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Lesson 170 - The Externalization of Hierarchy - The Coming World Order Part 2


Alice A. Bailey, March 1934

Section Two - The World Crisis - The Coming World Order - Part 2 - pgs. 187-193
Text in BLUE is by Margaret Mary Flynn, Text in BLACK is by D.K.

The Axis World Order

The totalitarian order must go because it is contrary to the spiritual vision. The world order, as visioned by Hitler, is based upon the subjection of the weak to the rule of a super-Germany; it is one in which the life of the little nations will be allowed to go on just in so far as they serve the need of Germany. The lesser Axis powers are permitted existence only because they benefit German aims—Italy, to give Germany scope in the Mediterranean; Japan, to handle the Asiatic problem which is too large for Germany to handle alone. It is an order whose intention is that the best of all industrial and agricultural products shall go to Germany and the unwanted residue to the little nations. It is an order [188] in which the educational processes will be controlled by the dominant super-race. All departments of knowledge will be subordinated to the glorification of Germany. Germany will be portrayed as the seed of all world glory, and as the ruthless savior of mankind; the beauties of war, of struggle and of physical strength will be emphasized, and these so-called admirable objectives of the human spirit will be developed to produce a race of men in whom the "effeminate" beauties of loving kindness and wise consideration for others will find no place.

Because totalitarism is contrary to all spiritual concepts and laws it cannot survive, eventually the people living within these countries will rise up and demand their rights and either destroy those who are their controllers and/or vote them out, oust them out; but however they finally decide that they need to be free will determine how they will proceed.  Think about it the “world order” is based entirely on controlling the masses under a dictator, who will take away all of their freedoms and liberties – the people become prisoners of the state and have no free will – even those lesser countries who sided with Hitler, like Japan and Italy will only receive token benefits for their loyalty, while Hitler received all the benefits from the industrial and agricultural sources without sharing it with his own people or those who abetted him. This so-called world order will be a cold and calculating regime without any spiritual or compassionate values whatsoever – what a terrible way for people to exist in such a cold climate.

I would call your attention to the teaching now being given to the German youth. Might is right. The German belongs to the super-race, and all other races are inferior. Only a chosen aristocracy should be permitted the privilege of education and of rule. The masses of the people are no more than cattle and exist only to be slaves of the superior race. War is to men what childbirth is to women. War is a natural process and therefore eternally right. All sources of supply must be controlled by Germany, and consequently even those nations at present neutral must be brought under the German sphere of influence. The totalitarian powers will dominate the economic system of the world and control all imports and exports. The standard of living in both hemispheres will be lowered; everything will be related to the good of Germany, and no other nation will be considered. Christian teaching and Christian ethics must necessarily be eliminated, because Germany regards Christianity and its divine Founder as effeminate and weak, as emphasizing the softer qualities of human nature, and as responsible for the decadence of all nations, except Germany. Christianity must also be overthrown because it is based on Jewish sources; the rule of Christ must come to an end, because only the rule of force is right.

In the world order of the Axis powers, the individual has no rights; he has no freedom except in so far as he serves the state; there will be no liberty of thought or conscience, all issues will be decided by the state, and the private citizen [189] will have no right to an opinion. Men will be drafted like slaves into the service of the state.

Much was discussed concerning what it was and still is today to live under a totalitarian regime.  Everything beautiful and loving must be destroyed. There were no longer any Christian teachings; and anything to do with Jews (like Jesus) must be destroyed. The youth must remember who they are - the superior race; and they will be educated according to the dictates of the state, and that includes controlling the economy, the wealth, the industries not only within their own country but in all those countries that they now control.  The common man had no freedom or liberty to practice his or her faith, educate themselves and their children for they were now slaves to do the bidding of all their superiors – they actually had nothing to call their own, for even they belonged to the state and must live and act according to what is decided for them by that state.

Such is the picture of the order which the Axis powers are preparing to impose upon the world, and to this their own words testify. Only insight into the true nature of this crisis, a determination to face the facts, and fearlessness will suffice to defeat Hitler. This conquering fearlessness must be based on a recognition of the spiritual values involved, on a belief in God, and on a commonsense which is determined to establish security, right human relations and liberty.

All the values that make a democracy work for the people would be taken away by those Axis powers as they planned to take over every country in the world.  The most important subject that must and did prevail at that time was people’s reaction to the Axis powers and what it would mean if they were to lose their spiritual values and especially their loss of their liberties and right human relations among themselves and other nations – this was what forced most nations to join as allies in the fight for their precious values.

It is important that people face up to the facts immediately. They must realize what is the nature of the world order which Hitler is preparing to enforce, and what lies ahead of humanity if the Axis powers triumph. It is essential that the little children of the world be rescued from this overshadowing evil and from the false education to which they will be subjected if the totalitarian powers hold Europe in their grasp. The intensive culture given to the youth of Germany during the past twenty years has proved the effects of environing mental attitudes. These boys who roll their tanks and fly their planes over the countries of Europe and who wage war on women and children are the product of an educational system, and are therefore the victims of an evil process. The children of Germany must be rescued from the future which Hitler plans, as well as the children of other countries; the women of Germany must be set free from fear, as must the women in other lands; the population of Germany must also be liberated from the evil rule of Hitler. This is recognized by the allied nations. Make no mistake. The German is as dear to the heart of humanity, to God, to Christ and to all right-thinking people as are any other people. The German must be rescued from Hitler's world order as much as the Pole, the Jew, the Czech or any captive nation. In effecting this freedom, the allied nations and the neutral powers must preserve the spirit of goodwill, even when using force, which is the only means of conquest the totalitarian powers understand.

As we look back upon that terrible crisis between the Axis Powers and the Allies, we realize that people in representing the Allies had little choice but to act and the enforce their armies into action if they were going to preserve their democracies and freedoms.  There was also a realization that the children of the world would be the losers, for they would be brought up to become the future leaders of these totalitarian regimes, dictating to all those under their control how they should live, while never ever having a chance to learn about the beauty and spiritual values that would not be available to them as they grew into adults.  And what about the people of Germany who foolishly allowed this tyrant to become their leader, and who didn’t foresee the whole picture of their own futures under the Axis Power?  These same people would be subject to the same control and dominance as any other country that was taken over by those  aggressors. This was most likely a difficult time for all those who allowed this dictator to take over their countries; and there was little they could do to turn things around – it was up to the Allied forces to forgive and have the goodwill to help the Germans rebuild their nation after the war – but along with the goodwill the allies still had to make sure that there was no further military armies in the country of Germany even to this day – the allies placed their armies within Germany’s borders in order to make sure that such tyrants never came into power again in that country.


Steps Towards the New World Order

In contradistinction to the totalitarian world order, what should the rest of the world plan? Towards what world objectives should the democracies work? Utopian schemes, idealistic forms of government and cultural living processes have ever been the playthings of the human mind, down through the centuries. But these Utopias have been so far ahead of possibility that their presentation seems useless. They are most of them wholly impractical.

Certain immediate possibilities and attainable objectives can, however, be worked out, given a definite will-to-good and patience on the part of humanity.

Certain major and spiritual premises should lie back of all efforts to formulate the new world order. Let me state some of them:

1.The new world order must meet the immediate need and not be an attempt to satisfy some distant, idealistic vision.

All of mankind have thoughts of the perfect Eden the Utopian state – yet, even today we can see that these ideas are great in their concept but impractical in their actual objectives – for even today with many of mankind moving towards a more spiritual objective, there is still much of mankind who are still living in the material and illusional world, who would destroy these Utopian ideas within a very short period of time because much of mankind today are in control of what and how things should be done in every area of society.  So, as Master D. K. explains above, the need of the hour after WWII was to find ways to meet the immediate situation rather than go off on some ideal than living in the real world at that time.

2. The new world order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience.

Unlike the “world order” of the totalitarians, the “new world order” must meet the immediate needs of all the people within those countries who were still suffering from the mass destruction and the economic disasters that they were all experiencing at that particular time.

3. The new world order must lay the foundation for a future world order which will be possible only after a time of recovery, of reconstruction, and of rebuilding.

Notice the play on words that are given in the above suggestion – that at that time after the war, it would only be practical for the nations to “lay the foundation for a future world order”- this was an excellent idea as at that time, people were still badly in need of direction and aid from those countries willing and able to bring much needed supplies and help in the reconstruction while establishing order and support to all those who were subject to great loss in every area of their lives.

4. The new world order will be founded on the recognition that all men are equal in origin and goal but that all are at differing stages of evolutionary development; that personal integrity, intelligence, vision and experience, plus a marked goodwill, should indicate leadership. The domination of the proletariat over the aristocracy and bourgeoisie, as in Russia, or the domination of an entrenched aristocracy over the proletariat and middle classes, as has been until lately the case in Great Britain, must disappear. The control of labor by capital or the control of capital by labor must also go.

As we all know, mankind are all upon different rungs of Jacob’s Ladder, there are those who are highly evolved both intellectually and spiritually while there are those who are just beginning to grasp and open their minds to the possibility of living within their spiritual values.  There are still others who haven’t a clue and could care less about spiritual values – they are on the lower rungs of Jacob’s Ladder and are more concerned with survival – all individuals are part of God and all are on their own journey of the soul – but after the crisis everyone had just experienced, there had to be a “new world order” in which all men are equal but not all men were in the upper echelons in  their development, in their personal lives and even their caring about a “new world order” at that time.  The one thing that became most apparent to everyone was that the distribution of power must change – no longer should anyone live under domination and rules dictated by the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie and the reigning monarchs – also the control of labor as well as the control of capital by labor must go.  This would mean that there should be according to “the New World Order” a redistribution of the wealth (not held by some aristocrats and by dictators) and either a democracy and/or a republic should be run by a group of people from all walks of life, who could understand and validate what was to happen on any given occasion. These were some of the ideas put forth at that time and we can see today that many of the allied countries after the War did change their politics and become more democratic in their governing, while many others still clung even to this day to their monarchy as well as their dominate controlling governing.


5. In the new world order, the governing body in any nation should be composed of those who work for the greatest good of the greatest number and who at the same time offer opportunity to all, seeing to it that the individual is left free. Today the men of vision are achieving recognition, thus making possible a right choice of leaders. It was not possible until this century.

We can see that many nations who were governed by a monarchy have established political parties who actually run the country while the monarchy is more or less a figurehead.  We also see that many countries have allowed women to take over the reins of governing and they have proven to be very wise leaders.  Yet, even today we look around the world and we see many countries still under authoritarian rulership, while others are continually at war -especially those living in the Middle East who have been at war with one another for centuries and still are unable to move into a more diplomatic way of governing.  The biggest problem even within a democracy which is very fragile and can be destroyed by those who are voted in who are aggressive and have only selfish goals in mind; this is happening not only here within our United States but also in some of our European countries as well.  Again, it has a lot to do with money and power, selfish goals that require takeovers in weaker countries. And, unless the people wake up to the fact that they are again being led down the rabbit hole to the end of their freedoms, they will end up in a similar situation as the Germans who fell under the spell of Hitler and his ilk back in the 1930’s.  I think that in order to bring about a more perfect union, we have to educate our children to understand that right action, negotiation and a positive vision must be studied.  The other possibility is that they should also study what went wrong back in the 1930’s and 40’s, and make a study of how not to fall into the totalitarian mentality.  It must start in the school room and also by the families who must show through example and right living, how to make the right choices if we are ever to have a new world order.

6. The new world order will be founded on an active sense of responsibility. The rule will be "all for one and one for all." This attitude among nations will have to be developed. It is not yet present.

As the world moved on after WWII, they tried various forms of governing but in order to form a more perfect union, there needs to be a worldwide meeting of the minds of men who are willing and able to sit down a discuss the whole process of becoming “all for one and one for all” – otherwise, we run into the same old, I’d rather do it my way and then again, there’s a loss of possibilities of bringing about goodwill and peace throughout the world.  What we need are men and women of goodwill who see the need of mankind and must communicate and interact with all nations who should come to the table and discuss their needs, until at some point there is an agreement that all nations are able to work with one another and are also able to support those who are not economically and financially able to compete.  This is how wars start and how dictators crop up here and there because they are dissatisfied with the status quo and want to bring about change which is not always for the good of all but mainly for attaining some selfish goal.

7. The new world order will not impose a uniform type of government, a synthetic religion and a system of standardization upon the nations. The sovereign rights of each nation will be recognized, and its peculiar genius, individual trends and racial qualities will be permitted full expression. In one particular only should there be an attempt to produce unity, and that will be in the field of education.

Here again is the major problem when dealing on a worldwide situation.  When coming to the table the leaders of all countries must have their say and their rights discussed just like all the major powers, who in turn, must listen and then work out a plan wherein the sovereign rights of each and every nations will be recognized and the ways and means of solving problems will then be brought into the light so that everyone can add their advice and support to these lesser nations – this goes for the economic as well as every country’s right to practice their ethnic as well as racial qualities according to their particular dictates.  Again, education of the masses by those countries who have successfully worked out a democratic plan that is working.

8. The new world order will recognize that the produce of the world, the natural resources of the planet and its riches, belong to no one nation but should be shared by all. There will be no nations under the category "haves" and others under the opposite category. A fair and properly organized distribution of the wheat, the oil and the mineral wealth of the world will be developed, based upon the needs of each nation, upon its own internal resources and the requirements of its people. All this will be worked out in relation to the whole.

The sharing of all of every nation’s resources should be the first order of discussion for herein lies the problem facing most third-world countries.  They are continually at war with others who take what little they have to offer and leave many people starving and unable to support themselves or their families.  In order for the New World Order to work, there has to be an immediate plan that brings about a sharing of the wealth and at the same time a determination to find the ways and means for these lesser countries to produce some natural resources or other industries that will put people to work, raise the standards and living conditions and bring about a more positive attitude to all those involved.

9. In the preparatory period for the new world order there will be a steady and regulated disarmament. It will not be optional. No nation will be permitted to produce and organize any equipment for destructive purposes or to infringe the security of any other nation. One of the first tasks of any future peace conference will be to regulate this matter and gradually see to the disarming of the nations.


Disarmament would be the first protocol as each country turns to better living and working conditions, they see that because there is support from all the larger nations, there is no need to live in fear anymore and that everyone is free to live and move and educate themselves and their children. This will eventually shift these third-world countries into thriving and independent nations able to support themselves without the help of others.  This should be the goal of all who sit down at the table – the idea that the sooner each nations is able to find their own means of supporting themselves the happier and healthier their lives become, so part of the New World Order is to send those who are professionals when it comes to finding ways and means for individual small nations to support themselves and then to educate them in bringing these resources into a thriving success.  Therefore, when they reach that place and feel that they have been supported all along the way, they come to the understanding that there is no need for war and instruments of war, for now everyone is working and reaching goals that they never thought were possible.

These are the simple and general premises upon which the new world order must begin its work. These preliminary stages must be kept fluid and experimental; the vision of possibility must never be lost, and the foundations must be preserved inviolate, but the intermediate processes and the experimentations must be carried forward by men who, having the best interests of the whole at heart, can change the detail of organization whilst preserving the life of the organism.

Today, more than any other  time in our history, we see men and women who are the humanitarians around the world, working with these third-world countries, bringing aide in the form of doctors, medicine, food and supplies that are very much needed, while at the same time bringing with them those experts who can change sea water into drinking water for those areas in extreme drought, while in other areas, these same humanitarians are working with major companies throughout the world, in bringing the tools necessary for the education of the children, and aiding both women and men in moving their products throughout the world – so that people around the world can buy products that are unique to these countries and cannot be found anywhere else.  These movement are now very productive in India, Africa, South America and among the Native Americans here in our own country.  This is just a start of what can and will be possible as these ideas become a possibility and have proved beyond a doubt that there is money to be made from these home industries.  Bless all those who spend their lives in helping others to attain their freedom from oppression and bless all those doctors who travel throughout the world helping the poor and displaced people everywhere to better health.  There are organizations that are funded by good people everywhere who make sure that food, medicine and doctors are brought into the most remote areas of the world and we pray that they will be able to continue doing their service to humanity.  This will eventually bring about “the New World Order” everywhere on our planet.

Right Human Relations

The objective of their work can be summed up thus: the new world order will facilitate the establishing of right human relations, based on justice, on the recognition of inherited rights, on opportunity for all—irrespective of race, color or creed—on the suppression of crime and selfishness through right education, and on the recognition of divine potentialities in man as well as the recognition of a divine directing Intelligence in Whom man lives, and moves and has his being.

The above paragraph sums up what is going on not only among nations but among groups and organizations today – especially spiritual groups, who must understand and begin to educate everyone according to the law of “Right Human Relations”.  This disregard for other peoples’ opinions and spiritual beliefs is very prevalent in every land and added to this is the increase in hate and bigotry towards fellow human beings – in order to form a more perfect union and a “brotherhood of mankind” we must begin right where we are to set an example of goodwill towards everyone and to listen to other points of view and through discussion find a common ground in which to work with one another.  The growing problem has caused many cleavages and many people will leave the group, the organization and/or the political affiliation – just because of the inability to communicate, negotiate and find common ground in every single circumstance while operating with a concentrated heart and from group soul awareness.

The difficulties confronting the nations when the war is over may seem insuperable but—given vision, goodwill and patience—they can be solved. Assuming that humanity will not rest until the aggressor nations are subdued, it will be necessary for the conquering democracies to be generous, merciful, understanding and attentive to the voice of the people as a whole. It is that voice (usually sound in its pronouncements) which must be evoked, recognized and listened to, and not the voices of the separative exponents of any ideology, of any form of government, religion or party. The objective of those who are entrusted with the straightening out of the world is not the imposition of democracy upon the entire world or to force Christianity upon a world of diversified religions. It is surely to foster the best elements in any national government to which the people may subscribe, or which they intelligently endorse. Each nation should recognize that its form of government may be suited [193] to it and quite unsuited to another nation; it should be taught that the function of each nation is the perfecting of its national life, rhythm and machinery, so that it can be an efficient co-partner with all other nations.

It is equally essential that the new world order should develop in humanity a sense of divinity and of relationship to God, yet with no emphasis upon racial theologies and separative creeds. The essentials of religious and political beliefs must be taught and a new simplicity of life inculcated. Today, these are lost in the emphasis laid upon material possession, upon things and upon money. The problem of money will have to be faced; the problem of the distribution of wealth—whether natural or human—will need careful handling and a compromise reached between those nations which possess unlimited resources and those who have few or none; the problem of the varying forms of national government must be faced with courage and insight; the restoration—psychological, spiritual and physical—of mankind must constitute a primary responsibility. The sense of security must be put on a firm basis—the basis of right relationship, and not the basis of force. Men must feel secure because they are seeking to develop international goodwill and can trust each other, and are not therefore dependent upon the strength of their armies and fleets.

I think all that can be added here is that we all have to listen and not allow others who wish only to control not to have any position of leadership – while all nations have to work on their own weaknesses and seek advice from those who have been successful.  The democratic nations will be called upon to be generous with their time, money, advice and education of all those nations seeking to move forward and become part of the new world order.

The recognition of a spiritual Hierarchy which is working through the New Group of World Servers must steadily grow in some form or another. This will happen when the world statesmen and the rulers of the different nations and governing bodies—political and religious—are men of vision, spiritually motivated and selflessly inspired.

The future world order will be the effective expression of a fusion of the inner spiritual way of life and the outer civilized and cultural way of acting; this is a definite possibility because humanity, in its upper brackets, has already developed the power to live in the intellectual and physical worlds simultaneously. Many today are living in the spiritual world also. Tomorrow there will be many more.

We, the New Group of World Servers will be the spiritual leaders who will be responsible by our example of working as a “group soul” in introducing Hierarchy and educating others on how our Elder Brothers have always been behind the scenes supporting, advising and sending Their Light and Energy into our group in order for us to then send that great Energy and Love from Them into the hearts and minds of the whole human race.  This must be conveyed to the masses so that people everywhere will become familiar with Hierarchy and will be willing and able to welcome Them and especially fuse with Them as They externalize and become part of the New World Order.

End of Lesson

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Lesson 169 - The Externalization of Hierarchy - The Coming World Order 1940


Alice A. Bailey, March 1934

Section Two - The World Crisis - The Coming World Order - Part 1 - pgs. 174-187
Text in BLUE is by Margaret Mary Flynn, Text in BLACK is by D.K.


April 1940

This analysis of world conditions is being written in America, where there is, as yet, relative physical safety and [175] time for the re-adjustment of views, and the opportunity also to give direction—along with embattled Britain and her Allies—to a world sorely needing guidance and vision. There is great confusion of voices. Those who know the least speak ever the loudest and apportion the blame for events with facility. There is much mental distress everywhere, occasioned by the war and also by the desire of the well-intentioned to stress their particular solutions of the world problem.

Remember, in 1940 we were still not fighting in the War; but the rest of the world (especially Europe) were having a very stressful time.  Winston Churchill came to the White House and begged the President to enter the war; but again, those whose voices carried the most influence on the American people, made sure that we did not enter the war at that time.  President Roosevelt sent military aid; but we did not enter the war until after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1942.  Notice that the Master tells us that world conditions are being written in America – there was even hope there that we’d act diplomatically through negotiation and communication with both Germany and Japan at that particular time- much of the advice that was coming from our government was from those who were least informed.

It is necessary, therefore, to speak with directness, to indicate the inherent dangers of the present situation, to present its amazing opportunity to bring about needed changes, and to point out the lines of demarcation between the right and the wrong ways of living, between a vision of the new world order and the retrograde plans of the so-called "new order" with which the totalitarian powers seek to bewilder humanity.

What Hierarchy indicated at that time was there had to be some individuals who would speak directly of the dangers and in some way convince governments that there were indeed ways to make drastic changes in people thinking about how they wanted to live – according to the “vision of the new world order” and/or going down the rabbit hole along with those dictators plans of the “new order” which would bring everyone into a totalitarian state – this was still possible in 1940; but it seems that no one took the necessary steps to take actions when some of the countries still had the freedom and power to influence peoples’ choices.

We start with the premise that two opposing world visions confront humanity and that two world orders are presented to mankind. Between these men must choose, and his choice will determine the future.

History has given us the outcome of the choices that had been made during the next five years and on up until the present time.  Much of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, United States, Canada and So. America took the vision of the new world order and have until this day continued to live in freedom, liberty and justice (except for Cuba on our side of the pond, who is still under totalitarian rule); while eastern Europe and much of Asia and even Northern Uzbekistan all fell under the totalitarian rule.

The years 1941 and 1942 will be years of crisis and of tension. Those who perceive the risks, the opportunity, and the important decision to be made are struggling with almost frantic haste to awaken the masses to the uniqueness of this moment. What mankind decides during the next twelve months will condition the future as no other human decision has ever before done in the history of mankind.

Notice here that Master D. K. warns of the increase of tension and crisis between 1941-1942 – yet, America still did not participate on the battlefield. Hierarchy hoped that mankind would realize the great opportunities for everyone to awaken before it was too late; much of mankind didn’t listen or were in too much fear to comprehend the possibilities open to them at that time. So the decisions made by humanity from 1940 to 1941 did “condition the future” as no other decision up until that period in history. As indicated above, America entered the War in mid-1942 to 1945 and did much to curtail the invasions of various countries in Europe and even Africa; yet, when they divided up the countries at the end of WWII, here’s what Wikipedia shows:

The four powers divided "Germany as a whole" into four occupation zones for administrative purposes under the three Western Allies (the United States, the United Kingdom, and France) and the Soviet Union, respectively.


The Occupation of Germany by these 4 Countries ended in 1952- Meanwhile, there was distrust in many areas, especially concerning Germany getting its country back; but mainly, the division that occurred during this time period, which created the Cold War- between Russia, who ruled Eastern Germany, and the USA, Britain and France.  When the occupation ended in the nineties and East Germany was finally united with Western Germany, it was a disaster, not one thing had been done by the Russians – all the ruins from WWII were still there, nor had there been any rebuilding and reconstruction in the Eastern Zone; and the people were just barely making it – they were like a 3rd World Country.  The Western zone was completely rebuilt and became a beautiful modern area with every modern convenience.  Our troops continued to occupy the Western Zone of Germany up until 2004 and even today we still have bases there.  Note also that Germany still has not had closure on WWII up until present time.

There have been points of crisis before in history, but not one that involved the entire planetary population. There have been periods of danger, difficulty, war, famine and distress, but none which conditioned the lives of untold millions as does the present. Time and again there has been the emergence of leaders, conquerors, dictators and world figures, but they have hitherto come at a time when their influence was limited by world communications and by national limitations; therefore their power was not universal, and their progress was arrested by the conditions of the [176] period in which they lived. Today, the entire planet is involved and all the nations of the world are definitely affected.

The significance of this particular War was the growing number of dictators and authoritarians who became even more powerful after WWII.  Back in history we didn’t have worldwide social media, TV and international news – and the life expectancy for most humans was a great deal shorter.  Today, we have large countries occupied and controlled by these aggressors- Russia, China, No. Korea, and many smaller countries – the largest concern by most everyone today is that these dictators also have nuclear weapons as we do; but, at the present moment the Russians are occupying one of the largest nuclear power plants in the world located in the Ukraine.  The danger here is that Russia continually is firing missiles and ammo at this nuclear power plant – if this plant gets bombed, the whole world will be at great risk.  As the Master said, today the whole world is involved and no matter what or where something evil is happening, we are instantly aware of the threat; but what to do, when it’s a nuclear power plant?  This is where we must call upon the Shamballa Forces and the Spirit of Peace, in order to bring sanity back into play and once again gain the peace and goodwill throughout the world – this must be our mantra and our prayers.

The following mantra is to the Prince of Peace (the Christ) Who has direct access to the Spirit of Peace and His powerful forces:

(Note here:  we say “let it begin with us” because we are now acting as one group soul and therefore before beginning this mantra call to the I AM or Higher Selves of your group of Triangles, The Burning Ground Group, All those doing Triangles throughout the world, the Higher Selves of the New Group of World Servers and finally The Higher selves of the men and women of good will everywhere in the world).

“O Lord of Light and Love,

Come forth and rule the world.

May the Prince of Peace appear and

End the warring of the nations.

May the reign of Light and Love

And Justice be begun.

Let there be peace on Earth,

And let it begin with us”

There is the setting up of barriers in a futile effort to keep out of trouble and avoid war; dominant groups are swinging many nations under their banners so that they are either associated with the totalitarian powers or with those nations which are opposing them. The nations which are not actually belligerents are equally active in the task of endeavoring to preserve their national integrity.

You’ll notice it’s still 1940 at His writing and we can already get a glimpse of what was actually going on around the world at that moment in time – talk about fear and power and greed on the one hand while the allied nations were just trying to preserve their nations from the aggressors.  Remember, all during this time, the Hierarchy were occupied with working against the Forces of Darkness who were planted everywhere across the globe, working through those who aligned themselves with evil.

The conflict today is a world conflict. The following groups of people are involved:

1. The fighting aggressor nations, ruled by ambitious dictators.

2. The nations which are seeking to defend themselves and the liberties of humanity.

3. The neutral nations, seeing the issues involved and faced with the immediate necessity to take sides.

I do not want to be redundant here but as you can see, this conflict started off around 1933 with the Nazis taking over the German government.  From this place they began to invade the surrounding countries of Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Prussia, France, (they allied with Italy) and so moved on to bomb England and France (Spain also allied themselves with Germany). The neutral countries were Finland and Switzerland and at that time the USA.  Switzerland remained a neutral country all during the war and has remained so until today’s conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Notice that we all go along for a time in peace and prosperity and then suddenly without any warning there’s fighting breaking out somewhere in the world – after WWII, it was Korea 1950, Vietnam, 1960, mainly the Middle East during the next three decades and now again the aggressors are trying to take over the harbors and oilfields as well as the large farm industries within the Ukraine – this war is evil in that the Russians are bombing apartment buildings, hospitals, killing and raping women and children, shooting people walking down the street – and there is a continual threat to use nuclear powered weapons if any NATO forces intervene on behalf of Ukraine, so we are right back where we started in 1938-1945 – let us all work at the group soul level with Hierarchy connecting with all the groups throughout the world in bringing light, illumination and love forever to this tired broken planet – don’t forget to say this mantra above to the Prince of Peace with a controlled mind and consecrated heart reaching the “soul-level” of your being and then sending forth into every area of darkness currently at war around the world – remember, whenever you call upon Hierarchy and other group souls working for freedom, liberty, equality and brotherhood everywhere in the world, you are working with the most powerful forces on earth.

The momentum of this struggle is gaining daily. Fresh areas of the world are being swept into the conflict every week. The real issues, the impending economic results and the political implications are emerging with growing clarity in every land and—make no mistake—even in those lands which lie numbed and suffering under the heel of the conqueror. Among them there is a silent and at present voiceless revolt. The inner speechless revolt in itself constitutes a menace to world peace and, if evoked into full expression, may plunge the world still deeper into conflict.

You can understand now how quickly and deadly the conquerors were sweeping across Europe, causing great destruction of the infrastructures, buildings which in turn, caused economic hardships and havoc in every country, some of which were politically harboring the opportunity to join with these aggressors – adding more fuel to the fire.  As the war continued the chances for peace and goodwill were fading rapidly.

Facing humanity today are two major dangers. These are: first, the conflict will be so prolonged that humanity will be completely exhausted, and thus a stalemate will be reached, and a situation will arise which will bring to an end all civilized relationships and all hope of an ordered life of beauty, peace and culture. Secondly, the nation’s not yet involved will fail to see the realities of the situation and will not come to the assistance of those fighting for the preservation of national and individual freedom. If this [177] should prove to be the case, then—without so intending and yet inevitably—they will stand on the side of evil and share in the responsibility of engineering world disaster.

Well, thank God, we finally became an active participant in WWII, as the Master pointed out: “That unless those nations who remain neutral do not see the realities of the situation and will not come to the assistance of those fighting for their national and individuals freedoms, then they will stand on the side of evil and share in the responsibility of engineering world disaster” I am quoting the Master loosely but the thoughts are the same.  This was how dire the situation was during the period of 1941-1945 and if the Shamballa Forces had not intervened no one would want to see the results of what could have happened to our beauty, peace, goodwill and freedoms – we all just might have been under a totalitarian regime.  Don’t think for a minute that this same situation could crop up once more as we note that the current situation between Russia and Ukraine shows the same lack of care for freedom, liberty, justice, peace and goodwill -it all flew out the window as soon as the aggressor decided that he wanted to take over all the riches produced by the Ukrainians including their harbors for shipping out their goods.  He has made overtures to France, England and other major countries that were overcome by their alert governments.  So we all know what to do and what part we need to play in order to bring about peace and goodwill once more in our world.  It is particularly necessary at this time as the next few years will be ones of dynamic changes within and on our Earth.

Today, there are no more than two parties in the world—those who are on the side of right human relations and those who are on the side of selfish and cruel power politics. The totalitarian powers are on the march—ruthless, selfish, cruel and aggressive; the powers which are battling for human liberty and for the rights of the defenseless little nations are standing with their backs to the wall, facing the strongest display of human might that the world has ever seen. The nations which are not yet physically involved are preparing for some form of action and for defense—defense against the dictator powers but not against the fighting democracies.

Master D. K. sums up the situation very clearly – we were looking at the face of the “light-workers” of the world vs the selfish and cruel power players – the aggressors who were the strongest army ever put together at that time.

The battle today is being fought out on the land, on the sea, and in the air. From the economic standpoint, every country is involved, and ruin stalks in the wake of war; the stopping of imports or of exports in many lands is bringing about the financial ruin of thousands; the pressure of economic disaster, the fear of famine and pestilence and the constant risk of becoming actively a part of the war faces every country not yet actually in the fighting line. The fear of defeat, of death and injury, and of the loss of all possessions is added to these problems, where the nations at war are concerned.

Not a pleasant situation and if you think about it for just a few minutes you now realize that they were taking over country after country on a weekly basis – coming in bombing and killing all that stood in their way, while occupation of every country was their goal.  Think about your lives today, living in beautiful communities, able to go to the beach, vacation, buy a home and do all the things that make life worth living- now picture a few missiles wiping out a portion of our land and now airplanes are dropping troops all over our land – this is how quicky things can turn around – we were given a gift of a country set aside by God, and it is up to us, who are the bridge between Hierarchy and Humanity to take responsibility for our gifts and do our service to life on a daily basis – when alone, calling to the I AM of Each of our groups as we work as a group soul, protecting and filling the earth and all thereon with light and love and power.

Humanity must face up to these facts. No matter how people may evade the truth, no matter how they may escape into a dream world of wishful thinking, the fact remains—inevitable and undeniable—that the world is at war and everyone is involved.

Even during those years of dire crisis, pain and suffering for much of the world, there were still those who didn’t want to face facts and at the same time did nothing to help alleviate the suffering of humanity at that time – like the Master said the whole world was at War and no one should be living in a “dream world”.

The Goodwill Work

Prior to September, 1939, the objectives of our world-wide work, over a period of nine years, were the spreading of world goodwill, the discovery of the men and women of goodwill throughout the world, and the endeavor to teach the meaning of the will-to-good. This is the main task of [178] the New Group of World Servers. We inculcated a non-separative attitude and the need for right human relations. We endeavored to make clear that differing forms of government and varying ideological systems were right and possible, provided that human beings lived together in goodwill and recognized their blood brotherhood.

We now understand how long the Hierarchy were working with humanity since 1930 until 1945 and they looked for those who were willing and able to spread the word – this led to starting the New Group of World Servers, who worked continually for peace and goodwill throughout the world during this long “dark night of the soul of mankind on earth”.  Master D. K. was the spokesperson for Hierarchy and set about creating “seed groups” the “New Group of World Servers” and working closely with certain high disciples and aspirants in each and every group.  As we follow His teaching during this period, we really understand the world chaos and suffering that was being played out in every area of the world.  We must bow before These Great Souls and the Master D. K. for all the work and support Hierarchy gave to mankind, according to the dictates of the Cosmic Laws.  Notice also here that Hierarchy backed differing forms of governments systems as long as their citizens lived in goodwill and brotherhood within these various governing ideologies.

Then humanity made its decision to fight, and the war broke out: one group, the instigators of the war, fighting to acquire material power, the glory of a nation and the subjugation of the defenseless; and the other, fighting to preserve its own liberty of action, the preservation of its integrity, the right of the little nations and the spiritual values. Immediately, the issue was abundantly clear in the minds of those who were in touch with human affairs; immediately certain nations took sides against the forces of aggression; immediately, other nations, biased by similar distorted ideologies and equally selfish purposes, stood with the aggressor nation; immediately, panic swept the remaining nations, who took refuge in short-sighted neutrality and defense programs—a neutrality and programs which have proved quite futile to protect them.

When the fighting began, the aggressors were backed by other countries with similar ideologies, while other nations were trying to protect themselves from the onslaught, but many didn’t have the defenses against such aggression, while still others panicked and became neutral nations.  None of these measures protected them.

Where, then, should the New Group of World Servers stand? What should the men and women of goodwill do? Should they side with the totalitarian powers because in so doing they will bring the conflict more rapidly to an end, or should they stand on the side of the neutral powers, frantically pursuing ineffective peace programs, policies of appeasement, and play into the hands of the totalitarian powers?

Humanity having decided to fight out the battle physically, there was nothing left to do but issue a challenge to the men and women of goodwill to take their stand on the side of such action as would release humanity through the destruction of the evil forces. These had determined to prove that might was right. Therefore, the forces fighting for progress and civilization had to meet force with force.

From everything that Master D. K. states here in the above paragraphs, there must have been a time when the New Group of World Servers had to make a decision – I thought that the possibility of siding with the totalitarians thus bringing their conflict rapidly to an end, would be out of the question – mainly because Hitler and many of his key figures were working directly under the direction of the Dark Forces.  Although, this did not occur as the war became real with physical fighting breaking out they were directed to take a stand for the people to be released from these evil forces – this brought about the New Group of World Servers standing up and bringing the light and love and power into all areas where the dark forces occupied. We know from the Master D. K.’s many instructions to his aspirants and disciples that this was a herculean task and that many among the NGWS were in those very countries that were being bombarded and destroyed – it must have been a terrible ordeal for these blessed souls.

The challenge was taken up by the democracies who [179] stand for human rights and liberty. Because of the decision to fight on the side of spiritual progress, the spiritual forces of the planet had no alternative but to align themselves on the side of the allied democracies, and endeavor to awaken the neutral nations to the issue. They ranged themselves against the leaders of the aggressor nations, though not against their poor deluded or subdued peoples. They too must be liberated by the allied democracies.

These democracies were the allies who came together as one force to stand up for human rights and liberty – the spiritual forces did the same by backing these allied democracies; but at the same time they were praying for all the peoples within these totalitarian regimes and also all those who still claimed neutrality to wake up and help these oppressed countries.

On the basis of an active will-to-good, the men and women of goodwill, acting under the inspiration of the New Group of World Servers, had no alternative but to take their stand with the spiritual forces and join the struggle for the liberation of humanity from totalitarian ambitions and the intentions of a group of evil men. But the spirit of goodwill must be, steadily and unchangingly, the motivating impulse. No hate must be allowed to enter in. The greatest good of the greatest number lies today in the release of the nations from the domination of the totalitarian powers.

Even the “will-to-good, men and women joined under the inspiration of the NGWS in order to free humanity from falling under the totalitarian rule – please note here what the Master D. K. warns us about “But the spirit of goodwill must be, steadily and unchangingly, the motivating impulse – no HATE must be allowed to enter in”. “The goal even today is the same as then, the greatest good of the greatest number lies in the release of the nations from the domination of totalitarian powers.”  What He gave as instructions more than eighty years ago, still applies today, as there is still much of the population of the world under totalitarian rule!

The Pacifist Position

The second point upon which I would touch is the arguments brought out by the pacifists of the world. All true and good people are pacifically minded and all hate war. This is a fact which the academic idealist and pacifist often forgets. Such people tell us that two wrongs do not make a right; and to meet murder with murder (which is their definition of war) is sinful; that war is evil (which no one denies) and that one must not take part in it. They contend that thinking thoughts of peace and of love can put the world straight and end the war. Such people, fighting the existent fact of war, usually do little or nothing concrete to right the wrongs which are responsible for the war, and permit their defense—personal, municipal, national and international—to be undertaken by others. The sincerity of these people cannot be questioned.

When we look at our history and the many wars that have been fought for our country as well as our allies, we have those who are pacifists, who feel that war is evil – we all agree that war is evil; but that does not mean that as pacifists they should be the first to negotiate and communicate with those countries who are the aggressors.  Even when the countries are at war, they could also join the New Group of World Servers and join all those who take a spiritual stand against such aggression – they could also get in touch with all those groups who would be influential in negotiating peace and goodwill – rather than do nothing – for as the Master D. K. states – during this period of crisis all of mankind is at war and we must do our part, even if we do not want to carry a gun, there are so many avenues that one could take in order to support and benefit those who are fighting for the freedom, peace and goodwill everywhere.

It should be remembered, in countering these ideas and in justifying the fighting spirit of the Christian democracies, [180] that it is motive that counts. War can be and is mass murder, where the motive is wrong. It can be sacrifice and right action, where the motive is right. The slaying of a man in the act of killing the defenseless is not regarded as murder. The principle remains the same, whether it is killing an individual who is murdering, or fighting a nation which is warring on the defenseless. The material means, which evil uses for selfish ends, can also be employed for good purposes. The death of the physical body is a lesser evil than the setting back of civilization, the thwarting of the divine purposes of the human spirit, the negating of all spiritual teaching, and the control of men's minds and liberties. War is always evil, but it can be the lesser of two evils, as is the case today.

There are two key words in the above paragraph that must be understood when talking about participating in the “act of war”.  MOTIVE is vital – what are we in this war for?  If one is a patriot and takes up arms to defend his country, that his motive is for the good of all, when the killing of the innocent occurs and one takes up arms to defend the defenseless then again the motive is right; but then you have those who are paid to move into action to make money and who do not care who gets hurt and whether or not the agency hiring could be totalitarian and needed extra men at arms to do their dirty work – here the motive is pure greed and selfishness and even worse aligning oneself with evil.

The second key word here is when one goes to war as the defender of his liberties, his rights and the love of his country and dies in the process, he gives up his life in order to protect and preserve civilization- the loss of life in this case is the “sacrifice one makes for the good of all” and although all wars are evil, when one is called upon to defend his country or other countries who are not armed and are defenseless. The killing of the aggressor in this case is to prevent the destruction of the innocent, the control of everyone’s rights and freedoms – so, in this case it is a lesser evil.

The present war, if carried forward to a successful completion by the defeat of the totalitarian powers, constitutes a far lesser evil than the subjugation of many nations to the unparalleled cupidity, the appalling educational process and the defiance of all recognized spiritual values by the Axis powers. If the totalitarian powers should conquer, it would mean years of turmoil and revolt; their victory would result in untold misery.

It is no doubt an undeniable spiritual truth that right thought can change and save the world, but it is also true that there are not enough people able to think to do this work. Also, there is not enough time in which to do it. The thoughts of peace are mainly founded upon a stubborn idealism that loves the ideal more than humanity. They are based also upon an unrecognized fear of war and upon an individual inertia which prefers the dream world of wishful thinking to the shouldering of responsibility for the security of humanity.

As we look back in history to this terrible time, we now realize that it could have gone either way and the Master D. K. wasn’t sure how the outcome would be. Because mankind has free will and the Hierarchy are bound by Cosmic Law not to interfere.  As it turned out there were those who fought and died for the preservation of our very civilization and there were those who worked diligently in their spiritual endeavors towards right thought, right action and a daily dedication working directly with Hierarchy in bringing the light and love and power into  the planet along with the Great Invocation; but at the same time that all this was taking place, the Hierarchy was at war with the Dark Forces who had invaded the entire world and were working through all of these evil dictators, who wanted to control  the whole world.  It sounds to me like it was touch and go for humanity at that time – if Master D. K. didn’t dictate to his students how to invoke and evoke the light into the planet, we might now be sitting under a totalitarian rulership.

Thus briefly have I sought to make the position of the New Group of World Servers clear as it fights for the rights of man, for the spiritual future of humanity, and for the new world order. What I have now to say will fall into four parts:


I. The world as it exists today. The present situation is the result of past tendencies, of underlying pressures and of human decisions.

We all know that the Master D.K. is talking about our ancient past and the accrual of all of our materialistic acquisitions through war and greed selfishness and the desire for power.

II. The new world order. This we will contrast with the old order and with the so-called "new order" of the totalitarian powers.

We have discussed this in the former lesson as well as this one – “The new world order” at that time, there were the people on the side of spiritual values, goodwill and peace; while on the other side were the aggressors who wanted to usurp governments and control the people – they were promoting “the new order”.

III. Some problems involved. Four major world problems will call for discussion and these we must consider.

No doubt that Master D.K. will explain these 4 problems in detail – look for them ahead in either this lesson or the next.

IV. The task ahead. We will then deal with the interlude until peace is achieved plus some suggestions for the coming period of reconstruction.

Again, this is Master D. K.’s outline for discussions ahead.


What are the causes which have produced present world conditions? What are the underlying pressures which are producing the present chaos or those which can produce eventual order? Before there can be correction, there must be appreciation of error; there must be understanding of the predisposing causes producing the necessity; there must be realization of the general guilt and a shared responsibility for the evil conditions; there must be determination to make restitution, and to cease from evil doing.

We did discuss somewhat the cause and how we are all responsible for the situation that was facing the world during the 1930’s and 1940’s. I think possibly 85% of the people at that time had no idea that the past actions of their ancestors brought the world to the crisis happening at that particular time- I can understand from a spiritual point of view awakened by the ancient teachings but how many people actually understood the predisposing causes of the events unfolding before them plus the fact that fear and terror shuts off all reasoning and this was predominant in the minds of everyone and every country preparing and/or actually in the war at that time.  It must have been difficult for Hierarchy to work with humanity under such stressful and terrifying circumstances.  Especially as Hierarchy was prompting all the men and women of goodwill and the New Group of World Servers to stand up and without any emotional involvement, work as an observer without the least amount of hatred and malice towards those who were the aggressors.  If they didn’t understand their responsibility in creating the crisis, how could they determine that they were at fault?  And especially that they were supposed to make restitution and become part of the reconstruction?  These are my views only, and I can’t help but remember many of my family members who fought in both wars, while many had been so badly treated by our government after WWI, they were maimed and desperate when returning home, yet they never got paid and were left on the battlefields sunk in the mud, injured and no one came to their aid.  One of my uncles said if it hadn’t been for the Salvation Army he would have died along with many others.  He found out later that the Red Cross (that I worked for) never lifted a finger to help all those men stuck in water-filled trenches.  This was part of the reason no one wanted to enter the second World War.  In hindsight, we all understand what the cause and effect of our ancient past brought forth at that time; but we do have to remember that people’s mental apparatus was still very much in the “self-preservation mode” – we are talking about the common man, not the educated intellectuals who had a greater expansion of consciousness and were definitely the ones who were working towards the good of all mankind.

The tendency to fasten the war on Hitler and his gang of evil men should not blind us to the causes which have made his evil work possible. He is mainly a precipitating agency, for through him world selfishness and cruelty have been brought to a focus. But as Christ has said: "Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh." (Matthew 18:7.) The causes of this rampant evil are inherent in humanity itself.

How often have we read the words of Christ quoted by Matthew but never really understood the potency of His teaching “Woe unto the world because of offense for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh.” He warns mankind that these crisis or offences must come because woe to that man whom the offence cometh – He definitely let us know that first of all the wars and destruction must come and He then indicates that it’s too bad for the man that will live through these offences- for it must needs be (in other words these offences must come upon mankind because he must pay for his past offences.  The Hitlers, Stalin’s, Lenin’s, Putin’s and whoever is now causing offences in our world are the agents who come into being to carry out “the effects” of what was the “cause” in man’s past history. Again, let me remind everyone what the Master St. Germain told us – you are but actors on the stage of life, your job is to observe and not partake – the drama in the world of illusion will always be there and your responsibility is to see it for what it is; and send the light and love into every situation in order to lift those who still dwell in the shadows into the light of their souls.

Ancient and untrammeled selfishness has ever been a characteristic of man; the desire for power and for possession has ever motivated men and nations; cruelty, lust, and sacrifice of the higher values to the lower have been deeply rooted human habits for ages. Of these ancient habits of thought and behavior all peoples and all nations are guilty. Steadily, [182] as the world grew closer, the lines of cleavage and the antagonism of the nations increased, and thus the present war (beginning in 1914) is the inevitable result of wrong thought, selfish goals and ancient hatreds. Individualistic interest, separative aims and aggressive desire march towards their inevitable finale—war and chaos.

We are all guilty of the characteristics named above and there are many paths open to us in every lifetime; but we now understand that this journey of the soul must at some point reach the understanding that we are more than our personalities we are sons and daughters of God; and it is time to expand our consciousness elevate our thoughts, words and deeds into right action, right speech, right thinking and especially to open the mind and the heart to the light of the soul.  It is at this point that we can finally free ourselves from the world of illusion.  By the way, all mankind at this present time, are being initiated and challenged to either move into the life of the soul or continue living in the world of illusion.  Our responsibility at the present time is to act as a bridge between Hierarchy and Humanity, to receive the light from the Great Ones and send that light into every heart and into all life in all the kingdoms of Earth so that all those who are caught up in the web of illusion will have the opportunity to be free.

The economic situation also provides a symbol of this condition. The nations divide themselves into the "Haves" and the "Have Nots," and thus bring in the present era of gangsterism. Organized gangs in the United States came into being as an expression of these tendencies in national life. In the international world, three nations are now playing the same part. The allied nations and the United States are recognizing the menace of national and international gangsterism and are endeavoring to crush it. But—and this is the point of importance—these conditions have been made possible by humanity as a whole.

Again, we are very aware of the “Haves and the Have Nots” all over our nation and in other nations throughout the world.  Many of these gangs are children who are in the lower classes.  It begins at school, the wealthy children shun these individuals and they in turn, become the outcasts.  This situation begins at a very young age and by the time these young people are teenagers, the haves are planning what college they will attend while the “have nots” are planning how to steal or threaten others to make them pay for the way they treated them.  Gangs are usually formed by individuals who are not accepted into the rank and file because they are not of their social standing – these children band together and support each other while they plan some sort of revenge against those who caused them pain.  We can see that separateness, racial prejudice, and hate combine to bring about the cleavage – as they grow into adults, these gangs become dangerous and out of control – most never finish high school and live in the slums and are a constant threat to society at large.  Today, there are more people of color in the USA then white people and now the white people feel threatened and live in fear of these “inferior races” as they see them, taking over positions of power and they now have formed gangs – known by various names but all of them are “white supremacists” who are becoming a threat to these United States.  Instead of moving forward in a country where everyone should be free, the USA is now in a state of near Civil War – again, fear and doubt are behind this problem and also the hatred of certain races in certain areas where African Americans used to be slaves; and many people in these areas still want them to remain slaves.

Materialism and Spirituality

There are today three major human trends: First of all, a trend towards a spiritual and free way of life; secondly, a trend towards intellectual unfoldment; and lastly, a potent trend towards material living and aggression. At present, the last of these innate tendencies is in the saddle, with the second, the intellectual attitude, throwing its weight upon the side of the material goals. A relatively small group is throwing the weight of human aspiration upon the side of the spiritual values. The war between the pairs of opposites—materialism and spirituality—is raging fiercely. Only as men turn away from material aggression and towards spiritual objectives will the world situation change, and men—motivated by goodwill—force the aggressors back to their own place and release humanity from fear and force. We are today reaping the results of our own sowing. The recognition of the cause of the problem provides humanity with the opportunity to end it. The time has arrived in which it is possible to institute those changes [183] in attitude which will bring an era of peace and goodwill, founded on right human relations.

Master D. K. is talking about the three major human trends over 80 years ago.  Yet, we are looking at the same three major human trends today.  This is a 2nd Ray Initiation that humanity is under and has been for quite some time.  The Good News is that today, we have a greater number of spiritually minded individuals working in groups all over the world.  We still have a very materialistic world and TV, ADS, Idol Worship of those in power is not helping people to see the light of their souls – rather, they can only see what they can acquire.  As the sand is running out in the hour-glass of opportunity, it is again up to the NGWS and other spiritual groups to become the conduits of light from Hierarchy to humanity.  The outline given by D.K. over 80 years ago in how to send the light into the earth, the 4 kingdoms and into the hearts of all those who need to be awakened ASAP is still the exact same formula as was discussed in Lesson 168 – we must act as one group soul of light with no thoughts of hate, resentment, envy, greed, avarice etc.  The need to be harmless, compassionate, and serving with an open and loving heart is the need of the hour.

These two forces—materialism and spirituality—face each other. What will be the outcome? Will men arrest the evil and initiate a period of understanding, cooperation and right relationship, or will they continue the process of selfish planning and of economic and militant competition? This question must be answered by the clear thinking of the masses and by the calm and unafraid challenges of the democracies.

On all sides the need for a new world order is being recognized. The totalitarian powers are talking of the "new order in Europe"; the idealists and thinkers are unfolding schemes and plans which vision entirely new conditions that will bring the old bad order to an end. There is a constant demand for the Allies to state their peace aims and indicate clearly what adjustments will be made after the war, because a vision of the future world policy will help humanity through the present crisis.

Well, we only have to look at the world situation today and can indeed verify that all the ideals and  promises were soon forgotten and it is now 2022, with 2025 looming over us; and mankind is still working in and playing in the material world – worse yet, there seems to be “hate groups cropping up all over the USA” – yet, this is the time for right action, devotion to the cause of spiritual freedoms and positive attitude no matter what seems to be going on, we, as the New Group of World Servers are united worldwide in our determinations to bring peace and goodwill to each and every country while at the same time Hierarchy now is working directly with the New Group of World Servers and is sending a massive funnel of light and love and power through these groups and into the hearts and minds of the whole human a race. All of the kingdoms of earth and the 7th Ray is now very much active in bringing about major changes in all areas of life.

Historical Background

Throughout the Middle Ages, the rule of powerful monarchs, the spread of empires and the march of national conquerors were outstanding characteristics. A relatively small number of people were involved. The Church of the time had immense power in all European countries; it controlled the education of the people but laid no foundation for right political thought. The history of the past is the history of many forms of government. Races and nations have come and gone. Political regimes and religious forms have played their part, have persisted or disappeared. The sorry history of humanity has been one of kings and potentates, rulers and warriors, presidents and dictators—rising into power at the expense of their own or other nations. Conquerors come and go—Akbar, Genghis Khan, the Pharaohs, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Napoleon, Hitler and Mussolini. These have all upset the rhythm [184] of their times and have come to power through aggression and slaughter. As the nations grew more closely interrelated, their influence and their field of expression increased. The growing means of communication brought this about; Great Britain knew nothing of the movements of Alexander; the peoples of America knew naught about Genghis Khan; but the sound of the marching armies of Napoleon was heard over a far wider area, and the triumphs of Hitler—diplomatic and military—are known throughout the world.

The totalitarian powers have turned the world into one armed camp—for offence or defense. Motivating all these conquerors was lust for gold, lust for land, lust for power, lust for personal triumph. The modern dictators are no exception. They bring nothing new.

Like the Master says above, nothing new!  As we look back on our written history, it’s all there for anyone to see and evaluate.  War and greed and power are all part of the mix of our past leaders and as Master D. K. declares nothing has changed even though Hitler’s war was the most aggressive worldwide conflict that was ever enacted during the 30’s and 40’s; yet, here we are today, facing even more aggression in our own country, with hatred and fear of losing control the white supremacists are very much in the news, taking over our Capital and daily threatening the lives of people working the poles, people standing up for their freedoms and again it will be Hierarchy working directly with the New Group of World Servers, the Triangle Groups, the Twelves Group working with the Star Retreat and all the other spiritual groups who are standing in the face of diversity and transmitting the light being sent into the planet by Hierarchy – as this light continues to penetrate into the hearts and minds of Humanity, there will be a shift in consciousness – also all seven rays and sub-rays are also bombarding the planet as well as Solar Flares.  This mix will definitely shift areas of dross and remove much of the evil that has plagued mankind for eons of time. Look up and Live and Look up and review your acquaintance with your souls for the time is coming and now is for the Reappearance of the Christ and the Externalization of the Hierarchy His disciples – meanwhile hold onto your hats for you’re in for bumpy ride.  Never before has the Earth and Hierarchy fused together in the light of Their souls as one unit of Light and Love and Power descending into our midst.

World Anarchy

The history of the world has been built around the theme of war; its points of crisis have been the great battles. The thought of revenge motivates some nations; the demand for the righting of ancient historical wrongs influences others; the restitution of lands, earlier held, directs the acts of others. For instance: the ancient glory of the Roman Empire must be restored—at the expense of the helpless little peoples; the culture of France must be paramount and French security must outweigh all other considerations; British imperialism has in the past outraged other nations; German hegemony and "living space" must dominate Europe, and the German superman must be the arbiter of human life; American isolationism would leave humanity defenseless in its hour of need and hand men over to the rule of Hitler; Russia, in her silence, cannot be trusted; Japan is upsetting the balance of power in Asia. Such is the picture today. Anarchy rules the world; famine stalks the inhabitants of Europe; the civilian population of cities, the women and children, are in grave danger of injury and death and are forced to live underground; pestilence appears; there is no safety on land or sea or in the air; the [185] nations are on the verge of financial ruin; science has turned to the invention of the instruments of death; the populations of cities and entire districts are shifted from one part of a country to another; families and homes are broken up; there is intense fear, hopeless looking into the future, bewildered questioning, suicide and murder; the smoke of countless fires blackens the skies; the seas are strewn with dead and with wrecked vessels; the thunder of guns and the noise of exploding bombs are heard in approximately twenty countries; war rises up from the waters, marches over the lands and descends from the skies.

It is to this situation that the old order has brought humanity. It is to this disaster that man's cruelty and selfishness have tended; no nations are exempt from this criticism, and all are more rapidly moved by selfish purpose than by the spirit of sacrifice. Even idealistic America can only be aroused into action by an appeal to her self-interest and security.

For our encouragement let us recognize that the same humanity which has brought about these terrible conditions can also create the new world, the new order and the new way of life. The selfish, wicked past can give way to a future of understanding, of cooperation, of right human relations and of good. Separativeness must be superseded by unity. The combination of totalitarian aggressors, of allied democracies and of anxious neutral nations must be changed into a world which is characterized by one endeavor—the establishing of those relations which will produce the happiness and peace of the whole, and not only of the part.

Look for the subtle changes during this transition period, yes, there will be major storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes and many other disasters BUT these changes must take place in order for the New Jerusalem to manifest within the atmosphere of Earth. Know that you are protected and God-directed and that you must keep on keeping on no matter what’s happening in the world of illusions – this to will pass, and the glory of Our Father who is in Heaven will be treading upon the “new earth”, the “new civilization” and the Christ and Hierarchy will once again be walking with us.


I assume that my readers recognize some intelligent or spiritual direction of humanity. I care not by what name they call that guiding Purpose. Some may call it the Will of God; others, the inevitable trends of the evolutionary process; still others may believe in the spiritual forces of the planet; others may regard it as the spiritual Hierarchy of the [186] planet, or the great White Lodge; many millions speak of the guidance of Christ and His disciples. Be that as it may, there is a universal recognition of a guiding Power, exerting pressure throughout the ages, which appears to be leading all towards an ultimate good.

As stated above – all is in flux – all is in transition – the Grand Counsel will be meeting in 2025 and the world will be placed on the “balance scales”, so the need of the hour is to adhere to the Cosmic Law, work daily with the Hierarchy, Shamballa and the Prince of Peace for Their Divine Plan under the Planetary Logos leaves no stone unturned – the Light will always prevail and it is up to us to do our part in insuring that as many lives are brought into the light as possible between now and 2025.

Some definite direction has led man from the stage of primeval man to that evolutionary point where a Plato, a Shakespeare, a da Vinci, a Beethoven can appear. Some power has evoked man's capacity to formulate ideas, to produce systems of theology, of science and of government; some inner motivating power has given man the ability to create beauty, to discover the secrets of nature; some realization of divine responsibility lies behind the philanthropy, the educational systems, and the welfare movements throughout the world. The progress of the human spirit has been one of irresistible unfoldment, of a developing appreciation of reality, beauty and wisdom. Instinct has developed into intellect; intellect is beginning to unfold into intuition. The significance of God, the registering of man's divine potentialities, and the increasing capacity to understand and to share in the thought processes of others—all these indicate progress and unfoldment.

It is absolutely true that there are and have been many great souls that rise up throughout history and bring to mankind an awakening; and these same souls generally left a blueprint of their works for mankind to follow.  We’ve come a long way from Lemuria to Atlantis and ever onward from instinct to intuition and now from intuition to the expansion of our consciousnesses- no longer are many of humanity living as “animal-man” although in some areas this is still a fact, while the common man is struggling less but still living in the world of illusion – many should be further along the path of attainment and this is what we will be working with Hierarchy on sending the light and energy into their souls so that they too, shall journey into the light of the soul.

This picture of the beauty of the human spirit must be placed beside the earlier picture of man's selfishness and cruelty, of man's inhumanity to man. Both pictures are true, but only the one of beauty is eternal; the other is but transient. Man is a composite of higher and lower expressions, and behind all the wars and difficulties which accompany man's progress through the ages lies this major factor—an ancient persistent fight between man's spiritual aspiration and his material desires. This condition is today brought to a focus in the conflict raging between the totalitarian powers and the nations which are fighting for the rights of the human spirit and for the freedom of humanity.

When we compare the individuals who have moved into the light versus those who still live in selfishness and cruelty – we realize that once mankind climbs Jacob’s Ladder into the eternal light there is no turning back – while the lower mankind  is on the lower rungs of Jacob’s ladder there is always room for him to move onward and upward – this is what is came to earth for, to work as group souls all over the world to bring in the light from Hierarchy and send it forth into the hearts of all those who need now to move quickly forward into the light.

My use of the word spiritual has nothing to do with the use of this word as the orthodox religions use it, except in so far as the religious expression is a part of the general spirituality of mankind. Everything is spiritual which tends [187] towards understanding, towards kindness, towards that which is productive of beauty, and which can lead man on to a fuller expression of his divine potentialities. All is evil which drives man deeper into materialism, which omits the higher values of living, which endorses selfishness, which sets up barriers to the establishing of right human relations, and which feeds the spirit of separateness, of fear, of revenge.

Note well what is said above for this is what we are dealing with today and the Dark Forces know that there day is done, and they are putting up barriers, enticing young people into drugs and alcohol and suicide while keeping much of mankind fixated on the illusionary world that is all part of their scheme to control mankind so that they do not seek a spiritual path.  Again, this is very much in our faces every single day and these evil beings want to take as many people with them on their way out of the planet as possible.  So, this is another area that needs our immediate attention, and we do this through the World Service every Wednesday.

On the basis of these distinctions, it is surely apparent that God is on the side of the allied nations, for it cannot be supposed that Christ is on the side of Hitler and the rule of cruel aggression. The spiritual Hierarchy of the planet is throwing the weight of its strength against the Axis powers just in so far as the spiritually minded peoples of the world can collaborate, for there can be no coercion of man's free will. No one is afraid of the allied nations; the situation has not been precipitated by the Allies; their methods are not the methods of lying propaganda and the terrorizing of the weak and the defenseless. Facts prove these points, and it is this recognition which lies behind the constant aid of the United States. The way of living and the spiritual objects of the democracies are recognized by all, and it is these which are threatened by the totalitarian concepts of life. Through the democracies humanity speaks.

So here it is eighty some-odd years later and the United States as well as the NATO Nations are all aiding the Ukrainian people, in this particular case, all NATO Countries are sending military as well as food, medicine, and are taking in the millions of refugees fleeing their Country.  In this particular case if anyone of the NATO countries sends in an army, navy or air force, the Russians have already threatened to use Nuclear power as their defense.  Again, we as the children of light are working both in the World Service and the Twelves groups with the Star Retreat in Hierarchy in sending Light and Love and Power into both the Ukrainian as well as the Russian People. There are men and women who are x-military from just about every country volunteering to help the Ukrainian Army- some have been killed and others have been captured; but they knew this and made the sacrifice anyways to help the defenseless women children and the elderly throughout the country.

End of Lesson