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  1. Hello Margaret (& Violet Circle folks/Webmaster/Mail-administrator) !
    In your posting on May 3. this year you refer to a book of The Tibetans that doesn´t exist : "The Book of Prophecies"....with reference to a chapter called Capital and labour....That seems to stem from the Factual Book by The Tibetan called "Problems of Humanity" and one of it´s chapters namely Chapter . The problem of "Capital and Labour".... It appears as a distortion of the Teachings of our Master DK.... You might correct it if you wish to in line with Esoteric and Occult (Spiritual Scientific) Precision.
    Kind Regards + Light, Love & Power Torben Normark Hansen, Denmark.

  2. Dear Torben,
    The above book I have been teaching out of is published by World Unity and Service (Inc, P. O. Box 41338 - Craighall 2024 South Africa 1977 - Permission for the compilation had been granted by Lucis Trust - sole copyright holder on all books by Alice A. Bailey
    FYI - he also wrote ˆ"Ponder on This" Serving Humanity, The Soul, the Quality of Life and Reference Guide plus 2 more.

    FYI - AART Jurriaanse compiled various prophecies that D.K. gave in
    many of his books, I am only quoting from His works that were approved by the Arcane School and Lucis Trust.

    FYI - the Latest person that I am publishing on my blog is Steven
    Chernikeeff who is an initiate and has just published a book on the
    upcoming Grand Council and/or Conclave coming up in 2025 - it's called "2025 and the World Teacher", again he is another who has taken various books that D.K. and Alice Bailey published containing
    information pertinent to the upcoming Conclave.

    I have been seeing 2025 coming up over and over again and when this
    book came up on my kindle, I knew my prayers were answered - We have
    just 5 years to get our acts together and we've been given only 2
    choices for this planet and her people.

    Steven is part of the "Group of Twelve" around the world that are
    working directly with K. H at His Retreat on preparing for the
    upcoming Conclave.

    Aart J. quoted D.K. directly and I will not change a word of what the Master Teacher gave out - my job is to clarify the language as people today do not want to take the time if they have to wade through heavy tomes - we're just making it easier for them to comprehend in modern language.

    Hope this clears up your questions and comments And I thank you for
    your interest and critique, these comments are always welcome.

    May we all continue on the "lighted way"

    Margaret Mary