Margaret Mary has worked with the Ascended Master Teachings for the past 40 years. During that time she has had a teaching center in San Mateo, CA, Colorado Springs, CO; Pagosa Springs, CO; New Hampshire and is presently back in California teaching and giving World Service every Wednesday evening. Her students keep in contact with her from all the above areas as well as Arizona, New Mexico, Florida and Southern California.

It was not per chance that she found the Ascended Beings and Angels. For example, in her mid-twenties and for the next eight years she searched for truth and answers, for she found that those responsible for her religious faith were sadly lacking in giving her the answers she sought. As she questioned her faith and ranted at God for all of her troubles, she found in the end that God had nothing to do with what was transpiring during this embodiment.

She began to look elsewhere to seek the answers to the why’s and wherefores of these tragic events; and from the age of twenty five, she began to study all religions and philosophies; but it was between the age of thirty-three* and thirty-six years old that she began studying the Ascended Master Teachings; and it was through theses teaching that she found the answers. They confirmed that Master Jesus was absolutely correct when he stated that “every jot and tiddle” had to be corrected in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and that until all of the misuse of God’s energy, or Karma, was dissolved, mankind would have to re-embody on the wheel of life until that time when the physical body was filled with light to the point there was no longer any desire to remain in the Third Dimension.

During this period, Margaret continued her studies in Theosophy, Tibetan Buddhism, The I AM Teachings, Hinduism, The writings of the Tibetan with Alice Bailey, The Summit Lighthouse and the Bridge of Freedom. Most of her teachings come from these philosophies – and so even on this website she will be using mantras and references from these great works. Currently she is teaching from “A Bridge of Freedom” series of books that are published from the Ascended Master Teaching Foundation (AMTF).

*Note: At thirty-three to thirty-six years a person is in void of course between the Moon phase (birth to thirty-three years) and the sun phase (thirty-six to end of life). During Moon phase one meets all past-life souls and must deal with them.

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