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26-2014 -Intuition Human and Solar -Glossary- Volume 2, Lesson 13

  We will continue with the Glossary so that you can become familiar with the word meaning in order to understand the metaphysical language used in the Arcane Studies.

Logos:  The deity manifested through every nation and people.  The outward expression, or the effect of the cause which is ever concealed.  Thus, speech is the Logos of thought, hence it is aptly translated by the "verbum" and the "word" in its metaphysical sense. (See John 1:1-3).

Lord of Civilization:  (See Mahachohan).

Lords of the Flame:  One of the great Hierarchies of spiritual beings who guide the solar system. They took control of the evolution of humanity upon this planet about 18 million years ago during the middle of the Lemurian or third root race.

Macrocosm:  The great universe, literally; or God manifesting through His body, the solar system.

Mahachohan:  The Head of the third great department of the Hierarchy.  This great being is the Lord of Civilization, and the flowering forth of the principle of intelligence.  He is the embodiment on the planet of the third, or intelligence aspects of deity in its five activities.

Mahamanvantara:  The great interludes of time between two solar systems.  This term is frequently applied to the greater solar cycles.  It implies a period of universal activity.

Manas, or Manasic Principle:  Literally, the Mind, the mental faculty; that which distinguishes man from the mere animal.  It is the individualizing principle, that which enables man to know that he exists' feels, and knows.  It is divided in some schools into two parts, higher or abstract mind and lower or concrete mind.

Mantrams:  Verses from the Vedas.  In the exoteric sense a mantram (or that psychic faculty or power that conveys perception or thought) is the older portion of the Vedas, the second part of which is composed of the Brahmanas.  In esoteric phraseology, mantram is the word made flesh, or rendered objective through divine magic.  A form of words or syllables rhythmically arranged, so that when sounded certain vibrations are generated.

Manu:  The representative name of the great Being Who is the Ruler, primal progenitor and chief of the human race.  It comes from the Sanskrit root "man" - to think. (Varisvata Manu is the "Manu" or chief of our Fifth Root Race) Adam Kadman is the Manu of  the Fourth Root Race and The Great Divine Director will be the Manu of the Seventh Root Race - also, Lord and Lady Meru will be the Manu for the Sixth Root Race which will be brought into South America, as the 'tail of the dragon' has returned from the East after 13,000 years of being over Tibet and India - it is now in the Andes Mountains.  Even Divine Mother will be overshadowing these two Root Races, she will be in the Etheric over Lake Titicaca. the Andes, South America - mf)

Manvantara:  A period of activity as opposed to a period of rest, without reference to any specific length of cycle.  Frequently used to express a period of planetary activity and its seven races. (We are the Fifth Root Race within the Manvantara during that period known as Kali Yug consisting of 430,000 years - the end of the Day of Brahma - mf)

Maya:  Sanskrit, "Illusion."  Of the principle of form or limitation.  The result of manifestation.  Generally used in a relative sense for phenomena or objective appearances that are created by the mind. (In the Course of Miracles, Jesus tells us that what God created is real, and what man has made is illusion - mf)

Mayavi Rupa:  Sanskrit, "Illusive Form".  It is the body of manifestation created by the adept by an act of will for use in the three worlds.  It has no material connection with the physical body.  It is spiritual and ethereal and passes everywhere without let or hindrance.  It is built by the power of the lower mind, of the highest type of astral matter.

Microcosm:  The little universe, or man manifesting through his body, the physical body.

Monad:  The One, The Threeefold spirit on its own plane.  In occultism it often means the unified triad -Atma, Buddhi, Manas.  Intuition and Higher Mind - or the immortal part of man which reincarnates in the lower kingdoms and gradually progresses through them to man and thence to the final goal - Ascension.

Nirmanakaya:  Those perfected beings who renounce Nirvana (the highest state of spiritual bliss) and choose a life of self-sacrifice, becoming members of  that invisible host which ever protects humanity within karmic limits.  (The Adepts, the Brotherhood, Who guide and direct mankind with karmic limits - mf)

Permanent Atom:  Those five atoms, with the mental unit, one on each of the five planes of human evolution (the mental unit being also on the mental plane) which the monad appropriates for purposes of manifestation.  They form a stable center and are relatively permanent.  Around them the various sheaths or bodies are built.  They are literally small force centers. 

Planetary Logos:  This term is generally applied to the seven highest spirits corresponding to the seven archangels of the Christian.  They have all passed through the human stage and are now manifesting through a planet and its evolutions, in the same way that man manifests through his physical body.  The highest planetary spirit working through any particular globe is, in reality, the personal God of the planet.  (Our Planetary Logos is Sanat Kumara, one of the original "Sons of God" - He is known in the bible as  "The Ancient of Days"- mf) 

Prakriti:  Derives its name from its function as the material cause of the first evolution of the Universe.  It may be said to be composed of two roots, "pra" to manifest and "krita" to make; meaning that which caused the universe to manifest itself. 

Prana:  The Life Principle, the breath of Life. The occultist believes the following statement:  "Life we look upon as the one form of existence, manifesting in what is called matter, or what, incorrectly separating them, we name Spirit, Soul. and Matter in man.  
Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on the plane of existence; 
Soul is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit and 
These three as a Trinity are synthesized by Life, which pervades them all - Prana".

Purusha:  The spiritual self.  The embodied self.  The word literally means "The dweller in the city" -  that is, in the body.  It is derived from the Sanskrit "pura" which means city or body, and"usha" a derivative of the verb "vas" to dwell. 

Quaternary:  The fourfold lower self, or man, in the three worlds.  There are various divisions of this, but perhaps for our purpose the best is to enumerate the four as follows:
  1.  Lower mind.
  2.  Emotional or karmic body.
  3.  Prana, or the Life Principle.
  4.  The etheric body, or the highest division of the 
       twofold physical body.

Raja Lord:  The word "Raja" simply means King or prince; the word has been applied to those great angels or entities who ensoul the seven planes.  These are great devas who are the sum-total and the controlling intelligence of a plane.

Raja Yoga:  The  true system of developing psychic and spiritual powers and union with one's higher self or the Ego (Soul).  It involves the exercise, regulation anad concentration of thought.  (This is the Meditation exercise I have given you with the alignment of the three lower bodies to the soul and Higher Self and then to concentrate upon the "lotus" or Holy Christ Self for at least two to five minutes without allowing the lower mind to interfere - mf)

Ray:  One of the seven streams of force of the Logos; the seven great lights.  Each of them is the embodiment of a great cosmic entity.  The seven Rays can be divided into the three Rays of Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute, as follows:

Rays of Aspect
  1,  The Ray of Will of Power, ( First Ray - color Blue, Day of Week, Sunday, Elohim on Ray - Hercules, Surya, Great Divine Director, El Morya (Chohan of this Ray, Archangels Michael and Faith and legions or Blue Ray Angels - mf)
  2.  The Ray of Love-Wisdom (Second Ray- color Sun Yellow, Day of Week, Monday,
Elohim of Ray - Cassiopea and Minera; Regent, Gautama Buddha; Cosmic Being; Victory; World Teachers, Jesus the Christ, Master Kuthumi, and Djwal Kjwal, Chohan of Ray, Lord Lanto;  Archangels Jophiel and Christine and Angels of Illumination -mf).
  3.  The Ray of Activity or Adaptability:  (Third Ray - color Pink/Rose; Day of Week - Tuesday; Elohim -Orian and Angelica; Cosmic Beings, Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus; World Buddha - Lord Maitrya, Lady Liberty; Chohan - Paul the Venetian; Archangels - Chamuel and Charity and the Angels of Activity and Adaptability - mf)

Rays of Attribute

  4.  The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, or Unity (Fourth Ray-Wednesday; Elohim -Clare and Mighty Astrea; Cosmic Being, Goddess of Purity; Chohan -Serapis Bey; Archangels Gabriel and Hope and the Angels of Harmony, Beauty and Art - mf)
  5.  The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. (Fifth Ray - Thursday; Elohim - Vista (Cyclopea) and Crystal; Cosmic Being, Fortuna, Goddess of Supply, Pallas Athena
Chohan - Hilarian (St. Paul); Archangels- Raphael and Mother Mary and the Angels of Healing and Research - mf)
  6.  The Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion.(Sixth Ray - Friday; Elohim - Tranquility and Pacifica; Cosmic Being Goddess of Peace, Jesus Christ; Chohan - Ascended Lady Master Nada; Archangels - Uriel and Donna Grace and the Angels of Peace and Ministration - mf)
  7.  The Ray of Cermonial Magic, or Law.( Seventh Ray - Saturday - Elohim - Arcturus and Diana; Cosmic Being - Omritas, Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, Portia,
Goddess of Justice, Chohan - St. Germain; Archangels - Zadkiel and Holy Amythst and the Ceremonial angels -mf)

The above names are simply some chosen from among many, and embody the different aspects of force by means of which the Logos manifests. (NOTE:  Each of us are also on one of these Rays as well - mf)

Ring-Pass-Not: This is at the circumference of the manifested solar system, and is the periphery of the influence of the sun, both esoterically and exoterically understood.  The limit of the field of activity of the central life force.

Root Race:  One of the seven races of man which evolve upon a planet during the great cycle of planetary existence.  This cycle is called a world period.  The Aryan root race, to which the Hindu, European, and modern American races belong is the fifth, the Chinese and Japanese belonging to the fourth race. 

Sensa or Senzar:  The name for the secret sacerdotal language or the "mystery speech" of the initiated adepts all over the world.  It is a universal language, and largely a hieroglyphic cypher.

Shamballa:  The city of the Gods, which is in the West to some nations, in the East to others, in the North or South to yet others.  It is the sacred island in the Gobi Desert.  It is the home of mysticism and the Secret Doctrine. (According to the Bridge of Freedom - Shamballa was built for the arrival and home of Sanat Kumara while He was on Earth -many times it was destroyed before He arrived and His disciples had to rebuild it over and over again.  Now it is situated in the etheric over the Gobi desert -mf)

Triad:  The Spiritual Man; the expression of the monad.  It is the germinal spirit containing the potentialities of divinity.  These potentialities will be unfolded during the course of evolution.  This Triad forms the individualized or separated self, or Ego. (Simply put:  The Triad consists of The Holy Christ Self or Soul, the Causal Body that circular rainbow surrounding the Presence and the I AM Presence or Higher Self-mf)

Viveka:  The Sanskrit "discrimination."  The very first step in the path of occultism is the discrimination between the real and the unreal, between substance and phenomenon, between the Self and the Not-self, between spirit and matter.

Wesak:  A festival which takes place in the Himalayas at the full moon in May. It is said that at this festival at which all the members of the Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for  brief period, renews his touch and association with the work of our planet.
The Himalayan Range
Looks like a monk standing at left of center of picture!!

Yoga:  1.  One of the six schools of India, said to be founded by Patanjali, but really of much earlier origin. 2.  The practice of Meditation as a means of leading to spiritual liberation.

Note:  This glossary does not undertake fully to explain all the above terms.  It is simply an attempt to render into English certain words used in this Volume of Initiation Human and Solar, so that the reader may understand their connotation.  The majority of the definitions have been culled from the Theosophical Glossary, The Secret Doctrine, and the Voice of the Silence.
End of Glossary - for Volume 2, Initiation Human & Solar, Lesson 13 -11/16/14

25-2014 -Beginners Class,The Aura, Volume 2, Lesson 12 - 11/15/14

As  we have finished discussing the Chakras and now have a realization of how complex and unique each individual is, we see that we have four lower bodies instead of just the outer physical - we see that each of these bodies are connected to the physical body as well as the chakras.  We know that meditation will open and expand the very intricate and complicated upper chakras within the head and bring about light as well as an increase in vibration - all these we now are aware of - this is WHO I AM!  So now when asking the question WHO AM I, you have a pretty good road-map that guides you through the bodies and doorways into the presence of the Christed One and/or the Soul and Higher Self - all this YOU ARE!

Today, we need to look at what happens when we do daily meditation and concentration upon the reconnecting with the Soul.  As the Soul draws ever nigh to the Crown Chakra, light emanation begins to pulse within the Third Eye Chakra and pressure is felt upon the Crown Chakra; while filling the head with more and more light.  Remember what we discussed in the beginning of the Chakra class - that once one begins to expand the light within the head, the Chakras will automatically open of their own accord over a period of time. 

As the daily meditation continues over a period of months and years, there is also the awakening within the cells and that which is between the cells begins to "spin off" allowing the cells to fill with light and expand - thus, the electric body begins to form and along with this will be an expansion of your "auric field". (Not that you didn't have an aura before you began to meditate but the field would shift out and in depending upon your particular mood at the moment).  Once you become a serious student  who is concentrating on the process of reconnecting the four lower bodies to the Soul, than many subtle changes  will begin to occur - most of them will not be noticed by the student at first; but as he progresses daily upon his path, with diligence and patience, he will become a magnet to others - even the animal kingdom will be aware and draw closer to him.

One of the easiest books to follow is "The Human Aura" by the Masters Kuthumi and Djwal Kjwal - I have used Their version of learning about the aura because it comes from an Ascended Master's point of view.  I will be quoting from this book and giving some insight of my own as we learn more about  Who We Are. 

 Master Kuthumi, Chohan of Second Ray 

 He belongs to the Brotherhood of the Golden Ray (2nd Ray)
World Teacher, Alice A. Bailey was his disciple

Kuthumi says:  "To strengthen the Aura you must do the exercises necessary to expand that light from within to without.

One of the first exercises I wish therefore to give to the students for the strengthening of the aura involves a threefold action. The student begins by visualizing the threefold flame expanding from within the secret chamber of his heart.  He then seals himself and his consciousness in a globe of white fire, and when he is set he proceeds to recite the following words with utter humility and devotion:
I AM light, glowing Light,
Radiating Light, intensified Light,
God consumes my darkness,
Transmuting it into Light.

This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun,
Flowing through me is a crystal river,
A living fountain of Light
That can never be qualified
By human thought and feeling.

I AM an outpost of the Divine,
Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up
By the mighty river of Light which I AM/

I AM, I AM, I AM Light;
I live, I live, I live in Light.
I AM Light's fullest dimension;
I AM Light's purest intention.

I AM Light, Light, Light
Flooding the world everywhere I move,
Blessing, strengthening and conveying
The purpose of the kingdom of heaven.

As you visualize the cosmic white-fire radiance around yourself, do not be concerned with the errors in your thought that through the years may have intruded themselves upon your consciousness.  Do not allow yourself to concentrate upon any negative quality or condition.  Do not let your attention rest upon your supposed imperfections.

Instead, see what the light can do for you.  See how even your physical form can change, how a strengthening of the bonds of your health can occur in body, mind, and spirit.  Try this exercise, simple though it may seem, and know that many ascended beings will be performing it with you. 

So many times adults fear to be thought childlike. They would rather appear to be worldly-wise and sophisticated-if they only knew that they are running from deep-seated fears and insecurities  which they have buried beneath the clamor of social doings.  Surely with all they know about the physical universe, their environment, and the patterns of the mind, they must be able to reveal how great they really are!

But, dear hearts, what a shock some men and women are in for when they shall come face to face with the blazing truth of reality and realize that so much of what they have learned must be unlearned and that what they have thought to be their own greatness must be sacrificed upon the altar of the true greatness of the Christ Self (of Soul).  Then, perhaps they will compare that which they do not yet know with that which they do know, and they will see how very lacking in luster they are in the eyes of the cosmic hierarchy.

It is not needful to impress the masters with any quality you may have. Heaven already knows exactly what you are above and below.  Heaven already knows that you were made in God's image and likeness.

If you return to that image in a simple, sweet and childlike manner, I can promise you that heaven will not allow you an overabundance of time in which to function in the domain of the child, but it will elevate you into the consciousness of a mature son or daughter of God. 

While you maintain the attitude of a child, you will be able to do something for yourself that will be both valuable and valid.  You will be able to loose the ties that bind you to your egocentricities, until at last the little bird of the soul shall flit into the heavens and behold the glory of the eternal sun.

We in our Brotherhood of the Golden Robe are devoted to the freeing of those who are yet enmeshed in the vain aspects of the human consciousness. That they may develop spiritually, free at last to express the purposes of life as God intends them to do, is our prayer.

Many think it would be 'so nice' if God would speak the word and, suddenly, as with the rushing of a mighty wind, all could speak the 'heavenly language'.  Men forget the karmic patterns that others have carelessly woven and even the patterns that they themselves have woven.  They forget that these are the self-made prisons walls that keep them from discovering the delights of heaven and from becoming gods among men.  They do not understand that this planet is a schoolroom and that in these latter days many have permitted their consciousness to grow dark even while knowledge seems increased across the land.

The knowledge that is important is the knowledge whereby man becomes first the master of his own consciousness and then the master of his world.  Whereas in a relative sense one man may attain greater mastery than another in the manipulation of energy within a finite circle, this is no way guarantees that the big frog in the little pond will be able to navigate in the circle of the infinite.

We are concerned with the measure of a man's advancement according o the divine precepts of the Brotherhood, which have been established under the guidance of the eternal Father from the beginning.  We are interested not in generation, but in regeneration.

Now I am well aware that for some of our readers it is even a new idea that their thoughts can impinge upon others or that the thoughts of others can influence their own moods and manner of life. 

If everyone knew how to use the tube of light* and the violet consuming  flame and believed in this method of self-transformation, I am certain that the world would be a different place.  The dissemination of such practical knowledge is invaluable when it is applied by those who receive it.  Hence I urge those disciples who have been calling for more light to be alert to properly use that which we shall release as they practice the aforementioned exercise. 
*(NOTE:  The Tube of Light Mantra can be found on the home page of our Website, Go to World Service and download the mantra - mf)

So many misalignments in the human aura, so many nodules of dark and shadowed substance continually spew out their pollutants into the mainstream of man's energy, sapping  his strength and weakening the entire manifestation of his life, that there is a great need for the flushing-out of darkness by a bubbling action of the light. Naturally, I am concerned that we first clear up these centers of shadow - the shadow of misqualification that is within man - before we energize the consciousness of our students.

This problem sometimes presents a moot point.  For those who pray often, who decree much, who love much, who involve themselves with the whole repertoire of the mantras of our Brotherhood seldom realize that as they gain in the power aspect* of God, or even the love aspect** of God, they also need the holy wisdom that shall direct their proper use of their forte of energy
* What Kuthumi is referring to here is the Power Aspect would be those mantras having to do with the First Ray Aspect - or Blue Ray Mantras like decreeing to Lord Michael, who is the Archangel of the First Ray or Power Ray of God - Michael will in turn, send forth his legions to protect our borders, cities, our finances, our homes, businesses and families in answer to our invocation of the Power Aspect of God

**The Love Aspect of God would be mantras to the Third Ray or Love Aspect - invoking Archangel Chamuel or the Chohan, Paul the Venetian -  to bring an expansion of the three-fold flame within the hearts of all mankind, or to allow us to work with the Elemental Kingdom in our finer bodies, if allowed by the Lords of Karma - that we can give a certain percentage of our attainment to the elementals in their struggle to support the planet Earth and her people -  Kuthumi would like us to balance the light within us by applying more often to the Second Ray  Aspect of Wisdom and invoking the angels and the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe in mantras like  "Holy Christ Self above me the balance of my soul, Let Thy precious radiance descend and make me whole ...... This mantra can also be  found among the first few mantras of the World Service - See Home Page of website under World Service - to there to download -  mf).

To misuse energy, to send out enormous power into the world like billowing storm clouds, is not the fulfillment of the divine intent.  Energy should be directed as the perfect day coming from heaven into all lives of all it contacts.  Let radiant blue skies and golden drops of sunlight pour through the foliage of man's consciousness, increasing the green, the beauty, and the color of the day of perfection in all men's thoughts.

May I chasten some by pointing out that sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly you are using the energy of God to further your own moods and feelings in the world of form.  Try God's way, the way of perfection in all men's thoughts.

For just as the Christ consciousness is the mediator between God and man, so man can become a joint mediator with Christ.  And inasmuch as he does what he wills with the energy God gives him, he controls, in a relative sense in the world of form, a portion of the divine energy for the entire planet. When he realizes this, the whole foundation of his life can be altered if he wills it so.  This thought is injected as a direct quote from a conversation I had with beloved Morya, and I trust that the students will take it to heart.

What a wonderful opportunity lies before you as a gift from God as you correctly use his energy.  Why, you can literally mold yourself and the whole world in the divine image!  The potential for goodness lying within man is wondrous indeed.  And as he learns how to properly extend and guard his auric emanations, he will realize more and more of that potential.  We shall do our part to make known the wondrous kingdom of heaven to as many as we possibly can.  Will  you help us to reach out in God's name, as his hands and feet, to lovingly become more and more the manifestations of the grace of God?

The auric cloud glows, the auric cloud grows.  The beauty of the kingdom of heaven solidifies in man as he gains a greater understanding of his own real nature.

I remain serenely in the light of purpose."

End of Lesson One, The Human Aura, Vol. 1 - 11/15/14