Saturday, February 25, 2017

61-2017 -The Seven Rays - The Make-UP of God and His/Her Universe Feb 28, 2017

During the lessons given by the Seven Archangels, They conveyed to us that each of Them presided upon a certain Ray of  Light  _  not only did They explain Their particular God Quality but They lived by the Cosmic Laws that were put forth in the beginning of this Manvantara.  

Archangel Zadkiel, in particular, gave us an overview of how mankind would proceed upon the path of attainment through participating within each of these seven Rays for a period of two thousand years.  At the end of this period, they would understand and hopefully begin to garner and teach all that they had learned when residing under the influence of that Ray.

For example:  Let us say that it is the beginning of the Great Cycle millions and millions of years ago and Sanat Kumara, our Elder Brother and First Son of our God Parents, I AM THAT  I AM,  stood before us after we had completed passing through the Seven Spheres surrounding our physical SUN. (See the first lessons on Creation for our cycling through these spheres and our decision upon graduating that we would go forth into the Earth, carrying our particular God quality to the people of Earth as an expression of our God upon this Planet).

Now  that we were ready to incarnate for the very first time upon the planet Earth, the Great Ancient of Days, gave us our final instructions - we were being sent into the Earth to "take dominion" over the elements and become the caretakers of this Planet that had been lovingly prepared for us by the Seven Mighty Elohim, the builders of form, Whom God had instructed to fill with every good thing that we would need.  He also made us aware that we would never be alone - and that the Archangels, Chohans, Angels, Angel Devas and the Elementals would all be working right with us.  The Father even assigned a Guardian Angel for each of us, Who was our protector as well as instructor and messenger.  Further, Beloved Sanat Kumara explained that we had already experienced working for eons upon  each of the Seven Rays (Spheres) surrounding our Physical SUN and therefore, we would be also working  under  the First Ray for the first two thousand years.

Now the First Ray is excellent for anyone starting off on a journey (and we certainly were placing our Soul upon its Journey to Enlightenment). The First Ray represents  Our Father God, the ACTIVE PRINCIPLE, the CREATOR, DOER. and especially the WILL POWER to GET THINGS DONE without harming any part of life while in the process.
What is WILL?  It is the POWER THAT WORKS AMONG THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. It is the power to separate the conscious mind from the subconscious mind in order to get something accomplished.  In other words, you would like to make something to express yourself in the World of Form.  The first thing you need to do is ACT, to draw a blueprint of what it is you want to accomplish and then to VISUALIZE exactly what it is; and then WILLINGLY bring forth that which you imagined within the subconscious mind into a concrete reality.  In other words, it is the WILL TO DO and even better the WILL TO GOOD to bring forth that which will be of benefit to mankind.  

As the Goddess of Springtime along with millions of Devas and  Elementals prepared this beautiful planet for over nine hundred and fifty years, bringing the trees, flowers, seeds for planting food, water and even the Great Central Sun Magnet in the Core of the Earth that is connected directly to our Physical Sun through the Seven Rays and even to the Great Central SUN Home to Alpha and Omega in Alycone - the Sun behind our physical SUN. It is this magnet that allows us to stand upright and remain on the planet under its magnetic pull.  She worked with the Slyphs forming the air currents, the jet stream and she worked with the Undines of water creating the oceans, seas, rivers and streams to nourish and balance the Ecosystem throughout the planet.  Every tree has its purpose in keeping the balance within the Ecosystem. The Fairies, Gnomes, Elves, Devas, and Nature Spirits worked long and hard under Her instructions to make everything perfect for our arrival.  All we had to do is live in this Garden Paradise and continue to work with the Angels, Devas and Elemental Kingdom, while becoming Co-Creators with God and bringing forth something that would benefit all who were living here at that time.

Remember, wishful thinking does NOT accomplish anything - you are only living in a "Dream World" that wastes your time and adds not one accomplishment to you Divine Plan.  Did I mention that you have a Divine Plan?  That you were instructed by each of the Seven Archangels as you passed through the Seven Spheres that make up the concentric circles surrounding our SUN - it is within these Spheres that the Archangels live and move and have Their Beings; and at one time many, many eons ago, we sat in Their classrooms and were taught about each of the Seven Rays, about Free Will and about our particular destiny if we chose to enter the planet Earth. Although some among us chose to stay within the sphere of choice,  everyone who graduated from the Seven Spheres and volunteered to leave the Kingdom of God to dwell upon planet Earth and many, many other planets at the same time, had to enter that planet with a PLAN.

As a single parent, many times a job would come along, that had certain qualifications that were required in order to perform correctly; and many the times I "willed to do" that job because I knew that I would learn whatever it was that was required of me, because I had to support three children.  You all have been in this same situation and most likely you jumped right in as I did, in order to move forward - this is called the WILL TO DO,  definitely a First Ray quality.  "He who wills the end wills the means!" He is performing a willful act of concentration by focusing his mind and heart in ONE DIRECTION!
Remember, the man who knows that he is master of his own consciousness sufficiently to produce this concentration can will when others cannot. (This is the difference between a mediocre action and one with mastery - and you wonder why some people are so successful while others seem to just get by.  Think of all those inventors who had to concentrate, go back to the drawing board and re-think the blueprint over and over again until finally EUREKA! They hit the jackpot!  That's how it feels - the joy of accomplishment! The knowing within that you brought something forth from an idea, a flash of awareness, and ACTED upon that idea, nourished it, concentrated upon it, dreamed about it, visualized it in action - a real important part of bringing something forth is to see it working in the minds-eye.
Also remember that within the subconscious mind, will, wisdom and activity are going on all the time unperceived by the conscious mind - or rather by the conscious part of the mind because there are not two minds.

Then you've run into the "PROFESSIONAL STUDENT" always taking another class because they fear jumping in and going to work!  In today's economy, parents are finding that four years of college is necessary but if the student wants to continue on and they are financially strapped; it's time that the student takes control of his own destiny and works for his graduate degree - again, planning his work, working his plan.  Formulating the IDEA within the subconscious mind, drawing up the plan and then going to work and executing his plan with the goal of Masters or Phd before him.
Now, I am going to try and explain to you the Subconscious Mind.  Years ago, I was introduced to Mind Dynamics - I was impressed as it was formulated by a man who had spent a long time in Tibet.  The whole idea behind Mind Dynamics is to concentrate, concentrate and visualize, visualize (notice I typed it twice, because you can't accomplish anything without first concentrating the mind upon the idea, problem, situation and solution).  Thank God, I had a vivid imagination because you have to become child-like in exaggerating a word, a name etc. in order to quickly recall what it was.  The instructor would give us a series of names and we would just as quickly concentrate and exaggerate the word by making a "mental picture"  so for example he said the word "forklift"  I would then picture a fork with four prongs and a handle with a rose on it, made of sterling silver then I would picture the "fork" LIFTING UP OFF the table and floating in front of me.  FORK and LIFT would stay in my mind.

Later on I applied for a job in pharmaceutical sales, I currently was in gourmet food sales and hadn't a clue about "selling drugs"; but opportunity opened a door for me as I was a woman and suddenly there were no women detailing in pharmaceuticals.  I applied for the position and was on my final interview with a large paper compony when the pharmaceutical regional manager called me.  I told him I was on my way to my final interview and he said, stop into my office after and let's talk.  He signed me up that evening but I had to learn the medical terminology and pharmacology immediately.  I had four years of latin and french but most of these words derive from the greek and so I went right into Mind Dynamics, not only did I use it for the terminology but also for the doctors' names and specialties.  It worked so well for me that I ended up with eight graduate pharmacists in training and came out on top.
Again, the simplicity of using the subconscious mind and visualizing works every time and I am here to say that it definitely worked for me.

Now, I want to make another statement concerning subconscious influence.  It definitely can cause many problems if you are not paying attention to your thoughts, words and deeds. Let me just say that as far as thoughts are concerned, be aware that thoughts are real and because the subconscious mind is so potent (especially if you are a First Ray person) that they do become a reality.  For instance I have a Pisces Moon and you might not be aware but one lives in their moon sign for the first thirty-three years of their life.  I wasn't aware of it at the time but when I look back I can see how much I lived in fear and how I nearly destroyed my life before I found  the act of meditation, prayer and service that changed that life into one of joy, positive thinking and the love of teaching others what I have learned.
Just for an example, I used to say quite frequently "Give me a break! Especially when I was frustrated or angry - this can be even more potent if you're using the throat chakra doing mantras every day - it builds up a powerful forcefield of energy within the throat and voice;  for I ended up with twenty broken bones over a period of thirty years.  Finally, my teacher said well stop giving your subconscious mind permission to break your bones.  I nearly fell over, I couldn't believe that I was the cause and effect of my whole history of broken bones.  This is just one of the habits I had to change and quickly as I just couldn't afford to break anything else.  So, when Archangel Zadkiel says be mindful of what you think and say and learn to be silent, He's absolutely correct; and St. Germain also a Seventh Ray Master, always tells us that if you are creating a project, inventing something, painting something composing something writing about something - don't tell anyone what you are doing.  He explained that while you are creating it is vital that you keep it to yourself, don't speak about it until it has taken form, and is copy written.  He also claimed that you lose the alchemy when you talk about it, and someone else, without thinking, will tell someone else and then it weakens even more - KEEP SILENT!

THE FIRST RAY is potent and many people who are on the First Ray end up becoming dictators, despots, criminals, gang leaders, terrorists - of course, these are the negative types; but the positive types are usually, leaders, generals, admirals, presidents, policemen, military men, FBI agents, salesmen, business owners and government senators and representatives .  They usually favor blue as their color and aqua marine or lapis as their stone, they have powerful throat chakras (as  the throat or voice is the co-creator with God; and it is the medium of speech that agrees to do God's holy will. 

Here is the list of Hierarchy that we pray and work with on a weekly basis:

First Ray:  Sunday - Color: BLUE
I call to the Mighty Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, beloved Victory, Beloved Surya, beloved Great Divine Director, Beloved Chananda, Beloved El Morya, Beloved Archangel Michael and Faith, K-17 and the Cosmic Secret Service, and the legions of Blue Ray angels.  

First Ray Daily Prayer:  Let the Flame of Faith in the ALL-POWER OF GOD direct me, protect me, illuminate me, heal me and do whatever I require to have done.

PRAYER FOR PROTECTION:  Use this prayer to protect your home, work, family, friends, finances and place a great electric blue light around anyone and anything that needs protecting. I use it especially when I'm driving placing it around my car and those cars coming towards me, around me behind me.

Archangel Michael


Light's Protection manifest -
Holy Brotherhood in white,
Light of God that never fails,
Keep us in Thy perfect sight.

Refrain: (say after each stanza)
I AM,  I AM, I AM protection's mighty power,
I AM, I AM, I AM guarded every hour
I AM, I AM, I AM perfection's mighty shower,
Manifest, Manifest, Manifest!

Lord Michael, mighty and true
Guard us with Thy Sword of blue,
Keep us centered in the Light's
Blazing armor shining bright!

Around us blaze Thy sword of faith -
Mighty power of holy grace,
I AM invincible protection always
Pouring from Thy dazzling rays!