angels/ Nephlims
who saw favor in the women and took them as
wives, creating the Titan Race of Giants -from fourteen to thirty feet tall.

 In the Catholic version of the Bible they are known as the Nephlim, meaning 'those who came down'... For centuries the giants caused havoc and chaos among the people of Earth, until finally they were mostly removed when the deluge occurred.   Reference can be found in the bible when young David slew the giant with his slingshot and it was stated that the giant was the last of the Titan Race - Reference - Genesis, Verse 6, Holy Bible, International Version.

After 450,000 years it's hard to realize that their were Fallen Angels that lived among us - those who were driven out of heaven and into the atmosphere of Earth when there was war in heaven.  Remember, the Lord said "woe unto the people of earth..." as He prophesied concerning the Nephlim - their skeletons have been found in England, Russia, China, central United States, South America, and many have been found in the Middle East.  They dominated the world and spread evil everywhere until the Lord ordered the flood to spread over all that He had created.  In South America they were known as the race of Amazons and many of the Spaniards who landed in South America remarked on how enormous they were - there were very few that survived the deluge; but many countries still had some among them.

The astrological sign associated with the Third-Eye Chakra is Scorpio  people born under this sign are known to have second-sight, and are gifted with profound insight — they are also known as the Detectives of the Zodiac.

Under the Fifth Ray, we find many scientists, researchers, medical healers and even financiers, as abundance is also part of this Ray.  On the Spiritual side, we have those who study the Ancient Arcane Wisdom always seeking the Truth another part of the Fifth Ray, most of these researchers are cutting through the many false doctrines to find the real story and history of creation and the many civilizations that have lived and passed down through the eons of time.

End of Lesson Two - 4/9/17

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