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98 LESSON 19 - 2018 - THE INCOMING SEVENTH RAY -8/21/18


Revelation 10:7 But in the days when the seventh angel is about to ...

The Seventh Angel of Revelation
Archangel Zadkiel


Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, wrapped in a cloud, with a rainbow* over  His head, and his face was like the sun, and his legs like pillars of fire.  He had a little scroll open in his hand And he set his right foot on the sea, and his left foot on the land, and called out with a loud voice, like a lion roaring; when he called out, the seven thunders sounded.  And when the seven thunders had sounded, I was about to write, but I heard a voice from heaven saying "seal up what the seven thunders have said, and do not write it down."  And the angel whom I saw standing on the sea and land lifted up his right hand to heaven, and swore by him  who lives for ever and ever, who created heaven and what is in it, and the sea and what is in it, that there should be no more delay; but that in the days of the trumpet call to be sounded by the seventh angel, the mystery of God as He announced to His servants the prophets, should be fulfilled.

Then the voice which I had heard from the heaven spoke to me again, saying, "Go, take the scroll which is open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land."  So I went to the angel and  told him to give me the little scroll; and he said to me, "Take it and eat; it will be bitter in your stomach; but sweet as honey in your mouth."  And I took the little scroll from the hand of the angel and ate it; it was sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it my stomach was made bitter.  And I was told "You must again prophesy about many people and nations and tongues and kings.

* The "Rainbow over his head is his Causal Body, See
Picture of the I AM THAT I AM below that each of us
has about 37,000 feet above our heads. -mf

Revelation 11:15-19 NIV - The Seventh Trumpet - The seven

th angel ...

Then I was given a measuring rod like a staff, and I was told "Rise and measure
 the temple of God and the altar, and those who worship there, but do not measure
 the court outside the temple; leave that out, for it is given over to the nations, and 
they will trample over the holy city for forty--two months.  And I will grant my two 
witnesses power to prophesy for one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed 
in sackcloth.
For  these are the two olive trees and the two lamp stands which stand before the 
Lord of the  earth.  And if any one would harm them, fire pours from their mouth
and consumes their foes; if any one would harm them, thus he is doomed to be killed.
They have the power to shut the sky that no rain may fall during the days of their 

The Seventh Ray Master

St. Germain

Comte de St. Germain
Francis Bacon  

The Incoming Seventh Ray
It is impossible to go into detail about the influences 
resulting from the interplay of the closely associated
 Seven Rays of Energy.  In the present instance the 
objective is therefore merely to draw the attention more
 pertinently to some of the salient future effects which 
may expected to be brought about by the radiations 
of the Seventh Ray Ceremonial Law and Order, which 
in accordance with the natural and cyclic law of 
succession, is at present entering  into operation, and 
is in process of gradually superseding the Sixth Ray 
of Devotion.  The latter constituted dominating ray of
 influence during the several past centuries.
(1) In the last analysis, all history is the record of the 
effects of these energies or radiations - rays, in other
words - as they play upon humanity in its many varying
stages of evolutionary development.  These stages
extend all the way from those of primeval humanity to 
our modern civilization; all that has happened is the
result of these energies, pouring cyclically through 
nature and through that part of nature which we call
the human kingdom.

To understand what is today taking place, we must 
recognize that these energies are seven in number.
They are called by many names in many different
lands, but for our purposes the following seven names
will be used:

The Seven Rays Entering the Human Kingdom
Energy Produced By Each of the Seven Rays

1.  The energy of Will, Purpose or Power  called in
     Christian lands the Will of God.
2.  The energy of Love-Wisdom, called frequently the 
     Love of God.
3.  The energy of Active Intelligence, called the Mind of
4.  The energy of Harmony through Conflict, affecting
     greatly the human family.
5.  The energy of Concrete Knowledge or Science, so
     potent at this time.
6.  The energy of Devotion or Idealism, producing the
     current ideologies.
7.  The energy of Ceremonial Order, producing the
     new forms of civilization.
NOTE:  Each Ray is a different color i.e. for instance,
Ray 1 is colored in Blue - People affiliated with this
 particular ray are usually prone to wearing Blue.  It is 
official color of blue ray military - Air Force, Navy wear
the color blue as do the Police in most countries.  Today,
you'll notice that many children opt for the color Purple
or Pink in their rooms and to wear as clothing or ass- 
esories these are mostly beings entering under the sign of 
Aquarious - the 7th Ray, who will be our future lawyers
scientists, economists and financial advisors. mf

These energies are ceaselessly playing on humanity,
producing changes, expressing themselves through
successive civilizations and cultures, and fashioning
the many races and nations.

This in no way infringes upon man's free will; these
forces have both their higher and their lower aspects,
and men respond to them according to their mental
and spiritual development, and so do nations and
races as a whole.  Humanity has reached a point
today where there is a most sensitive response to
that which is higher and better.

(2) I would have you bear in mind in connection with
the five rays which are influencing or beginniing to
influence humanity at this time - the 
First, second, third, sixth and seventh rays - that their
effect varies according to the ray type or ray quality of 
the individual concerned, and according to the position
upon the ladder of evolution.  Such points are often
From Risa D'Angeles "Night Light" (A student of 
the Master Djwal Khul:
"History is a result of one or more of these Rays being poured down onto humanity. For example the past 2,000 years has been influenced by Ray 6 the Ray of devotion, religion and aspiration). Ray 6 began to withdraw at the time of the Renaissance. (1300-1600 A.D.) (Note:
16th Century the 7th Ray Master embodied as Francis
Bacon & today is known as the Comte de St. Germain- Very recently the 

Sir Francis Bacon
His Last Embodiment

Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban, PC QC (/ˈbeɪkən/; 22 January 1561 – 9 April 1626) was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, orator, and author. He served both as Attorney General and as Lord Chancellor of England. ... Bacon has been called the father of empiricism.
      Le Comte de St. Germain

As an Ascendant Master, St. Germain
Appeared in the Courts of France and
other European Countries.  He
was known as "the Wonderman of Europe"
appearing suddenly in locked rooms- His main
responsibility as the Seventh Ray Master was
to warn the French King and Queen that
blood would run in the streets if they didn't
Change their ways.  His hope was
to make a United States of Europe

Ray 5 (concrete science) was in full force prior to World War II and resulted in the atomic bomb. Presently with the advent of the Aquarian Age Ray 7 (synthesis through the mind and use of ritual and ceremony) is being poured down onto Earth and is working with Ray 5 in order to include heart with science. This will lead to Ray 2 of Love and Wisdom.
The 5th Ray is also called The Revealer of Truth, The Door into the Mind of God, The Guardian of the Door, The Dispenser of Knowledge, the Keeper of the Secret and the Master of the Hierophants. The 5th Ray works with lasers, rockets, other solar systems, communications sciences, light and electricity. It has been said that science will reveal the existence of God, the originating Energy.

The 7th Ray is the ray of Synthesis. Organized knowledge will require ritual and ceremony. These activities provide a chalice for the Soul to enter matter. Ceremonies and rituals will be reconstructed to reflect the cycles of the solstices and equinoxes, the new and full moons and the entrance of our Sun into a different constellation each month.


First Ray  - Blue - Sunday -individuals are usually  
self-governed individuals who are action-oriented-
salesmen, CEO's,  Generals, Presidents and on the 
negative side,the killer, the dictator, the schemer and 
plotter, the
 tyrant,the usurper. Again, these individuals can vary
both in their actions as well as their dictates because
of what rung they are upon in their evolutionary


Second Ray- Yellow- Monday - individuals are
 usually our spiritual teachers;our philosophers; poets; 
gurus; mahatmas and saints.
For Example Master Gautama, Lord of the World; Lord
Maitrya, the Christ of the East, who is also expected to
come back to humanity; Master Kuthumi; Jesus the
Christ; Lord Lanto and Confucious and Djwal Khul to
name a few. The negative side would be the False
Prophets; False Teachers who would purposely mis-
interpret the sacred writings, leading their followers
downwards instead of elevating them into higher
spiritual attainment.


The Third Ray - Pink - Tuesday - These Individuals
are the devotees; the aspirants and disciples; through
their "Love of God"; they are the worker bees; who
through continual meditation, prayer and service form
the New Group of World Servers.  They express
themselves through their mantras, art, but especially
their meditation which opens the channels to Hierarchy.
The negative side of the Third Ray are those individuals
who refuse to do the work and work the plan - so that
through the Law of Omission; they set idly by and do
nothing to move forward in their evolutionary journey
on the ladder of Jacob - hence they act as vampires,
sucking the energy of those around them.


The Fourth Ray -  White - Wednesday - These 
individuals are high initiates, who spend most of 
their time under rigid conflict and/or initiation; over-
coming all past misuse of God's energy, in order to
move rapidly forward and upward on the Path of
Initiaiton.  Because this Ray also is the Ray of 
Ascension, most of these individuals are reclusive;
spending their time  trying to maintain God Harmony
while experiencing great conflict. (Usually it's the
return of their own karma from past lives)- The
negative side of this Ray is the Black Magiciains who
spend their entire existence creating fear and death
in order to control mankind. We're experiencing this
feeling right here and right now in the United States.


The Fifth Ray - Emerald Green - Thursday - These 
individuals are our scientists, inventors, healers,
doctors, nurses, researchers -it takes great concentra-
tion to qualify for any of the above careers.  The nega-
tive side of this are  those individuals who work with
chemicals, bombs, poisons; gases that would bring
harm to others - like during WWII, when the Jews were
being gased in the concentration camps.


The Sixth Ray -  Ruby & Gold - Friday- These 
individuals are people who rescue us; the police,
firemen; EMT's, but they are also the mediators,
counsellors, lawyers, negotiators of peace not 
only at home but throughout the world. The negative
side of this Ray, are those who light the fires that kills
many and destroys the environment; that carry guns
into malls, schools, arenas to shoot people; white
supremistes; ku klux klan, facists, thugs etc. This is
the Ray that we've been under for the past two thousand
years; and now we've moving into the Aquarian Age for
the next  two thousand years.


The Seventh Ray -  Violet/Purple - Saturday- These
individuals are your financiers; economic advisors; and
then there are those who will be wanting equality in
the workplace, at home and abroad; Freedom is
one of the keywords and we find individuals who will
run for office to ensure that our "freedoms" are kept
along with our liberties.  Spiritually, the Seventh
Ray individual has encountered all the other Rays and
can accomplish what most of the other individuals
cannot quite make happen.  He is known as the 
Magi and/or Magician who can work at the level of 
the soul, with both sides of the brain equally balanced.
The negative side of this Ray is the individual who would
usurp the money from his employees and/or institute 
high taxes on people. Controlling the financial institutions
in order to control the people. Dictatorship, again taking
away the peoples' freedoms and liberties. Thia Ray also
promotes equality between male and female in  all
areas of life - that's why we're seeing so many women
running for public office and many are taking positions
as CEO's and CFO's of major companies - with the
ability to promote equal pay, equal rights and a more
nurturing approach to politics - we'll be seeing more
negotiating rather than war and rumors of war.

At the present time, we are under the influence of the
First, Second, Third and Sixth and Seventh Rays; and
especially, under the influence of those individuals who
are on each of these rays.  So, we are also experiencing
people who are on various rungs of evolution upon
each of these rays as well as the negative people who
are also on various rungs of the lower order on Jacob's

We can see this all being played out in our 
own country right now, with our Leader creating
fear, separateness, racism, bigotry and usurping all
of our freedoms at the same time.  When  the freedom
to speak is being taken away from us (this includes our
press and media) then this is the beginning of a
dictatorship, wherein, the people are subject to the 
dictates of one leader (Piscean Rule) and unless we
do something quickly; we will  lose all of our freedoms
liberties and peaceful co-existence - we are already 
weakened as far as our allies  are concerned; they 
no longer want anything to do with these United
States - and we are now rated 49th in the world as
far as strength and leadership are concerned.-mf

(3)  The incoming seventh ray is slowly and surely -
in spite of appearances - imposing order and hierarchical 
control upon the planet. It must be remembered that all
natural processes are rightly slow in their tempo, or the
effects would be too destructive.  The effect of these
influences is felt in the following sequential order:
1.  The sensing of an ideal.
What is the ideal that we are all sensing?  The ideal to
be free and at liberty to live and move and have  the
opportunity to grow while serving others.  This means
that we, the people, will have to make some drastic
changes in our thinking and our politics.-mf

2.  The formulation of a theory.
We have already begun to see right before our eyes
that people are not going to take someone controlling
us for granted; they are out there marching for what
they feel and know is right action - this is truely the
formulation of a theory, that forces individuals into
3.  The growth of public opinion
The growth of public opinion is getting stronger and
stronger each and every day; as we move deeper 
into Aquarious; every channel you tune into is 
telling the people the truth and public opinion is
responding by aggressively making their voices
heard; which is aiding in breaking down the "old
Piscean" authority.-mf
4.  The imposition of a growing "pattern" upon the 
evolving life.

Although it is not always clear what the "pattern" is -
intuitively, people are responding in groups - marching
calling and writing to our Congressional and Senate
leaders to start representing the people rather  than
themselves- never mind the swamp - we now need
to clean the sewer that is rapidly overtaking our
way of life, our liberties and our freedoms.  We re
rapidly sliding down into a Third World Banana Republic.

5.  The production of form, based upon that pattern.
In the beginning stages of the Aquarian Age, we will
see a pattern of resolve being out-played right before
our eyes; the realization that complacency has brought
us an authoritative self-absorbed leader, who is the
liar and the lie; who prostitutes our Nation like  the
"Great Whore" in Revelations selling the United States
down the river to his communist friends. There is no
longer time to sit idly by and allow this outrageous
behavior to continue; we must act and stand-up for
our rights while there is still time and opportunity to
do so.-mf
6. The stabilized functioning of the life within the form.
Once we the people take the necessary action, we will
realize a stablizing functioning of our life within the form
that was set up by our forefathers - that "rule of law" must 
be followed to the letter, while making sure that no one
usurps our freedoms from this day forward. -mf

It must be rememberred that each ray embodies an
 idea,which can be sensed as an ideal.  The rays in
 time produce the world patterns which mold the 
planetary processes.

Under the old Piscean Age, dictators, religious leaders
were revered as they were to bring about law and order
for mankind; but as the Aquarian Age arrives, we find
that mankind has progressed to the point where they
are ready to take responsibility for their own actions,
whether it concerns themselves and their families or
their community, or nations - now is the time for change
and as we watch the serpents that are now openly
raising their heads and revealing their darkness; we
must act quickly and responsibly to bring about an
ousting of these vile creatures that are inhabiting our
planet, our nations and also representing us .-mf

(4)Each ray sweeps into power, bearing its own incar-
nating Spirits to whom the period marks a point of
least resistance comparatively.  They contact six other
types of force in the worlds, and six other groups of
beings who must be impressed by that force, and be
carried forward in its sweep towards the universal
goal.  Such is also the specific situation in the period
which you live, a period wherein the seventh Logos of
Ceremonial Law and Order seeks to straighten out
the  temporary chaos, and aims at the reduction within
limits, of the life escaping from the old and worn-out
forms.  The new forms are needed now and will be
adequate.  It is only after the middle period in a new 
cycle, that limitation will again be felt, and the attempt
to escape be started anew.
As we are now 400 plus years into the Aquarian Age,
we're paying more attention to the expansion of 
consiousness and less to established religions (these
different sects of religion have not moved with the times,
and people are now looking for "self-empowerment; self-
realization and exploration of various philosophies" to find 
truth; which is 5th Ray combined with 7th Ray.  As 
mankind journeys deeper into the 7th Ray of Aquarious;
we are finding  that scientists are moving rapidly toward
the same goals - i.e., quantum physics has finally dis-
covered that what they consider the "field" and "string"
theory-Fohat is living light (the field) that is used by
the Second and First Logi to create all that lives. String
is the Antaskarana or String that weaves itself through
all that lives in every part of life - it is sometimes called
the Antaskarana of the Divine Mother- mf
String theory is a set of attempts to model the four known fundamental interactions—gravitation, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force—together in one theory. ... Einstein had sought a unified field theory to explain the fundamental interactions within one model revealing the mechanics of the universe" . Wikiipedia
All objects in our universe are composed of vibrating filaments (strings) and membranes (branes) of energy. String theory attempts to reconcile general relativity (gravity) with quantum physics. A new connection (called supersymmetry) exists between two fundamentally different types of particles, bosons and fermions.
The Antaskarana is the "imaginary path between the
personal Self, and is the highway of sensation; it is the battlefield for one longing for  mastery over personal
self - it is the "string" that connects all souls to the
One Who Is I AM THAT- it is also known as the
Antaskarana of the Divine Mother, who connects all
of us through the weaving of Her strings that are attached to each of us.  When we are upon the path
of initiation there are three major goals:
  The threefold goal,
  The threefold function,
  The threefold mode of activity.

String Theory According to Hierarchy
From A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

The Third Logos
When we reach a certain initiation and have expanded
our consciousness we attract the Third Logos, or
Brahma, is characterized by "ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE"; His mode of action is ROTARY, or by the revolution of matter, to increase activity and thereby make the material more pliable through the Law of Adaptation in time and space, or the line of least resistance (Note:  when an initiate reaches this state of consciousness he enters the "field" all seven planes are pliable and inter-active-mg).

The Second Logos
The Second Logos, Vishnu, the divine Wisdom Ray 2,
the great principle of Buddhi seeking to blend with the principle of Intelligence, is characterized by LOVE.
His motion is SPIRAL or CYCLIC.  Availing Himself of the rotary motion or of spiralling periodical movement, and by circulation along a spheroidal path (which circles around a central focal point in an ever ascending spiral) two results are brought about: 
  a.  He gathers the atoms into forms.
  b.  By means of these forms He gains the needed
       contact, and develops full consciousness on the
       five planes of human development, gradually
       rarefying and refining the forms as the Spirit of 
       Love or the Flame Divine spirals ever onward
       towards his goal, that goal which is also the source 
       from which it also the source from which it came.
These forms are the sumtotal of all spheres or atoms
within the solar system, or within the solar "ring-pass-
not, and in their seven major differentiations they are
the spheres of the seven Spirits, or the seven planet-
ary Logoi.
This is also know as the Path of Involution (All life
descending into matter) beginning at a point in time
which hides the mystery of the second chain, but finding two modes of manifestation - rotary-spiral-cyclic- in the middle part of what we call the third chain
(or string).  This is after all the blending of the activity
of Brahma with the onward progress of Vishnu.  We
have the correspondence to this in the sumtotal of the
effects brought about the second and third root races.
The activity of the second Logos is carried on under the cosmic Law of Attraction.  The Law of Economy has for one of its branches a subsidiary Law of marked development called the Law of Repulsion. The
cosmic Laws of Attraction and Economy are therefore
the raison d'être (viewed from one angle) of the eternal repulsion that goes on as Spirit seeks ever to
liberate itself from form.  The matter aspect always
follows the line of least resistance, and repulses all
tendency to group formation, while Spirit, governed by the Law of Attraction, seeks attracting an ever more
adequate type of matter in the process of distinguishing the real from the unreal, and  passing 
from one illusion to another until the resources of matter are fully utilized.
You can devise here that we're talking about involution
and evolution - from Spirit to Matter and from Matter
back to Spirit through the help of certain Laws that are
rotary-spiral-cyclic, governed by the First and Second
Logoi (The Original Sons of God).  At this point through involution and evolution, "fohat" which exists
everywhere in our universe, eventually takes form, life
and begins its involutionary journey from fohat to matter, life, form and once reaching the Fourth Kingdom, through a combination of the Laws of 
Attraction and Repulsion, from the world of illusion
here in the Fourth Kingdom of Matter, we journey
through a series of laws on our evolutionary path
until we reach the mid-point and/or the Fifth Jiva of
the mind*, here we attract the First and Second Logoi, who in turn begin our liberation through the Laws
as well as Active Iintelligence and Love.
*The Fifth Jiva is actually the Soul or Christed One-mf

The Soul or Christ Self
Mahatma (Great Soul)

Eventually the Indweller of the form feels the urge,
or attractive pull, of its Own Self.  The reincarnating jiva, for instance, lost in the maze of illusion, begins
in course of time to recognize (under the Law of
Attraction) the vibration of its own Ego, which stands 
to it as the Logos of its own system, its deity in the 
three worlds of experience.  Later, when the body egoic itself is seen as illusion, the vibration of the
Monad (I AM THAT I AM) is felt, and the jiva,
working under the same law, works its way back
through the matter of the two planes of superhuman
evolution  till it is merged in its own essence.
(the meaning of "Find Your Way Back to ME - the I AM)
The I AM THAT I AM or Monad

To sum up:
 a. The goal  of the second Logos is consciousness, to
     be achieved in co-operation with the third Logos.
 b. His function  is the building of forms to be  His
     instruments of experience.
 c. His mode of action is cyclic and spiral, the revolu-
     tion of the wheel of existence in ordered cycles
     for a specific purpose, and the progression of
     these spheres of matter around a fixed center,
     within the solar periphery.

These three concepts are governed by the Law of
Attraction, or the law governing the interplay or the 
action and reaction:
  a.  Between the Sun and its six brothers.
  b.  Between the circling whirling seven planes of
       the solar system
  c.  Between everything in the matter of all forms, the
       spheres of matter themselves and aggregate of
       those spheres that are embodied in the forms of
       still others.

In the next lesson we'll lean about the role of the
First Logos.
End of Lesson