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50-2016 -OUR NEW WORLD - 7/1/2016

For the past two years I've been bringing you along the path of discipleship so that you could choose through your own free will whether this teaching is giving you the spiritual education that you need in order to move forward into the New Jerusalem that is being built right along side of the old Piscean world that is slowly crumbling and falling away.  How do we know that this is a reality? Let's look at the world as we see it today compared with say, ten years or even fifteen years ago.

The first thing that I will note is that today the Pope is making great changes within the financial, economic and infrastructure of the Catholic Church.  He eats and sleeps not in the vatican but in the domicile that belongs to all those who serve.  At any given day you will find him making sandwiches along with everyone else in the kitchen.  This Pope is not afraid to speak out on global warming, terrorism, redistribution of wealth (which he has chastised his cardinals, bishops and priests worldwide to let go of their mansions, their  large holdings and give the money to the poor where it belongs).  By example and by right action, this Pope is definitely one of the disciples that we've been waiting for to enter the planet at this time.

The financial situation in the world has reached the stage where people everywhere on planet Earth are rising up and demanding equal rights to the wealth that is only enjoyed by the 1% of humanity who are and have been for millions of years, controlling the entire world and, we, who are living in this world have been sadly manipulated for thousands of years by these same selfish greedy individuals, who incarnate and intermarry over and over again forming a cabal that keeps the majority of people in slavery while they bask in the treasure trove of ill-gotten gains taken from the labor of the middle and lower classes.
Let's see what we've been accomplishing that will make the re-distribution of wealth a reality within our world ...... "U.S. and Regulators Investigating Banks Manipulating Foreign Exchanges.... BENJAMIN LAWSKY  is seeking documents from some of the biggest banks in foreign exchange trading, including Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Barclays, according to reports, as a global probe into possible market manipulation widens, the UK Telegraph reported".

The US Justice Department is pushing Wall St. banks to plead guilty to criminal charges that they manipulated the  prices of foreign currencies in the $5.3 trillion-a-day currency markets. NOTE these banks paid out $110 billion in fines but no jail time no real punishment for the bankers - yet, there day is not yet done, for they will be called to pay and  removed in the very near future. mf
MARTIN WHEATLEY, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF BRITAIN'S FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY, said recently that his watchdog group's probe could extend into 2016 and that the allegations it is looking into are "every bit as bad" as the Libor manipulation scandal.

Statements of Key Financial Leaders
.Janet Yellen,  the new chair-woman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, is aligned with the
Values of the Light Alliance*, but is not fully aware yet of the plan and what is unfolding.  She will be informed, and will align with it.  Her recent statements indicate she is very concerned about unemployment and its impact on families.
Christine Lagards, Director of the IMF, is aware of some aspects of the plan for financial reform and is cooperating with the Light Alliance.  In a recent speech in London, Lagards said, "We need a financial system for the 21st century...where the global good prevails...With financial oversight that is effective in clamping down on execs, while making sure credit gets to where it is most needed.  We need a new 21st century multilateralism to get to grips with big-ticket items like climate change and inequality.  On  these issues, no country can stand alone." *

Jim Kim, President of the World Bank, is moving the bank in the right direction. He is aware of the plan for financial reform in a general outline, but not the details. He recently told Arianna Huffington, "Many people can benefit from meditation." He also said he was pleased to hear that the World Economic Forum had made income inequality one of its priorities this year.  He also pointed out the Oxfam report that concluded that the top 85 people in the world control as much wealth as the bottom half of the population.  "that's as stark as it gets," he said.
Ban Ki Moon,  Seretary -General of the UN, was under the influence of the cabal, but is now mostly aligned with the Light Alliance, and he knows the plan* to a large degree.

(NOTE:*  These above statements come from the book The Transfiguration of Our World- How a Light Alliance is Transforming darkness and creating a new Earth [this book is written by Gordon Asher Davidson, who is a High Disciple of the Master D. K. )

The Plan is unfolding as we speak - D.K. remarked on the plan since the 1930's; but because the Black Lodge had such a hold on the people of Earth for such a long time, it looked like we were going to be waiting a long time for the "Great Day" to arrive - well, after WWII, 50% of those belonging to the Dark Lodge were removed, and recently, the solar lords have met in the council chambers within the Great Central Sun and have made the decision to move ahead - they also welcomed the great beings of our ancestry, from other galaxies who have moved far beyond the Earth, to re-enter and assist the Hierarchy, Archangels and Angels with the Transmutation, Transformation and Transfiguration of our World. - This group is called the Light Alliance - made up of the Angels, Archangels, Hierarchy, and those great Solar Lords like Mighty Victory, Surya, Omritas, those from the Pleiades, Sirius, Alycone and Orions Belt and including the Seven Holy Kumaras (our direct ancestors, the Pitras (2nd Root Race) all forming  the Light Alliance; and they have been working with the increase of frequencies within our planet - in fact our planet is already moving at an accelerated pace and is already shifting both the axis as well as the plates along the Ring of Fire.  We will still continue to have severe weather patterns and earth changes until mankind realizes that it is their thought- forms that create havoc within the elemental kingdom building up pressure until the elementals shake off the burden mankind has placed upon the earth.

 As for ourselves, we can see people now standing up for what they believe in every country. The cry for a better life, without poverty, homelessness, relocation, migration and terrorism is being heard and the Light alliance is removing and breaking up the remaining members of the Black Lodge, as they are removed to other planets or finally move back into the light, we will see major changes concerning money, finances, food and this brings us to the "Day of Revelation".

Before we can discuss the Day of Revelation, we now need to Transmute, Transform and Transfigure our own four lower bodies.  How do we connect to this Light Alliance?  We need to align ourselves to the light.  We need to spend each day moving and gathering the great light and love rays that are now inundating and bombarding our Earth.  These powerful Rays are coming from our Ancestors who are very powerful and highly evolved beings.  They want us to re-connect to our source and that takes meditation and concentration, setting aside time to work on oneself before helping others; you are responsible for your physical, emotional, etheric, mental and spiritual bodies.  You need to  become determined to align yourself with your Higher Selves on a daily basis.  I have the required meditation to align yourselves; but you then must concentrate upon receiving the Atmic Light from the Atmic Plane that is being projected to us at this time.

"The Transition from Molecular to atomic substance in the physical/etheric, emotional and mental bodies of the unawakened individual are usually made up of atoms of the lower sub planes.  This depends on the focus of his/her previous lives, and the degree to which spiritual aspiration  to a pure and higher life has been present. The substance of the atoms of the lower sub-planes are vibrating at a slower, heavier more grounded frequency.

As you practice your spiritual intention for being more loving, harmless and giving, higher, fourth sub plane substance is built into your bodies.  The fourth sub plane is the mediating plane between the three lower and three higher sub planes and is a doorway into the higher.  It has the bridging function of opening a gateway into higher frequency and more lighted atomic substance.  When atomic substance permeates the molecular atom's vibration, it raises it into the frequency of those lighter atomic vibrations.  This happens as the atomic frequency gradually becomes the core energetic note of the substance of the bodies. This is often called "building the light body" in spiritual teachings.  This is the process carried out through transmutation, transformation and transfiguration, and is currently underway for earth and all lives upon it.  When atomic substance begins to influence and ultimately becomes primary, all the great gifts so admired by humanity ... charisma, radiance, artistic genius, inventive thought and universal compassion - become present, resulting in true lighted beings who contribute in powerful ways to the unfolding of the plan".  (From The Transfiguration of Our World by Gordon Asher Davidson.

Please note in the chart where the Atmic Plane is in reference to where we are and realize how fortunate we are that our prayers are being answered at the very highest Plane before the Plane wherein reside our Father/Mother God. Note:  We are located below the Physical Permanent Atom at the bottom of sheet across from Physical Plane.

   The Rays  that are saturating us at this time are the Triune Flames of the Father/Mother God - 1st Flame - Color Blue -The Will of God
          2nd   "            "    Pink - The Love of God
          3rd    "           "    Gold - The Wisdom of God

These two pictures serve to give you something to visualize as you  bring these Rays into your awareness.


I  visualize each of my bodies as a balloon filled partially with water (see example)
The Emotional Body

The Etheric Body

The Physical Body

The Four Lower Bodies
(Nesting like the Russian Dolls)

The Mental Body

Now there's a mantra we do to clear the 4-Lower Bodies with the violet flame and I will also give you this illustration so that you can quickly release the CAUSE, EFFECT, RECORD AND MEMORY OF ALL YOUR PAST MISDEEDS&MISTHOUGHTS.

The Mental Body Enveloped in Violet Flame
Say the following mantra 15 x's
My mental body is a body of Violet Fire,
My mental body is the purity God desires.

The Emotional Body Enveloped in Violet Fire
Say the following mantra  15x's
My Emotional Body is a body of Violet Fire,
My Emotional Body is the purity God desires.

The Etheric Body Enveloped in Violet Fire
Say the following mantra 15x's
My Etheric Body is a body of Violet Fire
My Etheric Body is the purity God desires.

The Physical Body Enveloped in Violet Fire
Say the following mantra 15x's
My Physical Body is a body of Violet Fire
My Physical Body is the purity God desires.

Then you should see all 4 Lower Bodies nested together
Like the Russian Dolls and say the following
mantra  15x's
I am a Being of Violet Fire
I am the Purity God Desires.

Once you've cleansed your 4 lower bodies you should enter the Heart Chakra and look upward toward your third eye(which is located at the center of the forehead between the eyebrows) and call for the light to wash down over your Mental Body - you could even
make a mantra out of it by saying:

My mental body is a body of 
Atmic Fire
My mental body is the purity God Desires (15x's)

Do this for each succeeding body  and then
say "I AM a Being of Atmic Fire
I AM the Purity God desires. (15x's)

The next lesson will have more about the coming changes and also preparation of the Day of Revelation. MF
Please note:  
Some information given above comes from the book by Gordon Asher Davidson The Transfiguration of our World: How a Light Alliance is transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth. with comments and illustrations and mantras by Margaret.

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