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54-2017 -Third Ray - Archangel Chamuel & Charity

"EYE HATH NOT SEEN NOR EAR HEARD" the things that God will reveal to those who tread the Way to  the innermost center, to those who LOVE!

A prophesy by the Master Dwal Khul in a Treatise of the Seven Rays dated 1960:
"In the next generation, the ancient Mysteries will be restored by Hierarchy who will once again tread upon the Earth.  Ancient landmarks so carefully preserved by the Masonic tradition and which have been securely embalmed by the Masonic ritual, awaiting the day of resurrection.

These ancient Mysteries were originally given to humanity by the Hierarchy and were - in their turn - received by the Hierarchy from the Great White Lodge on Sirius.*
They contain the clue to the evolutionary process, hidden in numbers and in words they veil the secret of man's origin and destiny, picturing for him in rite and ritual the long, long path which he must tread.  They provide also, when rightly interpreted and correctly presented, the teaching which humanity needs in order to progress from darkness to Light, from the unreal to the Real and from death to Immortality...."
The Mysteries will be restored in other ways also, for they contain much besides that which the Masonic rites can reveal or that religious rituals and ceremonies can disclose; to the science which will unlock the mystery of electricity____that mystery of which H. P. B. spoke; through much progress has already been made by science along this line, it is as yet present visibly on earth, and the Mysteries of which the Masters are the Custodians are given openly to man, will the true secret and nature of electrical phenomena be revealed.
The Mysteries are, in reality, the true source of revelation, and it can be only when the mind and the will-to-good are closely blended and conditioning human behavior that the extent of the coming revelation will be grasped, for only then can humanity be trusted with these secrets. They concern those capacities which enable the Members of the Hierarchy to work consciously with the energies of the planet and of the solar system and to control forces within the planet; they will put the ordinary psychic power (today  so stupidly approached and so little understood) in their rightful place and guide man towards their helpful usage.

The ground is being prepared at this time by the great restoration. The Churches and Masonry are today before the judgment seat of humanity's critical mind and the word has gone forth from that mass mind that both of them failed in their divinely assigned tasks. It is realized everywhere that new life must be poured in and great changes wrought in the awareness and in the training of those who work through and in these two media of truth.  Those changes have not yet been carried out, for it will take a new vision and a new approach to life experience, and this only the coming generations are capable of giving they and they alone can bring about the needed alterations and the revitalization, but it can and will be done:

"That which is a mystery shall no longer be so, and that which has been veiled will now be revealed, that which has been withdrawn will emerge into the light; and all men shall see and together they shall rejoice.  That time will come when desolation has wrought its beneficent work, when all things have been destroyed and men, through suffering, have sought to be impressed by that which they had discarded in vain pursuit or that which was near at hand and easy of attainment.  Possessed, it proved to be an agency of death - yet men sought life, not death."
So runs the Old Commentary when referring to the present cycle through which mankind is passing;

The tests for the first initiation as far as humanity (the world disciple) is concerned, are well-nigh over and the hour of the birth of the Christ as an expression of the work of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy is at hand.  This there is no gainsaying; the birth hour may be long and the form may be "in labor" for much time, but the Christ will be born and the nature of the Christ and His consciousness will permeate and color all human affairs.  It is  this condition - so imminent and so desirable and long foretold and anticipated - which will make possible the return of the Hierarchy and the  restoration of the Mysteries. 

I AM Archangel Chamuel and my Complement's name is Charity (see illustrations below):

Archangel Chamuel

Archii Charity
Archangels of the Third Ray of Adoration

We have legions of Angels working with us on the Third Ray of Thought, Meditation, Contemplation through Love and Adoration of God, Hierarchy  Mankind, Animals, Nature, Unity, Brotherhood and especially the Antakharana or according to Quantum Physics - The Field.  We meet with you within your Heart Chakra and pray with you through your Solar Angel - We are very much a part of the unveiling of the mysteries ( a portion of the information is printed above).  We are the problem solvers of the Universe; and right now we are facing major problems around your globe.

Up until this century, Archangel Michael as well as Archangel Uriel had their angels of the First and Sixth Rays stationed all around your planet - even your Guardian Angels come from the Realm of Uriel; but because we have been undergoing a "great initiation" that involves your planet; all of mankind as well as Hierarchy, we have been  very occupied with contemplating the problems of humanity and working behind the scenes with those individuals who are humanitarian in nature, who are open to receiving the information and guidance that we channel to them in order to create unity through negotiation and good will in areas of great darkness and strife.
Sacred Haert (Heart Chakra With Aura and Flame Coming Out
The Saacred Heart is a Pretty Good Sign That the Ancients knew There was a Flame Within

Sanat Kumara 

Sanat Kumara
Sanaat Kumara The Ancient of Days

Our Ray quality is the true meaning of LOVE. The unconditional love found emanating from the Great Being I AM THAT I AM and passing down through the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara to our Elohim of the Third Ray, Orion and Angelica and when it enters our Realm we send it forth from our hearts into the hearts of all mankind, the planet and its five kingdoms.  

Angel Deva working with Elemental Kingdom

We have been working closely with the Angel Devas and the Elemental Kingdoms, who have been under great duress because of the great misuse  of God's energy on your planet i.e. through the damage of many areas because of warfare; the dumping of garbage and nuclear waste, the pollution of the Air with smog, the Water filled with sewage, nuclear waste; and the testing of weapons both on land as well as your oceans.  Now the Air is also polluted with harmful chemical vapors . 

The Sylphs of the Air
The Sylphs of the Air have been dissolving these chemtrails as quickly as they are sprayed over many areas throughout your country.  

Angels Working on the various Plates

We are also part of the volunteers who are working on the various plates throughout your world, reducing the number of deaths while making the necessary changes that must take place as your planet goes through its initiation.  We are moving the "mantle" of the Earth rather than  flipping the entire planet as has happened in the past eons ago.  At the same time we are raising the Axis very slowly and very carefully so that there is  the least loss of life.

Angels  Working Within Our Heart Flames

There is so much joy when my angels have a chance to pray with you within your heart flames, while they are taking care of you and yours, we Archangels are expanding our God qualities throughout your Universe.

There are seven chakras within your physical body.  The number seven should be noted as everything concerning yourselves and your planet is connected to the number seven.  There were seven days of creation (in reality each day in the life of Brahman (God, I AM) is billions of years and these billions of years are known as a Manvantara.  There are seven Yugs within the Manvantara.  The first two Yugs being the longest eons of time.  The last Yug is Kali Yug this is known as the Great InBreath - we are and have been in Kali Yug for some time.  This is the time of the return of Karma, the time of Revelation and Revolution as mankind no longer allows others to rule; but realize that  self-realization is the key to entering the Kingdom and Group Movement accomplishes greater and fairer dealings both nationally and globally.  So from the beginning the number 7 stands as the "Agent of Divinity" the great initiator number.  There are Seven Major Planets and Five Minor Planets, there are seven mighty Elohim who are also known as the builders of form; they also represent one of each of the Seven Rays. There are Seven Archangels and Seven Days to a week.  Seven is the highest number of initiation in numerology.  And you are now in the seventh Yug the final initiation known as Kali.
Within your physical bodies are Seven Chakras, each is a 
wheel that must turn in order for the doors to open into the inner court.  In the bible there is a phrase concerning these chakras it says that you must keep the wicks and the flames burning for no one knows the day the bridegroom cometh and when he comes he comes swiftly.  This allegory in reality represents the seven chakras - each with it's flame the kundalini chakra located at the base of the spine rises swiftly up to the crown chakra when you have passed the first initiation, this represents the bridegroom swiftly coming into the crown (the bride).  Once they are together  all doors are open to the disciple and as he continues along the path and passes his initiations, he will come to a point when he no longer needs to live in a physical body and that will be the Great  Initiation  wherein the Ascension into the I AM occurs (Jesus performed this initiation so that all of us could understand that "everything that He did we could also do and he went to prepare a place for us with the Father).

So these chakras are very important to us especially the heart chakra.  As there are three chakras above the heart and three below, then one  realizes that the Heart is the center, the hub of all activity.  The Heart Chakra is located right over the physical heart in the center of the chest.  Within this Heart Chakra which is actually located in the Etheric Body which surrounds the physical body and connects at the physical heart, is three flames (representing the Holy Trinity).  The first flame is Blue representing Father God; the second flame is Yellow representing the Christ Consciousness; and the Third Flame is Pink, representing the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother.  Each lifetime we come in to work on one of these major flames their God Qualities representing the 
First Ray - Blue in color;  Will to Good
Second Ray - Yellow in Color - Love/Wisdom
Third Ray - Pink in Color - Unconditional Love

The planet and its people have been undergoing great stress for the past century and with the increase of frequency and vibration pouring in from the upper planes, there is a speeding up of time and one feels like they're on a merry-go-round that's going faster and faster - that they're out of control.  This is actually true and the rays entering the planet at this time have never been here before they are coming from the Atomic Plane which is from deepest space where the "White Lodge" is located;  the home of the Great I AM or Father/Mother God.  We should have been ascended by now but our religious institutions let us down and didn't give forth the teachings according to the Christ and so we are now undergoing great stress as a result.  

Some among us have had heart problems, others digestive problems and still others mental problems all because we are not aligned to our Higher Selves.  So, again I say to each of your that you need to meditate, turn off your TV's and spend time meditating, playing music, walking in nature; and especially taking care of your physical diet and exercise.  It can't be  stressed enough that in order to survive the current stress coming from many directions i.e. noise pollution; crime; unemployment; war and rumors of war; dysfunction within the family; division among citizens and nations; a growing hatred for others whether it's their race, religion or politics all contributing in some way to the added pressure and stress we are living in at the present time.  Now is the time to make time for self.  When work is done, go home and enjoy your family; plan fun activities that do not include any of the negatives mentioned above. It will do your heart good, it will release mental stress and it will bring the family together as never before.

The Crown Chakra is the doorway into the etheric plane and into the Heart of the Holy Christ Self or Solar Angel.

You have already been given classes on the rest of the seven chakras so I will not bore you further.  I do hope that you will realize that much is going on behind the scenes; you are never alone, we are always with you - "The Call Compels the Answer" and we answer whenever you make the calls.
Each Archangel is connected  to one of your Chakras.  Archangel Michael is connected to the Throat Chakra, while Archangel Jophiel is connected to the Crown Chakra; and I am connected to your Heart Chakra.

Remember the three upper Chakras:  Crown, Third Eye and Throat are know as the Upper Spiritual Triad while the three lower Chakras: Solar Plexus, Seat of the Soul and Kundalini are known as the Grounding Triad they keep us connected to the Earth.  It is through the Heart Chakra where I Am that we begin to open all the other chakras.  The key to opening and turning the wheels is LOVE.

It is with great love that We say Adieu,
Archangel Chamuel & Charity

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