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As we move along the path of evolution climbing Jacob's Ladder towards our eventual freedom; we find that there are many who have climbed that same ladder and refused to take their final initiations in order to save  the rest of us by holding the "light" and giving us Their Wisdom and Knowledge.

At the present time we have learned who some of Them are and I want to take this time and this lesson to give you an introduction to these great Masters of Wisdom, Who, like us, had to fight and claw Their way upwards towards Their Ascension into the Light Everlasting.  BUT, They also refused to leave us, and have made the ultimate sacrifice of staying behind in order to give us the same opportunity to gain our freedom.

 The following will be an introduction to some among the many who work with mankind at the present and work with our planet (some are working on the axis while others are working on bringing in the seven rays; and still others are working with the super humans as well as the subhuman kingdoms; while all of them are making themselves available to us when we call to them) - the rest are working on educating, expanding and increasing the Light within us as well as our planet Earth.

Remember, They did not have the guidance and availability that we have with Hierarchy; and They are now making sure that we have every tool, as well as Their guidance and direction, in order to make our journey of the soul much easier than Theirs.  In fact, They have met with the great council and have pleaded with Alpha and Omega and the Great Lords for dispensation after dispensation.  One dispensation in particular is that They have had our karma reduced to fifty percent in order to give us more opportunity to advance quickly along our path.  

But, Alpha and Omega also made certain demands that now must be met and followed in order for our planet and its people to catch up with all the other planets within our solar system - for you see, we are the laggards, who have kept this solar system from moving forward and upward according to the Divine Plan.  Anyone born before July of 1959 will not  reincarnate into our planet again, they will be sent to a planet that's already been prepared for them and they will not have "free will" but will follow the "Will of God" until they make their ascension into the light.  While everyone else born after July of 1959 will have one more lifetime to prove themselves.  The Sixth and Seventh Root Races have been slowly coming into the planet - these are the geniuses we're seeing in every field of endeavor and incarnating in every country.  The Great Divine Director has stepped forward and volunteered to be the Manu of the Seventh Root Race, just as Lord and Lady Meru have volunteered to become the  Manus of the Sixth Root Race - this will complete the Manvantara and the planets will gradually return to the Sun of our system and the Great Central Sun -  remember, that within the next fifty to one hundred years, the frequencies and vibrations along with the incoming Rays will have raised this planet's vibration as well as our own consciousness to the point that most of us should be operating at the "soul level" of being - therefore, we would be aligned with our Higher Selves and would quickly reach our ascension at that point - any laggards would be removed and would reincarnate upon the same planet that is prepared for all of us who were born before 1959.

You can now understand why there's such an urgency in getting us prepared and educated, while giving us opportunities that have never been offered to mankind before - like allowing us to become acquainted with our Elder Brothers, who are determined that we reach all of our goals.

I will start by giving you the Order of Hierarchy - from the Highest Office to those who have recently made Their Ascension: You can print this off along with the pictures in order to become familiar with each Master and the Ray and Activities where They are presently working.

               Cosmic-Solar and Planetary Hierarchy

Of The Spiritual Hierarchy
C O S M I C   H I E R A R C H Y 

Father/Mother God

Divine Mother
Painting by Nicholos Roerich

   Three Divine Contemplators (3 Holy Kumaras)
The Original Sons & Daughters of God
Messengers Between the White Lodge and the Great Central Sun
Great Central Sun
Home of Alpha and Omega
 (Most of Mankind assume that Alpha & Omega are God)
Cosmic Silent Watcher

S O L A R  H I E R A R C H Y

Three Divine Contemplators (3 Holy Kumaras)
 Who Are The Original Sons & Daughters of God
Messengs Between the Great Central Sun and Our Physical Sun

Sun of Our Solar System
Father/Mother Principle (Our God Parents)
Home of Helios & Vesta
Solar Silent Watcher

ELOHIMHercules &   Cassiopia &  Orion &    God Purity &  Vista &  Peace &  Arcturas
                    Amazonia     Minerva       Angelica     Astrea          Crystal    Aloha      Victoria

Ancient of Days-Sanat Kumara (7th Original Son)

P L A N E T A R Y  H I E R A R C H Y
Planetary Silent Watcher (Immaculata)
Planetary Logos: Gautama the Buddha

Karmic Board: Divine   Liberty - Nada - Pallas -   Elohim -  Kwan  -  Portia
                      Director                             Athena       Vista       Yin  

Lord of the World:  Lord Maitrya 
Also Over World Teachers

THE MANU:  Varisvata Manu


WORLD TEACHERS:  Jesus the Christ   Master Kuthumi   Master Djwal Khawl

RAY            1                2                  3                      4             5                  6                    7
COLOR   Blue           Yellow         Pink            White       Green         Ruby &          Violet
                                                                                Crystal                         Gold             Purple
VIRTUE   Power     Wisdom       Divine        Purity        Truth         Peace            Freedom
ACTION    Divine    Illumination     Love           Hope           Science       Ministration    Ordered Service
  Michael   Jophiel       Chamuel  Gabriel      Raphael        Uriel             Zadkiel
  Faith      Christine    Charity        Hope        Mary           Donna            Holy
                                                                                             Grace             Amythest
El Morya   Lord Lanto   Paul The   Serapis  Hilarian  Lady      St. Germain
                                          Venetian      Bey                        Nada

Note:  The Chohans and World Teachers plus Gautama and Lord Maitrya have all
Ascended within the last 5000 years – Djwal Khawl was the last great teacher to ascend in 1950
 Madame Blavatsky – Alice Bailey – Lotus & Godrey Ray & Geraldine Innocente all made their ascension in recent years along with many of their families.  Many of the Buddhas are from the Fourth Root Race (Aryan) and many have made their ascension. - mf

The Great I AM THAT I AM
Our Father/Mother God
This is Why We Are Made
In Their Images
(See That Their Causal Bodies and Ours Are the Same)

Our Three-Fold Image
Our Higher Selves /Enclosed In Our Causal Bodies Are The Flaming Images of 
Our Father/Mother God
We Have a Triune Flame Within Our Hearts
That Also Gives Claim To Our Sacred Heritage as Sons & Daughters
of the Most High God - I AM THAT I AM

There are no pictures of The Silent Watchers nor of the Six Holy Contemplators or Holy Kumaras except for Sanat Kumara, who we will again place in the order of Hierarchy.
There are also no pictures of the Elohim, Silent Watchers  or the Manu, Varisavata Manu, responsible for the Fifth Root Race.

Pictures Will Be Given in the Order of Hierarchy

Solar Planetary Hierarchy
Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara

The Planetary Logos
Guatama  the Buddha

The Karmic Board
Great Divine Director                  Lady Liberty                         Pallas Athena

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Elohim Vista (All-Seeing Eye)               Lady Master Nada

                                                             Goddess of Justice - Portia
        Lady Master Kwan Yin

Note:  Each of the above Masters Represent One of the Seven Divine Rays as well as Divine Virtures - Great Divine Director Represents Ray 1- God's Will - Lady Liberty Represents Ray 2- Illumination -  Lady Nada Represents Ray 3 - Love/Wisdom - Mighty Elohim Vista Represents Ray 4 - Purity & Hope - Lady Pallas Athena Represents Ray 5 - Truth - Kwan Yin Represents Ray 6 - Peace (Sits in the Mercy Seat )- Goddess of Justice  Represents Ray 7 - Freedom & Justice

Lord of the World - Lord Maitrya
(Also Over World Teachers)

Both Gautama the Buddha and Lord Maitrya 
Were Elevated to Their Offices When Sanat Kumara
Was Ordered back as Regent of Venus in the 1950's -
He Graduated to Solar Logos - Gautama  was
elevated to Planetary Logos & Lord Maitrya was
elevated to Lord of the World

The Three World Teachers
                                                            Jesus the Christ
Jesus was instructed by
Sanat Kumara in Preparation
For His Role as the Christ -
Enoch saw Him 
with Sanat
Kumara - the
Ancient of Days when with
Archangel Uriel (See Book of Enoch)
His Last Lifetime before Becoming
The Christ was as the Greek
Philosopher, Healer & Guru

Master Djwal Khwal
Djwal Khwal Was One of the Magi and 
has worked with El Morya & 
Master Kuthumi  for many lifetimes
 He helped bring forth the
Ancient Teachings from the Book of
Dyzan while still
in His youth in
Tibet.  He dictated (thru Telepathy)
"The Books of the Tibetan
through Alice Bailey (over
30 Books,  while still
in embodiment in Tibet
He Ascended in 1951  - His Retreat is in Shitgse, Tibet        
                                    Master Kuthumi
Kuthumi  was Phthagrus, He Was One of the Three Magi, Eastern Kings,
Arkbar The Great was El Morya and Kuthumi built the Taj Mahal for His Twin Flame - He
was Akbar's Grandson, His last life before Kuthumi was St. Francis of Assisi 
He ascended a few years before El Morya in 1890's.
Master Kuthumi's Retreat is in Shitgse, Tibet & Kashmir, India

The Holy Spirit
The Maha Chohan
The Holy Spirit Represents the Divine Mother and
Carries Out All of Her Wishes
He also acts in the capacity of Great Teacher or Chohan
His Retreat is over Sri Lanka, India


Retreat of the Maha Chohan over Sri Lanka

The Temple of Comfort is the retreat of the Maha Chohan in the etheric realm over the island of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon). It has a physical focus in a large home overlooking a tea plantation.
Ascended master Maha Chohan, representative of the Holy SpiritThe Maha Chohan is the representative of the Holy Spirit. The one who holds this office in hierarchy represents the Holy Spirit of the Father-Mother God, of Alpha and Omega, to the evolutions of this planet and to the elemental kingdom
Portraits of the seven chohans hang in the room where the flame of the Holy Spirit is focused. Through their portrait focuses, these ascended masters radiate the complementary qualities of the seven rays they direct on behalf of the evolutions of earth.
Maha Chohan means "Great Lord," and the Maha Chohan is the Great Lord of the seven chohans, the director of the seven chohans of the rays. Among the qualifications for this office in hierarchy is the attainment of adeptship on each of the seven rays, which merge into the pure white light of the Holy Spirit. With the seven chohans, he initiates our souls in preparation to receive the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The council chamber where the seven chohans meet with the Maha Chohan is in this retreat, the headquarters for their joint service to earth.

Focus of Comfort Flame and Crystal Chalice

Dove of the Holy Spirit by TiffanyIn the central altar of the retreat is the comfort flame. In an adjoining flame room, there is anchored in a crystal chalice bordered with crystal doves a white flame, tinged in pink, with gold at its base, emitting a powerful radiance of divine love. Angels carry the emanations of these flames to the four corners of the earth to the hearts of all who yearn for comfort and purity from the Father-Mother God.

The Maha Chohan on the Etheric Retreats

"The instruction in our retreats continues, and our doors will remain open as long as there are some among humanity who are willing to make both the trek and the sacrifice that are necessary to enter in at the strait gate of the Christ consciousness....
"After you have studied in my retreat for a certain period and after you have attained a certain mastery in the use of the seven rays under the seven chohans, you will be invited to serve with the white-fire and the flaming pink angels as they minister to the needs of humanity twenty-four-hours a day at all levels of the human consciousness.
"And they, in the Spirit of the God whom they serve, are no respecter of persons. They serve as the Christ did—wherever the need is greatest, seeking to save the sinners as well as the righteous from all forces that oppose the immaculate image of the Cosmic Virgin made manifest in the four lower bodies. For they are dedicated to the preservation of these vehicles as opportunities for the Christ to reveal his flame in time and space."1

Call to Attend the Maha Chohan's Temple Of Comfort

In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the retreat of the Maha Chohan over Sri Lanka. I ask to receive the preparation for receiving the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power of the risen Christ.

The Seven Chohans of the Rays

El Morya - Ray 1
Ray 1 Represents God's Will - As Abraham He
Obeyed God's Will -  He was also one of the Magi - 
He was Akbar the Great & Thomas Moore
He Ascended in the 1890's
He, along with Master Kuthumi & Djwal Khwal
Brought Forth the Theosophical Society with 
Madame Blavatsky

Kuthumi, El Morya & St. Germain
With Madame Blavatsky When They Introduced
Theosophy to the World in the 1870's

After His Ascension He Started the Agni Yogi Philosopy with Nicholas &
Helena Roenich in Russia.  Helena was an Actress and Mystic;  while Nicholas was a famous
Painter, Philosopher, Theosophist 
               Helena Roerich Spouse

Nicholas Roerich

In 1950 El Morya started the "Bridge of Freedom" with His Twin Flame
Geraldine Innocente, many of the Masters Helped Him Bring in
New Dispensations, Studies and Information Never Released Before

Geraldine Innocente


Master El Morya's Retreat in
Darjeeling, India
(Description From Summit Lighthouse)

El Morya - The Temple of Good Will

Retreat of El Morya at Darjeeling

The Temple of Good Will is the etheric retreat of the master El Morya located above the foothills of the Himalayas above the city of Darjeeling, India. Magnificent, radiant currents of light pour from his retreat, which also has a physical focus in the hills surrounding the city.

Description of the Darjeeling Retreat

El Morya's Darjeeling retreat and home of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White BrotherhoodThe etheric retreat is a glistening white building in Moorish architecture, square with minarets at the four corners and a large central flame-shaped dome. The walls are as thick as a medieval castle. The apertures are also flame or dome-shaped, delicately shaded in a pale blue as are the doorways, the apertures atop the minarets and the carvings that mark the divisions of the four stories of the retreat.
As we enter this headquarters of the inner-world government, on the first floor, we are shown the main auditorium. At the far end is the focus of the diamond heart, ministered unto by the devas and Brothers of the Diamond Heart.
On a raised altar there is a pale-blue diamond with a delicate blue flame encompassing the white flame that is visible in the center of the diamond.

Activity of the Brothers of the Diamond Heart and the Darjeeling Retreat

Under the master El Morya, the Brothers of the Diamond Heart who serve at this retreat assist humanity's endeavors by organizing, developing, directing and implementing the will of God as the foundation for all successful organized movements. In the retreat, the Brothers wear royal-blue robes of oriental design finished with light blue sashes. Within this main auditorium and the adjoining council rooms, the brothers meet to discuss the plans of the Brotherhood for the most effective release of the flame of the will of God into the arena of action.
Their great love for the will of God emanates the feeling of great compassion for humanity and of concern for their welfare. They are focused in their attempt in good faith to carry out the vows they have made at inner levels to further the divine plan and the onward-moving tide of the Father's will for the coming golden age.
The diamond-shining mind of God is the focus, the very heart, of any endeavor. Thus, these servants of the will of God, through their devotion to the diamond in the Great Hub and its focus here on the altar at Darjeeling, assist the Holy Christ Selves of any group who come together for service in maintaining a focus of that diamond as a magnet that will draw to the group the energies required for the completion of a particular project or community service.
These brothers direct the angel ministrants of the flame, the devas and the angels of white fire and blue lightning to go forth with the creative essence of the sacred fire focused here to carry it daily to the many centers of action across the face of the earth.
In rooms adjoining the main auditorium, public servants, world and community leaders and public office holders are schooled between embodiments and in their finer bodies while they sleep. All lifestreams on the first ray come here at one point or another in their embodiments, as well as between embodiments, to renew the charge of Morya's thrust for a purpose in the world of form and to refresh their own understanding of the intricacies of the will of God in politics, in religion, in business, in finance and in education.

Meeting Rooms of the Darjeeling Council

On the second floor we are shown the private quarters of our beloved master, his study, libraries and formal meeting rooms for members of the Darjeeling Council. Another great hall is fully equipped to accommodate several hundred ascended and unascended masters who meet frequently to discuss international problems and the means to their solution.
We are taken to the third floor where we notice more of the intricate carvings in Indian and Tibetan designs engraved in the white marble. The theme of the blue lotus recurs throughout the halls, whereas in the interior of the master's quarters we see his favorite flower, the forget-me-not, clustered here and there. We learn that these carvings can be changed at will, for they are engravings of the diamond-shining mind of God. The brothers of this retreat reflect the mind of God to a remarkable degree and use it as a function of the Christ mind and its ability to precipitate and to heal at will.

Flame of the Will of God

As we approach this floor, our hearts are expectant and quickened by the pulsations of the focus of the will of God. The doors to the flame room are opened by our host who bids us enter. Sparkling white walls are contrasted by royal-blue floor and ceiling.
The flame of the will of God is adorned in the center of the room by an inlaid design, a cosmic pattern in mosaic, a focus of the divine geometry. The flame has a royal-blue center with deeper and lighter shades flowing without as facets of the will of God.
The third and fourth floors of the retreat have many prayer and meditation rooms. Here, worship is conducted. Special ceremonies are held upon the roof under the stars. The roof also has an astronomical observatory.

First Ray Initiations by El Morya

Ascended master El Morya, chohan of the ray of God's holy willThere are great lessons to be learned on the path of initiation, and they begin even at the very door of Morya's retreat in Darjeeling. Morya is a very stern guru, although he has an interesting sense of humor.
At the entrance to this retreat, he keeps a very gruff chela. This gatekeeper has no appearance whatsoever of mastery or of even being worthy to stand at the gate of the master's retreat. He speaks gruffly and is not dressed in the best of attire. If those who knock at the door of the retreat have disdain for the gatekeeper, then the master determines that they are not worthy to be received at his retreat.
The master himself addresses the subject of his seeming sternness and of his great love for us:
"For a long period of time individuals have intimated to mankind that I, Morya El, am extremely stern. This may be true, in a sense, that I am stern because the first ray in itself represents the will of God. And I ask you, beloved hearts, if I, as the chohan of the first ray, am to flinch from the will of God, then where is the foundation and basis for all that is to follow?
"But I tell you that my love is as real and tangible as any of the other chohans of the rays, and they will be the first to witness to its reality and tangibility. If you contact any other master of light, whether you are sleeping or awake in your finer bodies, they will verify the great love. But I know, my chelas, it is not necessary that you ask, for you know, who know the light, that I love you. You know that I have stood beside you when you needed me. And you know that I will continue to do so as long as you revere in your hearts and minds the will of God, even when sometimes you seem to fall short of it.
"However, I do not condone falling short of the will of God. I hope that the day will soon come when every one of you will be so firm that nothing can break you or shake you or change you. I await that day. I await the day when you are ready to give your all to the light as we have done."1
Morya opens his doors constantly to different lifestreams who desire to come closer to the will of God. He invites you to his retreat where he and the Brothers of the Diamond Heart open their arms and say, "Come to our fireside, warm yourselves upon the sacred fires, partake of our holy communion."

The Call of Morya's Heart

"Gracious ones, as I gaze upon the minarets here at Darjeeling, as I see the gleaming white marble so unlike and yet like the Taj Mahal, as I see our art treasures resplendent in hope of the will of God, how I would share with you some glimpse of all that herein remains as a monumental achievement to the Temple of Good Will. How I would share with you the soft carpets of our retreat. How I would share with you the musical tinkle of our fountain. How I would share with you the pleasant hours by the fireside, contemplating the immortal purpose.
"How I would share with you myself and all that God has wrought through me. How I would share with you the love of the shining faces round about our council table. How I would share with you the deliberations of our council. How I would share with you the communion of saints and the communion with heaven. How I would share with you the mighty pillar of good will, the great blue flame that pulsates upon our altar. How I would share with you every gift of good will, this season and eternally."2

Calls to El Morya and the Blue Flame of Protection

Morning Prayer
This is a great blue flame protection call to give in 4/4 march time in multiples of three.
Lord Michael before!
Lord Michael behind!
Lord Michael to the right!
Lord Michael to the left!
Lord Michael above!
Lord Michael below!
Lord Michel Lord Michel wherever I go!
I AM his love protecting here!
I AM his love protecting here!
I AM his love protecting here!
Evening Prayer Before Retiring
El Morya asks us to call in the name of your own Christ Self to each of the seven Chohans of the Rays to invoke their assistance on the path. You may ask to be taken to each of their retreats on successive nights. Monday night call to be taken to El Morya's retreat.
In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the retreat of El Morya in Darjeeling. I ask that my four lower bodies be charged and recharged with the Will of God and I ask for my life's blueprint for my fulfillment of that will. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power of the risen Christ.

Lord Lanto - Ray 2
Lord Lanto & Confuscius Brought the
Illumination Flame from China to America at the Turn of the Century
This Flame Burns within Their Retreat at the Royal Teatons Mountains

Master Confuscious
Master Confuscius Will Be Reappearing Along With the Masters
of the Second Ray in Order to Redistribute the Wealth Throughout the World

Principal Retreat of the Great White Brotherhood in North America

The Royal Teton Retreat, congruent with the Grand Teton Range near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is the principal retreat of the Great White Brotherhood on the North American continent. Confucius is the hierarch of this physical/etheric retreat in the Grand Teton mountain.

Retreat of the Chohan of the 2nd Ray

Lord Lanto, chohan of wisdom's rayLord Lanto, the Chohan of the 2nd Ray uses the Royal Teton Retreat and conducts classes here. This retreat is an ancient focus of great light where the paths of all the Seven Chohans are taught and the seven rays of the Elohim and archangels are enshrined.
The Lords of Karma, Gautama Buddha and all members of the Great White Brotherhood frequent this gathering place of the ascended masters and their disciples, while also maintaining the specialized functions of their own retreats.
At this very ancient retreat the first and second root races descended into form, sponsored by Archangel Michael and the other archangels. As the members of the first root race completed their individual plan and began to ascend, they assumed the positions in hierarchy to reinforce the momentums gathered below in the creative scheme above.
Retreats and focuses of the Great White Brotherhood were gradually established as members of the first root race arose to fill the positions necessary for an ever-expanding and transcending magnetization of light upon the planetary body. In the early days of the first root race, the Royal Teton Retreat was opened as the home of the manu and the focus of the seven beloved archangels and their complements, who had also anchored their flames across the planetary body.

Participate in the Rituals of the Royal Teton Retreat

Royal Teton Retreat anchored in the Grand TetonsAt winter and summer solstice the Lords of Karma convene in the council chambers of this retreat to act upon the petitions of sons and daughters of God* and to deliver the cosmic dispensations that come forth from the heart of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun - allotments of energy for the enlightenment and progress of humanity.
Each New Year's Eve, the thoughtform for the year is released from the Silent Watcher of this solar system to the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, who in turn releases it to earth's unascended evolutions from the Royal Teton Retreat. The thoughtform contains the keys to the outpicturing of the will of God for the planet for the coming twelve-month cycle.

Entering the Royal Teton Retreat

We approach the hidden entrance of the Royal Teton Retreat accompanied by an ascended master, for whom large boulders on the mountainside part and great bronze doors open wide. We descend in an elevator two thousand feet into the heart of the mountain. Entering the reception hall, we behold a magnificent tapestry heavily embroidered with silk and jewels, depicting the founders of the retreat in the act of invoking tremendous power from the sun.
Accompanied by the ascended master Saint Germain, Guy W. Ballard (now the ascended master Godfré) visited the Royal Teton Retreat in the 1930s. Godfré recorded his experiences at the Royal Teton Retreat and in the Cave of Symbols in his books Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence.
He described being taken to a great council hall two hundred feet long and one hundred feet wide whose ceiling is fifty feet high. White onyx forms part of the walls, others are of highly polished blue and rose granite. A vein of gold left in its natural state in the rock of one wall enhances the setting.

A Focus of the Central Sun

In the center of the arched ceiling is a disc of gold, twelve feet in diameter. A seven-pointed star formed entirely of dazzling, yellow diamonds fills the center of the disc and emits a brilliant golden light. Surrounding this focus of the Central Sunare two twelve-inch rings—the inner ring is rose pink and the outer is a deep iridescent violet.
Seven smaller discs also surround the Central Sun focusing the seven rays of the Elohim that contact and invigorate the seven chakras in man and the ganglionic centers in animal life. The currents the Elohim directed through these focuses also benefit the elemental kingdom and plant life on earth.
The tremendous currents released by the Elohim are stepped down by the ascended masters and made available to mankind and the elementals.

A Focus of the All-Seeing Eye of God

Elohim Cyclopeia and the All-Seeing EyeFocused in the wall at the far end of this hall is a large eye, representative of the All-Seeing Eye of God. Through it, mighty currents are directed for the realignment of the forces upon earth with the immaculate pattern God holds for all of his creation.
The seven rays of the Elohim are enshrined at this retreat, and the rays are concentrated and anchored in this large image of the All-Seeing Eye of God in the great council hall.

Instruction Rooms for Soul Lessons

On another wall is a panel of precipitated substance used as a mirror for the instruction of initiates of the ascended masters and members of the Brotherhood. Here the masters project the akashic records of activities upon earth or any other planet on which they may desire to give instruction—past, present and future.
Also in this retreat are record rooms containing spindles on which are recorded in pressed gold the records of many civilizations that have existed upon the earth since its earliest days. Other rooms contain gold and jewels that the ascended masters have rescued from the lost continents and civilizations that have fallen.

Activities of the Royal Teton Retreat

Focus of the threefold flameIn the center of the room where the gold is kept is a focus for the precipitation of sunlight. In another room, the threefold flame is focused. There is also a violet flame chamber as well as departments of science and rehabilitation and council halls where there is continual planning and development of projects to be carried out by souls in embodiment.
In many classrooms those who attend this retreat in their finer bodies during sleep are received. Other areas are provided for those who, after passing from physical embodiment, must remain in a state of sleep until it is time for them to be awakened to make preparation for their next embodiment.
A music room with beautiful instruments that have been perfected by the ascended masters sends forth to the world the music of the spheres. The perfected patterns of some of these instruments have been released as ideas into the minds of some musicians in the world, and more will be released in the golden age.
Many new inventions, scientific formulas, techniques in art and in every field of human endeavor—already developed by the ascended masters—will also be released from this retreat when mankind have demonstrated their predisposition to use them honorably and morally according to the golden rule.
The Royal Teton Retreat is the focus for the precipitation of the culture of the Divine Mother. Precipitation is necessary in order to have a golden age, and the flame of precipitation is anchored here—Chinese green tinged with gold and yellow, the flame of illumination focused by Confucius and Lord Lanto. This retreat, working in conjunction with the illumination of the retreat of Elohim Apollo and Lumina in Western Europe, gives impetus to the scientific inventions of the Western Hemisphere.
Conclaves are held at the Royal Teton Retreat attended by thousands of lifestreams from every continent who journey here in their finer bodies through soul travel while they sleep. There are also smaller classes and tutorials.

Universities of the Spirit

Saint Germain and Lord Lanto with the ascended master Confucius conduct their Universities of the Spirit here—courses of instruction being given by the lords of the seven rays and the Maha Chohan at their respective retreats for tens of thousands of students who are pursuing the path of self-mastery on the seven rays. In the etheric realm over this retreat, a large amphitheater has been built to accommodate those lifestreams who, by recent dispensation, have been permitted to come to the retreat in their finer bodies for instruction.
Confucius has expanded on some of the purposes of attending the retreat:
"In coming to the Royal Teton Retreat many purposes are served, notably that many of the evolutions of ancient China have re-embodied here in America. These ones are the quiet Buddhic souls, the diligent ones, the ones who have also laid the foundation of the family in America and of the basic loyalty of the family, the code of ethics, the gentleness, the sweetness and the desire for learning as the means to God-awareness.
"Many of these have responded also to the teachings from Tibet and from Gautama and Maitreya. Out of the East they have come. They have come for an embodiment that their wisdom might be fired with freedom, that they might assist America in the grand turn of the centuries whereby the mechanization of a false materialism might be turned about and there might manifest instead an etherealization, a spirituality, a conquering of self, of society and of the energies of time and space."1

Lanto Invites Us to Attend Classes in the Royal Teton Retreat

"In the chambers of the Royal Teton, where the golden hue of victory saturates the atmosphere hallowed by the victorious ones, I stand to lecture to those who keep the flame of the World Mother and to the remnant of her seed who have forsaken the ways of the world in preference for her mantle.
"I invite all who pursue Wisdom—though her veils and garb be varied as she passes through all levels of learning—all who seek her knowledge as that true knowledge that comes forth from the fertile mind of the Creator. To you I say, Come to Wisdom's fount and make ready while there is yet time for you to become all that Wisdom has held in store for you throughout the ages. And with the holy oil of deodar, the Mother shall anoint you to consecrate you for reunion in the Flame."2
The music of the retreat is Song to the Evening Star from Tannhäuser. This music can be used to meditate on the great causal body of Lord Lanto to draw his Electronic Presence around yourself, or even your city, and expand his golden lotus flame through your own crown and heart chakras.

Calls to Lord Lanto and the Yellow Flame of Wisdom

A yellow flame invocation that Lanto requested that we "...say it often each day, that you might have the momentum and the mantle of my ray. Light a candle in the night and consecrate the fire to the fires of the sun, to the holy aura unfolding in each one..
In the name of Almighty God
I stand forth to challenge the night,
To raise up the Light,
To focus the consciousness of Gautama Buddha!
And I AM the thousand-petaled Lotus Flame!
And I come to bear it in his name!
I stand in Life this hour
And I stand with the scepter of Christ-power
To challenge the darkness,
To bring forth the Light,
To ensoul from starry heights,
The consciousness of angels,
    Masters, Elohim, sun-centers
And of all of Life
That is the I AM Presence of each on!
I claim the victory in God's name.
I claim the Light of Solar Flame.
I claim the Light! I AM the Light!.
I AM victory! I AM victory! I AM victory!
For the Divine Mother and the Diving Manchild
And for the raising-up of the crown of Life
And the twelve starry focal points
That rejoice to see the salvation of our God
Right within my crown,
Right within the center of the Sun
Of Alpha - It is done.

Evening Call to Attend the Royal Teton Retreat Classes

Call in the name of your own Christ Self to Lord Lanto to invoke his assistance on your path. Ask to be taken to each of the Royal Teton Retreat on Saturday night. This is also a call to give if you are visiting the Grand Tetons National Park to consciously connect with the radiation of the retreat.

In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the retreat of Lord Lanto at the Royal Teton Retreat to learn the way of wisdom and the lessons of illumined action for the precipitation of the Christ consciousness. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power of the risen Christ.

Paul The Venetian - Ray 3

If You Visit Venice And Enter the Palace on the Square
You will Actually See His Paintings - The Above, Is a
Self-Portrait - He is a Real Third Ray Master - As
Art and Research are Two of Ray 3 Virtues.
His Retreat is in Southern France - There's a
Palace There That is His Actual Residence
Some say He is Going to be Elevated to
the Office of Maha Chohan/Holy Spirit

Le Château De Liberté in Southern France

Spiritual Retreat of Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the 3rd Ray

In the south of France on the river Rhône is a focus of the flame of liberty and the Château De Liberté retreat presided over by Paul the Venetian, chohan of the third ray. The description of Paul's retreat contained herein is of the etheric focus, which is congruent with and extends far beyond a physical castle now owned and maintained by a private French family.
Much of the physical surroundings resemble the etheric counterpart; however, the master rarely manifests in the lower octave. The castle itself contains many great works of art and at certain times during the year it is open to the public, even as the great halls in the etheric retreat are open to students of the Venetian who come to study art and culture and the true concepts of liberty.
This vast retreat of the chohan of the third ray lends itself to the function of gallery, museum and archives of art and artifacts from many cultures and civilizations. A Versailles of its own splendor, the retreat contains endless classrooms where great works of art of all ages are displayed. Paintings by Paul, his students and other masters abound.

A Retreat for All the Fine Arts: Music, Writing, Painting & Sculpture

Here workshops for musicians, writers, sculptors, students of voice as well as crafts of all kinds have been held, and ascended masters of all the rays have introduced new techniques in every field of art.
The art of beauty and the art of liberty are everywhere in evidence. When one is present upon its surrounding landscape, one enjoys the rise and fall of the waters from the marble fountains, the musical trills of the birds of multicolored plumage, the water lilies on the ponds, the beautiful and fragrant roses that bedeck the graceful marble columns, and the magnificent statuary from the many centuries past.
Within the walls one is also exposed to an exhibit of the grandeur of expression in sculpture, painting and music—the piano, cello, organ, harp and the caroling of the many voices of the choirs. Those who are accomplished in and are exponents of the fine arts—music, writing, sculpture—frequent the Château as guests to imbibe the radiation of its beauty.
One sees not only the sculpture of genius and hears the music of the spheres, but also the crude attempts of the hopeful amateurs—the timid endeavors of the beginners who have taken their first cautious steps upon the ladder of attainment. It is easy to enjoy the beauty and the fragrance of the flower once its petals are unfolded, but it is the tender shoot first appearing above ground that needs the nourishment of divine love.
Ascended master Paul the Venetian, chohan of the love rayWithin the Château walls, therefore, the crudest of expressions have an honored place. For to the least of these aspirants, the ascended master Paul extends his loving care, lest their first attempts be shriveled and the bud fall from the stem. Within the circumference of his consciousness, he welcomes all those sons with motives pure; for he considers each man's heart a "Château de Liberté" within which is enshrined the flame of liberty, pulsating to expand some talent, gift or grace—the individual facet of the God intent for each lifestream.
He sees each one's potential and esteems it his reason for being to help each one refine his crude expressions into beautiful designs—whether in statesmanship, in education, in the fine arts, in science, in medicine, in ministration or in the understanding of pure Truth.
With the dignity and majesty of an ascended master and as host at his retreat, Paul the Venetian greets all these chelas of his heart.

Paul the Venetian's Painting of the Holy Trinity

Beyond the entrance to the etheric retreat, they enter an expansive hall where they are held spellbound by the radiation from the canvas on the wall ahead. This is Paul's painting of the Holy Trinity. Its vibrant emanations throughout the entrance chamber inspire in each beholder such reverent awe, he dare not move nor speak for quite some time.
The heavenly Father is portrayed by a majestic figure. The likeness of Jesus depicts the Son, and an impressive white dove with a nine-foot wingspan focuses the Holy Spirit. Begun before his ascension and completed thereafter, this great work of art focuses both dimensions of Paul's service to the earth.
Beneath the painting Paul inscribed in gold letters, "Perfect love casteth out fear."

The Retreat's Room of the Threefold Flame

As they become accustomed to this exalted state, the students move across the tessellated floor and descend the stairs, passing through the corridor that leads to the auditorium known as the Flame Room. The threefold flame of liberty is in the center of the room, focused within a golden chalice. Within the base of the chalice is a concentration of the crystal fire mist, the white light out of which the threefold flame proceeds. The focus of the flame of liberty was brought by the Goddess of Liberty from the Temple of the Sun near what is now Manhattan just before the sinking of Atlantis, when the physical structure of the Temple of the Sun was destroyed by cataclysmic action.
The radiance from the flame renders the room as bright as the sun. Paintings done by Paul depicting the saints and sages of all times grace the circular walls of the room. Devotees enter the Flame Room to pay their respects to the flame and to briefly absorb its pulsations, which expand as the rhythm of a giant heartbeat. The focus is so intense that they are asked to meditate in other rooms of the retreat provided for that purpose. The entire retreat vibrates to the rhythm of the liberty flame.
The fleur-de-lis design that we see in the retreat is the symbol of the threefold flame. It is no mere coincidence that the crowned heads of France adopted this symbol as their emblem, for the real liberty flame blazed upon their native soil.

Beauty As Foundational to the Spiritual Journey

For centuries Paul has felt that beauty is a necessary part of the thought and feeling processes of those who desire spiritual progress, who desire to obtain their freedom and the liberty to do the will of God. He feels that one's capacity to appreciate eternal beauty is expanded in accordance with one's adoration to his own God Presence.
Speaking to his chelas, Paul the Venetian said:
"I come as the lord of the third ray of God's divine love to strengthen the children of God by the power of the Lord's strength wherewith he strengthened his prophet of old....
"I would impress upon you the very patterns that issue from the heart of God — patterns that, as floral cups, are made up of the exact geometry that is required to sustain a momentum of love upon the planet in the last days.
"Precious hearts, it is one thing to have in the mind an idea of love, to think of love, to accept love when all is going well; but I would train you to magnetize love as a vortex of pulsating light-essence that is not moved—that cannot be moved—come what may.
"To sustain a focus of love when all the world is confounded by the volleying of their hatreds is the calling of the avatars and of their chelas who count not the cost as they give their all for the salvation of a planet and its people.
"Now then, I would take you into my drill sessions. Yes indeed, we do drill in my retreat. Those of you who think that we spend all our days and nights in painting and sculpture and divine arts must realize that each of the seven rays issues forth from the white-fire core of God's Being, and in that white-fire core is the full complement of his consciousness. And so, I have an army of beauty-bearers, those who bear the consciousness of beauty to mankind; and they do march in formation and most lovingly come under the disciplines of Serapis Bey. For they see that out from the flaming center of ordered purity comes forth the pattern whereby they can not only precipitate beauty, but they can also release it to mankind and impress it upon the consciousness of the race.
"Patterns of loveliness are the salvation of mankind, for each perfect design that originates as divine blueprint within the fiery center of life and is then embellished by the adoration of the cherubim and the flaming-pink angels presents to the consciousness of mankind a passion for living, for striving and for reaching the ultimate goal of reunion with the God Self....
"In our drill exercises we impress upon the neophytes as well as the advanced disciples in our retreat the necessity of discipline in outpicturing beauty. We drill the mind through meditation upon perfect forms. We drill the emotions of God-control; and we show how each one may command the perfect feelings of God to be the receptacles of God's light within his consciousness and how he can, in the name of the risen Christ, refuse to admit aught else, especially the teeming emotions of the mass mind.
"This can be done, precious hearts. Do not doubt that you, even in your present state, can rise quickly—no matter what your level of attainment—to greater self-mastery and greater control of the fires of creation. For when you come right down to it, the fires of creativity held within the forcefield of man determine what he can accomplish in his earthly span.
"If you are ready for the disciplines of love, then I invite you to come to France, to the Château de Libertê. Come on wings of song and wings of glory."1

Calls to Paul the Venetian and the Love Flame of the Heart

Morning Prayer
This is a prayer to expand the heart's fire can be given in multiples of three.
I AM the light of the heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury of the mind of Christ!

I AM projecting my love out into the world
To erase all error, to break down all barriers!

I AM the power of Infinite Love
Amplifying itself until it is victorious
World without end!

Evening Prayer to Travel to Paul the Venetian's Retreat

In preparation for the spiritual tests we face the next day, El Morya invites us to call in the name of our own Christ Self to the seven Chohans of the Rays to invoke their assistance on the path. Ask to be taken to Paul the Venetian's retreat on Sunday night to prepare for Monday's tests on the third ray of love. (Attending retreats to prepare for the daily spiritual tests is different than attending the two week University of the Spirit lessons at the chohans' retreats.)

In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the retreat of Paul the Venetian in southern France. I ask to receive the instruction of the law of love and to be given the formula for the victory of the love flame within my heart. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power o

Serapis Bey - Ray 4
Serapis Bey Came Out To Egypt When Atlantis
Was Sinking - He Carried the Ascension Flame With Him
And Is Still Working With Us On Our Ascension at
His Retreat in Egypt - He Was Very Active with
El Morya, Kuthumi, D.K and St. Germain in Introducing
Theosophy in 1870


Ascension Temple and Retreat at Luxor, Egypt

Serapis Bey's Spiritual Retreat, Chohan of the 4th Ray

Ruins of a temple at LuxorThe Ascension Temple is at Luxor on the Nile River in Egypt. The Ascension Temple is a part of the spiritual retreat at Luxor, which is presided over by Serapis BeyArchangel Gabriel and Hope also serve here.
This etheric retreat of the Brotherhood of Luxor is superimposed upon the physical retreat, which is composed of a large, square, white stone building with a surrounding wall and courtyard, and an underground building including the Ascension Temple and Flame Room.

Pyramid Temple for Initiations of Transfiguration and Resurrection

A few miles from the focus is a pyramid, also superimposed with etheric activity. Here in the upper room of the pyramid is the king's chamber, where the initiations of the transfiguration and the resurrection take place. Other rooms within the pyramid are used for initiations given by the Council of Adepts to the devotees who come to Luxor prepared for the most severe disciplines and the total surrender of their human consciousness.
The focus of the ascension flame was carried by Serapis Bey to this locationjust before the sinking of Atlantis. In succeeding embodiments, he and the brothers who had served in the Ascension Temple on Atlantis built the retreat, which was originally above ground.
Here in an underground building is the circular courtroom where the last judgment is conducted by the Council of Adepts. Nearby is the Flame Room, a square building having doors on two sides. One enters here as a candidate for the ascension only after all initiations have been passed.
Forming another square within the room are twelve white pillars, decorated in gold relief at the base and the top, which surround the central dais on which the ascension flame blazes. They represent the twelve hierarchies of the Sun and the twelve Godly attributes
Each one who ascends from this Temple is ascending because he has attained God-mastery through the disciplines and the tutelage of one of these twelve solar hierarchies, the hierarchy under whom he was born in the embodiment in which he was destined to ascend.

The Process of the Ascension

Ascended master Serapis Bey, chohan of the fifth rayThe candidate for the ascension is bidden by the hierarch of the retreat to pass through the pillars and to stand in the center of the ascension flame. At that point, the individual's cosmic tone is sounded and the flame from Alpha is released from the circle on the ceiling, while the flame from Omega rises from the base.
The moment the individual's tone is sounded and simultaneous with the action of the flame, the seraphim in the outer court trumpet the victory of the ascending soul with the most magnificent rendition of the "Triumphal March" from Aida that anyone will ever hear. The discipline that is the keynote of this retreat is felt in their precise, golden-tone rendition of the piece.

The Path of Purity's White Fire Discipline

In the underground complex there are other flame rooms for the meditation of the devotees who serve there. There is a focus of the resurrection flame, and there are chambers for the preparation of various initiations, including those of the transfiguration and the resurrection.
Serapis Bey's methods of discipline are tailor-made for each candidate for the ascension. After an initial interview by himself or one of the twelve adepts, devotees who come here are assigned in groups of five or more to carry out projects with other initiates whose karmic patterns lend themselves to the maximum friction between the lifestreams. Each group must serve together until they become harmonious, learning that those traits of character that are most offensive in others are actually the polarity of their own worst faults, and what one criticizes in another is likely to be the root of his own misery.
Aside from this type of group discipline, individuals are placed in situations that provide them with the greatest challenge, according to their karmic pattern. In this retreat one cannot simply up and leave a crisis, a circumstance or an individual that is not to his liking. He must stand, face and conquer his own misqualified energy by disciplining his entire consciousness in the art of nonreacting to the human creation of others, even as he refuses to be dominated or influenced by his own human creation.
The ascension flame is an intense fiery white with a crystal glow.
The Easter lily is the symbol of the flame and its focus in the nature kingdom, and the white diamond is its focus in the mineral kingdom.
The melody of the flame is the Triumphal March from Aida, and the keynote of the retreat is Liebestraum by Franz Liszt.

Serapis Bey Calls Spiritual Seekers to the Path of the Ascension

"I am announcing to all candidates of the ascension and to all who desire to be candidates for the ascension flame at the close of this or their next embodiment that we have arranged classes at our retreat that may be attended by those aspiring after Purity's matrix.
"To those who have said in their hearts, 'I desire above all to be perfect in the sight of God, to have that perfect mind in me which was also in Christ Jesus,'1to those who yearn to merge with the flame of God's identity and to find themselves made in the image and likeness of God, to those in whom this desire burns day and night - to you I say, Come and be tutored in those precepts of the Law that perhaps have escaped you in this life or which perhaps you have overlooked in previous embodiments.
"For we are here to fill in the missing links in the chain of Being so that when the hour of your transition comes and you find yourself as the rose on the other side of the wall, you will have the momentum and the inner soul-direction that will carry you to this or one of the other retreats of the Brotherhood either for final preparation for the ascension or for preparation for re-embodiment."2

Call to Join Candidates at Serapis Bey's Retreat

Call in the name of your own Christ Self to Serapis Bey and the Chohans of the Rays to invoke their assistance on the path. Ask to be taken to to the retreat of Serapis Bey on Thursday night in preparation for Friday's tests on the white ray..
In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the retreat of Serapis Bey at Luxor. I ask to join the candidates for the ascension as they hear the word of Serapis Bey and learn of the Redeemer that lives within the flame of my heart. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power of the risen Christ.

Master Hilarian - Ray 5
Color - Emerald Green
Master Hilarian was the Apostle St. Paul - His Last
Incarnation Was as Hilarian Who Defended His Country to His Death
He Represents Truth, Science and Healing - All attributes of the 5th Ray
His Retreat is over Islandof Crete.

"Following Description From Summit Lighthouse"

The Temple of Truth Retreat Over the Isle of Crete

Spiritual Retreat Of Hilarion, Chohan of the 5th Ray

The Temple of Truth is located in the etheric realm over the island of Crete, where the ruins of the original physical Temple of Truth remain from the period when the island was part of the mainland of Greece. Ascended master Hilarion is the hierarch of the retreat, and Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth, is the Patroness.
Pallas Athena, warrior for truthTogether Hilarion and Pallas Athena direct the activities of the Brotherhood of Truth, angelic hosts serving on the fifth ray, and unascended lifestreamswho come in their finer bodies between embodiments and also during sleep to learn the truth of all teachings, especially on cosmic law, the science of healing, mathematics, music, divine geometry and the science of engrammic rhythms, and the laws of alchemy and precipitation.

Activity of the Brotherhood of Truth

The Brotherhood of Truth caters to souls who have been disillusioned by false teachings or rigid interpretations of the true teachings and who have become skeptics, agnostics, and even atheists. The Brotherhood sponsors all teachers of Truth, servants of God, religious leaders and missionaries, working steadfastly to draw their consciousness into a greater appreciation of the fullness of Truth, of which they may have only experienced a part, which part they thought to be the whole and taught as such.
The Brotherhood also works tirelessly to introduce matrices of Truth into the consciousness of mankind, wherever imperfection or error appears. They survey the scene in an attempt to find one or more contacts who will be receptive to the higher vibration of Truth that will draw the perfect plan, pattern or idea for a particular endeavor or service.

History of the Temple of Truth

The ruins of the temple are just one more reminder that wherever light is raised and virtue is espoused, the hordes of darkness gather to destroy and to tear down, lest the flame rise above the mediocrity of their consciousness and consume it.
Subsequent to the rape of the Temple of Truth, the Delphic order under the Lady Vesta (twin flame of Helios and the first Goddess of Truth to the earth) and Pallas Athena directed the release of messages through embodied lifestreams called the Oracle of Delphi. The wisdom released through the oracles gave great assistance to people who were keeping the flame of wisdom and truth on behalf of mankind. Eventually, when one member of the order betrayed their service the dispensation was withdrawn.

Description of Hilarion's Etheric Retreat

The etheric temple is a replica of the physical focus built on the scale of the Parthenon. Long marble steps lead to the columned building decorated in gold frieze. The classrooms and council halls of the Temple of Truth are located in the immense area beneath the ascending marble steps. The hundred-foot altar in the center of the temple, a single beautifully carved pillar, holds the focus of the flame of truth in a golden brazier.

The Flame of Truth

Ascended master Hilarion, teacher of truth and healingThe brothers and sisters who minister unto the flame of Truth and serve in this retreat form concentric squares at the base of the pillar. Their places are marked by mosaic designs, and between the innermost square and the pillar are mosaic patterns depicting great masters and cosmic beings who have served the cause of Truth throughout the ages.
The flame of Truth is an intensely bright and fiery green, the color that compels precipitation, actualization, alchemy, practicality, healing and rejuvenation. The abstract, the ephemeral, the intangible, all are made concrete by the flame of Truth and the service rendered by all who are devoted to the life of God, of which it is a focus.

Hilarion's Invitation to Attend Classes in the Fifth Ray Retreat:

"When you come then to the Temple of Truth, be prepared for the reception of Lanello, our newly ascended Brother of Truth who by attainment wears the robe of our retreat and lectures in our halls, teaching and preaching as of old after the gospel of Jesus the Christ, who taught his disciples to become fishers of men.
"If you would be fishers of men, if you would carry the sword of Truth and wear our robe, then come and be initiated, and receive a just portion of the fires of Truth. For our God is a consuming fire, and he shall consume in this hour all that is allied with error and that defiles the image of the Holy Virgin."1

Call to Hilarion to Be Taken to the Temple of Truth

El Morya asks us to call in the name of your own Christ Self to each of the seven Chohans of the Rays to invoke their assistance on the path. Ask to be taken to each of their retreats on successive nights. Tuesday night call to be taken to Hilarion's retreat.
In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the retreat of Hilarion over the island of Crete. I ask to be taught the way of truth, the revelations of truth, and the true revelations of Jesus Christ to the age under the ascended master Hilarion. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power of the risen Christ.

Lady Nada - Ray 6

Ascended Lady Nada is a Lawyer, Hence Her Role
on the Karmic Board, She Ascended long ago in Egypt
And She Took Jesus' Place as Chohan of the Sixth Ray
She Works With Lord and Lady Meru in Bringing in 
the Sixth Root Race at the Present Time.
Her Retreat is over Middle East

The Arabian Retreat of the Great White Brotherhood

"Description by Summit Lighthouse"

The Spiritual Retreat of Jesus and Nada

Jesus the Christ, Piscean masterJesus and the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, Lady Master Nada, are in charge of the retreat of the Great White Brotherhood in the Arabian Desert, northeast of the Red Sea. Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary and Archangel Uriel and Aurora also serve from this retreat with legions of angels of peace.

Description of the Arabian Retreat

The Arabian Retreat is in a complex of buildings that were hermetically sealed by the ascended masters before a cataclysm covered them with desert sands. The tops of the buildings are now 125 feet beneath the surface.
Every seven years the International Council of the Great White Brotherhood is held in this subterranean city. The retreat is entered through an opening wide enough to admit cars, which drive down an incline into a parking lot and service area two hundred feet in diameter. When the jaws of the earth close, all that can be seen is desert, with no indication of the location of the retreat.
Descending almost four hundred feet by elevator, we enter a huge chamber with large columns, three hundred feet high and decorated with hieroglyphs. We proceed into an adjoining council chamber two hundred feet square, having a single great column in the center supporting the arched ceiling.
At the base of the column inlaid in the floor are the cosmic symbols of the twelve houses of the sun. We note that they are different from the signs of the zodiac currently in use in the outer world. The entire architecture, as well as the interior design of this subterranean city, is of an ancient style resembling that which we think of as Greek and Roman.

Arabian Retreat Monitors Threats to World Peace

As we are shown the marvels of the retreat, we enter the television chamber where there is a large reflector upon which one may observe, by the mere turn of a dial, the activities occurring at any given point upon the globe. In the adjoining radio chamber, completely proofed against sound and vibration, there is an instrument that is used to tune into sounds or conversations occurring anywhere on the planet.
Thus, the masters have immediate contact with the activities of the outer world. The master K-17, head of the Cosmic Secret Service, frequents this retreat and uses these instruments to gain first-hand knowledge of the activities of the brothers of the shadow and their plots against individual and national freedom.
There is a chemical laboratory where initiates learn how to counteract germ warfare, poisonous gases and chemicals when such are released on a large scale for controlling the masses. In the cosmic-ray chamber, students are taught the use of the seven rays and how to direct them for the blessing of mankind.
In the chambers of art, music and state, new techniques are being developed and will be released for the advancing culture and progressive forms of government that will be used in the golden age.
In other chambers, the riches and records of ancient civilizations are kept and will one day be released for the edification and blessing of the people.

Lady master Nada, chohan of the sixth rayEvening Prayer to Lady Master Nada Before Retiring

In preparation for the spiritual tests we face the next day, El Morya asks us to call in the name of your own Christ Self to ascended lady master Nada to invoke her assistance on the path. Ask to be taken to each of Jesus and Nada's Arabian retreat on Wednesday nights to prepare for Thursday's tests on the sixth ray. (Attending retreats to prepare for the daily spiritual tests is different than attending the two week University of the Spirit lessons at the chohans' retreats.)

In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the retreat of Jesus and Nada in Arabia. I ask to receive the instruction on the mastery of the emotions for the flow of peace and the anchoring of the flame of the Prince of Peace to all mankind. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power of the risen Christ.

          St. Germain - Ray 7                       Francis Bacon

St. Germain is spoken about in Revelations where it says
Look for the 7th Angel -  He was the Father of Jesus, St. Joseph.   As the Comte de St. Germain, He was known as
"The Wonder Man of Europe" - and as Francis Bacon, He made His
Ascension and reappeared over and over again particularly in France,
as the Comte of St. Germain, trying to warn the King and Queen that their
Attitudes had to change; but to no avail.  He was Fanz Rosykrautz who started 
the Rosycrucians and He appeared  to Godfre Ray King at Mt. Shasta and
together with His Wife Lotus, started the I AM Sancturies in 1924

Godfre and Lotus
Both Godfre and Lotus were students of St. Germain about
10,000 years ago; and He came again and asked them to
Represent Him as the God of Freedom, to the World through
the I AM Sanctuaries which started in 1924 
St. Germain's Retreats are in Washington, D.C. & Hungry
"Description by the Summit Lighthouse"

The Cave of Symbols in the Rocky Mountains

Saint Germain's Spiritual Retreat, Chohan of the 7th Ray

Saint Germain's Cave of Symbols retreat is in Table Mountain near North America's Rocky Mountains. This is an important focus, and many inventions are to be released from this retreat. Saint Germain uses this retreat along with the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania, the Cave of Light in the Himalayas and the nearby Royal Teton Retreat in the Grand Teton range.

Interior of the Cave of Symbols

One enters through a cavern in the mountain lined with pink and white crystal and then moves on into a vaulted chamber two hundred feet wide covered with stalactites of rainbow hue in the formation of occult symbols. As focuses of the rainbow rays of God and geometric keys to the release of fohat, the energy that blazes through these symbols extends throughout the United States. This energy has a most significant influence upon her people, keying into their consciousness the matrix of the golden age and the remembrance of their lost inheritance. The cave derives its name from these symbols.
On the opposite wall, at the far side of the chamber, there are three arches, spaced twenty feet apart: the first a deep rose, the second a penetrating white and the third a cobalt blue. These are the focuses of great cosmic beings for the victory of the Christ consciousness in America.
Accompanied by the ascended master Saint Germain, who raises his hand toward the center archway, we gain entrance to a tunnel that opens at his command. After several hundred feet, he shows us through a door on which there are more ancient symbols into a twelve-sided, domed room sixty feet in diameter. Immediately we notice that four of the twelve sides are a brilliant white (focusing the purity of the Christ consciousness in the four elements and the four lower bodies of the planet). The remainder are the pastel hues of the rays.

Cave of Symbols: Home to Many Inventions

In this room we are shown the fantastic radio invented by the ascended lady master Leonora, by which one can communicate with other planets in this solar system, with the center of the earth, or with any point on the surface of the earth. There are chemical and electrical laboratories where scientists are perfecting formulas and inventions they have been permitted to take from the hermetically-sealed cities at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. These cities have been protected since the sinking of Atlantis. These discoveries will be brought forth for mankind's use in the golden age, just as soon as man has learned to harness greed, selfishness and the desire to control others through war and dishonest financial policies.
When the Sons of God are once again in control of the great nations of the world, the ascended masters will step forth with a tremendous wealth of information that has been guarded in their retreats for ages. Unascended scientists come here in their finer bodies while asleep or between embodiments.

Opportunity to Spiritually Travel to Saint Germain's Retreat

Students of the light can also ask to be taken to Saint Germain's Cave of Symbols. Saint Germain is training a large cadre of souls devoted to the Christ and to the science of the Christ, who at the proper time will have lowered into the outer consciousness all that they have learned in this and other retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

The Golden Atomic Accelerator Chair

There is an "atomic accelerator"—a golden chair through which are passed electronic currents that quicken the vibratory pattern of the atoms and electrons within the four lower bodies. Initiates of the Brotherhood who have proven their merit by service and devotion to the light and who have already balanced a considerable amount of their karma are allowed to sit in this chair for a length of time prescribed by the master Saint Germain and the Lords of Karma. By accelerating the light frequency in the four lower bodies, a portion of one's karma is balanced and a portion of one's misqualified substance is thrown off by the centrifugal action produced by the revolving electrons and transmuted by the sacred fire.
Thus, the individual's four lower bodies can be accelerated in ascension currents and the soul raised into the ascension. Under the sponsorship of Saint Germain, many lifestreams have ascended from this room.

Entering Further into the Retreat

Entering an elevator, we descend a hundred feet into the heart of the mountain, emerging in a circular room having a diameter of twenty feet. We are led through a door into a huge hall equipped with furnaces and machines for the production of materials used in the experimental work carried on in the chemical and electrical laboratories in the upper level of the retreat.
Returning to the upper level, we are shown a reception hall with a domed ceiling, adjoining sleeping quarters, and an audience hall also with a domed ceiling of sky blue with painted clouds, giving the impression of being in the open air. Here there is a magnificent organ and piano that is used by the masters to focus the harmonizing currents of the music of the spheres on behalf of the freedom of sons and daughters of God on earth.

The Cosmic Mirror

The Cosmic Mirror in the Cave of SymbolsThe Cosmic Mirror is on the east wall of the Crystal Chamber. When the disciple has reached a certain degree of attainment, he is taken by the master before the Cosmic Mirror, which keys into his etheric body and reflects his past lives, including the cause and effect upon his world of every thought, feeling, word and deed he has ever manifested. The Cosmic Mirror also reflects the original blueprint of his divine planthat is placed upon the etheric body when the soul is born in the heart of God.
In viewing his past lives, the disciple then may learn what portion of the divine plan he has outpictured. He may see what conditions in his world must be corrected and what good momentums he has developed that he can now use to overcome the difficulties of the past and the present and thus fulfill his divine plan in the very near future.

The Sphere of Light

At the far end of the audience hall, through a concealed door, one enters the Sphere of Light, a spherical-shaped room where the focus of the sacred fire is used to intensify the expansion of the light within those who are permitted to enter there. The function of this room correlates with the action of the light in the Cave of Light in the charge of the Great Divine Director in India.
Together with the Atomic Accelerator, these focuses serve to bring the disciples of the masters closer to their ascension and to provide them with the assistance to accelerate the process that could not be achieved in the outer world.
It is a very real and enlivening experience to stand before the Cosmic Mirror in this retreat. The disciple needs to be ready to look through the illusions, the fantasies and the synthetic self. He must be able to own up to the deceits that the ego continually practices against itself. It is not possible to hide anything from God.
The sincere student who would like to get rid of these illusions may call to Saint Germain to be taken to stand before the Cosmic Mirror.

Violet Flame Call by Saint Germain

Violet flame alchemy for spiritual transformationThis violet flame mantra for the Aquarian age is for accelerating personal and planetary spiritual transmutation of past errors in thought, feeling and action.
I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires.

Call to be Taken to Saint Germain's Violet Flame Retreat.

In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the Cave of Symbols retreat of Saint Germain. I ask that I be saturated with the violet flame focused there and be taught the mastery of the ritual of the atom for the Aquarian age. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power of the risen Christ.

The Seven Archangels
    Archangel Micahel

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael is On the First Ray -
He is the Prince of all Angels, and is
the Protector of Mankind.  His 
Complemenet (Twin Flame) is Faith
Ray I -  Color - Lapis Blue
Archii Faith

Archangel Michael & Faith's Retreat is 
in Banff, Canada, High Over the Mountains
They also have a Retreat in Russia

Archangel Michael & Faith

Banff Canadian Mountains

Michael works 23 our of 24 hours a day
Right now, he is guarding our borders - North, South,
East and West for both North & South America
Above the Ozone layer and below the ocean floors

"Description by the Summit Lighthouse"

Temple of Faith And Protection of Archangel Michael and Faith

Etheric Retreat of the Archangels of the First Ray

Lake Louise near Banff CanadaThe Temple of Faith and Protection is in the etheric realm over Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada. Archangel Michael and Faith are the hierarchs of this retreat, the home of legions of blue-lightning angels who come from the four corners of the universe to serve a planet in travail. Bands of angels serving under the archangels of the other six rays also gather here, where great conclaves of the angelic hosts are held under the sponsorship of Michael, the Prince of the Archangels.

Description of The Temple of Faith and Protection

The temple is round, inlaid with gold, diamonds and sapphires. There are four entrances marking the twelve, three, six and nine o'clock lines of the focus, forming a square platform beneath the temple. Each entrance has a forty foot golden door, approached by forty-nine steps. Blue sapphires adorn the golden doors and the golden dome in a radial pattern. Beautiful gardens, fountains and white marble benches surround the temple.
The pyramid-shaped altar is made of white and blue diamonds; the color of the flame ranges from a deep sapphire blue to a pastel, almost white shade. The seats that surround the altar in concentric rings accommodate thousands of angels. Two large balconies form circular rings inside the temple, as Archangel Michael says, "for standing room only." The flame in the center rises towards the golden dome, which is studded with blue sapphires on the outside and blue diamonds on the inside.

History of the Temple of Faith and Protection

Archangel Michael, angel of faith and protectionAfter the coming of the first root race to the planet, when the archangels acted as chohans of the rays until these were appointed from among mankind, the retreat was hewn out of the mountain, a physical focus to which all might come to renew their energies, their faith in the divine plan for their lifestreams and their enthusiasm to serve the will of God.
After the descent of mankind's consciousness into duality and the coming of the Luciferians and the laggards, the physical temple was destroyed, but the etheric focus lived on, as tangible as a physical temple ever was to those who travel there in their finer bodies.
When men departed from their original state of innocence and perfection, they lost their own innate protection. Archangel Michael tells us that when his angels enter the atmosphere of earth, when they descend into the dimensions of time and space, they "wear a crystalline helmet of light substance that is harder than the diamond."
He says, "We do this because we wish no penetration to ensue that would bring into our world the power of darkness and shadow or misqualified substance. Yet, you have heard the statement made, 'Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.' And therefore, mankind today often go without their tube of light, without any form of protection whatsoever into…those places of iniquity where the dark spirits assemble to vampirize mankind, [where] individuals pick up in their feeling world those negatives that then linger long afterward as the seeds of disease and produce those unhallowed states of consciousness and unhappiness that sometimes produce a terrible manifestation of the suicide entity."1

Recharge In Archangel Michael's Retreat at Night

Archangel Michael and Faith invite unascended lifestreams to come to this retreat while their bodies sleep to recharge and repolarize their lifestreams with the battery of the flame of faith. Angels and elementals do likewise, for all know what an invigorating experience it is to meditate in the flame room in the center of the temple and draw in the essence of the power of the will of God.
At a certain time every evening, the legions of Archangel Michael's guardian angels who have been recharged in the flame go forth in formation from this retreat to assist souls of light to the retreats and to battle the forces of the night that would seek to entrap souls and steal the light they receive from the retreats. Legions of angels perpetually go forth from the retreat in their service of protecting mankind and the overcoming of discarnates and entities from the astral plane who would attempt to interfere with the fulfillment of the plan of God. After their day's service, they return to the retreat and recharge in the flame.

Advice From Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael tells us that he charges us with the faith to complete our inner vows, our divine mission. He says,
"Each and every one of you has stood before the Lords of Karma before coming into embodiment, promising to render a service for the Christ. And I have stood with you, and I have also pledged my energies and those of my legions in the defense of your faith.
"And so, in our temple of light at Banff, our angels do come to receive the fires of protection. There they dip in and they are recharged for the service to mankind that they perform twenty-four hours a day. Angels of Archangel Michael's band would never go forth to do battle without the armour of light and the full protection of the Law. I charge you then to learn a lesson from your angel of faith: to put on that armour, the whole armour of God, as you have been taught, and then to go forth as you shall go forth with the legions of fearlessness flame."2
The keynote of Archangel Michael's retreat is the Soldiers' Chorus from Faust, by Charles Gounod.

Morning and Evening Prayers to Archangel Michael and Faith

Morning Prayer
This is a great protection mantra to give in 4/4 march time in multiples of three.
Lord Michael before!
Lord Michael behind!
Lord Michael to the right!
Lord Michael to the left!
Lord Michael above!
Lord Michael below!
Lord Michel Lord Michel wherever I go!
I AM his love protecting here!
I AM his love protecting here!
I AM his love protecting here!
Evening Prayer Before Retiring
Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to Archangel Michael and Faith's Temple of Faith retreat over Banff and Lake Louise or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Archangel Jophiel is on Ray 2
Wisdom & Illumination
Ray 2 - Color Gold

Archangel Jophiel's Complement is
Christine - They Work with
the Masters of Wisdom (Mighty Victory)
Lord Lanto & Confucious & the Brotherhood
of the Golden Robe
At the Royal Tetons Retreat in Wyoming

Spiritual Retreat of Archangel Jophiel and Christine

Etheric Retreat of the Archangels of the Second Ray

The Original retreat of Archangel Jophiel and Christine is in the etheric realm south of the Great Wall near Lanzhou (Lanchow), over the plains of central China. 
Is now relocated at the Royal Tetons in Wyoming, USA.
angels of illumination stir the wisdom flame of the heart and crown chakraFrom the yellow flame of illumination focused here since the first golden ages have come the wisdom of Confucius, Lao Tzu and the civilizations of ancient China that reached great heights long before there was even a stirring of culture in the West.
In the distant past, China's rulers held mystical contact with the hierarchs of Archangel Jophiel's retreat. As long as these initiates held the mandate of heaven — the divine right of rulership — and ruled the land, the civilizations of China grew and prospered under the radiance of the golden sun of cosmic wisdom.

Three Ancient Retreats Fostering Chinese Culture

Great Wall of China by Nicholas RoerichThe great science that was brought forth in ancient China came forth under the influence of the retreat of the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia. The influence of their retreat and that of Archangel Jophiel and Christine brought forth the wisdom of China and inspired the inventive minds of the Chinese people. Their momentum of gentleness, of the family unity and of service to one another comes from the flame of mercy in the retreat of Kuan Yin over Beijing.

Prayer to Attend Archangel Jophiel and Christine's Retreat

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor
 of God, to Archangel Jophiel and Christine's retreat  at the Royal Tetons in Wyoming or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night.

Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Archii Christine


Archangel Jophiel & Christine
Teton Range, Wyoming

Seven Sisters Royal Teton Retreat

Archangel Chamuel - Ray 3 
Color Rose - Love/Wisdom

Archangel Chamuel's Complemenet
is the Archii Charity
Archii Charity works with the Archii's Faith and 
Hope on  the 
Triune Flame Within Our Hearts 

Threefold Flames Within Heart Chakra
These Flames Represent the First Three Rays
Ray  1 - Faith/Will- Ray 2 -Hope/ Wisdom/Illumination
Ray 3 - Charity/ Love
We work on One or More of These Flames
Each Lifetime - Most of humanities' flames are
1/16th of an Inch High - These flames used
to Surround our Entire Bodies. 
Archangel Chamuel Works Directly with
Our Solar Angel as His/Her Messenger

Our Solar Angel/Holy Christ Self

Their Retreats are with Lady Liberty in
NYC and With Paul the Venetian in Southern

"Description by the Summit Lighthouse"

rchangels of the Third Ray

Archeia CharityArchangel Chamuel and Charity maintain an etheric retreat over St. Louis, Missouri, "on the south side" of North America. The retreat is called the Temple of the Crystal-Pink Flame. An arc of divine love forms a bridge between this retreat and that of the Elohim of the third ray, Orion & Angelica, in the etheric realm near Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.
The altar and flame of the Temple of the Crystal-Pink Flame are dedicated to the flow of life from the heart of God to the heart of Christ to the heart of man.

Gateway Arch - a Symbol for the Retreat

St Louis Arch, anchoring Archangel Chamuel and Charity's retreatThe city’s most prominent landmark, the 630-foot high stainless steel Gateway Arch, stands on the banks of the Mississippi River and symbolizes St. Louis as the gateway to the West. Inspired by the inner design of the retreat, the Gateway Arch is intended as a sign to quicken the awareness of all who behold it that here is the open door to Archangel Chamuel and Charity's retreat.
The emanation of the love ray from the etheric retreat is a flow of creativity. It has been misused in dissonant forms of art and music as well as a certain momentum of prejudice and narrow-mindedness that is the perversion of the true flame of love. Nevertheless, the flame of love from this retreat promotes the generosity of heart, the givingness and forgivingness of the people on the North American continent.
The enormous energy of love simply flushes out all else and assists the people to retain that concern for the world and for humanity.

Morning and Evening Prayers to Archangel Chamuel and Charity

Morning Prayer
El Morya instructs us :"Each day the sons and daughters of God evolving in Mater have the opportunity to receive the energies of one of the seven rays cycling from the sphere of light held in the heart of an archangel ....Receive the Lord's appointed spirits with the salutation
'Hail, flaming one of God! Welcome, son of the Most High! Enter, thou servant of the Lord. Come into the sanctuary of being where the kingdom of God is come into manifestation on earth as it in in heaven.'"
Evening Prayer Before Retiring

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to Archangel Chamuel and Charity's Temple of the Pink-Crystal Flame over St. Louis Missouri or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Archangel Gabriel - Ray 4
Color White/Crystal

His Complements name is  Archii Hope

Archii Hope

Archangels Gabriel & Hope

Gabriel is known as the Angel of
Annunciation - "He appeared to
Mother Mary's Father and announced
that his wife was pregnant" and then
He approached Mother Mary and
Announced that she was carrying
Emmuel - The Christ

His 4th Ray Represents Purity
Note the Lily in His Hand
It was Gabriel who appeared to the
Handmaiden of Sara, Abraham's Wife when 
she was cast out with her son - He said he
would protect her, and her son and all their 
descendents - so Gabriel became the
protector of the Arab Nations
Their Retreat is over the Middle East

The Middle East & North America

Archangel Gabriel's Retreat
"Description by the Summit Lighthouse"

Spiritual Retreat of Archangel Gabriel and Hope in Northern California

Etheric Retreat of the Archangels of the Fourth Ray

Archangel Gabriel, angel of annunciationThe etheric retreat of Archangel Gabriel and Hope is located in the etheric plane between Sacramento and Mount Shasta and is extended for the protection of San Francisco through the retreat of the Goddess of Purity.
The spiritual retreats of the archangels have a vast energy field of concentration, and the presence of these retreats accounts for the great purity of this area of Northern California.
Mount Shasta, ancient focus of the Great White BrotherhoodThis spiritual retreat of the Great White Brotherhood was present long before the sinking of Lemuria and was destined to show forth the pristine pattern of purity for the entire continent of Mu and for the Western Hemisphere.

Prayer to Attend Archangel Gabriel and Hope's Retreat

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to Archangel Gabriel and Hope's retreat near Mount Shasta or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Archangel Raphael
Ray 5 - Color Emerald Green
Archangel Raphael
In the Book of  Nehemiah 2-19-20 - Archangel Raphael appears to Tobias, son of Tobit, and advises him on marry ing Sara.  He also appears in the Book of John (NT)
Fifth Ray is Healing, and Archangel Raphael carries the Cadusus! as a sign of His Great Healing Abilities.

His Complement is the 
Archii Mary (Mother of Jesus)

Mother Mary incarnated in order
to bring forth the Christ
Her Father was a Rabbi & He and Her
Mother were advanced in years when
Archangel Gabriel 'announced' that
they would have a child. The Catholic
Church celebrates her birth as the
"Immaculate Conception" on December 8th
Her Son, Jesus made his Ascension at the 
age of 33, while the Catholic Church states

that she was "assumed" into Heaven - She 

defnitely ascended back into Heaven where

she was reunited with her Complement Archangel

Raphael.  She has appeared over and over
again to mankind, in order to intercede

for them to  her Son, Jesus and Our Father -
She has been appearing for the past several
decades in  Medijugorje, Yugoslavia (Bosnia)

Apparition of Mary Photo at Medjugorje - YouTube

Jul 28, 2016 - Uploaded by Enigma Seeker
Unexplained Paranormal Event, Apparition of Mary captured in photo at Medjugorje? ... They were seeing here 

Since 1981 -  In 1995 a website was created

The 10 secrets - Medjugorje

The Blessed Virgin Mary has told the visionaries that the third secret will be a lasting sign placed on the Hill of Apparitions. All six visionaries know what the sign will be. They have said that it will be a beautiful, indestructible, permanent sign and all those who go to Medjugorje will be able to see it. The Lasting Sign ...

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje - Mary Pages

Medjugorje 37 Years of Apparitions. Queen of Peace 1981 - 2018. Medjugorje is one of the villages of the Western Herzegovina municipality of Citluk in the former Yugoslavia. The name Medjugorje is Slavic and means "area between two moutains". This true story takes place in the Bijakovici section of Medjugorje. On the ...

Their Retreat is in the Etheric Over
City of Bethleham Birth of Christ

City of Jerusalem

The Etheric is 38,000 Feet Above Jerusalem
Retreat of Archangel Raphael & Mary
at Fatima

Spiritual RetreaSpiritual Retreat of Archangel altar ofArchangel Raphael's retreat was anchored in the physical octave when Mother Mary appeared at Fátima to the three shepherd children in 1917.

There is a stream of light that flows like a mighty waterfall from the etheric temple to the physical focus, and to the present hour pilgrims are healed by the "waters" of the healing flame.

Archangel Raphael Describes the Great Hall of Images

"I would take you now to what we call the Great Hall of Images. I would permit those of you who are able to see in this mighty hall the mirrors of divine perfection. Have you seen the beauty of Leonardo da Vinci's work? Have you seen the beauty of the mighty sculptors of the Renaissance? Have you seen upon this planet the beautiful radiance of an angel in sculptured marble?
Archangel Raphael, healing angel"Let me now ask that you come with me to a place where God is, where, in the magnificent Hall of Images, there are statues, so to speak, made of living spirit fire, beings so majestic as to set your hearts on fire, beings from whose images your soul was framed, beings of such images as by God were named cherubim celestial, seraphim and of the holy order of angels, beings of light and celestial radiance, beings who are unaffrighted by the ideas of mortals but are completely at home with God and with the powers of the great creative essences."1
These statues of perfect man and woman, Christed ones, are displayed so that parents can be taken in their finer bodies to see them and meditate on the perfection of the incoming soul or child in the womb for the perfect functioning of the body temple and the flow of light in the chakras.

Prayer to Attend Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary's Retreat

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary's healing retreat over Fátima, Portugal or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Archangel Uriel
Ray 6 - Ruby & Gold
Angel of Ministration Under Archangel Uriel

Notice the Flame of Ministration
He carries - Besides the Archangel Michael
and His Legions, Archangel Uriel has the
next largest legion of Angels and Cherubs
working on Earth at the present time.
Archangel Uriel

With Jesus AT Getshame
Garden the Night Before His

 Archii Donna Grace                                                                      

                                                    Emotional & Helps
                                                              Release Anger                                                                               

Archangel Uriel
Donna Grace

Etheric Retreat of the Archangels of the Sixth Ray

The retreat of Uriel and Donna Grace is located in the etheric realm over the Tatra Mountains south of Cracow, Poland. Archangel Uriel and Donna Grace are the archangels of the sixth ray of ministration and service. In their ministrations, they guard the dawn of the Christ consciousness in mankind and elemental life.

Archangel of Peace and the Resurrection Flame

Archangel Uriel, angel of the resurrection and peaceThe sixth ray is also the ray of peace. Archangel Uriel and Donna Grace's retreat keeps the flame of peace for mankind until they are able to invoke it for themselves. Uriel is also the angel of the resurrection flame. The resurrection flame is mother-of-pearl in color, and it brings renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation so that you, like a phoenix, can rise out of the ashes of your former self. Archangel Uriel teaches us how to use the resurrection flame to conquer fear and achieve true God-mastery.
Archangel Uriel gives a number of keys for changing your life, your family, your community and your planet for the better. The first is to call to the seven archangels to infuse your spiritual centers, your chakras, with the light of the Universal Christ. He says:
"Only call to us in the name of God I AM THAT I AM and in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, to enter your affairs. Then stand fast and behold the salvation of your God! Stand fast and see the healing of the nations through the work of the seven archangels!"1
"When you call upon us, we are instantaneously with you. When you do not call upon us, even though we want to save you, cosmic law says we cannot intervene. We are required to respect your free will."2

The Sixth Ray Angels carrying the Vial of Healing, and when a person
calls out for God to Heal them, these angels
immediately release the flame of healing in
answer to their prayers.

Uriel and Donna Grace's Retreat is located in
the Etheric over both America and Europe.

Archangel Zadkiel
Ray 7 - Violet/Purple

Temple of Purification of Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst

From the Summit Lighthouse

Archii Holy Amethyst

Violet Flame Retreat of the Archangels of the Seventh Ray

The Temple of Purification presided over by Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst is in the etheric realm over the island of Cuba. The retreat is also the place of the Order of Melchizedek and of the eternal priesthood of all religions of the world.
Before the sinking of Atlantis, the Temple of Purification was a physical retreat for the priests and priestesses of the Order of Zadkiel. These Masters of Invocation used the focus of the flame and the accumulated good of their causal bodies for the transmutation of misqualified energies on earth.
Journeying to and fro, even into the astral realms, these dedicated servants are a self-appointed clean-up committee who remove the debris, especially in the large cities of the world, so that mankind may continue to function.

Seven Temples at this Etheric Retreat

There are seven temples at this retreat. The complex is composed of a central temple with seven pillars surrounded by six lesser temples. The architecture and design of the central temple is very similar to that of Archangel Michael and Faith at Banff.
The temple is circular with a golden dome. It has four entrances and a pyramid-shaped altar in the center where the focus of the violet flame blazes. The decoration throughout the temples is effected with amethyst inlaid in gold, while the golden dome is plain.

Saint Germain's History With the Temple of Purification

At the time of Atlantis, Saint Germain served in the Order of Lord Zadkiel as a high priest in the Temple of Purification. Prior to the sinking of the continent he was called by his own teacher, the Great Divine Director, to carry the flame of freedom from this temple to a place of safety in the Carpathian foothills in Transylvania. When Atlantis sank, the Temple of Purification was withdrawn to the etheric plane.
Saint Germain later returned to the location of this retreat when he was embodied as Christopher Columbus. Saint Germain studied here between his different embodiments as well as during his embodiments during periods of sleep. With an inner memory of serving in the temple on Atlantis, Columbus was magnetized to the flame of freedom in Archangel Zadkiel's Temple of Purification. The impetus for coming to the Caribbean islands was the temple's impetus of freedom, drawing the soul of Saint Germain to chart a new course for a new land.
The keynote of Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst's retreat is the Blue Danube Waltz, inspired upon Johann Strauss by Saint Germain.

Prayer to Attend Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst's Retreat

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst's violet flame retreat over the island of Cuba or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

The Manus Retreats
"From the Summit Lighthouse"

Retreat of the Blue Lotus(FOURTH ROOT RACE - ASIAN/INDIAN

Etheric Retreat of Lord Himalaya, Fourth Root Race Manu

The Retreat of the Blue Lotus is the focus of God Himalaya in the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. Here the masculine ray of the Godhead enters the earth, establishing the polarity of Alpha and Omega with the feminine ray of the Godhead that enters at the retreat of the God and Goddess Meru at Lake Titicaca.
In one of the highest mountains of the Himalayan chain, the focus of the manu of the fourth root race is carved, seven chambers, one on top of the other, an impregnable fortress dedicated to individual self-mastery through the flowering of the seven chakras in the body of man. The seven chambers provide a system of initiation whereby one begins his training in the lowest and largest of the chambers and is allowed to ascend to the next chamber only when he has completed certain studies and passed prescribed tests of self-mastery.
Each of the seven chambers is separated by hundreds of feet of solid rock. A spiral staircase connects the first three, but beyond that, the initiate must either levitate or adjust his atomic pattern to enter through the walls. These top four chambers are reserved for deep meditation. Here advanced masters and their pupils may leave their bodies and enter the Great Silence (Nirvana) for prescribed periods.

Main Hall of the Retreat of the Blue Lotus

Entering the main hall at the base of the complex, we smell the fragrance of the lotus and notice that these flowers are floating in a pool carved in the floor. The Great Hall is frequented by unascended yogic masters who come here out of the body to teach and also to act as scribes, setting forth the Law on scrolls that they then give to their disciples. The chamber seats several hundred disciples who sit in the lotus posture on raised square pads, facing the opposite end of the hall where there is a dais provided for the masters who lecture here. Behind the dais the wall opens into an antechamber that is the flame room.

Altar of the Lotus Flame

In the flame room on an altar is the lotus flame, a focus of the threefold flame. An intense and fiery action of the blue flame forms the petals of the lotus; the golden flame blazes from the center, with the pink radiance emanating therefrom. The hall is rough-hewn, showing the natural beauty of the rock, the only decoration being the flame itself and a statue of a figure in meditation behind the flame on the opposite side in the antechamber.
Because this retreat is devoted to the masculine ray, its emphasis is on going within—on concentration—and so its entire design is conducive to the focusing within the disciples of the yang aspect of the Deity. No outer accouterments or decorations are present, for these would tend to draw the attention of those in meditation outside of themselves. altar is the lotus flame and their only contact outside of themselves with the Spirit of God.

Keynote and Action of the Retreat

The keynote of the retreat is an Oriental mantra containing the keys to self-mastery and the opening of the seven chakras and the drawing in of the outer mind to the pivot point of the God consciousness within. The action of the retreat is illumination, devotion to the will of God and adoration of his love, the power by which ascended and unascended masters rise into the bliss of nirvanic meditation.
The feeling that permeates the Retreat of the Blue Lotus is one of clear light. Truly those who come here must have purified their four lower bodies and regained that clarity of consciousness that was theirs in the beginning and that enables each one to ascend the seven levels of God consciousness in preparation either for the ascension or for the maintaining of life within the physical form over periods of hundreds of years.
This ability to maintain life in the physical form enables certain key lifestreams to maintain the focus of God in the world of form while their consciousness may come and go at will. These are they who have taken the vow of the bodhisattva to remain in the service of their fellowman until every last man, woman and child is free.

Himalaya Invites Us to the Retreat of the Blue Lotus

"I say, then, daughters of the living flame, invoke the masculine ray as a point of light in the crown chakra, as the magnet that will draw up your feminine energies for the victory. I say to you, sons of flame, invoke the light of Asia, the light of the seventh tier of the Retreat of the Blue Lotus. Let it be the crowning jewel of life. Let it be a frequency and a tone in the crown chakra that impels the rising of soul energies and of Mother flame.
"Strive for oneness, strive for wholeness. Seek the desiring of God and the desirelessness of God. Learn the balance of the twain. Come under the Law and the rod, and know that I am waiting in the Retreat of the Blue Lotus for you to come up higher and higher, to the pinnacle of your own being. Know, then, that the door of the retreat is open for those who are disciplined in the Law.
"I pray, then, that you will be prepared to be received by the doorkeeper and that you will be a part of those who support the masculine ray on behalf of the evolutions of Asia, so many of whom know not their identity in God. So then, may the light of far-off worlds be the star of your crown. And may you meditate upon that blue-sapphire star, a five-pointed star. I seal it on the brow for the protection of the opening of the third eye and the perception of the will of God.
"Come. Come to the Retreat of the Blue Lotus. Come, for there is work to be done. There is action and interaction. There is a civilization to be forged. I am the law of the life—the crown of life—and I AM the masculine ray for the lifewaves of Terra. I extend my hands, for I would pass to you, each one, these mighty currents of Alpha that you might understand what vigor and verve and energy can be yours for the fulfillment of cycles of being."1
The flame flower of the retreat is the blue lotus, and the brothers who serve here wear white linen robes.

Prayer to Attend Lord Himalaya's Retreat of the Blue Lotus

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to Lord Himalaya's Retreat of the Blue Lotus in the Himalayas or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Our Own Fifth Root Race Manu
From the Summit Lighthouse

Himalayan Retreat of Vaivasvata

Spiritual Retreat of the Fifth Root Race Manu - CAUCASIAN RACE OUR FIFTH ROOT RACE

Vaivasvata Manu, the manu of the fifth root race, maintains a focus in the Himalayas. The flame focused in his retreat magnetizes the souls evolving within the fifth root race to the pattern of the Christ consciousness that he holds on their behalf.
In 1994 the Great Divine Director announced that this retreat and the retreats of all of the manus had been opened to some among mankind:
"The upper tenth of the members of all root races who have incarnated and those who are not of the root races but of the angelic kingdom who have taken incarnation in order to teach those root races—the upper tenth, then, began at summer attend an accelerated course at the etheric retreats of the manus: at my own retreat and the retreats of the God and Goddess Meru, Lord Himalaya and Vaivasvata Manu."1

Prayer to Attend Vaivasvata Manu's Retreat

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to Vaivasvata Manu's retreat in the Himalayas or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

"Description From the Summit Lighthouse"

The Temple of Illumination

Retreat of the God and Goddess Meru, Sixth Root Race Manus

Lake Titicaca and the Andes mountainsThe Temple of Illumination is the etheric retreat of the God and Goddess Meru located over the Island of the Sun and Lake Titicaca high in the Andes mountains on the Peru-Bolivia border. It is the focus of the feminine ray of the Godhead to the earth, poling with the masculine ray anchored in the Himalayas in the retreat of Lord Himalaya. Jesus, Mother Mary and many saints and ascended masters have studied in this retreat.
Lake Titicaca is 3,205 square miles and, at 12,500 feet, is the world's highest navigable lake. Covering a good portion of the lake, the retreat centers over the remains of an ancient temple to the Sun on the Island of the Sun. According to legend, the ruins mark the spot where the two founders of the Inca dynasty were sent down to the earth by the Sun.

The Temple of Illumination Described

The etheric focus of the God and Goddess Meru, a beautiful white and gold Atlantean temple with columns gracing the entrance, reminds us of the magnificent physical focus that was here in the days of Lemuria. The emblem of the retreat is a golden sun, and the golden-pink flame, a focus of the flame of Helios and Vesta, is in the flame room to the right of a great hall, decorated in gold with great pillars through which we pass on the way to the focus of the flame.

Focus of Helios and Vesta

The God and Goddess Meru serve directly under Helios and Vesta - thus, the pink and gold theme of their retreat. The flame of Helios and Vesta is focused in the center of the room, and around it pilgrims gather, kneeling on pink and yellow cushions or simply meditating in the lotus posture. Going back through the main hall through which we came, we notice that the far end opposite the entrance to the retreat is a focus of the golden flame of illumination.
Branches of the building contain classrooms, council halls and the private quarters of the God and Goddess Meru. This retreat is the focus for the coming golden age; for as the manus sponsoring of the sixth root race, the God and Goddess Meru recognize their role as preparing the way for the incoming seventh root race in South America under the guidance of the Great Divine Director. To this retreat have been transferred the records of ancient civilizations from many other retreats in the world. The focus of Kuthumi in Kashmir also contains a library with these records, as does the Royal Teton Retreat.
The focuses of Elohim Apollo and LuminaArchangel Jophiel and ChristineLord Maitreya and all who serve the golden flame of illumination are connected with each other and this retreat by their mutual service on behalf of the illumination of mankind and the raising of their consciousness to the level of the Christ—Universal and individual - as the voice within, the teacher that shall no longer be hid into a corner as the great golden age dawns.
The World Teachers, Jesus Djwal Khul and Kuthumi, frequent this retreat and give instruction to the pilgrims who journey here while their bodies sleep and between embodiments. The creativity and culture of the golden age will be brought forth by the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood through this focus of the feminine ray, the Mother aspect, and the activity of the expansion of Spirit in Matter.
The Temple of Illumination and the Royal Teton Retreat form the arc of the yellow flame of illumination for the golden age in the West. This golden flame is a tangible, almost physical flame. It has influenced the founding of the form of government in the United States of America that has endured for two centuries. This system was inspired by the Brotherhood; through it the government is intended to be through the consciousness of the Christ in those who govern and in the people.

Applying Illumination's Flame to Government and Business

The problems in governments arise when people misuse or take advantage of the form of government. Similarly, the free-enterprise system works well when people practice the golden rule and do not desire to exploit one another. When people have, instead, a sense of sharing and abundance, the West will prosper.
Our greatest initiations come in our day-today contact with our fellow man. These initiations are calculated to help us to develop our self-mastery. We are intended to use our initiative in the free-enterprise system to draw forth from our causal body the divine plan for our life and those things that will benefit our fellow man. As we do this, we automatically enter the spirals of initiation.
It takes hard work and striving to build a business, for example, and right motive is important. The system behaves correctly when we use our energies to develop self-mastery instead to acquire worldly power and money. If we operate on our initiative to bring forth creative ideas in business, education and all areas of human endeavor, we will pass the initiations that have been transferred from the inner retreats from the Brotherhood of Light.

A Sacred Opportunity to Hear Lectures Given at the Temple of Illumination

"Of the many lectures and addresses that the God Meru and I have given before multitudes on the etheric plane, there are specific ones that may be heard by you if you but make the call and the attunement. It is as though you were to take a tape recording of one of your messengers' lectures, to play it back and to hear it. So you can, by tuning in to our retreat, receive these lectures that we have given.
"And therefore, our message to you this day can be an unending one. For if you so desire, and if you make the invocation each day, all through your life, you can be receiving the words of the God and Goddess Meru into your etheric body.
"Your outer mind may not have the full awareness of these lectures, these teachings, but step by step as you rise higher, you will have that awareness of the mind that was also in Christ Jesus. And you will know because you are known of God. You will know because the known laws of God are anchored within your forcefield, within your consciousness, being and world.
"This is a sacred opportunity, one that ought not to be taken lightly or forgotten. May I suggest, then, that you make note of this dispensation and that each night before retiring, each morning before getting out of bed you remember to make the call for the continuing release of wisdom from the heart of the God and Goddess Meru."1

Prayer to Attend the God and Goddess Meru's Temple of Illumination Retreat

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to the God and Goddess Meru's Temple of Illumination Retreat over the Island of the Sun and Lake Titicaca and to hear the past lectures by god and Goddess Meru that are key to my soul's victory and I call to receive the words of God and Goddess Meru every day into my etheric body. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Description From Summit Lighthouse
Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director was the
physical father of St. Germain in one of His embodiments
He also has a retreat in Transylvania, Hungry
But in the 1950's He volunteered to bring in the
Seventh Root Race, with the help of St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyest

Cave of Light in the Himalayas

Retreat of the Great Divine Director, Seventh Root Race Manu

White Himalayas, by Nicholas RoerichThe Cave of Light is the retreat of the Great Divine Director in the heart of the Himalayas in India. His second spiritual home of light is the Rakoczy Mansion in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. Chananda is the hierarch of the Cave of Light, which is located in the mountain behind his retreat, the Palace of Light.
The Great Divine Director is a great initiator on the path of the ascension, and one of the purposes of the Cave of Light is to conduct activities to prepare and accelerate candidates for the ascension. Here, the Great Divine Director uses his authority to purify the four lower bodies of advanced initiates of a portion of their remaining karma, to give them purified vehicles to render a cosmic service in the world of form prior to their ascension.
On occasion, unascended lifestreams are taken in their finer bodies to the retreats of the Brotherhood in order to be trained for special service in the world of form that requires superhuman strength and certain disciplines that can only be imparted to the unascended initiate in the retreats. Thus, Jesus was taken into the Luxor Retreat and into the Temple of the Blue Lotus prior to his final three-year ministry.

Godfré and the Cave of Light

Some who have been commissioned to go forth in the name of the Brotherhood and who had not yet transmuted their remaining karma received the assistance that was given in the Cave of Light to Godfré, Rex and Nada Rayborn, and Bob and Pearl Singleton whereby their four lower bodies were purified and aligned in order that they might be the immaculate receptacles of the Christ consciousness. When this dispensation is accorded worthy chelas, their remaining service to life is magnificently accomplished because their consciousness has become the perfect focal point in the world of form for the release of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.
Miracles, demonstrations of alchemy, and the control of natural forces and elemental life become the mark of those who are so blessed by the opportunity of being "perfected" prior to their final initiation and ascension in the light.
In The Magic PresenceGodfré Ray King describes being escorted to the Cave of Light by Chananda, along with Rex, Nada, Bob and Pearl. He describes the retreat as a cave of "wondrous beauty" encrusted with dazzling crystalline substance similar to the Cave of Symbols in America. Going far into the cave, they came to doors of solid gold. Inside, it looked like the white heat of a great furnace. Two days and two nights later, they emerged from this Eternal Flame wearing "new bodies of immortal endurance."1

Mighty Light Focuses in the Cave of Light

The Great Divine Director has spoken of some of the magnificent focuses of light within his retreat:
"Do you know also that even in the Cave of Light in India there are replicas of light-magnificence concerning liberty and freedom? Do you know that the replicas and symbols of divine light for and on behalf of America were created by the ascended masters, and they are talismans of great power. Out of these talismans, beamed by the angelic beings and focused by a greater power than in the ancient Atlantean crystals, manifests the intention of Almighty God for this nation!"2

Mother Mary on the Cave of Light Within

Mother Mary has spoken of the Cave of Light as symbolizing the secret chamber of the heart. The Blessed Mother explains that
"Only in the secret chamber is there safety when outer turmoil prevails in the seven bodies of earth, in the seven layers, even above the surface of the earth. Therefore, you see, my secret chamber is also as a secret chamber in a great pyramid, a secret chamber in the mountain of God.
"In all eras, initiates processioning into the interior place prepared have signified that the hour is come when for the individual and even for a civilization there is the great inbreath—not that which draws in all of a cosmos, but that drawing in, beloved, of the seven rays of attainment that these might be condensed into the crystal that is formed in this interior castle.
"There comes the hour when the expansive manifestations of attainment, of God-mastery, even the accumulation of abundance must now be condensed. And that which is the heart and the essence of the harvest then becomes the nucleus of crystal, harder than rock or diamond. This substance, beloved, begins to form the cave of light.
"Now you understand the use of the term 'Cave of Light' by the Great Divine Director. Blessed ones, his Cave of Light is a consecration to the eighth-ray chakra and the secret chamber of the heart. Not only is it a place of safety, a haven of initiation, not only is it the place where the soul puts on, enters into [the Christ consciousness], but as Christ assimilates her, so the soul and the Christ become one. Thus, in the next round, when going forth from the secret chamber as from the tomb itself, beloved, the soul steps forth fully the manifestation of Christ, the Body and Blood of Christ, the Sacred Heart of Christ.
"Thus may you understand a mother's teaching in this hour of the commencement of initiation of the five secret rays - five levels, then, of the secret chamber of the heart, as though five spherical, interlocking chambers. May you enter. May you understand. May you know.
"Going to the Heart of the Inner Retreat is another symbolical and actual entering in. Blessed ones, I bring this initiation to your attention, for the hour is coming when you will know the meaning of the word 's3
Many ascended masters frequent the Cave of Light. Saint Germain spends a great deal of time there. Chananda tells us that he will be there to welcome us also, in the name of the Great Divine Director. Leto also calls us to this retreat, describing it as "a home of light that you will scarcely desire to leave. The Cave of Light is a forcefield incomparable; an invitation to be there is worth gold itself.... Forget not to call to me in the hour of your journey to the Cave of Light, and I will come with angels shining with a purple light to arc your soul to the special room and the special chair."4

Great Divine Director's Invitation To The Cave Of Light

The Great Divine Director himself invites us to his retreat, but asks us to first prepare ourselves by devotion to the will of God. He says:
"I bid you to come to the Cave of Light when you are ready. And I say, do not come until you are ready, for the doors will not open and the welcome mat will not be out unless you have fully prepared to surrender your all, your life, your service, your will to the will of God. And then we may require that you serve a time in another retreat before you are accepted into that Cave of Light.
"Thus realize that the disciplines of our branch of the hierarchy involve the tethering of the soul to divine direction. If you cannot hear that direction, you will not be ready for our retreat. Thus, you see, you must he tutored in developing the sensitivities of the soul consciousness so that you can be certain when the Lord God, through one of his emissaries, places the rod of power upon you and gives you the key of light and the rod of power that you will detect that direction and follow it to the fullest capability of your consciousness.
"Thus, discerning God-direction is a science in itself, and you will learn much of that science at the ascended masters' university. You will also learn it in the retreats of the violet flame presided over by Lord Zadkieland by Saint Germain, for these prepare souls for the Cave of Light. And thus these hierarchs should be appealed to.
"As you retire each night and take your leave of your physical body, the soul travels in its etheric envelope. And if you invoke these masters ere you leave, they will guide you unerringly to the place prepared, the manger, the haven of light in one of the retreats of the Brotherhood where the Christ can be born in you and where you can bear the Christ for all mankind."5

Prayer to Attend the Great Divine Director's Cave of Light Retreat

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to the Great Divine Director's Cave of Light retreat in the Himalayas or to the designated place of my Holy Work this night. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

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